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Possessive Shoulders

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Seokjin, you’re still blushing.” Hoseok teases, wrapping his arms around Jin’s shoulders.

Jin doesn’t expect the sudden attack when they arrived to their hotel. He cowers away from Hoseok, trying to hide his obvious red cheeks. “Seokie, I’m not!”

Hoseok coos in response. His hands slither towards on Jin’s cheeks, trying to squish them between his fingers.

Yoongi smacks the back of Hoseok’s head once he gets out of the car. “Seok, leave him alone.”

Jin starts to sigh with relief until Yoongi finishes.

“Wait until we’re inside.”

Yoongi!” Jin whines. Hoseok laughs whilst Yoongi winks in response; walking inside the hotel.

Jin begins to follow, finding it quite difficult with Hoseok’s hold. He attempts to pry Hoseok off until another arm wrap around his other side.

“Jinnie, you let Ashton manhandle you.” Tae states with a knowing grin. “And we can’t?”

“Jinnie loves to be manhandled.” Another voice replies. Jimin. “He acts like he’s just putting up with us but he craves it.”

“Jimin.” Jin hisses quietly whilst eyeing around for potential eavesdroppers.

He appears in front of Jin, his head cocked slightly to the side. “Tae is right, Jin. You can’t pick favourites.”

Jin goes to roll his eyes but a tug on his sleeve interrupts him.

“But Jin does have a favourite.” Hoseok comments. His eyebrow is raised at the three. “Isn’t that right, Kook?”

Jin whips his head round and finds the said man staring directly at him. Jungkook’s gaze darkens and Jin knows he isn’t happy. He shivers slightly, tugging at the holds to go to his boyfriend.

However, Jungkook turns away from Jin. Blinking away his anger, his expression now blank to everyone.

“Kook, you in there?” Hoseok jokes lightly.

Jungkook places his second headphone into his ear and with a monotone voice, he says, “Gym.”

And then he leaves without glancing Jin’s way.

Jimin whistles lightly as his eyes watch Jungkook go into the hotel building. “So rude. I don’t know how you put up with that sometimes.”

But here’s the thing. Jin can put up with that. Jin knows exactly what that expression means. He knows exactly what the emotionless tone means.

Jungkook is a little possessive of Jin.

Jungkook has always had a possessive trait since training days. The first word Jin ever heard from Jungkook was “mine” after plopping himself onto a bunk bed at the dorm.

The others quickly learnt to adjust to Jungkook’s behaviour. How he labels his name onto his clothes and his stubbornness to share his basic items but no one anticipated that the possessiveness would transfer to people.

Jungkook and Jin have been dating for around two years now. It started with friends with benefits. Both needing some type of release during their busy schedule but soon the supply closet hand jobs and quickies backstage turned into cuddling on the tour bus and gaming til four in the morning.

So once they announced their relationship to the group, they were thrilled and happy for them but that day was also a warning that Jin is Jungkook’s.

Jungkook is fine with Jin and the members. Jin knows that he trusts the members to respect their relationship and the dynamic but Jungkook does not trust other people.

“Guys, let me go now.” Jin whines again. After no reply from his two captures, he pouts lightly.

Tae’s grips loosens slightly at the sight. “Ji-“

Jin snaps his head over to Tae, the pout quickly changing to a scowl. “Tae, let me go or you can forget about ever holding my hand at dance practice.”

Panic appears on Tae’s face as he scrambles away from Jin. “Okay!” Tae yells, flinching back as if Jin burnt him. “Don’t take my hand holding away!”

Jin ignores Tae’s whines, his head turning to Hoseok. He eyes Hoseok, noticing the slight uncertainty in his eyes.

“No more back hugs.”

Hoseok’s eyes widen. “You wouldn’t.”




“OKAY!” Hoseok pouts, letting Jin go quickly but unwillingly.

Jin turns to Jimin, expecting to have a disagreement but Jimin sends him a playful wink as he steps to the side.

Jin sighs with relief. He waves goodbye to the three as he rushes to catch up with his boyfriend.


Jungkook is pissed.

He doesn’t even bother changing; grabbing a pair of boxing gloves and heading straight to the punching bag.

“Stupid Ashton.” Jungkook grumbles, punching his fist into the bag.

Jungkook was having a great time during the game. Hiding behind the camera, laughing along as he deceived Ashton and James. He knew he wasn’t going to be found.

This is too easy.

Or so he thought, until his camera lens caught something.

Two somethings.

His boyfriend over another man’s shoulders.

He jolts up from the camera praying that it was deceiving him but his eyes quickly lock onto Ashton’s hands pinning Seokjin around his shoulders.

Jungkook’s jaw tightens, his hands want to curl up into fists but then he remembers where he is.

Keep calm.

Seokjin’s red face and laughter fuel his new hatred towards the white male. Nothing against Ashton personally but he’s touching what is Jungkook’s.

He follows the two as they make their way over to center stage. Jungkook notices Namjoon peering at him with a confused expression.

What are you doing?’

Jungkook quickly glances back at Jin and Ashton, praying Namjoon would get the message.

Get me to my boyfriend now.

And thank god Namjoon is smart.

Jungkook almost wants to reward his acting skills. A fake defeated smile as Ashton drags Jungkook from the camera and to his boyfriend.

His boyfriend. His boyfriend. His boyfriend.

Another hit goes to the punching bag. It swings around and Jungkook steadies it with his hands. He presses his forehead against the bag. Eyes closed, he takes in some deep breaths, trying to calm the jealous demon stirring in his stomach.

“What did that punching bag ever do to you?”

“Why don’t you ask Ashton?” Jungkook doesn’t mean to sound so harsh. He straightens up, yanking off the gloves from his hands and throwing them onto the ground.

“Kook,” Jin whines. “I couldn’t exactly start kicking him.”

“Yes you could.” Jungkook mutters stubbornly still refusing to look at Jin.

“In front of millions of people?” Jungkook could sense Jin’s pout. “Koo-”

Jungkook abruptly turns around. His eyes lock onto Jin’s pout.

Those lips are for me only.

Jin notices Jungkook’s gaze on his lips. It stirs something in his chest and he almost squirms away but Jungkook is quick to close the distance.

Jin’s breath hitches as Jungkook leans over him. His lip lightly graze over Jin’s cheek, he places his hand over Jin’s face and spreads his fingers to secure his grip.

Jungkook’s fingers are cold against Jin’s blush. Jin looks up at Jungkook, his eyes pleading at him to be gentle but Jungkook doesn’t spare him a glance. His eyes’ attention are on his lips.

“These lips are mine.”

Jungkook tightens his grip on Jin’s face slightly to part Jin’s lips slightly.

“Jimin is right. You do love to be manhandled.”

A whine is cut from Jin as a hand clasps around his neck, silencing every chance of talking.

Sensation crawls from Jin’s neck to his gut, swirling around in pleasure. The tightened grip makes him feel hazy, eyes drooping slightly as his hands wrap around Jungkook’s wrist.

“Oh?” Jungkook scoffs. “Making sure I don’t let go?”

Jin makes a poor attempt to nod.


A broken whine replies. Jungkook’s mouth twitches ever so.

“Can’t even do that for me.” Jungkook sighs in a mocking disappointment. Jin panics at the tone, his body squirming around for Jungkook to just do something.

“You’ve had Ashton touch your body and now you want me too? You really are a slut tonight, aren’t you?”

Jungkook suddenly releases his grip on Jin’s neck, not removing his hand but allowing Jin to take a large gulp of air.

Jin smiles against Jungkook’s grip on his face, lifting his hazy eyes to Jungkook’s.

“Y-yours.” Jin slurs in pleasure. “Your slut.”

Jin didn’t have time to register Jungkook’s lust expression before he crashes his lips on Jin’s.

The kiss is sloppy, dirty and perfect.

Jin, just as desperately, allows Jungkook to assault his lips. Moaning as Jungkook harshly tugs the lower lip. With not much choice, Jungkook parts Jin’s lips again. His tongue dives in, deepening the fast and messy kiss.

Jin follows happily, tilting his head to aid Jungkook who moans gratefully.

“You,” Jungkook breathes heavily, moving his lips from Jin’s and along his jaw. “weren’t supposed to be getting rewards right now.”

Jin lets out a rather loud moan, the fear of showing overhearing him barely crosses his mind once Jungkook reaches his neck.

Just as before, the kisses are sloppy and aggressive. Jin wants to remind him no marks during their promotion time but no one can stop Jungkook’s need to claim.

And then it’s gone.

The heated lips. The grips. The hands.

A pathetic whine escapes Jin’s lips as the pleasure fizzles away.

“Jungk- FUCK!

Jin yelps as his vision becomes upside down. His arms flail around, quickly grasping onto the back of Jungkook’s shirt.

Not again! “Kook! Put me down.” Jin whines, turning to squirm but Jungkook secures his hold around Jin’s legs and waist.


Jin squeaks as Jungkook lands a hand on his ass.


And Jin falls into Jungkook’s hold.

Good boy.


Jin realises that Jungkook is taking them back to their hotel room. He blushes slightly at the thought of Jungkook roughing fucking him into the bed but he knows this time Jungkook is mad not horny mad.

Jungkook seats Jin on their bed after entering the hotel room. It takes a minute for Jin to regain his bearings.

“Don’t.” Jungkook raises his hand after Jin tries to speak.

“I’m going to shower. You stay, okay?”

Jin nods with a frown. Jungkook sighs softly and kisses the top of his head softly. Jin chest flutters at the simple action.

Jungkook leaves the bathroom door open as he goes to shower. Jin itches to join his post workout shower but Jin knows he’s crossed the line today.

He feels his phone buzz in his pocket. He notices a dark mark on his neck in the reflection of the phone screen and he mentally scolds Jungkook, knowing that the make-up artists are going to be mad tomorrow.

Nevertheless, Jin unlocks it and sees a text from Tae.


Did he fuck your brains out yet?

Jin rolls his eyes, typing out his reply.





A few minutes later and there’s another buzz.



Well that is the area that gay men usually have sex


Before Jin can even reply, another message appears.



So no threesome? :( :( :(


Jin hears the water turn off in the bathroom so he turns his phone on silent and places it on the bedside table.

“Oh, good. You’re still there.” Jungkook states, throwing his dirty clothes to the laundry bin.

Jungkook, the bastard.

He decided to wear only low rise sweatpants. The ones that Jungkook knows Jin loves him in.

“Put on a shirt.” Jin mutters, snapping his head down to save himself from further embarrassment.

You’d think years of seeing Jungkook naked would stop these kind of hormones but Jungkook is Jungkook.


Jungkook’s voice is closer. Jin hesitantly lifts his head and Jungkook is in front of him.

What is he a fucking vampire?

Kook,” Jin frowns. “I’m tired. Let’s cuddle, please?”

Jungkook rolls his eyes. “Tired from Ashton carrying you around?”

“I didn’t have a say!”

“That’s my thing!” Jungkook finally whines out. A small frown breaking through the angered expression. “Everyone knows that you belong on my shoulders. Just look at Twitter!”

Jin huffs. It’s true. Ever since that BTS Run Episode, countless gifs, pictures and fan art of Jungkook carrying Jin sprouted over Twitter.

“I’ve been on Jimin’s shoulders.”

Jungkook rolls his eyes dramatically. “That’s Jimin. We’ve had a threesome with him. There’s a bro code of trust there.”

Jin raises his eyebrow. “So we should have a threesome wi-”

Jungkook gasps. A horrified expression as he steps back.

“Baby, how dare you expect me to have a threesome with a white man.”

Married is what you should’ve focused on there.”

“And besides!” Jungkook wails, ignoring Jin’s comment who rolls his eyes. “Why the hell has Taehyung latched onto you like a leech?!”

“Kook, don’t be sil-”

“I’m not!” Jungkook kneels down in front of Jin, taking his hands firmly. “What happens once the belt scene from that interview is released? Everyone will think you’re a couple.”

Jin resists the urge to roll his eyes again. He knows Jungkook is past the actual angry part of his possessiveness, now just falling into a whiney child that wants his favourite toy.

“You have a nerve. Mr Taekook and Jikook.”

Jungkook pouts again. “That’s not fair.”

“Now do you see how ridiculous you’re being?”

Jin can practically hear the mental battle he’s having with himself. “Fine.” Jin relaxes his shoulders at Jungkook’s final defeat.

“Thank you. Now will my boyfriend cuddle me? I’ve missed him.”

Jungkook lets out a stream of stubborn mutters but still maneuvering Jin into the middle of the bed so he can wrap his arms around Jin’s tiny waist.

Jin places a soft kiss on Jungkook’s nose. “You know I only love you, right? Not matter whose shoulders I end up on. Yours will always be my favourite.”

Jungkook’s grip tightens slightly, pulling Jin into his chest. “Just don’t go on any more shoulders for a while.” Jungkook grumbles.

Jin wants to giggle at Jungkook’s stubborn pout but he instead agrees as he buries his face into Jungkook’s chest.

“I’m glad you didn’t wear a shirt now. I like resting my head on your chest.”

Jungkook rolls his eyes playfully. “I know.” Jungkook plants a kiss on Jin’s head. “Why did you think I didn’t wear one?”

“To get under my skin?”

Jungkook chuckles. “That too.”

“You left a mark. Make-up artists are going to be pissed again.”

“I’ll take the blame.”

“Well I couldn’t have exactly done this to myself, butthead.”

“Ass.” Jungkook grumbles again causing Jin to lightly giggle.

A peaceful silence falls onto the two. Jin’s eyes flutter shut as Jungkook begins tracing his fingertips over his arm.

Jin was about to pass out if there wasn’t a loud pounding on the door followed by a deep whine.


“FUCK OFF, TAE!” Jungkook yells back.



There’s silence for a second. Did Taehyung leave?