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Hello hello! So as I said in the chapter of NFAH where I established things, and in the description, I wanted to make a "oneshot book", if you will, for different pairings with characters in the AU. While I plan on keeping the actual story up for interpretation, as in you can read it with or without ships and it wont explicitly be either-or, I will of course still take things from it and mess around with it here. 

I made a side Tumblr for this before, but I think I'll redo that. My main is @ihavenoconsistentname, but I will have a new side account under the url @imfromaroundhere for my writing things and just general things from or for this AU/story (so please follow me lol,, I wanna interact with my readers,,)

I think that's about it! I've had a few ideas and I just wanted to make a thing to dump them in :)

This will be empty for now (save for this chapter), but I will be adding to it soon 

I also said no promises but I quickly made up my mind and went with this lol

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"Hey, Grian!"

The angel turned his head, recognizing the voice of the elven knight approaching him.

"You okay?" Wels asked, sitting down next to him. His face was as bright as ever, lit up with the same smile that was always plastered on his face.

Grian sighed, burying his face in his arms. "I'm alright." He mumbled. He wasn't, but he might as well act like he was.

Of course, Wels knew it was a lie, and he frowned. Grian felt a gentle hand on his back. 

"It's okay if you're not right now. I won't ask about it if you don't want me to." Wels said, rubbing small circles between the angel's wings. He gave a light smile as he heard a slight purring noise. 

Grian shifted his head, peering over his arms at the sun sinking in the horizon. He glanced at Wels, looking at the way his eyes sparkled in the light of the sunset. 

Just his presence was enough to make him feel a bit better. 

Looking back at the sky, he heard the slight rustling of grass next to him. He felt a small tap on his shoulder.

Glancing at the other once more, Wels had a warm smile on his face. "Close your eyes for a second?" 

So he did, and when he did, he felt the stem of a flower being tucked behind his ear. When he opened his eyes, Wels had one in his hair, too. It was a hibiscus, and Grian assumed that was the same type of flower in his own hair too.

Wels stood up, offering a hand. "We can go fly around if you want. Would that make you feel better?"

Grian stared at his hand for a moment before smiling. "Yeah..." he began, taking the elf's hand.

"I would like that." 



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When Mumbo woke up this morning, he didn't expect to see a bunch of pink and red feathers scattered across his base.


In addition, there were a few chickens running around—which, mind you, were also pink.


He figured the feathers could have come from the chickens, but none of them were red, and there were a lot of different shades of pink and red feathers. He tried to think of where else they could have come from, and he also began questioning why the chickens were pink.


But he didn't really have to—any of his questions would be answered when a certain angel flew in. A bright, happy smile plastered on their face. 


"Hey Mumbo~!" Grian said cheerfully, landing smoothly on the ground. Something was different about him, though. Mumbo noticed right away.


And, seeing him notice this, Grian's smile brightened. "Cool, right?" He said, stretching his wings out to their full length. The feathers had a pink and red ombre to them that got darker closer to the bottom portion of his wings—much different than their typical look.


"It's a nifty trick I learned. If I just mix some glowstone dust with dye, I can make my wings look different!" 


"What about the chickens?"


"Oh, those I dyed by hand."


Mumbo sighed, smiling. "Well, I guess that first part may explain why there are pink and red feathers all over my base."


The angel nodded. He seemed awfully cheery today. Then again, it was Valentine's Day. A lot of the hermits were cheery in their own ways.


"Come on! I wanna show you something." Grian said, taking Mumbo's hand and nearly starting to drag him. 


"Alright, alright." Mumbo chuckled. "Just let me get my elytra on first."



After a few minutes of flying around, Grian finally had the two land on some sort of plains area.


The field was pretty empty, save for one very obvious structure right in the middle of it and a few flowers planted here and there.


Grian ran over and stood off to the side, making a wide gesture. "Ta-da!" He grinned. "I put this together for you."


It was a giant heart—built out of a mixture of leaves and vines, dotted with poppies and peonies and roses and tulips. But that wasn't all—there were some sort of lights tangled up in it, along with a small switch off to the side. 


Flicking the switch, Grian stood back with Mumbo to watch how the lights went around the heart, lighting up in various shades of pink and red, twinkling beautifully. 


"Oh, Grian, I love it! It looks magnificent." Mumbo smiled widely. 


Grian happily took the other's hand, lacing their fingers together. "I'm glad you like it!" He beamed. 


Mumbo gave the angel a quick peck on the cheek before Grian pressed their foreheads together. "I love you, Mumby." 


"I love you too, my dear angel."



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After a long day of building, Grian was ready to collapse.


He'd been working day in and day out on his base, not getting nearly enough sleep, yet somehow finding the energy to continue building.


He wanted to get his base finished. He would work on it as long as he needed to.


But he was tired.


In fact, he almost felt too tired to even move.


As a result, he ended up collapsing on one of the unfinished platforms of his base.


Sighing heavily, he closed his eyes, feeling the cool breeze weaving through the feathers on his wings.


Just as he was about to fall asleep, he heard the gentle whoosh of an elytra gliding in, followed by the gentle tapping of boots as a figure landed on the platform.


"I don't think this is a very good place to go to sleep," the familiar voice said. "Doesn't look too comfy."


Groaning, Grian turned his head to see Xisuma leaning over him. The admin smiled.


"Don't you think you deserve a good night's rest in a proper bed? You've been hard at work out here for days now." 


Offering a hand—which Grian took—Xisuma helped the other up, steadying him as he stood. 


"I suppose." Grian mumbled tiredly, running a hand through his hair. He sighed with a small smile as Xisuma placed a gentle kiss on his forehead. 


Intertwining their fingers, Xisuma lead the angel closer to the edge of the platform. "Ready?"


Grian nodded, letting his wings unfurl. 


Then, as the two leaped off, Xisuma's elytra deployed, and they began gliding off into the night. 


Soon, they would end up at Xisuma's base, where they could lay down in a comfortable bed and Grian could get the rest he needed and deserved.