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Who Cares About Good And Evil Anyways

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“That absolute piece of shit,” he curses through gritted teeth, suppressing the instinctual red glow from enveloping him as he quietly seethed.

He was going to kill him.

Everyone else had to get in line –even those megalomaniac pricks that dared to mess with them-

No, he’s definitely going to kill him this time, slowly and painfully.

Not here though. First, he'd make sure he’s not a mark of shame on his dignity; they still had a mission to complete.

All this he thinks to himself as he observes the spectacle in front of him from his crouched position on top of the barely standing roof; more rubble than structure. Gazing down on the scattered figures in the destroyed surroundings, distaste filled his mouth at their audacity and frustration soured his mood further as the idiot casually strolled onto the middle of the battlefield during a short standstill. What was he thinking, appearing in the eyes of the public? He glances at the helicopter hovering in place in the distance, live-streaming the scene below.

Pulling down his hat firmly on his head, he activated his ability as he flew towards the helicopter. Annoyed that he had to deal with more idiots that should know better than to get involved in Port Mafia territory, he quickly but efficiently destroys the unsuspecting new anchors’ cameras and silenced their protests with a threatening glare. He sent the automobile away with a prompt threat and ashen faces, unwilling to waste any more of his time. 


Meanwhile, on the ground, a stranger managed to slip onto the battlefield as both sides were too focus on the battle between All Might against All For One and his League of Villains. Just as the blond kid was saved by his friends, and All-For-One forcibly opened the portal to transport his allies away, it was gone.

“What?” AFO exhales in disbelief, his fingers flexing slightly at the disconcerting feeling. His power had disappeared for just a moment, enough for the portal to be canceled out.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that,” AFO turned in the direction the unfamiliar vibrations of a person’s speech came from, his quirk allowing to see the outlines of a figure, his physique telling of his youth.

“And who might you be; an aspiring hero perhaps? Nullification is quite an unusual quirk.” AFO neutrally comments.

“Young man! It’s dangerous here; please leave with the others while you can!” The number one hero yelled, tone slightly panicked at this new development, just as young Bakugou was saved, another innocent civilian was in danger! The lean boy, probably not older than his students that had just barely escaped with their lives ignored him as he carelessly walked away from the Kurogiri’s slump form towards AFO. He lightly chuckles even as the League closed in on him, surrounding him from all sides.

“I believe many would have a good laugh if that was true, but no. My boss has decided that now would be a good time to collect some overdue and damage payments as you’ve decided to destroy the territory he kindly loaned to your little group,’ coming to a stop when one of the villains, Shigaraki, blocked his path.

“Who’s this cutie? He’s kind of arrogant, but I’ll love to have some of his blood.” The only girl in the group giggles from his left, as the League poised to attack him at the slightest signal.

“I see,” AFO replies in understanding, “your boss can be a rather benevolent man when he tries, I’m sure he will understand that under these circumstances, I’m unable to pay even though I wish to. Perhaps, we could arrange this collection to a later date?” his tone more a command than a question.

“Ah,” the boy smiles is as fake as it is mocking, “Boss thought you might say that, unfortunately, this is a non-negotiable deal. Seeing as you can’t pay up, the Port Mafia will be collecting your heads instead.”

Shigaraki bristles at his words, “and you think you alone can take us down?” AFO predicting his next action but not stopping it as he abruptly thrusts his hand forward-

“How arrogant can you be?!”


-Only for it to be grabbed by the boy, stunned silence swept through everyone for a moment, as the boy remained in tack, instead of being reduced to decay. He was quick to advantage of the enemies’ stunned silence and All Might’s stumble mid-step to a stop at the display, flipping Shigaraki to the ground from his hold. He kicked Shigaraki in the stomach once before dodging someone’s grab at him.

Moving away from any immediate grabbing range, the boy’s demeanour changed as he turned to face AFO, the other grunts insignificant in his eyes. The look in his eyes chilling enough that the black attire he wore suddenly became ten times as menacing, the more cowardly members of the League instinctually froze or took a step back.

“You seem to be under the wrong assumptions, I do not care much for the debt you racked up. In fact, if you could give me a painless death, that’ll be even better, but let me correct you on just the most important one.”

In the next second, everyone except All Might, All-For-One, and the boy face-planted into the ground, cracked pavement ruined even more as human-shaped holes were formed. Even All Might and AFO were forced to kneel from the sudden pressure weighing down on them, leaving only the boy standing without a care.

A light smirk danced across his lips as he looks down on AFO trying to get up from his knelt position. “I’m not here alone,” he steps to the side slightly, letting AFO glimpse behind him, at a figure that appeared as suddenly as the other. “That’s my partner, and not even you have any hope of defeating him.” He announces loudly enough for the other to hear him, causing his scowl to deepen as he passes the Symbol of Peace and nears the scrubs.

“You’re so full of shit; I’m the one doing the heavy-lifting as usual, huh.” The red-head scoffs.

“Please, you wouldn’t even have gotten this far without my plan,‘ the other waving off his insult.

“Harh?!” The red-head looked ready to argue his point but was interrupted by the change of tone by the other.

“Well,” The boy drawls, “I’m bored of this already; hurry up and clean up the trash, would you?” The other clicked his tongue in irritation, but increased their surrounding’s gravitational force again, before caving in the scrubs’ heads one by one, leaving Dazai to dispose of the leader.

“One more thing,” he says, as if he suddenly remembered something, ignoring the sound he made at his heir and followers swift deaths. “The boss has never and will never be benevolent,” the word coming out like disgust and pity for the fool that believed the Boss of the Port Mafia could be anything other than a ruthless and cunning man.

He doesn’t wait for the other to gain the ability to speak under the immense gravity crushing him before shooting him without hesitation with the gun he retrieved from underneath his coat.

“Tsk, can’t believe the Boss gave us so much time to deal with these low-level shitheads, they didn’t even put up a fight,” he turns to the sight of his partner wiping off the blood on his shoes on one of the corpses.

“Mhm, it was a little underwhelming,” he agreed as he caught up to his partner that was already turning to walk away. “Ease up a little, I’m sure the Boss would hate to find out Japan’s Number One Hero was crushed by your gravity, he seems to be at his limit already.”

All Might gasped for breath as the heaviness around him lifted, allowing him to be able to breathe easily again. “Wait!” he hurriedly calls out to the duo walking away, unfazed by the destruction and lives they so easily took. They paused, turning their heads oddly in sync, under their stares, All Might suddenly found himself at a loss for words.

“Who are you? H-how did you do that?” was what he managed to get out, bewildered by how strong these couple of teenagers were, they annihilated the League of Villains without so much as a scratch.

The short red-haired boy only raised a brow, “these weaklings were so uncoordinated that it’s laughable how all you Heroes had a hard time dealing with them, that’s all,” ignoring the Symbol of Peace’s first question as he jabs a thumb at the other next to him, “besides that ugly brain guy isn’t even half as shrewd or sketchy as this piece of shit right here,”

“Aww, I knew Chibi thought highly of me,” the other’s coo and head pats were returned with a sharp retort and violent elbow jab. The attention left All Might, the two already focused on their own banter, resuming their retreat. But, All Might wasn’t one to give up so easily, even as he felt the last embers of One For All leave him and it got harder stay upright with his injured body. He remembers the conversation the boy had with AFO that these two children were part of the Port Mafia. As the Number One Hero of Japan for decades, it was inevitable that he knew of the syndicate that existed even before the manifestation of Quirks, he knew the government had made a pact to leave them alone but that was before he knew that they employed children.

“Please wait!” both of them paused again, one clearly annoyed but both their eyes were glinting with steel, All Might hesitates - he was disconcerted by the crimes they were probably forced to do for them to look so comfortable in depravity.

“You don’t have to go back,” he starts slowly but clearly,

“I can help you -you don’t have to commit crimes anymore,”

“-Harh?” the red-head made a noise of bafflement.

“You defeated the League of Villains, you can do a lot of good with your powers, you can even be heroes if you want,” he quickly finished in one breath, as he watched their expressions changed. He had expected he would need to persuade them a little, given that they had probably been involved in that lifestyle for some time, but even he had never expected to receive cutting laughter at his offer.

“Thanks for the offer, cockroach antenna,” All Might winces at the nickname, “but I don’t need you to save me, so forget about us if you know what’s good for you.” With that, they finally left, not turning back at All Might’s calls, black coats billowing behind them as they left the carnage just as the other heroes arrive.

The final words from the brunette boy with bandages echoing through All Might’s head,

“Who cares about good and evil anyway? We’ll just do whatever we want.”