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a vibrant viridian darkness

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Hitoshi has never been a believer in the supernatural. Ghosts? Funky noises and wind. Demons? Just a figment of imagination. Magic? Parlor tricks at best, lies and trickery at worst.

However, now he’s met Midoriya Izuku, and he is currently reconsidering that stance.

Midoriya Izuku, by all intents and purposes, is probably not human. He’s utterly gorgeous. His skin is a perfect unblemished tan dotted with freckles. His eyes are huge green spotlights that always catch Hitoshi by surprise. His hair is unruly, but a cute unruly, framing his face with viridian tinged darkness. He’s utterly gorgeous. Unnaturally so.

Whenever he’s waiting his turn for the assessment test, it’s like he just shuts down. He goes totally still, not even blinking. Hitoshi’s not even sure he’s breathing. Thinking back on it, he doesn’t remember seeing Midoriya blink even once. 

The explosion kid (Bakugon maybe?) does not seem to like him. He keeps hurling insults at him, but anyone who has studied psychology can see it. Bakugon is absolutely terrified of Midoriya. Hitoshi can see it in the way he braces every single time Midoriya glances towards him.

What kind of a person could Midoriya be for a kid that told Hitoshi to eat shit and die because he coughed would be afraid of him?

It doesn’t matter to Hitoshi because, apparently, Midoriya is crushing every single one of these tests. Hitoshi can’t even tell what he’s doing. For the grip strength test, he demolished the clamp. He looked sheepish as he apologized to Aizawa, but Aizawa just gave him a look that Hitoshi couldn’t decipher. Midoriya had made a face in response before going to the clamp and trapping it in some sort of dark green bubble and when he popped it, it was fully formed again.

What kind of quirk could you have that gives you impossible strength and perfect repair of objects?

Midoriya turns towards him after the bubble pops and smiles that same polite little smile. Hitoshi feels like prey.

The tests continue, Hitoshi either doing his best or brainwashing different people into assisting him. Finally comes the ball throw. He calls out, “Yo Uraraka! What’s your quirk?”

“Zer-” Bingo.

“Come over here and throw my ball for me.”

The robotic kid with engines in his legs looks appalled, “Sensei? Isn’t that cheating!?” 

Aizawa gives him an unimpressed look, “He used his quirk and has stayed in the circle. What rule is he breaking?”

Iida (that’s right, right?) huffs and levels a mighty glare at Hitoshi, who simply shrugs and smiles slyly at the brainwashed Uraraka taking his ball and tossing it into the sky. He then lightly pinches her arm, “Sorry I brainwashed you.”

She simply laughs, “What a cool quirk!” And then she returns to Midoriya Izuku, whose polite smile is no longer visible.

Why does Hitoshi feel like he should run?

Doesn’t matter, Midoriya is after him. Midoriya simply walks, but something about him feels off. It feels like he’s broken. A broken piece that doesn’t fit the rest of the puzzle it’s been slotted into.

“Shouta?” Midoriya picks up the ball and then turns towards Aizawa. The class interrupts into scandalized chatter at a student addressing a teacher by first name. Iida looks like he’s going to blow a fuse.

“Might as well, Izuku. They’ll have to see it at some point. I’ll call Recovery Girl.” Aizawa nods back to Midoriya, and everyone is shocked into silence. Except for Bakugo(n?).

Bakugo groans, “Fuck, fuck, please don’t let him do it, you can’t do this!” He turns away and starts walking, going to the sunniest part of the field. He crouches down and puts his hands over his ears like a child refusing to listen to reason.

Midoriya turns towards them and smiles. And it’s a much different smile than the one they’ve previously seen. This is the smile of a predator. Of a being that knows that nothing can or will stop them. Of something inhuman. Something otherworldly.

“Sorry for this, guys.” He bows before turning towards the throwing field. And then the world stops.

Everything grinds to a screeching halt, color draining outwards from Midoriya, his vivid green hair the only spot of color for miles. There’s a sickening crack. Then two more. They watch in abject horror as Midoriya bends backwards, completely crooked and wrong

His vibrant green eyes have gone completely viridian, no whites or pupils, just forests of endless green, swallowing them up and returning them to the Earth.

The light dies from Midoriya’s eyes as an ephemeral dark green amorphous mass bubbles forth from his, what can only be described as a, carcass with no discerning features except for twisted antlers at its temples (or where you would assume its temples to be). It turns towards them; they can sense its grin before it even splits the awful, shifting growth’s surface, revealing a swirling, dying galaxy dripping with massive skeletons and too large to comprehend monsters, scrabbling and wriggling inside of the horrible gaping maw.

“Don’t worry guys, I won’t hurt you too bad!” Midoriya’s pleasant voice comes out of it, overlain with screaming songs that they can’t hope to comprehend, tasting like their own misfortunes to come (Hitoshi tastes laryngitis and blood and becomes inexplicably afraid).

The antlered monster with Midoriya’s voice gingerly pries the ball from his carcass’ hand and winds up.

The ball is thrown forwards, blasting past the field and into the nearby forests.

Then it reappears at Hitoshi’s feet.

“Midoriya” turns around and locks eyes with him and smiles that terrible, radiant smile before giving him a cheeky thumbs up. Hitoshi swallows some blood.

Aizawa-sensei, looking none the worse for wear, holds up his device and reads off the number. 

“Infinite Wild. Izuku, how the hell did you even get my tracker to say that? I'm putting you down for infinity.”

The horrible being shrugs, “Sorry, Shouta!” and then it melts back into Midoriya’s body, which rights itself upwards with a few horrible cracks. All the color bleeds back into the world, and Midoriya, with an entirely blank face except for the tiny smile resting on his lips, bows, and says, “Who’s next?” to the class, ignoring their pale faces and bloody noses.

Hitoshi has never been a believer in the supernatural. But he is a believer in Midoriya, whatever he may be.