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A Deal with the Devil

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Ravanna's POV 

I look at my love as she sleeps, tucked into my side and I feel unbelievably comfortable.

The warmth that seeps into both of us because of our combined body heat as well as the blankets.

She always thinks about how I keep her warm, but that could not be farther from the truth. As a demon, we are always cold- we have to be.

Her warmth radiates to me.

It is funny, I never knew what being warm felt like. 

Not until I met Kassandra 

It has amazed me ever since we have been at what humans call a hospital.

She was so thin and malnourished, so pale and.... empty.

It was like she had been broken, time after time.

She was so afraid, like a mouse hiding from an owl, shaking and flinching at the barest of touches.

She reminded my of an abused animal, hurt but still in want of love and affection.

She amazes me, because even after everything she has been through, she is still the most pure and gentle soul I have ever known.

She radiates light, kindness, compassion and empathy.

In my arms, she looks so... child like, so vulnerable.

It feels like my body molded to fit hers.

I never want to let go.

I gently brush away a strand of hair that has invaded her face, I glance at the time and sigh.

I have to wake her up now if I want to be able to make her breakfast.

I wonder how to go about it.

I wonder if she has gotten a decent nights sleep in the four years that her mother has been gone.

Probably not, I think sadly.

I gaze upon her angelic face and wonder how anyone could ever hurt her, how anyone could ever leave her.

Yesterday, she grazed her hand upon my features and I had never before experienced the feelings that I did then, that I do now.

Today, I do the same.

I trace the curve of her chin, her skin so soft, her face so delicate. I brush my fingers against her cheek and place her hair behind her ear.

I look to her closed eye lids and kiss them both softly.

I follow the swell of her cheek and place feather light kisses upon it.

I nip at her ear lode just as she did to me yesterday. I remember how wonderful it felt, how I thought my legs would give out at the gesture.

The things she does to me.

I pull back from her ear and study that of her lips.

I brush mine against hers and before I know it- she is flying away from me at a speed I did not know humans could move.

I berate myself, she has been raped by her father many a time, how can I be so ignorant!

She is breathing heavily and I get out of bed to meet her on the floor.

She eyes are rapidly moving about the room as to figure out where the threat is. 

My hands caress her face to steady her gaze upon me.

I place myself between her and the wall and cradle her towards me.

"It is ok, you are safe" I whisper to her.

I move back and forth as to rock her. 

I feel so guilty, if I had just woke her regularly, she would not have woken up with such a fright.

"It is only me, Kassandra, you are with me."

It takes a few minutes but eventually, her breathing has calmed and her heart rate evens out.

I place her head against my chest and run my hand through her hair.

We say nothing as we sit against each other.

"I'm sorry" she says.

I move myself in a way that I am able to see her face.

I stare at her in confusion.

"No." I say

She did nothing wrong, yet she apologizes?

"No, it is not your fault Kassandra, it was mine, I was not thinking."

She looks so haunted that I want nothing more than to soothe whatever memories invade her mind.

I want nothing more than to be the torturer of  her father.

"It was my fault Kassandra, you did nothing wrong."

Her mind struggles.

She has been conditioned into apologizing.

Not just by her father.

But by her teachers.

Her peers.

And that ex-girlfriend of hers.

She has been taught to apologize her whole life.

"You are wonderful and I am so unbelievably sorry that I took advantage of your unconscious state," I tell her.

I lay a kiss upon her forehead and gather her in my arms before standing up.

She grasps at my shirt and places her head on my shoulder.

She says nothing during this and her mind is completely silent.

I walk towards the bathroom that is adjoined to the bedroom and place her on the counter.

I cup her face and wait until her eyes meet mine.

When she does, her eyes have a glass filled gaze and my heart breaks.

I place my head upon hers and nudge her nose with mine, she lets out a snicker so I repeat the action until she responds.

She loops her arms around my neck and just brings me close to her, resting her head upon my chest.

I rub my hands along the length of her back and feel her shiver.

"Are you cold?" I ask.

She takes a moment before she responds.


She takes a breath before she continues, "That just feels good."

I sigh in relief and she lifts herself from my body.

"Are you sure you want to get up, you seemed awfully comfortable there."

Her ears turn an almost angry shade of red before she pushes away from me, removes herself from the counter and walks out of the bathroom, displaying a certain finger as she does.

I laugh as I move towards her again. 

I catch her hand lightly and tug on it just a bit so she knows that I want her to face me.

I pull her into me and breathe in her scent.

"Are you ok?"

She returns my embrace and tightens her hold, "Yes."

I breathe a sigh of relief as I do not sense any discomfort.

We stay like that for a few minutes until I glance at the time again.

"You need to get ready for school."

I hear her groan and I chuckle at her displeasure.

"Do I really have to?"

She looks at me with incredibly wide brown eyes that it reminds me of how many dogs look at their owners -eyebrows arched and perfectly pinched at the bridge, mouth set in an almost frown and it has gathers such a reaction out of me that I balk.

I shake out of my stupor and - with a great struggle- turn my head away from the utterly adorable and attractive expression.


I walk towards the closet, her hand still in mine as I show her the clothing that I have brought for her.

Kassandra's already wide eyes grow wider as she sees the length of the closet.

I chuckle at her amazement.

"How does any house have a closet this big?"

I guide her towards the clothes that I have bought her, " That, my dear, can be blamed on the human greed."

I reach for a blouse that I believe she will look absolutely breathtaking in and show it to her.

She looks at it in confusion, "You can wear whatever you want, you don't need my approval."

I smile at her obliviousness, "That is really sweet but the shirt is for you, my love, but if you wish for me to wear it than I will gladly model it for you."

Her ears -without fail - turn a deep scarlet color.

She buries her head into my shoulder as I laugh.

I then lead her to the area of the closet that holds jeans as well as undergarments in its drawers.

I hand the clothing items to her and grab clothes for myself before I leave her to change.

Once I am done, I head downstairs and sigh in frustration as I do not have enough time to fix her breakfast.

I am sitting on the sofa as I tug on the heeled boots that I am to wear as I hear Kassandra coming down the stairs.

I gaze appreciatively at the outfit as it complements her figure. 

A black long sleeved V-neck shirt that clings to her body as wet clothes would cling to skin, light blue jeans that accentuate the curve of her thighs and what she likes to call chucks, adorn her feet.

"Hey, I can't find my backpac-"

Her sentence cuts off as her eyes find me and I smirk at the thought that flies through her mind.

Holy fuck

Her eyes drag up the length of my legs as they are dressed in tightly fitted black skinny jeans, up to my bright blood red blouse that is accompanied by a sinfully sensual leather jacket.

She stop at my face and sees my smirk in place, she quickly looks away and coughs into her closed hand.

"My uh, I'm looking -where.... my bag?"

I smile at her inability to form a sentence and stretch to reach behind me, producing the backpack she had been looking for.

I had wanted to get her a new one but at her sigh of relief, I feel that I made the right choice in not doing so.

She throws one strap over her shoulder and looks to me.

I reach for her hand as I stand and sigh happily as she places hers in mine.

I love that feeling, it makes me .... complete.

I walk us out the door and lock it behind us before giving her the key.

She looks at me in confusion and I just smile at her.

She does not know it yet, but the house is hers.

I head towards the driveway and open the passenger door for her. I know that she wants to drive but I would like to get her something to eat before we head to school.

She is too light as it is.

She is putting on her seatbelt as I get in and I do the same.

I start the car and pull onto the street. I head towards the nearest fast food chain and can tell that Kassandra is confused at the routes I take but she does not question it.

She only leans into the seat and lets her hand dangle over the center console until I take it in mine.

Her thumb rubs circles and I almost miss a turn because the action distracted me.

I pull into the drive through of a restaurant chain called Jack in the box.

"What would you like," I ask her.

She looks flabbergasted, "What?"

I look over to her sadly, she probably hasn't been treated to such luxuries in ... a long while.

"What would you like to eat, my darling?"

Her ears flare at the name.

She looks hesitant and her eyes flicker between myself and the board.

"Anything, I guess."

I have a feeling that you won't talk no for an answer.

I laugh at her statement because she is right, she has not eaten properly, at the hospital she struggled to eat just once and I plan to get her to eat at least twice a day by the end of the week.

I order something for both her and myself before driving to the window to pay.

The cashier, as humans call them, cannot seem to stop blatantly staring.

I find it quite hilarious but feel a strong wave of jealousy sprout from my love.

I hurry the order but the fool does not take the hint and I sigh in frustration before turning to Kassandra and pull her towards me to place a hard kiss on her lips, one she seems to enjoy as well as take advantage of.

She seems to be very possessive of me.

I find that I do not mind.

I am quite possessive of her.

The order seems to be ready quicker after that stunt, I hand her the bag and drive off.

We eat on the way there and we silently laugh about the whole ordeal.

We make it just twenty minutes before the bell and we finish our food.

"Can you show me to the office mio flore?"

She smiles, "Yeah."

We get out of the car and the second that we do, all eyes are on us.

I smirk and walk to meet Kassandra.

I hold out my hand for hers and when she takes it, I softly pull her towards me and place a passionate kiss upon her lips.

I want them to know that she is mine.

She seems a bit embarrassed but overall she looks happy.

She starts walking us towards buildings that have similarities to a prison and I wonder if the idea of school was based off of the topic as such.

We walk into the building and it is as if all eyes turn towards us simultaneously.

My love stops and angles her head so that she looks at the ground.

This will not do.

Her hand still in mine, I keep walking, "Kassandra" I say so that only she may hear, "just take us to the office, it will be fine."

I smile at her and that seems to calm her, "Ok."

She picks up her pace to lead us but we are suddenly stopped when a girl throws herself into Kassandra's arms and it takes everything in my to not let out a growl.

"Kassandra, we've been so worried, we haven't been able to get a hold of you, did you lose your phone?"

Kassandra only returns the hug halfheartedly, "Hey Ashley, I .... yeah, I lost my phone."

That poor excuse of a phone was lost in the incident with the ignorant boys, I will gladly buy her a new one.

But this was Ashley...

The good friend I presume, the one who has not done her any harm.

"How are you holding up? I know about Allison and Katie, those fucking assholes- anyway, I have literally done everything in my power to make their lives hell these past few weeks, believe me-"

This Ashley is about to continue but her eyes land on our conjoined hands and she freezes.

She moves her eyes to meet my gaze and looks as if she is in shock.

"Holy shit, where has Kassandra been hiding you?"

Kassandra and I both laugh and I feel that this Ashley is going to be around quite a lot.

She seems very loyal to my Kassandra.

"Hi! I'm Ashley, Kassandra's now only best friend- what are your intentions with her?"

She tries to appear intimidating, and it would have worked if I were not a two thousand year old demon.

I look her in the eye and say, "To love her."

Ashley appears not to have expected that response as her expression resembles that of a fish.

I see Kassandra look at me out of the corner of my eye and I cannot resist meeting her gaze.

She carries an expression that I cannot quite place but she tugs on my hand and leans forward to bury her face in the crook of my neck.

For a moment, I wonder, what are Kassandra's intentions with me.

As if hearing my thoughts, she pulls away and looks at me as if I have just given her the stars.

To cherish you.