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Smoking Up & Going Down

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Iida was stressed. Really stressed. He gripped the edge of his desk tight enough for his knuckles to turn white and then tried taking a deep breath. He was supposed to be studying but this was the fourth time he had reach the end of the page of his textbook only to realize he hadn’t retained any of the information it had tried to give him. His eyes were scanning the words but they just weren’t permeating his brain.

Iida was a third year now. He needed to focus if he wanted to continue to excel in the hero course. This was his final year. This was important. Iida knew he had come a long way since he had first started Yuuei, but he needed to keep improving. People were expecting big things from him, and he was expecting even bigger things from the world around him. He needed to do his best and he needed to be his best, but right now he wasn’t so with a deep sigh Iida collected his thoughts and began reading the top of the page once again.

He was unfortunately interrupted as a thud sounded next door, followed by muffled voices and a burst of laughter. Iida concentrated on not pulling his hair out. It had been like this for the past hour. He needed to concentrate and it was hard enough with all the thoughts of the upcoming year swimming around in his head, but it was nearly impossible with the bouts of noise that kept coming from next door.

Iida should have been used to Kaminari being a noisy neighbor by now. Kaminari was a popular guy, and it wasn’t uncommon for him to have company in his room. He and his friends were boisterous and Iida had mostly grown used to tuning them out, but tonight he just couldn’t do it.

Reluctant to be that guy, Iida resolved that he had no choice. He pushed himself away from his desk and squared his already very square shoulders, preparing himself to put on his most prim class president persona.

He knocked very curtly on Kaminari’s door, a clear indication that this was a matter of serious business about to be discussed. There was some clambering, the hisses of some harshly whispered words, a strangled yelp, and then finally the door cracked open to reveal a disheveled bleary eyed Kaminari.

“Oh hey Iida,” He said it loud enough so that whoever else was in the room would be able to hear just who was at the door, although there was little need as the only other occupant, Sero had come to slide his face into the crack in the door as well.

“Sup?” Said the second boy, resting his chin gently a top Kaminari’s head.

“I was just knocking to ask if you two could maybe quiet down a little. I apologize but I’m trying to study and I can’t concentrate with all the-.” Iida stopped cold in his request. There was a sweet skunky smell drifting out of the open room before him, one which he recognized. Iida carefully studied the boys in front of him, noticing their red-rimmed eyes and lazy smiles. Kaminari was already nodding and promising that they’d quiet down and Sero could be seen giggling as the door slowly began to shut, however Iida stuck his foot in the way before it could close completely on him.

“Are you two?” He lowered his voice to an accusatory hiss, “Are you two smoking weed in there?”

Kaminari let go of the knob and the door drifted wide open of its own accord, as the two boys stared at Iida completely dumbstruck.

“What?” Said Kaminari incredulously, “Psh no! Of course we aren’t!”

Sero was shaking his head so enthusiastically his shoulders had gotten in on the action.

Rotating his body side to side, he declared, “Iida that’s crazy. Where would we even acquire such an abhorrent substance and do you honestly think we’d be dumb enough to smoke it in the dorms?”

“Bro, I barely even know what weed is. What are you even talking about? How do we know you aren’t smoking weed?”

“Iida smokes weed!” Sero cupped his hands and called to the empty hall, before pushing Kaminari back inside the room, “You should really get some help bro,” he told Iida before shutting the door. Iida stood dumbstruck for a moment before he yanked it back open to reveal the other boys starring wide-eyed as if they had completely forgotten that doors could open from both sides. They were frozen sitting in front of Kaminari’s bed, a joint hanging loosely from Sero’s fingers.

“I KNEW IT!” cried Iida and in a second Kaminari had scampered up to close a hand around Iida’s mouth. He shushed him frantically.

“Dude! Do you want the whole dorm to know?” He had managed to push Iida back out into the hallway, which he glanced around, eyes wild and panicked before finally focusing back on Iida, “Yes we’re smoking but please don’t tell on us okay? We promise we’ll quiet down so you can study, just please please please please don’t tell.”

“Kaminari I don’t think you understand the severity of your actions,” Iida spoke and could hear how totally lame and uptight and unfun he sounded, but it was late and he was stressed, and he had just found out that these two assholes with not a care in the world were enjoying a joint in the room right next to him.

“Please please please we’ll never do it again just please Iida please!” Kaminari was still begging when Sero’s voice came drifting out of the room as smoothly as the scent of smoke had.

“If you don’t rat us out, we’ll smoke you up.”

Iida’s brain stopped dead for a moment. The endless list of responsibilities constantly cycling through his mind at all times came to a sudden standstill. They had no way of knowing this and were likely only suggesting it in a last ditch effort to get off the hook, but Iida could absolutely get down with weed.

It had been with his brother that he had first smoked. After the Hero Killer’s attack, Tensei had received a prescription for medical grade marijuana to help him cope with some of the pain. And he had offered some to Iida, maybe half-jokingly at first, because Tensei had reasoned that his little brother could stand to chill for two fucking seconds of his life.

Like his quirk, Iida’s brain ran a mile a minute. He needed to move forward, to progress at all times. Efficiency was key because he had hopes and dreams and goals and responsibilities that he would achieve one day. Slowing down, rarely even crossed his mind.

And now, he was at his senior year of Yuuei. One more year before the cushion of school was gone and he’d be expected to make it out in the pro-hero world. And he would of course. He had the Ingenium name to uphold, but there was still so much to do and so much to learn and so many things which he needed to focus on. Iida smoked only when he was stressed, and right now, contemplating the prospect of his last fleeting year of adolescence before he faced adult responsibilities Iida felt very stressed.

The smell of the smoke wafting out of Kaminari’s room had a such an enticing smell, and judging by the scent of it, coupled with all the things Iida had maybe ever assumed about Sero and Kaminari, Iida guessed it was probably some premium shit they were offering him. He realized in that moment that he was craving it, and considering he had once tried to attack a man for vigilante justice, indulging in this one bit of weed would be far from the worst illegal thing Iida had ever done. So he very quickly glanced around the empty hall, before scurrying inside the room and shutting the door behind him.

“Alright Class Rep!” The other boys cheered, and Iida hurriedly shushed them although he was unsure about who exactly he was afraid of busting them now. The only logical person who would do such a thing, was he himself.

He motioned towards the joint, his movements as sharp as if he was about to lecture them, opening and closing his palm to indicate that they hand it over. They stared dumbfounded for a moment, perhaps thinking that maybe he had actually entered the room to confiscate their goods. Finally Iida reached over and grabbed the joint clean from Sero’s open fingers. He snatched the lighter laid out on the bed, lit up, and sucked a full breath of that sweet sweet smoke. He held it there for a moment, enjoying the way the warmth burned the back of his throat. He could feel his eyes water just a little, and then he exhaled, nice and smooth, the smoke wafting in little curls before disappearing.

“Yooooo,” said Kaminari, his voice sluggish as a thought rolled into his brain, “Iida’s smoked before.”
“Hell yeah, he has,” Sero agreed, “That was no virgin toke.”

Iida was barely even listening as he took his second full on drag, melting to the floor beside the other boys as he exhaled once more.

“Iida, my man, my bro, my good good friend,” Sero drawled as he leaned into the other boy, pulling the joint from his fingers and taking his own hit, “Is there something you want to tell us?”

Iida chuckled lightly, resting his back against the edge of Kaminari’s bed behind him, “Are you surprised?”

“Fuck yeah, we are dude,” said Kaminari, taking his own turn at the joint, “If I had known you were down to hit the blunt I would have invited you over way sooner.”

Iida laughed as the joint made its way back to him, but it was then that he realized that even despite living next door to him for the past two years, this was the first time Iida had ever spent any extended time inside Kaminari’s room. He surveyed it slowly as he took his hit, observing the mish mash of posters, and trendy clothes, and random odds and ends that adorned the dorm. Kaminari’s taste seemed utterly random and chaotic as far as Iida could tell. Finally his attention landed on the two boys in front of him, and Iida felt suddenly very shy and awkward as he realized that this was the first time he had ever spent any time hanging out with Kaminari and Sero alone and outside of class.

They passed the joint in what Iida hoped was a comfortable silence, as it burned closer and closer towards its end. Eventually Iida felt as if he needed to say something, especially when he recalled the jovial laughter he had heard before and how he had interrupted it.


“Thank you for sharing your weed with me. I really appreciate it,” Iida inwardly groaned at himself, convinced he could not have sounded any more like a square.

“No probs dude,” Sero answered, “Thanks for hanging and not busting us.”

“Yeah Iida, we’re glad you agreed to hang with us. We always thought you were cool.”

“Cool?” Iida asked. He couldn’t think of a single moment in his life when anyone had described him as cool. People had maybe told him his quirk was cool or his parents’ hero agency was cool, but he Iida himself was too uptight and rule-abiding to be considered cool by his peers.

“Yeah dude,” said Kaminari, “You’re super chill, we always thought it’d be fun to hang with you.”

Chill? Fun? Iida was very confused. He liked to think he had many admirable qualities, that he was a trusted individual that his fellow students could turn to if they ever needed anything, but he was not entirely sure most people would consider him chill or fun. Iida’s stomach fluttered a little at Kaminari’s words.

“You guys really wanted to hang out with me?” He asked. Iida had always admired Kaminari and Sero’s laid back nature. They were so relaxed and amicable, able to make friends easily with practically everyone in the class, even Bakugou.

“Of course man, why wouldn’t we?” Answered Sero. Iida just smiled softly to himself, unable to voice how it felt to know that guys like Sero and Kaminari, guys that everyone liked because they were funny and easygoing, wanted to hang out with someone like Iida.

“Thank you, that means a lot coming from you two.”

Sero and Kaminari exchanged a glance but otherwise said nothing about Iida’s comment. They finished the blunt in silence, tossing it away when it dwindled down into nearly nothing, and enjoyed the light hazy feeling the drugs provided until finally Kaminari spoke.

“Yo you wanna hear something funny? Iida, you were like the first guy I ever crushed on.” Iida blinked. His jaw slackened at this confession. He was what?

“Ah yes, the great freshman year bi-crisis,” Laughed Sero, who apparently knew exactly what Kaminari was talking about.

“I think you mean the bi-sis,” corrected Kaminari.

“Ex-excuse me?” Iida choked out, which got the two boys laughing even more.

“I mean you probably weren’t the first,” answered Kaminari, “but you were like the first one I noticed and actually acknowledged.” He had completely misinterpreted Iida’s confusion. It wasn’t the whole crush on a guy thing that had flustered him, it was the fact that Kaminari had admitted to having a crush on Iida specifically.

“Like remember freshman year when I got roped into that plan to use the school’s pool so we could see the girls in their swimsuits?”

“You what?” Asked Iida.

“Oh shit that’s right, you weren’t in on that scheme.”

“Certainly not,” gasped Iida, “If I had known those were your true intentions I would have-.”

“Yeah not one of your finer moments, Kami,” Sero cut Iida off before he could get truly irate.

“Dude I’m aware, but come on I was young. My hormones were raging and I was horny like all the time.”

“How is that different from now?” Sero asked with a smirk, earning him a cushion playfully tossed to the face.

“Anyway!’ Kaminari declared, rerouting the conversation “It didn’t work out anyway since the girls wore those lame school issued suits. But it turned out to be no big deal, because Iida my man you were looking fine that day.”

“I was?” Iida’s ears had begun to go a little pink.

“Well after you lost the dorky goggles and swim cap of course.”

“Proper swimwear is ver important if you want to-.” Again he was cut off.

“All that soaking wet flesh on display,” Kaminari spoke like he could still picture it, “You had me fucking weak bro.”

“You did,” grinned Sero, “he came to me like a week later all panicked.” Sero pitched his voice in order to perform the most whiny and unflattering impression of his friend as possible, “Sero help I think I like Iida. He’s so sexy with his rippling muscles and regard for health and safety. I want him to shove me against the wall and tell me to eat a proper breakfast.”

“That is not how that conversation went!” Argued Kaminari as he made a swipe towards his friend. Sero snorted as he dodged the attack.
“I was like old news bro. Iida’s a grade A beefcake. If you want a slice you gotta get in line.”

Throughout the story Iida’s ears had gone from a little pink to full on red. He had no idea his classmates thought of him like that. Iida scratched at the back of his neck nervously.

“Um well thank you I suppose. It’s very flattering to know I’m thought of in such a way.”

The other boys stared at him before turning to look at each other. Their expressions were rapt with surprise and concern.

“Wait hold up a second,” said Sero, “You know you’re hot right?”

Iida was surprised to find his blush could grow even warmer, “Well I mean, I certainly like to think that I’m handsome.”

“IIDA!” Kaminari balked, “You’re like sculpted by the Gods, dummy thicc, so hot it’s stupid hot.”

“Yeah man even Bakugou admitted he’d hit it.”

“Yeah but we all know Bakubro’s got a thing for muscles. That’s why he’s got it so bad for Kirishima.”

“That, but also not even Bakugou’s heart is cold and black enough to withstand the pure unfiltered beam of sunshine that is Kirishima.”

Iida was fascinated by what he could learn just by listening to the two of them talk uninterrupted.

“We’re getting off track,” said Kaminari, “Iida how could you not know? Like I imagine you must get asked out all the time.”

Iida frowned, “Um I suppose I’ve had one or two potential suitors.” Really he hadn’t thought much of dating. It had only crossed his mind once or twice. He wasn’t opposed to the idea. Romantic exploits sounded nice, but he was far too busy with homework and hero duties and other such responsibilities.

Kaminari was looking at him as if he was in physical pain, “Seriously? One or two dates? That’s all?”

Iida’s frown deepened a little, “Uh no actually. I’ve had a few people express interest but I’ve never actually indulged any of them.” He hadn’t. Iida had never actually been asked out by anyone he really wanted to go out with. The interest had been flattering but he felt he had more important things to do, “I’ve never been on any dates,” he clarified.

“You what?” Kaminari cried. Iida could not understand the distress the other boy was feeling. Why was this so important?

He shrugged, “I just never put much effort into those sorts of activities I suppose.”

“Woah wait,” said Kaminari, he looked as if he was trying to load a thought after having administered an indiscriminate shock, “Wait. Hold on. Wait. Woah wait wait hold on. Wait. Are you saying you’ve never gotten your dick wet?” Sero immediately groaned and Iida felt inclined to do the same.

“Why do you have to phrase it like that?” Sero muttered, burying his face in his hands in embarrassment.

“It’s my room I can phrase it however I want!” Kaminari countered, “Iida, be honest. Are you saying you’ve never hooked up or even fooled around a little with anyone? Ever?”

Iida shifted uncomfortably in his seat, “No I guess I haven’t. Why is it so important to you?”

“Because that should be like a crime!”

“It certainly isn’t a crime for someone to have never hooked up or fooled around if that isn’t in their interest,” asserted Iida indignantly, “I’m surprised you would be so fixated on such trivial things as if that’s all that matters in adolescence. I should be allowed to date at my own pace if I like.”

“No no no dude! That’s not what I mean. I mean it’s like a crime that one of the hottest guys in school hasn’t ever hooked up with anyone.”

Iida opened his mouth to respond but found himself rather dumbstruck, “You think I’m one of the hottest guys in school?”

Kaminari looked straight past him to address Sero, a weary look on his face, “It’s like he hasn’t even been listening to this entire conversation.”

Sero sighed, “Iida my man, we just always figured that a guy as handsome, and smart, and likable as you must be rolling in dates. And now to find out that you’ve never even had a casual hook up, well I mean what does that say about a couple of losers like us?”

“You’re not losers,” said Iida automatically.

Sero grinned as he and Kaminari exchanged a look like Iida was the purest thing in the world, “This guy, am I right?”

“Well, so wait,” said Iida. He glanced away from the other boys, ringing his hands a bit nervously, “Have you two ever done…things with anyone else?” Kaminari let out an awkward cough as he began to fiddle with his hair. Sero sighed again, this time deeper and longer.

“Iida, I don’t know to tell you this but Kaminari and I are kinda sluts so yeah, we’ve done things.”

“Oh.” Iida continued ringing his hands. This conversation was so out of his element, “Like what?”

Sero snorted, “I don’t know, man. Do you want a list?”

“I guess I’m still just a little confused,” confessed Iida. “If you’ve both been able to have sufficient experiences, well what does that have to do with my lack of experience.” The two boys looked at each other and Iida had the sneaking suspicion that they were somehow communicating telepathically to one another. Finally Kaminari spoke.

“We both just always thought you were so hot and nice that everyone would be all over you and so we never made a move because we figured, we’d pale in comparison to the competition. So now that we know you’ve never even been on a date, it’s just like what the fuck dude. We could of been your first date maybe.” Kaminari suddenly blushed and looked away, “I mean that is assuming you’d have us of course, which like it’s totally cool if you wouldn’t. We get it.”

Iida blinked. He stared at the two boys who were both desperately trying to fixate on anything else within the room. He considered Kaminari for a moment and it was like he was seeing his classmate for the first time. Kaminari was like the text book definition of pretty boy, a lithe yet muscular body, soft honey-colored eyes, and the sort of hair that boy bands would envy. Kaminari was indeed very easy on the eyes and he had a sweet friendly personality to match.

Iida shifted his focus onto Sero, who was a bit more plain looking, but was also strong and funny and kind. Sero had a dazzling grin which could light up the room, and a taut muscular body that didn’t go unnoticed when he was incased in the spandex of his hero costume. Both boys seemed like rather viable options for a date.

“I think I would have had you. That is, if I had known you were an option,” Iida said very quietly.

“What did you say?” Kaminari asked, equally as quiet. He had finally torn his attention away from the band poster on his wall to lock eyes with Iida. Sero was discreetly trying to look at them both while still feigning interest in the frayed carpet at his feet.

“I’ve never been on a date, because no one I was interested in ever asked,” said Iida contemplatively, “But I think if one of you had asked, I might have said yes.”

Kaminari curled his hands and squeezed his nails into his fists to keep himself from absolutely losing it. He raked his eyes over Iida’s stupid sexy body and allowed every dirty fantasy he’d ever tucked away to come flooding to the fore front of his mind all at once.

He let out a shaky breath and in a low voice whispered,“Goddamn Iida, I’d suck the soul out of your dick if you let me.”

“What?” Iida startled.

“What?” Kaminari mirrored.

“He said he’d suck the soul out of your dick if you let him.” Came Sero’s bemused voice, clear and confident.

“Oh well um,” Iida’s cheeks had turned bright red and he forced himself to stare at the carpet as Kaminari nearly launched himself at a cackling Sero. The taller boy was howling with laughter as his friend pummeled him.

“Sero! Shut. The. Fuck. Up. You. Bitch!” He landed a hit with every word. Meanwhile Iida busied himself by cleaning his glasses off on the front of his shirt.

It was true that he hadn’t given much thought to romance or dating over the course of the past few years, but he had thought about other things. Things that only crossed his mind when he was alone in his dorm room in the dead of night and his hand was snaked down the front of his pajama pants. Things that he was maybe thinking about right now, picturing them despite how badly they made his cheeks burn.

“If that’s really what you wanted, I might let you,” He muttered very quickly.

Kaminari halted his onslaught momentarily, “You would?” Kaminari looked as if the walls had just melted around him. He looked like Bakugou had just burst into his room to announce he and Midoriya were best friends. He stared at Sero who looked almost equally as shocked, “Bro the fuck was in that weed? I think Iida just said he’d let me suck his dick.”

“I mean I wouldn’t be opposed to it,” Iida offered meekly.

The tension in the room was palpable. All three boys were blushing and fighting to look anywhere in the room except each other. Finally Sero attempted to cut through the awkwardness with a forced laugh.

“You guys should go for it. I mean what’s a blow job between friends?”

“Kirishima calls them bro jobs,” responded Kaminari very quietly.

“He what?” Asked Iida incredulously and suddenly all three boys were shaking with laughter.

“No really he does,” choked out Sero, “He’ll be like ‘hey I could really go for a bro job right now’.”

“It drives Bakugou up the fucking wall,” added Kaminari through his giggles, “Honestly that’s probably why he does it. It’s fucking hilarious.”

Iida’s mind was reeling from this information. He wondered if this implied that “bro jobs” were something Kirishima and his friends frequently partook in. The thought made Iida’s palms sweat and his stomach flip. Still the sheer stupidity of the term had him laughing along with the other boys. Eventually their mirth died down and they settled into a silence, which was once again broken by Sero.

“Iida have you ever kissed anyone?”

“No.” Iida was so startled by the sudden question he didn’t even think to lie. Sero mulled the answer over for maybe a second.

“Hm, bummer. Could I kiss you?”

“Right now?” Blurted Iida. Sero smiled but before he could respond Kaminari began to whine.

“What? Why should you get to be his first kiss?”

“Kami, you are such a little brat. The guy just said he’d let you suck his dick, now don’t I get to have any fun?”

“Yeah but it’s not like I can suck his dick right here and now.”

“Of course you can’t suck it right now, he’s soft. Maybe I wanna warm him up a little for you.”

Iida’s heart was pounding. The panic stricken look on his face must have been obvious because when Sero turned to look at him, the other boy’s smile faltered.

“Iida we’re just messing around. I won’t kiss you if you don’t want me to.” He placed a gentle hand on Iida’s shoulder as he spoke.

“I want you to,” Iida admitted and both Kaminari and Sero blinked stupidly in his direction.

“Really?” Sero asked delightedly, the pitch of his voice embarrassingly high before he coughed and tried to maintain his usually cool demeanor, “Uh I mean okay sure, yeah let’s uh kiss.”

He scooted tentatively closer until he was face to face with Iida. Then Sero leaned over, his long fingers gently tilting Iida’s face over to meet his. His lips were soft as he placed them hesitantly against Iida’s. Iida meanwhile forced himself to relax, to lean into the kiss as his eyes fluttered shut. Sero’s fingers on his chin became a little more intent as Sero moved his mouth against Iida’s. Their movements were slow and languid to start. Eventually Sero’s tongue swiped over Iida’s parted lips and he opened his mouth to accommodate the other boy. The sensation of a warm tongue sliding over his was foreign but pleasant and Iida chased after it, moving his own hands up to grip Sero’s shoulders. Eagerly Iida opened his mouth even more, allowing himself to taste Sero, who tasted faintly of the smoke they’d just indulged in together. Sero was teasing, deepening the kiss but then pulling back and winding down to closed mouth taunts. He had nearly climbed into Iida’s lap however, his arms winding around the other boy. Iida could feel Sero’s nails combing through the close knit hairs of his uppercut. With one last gentle tug on Iida’s bottom lip, Sero finally pulled away.

“Fun, yeah?” Sero smiled at Iida’s slightly dazed expression.

“Indeed,” he answered, adjusting his glasses.

“Good Goddamn!” Called Kaminari who had been watching from his spot sitting nearby. He was fanning himself in a an exaggerated manner, but there was a genuine look of lust in his eyes. “You two are getting me all hot and bothered.”

Sero’s brows knitted in annoyance, “Way to ruin the moment, dude.”

“I can’t help it,” Kaminari, grinned as Sero moved closer to him, “Two pretty boys making out in front of me just gets me all excited, makes me wish I could join in the fun.”

“You really are such a greedy little attention whore.” Sero fisted a hand in Kaminari’s hair and gave the blond locks a sharp tug, although the other boy was still smiling as his face was twisted up to look at him.

“And what are you gonna do about it?” Kaminari purred. His own hand had come up to close around Sero’s chin teasingly. They pressed into one another, chest to chest.

“I’d probably punish you if I wasn’t so sure that’s exactly what you want.”

“Aw you know me so well.” They were less than inches away from each other. Sero’s grip on Kaminari’s hair had loosened to cup the back of his head. Kaminari’s hand had ventured down to grasp the back of Sero’s neck. Iida’s heart was pounding as he anticipated the moment their lips would meet. He wanted to see it.

It never came as Kaminari pulled away at the last second. Sero let him go easily. Neither one of them had forgotten that they had company.

“You mind if I take a turn,” Kaminari asked sweetly, although the look he was giving Iida from beneath his lashes was anything but chaste.

“A turn?” Iida breathed. His sudden invitation back into the conversation had taken him off guard.

“Can I kiss you?” Kaminari clarified, although he really didn’t wait for the answer.

Within mere minutes of having experienced his first, Iida was now enjoying his second kiss. Kaminari did not ease into it the way Sero had. He started out with a forceful press and a commanding hand that crept quickly from Iida’s shoulder to his neck. Kaminari moved his lips with enthusiasm against Iida’s and when his tongue finally slid into Iida’s mouth with a delighted little hum, that too was enthusiastic. It was like Kaminari simply couldn’t get close enough. He pulled his whole body flush with Iida’s, cupping the other boy’s face in his hands. Iida found himself mirroring Kaminari’s desperate energy by running his fingers through thick handfuls of blond hair. He savored the feeling of the silky strands sliding between his fingers even as Kaminari finally pulled back for air.

“I like kissing,” Iida whispered to the open air.

“Yeah I can tell,” answered Kaminari, still cupping Iida’s cheeks, he ground his hips down onto the other boy’s lap and the growing situation which had arisen there, “We should see what else you like.”

“Maybe we should get a little more comfortable before we do that,” offered Sero, who had situated himself on the bed, and was now waiting expectantly for the other two to join him.

“Ooh I like that idea!” Kaminari scrambled up out of Iida’s grasp and hopped onto the bed. Iida rose slowly and turned to see the others had left a gap between them just for him. Now with the introduction of a bed, the whole situation seemed a lot more serious and Iida felt both frazzled and excited.

He sat down stiffly and the other boys seemed to sense his unease. They scooted closer to him, and four gentle hands ran over his body lightly.

“What should we do now?” Iida asked, his voice incredibly tight. There was a reassuring squeeze to his thigh, Kaminari nuzzling his shoulder and whispering for him to relax.

Meanwhile Sero peppered a few light little kisses along his cheek and jaw, “We can do whatever you want. Whatever you feel comfortable with.”

Iida’s usual stiff demeanor was dissolving, and he melted easily into the playful touches. Just like the weed, these boys were able to chip away his layers of stress. Iida’s eyelids fluttered closed and everything save for the gentle sensation of fingers and lips grazing over his body faded away. He thought about a few moments ago, how Kaminari and Sero had been pressed into one another’s spaces, both so handsome and cocky.

“I want,” spoke Iida quietly, “I want to see you two touch each other.” His cheeks burned a little as he spoke but he didn’t think the boys would protest such a suggestion.

And he was right, as Sero’s voice cut across clearly with, “Gladly.” Then the bed shifted and like magic suddenly there were two boys making out over top of him.

He had to lean back to really get a decent view, but it was nice to just watch for a few moments, see how their lips moved against each others. The light in Kaminari’s room was dim, provided by a single desk lamp, and they both looked so pretty with the delicate shadows cast on their faces. However once Sero started gripping tightly at Kaminari’s neck and doing something that caused Kaminari to let out the sweetest soft little high pitched moans, something stirred in Iida. He didn’t want to be just a passive party. He wanted to pull those precious sounds from the boy himself.

Iida reached up tentatively, carding a hand through Kaminari’s hair once more. He grabbed a fistful and tugged, firm yet delicately. Kaminari gasped, his mouth still against Sero’s. He arched his back and let himself be pulled away til Iida was sucking fervently at his neck. Iida had never administered a hickey before and wasn’t quite sure if he was using the right technique, but he was at least enjoying the way Kaminari was squirming in his grasp and the way he let out a string of little breathless curses.

In no time, Kaminari had found his way to Iida’s lap again, grinding his hips and pushing his hands beneath Iida’s shirt to grab at the flesh underneath. Iida wrapped firm hands around the other boy’s sharp hip bones. He slipped his fingers beneath the lip of his shirt and ran his thumbs over smooth delicate flesh. When Iida opened his eyes, unaware when he had closed them, he was met with Sero’s leering gaze. The lust in his eyes so evident it sent shivers down Iida’s spine. Iida’s gaze ventured south and he saw the way Sero was palming at the front of his sweatpants, rocking himself into his own hand as he watched Iida and Kaminari. Then Sero reached out, pulling one of Iida’s hands away from Kaminari. Sero brought Iida’s hand to his face, placing gentle kisses over Iida’s knuckles before he placed a single finger into his mouth and lewdly began to suck.

Iida’s focus had completely shifted. His lips left Kaminari’s neck and Kaminari whimpered, twisting to see what had forced Iida’s attention away. Sero was delighted as he caught Kaminari’s disgruntled eyes. He fisted a hand in Iida’s shirt and pulled him away from the blond, so he could move from sucking on his finger to sucking at his neck and jaw. Kaminari meanwhile was undeterred. He simply moved down while Sero worked his way up. One boy’s mouth was pressed to the nape of Iida’s neck while another was moving down his ribs. Soon enough Iida was essentially manhandled out of his shirt before both boys enthusiastically returned to their tour of his body. Finally a hand gripped him through his khakis and Iida practically jumped off the bed. Sero pushed him back down with a firm hand against his chest.

“Easy,” he whispered, his teeth against Iida’s neck, his breath a subtle tickle to Iida’s skin. Iida took a deep breath, but shuddered when he once more felt a hand land below his waist. When he looked down all he could see was Kaminari hovering above the fly of his pants.

“Iida can I?” Kaminari pleaded he had one hand poised on the waistband of Iida’s neatly pressed khakis. The other was gripping Iida’s inner thigh. The lust in his eyes was dangerously potent. “Please?” He whispered.

Iida didn’t need to ask Kaminari to clarify what he was requesting. He studied the boy’s ruddied, kiss swollen lips and tried to imagine how they might feel sliding over his cock. With Sero’s hand still on his chest, Iida wouldn’t have been surprised if he could feel the way Iida’s heart was pounding at the thought.

“Can Sero stay here?” Iida’s cheeks burned as soon as the words left his mouth. That wasn’t what Iida originally intended to ask. He just wanted to know if that was Sero’s cue to leave. He hadn’t meant to make it sound like he was hoping it wasn’t. Iida felt Sero press a grin into his neck.

“Would you like that?” Sero asked.

Iida considered it and couldn’t deny that having an audience sounded rather exciting. Plus despite this being the most time he had ever spent hanging around with Sero, Iida was enjoying his company. He could tell that Sero was a good guy, someone he felt he could trust with something this intimate.

“So long as it’s okay with,” He paused to look towards Kaminari, his cheeks burning brighter as he asked,“Is that alright with you?”

Kaminari snorted, “It wouldn’t be the first time he’s stuck around.” And Iida wasn’t quick enough to hide the way his brows rose in surprise. Sero just tossed him a playful wink.

“I told you we were sluts, remember?”

They were shifting on the bed now, Sero moving up to lean against the headboard and pulling Iida with him until they were sitting chest to back. Kaminari crawled over, to situate himself between both boys spread legs and Iida guessed that he was probably wiggling his hips like that on purpose to try and be sexy. Kaminari sat back on his heels, arching his back and giving a coy little smile.

“Sero can stay as long as he isn’t annoying.”

“I can’t make that guarantee.” Sero’s voice came right next to Iida’s ear. Kaminari’s smile stretched a little wider and he slid closer, draping his arms around Iida’s neck so that he was effectively trapped, sandwiched between the two boys.

“Fine, Sero can stay so long as it turns Iida on.”

Iida could hear the blood rushing in his ears before he finally realized this was the part where he was supposed to say something.

“Um yes, I would- I’d like it if he could stay perhaps. Please.” They both laughed but it wasn’t malicious in the slightest, and Kaminari’s fingers were so gentle as he ran them down Iida’s cheek.

“God,” he breathed, “That whole repressed nerd thing you have going on is so fucking cute.”

“The what?”

Sero nipped playfully at his ear, “Come on Iida. We just wanna hear you say what you want. Talk a little dirty for us.”

“Uhhh,” Iida’s mind was blanking, he knew how to do calculus and physics, and interpret literature and construct battle strategies, but didn’t know how to do this. “I want Kaminari to suck my cock and Sero is going to watch,” he tried.

“Ooh listen to that Sero, so forceful. Not even asking if you wanna watch, he’s telling you to.”
Kaminari was beginning to undo Iida’s belt while Sero chuckled warmly in Iida’s ear.

“I know. Can’t argue with that huh?” Sero slid his hands around Iida’s waist while Iida lifted his hips, allowing Kaminari to tug down both his pants and underwear. Kaminari wrapped a hand around Iida’s cock and began pumping slowly. Iida gasped.

“You want that little pretty boy to suck you off,” Sero asked, his nails lightly tracing over Iida’s torso.

“Yes,” Iida sighed, bucking his hips into Kaminari’s grip.

“Say it. Say you want that filthy little pretty boy to suck you dry.”

Iida’s chest was heaving, his skin was on fire, “I want- I want that filthy little pretty boy to suck me off”

“Please!” He added after a groan because despite the situation Iida was still a good boy who used his manners.

Sero laughed as he thumbed Iida’s nipples, “You heard him Kami. He said please.”

Kaminari had already ducked down however, wrapping his lips around Iida enthusiastically. He sucked fervently just over the head for a moment before he began to move down. Iida let out a groan from the back of his throat, reveling as he was slowly treated to more and more of the other boy’s mouth. Then as slowly as he had slid his lips down, Kaminari moved back up. He pressed his tongue beneath Iida’s head and lapped at the precum that had beaded over his slit.

If Sero knew Kaminari, and he did, he knew the blond wanted to draw this out. Kaminari liked making his partner feel good but he was a tease who would reduce his partner to a needy puddle before he gave them what they wanted. And with a golden opportunity like this, where he could play with someone as uptight and straight-laced as Iida, Kaminari was definitely gonna act like the shithead Sero knew he was. It wasn’t like Sero had any complaints however.

Sero kept his hands on Iida’s abs and chest, feeling the way his stomach muscles tightened with excitement and pleasure. He squeezed at Iida’s pecs, loving how full they felt in his hands and thanking the fact that Iida was built like a brick shithouse.

Meanwhile Kaminari was working Iida over agonizingly. He bobbed his head wickledly slow, taking another half inch each time. Kaminari swallowed and hummed around Iida’s length and it caused the other boy to fist his hands so tightly into the bedsheets his knuckles turned white. This reaction made the corners of Kaminari’s mouth turn upwards like the cocky little slut he was. He continued moving up and down, the tight heat of his mouth causing Iida to gasp and squirm beyond his control. Finally Kaminari slid so far down his nose was nearly pressed to Iida’s stomach. He moved one hand down to thumb at Iida’s base while the other gently massaged his balls. Kaminari’s mouth stopped moving entirely however.

Iida’s whole body was tensed. He could feel Kaminari’s hot breath pushing out through his nose and onto Iida’s skin. He could feel Kaminar’s throat tighten as he swallowed around him and the sensation was maddening. Iida whimpered and the sound was so sweet.

Sero was pinching at his nipples and sucking on his neck when Iida asked, “Why would you stop?”

Kaminari stared up from his position between Iida’s legs, a single eyebrow cocked, a mischievous glint to his eye. Sero breathed a sigh into Iida’s neck and gently guided Iida’s hand to rest a top Kaminari’s head. He forced Iida to take a hold of Kaminari’s hair.

“He’s teasing you,” said Sero, the amusement in his voice evident, “He wants you to fuck that hot little mouth of his like he knows you want to.”

“I-,” Iida croaked, “He wants what?”

“Go ahead babe, you can do it.”

Iida felt his cheeks warm and his stomach drop at the sound of Sero’s pet name. Kaminari was still gazing at him expectantly and the sight of the handsome boy wrapped around his cock had Iida feeling just as weak as Sero’s words had made him. He fisted his hand more tightly into Kaminari’s hair and rolled his hips upwards, experimentally. Kaminari’s hands tightened around what amount of Iida’s thick thighs they could reach and he let out an ostentatious moan that felt like heaven reverberating around Iida’s cock.

Iida continued rolling his hips upwards, encouraged by the soft whispers of praise Sero was muttering in between his kisses to Iida’s neck and jaw. He eventually built a steady rhythm that all three of them seemed to contentedly melt into.

Iida found this was almost like the weed, easy to give into. For once his thoughts were stalled and he just felt loose and gratified, happy to give himself to these boys in this way. Nothing else mattered in this moment, not school or hero duties or anything. All Iida had to concentrate on was Seros lips and and hands and Kaminari’s glorious tight, hot, wet throat.

It wasn’t long until he felt a sensation pooling in his body. A flush ran over his body and a chill down his spine. He groaned roughly.

“I’m-I’m about to-,” He warned

“Go ahead baby,” Came Sero’s voice right next to his ear, “We want to see you cum. Do it right in Kami’s sweet little mouth.”

Kaminari gave Iida’s thighs an encouraging squeeze to let him know it was okay, and thank god because Iida wasn’t sure he could have stopped himself. With a spasm of his hips he came. His whole body tensed and he swore his vision went a little white as the sensation hit him so much harder than it ever had when it was just him alone with his hand.

Kaminari sucked him through the whole ordeal until the sensation practically became too much and Iida was grateful when Kaminari finally pulled off and pushed himself up onto his hands and knees.

Kaminari leaned forward, crawling his way up Iida who was completely dazed as he drifted back down from the high of his orgasm. Iida blinked slowly, thinking the blond was leaning in to kiss him. Kaminari leaned past him however, cupping a hand around Sero’s cheek as he pressed their lips together. Iida remained slack in between them, his chest rising and falling as they kissed, until Kaminari was suddenly shoved forcefully away.

“Kami you little shit,” griped Sero, “Fucking swallow it you asshole. Don’t pass it to me.”

Iida’s mind swam at the image those words suggested while Kaminari laughed, not even trying to hide his amusement.

“You didn’t wanna share?” Kaminari said licking his lips.

“You’re sick,” snorted Sero, his hands were still running absently over Iida’s naked torso.

Kaminari meanwhile situated himself near the end of the bed. He rested his chin in his hand and smiled at Iida’s post orgasm state. The boy looked delightfully wrecked. His body flushed and sweaty, laying completely naked with only Sero to help prop him up.

“Soooo,” drawled Kaminari, “How was your first blow job, Iida?”

Iida took a deep breath to compose himself, “It was very nice. Thank you.” To which Kaminari and Sero could not help but laugh. Iida himself found it impossible not to smile as he could feel Sero’s chest shake with laughter beneath him. He had meant it though. As far as first blow jobs went Iida was convinced that he had really lucked out.

Iida sat up a little in Sero’s arms and he looked around the room a bit nervously, “Do you um, want me to return the favor?”

Kaminari’s eyes widened and he looked past Iida to glance at Sero. Not for the first time, Iida felt as though they were somehow able to communicate telepathically with one another. Iida shifted until he was sitting up properly and pulled himself away from Sero so that he was instead sitting equidistance between the two and suddenly feeling quite embarrassed about his offer in the wake of their silence.

“You don’t have to,” said Kaminari finally.

“Oh,” Iida said softly.

“No dude. Like I’d love it if you did, but I’m saying you don’t have to just because I gave you one. Things escalated kind of quickly just now but we don’t need to go any further than we already have today, not unless you really want to.”

“Oh,” Iida said again his cheeks feeling very hot and his stomach weirdly fluttery, not because of everything that had just transpired but because Kaminari and Sero really were being very nice about everything and he did feel comfortable with them and it just felt nice to be among two friends that he hadn’t really known that he had until today. “Then could I maybe have my pants back?”

“Absolutely!” Said Kaminari cheerily, scooping up the discarded khakis and briefs and slinging them towards the other boy, “Although I am gonna miss the view.”

“Right?” Agreed Sero, “I bet those thighs could crush a fucking watermelon, goddamn.”

“Yeah,” sighed Kaminari, “Also that dick though.”

“Jesus Kami,” Sero groaned, but Iida was actually happy to take the compliment for a piece of his anatomy that rarely got any. He shuffled into his khakis and sat there quietly thinking for a moment.

“Actually,” he finally said, “I would like to,” he paused adjusting his glasses nervously, “I’d like to give it a try if that’s alright.” Both of the other boys were staring at him completely slack jawed. Kaminari looked like he had accidentally fried himself.

“Um are you sure?” Asked Sero.

“Yes,” Iida responded confidently. He wanted to do this in a space he felt comfortable in, and after everything that had happened Iida felt soothed by Sero and Kaminari’s presence. Doing this here and now, even though he hadn’t planned it and it would be his first time, it just felt right.

“Oh holy shit yes,” said Kaminari, before he began eagerly shucking off his pants, “Yes. Yes. Fuck yes, thank you to whatever deity is responsible for allowing Tenya Iida to offer to suck my dick.” Both Sero and Iida laughed. Kaminari’s enthusiasm was encouraging.

“I still get to stay right?” Asked Sero. Iida turned to him and tried to mirror the same level of confidence the other two had displayed before for him.

He reached out to catch Sero’s lips in a kiss before pulling back and asking, “If that’s what you’d like.”

“Goddamn dude,” Sero breathed, the little smirk Iida was giving him going straight to his groin.

“Yo let’s do this,” said Kaminari, bringing the attention back to him and his now exposed cock. Iida frowned when he turned to look at the other boy.

“Shirt off,” he said, and it came out surprisingly more commanding than he had intended.

“Ooh yeah, boss me around Daddy,” Kaminari said, eagerly tossing his shirt away so that his body was fully on display. Iida’s face flushed beet red at the comment and his composure faltered for a moment.
“You both got to see me completely naked, it’s only fair,” he sputtered, but inched closer to the other boy, tracing his fingertips lightly over his bare chest, “Besides, you’re very handsome and I would like to have a nice view if I’m going to do this.”

Kaminari leaned into Iida’s touch, melting as Iida began sucking languidly on his neck. He stared at Sero over Iida’s shoulder.

“Bro, if this is somehow all a dream or some drug induced hallucination from tainted weed, please don’t tell me.”

“God if this isn’t real I’m throwing myself off the balcony,” Sero answered.

Iida began trailing his kisses lower and lower. He moved from Kaminari’s neck to his chest, down to his stomach, gently pressing kisses from his abs down to his hips until he reached his obvious destination. Iida paused. He liked doing things correctly with ample knowledge and proper instructions. He was taught that if you were going to do something you ought to do it right, so he found himself suddenly at a loss.

“Do I just- how should I start?” He asked. A body pressed up behind him. Sero’s hand moved to guide him. He provided instructions in a low husky voice just next to Iida’s ear.

“Grip him at the base, use both hands to start. Go slow, and just take a little at a time.”

Iida did exactly as he was told and he was delighted when Kaminari let out a pleasurable little gasp the moment Iida took him into his mouth.

Sucking a dick wasn’t quite as daunting as Iida imagined. It was simple and and sort of flattering with the way that Kaminari’s breathing had become sort of labored, a clear indication that Iida was doing a decent job. Sero had situated himself so that he was sitting alongside Kaminari, a prime location to both watch Iida in action and whisper dirty things into Kaminari’s ear.

“God how pretty does he look with his lips wrapped around your cock like that,” Sero grinned. He tugged his sweatpants down on his hips so that he could stroke himself openly. He attempted to match his rhythm with the same one Iida had built up.

“He’s perfect,” Kaminari admonished, “God he’s so perfect. Iida is it okay if I put my hand in your hair?”

Iida hummed in response, hoping it came across as a clear yes. Soon he felt short nails scrabbling at the close knit hairs of a his undercut, eventually finding some purchase. Kaminari did not pull at his hair, but simply gripped it tightly, resting the ball of his hand on Iida’s scalp with an insistent pressure. Iida liked the hand’s presence. It was nice and grounding as he continued to suck.

The longer they went the more Iida lost himself in the repetition of it. He had managed to sink down fairly low onto Kaminari’s length, not quite enough to rival any porn that Iida had totally never watched, but enough that he could be proud of himself. Enough that he had removed one hand, keeping the other to twist with every spit-soaked downstroke. He let out a low hum occasionally just to enjoy the way the reverberations made Kaminari grasp desperately at the bed and at Sero. Then abruptly Kaminari sucked in a breath and let out a curse and Sero was bolting upright and telling Iida to move.

“If you don’t want a mouth full of spunk fucking move,” Sero reiterated and Iida complied sitting back on his heels as Sero moved forward, quickly grabbing a wad of discarded napkins from an old takeout order. A few strokes of Sero’s hand and Kaminari was cumming into the wad of napkins, his muscles taut and on display as he writhed with pleasure, gasping and mewling like a man possessed. Meanwhile Sero’s other hand was still on his own cock, working furiously before he came with a hiss and a grown, shoulders tensing then slumping as his cum landed straight onto Kaminari’s stomach. Iida watched them both, silently beaming. He had helped to cause that.

Kaminari’s breath eventually slowed from its series of little desperate pants. He practically dissolved into the bed.

Sero snickered tossing away the wad of soiled napkins, “Dude, you cum like a bottom.”

Kaminari flipped him off lazily, “Yeah I take cock like one too.” He sat up to see the splatter of warm jizz decorating his stomach and frowned at his friend, “gross.”

“That’s for earlier,” Sero countered.

Kaminari pulled a roll of paper towels almost like magic out of a nearby pile at the foot of the bed and cleaned himself off. He fished out a pair of boxers as well and pulled them on before he turned to Iida.

In a voice mirroring earlier he asked, “Sooo, how was your first time giving a blow job?”

Iida smiled, “It was nice. I think I like receiving better, but the end where I got to see,” Iida gestured vaguely to the spot on the bed where he had witnessed both boys’ orgasms, “That was fun.”

“I agree,” said Sero, tucking himself back into his pants, “That was fun. Iida you should hang out with us more often.”

“Yeah who knows maybe next time you and Sero can suck each other off and I can watch,” grinned Kaminari before he quickly added, “Or we can just chill. It’s totally cool if this is a one time thing. We’d still wanna hang regardless of that.”

Iida smiled, his cheeks warm. He once again marveled at how nice it felt to be in the presence of two people he felt he could trust. Then he glanced at Sero whose ears might have turned a little pink at Kaminari’s initial suggestion.

“I guess we’ll just have to see,” Iida said with a wink, and it was worth it for the way Sero swallowed a desperate curse, his ears absolutely burning this time. He searched the room for his shirt. Sero and Kaminari watched him unearth it before he got up from the bed.

“Uhhhh, are you leaving?” Kaminari asked.

“I um,” Iida faltered suddenly unsure, having thought that this was the end of their time together for the evening.

“Cause this is the part where we usually watch Vine compilations,” continued Kaminari.

“Oh,” said Iida, not quite opposed to sticking around a little longer, “I’ve never watched one of those.”

“What?!” Both boys were incredulous at this admission.

“First you’ve never had your dick sucked, now you’ve never seen a Vine compilation?” Exclaimed Kaminari.

“Iida, please we’re begging you, allow us to pop your Vine cherry.”

“I don’t like that you phrased it that way, but I can stay and watch some if you like.”

The boys cheered as Kaminari grabbed his laptop and began booting it up.

“Prepare for your life to change, my friend,” he said as he typed in the url. All three boys gathered back onto Kaminari’s bed. Iida was situated in the middle, and Kaminari slid the computer onto his lap so everyone could see properly. They sat close enough that their shoulders rubbed and their thighs pressed into one another. Iida remembered his studying which had been abandoned ages ago. He contemplated returning to it, but with Sero and Kaminari pressed to either side of him that thought was quickly abandoned. Studying could wait, he was spending time with his friends.