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Worlds Beyond the Horizons

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In the midst of the magical forest, just outside the city of Briarwood, havoc ensues in a village where the magical woodland people reside.

Damon Henderson, the green Lost Galaxy Power Ranger is tossed through the air and lands hard on the ground. His fellow blue ranger, Kai, helps him up as the Mystic Force Power Rangers stand next to them.

They look at the monster before them: a lizard-like creature that goes by the name of Lazarous. He’s wearing knight armour on his shoulders, wrists, knees and parts of the upper half of his torso.

"Is that all you’ve got, Rangers?" he gloats.

"No, we're just getting started," Damon replies.

"Well, so am I," Lazarous shoots back.

Lazarous pulls out his sword and looks back at the foot soldiers, called Hidiacs, who are raiding the village as the forest creatures scatter away. "Keep searching, I'll keep the Rangers busy." He orders, before focusing back on the Rangers.

After an intense moment, the Rangers and Lazarous charge at each other. Nick and Madison, red and blue Mystic Rangers, are up at the front of the group. Lazarous slashes at Nick, who is knocked away, sparks flying off his chest. Madison throws several strikes at Lazarous, but he uses his other hand to block Madison before punching her back and kicking her away.

Xander and Charlie, green and yellow Mystic Rangers, are immediately behind them. Lazarous goes in for a crouching sword sweep, which hits both Rangers across their stomachs and they fall to the ground as sparks fly off of them. Vida and Kai, pink Mystic Ranger and blue Galaxy Ranger, come in from the sides as Xander and Charlie land on the ground. They manage to get a few shots in on the monster before Lazarous grabs one of Vida's punches, judo flips her, and proceeds to leg sweep Kai and kick him away.

Damon tries a different approach. He pulls out his blaster and starts firing. Lazarous takes the hits, but after just a moment, metal plates spring from his gauntlets. He places his forearms together and uses the plates as a shield against Damon's shots whilst firing eye beams back at the green Ranger. Once the beams hit the ground, fireworks explode in front of Damon. He manages to jump to the side, but is still caught by some of the blasts.

Nick, Madison, Xander and Charlie are all back on their feet and they surround Lazarous before charging at him. Lazarous knocks the yellow Ranger down first before immediately turning around to face Nick who has his Magistaff out in sword mode. Nick brings his weapon down on Lazarous, but his initial hits are blocked by the monster's own sword before Lazarous rolls to the side.

Madison and Xander rush at him, but although Lazarous blocks the incoming hits from Madison, Xander manages to get his strikes in. Lazarous gets his right forearm up and blocks Xander's next hits, but this only allows Madison to get in some blows of her own. Lazarous, his attention split, quickly tackles Madison with his left shoulder and back fists Xander with his right wrist plate.

Kai and Damon leap into action and suddenly it's a Power Rangers team up, two blue Rangers and two green Rangers fighting side-by-side. The four of them, one after the other, manage to get in hits that Lazarous isn't able to block in time and the Rangers finally start to get their momentum as Lazarous staggers back.

Behind them, Vida leaps into the air and fires a magical blast from her wand at the monster. Sparks fly off his chest as Madison and Kai, Mystic blue and Galaxy blue respectively, both jump into the air simultaneously and perform double jump kicks. However, Lazarous gets his forearms up just in time and both blue Rangers end up kicking his shield plates. He shoves them both back and they fly through the air, landing on top of Damon and Xander.

Vida, Nick and Charlie all come charging in. Lazarous swipes his sword at Nick who manages to jump flip over the attack. Lazarous blocks Vida's wand attack with his other arm, but Charlie manages to shoot the monster in the shoulder with his wand, now in crossbow mode.

Lazarous immediately spins around and slashes Vida with his sword, causing her to stagger back. The monster blocks Nick's incoming sword, then kicks him in the stomach before he can perform his next attack. Charlie goes in for a jump kick, but Lazarous catches his foot and tosses him away. He rushes at Vida who gets her wand up to block the monster's sword, but Lazarous elbows and kicks her away. The monster looks back at Nick. Nick grips his sword and they both leap into the air towards one another. Their swords collide, but Lazarous quickly manages to swing his sword and hit Nick. Nick falls down, landing next to the other six Rangers.

Lazarous lands on the other side of the Rangers in triumph. He turns to face them as his hands begin to generate orange flaming energy and he blasts the Rangers with the energy ball. An explosion goes off as a bunch of sparks fly off the Rangers and all seven of them get thrown backwards as if in slow motion.  

Meanwhile, a small group of Hidiacs toss a chest out of one of the huts. They gather around it to open it, searching through the contents until they find what they’re looking for. They hold up a coloured gem and makes urgent sounds to get Lazarous’ attention.

Lazarous looks at the Rangers and lets out a laugh. "Alright, we have what we came for. See you next time, Rangers." He and his group of Hidiacs teleport away.

The Rangers are still on the ground. Beat, they eventually rise back up on their feet and demorph.

"Any idea what were they after?" Charlie asks.

A female fairy appears from behind a tree and approaches the Rangers. "The thing from the chest they took was called a Zycron Gemerald."


In another world designed for its inhabitants, Brooke, Peyton, Rachel, and Caroline all sit in a diner in New York, anxiously waiting for a special someone to show up. They know it doesn't matter where they are; they’ll be found regardless of their location.

"When do you think she'll show up?" Peyton asks the others.

"Hard to say for certain. Time doesn't exactly move the same way in different universes, at least from what we were told. She could arrive in this world one hour from now or one month from now," Brooke answers. "Though she's pretty skilled with her powers, so I trust Laura when she says she'll be here today."

"You guys sure about this decision?" Rachel asks them. "It's a pretty big deal."

"I've thought about it. I'm sure," Brooke answers.

"Same," Peyton says. "So how about you, Rachel? You're going to stay here?"

"Yeah I'm going to stay here with Caroline. This world is pretty interesting by itself and we haven’t even seen everything about it yet. " She looks at Brooke. "You are coming back, aren't you?"

"Of course I'm coming back, but I don’t really know when," Brooke reassures Rachel. "Can't speak for Peyton though."

"Who says I'm concerned about Peyton?" Rachel remarks.

Peyton gives Rachel a look.

"Kidding. I'll miss you too, Peyton," Rachel assures her.

"You ladies are doing fine, I see," a voice says.

The women look over to the side and see that it's Laura. "Hey, you," Brooke gets off her seat and gives her a hug.

"Good to see you too, Brooke. See at least one of you misses me," Laura comments.

Brooke breaks the hug then speaks up. "Hey Laura, there's something we've been wanting to ask you."

"Ask away."

"Peyton and I been thinking. Do you remember when you first told us we were fictional characters from a TV show in your world?" Brooke begins.

"I do."

"Well I take it you're able to travel to any movie, TV show, whatever you want and bring people along just like what you did with all of us here."

"You guys want to explore those worlds, I take it?" Laura asks.

"That's right," Peyton confirms.

"Any sort of preference?"

"I've been in this world filled with demonic supernatural forces for a while now. How about something more colourful and upbeat?” Brooke tells her.

"How about something from Disney?"

"That's exactly the kind of thing I had in mind. Though what will be a good Disney world?"

"I have an idea,” Laura tells them rather cheerfully.

"What world?" Brooke asks curiously.

"It will be a surprise."

"Alright. Just make sure it's not some world from the past. I like it to be modern and maybe even a little futuristic if possible."

"Trust me, that fits the world I'm sending you to."

"And how about you Peyton?"

"How about some place where I don't have to do so much combat? I've done my share of fighting, and I think I would like to take a break from it. But I do like a little mystery."

Laura thinks about that for a bit. "Just thought of a place. It's also Disney. How do you like small towns Peyton?"

"Small town mysteries? Sounds fun," Peyton answers.

"So when do you guys want to leave? Want to pack anything along the way?" Laura to Brooke and Peyton.

"We'll grab some things from our home then we can leave."

"Also, just to clarify, they're the ones leaving. I'm staying here with Caroline," Rachel adds.


Over in the Mystic Rangers’ base at Root Core, located in a massive 1000 foot tree in the magical forest outside Briarwood, the Rangers are talking to Clare, formerly a sorceress’ apprentice, now the current Gatekeeper and mentor to the Mystic Force Rangers.

"So this is your base?" Damon comments as he and Kai look around Root Core. "Though, I guess a skyscraper or military base wouldn't have fit the tone for a wizard."

"I'm a sorceress, actually," Clare corrects him. "Though some might argue they're kind of the same thing."

"The hidiacs stole something called a Zycron Gemerald," Madison informs Clare. "Know anything about it?"

"I've only heard stories about it," Clare explains. "The story goes that there was more than one Gemerald. They contain great power, but you need all of them together because very few have ever managed to tap into their powers on their own."

"Hmm, I wonder what Lazarous knows about these Gemeralds that we don't." Charlie wonders out loud.

The group thinks about that for a second before Clare breaks the silence. "Oh, I also have the magic book you two came here for."

Clare moves towards one of the glowing shelves where a book sits. She grabs it and presents it to Damon and Kai. "Here you go. For your planet, Mirinoi."

"Thank you. This will come in handy," Kai says.

"What exactly is going on over there?" Nick asks.

"We've set up a small colony to maintain technology on the planet. We’ve even managed to salvage vehicles and other equipment from the wreck of Terra Venture," Damon begins to explain. "However, our power cells are beginning to run low, and the inhabitants don't exactly have anything that can help. Then, very recently, we found out that there was more than one location on the planet besides the stone with the Quasar Sabers that might have a possible magic source that we might be able to use. However, we're not exactly experts on magic and Karone is currently on KO-35."

"Well hopefully that magic book can help you. I've written many instructions on basic magic 101 in it myself," Clare tells him.


Christina Nickson is there to bid them farewell. "So long, guys, it's been fun."

"Oh, Christina. We've had a weird relationship, but you're a good person regardless of your heritage and don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise,” Brooke tells her.

Laura looks over to Rachel, Caroline and Christina. "Do you three want to ask me anything while I'm here? Otherwise I'll be heading off to spend time with my girlfriend after I drop off Brooke and Peyton," Laura asks them.

"No," Rachel answers.

"I'm good," Christina says.

"What they said," Caroline points to Rachel and Christina.

A portal opens up besides Laura. "Whenever you're ready, ladies."

The two women take a deep breath. "Ready."

They walk towards the portal and, one at a time, all three women step in.

Peyton and Brooke are right behind Laura as they travel through a long tunnel. This is the first time Brooke and Peyton have experienced anything like this. It was like falling, except they were moving forward instead of downward. The tunnel itself was like they were surrounded by colourful water.

"Is this normal?" Peyton asks Laura, wind blowing against her face.

"Yep. Perfectly." Laura answers.

After a few moments, Laura begins to split in two until there is, not one, but two Lauras. One Laura grabs Peyton's hand while the other Laura grabs Brooke's hand. "We're heading in separate directions now."

The tunnel splits into two as both women heads off to separate destinations.

In the middle of a park to a large city, a portal opens up. Both Brooke and Laura pop out of it and land on their feet like they just came to the end of a very long slide.

Brookes takes a deep breath of the air. "That was... kind of fun," she comments. "So, which Disney world is this Laura?"

"Look around, and you'll find your answers."

"What if I don't like this world?"

"I have a solution." Laura pops open a small department in her belt which contains a small vile filled with the special portal liquid that was given to Laura by the man who taught Laura about her powers.

Laura then rubs the vile to make sure she gets a good feel of it before placing her hands on Brooke's arms. A glow the same colour as the portal she just went through starts flowing into Brooke, sending a tingling sensation through her body.

Laura takes her hands off of Brooke's arms. "There. Now you have the ability to teleport yourself to certain other fictional universes. You could even travel to the past or the future as well."

"Thanks for that," Brooke compliments.

"You take care now. I'll drop by to see how you and Peyton are doing once and while,"

"See ya," Brooke says before Laura disappears again.


A portal opens up to another Disney universe, and Laura and Peyton pop out of this one. Peyton looks around and sees the area is pretty wooded and they're on the side of a road.

"Doing fine there Peyton?"

"Perfect," Peyton responds back. "So this is Disney?"

"It's a Disney world," Laura answers. "Just follow the road that direction and you'll get to the town soon enough." Laura points in the direction.

"Are you going to send me back in case things take a turn for the worse?"

Laura smiles. "Brooke already asked me this, I have an answer to this."


Over in the other world, Brooke treks the sidewalks of the city trying to figure out where she is. Brooke sees a diner and decides to step in. It was just like the typical diner you see in every other show. One of the waitresses is passing by.

"Excuse me, which city am I in? I'm a bit lost," Brooke asks.

"The city of Crystalspring sweety," the waitress answers.

'Crystalspring? Must be a fictional city,' Brooke thought to herself.

Brooke continues to walk a bit and looks around the diner searching for any other clues about which world Laura has placed her in. She then hears two kids playing on the other side of the diner.

It was two boys, booth with cardboard swords, t-shirts with Power Rangers designs and colours, and toy face masks.

"You can't beat me, I'm the Red Ranger!"

"Blue Ranger is cooler and better!"

"Settle down there boys," their mother tells them.

Brooke lets out a small giggle. "Those boys really likes their Power Rangers."

"Who doesn't? They've saved people countless times and make good role models for the children," the waitress remarks to Brooke.

"This city has Power Rangers?" Brooke asks.

"Not this city, but other cities do," the waitress answers. "Just saw on the news a week ago that the Samurai Rangers stopped a monster attack in Panorama City. You want to grab anything to eat while you're here?"

Brooke is still pondering the thought of her being in the Power Rangers world a bit before going into her purse for her wallet. She checks how much money she has and notices they were all one hundred dollar bills and the money looks different too. There was a folded note behind the cash. Brooke opens it up and reads:

I've changed your money into this world's currency and gave you bigger bills.

xoxo Laura

"Actually I will grab something to eat," Brooke tells the waitress.

"Take a seat, I'll be back with a menu."

Brooke sits down into a booth as the waitress walks off. She lets out a smile. "So this is the world you had in mind for me, Laura?" she says to herself.


Back in the other Disney world, Peyton continues walking down the road until she sees the town sign in front of her. It reads, “Welcome to Rosewood”.


Power Rangers World

Lazarous is in the city with a large number of Hidiacs. "It's supposed to be somewhere in this city. It's bigger than the last place, so see if anyone knows where it is, tear things down, do whatever you need to do to find it!" Lazarous instructs.

The Hidiacs nod their heads and already begin moving.

Not too far away, Brooke sits in the diner waiting for her food to arrive. Suddenly an explosion goes off in the distance. Brooke gets off her seat and looks out the window to see where it might’ve came from.

“That’s not normal in this city, is it?” Brooke asks one of the diner staff behind the counter. The staff member shakes his head.

“Knowing this world, that could only mean one thing.” Brooke leaves the diner then begins moving towards where that sound might’ve came from.