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“Ahh you’ve got to be kidding me!” Seokjin groans, holding the pack of gummy bears he had been saving for a week. It’s nearly empty, which certainly hadn’t been that way when he had carefully stowed it away in his secret stash of snacks. Which could only mean…


“Jeon Jungkook!” he yells, crumpling the packet in his grip.

Hoseok freezes in the middle of putting on a face-mask. 


“Jungkookie what did you do?” he asks uselessly, because the way Jungkook quickly chews and swallows confirms his suspicions. Hoseok sighs, turning back to the mirror. “You stole Jin hyung’s snacks again?”


“It’s not ‘stealing’ if -” 


“Yeah, explain that to him.” It’s only a matter of time before Seokjin figures out where Jungkook is hiding.


Jungkook grins. “Hyung’s not really mad. He just likes being a little -”


Seokjin swings open the door to the room, gaze swivelling around from a startled Hoseok, to the neatly made bed and finally to the boy sitting demurely on the said bed with a cheeky grin on his face. 


“- dramatic.” Jungkook finishes. “Jin-hyung! Wow! look at you. Did you somehow become even more handsome since I last saw you an hour ago?”


Seokjin rolls his eyes. “Don’t try to sweet-talk your way out of this one, you brat.” He turns to Hoseok. “I didn’t expect you to house a criminal in your room, Seok-ah”


“Leave me out of this,” Hoseok murmurs, patting down the corners of his sheet mask. “I am an innocent bystander.”


“Lies!” Jungkook yells, clambering off the bed. “He ate five of the cherry flavoured ones.”


“So you won’t even try to deny it?” Seokjin retorts, while Hoseok yelps in protest. “You knew I was saving them!”


“I was sooooo hungry!” Jungkook whines, putting on his best ‘i’m-so-small-and-helpless-please-feed-me-hyung’ face that carried him through his teenage years. It’s slightly less effective now, especially after he grew taller and broader than most of his hyungs. It still seems to work with Seokjin, he thinks, as he watches all the fight drain out of him.


“You’re always hungry,” Seokjin grumbles.


“So that’s how you know I’m not lying!” 


Hoseok snorts.


Seokjin sighs theatrically, shoulders hunching in a way that tells Jungkook he is about to launch into a fake tirade. He knows it’s just Seokjin’s way of assuring him that he’s not completely forgiven, even though he is about to do something nice for him that might imply otherwise. It’s an endearing habit.


“Come on, stop bothering Hobi. It’s 10 pm.” Seokjin moves towards the door and he follows after a quick goodnight to Hoseok. “I have some ramen cups left,” Seokjin says, and Jungkook slings an arm around his shoulders. 


“Aww hyung, you don’t have to cook for me -”


“Who said I’m going to cook?” Seokjin mutters, trying to shove him off while Jungkook tightens his hold around him. “Make it yourself, and some for me too, as your punishment.”


“Cooking for hyung is no punishment at all!” he announces, letting go of Seokjin after planting a big wet kiss on his cheek that makes him yell in indignation.


“Gross! I’m still sweaty from practice,” he complains, wiping his cheek on the back of his palm.


“Don’t worry, so am I.”





“So, hypothetically speaking,” Taehyung pipes up from where he is sprawling on the sofa with Jimin, “if we were stuck on an isolated island and you were bitten by  a zombie and had to eat us one by one, whom would you go for first?”


“...Aight, I’mma head out!” Namjoon says, slapping his knees and moving to stand up from his place on the floor.


Jimin lifts his head from Taehyung’s chest to look at him in exasperation. 


“What?” Taehyung frowns, defensively. “I waited until the timing was right! We’re literally watching a show about zombies.”


“I don’t think the timing is ever going to be right to bring up vor-”


The rest of his sentence is drowned out by the groan of a zombie on the TV as Yoongi passive-aggressively turns up the volume. 


“Hey! I never implied sexy eating! It’s a philosophical thought experiment, Jimin. Like Namjoon hyung’s ‘tree falling in a forest’ question.” He nods at Namjoon encouragingly as the latter slowly sits back down. “Just some good ol’ fashioned bonding between bros.” 


“You can eat me first.” Yoongi mumbles thoughtfully, “I don’t wanna live any longer than necessary on an isolated island, regardless of zombies.”


“That’s so morbid, hyung.” Namjoon shudders, and then declares: “I’d eat Jimin.”


Taehyung snorts. “We’d both choose to eat you first,” he says, meaningfully eyeing Namjoon’s chest. 




(“Oh god, how thoroughly have you both discussed this...?” Yoongi mutters.)


“Seokjin hyung, you’ve been awfully quiet…”


“That’s because I’m the only one who’s actually trying to watch the damn show.” 


“Come on, hyung. You’re the only one here who has any experience with surviving on a remote island,” Jimin sighs dreamily, batting his eyelashes at Seokjin. “You were in the wilderness, all rugged and sweaty, hunting for food, gathering resources -” 


“I had good practice living here,” Seokjin remarks drily, as Jungkook saunters in from his shower, the tips of his wet hair turning the edges of his hoodie damp. “Living with you guys sharpens one’s survival instincts, especially with Jungkook constantly depleting my resources.” Jimin giggles as Jungkook playfully swats at Seokjin for that, before settling down on the floor and putting his bare feet on Seokjin’s lap.


Seokjin lets him.


“That’s my hoodie you’re wearing,” he says instead, and Jungkook smiles at him sweetly. 




“You’re never returning it, are you?”


Jungkook shakes his head, reaching over to accept the pack of snacks that Yoongi hands him.


“And now you’re gonna get crumbs on it,” Seokjin whines. “What am I supposed to wear if you keep stealing all my clothes?”


“I mean -” Jungkook says, munching on a piece of dried seaweed, “- if you were to walk around shirtless, I would be the last one to complain, hyung.” He waggles his eyebrows. 


“You -” Seokjin splutters, his whole face flushing red. “Yoongi-yah! Look how shameless he has become!” he wails, hiding his face between Yoongi’s back and the sofa while Yoongi pats his knee in commiseration.


Jungkook slowly feels himself awaken to a cool sensation on his face, moving gently in long swipes over his cheeks, down the slope of his nose and softly over his eyelids. He makes some sort of noise in his throat, keeping his eyes closed, stubbornly clinging to sleep. It couldn’t be morning yet, he doesn’t feel like he has been asleep for more than 15 minutes.


“...-rry, did I wake you? I was trying to take your make-up off. You fell asleep without washing your face.” The slightly wet sensation returns, which Jungkook now recognises as the familiar feeling of wet wipes. It tickles his nose when it moves over his lips, making him involuntarily scrunch his face.


“JK, be still,” comes the voice, gentle and soothing. “Be good for hyung for a little longer, and then you can go back to sleep.”


“Jin hy’ng?” he mumbles, blinking his eyes open. Seokjin’s face swims into view, painted by the soft lamplight. 


Seokjin huffs, amused. “Who else?” he says, gently wiping away the residual traces of makeup with practised ease. “Which other hyung’s bed have you colonised and rubbed your grimy unwashed face all over?”


Jungkook’s lips stretch in a lazy smile, and he blinks sleepily at Seokjin. “Nobody else. Only you.”


“Damn right.” Seokjin crumples up the last wet wipe and throws it into the wastebasket near the bed. “At least you had the sense to change before you passed out.”




There’s the snap of a bottle cap being opened in the quiet room, and then Jungkook is asked to remain still once more and he feels cool dots of moisturiser on his face, followed by the firm press of warm fingers against his cheeks, gently working the lotion into his skin. It’s over too soon, and Jungkook opens his eyes again without realising he had closed them in the first place.


Seokjin is looking at him with a thoughtful look in his eyes, his thumb slowly tracing the soft skin under Jungkook’s eyes. “What?” he asks, and Seokjin shakes his head with a smile.


“Can’t I admire my Jungkookie’s handsome face?”


“Not for free.”


Seokjin raises an eyebrow. “What’s the rate?” he asks, tapping Jungkook’s nose with his finger.


“Ah hyung, have you forgotten all your fairytales? How can you wake up a prince from his sleep without a kiss?” he pouts, and laughs when Seokjin shoves him over. 


“Some prince you are!” Seokjin says as he switches off the lamp, cloaking the room in darkness. “I would’ve been asleep by now if not for you. Scoot over.”


Jungkook obeys, sliding to one side as Seokjin lifts the covers and climbs in next to him, the mattress dipping slightly under his weight. He feels Seokjin shuffle around while he finds a comfortable position, and then he shifts closer to the broad back before him.




Seokjin cranes his head to look over his shoulder. “What?”


“Turn towards me, I have something to say.”


“Ah JK, you really drive me crazy,” Seokjin complains, nevertheless rolling over immediately to face Jungkook. “There. What is it?” he whispers, with a cheek squished against the pillow. 


I love you, he thinks. He moves closer until they’re inches apart, and he can feel Seokjin’s breaths ghosting lightly over his face. 


“Thank you.” He bumps their foreheads together.


He can barely make out Seokjin’s expression in the darkness, but there’s no mistaking the amused huff. “Since when are you so polite?”


“Don’t get used to it.”


“Alright.” There’s movement, and the unmistakable brush of lips against the tip of his nose. “You’re welcome.”


“You haven’t done that before,” Jungkook says carefully, and Seokjin bumps their heads together again. 


“I’ve been wanting to. You have a very kissable nose.”


“I’ve always had a kissable nose! Yet, it has remained unkissed.” Why?


He isn’t dignified with a response, so Jungkook brings his hand out of the covers and feels around on Seokjin’s face. His eyes have adjusted to the dark by now, so he can make out the silhouette of an ear as he tucks a strand of hair behind it, and curls his finger along the warm shell of skin.


“Oh. You were shy .”


“Goodnight!” Seokjin declares, burying his face into the pillow. 


“Nooo hyung, don’t hide!” Jungkook whines, tugging gently on the hair at the nape of Seokjin’s head. His hand finds the crook of Seokjin’s neck and moves in the motions familiar to them both, massaging the tense muscles there until he can feel them relax under his ministrations. Seokjin sighs and stretches slightly to allow him better access, and Jungkook takes the opportunity to get a better angle. He hums while he works, and soon he feels the tension melting away, dissolving a particularly tense knot in the strong muscles of the shoulder under his palm. 


“There you go,” he whispers, in case Seokjin is already asleep. He gives the shoulder one last squeeze, and then, on a sudden whim, he leans over to press a gentle kiss into the warm skin peeking out from under the collar of Seokjin’s well-worn sleep pyjamas. When he lays back down on his own pillow, Seokjin is blinking at him with sleepy eyes.


“Ah. I thought you were asleep.”


“You’re such a sap,” he mumbles, a corner of his lips lifting upwards in a smile. “That’s so embarrassing, Jungkookie.”


“Mhm, bold of you to assume I have any dignity left.” He throws a leg over Seokjin’s waist, ignoring the muffled ‘oof’ in response. “I have resorted to petty thievery to get scraps of your attention, hyung. There’s little left for me to do.”


Seokjin huffs and twists around until his back is snug against Jungkook chest, and Jungkook wraps him in his arms, the way the other likes to be held. His hyung doesn’t like to deny himself the simple joy of being the little spoon, and Jungkook is only too happy to oblige, clinging to him like an overgrown octopus.


They breathe in tandem in the sleepy silence, drifting off slowly. But - Jungkook has to say something before he forgets.




A beat. “Mhm?”


“I have really kissable lips too… just thought you should know.”


“...I’m aware.”


“Oh.” Oh!!


“Goodnight, JK.”


“How do you expect me to fall asleep after that-”


“If you wake me up one more time I will not hesitate to roll you off this bed,” Seokjin replies sweetly.




“Goodnight hyung.”



“Get back here, you little shit!”


Seokjin lunges at him from across the living room and Jungkook barely manages to side-step him and flee into the kitchen. 


“Hyung. What are we?” he asks. Seokjin raises his eyebrows in indignation from across the kitchen table, clearly devising a plan of attack.


 “Right now? I’m mad and you’re in trouble.”


“Ah now let’s think about this rationally -” He tries to feint to the right but Seokjin follows immediately, so they go back to circling each other around the kitchen table. 


“I cannot believe you really ate all my gummy bears again, even after I clearly labelled them!”


“- now, that could be an easy mistake, hyung, language is open to interpretation -”


Seokjin points at the slightly crumpled post-it note on the table between them. “It clearly says  ‘BELONGS TO KIM SEOKJIN. DO NOT TOUCH.’”


“Oh, what the hell.” Jungkook snatches the post-it and slaps it onto his forehead. “There.”


Seokjin blinks at him. The edge of the paper tickles Jungkook’s nose but he’s committed to the plan now. He slowly edges around the table and walks nearer to Seokjin, who stares at him, frozen in place, a beautiful scarlet blush blooming over his cheeks and on the tips of his ears.


“I’ve been trying to tell you, hyung. It’s technically not stealing if it still belongs to you. In a way. Because, you know, the one who took it also-”


“Stop talking so that you don’t knock my teeth out when I kiss you.”


“- What?!”


Seokjin surges forward to close the remaining distance between them, and then broad palms are framing Jungkook’s face, and Jungkook’s hands are gripping a slender waist, and they’re kissing. Jungkook sees gold exploding beneath his eyelids, and he slightly turns his head so that the heat of Seokjin’s mouth slots into place perfectly against his, and oh . Now they’re really kissing. 


They part with a wet smack that makes Seokjin giggle against his lips, and then Jungkook has to whip them around until Seokjin’s back hits the refrigerator, and proceeds to kiss him deep and slow, drawing a low rumble from Seokjin’s throat that he feels against his own chest. At some point, they are pressed in too close for Seokjin to remain standing comfortably, and he wraps his legs around Jungkook, allowing himself to be held upright just by Jungkook’s arms around his waist, and the weight of the body pressed against his own. 


They part when Jungkook’s arms start trembling (not that he will ever admit it) and Seokjin complains about a fridge magnet digging into his back. Jungkook puts him down gingerly but doesn’t let go, arms still in a loose circle around his waist.


Seokjin presses a palm flat against Jungkook’s chest, right where he can feel his heart trying to beat right out of his body. He presses down firmly, and only when he removes his palm does Jungkook realise what he was doing. The slightly more crumpled post-it remains innocuously over his heart.


He looks into Seokjin’s eyes. 


“Hyung, what are we?”


“Right now? I’m still mad and you’re still in trouble.”


“Hyung! You aren’t allowed to be unromantic right now. I’ve waited too long for this. I agonised over kissing you ever since you told me - I watched Youtube tutorials ! How can you be like this -”


Seokjin huffs. “Your whole mouth tastes like gummy bears, dumbass.”




Seokjin leans close to rub their noses together. “So, Youtube tutorials, huh?”


“Shut up.”


Seokjin laughs and laughs in his arms until he shuts him up with more kisses, and then they don’t get anything done for a long long time.


Jungkook doesn’t mind.