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Pokemon Ficlets

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At the end of the day, Leaf never wanted to be a hero. Not once, when she set out, did she ever consider the possibility of becoming any sort of hero, and every stop along the way was just that- a stop. Team Rocket was a nuisance, maybe, but she never thwarted their plans with anyone’s best interests at heart. They were just in the way of wherever she needed to go, and now, she’s gone everywhere she needs to go.

So now she’s ended up in bed with her former enemy, because, seriously, she ever intended to make an enemy of him. In fact, the only reason she’s glad she got swept up in all that bullshit is because she doubts that she would have met Giovanni if she hadn’t. From the beginning, she’s had her eye on him, and now that her journey is done, she could care less about sticking around to be champion.

Right now, Leaf is far too busy being fucked senseless as a means of proving her loyalty.

Well, she can’t exactly say she blames him for not believing her. With their history, what other reason would she have for going to great lengths to track him down,other than to bring him to justice? When she tells him that’s never been her goal, it’s only natural that he doesn’t believe her. It’s only natural that he wants her to go to extremes to prove that she’s being genuine, but since this is exactly what Leaf wanted as well, she isn’t complaining. Far from it, actually.

“You’re such a loud little slut,” Giovanni mutters, thrusting into her from behind that. “Wouldn’t have guessed that from how talkative you were before.”

It’s true that she barely said a word then, but she can hardly say a word now. This time, that is entirely his doing, and though she can’t speak, she more than makes up for it in how loudly she moans for him. With her skirt pushed up and her panties down around one ankle, he has her bent over in front of him, one hand tightly gripping one of her wrists, the other pushed up her shirt and under her bra.

Originally, he held both of her wrists- as if she would try to escape- but eventually abandoned one in favor of fondling her small breasts. His thumb brushes over her nipple and she cries out again, earning her a low chuckle and a rough thrust from him. In response, she grinds back against him, desperate for more of his cock, desperate for more of him, and desperate to make him feel just as needy as she does. However, even through his own groans, he easily maintains his composure.

“You must have known what you were doing,” he says, pausing as he grunts before picking up where he left off with ease, “prancing around in front of me with a skirt this short.”

“B-because…” Try as she might, she isn’t able to speak as easily as he is.

“Because, deep down, you’ve always been a slut, and you’ve always wanted to be mine,” he murmurs, slowing his pace so that he can speak plainly. “You know, come to think of it, maybe I do believe that was your reason for coming after me. But you’ll have to keep this up, to keep me convinced.”

His threat hardly counts as a threat, and she whimpers, her voice shaking as she finally says, “I-I don’t mind, because…”

“Because you’re mine,” says Giovanni. “Just say it.”

“I’m yours,” she says, her voice breaking even as she does, and then, he pulls her back onto his cock, and resumes fucking her, even rougher than before this time. Leaf is howling with her orgasm in no time at all, and Giovanni does not stop even to let her ride it out, fucking her through it and beyond it, using her until he is done with her.

“For now,” he assures her, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Rosa notices that he’s begun to fidget before Colress even notices that he has to piss. This happens fairly often, as his tendency to get too involved in his work has its downsides. That is where Rosa often comes in handy, and it helps keep things entertaining for her. It would be a total bore, just watching him typing away, occasionally muttering to himself about things that she only halfway understands, but like this, it is very interesting.

She is at the point where she can read his body language so well that she can pick up on his needs before he ever voices them, and often before he realizes that he has those needs himself. Before he has even realized that he has to piss, Rosa is nudging her way between him and his desk, so that she can get beneath it, kneeling in front of him.

This is enough to snap him out of things a little bit, at least enough to suddenly wince, pressing his thighs together as he realizes his predicament. But already, Rosa is taking steps to fix that, so he simply says, “Thank you,” before picking up where he left off.

She does the work of unzipping his pants and getting his cock out herself, wrapping her lips around him and waiting. Without losing his concentration in the slightest, Colress relaxes his bladder, flooding her mouth with a steady stream. He lets out a soft sigh as he does, and Rosa eagerly swallows, not allowing a single drop to spill over. Even while entirely focused on something else, he is able to keep his stream controlled enough that she can do this, but that comes from much practice, on both sides.

Soon enough, he has relaxed completely, the stream slowing to a stop, but even then, Rosa doesn’t move. Since she went to all the trouble of getting down here, she might as well do a little more for him, and see if, perhaps, she can break his focus this time. She has tried many times before, but each time, he’s managed to keep his eyes on his research to the very end.

Even as he grows hard in her mouth, he shows no visible reaction and she looks up at him from under his desk, waiting for him to look back at her. When he doesn’t, she sets to work, drawing him deeper into her mouth, wrapping her tongue around the head of his cock, and still, nothing. The challenge drives her on, until she is bobbing her head, taking him as deep as she can manage, and the only indication that he feels anything at all are the softly exhaled moans. His expression remains the same, and his typing does not falter.

In fact, Colress doesn’t even seem to notice when she pulls back entirely, finishing the job with her hand and aiming him directly at her face as he comes, her eyes wide and her lips parted. The complete lack of reaction might put anyone else off, but for Rosa, it only adds an additional thrill to their relationship, because it serves as a challenge.

Next time, she promises herself.

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Lyra gleefully gave up everything to live with Lance, to become his little housewife, to live the easy life while he supports her, and she does not regret that in the slightest. He takes care of her in every way that she needs, and she loves him more with each passing day, though she often wonders how that is even possible.

In return, she is more than willing to take care of his home while he is out being the Indigo champion, and doing his various heroic while he meddles in things that are probably best left alone, because he is completely incapable of minding his own business. She cooks for him and cleans up after him, and in return, he sees that all of her needs are met.

Which usually involves pulling on her pigtails- which she only wears at home now, only for him- while he fucks her face, or pinning her wrists above her head while he has his way with her. All in all, he gives her more than she could ever ask for, and she thinks it is a very fair exchange for what she does in return.

But her absolute favorite is what he does for her after dinner most nights. Lance has a rather intimidating appetite, though that’s nothing Lyra isn’t able to handle. Before her, he must have spent a small fortune on take out, considering how much of a disaster he is in the kitchen, but she adapts quickly, multitasking well enough to be able cook him a feast at every meal, and Lance, once he is full and satisfied, shows her his appreciation.

It’s the same cliche line every night, after he finishes off whatever dessert she made for him. He will look up at her, and tell her that meal was lovely, before saying, “But, honestly, I think I have room for a little more dessert. Do you have anything else for me, darling?”

And then, before she can even finish clearing the table, he will lay her out on it, stripping her from the waist down and kneeling at the edge of the table, where her legs hang off. With his face between her legs, he buries his tongue in her folds, teasing her until she’s squirming, gasping, whimpering his name. He eats her out until she’s shuddering with her orgasm, lingering for a moment longer as she rides out the pleasure.

Pulling back, he always tells her then that that is the best dessert he could ask for, and if she is not too breathless, she points out that he says that every night.

“Only because it’s true, darling,” Lance replies, and some nights, he is composed enough to allow her to finish clearing the table, and waits until they are in their bedroom to pick things back up. Other nights, he’s spent all day thinking about her, and he isn’t patient enough for such things.

On nights like this, he’s in her before she can react, holding onto her hips as he fucks her on the table, jostling the plates she’s already stacked with each jerk of his hips. Lyra, still basking in the afterglow of her first orgasm, quickly loses herself in this, and it isn’t long before she’s brought to the edge again, Lance following close behind.

As his grip on her tightens and he groans, spilling inside of her, she thinks, once again, about how happy she is to serve as his housewife.

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Kiawe should be the happiest man alive. After all, Moon, easily one of the cutest girls he’s ever met, is all his now. After wondering how to approach her, or if he even had a chance with her, she confessed to him, and they’ve been dating for a few weeks now. Not only that, but they’ve gotten a lot closer during those few weeks, to the point that now, she’s told him outright that she wants to take things further with him.

Of course he wants her; he’s wanted her since before they ever started dating, and now that she kissees along his neck, her small hands drift down his hand, he can hardly control himself. He’s struggled to control himself for some time, and had hoped he would be able to indefinitely, until she admitted that she wanted him .

She’s a bit younger than him- how could he forget?- and yet he has no more experience than she does. They stumble through it together, both trying to figure out what feels good to them, and what they can do to make the other feel good, but when she wraps her hand around his cock, working it up and down like he does when he tries, and fails, to not fantasize, it feels indescribably better than anything he can do himself.

“Kiawe,” she whimpers, her voice soft, needy, and adorable. Kiawe , now, it’s always Kiawe . Before they were dating, she had a tendency to call anyone older than her “big bro,” or “big sis.” She still does, with everyone else, but now that they’re together, he’s just Kiawe .

They’re together , and he should be the happiest man alive. He should happy to hear his name on her lips, that sound should turn him on more than anything she has ever said before, but instead, he finds himself gasping out, before he can stop himself.

In a strained voice, he says what he has tried to avoid saying, revealing the side of him that he has tried to avoid facing. “Why did you stop calling me that?”

Moon pauses, confusion plain on her face. “Why did I...what?”

Kiawe doesn’t want her to stop touching him, but he finds that he still can’t stop himself from saying more than he should. “Why did you stop calling me ‘big bro’, Moon? Y-you still call Mallow…” He trails off, already realizing how ridiculous he sounds, because that’s different , of course it is. All of this is different, and how fucked up is he, for missing something like that? How fucked up is he, for realizing now that he first started to want her when she first referred to him as her older brother?

He expects Moon to stop entirely, to look at him with disgust, and perhaps to break things off. No less than what he deserves for this, but instead, she takes a moment to process, before murmuring, “If you’re still my big bro...does that mean you’ll start calling me your little sis?”

Kiawe doesn’t understand it, and Moon understands it even less, but that doesn’t stop them, and on that day, he discovers that he really, really likes fucking his new little sister. When all is said and done, she promises to call everyone else by their names instead, saying that Kiawe is the only big brother she needs.

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Whenever his little sister needs him, no matter how his little sister needs him, Piers is always there for her. He practically raises her, so he is there for everything in her life, all the way up to the first time she wakes up in a tangle of sheets, soaked with sweat and her hand down her pajamas.

Piers has avoided telling her about such things, both because he’s had no idea how to explain it to her, and because he’s wanted to avoid the potential feelings this might stir up in him. But now that she’s come to him, clueless about the state she wakes up in, he has no choice but to listen to her describe it all, doing his best to ignore the state that leaves him in.

“A-and I had a weird dream, too,” she mumbles, and his blood goes cold for a second, before he goes hot all over. He knows damn well not to ask the next question.

“What’d ya dream about?” he asks.

“It was me...and you,” she admits, and that is exactly what he doesn’t want to hear, while also exactly what he does want to hear. “We were just huggin’, I guess, I was kind of on your lap but I was…”

Just as he feared, just as he wanted, and he asks her, “Like this?” as he pulls her down onto him, and when she begins to grind against his leg, he doesn’t stop. He never stops her from that point on, whenever she comes to him needing help, and even as she begins to understand what it really is they’re doing, she always allows her big brother to assist her.

Marnie understands, eventually, that there is nothing normal about fucking her brother, but by that point, she has grown too dependent on it, and even if Piers were able to control himself enough to try to stop her, she would not back down so easily. It’s never easy to say no to Marnie, after all, and he never says no to her, even when they move beyond her grinding on his leg to him teaching her how to pleasure herself, only for her to decide that she likes his hand better than her own.

He certainly doesn’t say no when she insists that they do something he can enjoy just as much, because she understands it well now. His only condition is that she lets him lay back, so that she can straddle his waist, taking the lead while he simply talks her through it.

“So you can do things at your own pace,” he says.

Her own pace is a bit faster than he would have expected for a girl her size, for it to be her first time, but she rides him like she’s been waiting her whole life for this, and as she bounces up and down on his cock, smiling like he’s never seen, Piers knows that he’s in too deep now. But there’s nothing he can do about that; Marnie has him wrapped around her finger, and, as an older brother, he has no choice but to give her whatever she needs.

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“Gladion, are you pushing yourself again?” Lillie asks in a soft voice, startling Gladion out of his thoughts. Immediately, he’s frustrated with her, even though he knows that probably isn’t fair. He’s just on edge right now, though it can be irritating, how observant she is and how she can’t mind her own business.

“I’m fine,” he mutters, even though he definitely isn’t. They’ve been on the road for a while now; Lillie has recently begun her journey to become a proper trainer, and, not wanting to abandon her again, Gladion has followed along, and the two have become closer than they ever were before. Perhaps a bit too close, but he isn’t complaining about that part.

“I don’t think you are,” she replies, because it’s just like her to get bossy now, to decide not to let it go. “You’re awfully stiff, and we haven’t stopped in a while. If you want to stop, just say the word.”

“I don’t ,” he insists, and he doesn’t know why he bothers being stubborn like this. He has to piss, and terribly so at that, and he knows it’ll be a long time before they reach the next town. Digging his heels in about this is just inviting disaster, and he knows that, but he still argues without thinking.

“I think you do.” Lillie can be just as stubborn as he can, and he knows the look in her eyes, and knows that she has more on her mind than just pestering him about not pushing himself. “I’m going to stop, whether you want to or not.”

With that, she flounces off the path without waiting for him, and Gladion has no choice but to follow after her, already knowing what he will see even before he finds her. When he does find her, she squatted down behind a grove of bushes, skirt pulled up and panties pulled down, sighing happily as she empties her bladder.

Even more frustrating is how long it lasts, because, judging by that, she must have had to pee just as badly as he does right now, so why was she bothering him about it? If she needed to stop, she could have said so, without making this about him.

“Come on, Gladion,” she says, looking up at him. She doesn’t even mind that he’s watched her- We’re family , is her excuse for everything, even when that should be a reason not to do something. “I know you have to, so go ahead.”

If it weren’t for the way she said the last word, if it weren’t for the inviting look she gave him, he wouldn’t have thought anything of it, but he knows that look from Lillie. He also knows that what she’s asking of him, he probably shouldn’t be so eager to do. He probably shouldn’t assume that that’s even what she’s asking of him, but he’s got his pants unzipped in no time at all, and Lillie beams at him, looking all too eager for this.

Gladion soaks his little sister, not thinking of her clothes until he has already soaked through the top of her shirt. He aims his stream at her face, because that makes the most sense to him, and when she angles her neck, parting her lips, he assumes that means he made the right choice. Immediately, he feels better, emptying his bladder onto his sister, not bothering to question why he likes it so much, or why she likes it so much.

But her shirt is soaked through as liquid spills off her face, and it’s only once he’s done that he realizes this. He should feel more sorry for making a mess of her, but even Lillie doesn’t seem to mind, smiling as she stands and asks, “Now, don’t you feel better?”

In fact, he has to remind her to change her shirt before they keep going. If he didn’t know better, he would think she wanted to walk into town like that.

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Though it has been quite some time since she managed to track him down, since they began to work out what was actually going on between them, and since they began their unlikely relationship, Cyrus is still far from used to all of the things that come with being in such a relationship. Dawn is patient with him, not only due to her own lack of experience outside of being with him, but also because she knew from the beginning that this wouldn’t be easy.

What’s most surprising is his enthusiasm, or rather, his attempts at enthusiasm. It is hard to imagine ever describing anything that Cyrus does as enthusiastic , but the thought is there, and with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, he has made it clear to her that he intends to do it “right.” Whatever that means, and she has a feeling that whatever that means involves him trying too hard to meet some sort of lofty standard that she never set for him in the first place.

She has never been opposed to the more elaborate and exciting dates, and perhaps before she fell in love with him, that would have been what she expected of a partner. But since meeting him, and as she has come to understand him and how he expresses his feelings, she has become much more fond of the quiet nights in, and the things that they share, just between the two of them.

Dawn has a feeling that he’s going to try to force himself, and take things entirely too seriously. Her only option now is to take matters into her own hands, and do things in a way that they can both enjoy. But he can be stubborn when he wants to be, so she already knows that she has her work cut out for her.

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Clair is strong and composed, completely in control at any given moment. She would never allow herself to become so flustered she lost any of that control, and she certainly would never let something like that happen in the presence of her apprentice, who looks up to her and admires her and needs her to keep her composure, because he relies on her so much.

Or at least, that’s what she wants to think is the case, and maybe there are times when she genuinely believes that that’s the case. But, more often that not, she is the one who relies on him, and he is far more composed, able to look after his teacher, who has just barely managed to earn that title for herself. It doesn’t help that there is not much of an age difference between the two of them, with him actually coming out a year or two older than her, and it definitely doesn’t help that her desire to teach him actually comes from a desire to have an excuse to spend time with him, without revealing her true feelings.

But Clair is not nearly so strong and composed as she likes to pretend she is, and any sense of control goes right out the window whenever she somehow manages to reveal just how needy she really is. At that point, he is always willing to take care of her, even when she is not able to admit that she needs to be taken care of, which is far more often than not. Even if he just has to hold her close, and pretend not to notice what she’s doing, while she pretends that she is not doing anything at all.

Which is how it is now, his arms wrapped around her, one hand gently patting her back as Clair wraps both of her legs around one of his, jerking and fidgeting, and trying to keep her movements subtle, but he knows her well enough by now to know every sign and tell of her excitement. Not to mention, when they’re close like this, it’s hard for her to be subtle about anything, and still he says nothing, deciding not to tease her while she does what she needs to do to relieve her arousal.

As her pace increases, he can imagine the way her face must be flushed now. In fact, he wouldn’t be surprised if it were entirely red, her brow damp with sweat as she grinds against him, working her hips to create enough friction to leave her breathless, her soft whimpers growing more and more shameless as she loses herself in the moment. There is no way he wouldn’t have noticed by now, but still he pretends, playing dumb as she uses his leg to get off, because she is too shy and too flustered to admit that she wants him right now.

Clair has to remain calm and composed, strong and reliable, at all times. Or, at least, she thinks that she does, but the soft, gasping moan that comes with her orgasm is so overwhelmingly cute, that he decides he likes her soft and vulnerable side even more.

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Gloria is surprised, but definitely pleased, by what Kabu means when he says that he wants to help warm her up. Given his affinity for fire types, she would have assumed something a bit more literal, but now that he has her pinned to the ground, groaning on top of her as he fucks her, she decides that this is definitely a much better alternative to anything more traditional.

He happened upon her tent while she was camping and one thing lead to another, and now, she is far from cold. She sweats as she bites her lip and moans for him, arching her back to urge him on, finding herself unable to speak, and simply trying to communicate her desires with her body. The considerably older gym leader has had her attention for a while, but she never thought she would manage to bed him under these circumstances.

The ground should be cold beneath her, but she is pleasantly warm all over, arching her back again as he jerks his hips, thrusting into her with more and more ferocity, losing himself in the moment. Kabu’s face shifts, his expression almost like something she’d see in the heat of battle, but there are qualities to tell her this is something just for her. The only thing that is certain is that he is handling this with the same seriousness and the same energy that he does his most intense battles.

Each thrust leaves her gasping for him, desperate for all that he has to offer, desperate for even more beyond that, and she hopes that this chance encounter will not be their last encounter. If she could speak, she might say that, or she might still be so overcome that all she would be able to do would be to beg him not to stop, to keep going, to give her more, harder .

Nothing comes out, only desperate moans and whimpers, but he still seems to understand, his speed picking up, his intensity never fading, until everything seems to fade away for Gloria, and she is left crying out for him, coming so hard that, for the moment, she forgets everything.

In the future, she decides the best way to keep from getting too cold while out camping is to make sure that she never again camps alone.

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Oleana is tired of watching the same thing happen, year after year. Every Valentine’s Day, it’s always the same thing, and even if the amount of money they raise is nothing to sneeze at, and even if Chairman Rose doesn’t seem to have any problem with it, it drives Oleana absolutely insane to see it happen, again and again, every. Single. Year.

The charity auction is a good idea of the chairman’s, if not a pretty good example of his unintentional vanity. He got the idea a few years back to auction himself off for a Valentine date, after reading himself described as the most eligible bachelor in the entire Galar region. Oleana thinks that assessment might have changed since a certain champion came of age, but the fact still remains that, every year, a lot of money is raised from this same auction.

And she’s sick of it. She’s sick of watching rich and wasteful women, who don’t care about the causes that their money is going to, as they throw their money around like it’s nothing, and throw themselves at Rose simply because he is rich as well, and because they want to be able to brag about getting to go out with him. Even if the money goes to a good cause regardless of who spends it, she can’t stand to watch them, while she waits in the wings and makes all the arrangements and does all the work, while she is the one who actually cares about his goals and his aspirations.

So this year, he’s getting a date with someone who actually wants to donate to his cause of choice. She makes a good deal of money working as his personal secretary, but that still doesn’t put her on the level of the heiresses and socialites and old money types that usually win his auction. In order to stand up to them, Oleana has to start saving up on February 15th, watching her every expense throughout the year, to make sure that, while she isn’t overspending, she also isn’t cutting back so much that Rose might notice.

Even though he’s going to know about her little plan when she wins the date, she feels silly, and doesn’t mention anything about it. He has no idea what she is doing, until the night of the auction comes and he sees her amongst the crowd, bidding with the best of them, an icy expression on her face as she tops bid after bid, refusing to back down until she has claimed her prize.

After the fact, people will claim that it was planned. They will claim that Rose didn’t actually want to go out with anyone this year, or that he didn’t want to have to match anyone’s donations- another proud point of his auction- so he had his secretary set this whole thing up. There is a lot of talk after the fact, but the only thing that Oleana cares about is what he says to her.

“If you wanted me to take you out so badly, you didn’t have to go to those lengths. You could have just asked.

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Despite her... difficult personality, there are actually a lot of things that Faba likes about his new assistant. He likes how diligent and ambitious she is, and he likes that, despite having ambitions of her own, she respects him and his ambitions, and would prefer to work at his side, rather than try to overtake him to help her own case. But, most of all, he likes her when she is quiet , when she looks up at him with her big eyes full of adoration, while she uses that mouth of hers for something a little more useful.

At least, useful to him. He groans, content and relaxed as Vicia sucks him off, glad to not only have this moment of peace and quiet, but to be able to enjoy it so thoroughly . Really, this is one of the only ways to get her to shut up completely, especially around him. Before he approached her, he never would have even known that she could ramble so much, and perhaps he never would have, if he’d known, but it’s far too late to think about that now.

The fact remains that she is his now, and that, for whatever reason, she wants to be his, and that he is stuck with her, because a girl who talks as much as Vicia does is probably very capable of doing a lot of talking when her heart is broken. So he entertains her delusions while allowing her to pleasure him to her heart’s content, and other than having to listen to her, he really thinks he hasn’t gotten a bad deal out of this at all.

The young intern is very good at what she does, and he absentmindedly praises her as he tangles a hand in her hair, pulling her forward to push further into her mouth. Vicia beams up at him, pleased with whatever he’s said, and he can’t help but think that she’s quite beautiful like this.

She’s always been beautiful; that’s part of what drew him to her, but then, once he had her, she opened up to him. A lot. And, having gotten it into her head that they have some sort of special relationship, she keeps opening up to him, and he tolerates his insufferable assistant because she does this so very well, and he would be insane to pass up on letting a woman who adores him give him exactly what they both know he deserves.

“That’s right, Vicia,” he mumbles, holding her head in place as he begins to thrust into her eager mouth.  “That’s right, just like’re so good , you’re so good at this…” She’s beautiful as she stares up at him, and even in her silence, he can imagine everything that she wants to say, her grating voice always on repeat in his mind, as she professes her loyalty and adoration, promising to always be right there , to give him whatever he needs.

But when he’s this close, when she has him right on the edge, when he hardly has any control over himself, his mind wanders all on its own, and for those short moments, for that lapse of control as he comes, he forgets to deny that he likes those things about her. He forgets to deny that he’s falling for her. 

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After all the times he’s seen the outfit, the uniform that his gym trainers wear and modify to fit their Team Yell look, Piers should be used to it by now. He’s seen it on all of his trainers, again and again, and thought nothing of it. Hell, he’s seen it on Marnie, more often now that she has taken over things, and thought nothing of it. Before now, there has never been anything to think.

Gloria tells him that she wants to surprise him, and he doesn’t know what to expect of her surprise. Certainly, he doesn’t expect to see her flouncing about in the Team Yell getup, showing off as she models it for him, but more than that, he doesn’t expect his own reaction. He’s seen it so many times that seeing Gloria in it should be nothing special, but all it takes is one look, and suddenly, that uniform has an effect on him like never before.

Suddenly, that uniform looks entirely different, and it is all due to the girl wearing it, looking so proud of herself for putting it on for him. So proud, in fact, that it is almost a shame that she won’t be wearing it for much longer.

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When they go out, they have to go a distance from the places that he ordinarily frequents, just to make sure that he won’t be recognized by anyone. Most places, it’s fine, because not everyone takes such a great interest in the Indigo League and its key trainers, but Lance has always made himself out to be more than just a champion, and even those who don’t know him for that know him for his general good deeds, as he dedicates himself to his role as a hero.

But there are still plenty of places that he can go that he won’t attract attention, especially if he dresses in plain clothes and wears his hair down, looking nothing like his usual self. Lyra is not recognizable by many as it is, but she does what she can to appear older, at the very least. She doesn’t wear her hair in her usual pigtails, and dresses up, trying to create a look of maturity.

Ever since beginning her relationship with Lance, she has hardly left his home, preferring to wait for him there, and live their lives as a married couple, even though it will be a few years yet before they can actually do anything about that. She isn’t bothered by the secrecy of their relationship, but on special occasions, he likes to take her out anyway, and on Valentine’s Day, the two do what they can to disguise themselves so that they can enjoy a nice night out.

So, with Lance doing everything he can to make sure he doesn’t stand out for once, Lyra does what she can to make herself appear old enough to be able to be out on a date with him, and they have a quiet dinner a good distance from home. All throughout, Lance continues to assure her that anything she could make for him would be better, and she beams at each of his compliments, while saying that, either way, it’s nice to be able to take a break from all that for a little while.

To any outsiders, this would look entirely innocent, and in a way, it is. Despite the age difference and the unusual circumstances they met under, the two of them are very much in love. And so, the two of them are glad to be able to make this work, and to be able to go out for this special occasion, without having to worry about being recognized.

Chapter Text

Their relationship is not based on romance, nor anything of the sort. Leaf knows what Giovanni wants from her and what he expects of her, and she eagerly delivers. He is her boss and he is something more, ever since she first told him that she had no interest in stopping his plans, but rather, that she admired him, that she would like to work with him, if it meant that she would be able to become stronger.

Her attraction to power is obvious to him, and so, he has her continuously prove her loyalty to him by remaining his pet, his prized possession for him to do with as he wishes, whenever he wishes. In return, she gets to work for him without fear of being deemed suddenly useless, and even gets a lot of the easier work, due to him playing favorites. There are gifts here and there, and he sees to all of her living expenses, but she never sees it as anything romantic, not coming from him.

In fact, it comes as a surprise when that seems to be all he wants on Valentine’s Day. She doesn’t expect him to go out of his way spoiling her, but for once, he isn’t at all distracted by work, and wants to spend all of his time with her, presenting her with gift after gift, promising her the finest meals throughout the day, and all the while, Leaf wonders when he’ll stop with all this , and give her what she actually wants.

Though she doesn’t mind having him spoil her relentlessly, while she actually kind of likes the implication that he might care more about her than he lets on, the fact remains that she is used to the way he ordinarily treats her, and she has her own needs, needs that he is typically able to fulfill very easily. The whole “dating” thing is nice and all, but after a few hours of nothing but gifts and romance, Leaf is at her wit’s end. The only thing she wants is to ride his lap until she can barely walk after, and the wait is driving her insane.

By the time he actually takes her to his room after all of this, she is so impatient that she practically tears his jacket off of him in an attempt to move things along. It’s the first time she’s ever been so forceful with him, and Giovanni is more amused than anything else as he lets her push him down and have her way with him, bouncing on his cock and moaning shamelessly, losing herself entirely in her lust.

“You’re really starting to take after me,” he says, when all is said and done. “The way you can take charge, when you really want something? I like that.”

Chapter Text

She has run into him more than once now, so naturally, she trusts him. He seems a little odd at a glance, but the trainer assumes that the doctor must be a kind man, for helping her out so much with a bike, and even helping to modify it later, when she ran into him again. To her, he seems reliable and a good ally to have, especially considering the other doctors she has battled in the past.

On one cold night, after saving him yet again, not questioning the coincidence, she decides to offer a little help for him, since he has done so much for her. She tugs on the sleeve of his scrubs, and he turns around, with empty eyes, and asks what she is already planning to ask, as if he read her mind. “Do you want to set up camp together?”

To her, it seems like he is only asking because he knows what she is going to ask; to her, it seems like she is repaying him for all the kindness that he has shown her in the past. And to her, it doesn’t seem like there is anything odd in his suggestion, because she is far too innocent to realize his true intentions.

More so than that, she is far too innocent to notice the way he watches her, especially when her back is turned. She is excited to make curry for him, and while she sets up, he stares at her, so close that he could touch her, just like that . Before he realizes it, he is reaching out a hand, so large compared to the small of her back, and he hovers, such a short distance from her, stopping himself before he can touch her.

That’s all he was doing; just comparing the size of his hand to her back, because she really does seem impossibly small at times.

He should distract himself, before he lets himself go too far, before he lets his ill intentions get the better of him. She struggles to feed the fire she has started, and he starts to get distracted watching the way her skinny, twig-like arms wave about. Yes, he certainly needs to keep his mind off of his intentions, and so, he offers to help her, moving from behind her so that he can join her.

The two of them work in tandem, building the fire up and preparing the ingredients, stirring together. When their arms bump, she thinks nothing of it, and his breath catches in his throat. He can hardly think straight, but she seems to have no trouble handling this on her own.

By the time he tunes back in, after allowing himself to space out again, she is struggling to lift a chunk of ice, heaving it into the pot and causing quite a bit to splash out. She looks up, sheepish, and giggles, so he forces a quick, barking laugh, to show that he’s paying attention, to hide his wandering eyes.

All the while, she remains oblivious, as she settles in to spend the night with him.

Chapter Text

Earlier, he’d pushed a strand of hair behind her ear and told her she was one of the most beautiful things that he’d ever seen. This wasn’t the first time he’d said it to her, but every time that he does, Serena falls a little deeper under his influence. Earlier, he’d told her that he couldn’t bear to imagine something like that fading away, and again, it wasn’t the first time he’d said that to her.

This time, however, Serena agreed to follow along with him. This time, she decided whatever he asked of her, whatever he needed, it would be worth what he offered in return, and now, such a short time later, she belongs entirely to him. And if she’s being honest, she had assumed that her method of induction into Team Flare would have involved some sort of test, or, if this counts as a test, that it would have been a very different sort of test.

But Lysandre demands service instead, and no matter how unexpected it may be, it’s service that she’s glad to give, something that she proves in the eager way she buries her tongue in his ass, hands on either side, digging her fingers into his skin without meaning to, surprising herself with how possessive she has already become.

“Mm, are you...are you absolutely sure you’ve never done this before, dear?” he asks between moans, and rather than answering, Serena presses a bit deeper with her tongue, just to hear the deep groan that this earns her. “Because you’re absolutely a natural…”

It’s simply beginner’s luck, she thinks, or her eagerness shining through beyond her inexperience. All she does is pay attention to what reaction she gets from each movement, trying to memorize what he likes so that she can repeat it, and all the while, she presses her thighs tighter and tighter together, every moan of his turning her on even more. She wants to impress him and wants to prove herself, but more than that, she simply wants him , and she has from the beginning.

It has nothing to do with any of the promises he’s made her or any of the lies that he’s told her, and everything to do with the way he smiles at her while he does it, and the way he looks and dresses. And honestly, with the way his pants hug his ass, she would be lying if she said she hadn’t thought about eating him out from the start. To be asked, to have that be her big moment to show her loyalty to her new’s almost too easy, but she would never actually say that.

Instead, she dutifully keeps at it, working her tongue inside of him, dropping one of her hands so that she can reach in front of him, hesitating for only a moment before wrapping her hand around the base of his cock. Lysandre responds with a loud, broken cry, and Serena whimpers.

Earlier, he’d paid her so many compliments and told her so many pretty lies, but now, she is able to render Lysandre completely speechless.

Chapter Text

Hilda’s scalp stings as he pulls at either side of her hair, but the pain hardly registers to her. She is glad that she leaves the two long strands on either side of her face when tying her hair in a ponytail, because now that gives Ghetsis something to hold onto and something to pull while he fucks her face.

Before now, she’s never particularly liked having her hair pulled, but she barely notices the way it hurts because she is far more focused with struggling not to gag as he pushes his cock deeper into her mouth. She doesn’t want to start gagging because he will make fun of her if she does, teasing her about how she claimed to be ready for this, how she claimed that she could handle him. Truthfully, she doesn’t think she’ll ever be entirely able to handle him, but that is part of what makes this all so exciting to her.

That is part of what makes it worth to give everything up to allow him to use her however he pleases, rocking his hips against her face, forcing his cock down her throat, and laughing at the way she drools and whimpers, steadily losing control of her own mouth as he claims it for himself.

Hilda would- and will- let him use every last inch of her body for his own pleasure and his own amusement, and gagging on his dick is only the start. In a position like this, a position none would have imagined for her, herself included, she is surprised at just how excited she is to know that this is only the start, and to know that there is so much more to come.

Chapter Text

Moon is beautiful just as she is, but Kiawe sometimes regrets that they don’t resemble each other in the slightest. This is only because when they go far from home, where nobody can recognize them, he knows that there is no chance of anyone mistaking them for siblings, and as horrible as he knows he is for it, he often wishes that were the case.

For the entirety of their relationship, she has indulged him in private, letting him live out the fantasies that he never knew he had, or rather, the ones he knew about but did everything in his power to ignore and repress. She plays the part of his little sister when the two of them are alone, but there are times when they go on dates far away from anyone who knows them, just so that they can do this out in the open.

They look nothing alike, so anyone who happened to overhear them and the way they refer to each other, would realize that it’s something far more indecent than a simple day out between siblings, but then, if anyone did believe that they were siblings, then they would be quite surprised upon seeing the way he kisses her. When they go on their “sibling” dates, Kiawe is emboldened by the distance from anything familiar, and as he gets into his role as her “brother.” he finds that he doesn’t mind showing his affection in public, not caring who sees.

In fact, he gets a bit of a thrill knowing that they are being seen, that everyone can see how he spoils her, buying her whatever treats she may want, holding her hand and kissing her, and affectionately referring to her as his little sister. And he absolutely lives for the moments when she makes his heart swell with pride by looking at him with big, innocent eyes, and telling him, “I love you so much, big bro!”

Chapter Text

He hasn’t been paying attention to the time, and now, it’s much later than he intended to stay. Lately, Hop has noticed that he and Sonia have a tendency to let time get away from him when they’re working together in the lab, and lately, he has started to wonder if that has less to do with their latest research project being that interesting, and more to do with a mutual desire to spend too much time together.

He wants to say that that’s impossible, that it’s just wishful thinking. He wants to say that his brother’s best friend and former rival, his employer and the girl he has been madly in love with since he was a toddler, basically, would never look at him like that. But the only reason that he wants to say all of that is because he doesn’t want to get his hopes up too high, and right now, with Sonia’s hand coming to rest just on top of his knee, it’s hard not to get his hopes up.

Her hand moves up and his hopes keep going up, slowly, as his breath catches and his heart starts to pound. Sonia looks at him, confusion and guilt and something else in her expression, and even if he doesn’t know what it means, he has a pretty good guess. There aren’t a lot of reasons she would touch him like that and then look at him like that, but if she’s worried, then he has to show her that it’s okay. If she’s making a move, then he has to make his own move.

The only thing that he’s sure of is that he is definitely not going to make it back home any time soon.

Chapter Text

It seems so strange to Moon that everything has changed so much in such a short amount of time, but that it all still feels the same. Just this morning, she woke up with her feelings for her best friend still unrequited, expecting to spend this Valentine’s Day the same as she has spent every single one before- single, and not really minding so much, but still wishing that she could spend it with the object of her affection.

Just this morning, she got invited along with Hau under the guise of helping him get something he couldn’t get without a guest, happy to spend time with him because even a fake Valentine date with him seemed better than nothing at all, and just this morning, she arrived to find that he’d made every bit of it up, and used it as an excuse to lure her out, even though he never needed an excuse to begin with.

Just this morning, he had admitted to her that it was all because he liked her, that he has liked her all along, and now, in such a short amount of time, everything has changed. Now, her feelings for him have turned out to be very requited, and now, the two of them aren’t just best friends, and Hau has become her boyfriend. It has all changed, but as she sits and eats with him, she doesn’t actually feel all that different. He’s sitting a little closer than he normally does, but other than that, this is still the same Hau that she hangs out with all the time.

She can’t even count all the times they have come to the same place to have malasada together, and today is no different- especially since the couples only special that he claimed to bring her here for was made up in his (not very well thought out) plan to confess to her. Everything is the same as it has always been, but Moon is happy about that. She’s happy just to know that they’re together now, and that the best friend she has grown to love through all their identical outings loves her in return.

But even so, there is one thing on her mind, something that she knows would make this very different for the two of them. He sits closer to her than usual, so close that she could do it easily, if only he would stop eating for a moment. Which is a lot to expect from him, but she is patient, waiting for him to finish one off, and grabbing his hand to stop him from grabbing another.

Hau swallows and looks up at her, grinning as he says, “Oh, did ya wanna hold hands for a little while or something?”

“Not exactly,” she says, but holding hands with him definitely also sounds very nice. “I just needed you to not have your mouth full for a second, so I could…”

She closes her eyes as she leans forward, so she doesn’t see the look on his face when they have their first kiss. But she knows Hau well enough to imagine the soft surprise that he wears for the few seconds before he realizes what this is, before he relaxes into it and returns her kiss.

Chapter Text

This doesn’t mean anything. It’s never meant anything, and it’s never going to mean anything, but Lyra gets what she needs out of it, and so does Petrel, and then they go their separate ways, until one of them calls up the other to do it all over again. Fucking him is a good way to forget everything else that’s going on in her life, and it’s even easy to forget that the man she’s fucking is a Team Rocket executive, someone very much on the other side of the law.

They didn’t know each other’s identities at first, but even knowing them now, it’s easy to keep fucking, because none of this means anything. Once they’re in a room together, the only thing that matters is fucking. Nothing more, nothing less.

She doesn’t pay attention to the date when she calls him and tells him that she’s lonely, when he says to just sit tight, he’ll come meet up with her right away. All she wants is the moment when he pushes into her, holding her hands above her head while he fucks her into the mattress, leaving her sore and satisfied before he takes his leave, promising her even more fun next time.

He’s different tonight, though. Tonight, he strokes her hair and he tells her she’s beautiful; he fucks her slow and gentle, and though Lyra is irritated and impatient at first, she soon grows used to it, soon comes to like it, and thinks that she wouldn’t mind if he were this sweet all the time. It’s strange and it’s out of character, but he keeps kissing her and kissing her neck and her shoulders and she really, really doesn’t mind.

Before he leaves this time, he doesn’t talk about next time or remind her what a good fuck he thinks that she is. Instead, he gives her a strange, warm smile and says, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

She hadn’t even realized that’s what today was. She hadn’t even realized that he knew. But if he assumed that was the source of her loneliness, and if he used that as an excuse to treat her with such gentleness….Lyra can’t figure out what to make of all of this.

Chapter Text

To her, Maxie somehow manages to be the only real consistency that she knows, the only truly reliable constant, and she latches onto that in what is perhaps the most unhealthy way possible. She stops trying to resist his plans and stops trying to thwart him at every turn, but rather than running from him or trying to stay out of his way, like she knows she should, she gives herself up to him entirely.

He lets her call him daddy when he fucks her, though this flusters him quite a bit every time. Really, it’s no surprise; everything that they’ve done so far has flustered him. Maxie isn’t used to having anyone, much less a cute, young girl, throw themselves at him, and that is perhaps why he can’t resist her. He goes along with everything, and even being forced to take the lead most of the time is not enough to ruin this for May, who finally has exactly what she wants.

She has someone to touch her face while she bounces on top of him, clenched tight around his cock, her hands resting on his chest to support her weight, as she cries out to him, sometimes calling him by name, but more often than not, calling him her daddy, because that is what she needs.

Maxie has one hand on her cheek and the other on one of her hips, his face flushed and contorted with pleasure as she rides him and lets her work it all out on him. To her, he is reliable and he is consistent, and he is everything that she needs from a man. Above all, he is there , and he has been there for so long, that it’s no wonder she fell for him so quickly and fell for him completely. Without anyone else to rely on, it was bound to happen eventually.

And May doesn’t care that she’s fallen for the wrong guy or that he’s too old for her or that he might be using her just as much as she is using him. She doesn’t care about any of that, because he lets her call him daddy, and the way he blushes every time, like he’s still getting used to it, is so cute that she can’t help but fall even harder.

Chapter Text

The champion is too young to really be what she needs him to be, but he is willing, and that is more than enough. He is willing and he is handsome, and anyone would have a crush on him, it’s only natural. That’s what he assures her as he lets his hands wander, as he gets too close to her, and she understands what it is that he really wants from her.

From the beginning, Steven has been too close to her, but May is happy just to have someone care, even if he seems too young. He’s still too old for her, and this is still wrong, and she is still thrilled to have him make her promise not to tell anyone, as he kisses her, first briefly, and then for far too long. There is no way to pass any of this off as innocence.

Steven really cares about her, has really taken an interest in her journey, and is really proud of her, can’t wait for a chance to battle her himself. He’s too young, and he’s too old for her, and she wants him to keep praising her so she eagerly does everything that he asks her to do. She lets him touch her wherever he wants and when she likes it, she begs him to touch her more and he asks her if she wants to do something like that for him as well.

Since he made her feel so good, it’s only fair that she return the favor, and she likes the way he rests his hand on her head, firm but encouraging, and holding her in place, as she fits his cock in her mouth and shows him just what a good girl she can be. All she has ever wanted is the chance to show what a good girl she can be, and now Steven gives her that chance, and she hopes that he will never stop.

She hopes that she can keep showing him how good she is, and that he will keep telling her he is proud of her. He may be too young to be what she’d always imagined, but he is older than her and he praises her, and that is enough.

Chapter Text

He has put distance between himself and the rest of his family to avoid something like this, but somehow, May has forced his hand anyway. No, he shouldn’t blame her for this, even if he feels as though she has tempted him into this. Norman knows that this is all his fault, because he is the adult and he is her father, and he should have been able to control himself.

He never should have felt this way about his own daughter to begin with, and never should have had to distance himself from her so much that she came looking for him. It doesn’t matter that she was the one to try and seduce him, when he should have been the one powerful enough to resist any of her advances. It doesn’t matter that she was the one to kiss him or the one to unbutton his pants, because he was the one who let her, and he is the adult and she just a confused, helpless child.

A confused, helpless child that he neglected so much that she has decided fucking him is the only way to bring him back to her.

And he is the scumbag father who holds her in his lap and thrusts up into her, whispering into her hair and telling her what a good job she’s doing, holding her trembling form and telling her that she is beautiful, that he’s sorry he hasn’t been there for her but that it’s been so hard for him, and that it’s even harder to be with her. She’s just so beautiful, he can’t help himself.

“Daddy can’t help himself,” he says, and neither of them have called him that since she was a small child, even when her mother still tried. He loves her so much, and he is beyond redemption, and May loves him anyway. May is overjoyed, thinking that having him inside of her is proof that he finally loves her, when it is only proof that he is the worst man who has ever lived, and that he doesn’t deserve to call himself her father.

But even through all of these thoughts, he doesn’t put a stop to this. He tells May that he loves her, and he is happy to hear her say that she loves him as well, that she loves him even more than she ever thought possible. She should hate him.

She shouldn’t want to see him again, she shouldn’t want to keep doing this. The two of them agree that she will return to his gym as soon as she can, where they will keep this going, far away from the house she shares with her mother and his wife. That way, no one will know but the two of them.

Chapter Text

Clair continues to push her needs out of her mind, wanting to focus only on the task at hand. Her new apprentice, hand-selected and perfect for the role, needs to see exactly what she is capable of. She has always wanted to take on a teaching role like this, always wanted to have someone to look up to her, and she is not going to interrupt that for something as trivial as a bathroom break. Imagine how that would look on her!

No, she is going to ignore this, and wait it out until she can get rid of him, no matter how impossible it may seem. She has already ignored her need for too long, and she knows based on past experience alone that she does not stand much chance of making it if she doesn’t excuse herself now, and even still, Clair remains stubborn.

She can’t just tell him that she needs to take a break! Or, at least, that is what she continues to insist to herself, even as he asks her if she’s okay, if she needs anything, if she’s feeling alright, and, if not, if there’s anything he can do for her. Even when she finds that she can’t quite stand up straight, nd that she can’t hold still for longer than thirty seconds at the most, she still insists to herself that she can handle this, and to him that there is absolutely nothing wrong.

It is as if she thinks she can will the problem away just by denying it enough, but her body has other ideas in mind, and if she is not going to relieve herself by choice, then, whether she wants it or not, her body is going to take care of things on its own. And, since she has made no move to put an end to training, made no move to get away from him, she ends up pissing herself right in front of her apprentice. She soaks through her clothing, down her legs, making a complete mess of herself, right in front of her apprentice.

Who just keeps staring at her through all of it, even when she screams for him to look away, his eyes wide like it’s the most fascinating sight in the world. Clair knows that this is probably the end of everything, that he will make fun of her and decide she isn’t worth the time and has nothing to teach him, and she’s sure that her allegedly perfect cousin has never humiliated himself like this before, that he would always-

She is so caught up in her thoughts that she is taken completely by surprise by the rough kiss from her apprentice, pushing close enough to her, grinding against her in a way that she knows will get him wet as well, and Clair has no idea what’s going on anymore. Even when he breaks the kiss and she slaps him for being so forward, before pulling him into another kiss, she has no idea what’s going on. But she at least has a feeling that he isn’t going to be quitting any time soon.

Chapter Text

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you like losing to me,” Roxie teases, her voice low and playful. She does not expect a protest from Rosa, because Rosa can’t speak at all right now, taking part in her “penalty” for another loss against the poison gym leader. An unofficial penalty, a penalty that she has never made anyone else carry out before, but a penalty nonetheless, and one Rosa has become all too eager to carry out herself.

“I mean, you haven’t even tried to get better. Same team, every time, and it’s the same thing!” she continues to chide her. “You could at least try to train, but, nah! You like losing to me, don’t you?”

Again, she expects no response from Rosa, as she grinds down on the girl, causing Rosa to moan even though she isn’t actually doing anything for her. Just further proof that she wants this, as far as Roxie is concerned. After all, it’s not a real penalty, and saying that Rosa must be pretty obsessed with her to keep coming back after getting her ass kicked so many times, that maybe Roxie should give her what she really wanted, was supposed to be a joke the first time.

But they’ve both let it go much too far to be a joke now, and now every time Rosa comes back to lose again, Roxie no longer asks for prize money, but instead takes her victory lap by riding Rosa’s face, using her until she’s satisfied. And her battling aside, Rosa has gotten plenty good at this, only needing a little bit of practice before figuring out exactly what Roxie needs, using her tongue to make the musician really sing for her.

Once Roxie begins to herself in it, her mind so clouded with lust  that she can’t even keep up making fun of Rosa, her body reacts completely on its own, bearing down on Rosa as a means of begging for more. She throws her head back, not bothering to contain herself at all- not that she could even if she wanted to, not in her current state of surrender. But either way, if she can’t mock Rosa verbally, she can scream her heart out to show her just how good she is at this, because that sort of praise is just as good as any insults she could manage.

This is what Rosa is good for, as far as she’s concerned, and if she can battle any better than what she’s shown so far, that just makes it even better, because she’s choosing to lose as an excuse to let Roxie have her way with her. If Rosa wants to be her slut, then so be it, and with that, Roxie lets out a low, loud moan, grinding her hips down as she comes hard, and even once she has begun to settle into the haze of her afterglow, Rosa has not let up at all, licking inside of her, doing what she can to prolong her pleasure, or perhaps inviting herself for another round, even though she only lost one battle today.

It’s just as well; she should know by now that if she wants this, she doesn’t have to keep throwing matches to get it.

Chapter Text

Hop has kept his distance as much as he can, being alone in a room with the two of them. To Leon, this seems like the most normal thing in the world, not considering how awkward it could be for Hop to stand back and watch his older brother fuck the girl they’ve both known all their lives. To Leon, this is just a part of being a good older brother, sharing things with Hop that he would never share with anyone else.

And, awkward as it may be, when Sonia tips her head back and moans for Leon, Hop can’t help but bite his lip, shifting in place as his excitement grows. Weird or not, Leon is giving him an opportunity he may not have ever had otherwise, and even if Sonia should be like an older sister to him after all these years, that doesn’t change the fact that she’s hot .

Hell, if being Leon’s girlfriend didn’t change that about her, then Hop is pretty sure nothing could ever change that.

Standing back up and wiping the sweat from his brow, Leon says, “Alright, little bro, you’re up. She’s nice and warmed up for you, so you shouldn’t have to worry about anything.”

“I, uh, thanks, Lee,” Hop mumbles, not sure what else he can even say right now. Sonia, still dazed, gives him a smile to encourage him, and, not for the first time, he wonders what Leon had to say to convince her to go along with this so casually. Unless she’s secretly just as weird as he is.

Hop gets on top of her, just like he watched Leon do, and hesitates before leaning down to kiss her first, just like he watched Leon do. It’s his first kiss and his first time, all with his older brother’s girlfriend, while said older brother stands off to the side to encourage him and coach him through.

Hop isn’t sure if that makes it better or worse as he makes the first move to push into Sonia, already stopping to moan, remembering that Leon did not react quite so dramatically to so little. The differences in their experience are obvious, and he tries to steady himself, still whimpering as he buries his cock in her, and as Sonia whimpers in return, just like she did for Leon.

“Easy now,” he hears Leon say. “It’s nothing she can’t handle, but don’t take it too fast if it’s the girl’s first time, you gotta be gentle. Oh, but like I said, Sonia can handle just about anything.”

True to Leon’s words, Sonia seems eager for more, wrapping her long legs around Hop to pull him closer, encouraging him to lose himself in it, not wanting him to hold anything back. And it is easier to drown out Leon’s coaching like this, letting himself go wild, fucking Sonia with abandon. Each time she cries out, she sounds just like she did with Leon, but it isn’t for Leon anymore, and Hop is sure that he can at least catch up to his big brother like this.

In the end, he lasts a handful of minutes once he gets into it, not managing to make Sonia throw her head back in ecstasy like Leon did, but he isn’t discouraged. If he keeps it up, he’s pretty sure that he’ll surpass him eventually.

Chapter Text

It’s been difficult for Olivia to find a boyfriend. She waited too late in life, focused more on herself and her own success, until she made it to a point where she felt like she was ready for love, only to find most guys she pursued ended up scared off one way or another. Though it was never her intention to come across as intimidating to potential suitors, that definitely became the case for her.

But now she has you, bold enough to pursue the kahuna despite the vast differences in your lifestyles. You refused to let yourself be intimidated by anything, but still showed her the utmost respect, impressed by her strength and her confidence. Of course, that only makes her seem like an entirely different person, now that that strength and confidence has entirely melted away.

The way she talks about herself, you never would have guessed that Olivia was a virgin, but then again, it fits with the story that she tells about her lovelife. Maybe you’d just assumed she was exaggerating about no one wanting to be with her, because she certainly behaved as if she had plenty of experience to speak of. But now she’s trembling and whimpering and going to absolute pieces, and you have barely even started.

Suddenly, Olivia has become weak for you, with just the slightest touch leaving her crying out. When you work a finger gently inside of her, she reacts as if she has never been touched before in her life, squirming and gasping, saying that it’s nothing like when she touches herself, that she’s never, ever felt this good before.

And when you lean your face down to press your lips to her nipple, she lets out a squeal that hardly suits her, that is so cute you can barely believe that it’s a sound Olivia made. She trembles and whimpers and writhes under your touch, so easy to please that you know you could never feel intimidated by this.

And then, as you get in position to actually do it, the giddy expression fades from her face and she looks up at you, visibly nervous as she says, “Please, be gentle with me, alright?”

“I will,” you promise her. “After all, it’s your first time, isn’t it?”

Olivia doesn’t answer, simply nodding and biting her lip, and you tell her to relax, that you won’t do a thing to hurt her. It is so strange to feel this sort of power over a woman like her, but you promise yourself to only ever care for her.

Though she is tense at first, it is easy for you to calm her down with your words, soothing her as you ease into her, and once she has had the chance to adjust to it, you watch her face shift again, her excitement returning, and this time, even more intense than before.

By the time you’ve actually made her come, she has seen again and again just how much she’s been missing out  on, and once she has caught her breath, she grins at you and says, “Just let me know when you’re up for it again, alright?”

It seems you’ve awakened something in her, and now you are not so sure if you won’t soon be intimidated.

Chapter Text

In his mind, this went a lot differently.

Cheren had imagined tugging at her hair, the bits left out of her ponytail framing her face just perfectly , just like always, lending themselves well to this. He had imagined pulling her hair as he fucked her face, maybe a bit too rough, maybe causing her to gag a bit, but not really doing anything to hurt her. Just, it would have been nice to have a bit of an advantage, and to let his dominant side really show through as he used his longtime friend, in  a way that literally left her unable to mouth off.

He has no earthly idea how she manages to bully him while sucking him off, but that is exactly what's going on, and Cheren has not even attempted a grab at her hair yet. As soon as he’d let out the first whimper when she wrapped her lips around him, and she’d pulled back and said, “Don’t get too excited, we only just started, nerd ,” he knew that Hilda was going to be just as in-control as ever.

And she takes her time with him, teasing hm and drawing it out, pushing her lips down his cock at a pace that sees him clenching his fists at his sides, biting the inside of his cheek to keep from whimpering again, to keep from giving her the satisfaction of knowing what this is doing to him. She doesn’t pull back to taunt him anymore, but if he looks down at her, her eyes say it all.

A choked moan escapes against his will, because she runs her tongue along his cock, pressing tight against him and overwhelming him. She raises a brow and she laughs , and that sensation catches him by surprise, and Cheren trembles and gasps and cries. Hilda has already won, or maybe she did before they even started.

He should say something now, call her out on enjoying this too much, or he should grab her hair like he’d planned, shift his weight and take her by surprise, take control. It wouldn’t be that difficult, really, but Cheren finds himself frozen in place, and the only move he can make is to tip his head back and close his eyes, another whimper on his lips, as good as admitting defeat.

No matter what she does, Hilda is always going to find a way to bully him, so he might as well accept that fact now. At the very least, this is a lot more enjoyable than getting shoved or punched in the arm, and sure, he knows she’s going to make fun of him for it later, but she would find something to make fun of him for even if he didn’t give her material.

So why not just give her material, then?

His hands remain at his sides, far from her hair, and he keeps his eyes closed to avoid her teasing looks, but he doesn’t fight it anymore, moaning her name as she sucks him off, letting her claim this victory just as easily as any other. And even when he comes, he is left to wonder how she can swallow so deliberately that even that seems like an act of dominance. As always, Cheren is in over his head with her.

Chapter Text

Bea can excuse this by claiming that it is all part of endurance training. She has nothing to worry about with having to explain herself anyway, since this part of her training is one that she always does in complete solitude, but she feels the need to explain it to herself sometimes, just to clear up why it is so important to her that she neglects her body’s needs while training.

Endurance training, she continues to tell herself. She is doing this because she needs to build up her endurance, because the strength of her bladder is just as important as anything else when it comes to determining her true strength. In battles, she will not have the opportunity to call for a break and excuse herself whenever she wants to, and that is why, whenever she trains alone, she keeps herself more hydrated than necessary, and never takes a single break, not even once she has grown so desperate that she can hardly stand up straight.

After a certain point, doing anything else becomes impossible. Each movement, no matter how slight, feels like torture, jostling her bladder so much that each time it threatens to spill over, and even then, knowing that she has pushed herself to her limits, she does not give in, determined to push herself a little bit further, determined to see it through to the end.

It has nothing to do with enjoying this feeling of fullness, or enjoying the loss of control that always inevitable occurs, because she always tells herself that she can wait just a little bit longer, even when she knows that she can’t. That is why she only ever does thi alone, after all- to make sure that nobody ever sees her in such a shameful state.

And that is exactly why she does the training, as well. She wants to make sure that she is always able to withstand every battle, no matter how difficult it may become. This is a necessary part of her training, not something that she does for fun, because she enjoys how it feels.

The ache is persistent, and she bites her lips, looking around even though she knows that no one is there, before she pushes a hand between her legs, giving up on the rest of her training as she focuses on this fight. Bea is near her breaking point, shifting her weight from foot to foot, blinking back tears, and still refusing herself a break, still pushing herself just a little bit harder.

Each time, she lasts longer than the time before, and she is careful enough to make sure that she never ends up more desperate than this in any battle, honestly never even getting close to this point. But even so, she considers this part of her training necessary, because there is no way to determine what situation she may find herself in in the future.

It is just a part of her endurance training, and she definitely doesn’t do it because she loves how it feels to finally lose control and surrender, soaking her uniform and her legs, her bare feet left to stand in a puddle of her own making. It’s just part of her training.

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Lyra is too young for him to start with, and even beyond that, looks younger than she is, and everything about the way she carries herself only makes her seem younger. She’s innocent, from her cutesy hat to her girlish overalls, from her pigtails to her wide eyes and big smile, all the way to how she used to call him Mr. Lance, until he told her that really wasn’t necessary.

She was exactly his type from the start, cute and naive and easy to take advantage of, allowing herself to be lured right into his bed with a few reassurances here and there that this is exactly what she should be doing. He’d promised to be gentle with her, to make her feel better than she’d ever felt in her life, all while avoiding any mention of anything that might scare the poor girl off.

But the innocent girl Lance thought she was wouldn’t arch her back to demand more from him, trying to set the pace n her own, apparently dissatisfied with how slow he is, in his attempt to be gentle with her. The innocent girl that Lance thought she was wouldn’t wrap her legs around him like this, or moan quite so lewdly, or start calling him “Daddy” right off the bat like this.

Only now is he beginning to realize that everything that Lyra does is just as deliberate as his means of seduction are, to create the air of anything that lured him in so easily. If anything, she’s been playing him all along, taking advantage of his tastes and the assumptions he’d made about her. Only now, as she raises her hips to meet his and begs him to fuck his baby girl harder, does he understand that he’s fallen right into her clutches.

But how can he really complain? She may not be what he thought she was, but, god, does she know how to take him, and keep pace with him. Suddenly, being gentle is not a concern at all, as he lets himself give into his lust, fucking her with abandon, as each jerk draws out another adorable squeak that only continues her illusion of innoncence.

She is still so tight that it’s maddening and addictive, making it hard to even think about what he thought he was getting himself into, hard to think of anything more than getting off and, at the same time, finding some way to make this last longer, so that he never has to stop.

Lyra has her hooks in him good, and he doubts that she will ever let him go, and doubts even more that he will ever want her to. When she comes, she whimpers and looks so damn adorable that he can’t help himself. Lance pounds into her, needy and desperate and entirely hers, until he’s pushing down hard and coming inside of her with a soft grunt, defeated.

She runs her hands through his hair and tells him that he was right, that it didn’t hurt at all and she’s never felt so good in all her life, and he can at least believe that.

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You had thought that Acerola might cool off on the brother-sister thing once the two of you started dating. Before, it had been sweet, if a little discouraging, for her to always say that you were like a big brother to her, that she wanted you to see her as a little sister. She’d claimed that everyone in Alola was like one big family, and if you were her friend, that made you a part of her family as well.

It had almost seemed like a lost cause, but you hadn’t given up, hoping that one day she would see you as something other than a big brother. And she’d agreed to go out with you all too easily, making you think that, maybe, she didn’t see you that way anymore, and that you could start acting like a couple, instead of like a family.

You act like a couple, sure, and Acerola has absolutely no reservations about moving quickly, diving right into things. The only thing is, she definitely does not want to start acting any less like a family, not even when you lay back, holding onto her hips as she sinks down onto your cock, moaning blissfully for her big brother.

It turns out that Acerola really wants you to see her as a little sister, even, or especially, when you’re fucking her. She bounces on your cock, gasping and whimpering, so cute that you can’t help but see her just how she wants you to, too used to calling her your little sister to think of her as anything else.

“You’re so good, sis,” you groan, and her eyes widen in surprise and delight when she realizes that you are playing along with her. Her excitement grows so much that she picks up her pace, bouncing faster on top of you, overwhelming you quickly.

“Am I?” she cries. “Am I really, big brother? Am I your good little sister?” Each word soon becomes punctuated by another adorable moan, until she is barely able to speak at all. You find yourself in much the same position, but seeing how much she enjoyed your encouragement, you try to keep up speaking to her anyway.

“Yes, so good,” you reply, trailing off into a moan and struggling to regain your composure. “You’re the best little sister I could ever ask for!”

Acerola cries out in delight, grinding down on your lap, at last rendering you completely speechless, helpless to do anything other than hold tight to her and thrust up into her, desperate to make your new little sister happy. All along, she never called you her brother to discourage a romantic relationship between the two of you; all along, a familial relationship simply meant so much more to her.

She will be a spoiled little sister, that much you already know. With how cute she is, and how great fucking her, you will never be able to help yourself when she begs for her big brother to take care of her some more. This marks the beginning of a very wonderful family life.

Chapter Text

Hilda has to brace herself a little bit, not wanting Cheren to see how ticklish she can sometimes be. The last thing she needs is for him to come out of this thinking that he has anything on her, when he definitely does not. So she prepares herself for the foreign sensation ahead of time, bracing herself and promising herself that she will not so much as giggle, unless she’s laughing at his expense, which she plans to do plenty of. She is never going to let him live this one down, that much is for sure.

Eventually, she was bound to catch onto the way his breath caught in his throat whenever she raised her arms over her head to stretch. Eventually, she was bound to figure out how nervous it always made him, and how he had a hard time looking at her after, and a harder time covering his erection. And she has enough mercy on him to let him do whatever he wants to her, but not enough mercy to let him do it without judgment, because would he really be able to say he did this with her , if it did not end with his ego horribly bruised.

“Go on,” she says, reminding herself one last time to not allow this to tickle as she lifts her arms as if to stretch. “Go do whatever you’ve gotta do to get off on this, you weirdo.”

Cheren pauses for a moment, blushing and looking ready to protest, but thinking better of it. Instead, he leans in closer to her, nestling his face under her arm, and she snickers, sure that it sounds more cruel than anything else, that he would never think that just that slight touch had tickled her.

“Is that all? You’re just gonna get off from that?” she goads him, and then has to swallow a gasp as she feels his tongue sliding along her skin, warm and wet just plain weird . Maybe not weird in a bad way, but weird enough that she hardly knows what to do with herself, especially when another laugh escapes.

But she looks down to see that Cheren has already taken himself in hand, that he’s actually jacking off to this, and she can definitely use her involuntary laughter to her advantage. “You’re really that into it? You’re such a freak sometimes, seriously,” she taunts him, and Cheren only softly grunts, not stopping.

“Seriously, I shouldn’t even be surprised that a weirdo like you would be into just licking my armpit, but, man !” By the time she has finished her sentence, she is barely able to speak, gasping with laughter that is not entirely brought on by the way Cheren makes a fool of himself. He may have noticed that it is outside of her control and he may not have, too lost in his own fantasy to care.

Hilda doesn’t want him to stop, so even as she berates him, she hopes that he will not take her seriously or get his feelings so hurt that he backs off. Despite the weirdness and despite her secret ticklish side, she is beginning to come around to the whole idea.

Chapter Text

She was never going to make it for the entire day, and he knew it when he challenged her. They both knew it, and still he brought it up and still she agreed to it, even knowing that there was absolutely no chance at success. Even if there were, Shauntal is pretty certain that he would have found some way to turn it around on her.

As it is, Grimsley has planned it all out perfectly to make sure that things go his way, probably had it all in mind long before he brought it up so casually, like he had just thought of it that moment. Even then, it seemed to perfect and too planned, but Shauntal said she could do it, that she could try, and that was just this morning.

She’s not allowed to piss all day, and not allowed to do anything to make that any easier on herself. Though he isn’t doing anything too cruel, like forcing liquids down her throat at every opportunity, he also isn’t allowing her to cheat by dehydrating herself throughout this very long date.

From the moment they left, after she’d agreed to this impossible challenge and had her last visit to the bathroom before she was banned, she’d known it would come to this. All day, the urge has steadily grown, hitting her a bit harder midway through the day, growing more rapidly from there, telling her for certain that she would not make it out of this dry.

And everything they do is so damn public, with no sign of returning home any time soon. He always seems to pull some new plan out, something else for them to do while her legs steadily grow shakier, while it becomes harder for her to keep her mind focused, her bladder full and aching, sometimes demanding all of her attention just to keep herself under control.

It is getting later, and still he does not relent, but promises her that after dinner, they will be done for the day. She knows that this is going to end with her pissing herself one way or another, but the promise of returning to privacy after dinner keeps her going, and gives her false hope in spite of the torrent she is struggling to hold back.

The setting for dinner is perfectly romantic and perfectly public, proving that he has pulled all the stops out to make this night both breathtaking and overwhelmingly humiliating. No matter how she fights it, her resolve will not hold up, and her knees buckle and she whimpers, trying even though it is pointless now.

And he knows it, too. He knows it and he puts his arm around her, pulling her back against him where only she can hear his low laugh, while everyone else can hear her sudden squeal, ensuring that all eyes are on her the moment that it happens.

Throughout the humiliation of having so many eyes on her while she pisses herself, there is the slight comfort that comes from reminding herself that she knew this would happen, and, even more than that, the excitement that they both knew would come from her public humiliation.

Now, it looks like dinner is going to have to wait.

Chapter Text

Now that she’s back in his life, Hilda is back to causing just as much trouble for him as before, like she never even left. Except now she has found new ways to tease him, and now she has even more material to work with, and Cheren is just as helpless and just as weak to her as he has ever been.

She visits him nearly daily, waiting for his students to clear out before sauntering back into the classroom, never letting him leave, and always telling him, when he protests, that it would be even more fun if they got caught. Any attempts to tell her that that is hardly behavior befitting a teacher, must less a gym leader, fall on completely deaf ears.

And, he hates to admit, it is more fun like this. She teases him about how he’s still too young for all of this, and teases him about how it suits a nerd like him perfectly, and asks him if he wants her to call him her teacher while they’re fucking.

Usually, he brushes that off without dignifying it with a response, but the idea has been bugging him for a while lately, until he can’t get the image of Hilda bent over his desk out of his head. She could play his submissive little student, and even if she were to tease him about it later, it wouldn’t matter in the moment, because in the moment, it would be hot as hell.

Finally, he gives into her demands, bending her over his desk and pulling her shorts and pantie down, leaving them on the floor beneath one of her feet, while he wastes no time in undressing, shuffling with his belt and his pants until his dick is pressed against her, his lips near her ear.

“Now, do you really think this is going to earn you extra credit?” he murmurs, but instead of whimpering her response, Hilda starts to laugh. “ What?

“Nothing, nothing, it’s’re really taking this seriously, huh, teach?” she teases him, and he blushes, glad that she can’t see how much this is flustering him. He jerks his hips forward, hoping that this will be enough to shut her up for good.

But already, she has thrown him completely off-balance, just like she always does, and he can hardly try playing his role again, knowing that she will likely just tease him more for it. Falling silent, he simply grunts as he thrusts into her, and even then, Hilda does not let him have this.

While he has fallen silent, too afraid to keep it up, she grows louder, grinding back against him, desperate and needy while she whines for him, her voice loud and shamelessly and definitely mocking him. “Oh, yeah , teacher, just like that! Put your slutty little student in her place!”

The dialogue is cliche and hammy, exaggerated just so that she can make fun of him, and even knowing that, it doesn’t stop Cheren from losing himself in it, thrusting harder and faster, lust clouding his judgment. When he comes far too quickly, that just gives her even more to tease him about.

Chapter Text

Marnie is a gym leader herself now, and Piers is just nobody, or so he always claims, but she insists on him coming with her to these league meetings, claiming that she is still figuring things out and needs him along for her sake. Really, it’s just that she’s too clingy to go it alone, and knows that he spoils her too much to ever say no to a request from her.

But maybe it would be easier to keep going to these meetings with her if she did not always find a way to make a scene, growing bolder now that she is a gym leader herself. At first, their relationship was completely secret, and then more and more hushed whispers about the two of them being too close began to pop up, but now, there is pretty much no way to deny it. The way she clings to him in front of the other gym leaders is enough to confirm that there is more going on between them than simple familial closeness.

Today’s acting out really takes the cake, though, and just like always, Marnie does not seem to give a damn one way or another, and Piers is too in love with and too dedicated to spoiling his little sister to ever tell her no, even when what she wants is to get on her knees and suck his dick in front of everyone.

Piers should do something to put a stop to it- he realizes that about the time that Melony claps a hand over Allister’s eyes and begins trying to usher the youngest gym leader away from the shameless display. He should apologize later, maybe, or-

“Ah!” He loses his train of thought as Marnie pushes him deeper into her mouth, causing him to moan for her, and for their somewhat captive audience.

While Marnie begins to bob her head on his cock, making quite the show of sucking off her big brother, everyone has their own reaction to the whole mess. From Milo simply looking off to the side like he’s trying to give them privacy, to Bede sneering and making some rude remarks about their hometown, from Nessa’s raised brows and disgusted expression to Kabu’s lectures about public decency that everyone is overall ignoring, Piers knows that he should not be letting her get away with this.

Instead, he puts a hand on the back of her head and gives into it, groaning and bucking his hips, taking control and fucking his little sister’s face for all the other gym leaders to see. Raihan is the one to point out how into it Piers is getting, asking no one in particular if he should be recording this, though he thankfully leaves his phone in his pocket.

Piers is one thing, but he’ll be damned if he lets his little sister end up on that asshole’s social media. And again his thoughts trail off, overwhelmed by his sister’s mouth, by the way she looks up at him with wide eyes, and he can detect just a hint of pride in her expression, pleased with herself because she knows he is going to let her get away with this.

She pulls back just before he comes, and Leon, late as usual, walks in just in time to see Marnie’s face getting covered by her older brother’s come.

Chapter Text

Glacia’s smile would be enough to melt you right then and there, and as soon as the thought comes to you, you can’t help but laugh. She doesn’t ask what you’re laughing about, but that’s fine. You aren’t sure if you’d be able to explain it, or if she would think the unintentional joke was really all that funny. Not only that, but now is not really the time for joking.

All she does is smile for you again, her head tilting slightly to the side, a gloved hand raising to cover her mouth. As always, she is the picture of perfect elegance, and you are completely helpless to her charms. Why she even wants anything to do with you is completely beyond you, but for whatever reason, the two of you have grown quite close, much closer than you would have expected, and far beyond what you would think a lady like her would consider the proper distance.

But you don’t mind if she wants to take things further than that, and you certainly don’t mind if she’s willing to throw that caution to the wind to allow herself these indulgences. After all, even a lady like her has to cut loose every now and then, right? As far as you are concerned, that serves as the perfect justification for letting her take care of you, even though a part of you feels like you should be doing everything in your power to serve her and her needs.

This is what she wants, so what more can you do but let her smile at you while you sit back, allowing her to unzip your pants? Of course you’re already hard, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid getting this excited with her, and when she wraps her hand around the base of your cock, you can’t help the sharp intake of breath, and now laughter is the furthest thing from your mind.

Glacia has left her gloves on, and the feeling of the fabric, her warm hand beneath it, is like nothing you have ever experienced before. She knew that you wanted this; in fact, you were the one who suggested she leave her gloves on when she admitted to wanting to do something only for you.

So you know that it has nothing to do with not wanting to touch you directly, and yet the idea of her leaving her gloves on so as not to dirty herself with this task is still so unbelievably hot that you can hardly stand it. Glacia barely has to put in any effort, keeping a firm grip as she steadily works her hand up and down, while you lose your breath as you moan for her, overwhelmed already and all because she has left her pretty satin gloves on.

In fact, as you are now, you can’t hope to hold still, your hips jerking up almost reflexively as you respond to her touch. At the point, the only thing worth laughing at is how easy it is for you, fucking her gloved hand and whimpering, lasting only a few minutes before you come, groaning her name and making a mess of the glove, thrilled at the idea that you are not allowed to make a mess of her.

Naturally, for her, replacing the glove will be easy.

Chapter Text

Leon is loud, louder than usual, but usually, he takes complete control of the situation and all Gloria can do is lay back and take it, blissed out and completely at his mercy. He isn’t used to when she takes the lead instead, and isn’t used to all the things that she can do for him. So now he moans long and loud and needy, already nearly speechless, with only the ability to cry her name, to tell her it’s good, to tell her he wants more and to not stop, to never stop.

He has teased her about being melodramatic before, but now she hopes he can at least understand. It is the first time he has ever had anyone eat his ass before, she supposes, at least judging by the easy way he goes to pieces so easily. If she had known this was all it would take to get him to understand that it is hard not to be “melodramatic,” then she might have tried for this a long time ago.

Of course, she had no idea that it would be this easy to render him speechless with her tongue, when she has no real experience to speak of. Whether this is his first time with this or not, it is definitely hers, and yet she seems to have picked up on things quickly, her tongue buried inside of him, working deeper and working to overwhelm him so much that he can’t even beg her for more.

It helps that, while she has one hand on his ass, fingers digging into his flesh, the other hand has reached in front of them so that she can work it up and down his cock, stroking him off at a slow pace, slow enough to tease him, slow enough to make sure that she keeps him needy, that they aren’t done before she is ready to be done. She intends for it to be agonizing, and he writhes under her touch, under the skill that neither of them knew she possessed to begin with.

No matter how long she may try to drag it out, though, eventually Leon will not be able to take it anymore. He’s already close now, his voice breaking as he cries out for her, as she works her tongue inside of him, learning how best to tease him and what she has to do to earn another sharp cry from him.

Losing herself in her own excitement, her hand starts to move quicker, up and down at an erratic pace before she even realizes it, and it’s all too much for Leon, who can’t even think straight anymore, hazy and delirious, desperate to get off and not thinking of anything else beyond that. And as much as Gloria would love to torment him more and more, as much as she would like to take advantage of this new power over him, she can’t help responding to his frantic energy, giving him exactly what he wants until he suddenly comes.

He is left breathless for a good while after, unable to defend himself as Gloria teases him for his melodrama.

Chapter Text

Piers claims that he hasn’t meant to be too busy for her, and that he’s never really too busy for her, but that sure isn’t how it’s felt to Marnie lately. He puts her in charge of the gym just in time to fuck off with the new champion cos he feels responsible for helping out, even though she just got back home and was hoping to spend some quality time with her big brother.

But if he wants to say that he isn’t too busy for her, then he can keep on saying that. And if he wants to keep wandering off to do other things, then she can just show him how much she has settled into her roll and gym leader, and how easy it is for her to get along without him, starting with implementing some new rules in the gym while he’s gone, some new rules that her trainers really, really appreciate it.

It’s no secret that the members of Team Yell are more fond of Marnie than they are her older brother. It’s his fault that it happened in the first place, spoiling her and doting on her so much that she became top priority for everyone, until even the gym trainers began to see her as the more important one in the picture. Now, the team is infatuated with her, and if Piers isn’t around to pay attention to her, then Marnie, as the new gym leader, can give them permission to use her whenever they want to.

Piers comes home to find one of the girls sitting on Marnie’s face, so that she can’t reply to him at all when he asks what’s going on. She just waves him off, signalling that he has nothing to worry about, and comes to find him later.

She seems oddly calm about the whole thing, wanting to hear what he and the champion got up to, and not letting the grunt bending her over and pulling her uniform shorts down interrupt her. Marnie looks up at Piers from this new position and simply says, “Everyone’s done a great job keeping me company while you were gone.”

It becomes difficult to talk with Marnie at all, what with how often the grunts are buzzing around her, catching sight of her and hurrying over to grope and grab at her, scrambling to use whatever hole they can. Even when he should have time with her, she doesn’t lock doors anymore and he’ll close his eyes while she’s sucking him off only to open them and find a grunt fucking her ass, while another tries to fit between them so that they can eat her out.

Piers learns his lesson and then some, but he learns it a little too late, because, in the meantime, Marnie has discovered just how much enjoys giving her grunts exactly what they want, and how much she enjoys letting them use and fuck her as much as they want. But she is quick to assure Piers that she isn’t too busy for him now- it’s just that sometimes, he’s going to have to learn to wait his turn.

Chapter Text

This isn’t a typical initiation, but Alba does not think anything about this has been typical, not since he first met either of them and began to work alongside them, steadily finding his place in the group. But now that he is being brought in officially, and promoted straight away to admin, he knows that this initiation is definitely not the sort of thing that you would find in most places.

He doesn't mind that at all though, not that he could ever complain about the situation that he finds himself in. Letting his boss and the more experienced admin use him for a little while sounds pretty damn ideal, if he is being entirely honest, because, at the end of the day, the real reason he’s in Team Skull is because he absolutely can’t get enough of these two.

With Plumeria underneath him and Guzma on top of him, Alba is probably the absolute happiest that he has ever been. An initial attraction to Plumeria drew him in, while their similarities in terms of wanting to take care of a bunch of dumbass kids kept him around, and falling head over heels for the disastrous leader of the pack just sealed the deal for him. Actually getting to be with both of them, perfectly between the two of them, just seems like a dream come true at this point.

Alba tries to thrust evenly into Plumeria, gentle by nature, but it is difficult to set any sort of pace when Guzma continues to knock him off track, not seeming interested in pace or rhythm, or anything other than getting himself off, and as quickly as possible. He is rough in comparison, his hips jerking rapidly as he fucks Alba, who is just barely able to keep up with him, and definitely not able to control his own movements as a result.

He would have treated Plumeria with a little more care if he could have, but she doesn’t seem to mind the aggressive pace that he is forced to take, more than likely used to it since she has been taking this for a long time before Alba ever showed up. If anything, he should have known from the start that she would be the sort to like it rough, but the two of them have their gentle side in common, and no matter where he may be now, Alba is always going to behave like a caretaker.

This sure as hell is one way to take care of things, and he can see a lot of this in his future, whether it be with both of them or just one at a time, whether it be letting Guzma take out his frustrations on him or making sure that all of Plumeria’s needs are met. Hell, he doubts they will be the only two that he will have to take care of like this, but this might as well be his new family, and whenever one of his own needs him, he’ll always be ready for the job.

Chapter Text

Hilda had tried her best to swallow her nerves, telling herself that as long as she had a solid strategy and as long as she did not crack under the pressure, then battling against the Elite Four would not be nearly as terrifying as she thought. She was nervous, but she had made it this far on her own, and was not going to back down now, heading into the first room with determination, certain that she was prepared for anything.

But she wasn’t prepared for Grimsley, and she was even less prepared for this , because there is absolutely nothing that could have prepared her for the crowd watching as he humiliates her in return for letting her nerves get the better of her. His hand feels heavy on her shoulder as she kneels in front of him, not sure why she is still looking at him and the cruel smile on his face.

Perhaps the part she was least prepared for was how much she likes it- being stuck on her knees, wrapping her lips around his cock while he teases her and the crowd watches on, getting a good view of Hilda’s first blowjob. Because, for as tough as she likes to act, and how much of a natural she seems to be set aside, she has never done anything like this before in her life.

His hand moves from her shoulder to tug on her ponytail, not hard enough to move her but hard enough to get her attention, and he sneers at her. Hilda pushes her head forward, drawing him deeper into her mouth, pleased to hear a low moan from hm, rather than another snarky comment about how cute she looks on her knees. For a moment, his assured expression as he gives way to lust, but soon enough, he is giving her that look again.

God, she hates how much she loves the way he looks at her.

If she keeps her eyes on him, she can almost forget the audience there to witness her humiliation, but there is always a buzz of noise in the background, murmurs going through the crowd following every move that she makes. Looking at him has nothing to do with forgetting the crowd, and everything to do with how much his mocking expressions turn her on.

Hilda has bitten off way more than she can chew with this one, so she would rather just keep sucking, while he pulls her hair and she bobs her head on his cock, while the crowd continues to buzz and murmur, amazed at how quick she gives herself over to him. Championship is the furthest thing from her mind now, and all she can do is hope that, if she doe well enough, he might fuck her for real, even if it has to be right here, still with an audience.

Or maybe that part is preferable.

He yanks her back hard by her ponytail before he comes, so that he can cot her face in it, his soft groan drowned out by her own loud, shameless moan.

Chapter Text

By maybe the second or third helping, you start to think that maybe you can tolerate a lifetime of these meals. Once you get used to the unique taste, it really isn’t that bad, and seeing the smile on Mallow’s face as she heaps more onto your plate, so pleased that you like it so much, definitely makes it all worth it. Anything that you can do to make her happy is always worth it, no matter what the cost may be.

And, of course, the best part always comes with dessert, because dessert is not something that she prepares for you, or anything that you have to try and acquire a taste for. When it comes to Mallow, you already have quite the taste for her, and you could absolutely never get enough of listening to the sounds she makes when she is really enjoying herself.

“All done now?” she asks. “Want me to clear away the dishes?”

“Not yet,” you reply, and you give her a look that she can easily interpret. “I think I’m ready for something else first.”

Mallow has said before that she does not understand why you act like doing something for her is some great treat for you, but every time you reassure her that pleasing her is exactly what you want most. Nothing else could excite you more than knowing that Mallow is left content and satisfied. So rather than cleaning up, you help her out of her overalls and have her lay down, pulling down her panties and discarding them so that you can bury your face between her thighs, kissing along the insides of them while you listen to her whimper.

Mallow squirms in anticipation, knowing that you will tease this out a bit, just like you do every time. It is only when she seems like she can’t take the teasing anymore, when you have driven her to the point that she is going absolutely crazy from the anticipation that you finally go for it, making her moan out your name as you bury your tongue inside of her, quick and sudden to get to work after teasing things out for so long.

Every time, it takes her by surprise, and she wraps her legs around your shoulders, crying again and again as she loses herself to her lust and pleasure. You work deeper inside of her until she is trembling for you, her cries becoming more desperate and less restrained, until you know that she is already nearly at her limit. Mallow rocks her hips as she continues to give in, desperate for more that you can easily deliver, working your tongue inside of your needy girlfriend, not slowing or stopping even when you feel her growing tense, her legs tightening around you and her voice coming out in a sharp, gaspy moan.

You continue to eat her out while she comes, riding it out with her to make sure that her pleasure continues for as long as possible. Mallow is left breathless, and never in any state to clean up, but you definitely don’t mind doing the dishes for her.

Chapter Text

Lillie has assimilated fairly well into Team Skull, after following her brother all the way here, doing whatever she can to fit in and find her place here. Gladion has his own special role, so she fits into her role very well, happy to be able to do anything that she can to make her new family happy.

That is what Team Skull is like to her- one big, happy, incredibly horny family, and she followed Gladion here because she wanted some sense of family. She comes here to follow her brother and ends up with a whole bunch of brothers and sisters who all want a piece of her, especially with how cute they claim that she looks in her new “uniform.” Lillie could not be happier with how things are going.

A group of grunts have her to themselves in the kitchen, because they’ve been getting bolder about this lately, and Lillie just gets on her knees while they all get ready to hose her down. Nobody seems to have put any thought into how she’s going to explain walking around in piss soaked clothes.

Lillie just takes it eagerly, her mouth open so that the boys can try and aim for it. There are three boys and two girls, all circled around her to piss on her- she rarely sees one outside of a small group, so this is no different, but this is the first time a group has taken her anywhere other than one of the bedrooms, jamming up the door for a little while.

Now they’re making a mess of her in the kitchen, so it’s no wonder that they get caught, and by their boss, no less. There’s no stopping once they’ve started, so they all just look over their shoulders, equally guilty expressions on their faces while Lillie still sits there taking it, and Guzma lets out an exhausted sigh as he crosses the room.

“Come on, you’re done,” he mutters, shoving one of the grunts out of the way. “Make room, alright?” And rather than giving them shit for it, he just joins right in, until the others have backed off, and Lillie is beaming up at her boss, letting him soak her as well.

“Y’all better clean this mess up,” he says, as he leans forward a bit, finishing up. “Next time, at least take it outside, huh?” He steps closer to Lillie, and she keeps her mouth open for him, still just as eager as ever, willing to go along with anything.

It’s just one big, happy, incredibly horny family, and getting pissed on in the kitchen becomes part of just another day for her. Getting caught by the boss and then sucking him off is just part of another day, and probably the best part of the day for her, because even when he’s rough about it, pulling her hair and asking what he’s going to do with her, there’s approval in his eyes, and she knows that she has finally found her place.

Chapter Text

Whenever Caitlin has trouble sleeping, she relies on you to help with that, and you really have no other choice, at least not if you want to get any sleep yourself. She becomes so clingy and so needy, letting her more bratty side show through, and you know that, as long as she is in this state, she is going to keep you from sleeping until you help her out.

Fortunately for the both of you, you have your methods for tiring her out, and those methods work well and benefit you just as much as they benefit her.

With her wrists pinned over her head, you hold her down as you fuck her absolutely senseless, showing her no mercy and listening to her soft moans grow louder and louder as you drive into her. Under other circumstances, you might be more gentle with her, but like this, only the rough treatment works when it comes to fucking her into exhaustion. By the end, you will be far more exhausted than she is, but it will be well worth it to be able to hold her as she falls asleep, resting in your own satisfaction.

Her voice, normally so light and airy, grows deeper in her passion, as she raises her hips to meet yours, writhing beneath you in her pleasure and desperate for more and more. As you have your way with her, you are soon unable to help losing yourself in your lust, the haze of desire making it difficult to even remember why you are doing this,  or that this was all for Caitlin’s benefit from the start. Though this is to help tire her out, you know that you benefit just as much from being allowed to completely have your way with her.

By the time you are done with her, she will be completely worn out, with nothing to fuss about anymore, though she will still be clingy, holding onto you as the two of you drift off to sleep together. Until then, she clings to you with her legs wrapped around you, while you keep her arms pinned down, grinning at her as you thrust into her, giving her all that she needs while taking everything that you could possibly want.

When her cries start to break, you know that she is nearing her limit, overwhelmed by pleasure just as you are, and still you do not let up, only fucking her harder in response, now beyond being capable of thinking about anything other finishing, breathless and needy.

Even when Caitlin comes, you do not stop, seeing this through until the end and letting her lay beneath you, attempting to catch her breath, dazed and willing to let you continue thrusting on top of her, until you are finally done in yourself. With one last jerk of your hips, you finally come to rest on top of her, suddenly remembering just how tired you were before she demanded you help her fall asleep.

Now the both of you are completely exhausted, just as you had planned.

Chapter Text

Moon knows about the gender ratio for starters, and is not surprised when the Popplio that she receives is male. She isn’t surprised about that, and yet she still somehow isn’t prepared for when he evolves into Brionne, and then again into Primarina. Though she knows what he is supposed to look like when he evolves, she still has a hard time imagining him becoming something so beautiful.

It becomes difficult not to see him, beautiful as he is, as anything other than the mermaid that he resembles. Moon knows that she should watch accidentally saying things like that, but sometimes it is difficult not to, and Primarina always pouts and protests it as best as he can. But, try as he might, there is not much he can do to convince her of his masculinity when he has such beauty.

That is, until she lets him sleep with her one night. He slides up next to her so that she can cuddle him, and then she feels something prodding against her back that she certainly does not expect. It becomes very difficult to forget that he is male when she can feel his erection and she can feel herself growing hot all over as she begins to understand what this means.

She understands just as well that this is something that she should discourage, and yet, as soon as she imagines herself fucking her beautiful Primarina, she can’t get the image out of her head. And he is persistent, and she can feel him rubbing against her, trying to make his point. Even knowing that she should not do it, Moon is soon pulling her panties down and rolling over, allowing Primarina to get on top of her.

His cock feels strange and slippery between her legs, and she shudders in the excitement of doing something entirely forbidden. She tells him to go ahead, that she’ll never doubt that he’s a man again, and she whimpers as his weight bears down on her. Primarina pushes into her, surprisingly slow and gentle, with a delicate touch that she wouldn’t have expected from any Pokemon, and he isn’t too forceful as he fits himself inside of her. Moon tries to hold back her moans, but Primarina’s steady thrusts draw them out from her, and she doesn’t even know who she is trying to hide them from.

They are all alone out here, and soon enough, she has given in completely, as Primarina responds to her cries of ecstasy, fucking her harder and harder, desperate to earn her praise and her recognition. She looks over her shoulder to see how beautiful he is, even now, but she knows that from  here on out, there really will be no doubt that he is a man, and not only that, but he’s her man.

Primarina gives her her first orgasm, and she lets him come inside of her, the two of them howling in unison as they do. She knows that she will never forget that he is her man again, because she knows that Primarina will always be able to remind her.

Chapter Text

The couple has had their sights on you for a while, and you are completely helpless once they have their hooks in you. Both Kukui and Burnet are like something out of a dream, so gorgeous and fit that they hardly seem real, especially considering their line of work does not bring to mind images that they even remotely resemble. Really, it is set in stone from the start that you will fall for them, and they make it far too easy for you to do so.

Even easier for them is getting you in bed, because who in their right mind could turn down a couple like them? And letting you be in between the two of them, treated as the main attraction rather than the spectator you have always felt like with them, is something else entirely. Everything has felt like something out of a dream, from how unbelievable the two of them are to how unbelievable it is that they would ever take an interest in you, but now, if you are simply having an incredibly vivid dream, you hope that you will never have to wake up.

You have to admit that it is a little difficult to focus on anything with how good Kukui has proven to be at sucking you off. He is on the floor in front of you, kneeled down even lower than you are, in a position that you have to wonder if he’s even comfortable in, not that he has said a word of complaint. While he is kneeled in front of you, you are kneeled in between Burnet’s legs, eating her out while her husband sucks your cock, doing such a good job of it that you can hardly think straight, wanting to focus on pleasing Burnet as much as you can, but finding that difficult at the moment.

But Burnet does not seem to have any problems with the current situation, given the way she moans every time you work your tongue deeper into her, even though you often hesitate, moaning into her as Kukui bobs his head on your cock, seeming to know just what to do to distract you and leave you too overwhelmed to think properly. The two of them together make for a deadly combination, that is for sure, and you are not sure that you will ever truly be able to handle them, glad to just be able to go along with things as they are now.

Every time you moan into Burnet, she moans in return, loud and unrestrained, holding nothing back. And every time he hears the two of you, both losing yourself in pleasure, Kukui runs his tongue along your cock, teasing you and overwhelming you so easily that you can barely contain yourself, only holding back now because you want to see this through until the end. It’s easier said than done, and you just barely last beyond Burnet, who lets out a loud and indulgent moan as she finally lets go.

You are not far behind her at all, your control slipping away quickly, and in the haze of your climax, you know that this is just the beginning, and that you are in far over your head with these two. You have no idea how you got to be so lucky.

Chapter Text

Marshal is actually a bit more used to dealing with how Caitlin is when she has trouble sleeping, despite being relatively new to this whole arrangement. Well, he has worked with her for a while, so even if he does not know the tricks that you have for settling her down, he does at least know how she is, and how much clingier and brattier she can get at those times.

But now that he is officially dating the two of you, he gets to join in your efforts of using sex to settle her down for the night. Fortunately for all of you, having two to do the work means that it takes less time now, and leaves all three of you exhausted and satisfied by the end of it all. And Marshal proves himself to be just as good at taking care of Caitlin, and helping you wear her out.

Tonight, she sits on your lap as you pull her down on your cock, pushing up into her ass and listening to her whiny moans as you fill her. You have your arms wrapped around her now, holding her as she begins to bounce on your cock, and Marshal kneels in front of her, spreading her legs so that he can go down on her while you fuck her ass.

Caitlin leans her head back on your shoulder, moaning and whimpering as Marshal buries his face between her thighs. With both of you targeting her at once like this, concentrating your efforts into her pleasure, she has no chance of resisting, and will soon be completely helpless between the two of you.

You move a hand up to grope at one of her breasts, feeling her squirm in response to your touch, and you take one of her nipples between your fingertips, rolling it between yours fingers, teasing and toying with her to make her all the more breathless, and all the more needy. Her voice grows louder even as she struggles to breathe, as you and Marshal put your all into pushing her well beyond her limits.

You let Caitlin ride your lap while you play with her nipple and begin to kiss along her neck, looking down from time to time just to see Marshal, still steady at work, his head moving between her legs, and you know her moans of pleasure are caused by the both of you, that Marshal is doing what he can for her as well. Though she is between the two of you, thinking about what Marshal does excites you just as much as if you were in a different position, something where the other man could touch you a bit more directly.

Right now, it may be all about her, but you know him, and you know that both of you get plenty out of the ritual for helping her fall asleep. And already, you have decided that, if Marshal is not properly worn out after the two of you are done with Caitlin, then you might stay up a bit longer to assist him.

Chapter Text

Hop is so used to having Gloria between him and Leon in some way that he thinks that is all they are getting up to when Leon says that they should fuck her “at the same time.” His brother has never been the brightest, so Hop thinks nothing of the fact that he suggests it as if it is something new, when it is actually something they do all the damn time, something that all three can never seem to get enough of.

How is he to know that Leon actually means something new? At least, know it before Leon says it in a more clear manner, saying that he wants them to fuck Gloria’s ass at the same time. Gloria seems so eager that Hop, though apprehensive, wondering if such a thing is even possible, decides to go along with it without question. If Gloria wants it, and if Lee says they can do it, then that’s all there is to it.

Hop is supposed to lay down, with Gloria getting on top of him. Since he has no idea what he’s doing, Lee says, then he can just do things like normal and leave everything else to his big bro. Gloria is so tight as she sinks down onto Hop that he has no idea how she is supposed to fit him and Leon’s big cock, but as he is quickly overwhelmed by the pleasure of being buried in her ass, he finds it hard to think about that, or anything else.

Gloria settles onto him with an indulgent moan, leaning forward so that there will be room for Leon, as he gets behind them, leaning over top of Gloria, joining Hop in pushing his cock into her tight, needy asshole, as Gloria cries out with her desperate moans. Hop is stunned to realize that she is able to take both him and his brother at the same time, overwhelmed by the strange sensation of sharing the hole with Leon, and altogether not at all prepared for any of this.

The pleasure is all too much for him to take, as he and Leon set a rough pace together, something that he would ordinarily worry might be too much for Gloria, but right now, he is past the point of thinking about that, and she has more than proven herself capable of taking far more than he ever would have expected from her. In fact, she seems to be having the time of her life, moaning louder and louder for both of them, as they thrust into her with their shared rhythm.

Soon enough, they are both pounding into her with abandon, and still she takes it all, she still she craves more, until it is all Hop can do to keep things going, so lost in his own pleasure that he can barely hold back at all. He does his best to keep pace with Leon, not letting himself give in until Leon groans as he fills her ass, and only then does Hop let go, coming hard alongside his brother, much to Gloria’s delight.

Chapter Text

She knew she was more likely to be found out if she kept it going with two men who knew each other so well, but the more time she spent with one, the less willing she was to cut it off, going back and forth between the two of them until there was no way she could give up fucking either of them. Between Alder and Grimsley, she has no idea how she is supposed to choose, when each of the older men gives her something so different and so equally intoxicating that she can’t help but push her luck.

It is only a matter of time before she’s caught in it, but instead of losing out on both of them, they decide to handle it maturely, and before she knows it, she finds herself with even more, in the form of getting to be between the two of them. Better than anything Hilda ever could have hoped for, that much is for sure. Getting spitroasted by the two of them shows her just what she was missing out on by trying to keep her involvement with each a secret from the other.

But now she can indulge in that all she wants, bent over as she takes it from both of them, Alder gripping her hips tight as he pounds her ass, and Grimsley tugging on her hair just enough to hurt while he fucks her face. She has given herself up entirely to them, surrendering to them and to her own lust, and not caring a bit for anything other than this moment. She pushes her hips back while pushing her head forward, trying to take in as much of the two men as she possibly can, always wanting more, to the point of being greedy.

Whenever she pushes back, Alder responds with another rough thrust, and even now, his size is almost more than she can handle. She knew she was getting in over her head from the moment she first set out to seduce the much older man, but that only made it more exciting and continues to fuel her excitement to this day. 

Of course, Grimsley was far more than she could handle from the start as well, so damn smug and sure of himself, and always able to overwhelm her without even trying. He can see right through her and take advantage of all of her weakness, and mock her for getting off on his cruelty all the while. Even now, he’s teasing her for her behavior, telling her what a slut she is for trying to play the both of then, and how much sluttier it is that she is so eager to let them share her, but her thoughts are so hazy right now that she can hardly pay attention to his words, just the way he tugs her hair and pushes his cock down her throat.

Hilda could stay like this forever, pushed between the two of them and letting them use her, and hopes that this is only the beginning of the consequences of getting involved with the two older men.

Chapter Text

Fortunately for Hilda, both of the men decide that once is definitely not enough and that they have plenty of things they can do to keep showing her what she’s been missing, by trying to fuck both of them on the side and in secret. This is all at once a punishment and a reward, and Hilda takes everything that they have to give her with gluttonous ecstasy.

So when they both want to piss on her, an interest she has cultivated in them separately, and indulged in with them separately, who is she to deny them that? Instead, she begs to remain clothed while they do it, so they can ruin her outfit while they humiliate her, always eager to take things to the next level, whenever she has the chance to.

Sitting on the floor, the two of them standing over her, she takes in their differences as they both aim and prepare to hose her down, and is once again so very glad that they found her out. Hilda parts her lips as she waits for them, letting them both know that her mouth is definitely fair game. At nearly the same time, they both relaxx, sighing as they do, with Grimsley already aiming for her mouth, and Alder taking his time on her body, soaking her from her chest all the way down to her shorts.

She leans into both of their streams, and soon, Alder is redirecting so that he can try and aim in her mouth as well, though neither of them seem to care that they make quite a mes of her face in the process. Hilda is just eager for more, eager to drink as much of their piss as she can, while also glad to be as covered in it as possible, her clothes and hair soaked through in the process.

And then, once their streams have finally begun to die down, she is still not satisfied and neither are they. Without having to speak, they all know what comes next, and that is Hilda taking them both in her mouth at the same time, to “clean up” after them. Ignoring the fact that she is the most in need of cleaning herself, she eagerly sucks them both off at the same time, opening her mouth wide so that they can both push in.

Taking them both at once is no small feat, but Hilda is so willing and eager, so desperate for them that it doesn’t matter to her. She manages and has them both moaning for her in no time at all, glad to be able to prove, both to them and herself, that there is no need for her to ever have to split her attention between the two of them again. All along, having both Alder and Grimsley at the same time was the ideal, and now she will never be satisfied with anything else.

She works until she is able to make them both come down her throat, and she swallows that just as eagerly as their piss.

Chapter Text

By the end, Leaf is sure that Lyra will see exactly why she does this. The new champion sought out a former champion, wanting to know where she disappeared to, shocked to discover that she disappeared to be with the old Team Rocket boss, and seems to be pretty happy with that arrangement. To Lyra, that seems completely unbelievable, and she has no idea why someone like Leaf could let herself fall so far.

Which is exactly why Leaf lets her lover fuck Lyra senseless, wanting her to understand the reason she was willing to let everything else go so that she could run away with Giovanni. With Lyra pinned down underneath him, her wrists over head, she is completely helpless beneath him, but Leaf knows that it won’t be long before she understands, and perhaps she might even be just as willing to give herself over to him.

Despite the rough image he might give off, he is an expert at handling such things, kissing down Lyra’s body, sucking on one of her small breasts, his tongue flicking over her nipple and causing her to gasp. She is trying her best to fight it, but she is entirely at his mercy, and quickly losing herself to the pleasure that threatens to overtake her. Giovanni could keep teasing her like this forever, and she would never be able to resist him, no matter how hard she may try.

She tries to fight it, but she can’t stop herself from moaning, and Giovanni does not let up, until he is pushing his cock into her, and she cries out, a mixture of pleasure and disgust. Lyra wants to hate this and doesn’t want to want this from him, but she can no longer fight it, and she is as disgusted with herself as she is him, but no amount of disgust is enough to fend off the growing lust.

Leaf stands off to the side, barely able to contain herself and remain a spectator as she watches Giovanni on top of the adorable Lyra, watching as he fucks her steadily and as she writhes beneath him, giving in without any further fight. Just as Leaf knew she would, she is losing herself in it, crying out and moaning desperately, her face betraying her so easily.

Even if she tries to deny it later, there will be no way to hide the way she went to pieces for him. She arches her back, pushing up so that her hips meet his, and Giovanni cups a hand behind her head, leaning down to press his lips to hers. It is less an act of intimacy as it is a means of showing just how easily she has fallen. When she returns his kiss, moaning into his mouth, it more than proves the point.

She crumbles so easily, just as Leaf knew that she would, and by the end, she is going to understand why Leaf has stuck so close by him. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise her at all if they got a new addition to their arrangement, and she would welcome a girl as cute as Lyra with open arms.

Chapter Text

Dawn has let herself suffer enough all day for this, hoping that this will be able to get some sort of reaction out of Cyrus. Things with him are great, no question about that, but when it comes to certain aspects of their relationship, there are definitely things she would say could be improved, and when it comes to her humiliation kink, she knows that there is room for improvement.

Cyrus at least knows that she likes it, so that is why she goes the entire day without peeing, suffering through the pain of her bursting bladder in the hopes that seeing her lose control in front of him will lead to him mocking and degrading her, feeding into her humiliation, just the way she wants him to. But as she begins to show more signs of her desperation, he doesn’t even comment, not even when her squirming becomes obvious.

By now, he should have at least asked if something was wrong, but she might be expecting too much of Cyrus. At the very least, she is confident that he will understand what she’s doing when the moment finally comes, and she continues struggling against her pressing need until then. She struggles until she is blinking back tears, until she knows that she can’t hope to last, until she is doubled over in front of him, her hands pushing her skirt up as she jams them between her legs, and then, finally, there is nothing she can do to hold it back anymore.

Cyrus stares at her, his expression unreadable, as Dawn pisses her, soaking through her panties, the streams running down her legs before puddling on the floor, and she whimpers and makes a show of being humiliated, just waiting for him to say something about it. She still aches when it’s done, sore from holding for so long, and she looks up at him, trying to read his reaction.

But when Cyrus does speak, he just asks, “Are you alright?” in his usual, dull tone of voice, with perhaps a little bit of concern hidden behind it. Even now, he’s so damn dense that Dawn doesn’t know what she’s going to do with him.

“I’d be a lot better ,” she huffs, “if you’d degrade me for it.”

“Oh, was that for…” He trails off without finishing his sentence, getting it, but not actually getting it .

“Piss on me,” she says bluntly, well past the point of being subtle. There is no being subtle with Cyrus, who must be trying but never really understands, and if Dawn is going to get degraded today, she is going to have to take matters into her own hands.

“You want me to piss on you?”

Yes ,” she begs him. “That’ll be plenty degrading enough, if you make a mess of me because I’ve already made enough of a mess of myself.”

Cyrus doesn’t say anything else then, going along with it like he’s going through the motions, but Dawn doesn’t mind. She simply gets on her knees so that her dense, bland boyfriend can soak her from top to bottom, satisfying her needs at last. She loves him, no question about it, but she has to admit that he is going to take a lot of work.

Chapter Text

Lillie is getting really good at her unofficial job, driven by her desire to make her new “family” happy, and since her unofficial job is just serving as more fuckmeat for the rest of Team Skull to work out any sexual frustrations on, that is definitely making her popular. She throws away her innocence in favor of all the approval, and does a damn good job of it.

So much so that it is barely a surprise for Guzma to wake up one morning to find Lillie in bed with him, wrapping her lips around his cock. First thing in the morning, he’s always a little restless, always willing to give it up for whoever comes after him first, and today, Lillie is the one to take the initiative. Bold of her to just creep into his room and into his bed, but he likes that she’s getting confident enough to do shit like that. He likes her, and the way she moans when he puts a hand on the back of her head and pushes her down on his dick.

She doesn’t look like the type you could be rough with- she looks more like the type who would need to be treated with the utmost care, but Lillie has proven herself to be anything but delicate. So Guzma has no qualms about slamming his hips up, fucking her mouth to set the pace, shuddering each time she moans, so needy and eager, loving every second of his rough treatment.

He can’t help but relax back even as he fucks her face, groaning in contentment, glad to have a grunt who takes so much initiative. Lillie is doing her best to earn her place and climb the ranks here, and anyone would be impressed with just how far the girl is taking things, and how seriously she takes it all as well. It’s the first time someone has been bold enough to wake him up with their mouth, and that kind of effort deserves to be rewarded.

Fortunately for her, Guzma knows just how to reward her, and that sort of thing is easy for him, first thing in the morning. So as he gives into his pleasure and pushes up one last time to come in her mouth, he mutters, “Don’t pull back yet, just swallow and stay down.”

Lillie hums softly in response before swallowing, letting him know that she has heard him and intends to follow his directions. Already, she probably has a good idea of what he wants to do, and is excited even before he rests his hand on the back of her head again, once more holding her in place while he uses her. This time, it’s to piss in her mouth, relaxing his bladder and letting her drink down everything that he’d held back overnight.

She moans louder and louder for him while she drinks his piss, an impressive amount of it. It’s morning, so there’s a lot, but still she’s able to take it all, and give him a warm smile once she has swallowed it down and is able to look up at him. “Good morning!”

Chapter Text

Cheren has been doing his best, to prove himself and to become stronger, not just for himself, but so that everyone can see it. His best friend included, so that maybe she’ll stop seeing him as just another nerd, so that she will stop bullying him and start noticing him. He has more driving him than a pathetic crush on Hilda, but that’s definitely a big factor in deciding to prove his own strength.

So it comes as quite a shock to him when he accidentally walks in on Hilda getting her ass pounded by the very champion Cheren has sworn to overthrow. There’s horror in her eyes when she realizes they’ve been caught, and Alder has the decency to try and explain, but Cheren has already seen enough to know what’s going on.

Before they realized he was there, Hilda was moaning in ways Cheren had never heard a real, live girl moan before, and it was all for Alder. Well, it’s no wonder she’s so damn infatuated with him- no matter what kind of lessons he may try to teach, he’s still the strongest, and Hilda admires that in him. Maybe he took initiative, because he’s so strong, and how could she hope to resist that?

Maybe Cheren needs to stop waiting around, and prove himself and take what he wants.

She’s his best friend, but she’s been a pain in the ass his entire life, and his feelings for her have only furthered the problem. That’s why it isn’t hard for him to hold her down while he fucks her, and why he doesn’t care if she comes out of this hating him. She needs to understand that he’s plenty strong himself, and he needs to prove this, not just to her, but to himself.

He’s never done anything like this before, but that’s fine, he just follows cues from his body. After all, he’s seen how hard she can take it from Alder, so his rough and clumsy thrusts shouldn’t be more than she can handle. It doesn’t matter if she comes out of this hating him, because he’s pretty sure he hates her just as much as he wants her, even more so for always leaving him behind, always beating him and then just moving on without him.

Now that she’s underneath him, there is no escape for her, and Cheren grits his teeth as he drives into her, mumbling, “Just say it….just say it already…”

Hilda can barely speak, but manages to gasp out, “Say what?”

“That I’m strong,” he mutters, punctuating it with a thrust hard enough to cause her to cry out. “You’re going to admit that I’m strong, Hilda.”

Despite herself, she begins to moan, unable to resist her own body, crumbling beneath him because, right now, she is the weak one. She’s the weak one, letting him fuck his frustrations out on her and enjoying it, and she knows it. With a whimper, it’s all Hilda can do to say, “You’’re very strong, Cheren…”

He groans as he comes inside of her, making sure not to pull out as he claims her as his own.

Chapter Text

The last person that Gordie wants to see when he is struggling with the sting of defeat is his mother, but Melony goes to see him every time anyway, knowing just how hard he takes it, and knowing that he will be hiding out until everyone has left, so that he can completely avoid any interviews. She never scolds him for his behavior, but she does try to cheer him up, and more often than not, her attempts only make him feel worse.

That is, until she decides on a different method to try and stop him from moping around. It works rather effectively, and even so, Gordie would rather not see her after a loss, because he does not want to admit how much he needs his mother’s touch to cheer him up. He finds it easier to be in denial about things, whereas she finds it easier to just be open about her feelings. She has always found it easier to be open about things, and that is probably why she is able to do this.

She knows just how to cheer him up after he has taken a hard loss, and she is the last person that he wants to see, and the one that he wants to see the most. And no matter what he does, there is no way for him to escape her, because she knows where to find him and what to do. Every time, she finds her way to him, and she gets down on her knees in front of him, murmuring her encouragements, telling him that he did just fine, and that he has nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to feel bad about.

His shorts are down in no time at all, her hand wrapped around his cock, and Gordie moans despite himself, reacting so quickly to his mother’s touch, letting his guard down much easier than he would have liked to. She certainly knows how to take his mind off of anything else, smiling warmly up at him as she works her hand up and down, until he is whimpering for her.

Until he needs it so much that he could never consider resisting her, and she leans over him so that she can part her lips, wrapping them around the tip of his cock, drawing out more pathetic moans from her son. He will cheer up in no time, just like he always does, the sting of defeat hard to remember when he has his own mother on her knees for him, sucking him off to show him just how proud she is. Whether he wins or loses, she is always so proud of him, and that is why he gets something like this, that feels much more like a reward than a consolation.

In the back of his mind, Gordie knows that he should not give in so easily, and that he should not consider himself lucky to be this close to his mother, but when he is so overwhelmed with pleasure, it is hard to muster up a complaint.

Chapter Text

Lance has always done his best to try and understand Clair’s sensitivities, especially as their relationship has progressed. She has been difficult since childhood, considering him a rival and holding herself to higher standards than she could ever hope to meet, challenging him at everything and taking losses very hard. There are times that she acts as if he has wronged her or done something to slight her, and perhaps he has; for all of his merits, Lance knows that he is more awkward and less socially inclined than most people might believe.

So fucking his cousin is definitely a strange turn of events, her feelings for him still making absolutely no sense to him. She does not care for him, or she sees him as some sort of threat, and she believes that he has done something to hurt her over the years, but still, there is something between them that goes a bit beyond the bounds of cousins. Of course, within his family, he doubts that there would be any objections to a marriage between the two, but Lance is not sure that marriage is what his cousin is after.

Lance is not sure what she’s after at all, butto her, this seems to be about proving herself in some way, and he lets her do what she will, even if he has no idea how to react to it in a way that leaves her satisfied with what she thinks she has proved. She wants him to belong to her in some way, and whether it is romantic or not is still unclear. Whether or not he wants it to be romantic or not is just as unclear, because he has gone through with this so far as a means of helping Clair.

Though that sometimes seems like a cheap justification for letting her do these things to him, looking so proud of herself as she gets on her knees and takes his cock in her mouth, as if giving him a good blowjob will suddenly prove her to be everything that she wants to be, and earn her the approval that she feels she has been shortchanged all her life. All it really gets her are Lance’s moans of satisfaction as she draws him deeper into her mouth, her tongue pressing against him in ways that she has learned leave him breathless, giving him no further chance to think or assess their relationship.

He has no idea what this means to Clair, or what it says about him that he is still so willing to go along with it at all, but he does know that he is not above giving into such indulgences, the pleasure too much to ever go without. Perhaps she has already proved all that she needs to, considering the sort of skill that she has to get him to moan like this. She is already able to bend him entirely to her will using pleasure alone, so he has no idea what it will actually take to satisfy her, or what shape he will be in once she is finally done with him.

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She agrees to be his patient. Really, she says that he has done enough for her, that he has done so much that she says she owes him more than he could ever owe her, and that there is no need for him to do anything else for her. His offer to examine her and make sure that she is in top health during he travels is far too generous, but he tells the trainer that it’s nothing she would have to worry about repaying.

He insists, and though she does not understand why it is so important to him, she believes that it must be because he is that dedicated to his work, that he believes it’s payment enough to simply know that he has done all he could for his patient. And so she agrees to be his patient, even though she does not feel like there is anything wrong, or anything that he needs to seriously look for. She agrees to be his patient, oblivious as she always is to his true intentions.

In her tent, they have enough privacy for him to coax her into taking her clothes off, and when she blushes, he assures her that she has nothing to be ashamed of, because he’s a doctor and he’s used to it all. Her body should be nothing new to him, and maybe it isn’t, on the surface, but she has no idea just how much he really needs this. A routine inspection quickly shifts, serving his own interests, rather than that of the patient.

A hand drifts to her chest, and she whimpers a bit beneath him, biting her lip. She must feel strange right now, not sure what her reactions mean, but because she trusts him, she does not question the heat pooling in her stomach, does not assume that he is pushing their boundaries. Even with a hand on one of her breasts, she simply holds her breath. He does as well, but for a different reason, almost as if he feels like this will all dissolve, if he so much as breathes.

Whether she realizes it or not, she is reacting positively to his touch, her body betraying her growing arousal, and each soft gasp pushes her closer to moaning for him. His hand drifts lower, lingering over her stomach, and she tenses, her anticipation growing. He squeezes her thigh to steady himself, before moving his hand between her legs at last. This is the central point of his examination, and he can see the uncertainty in her eyes, but behind that, there is trust, and that trust is why she does not even think to stop him.

Instead, she allows a finger to press inside of her, and she whimpers and squirms, but still she does not stop him. This is a very important examination, she believes, and so, she will allow him to do whatever he needs to her. She will trust him until the very end, no matter how far this examination may go.

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One of the best benefits of being one of the most powerful people on the island, serving as the kahuna, is that Olivia has access to plenty of places that are otherwise off limits, where she can have whoever she wants with her, or be completely alone, if she so chooses. Ever since her favorite trial captain finally got up the nerve to confess to her, she has enjoyed spending her “alone” time with Mallow instead.

Having her own private area on the beach is definitely nice, and makes for some of the most pleasant getaways that she could imagine, where the two of them can forget about the rest of the world for a little while. Stretching out on the towels that they brought, it does not take long for the two of them to end up on one towel, and even less time for their bathing suits to come off, until they both begin to question why they even bother wearing them to begin with.

Once their bodies are bare, Olivia pulls Mallow into a kiss, wrapping her arms around the younger woman, moaning into her mouth. No matter what they may set out to do, once the two of them are alone, it becomes difficult for them to think about anything other than this, and downright impossible to ignore the temptation once they’re thinking about it.

Hooking their legs together, Mallow deepens the kiss, whimpering for her lover, eager and needy, with Olivia more than willing to take care of her. As the two press closer together, , grinding against each other with their legs in a tangle, they begin to give into their lust, unable to fight their overwhelming desire for one another.

Breaking the kiss for a moment, both women let their heads fall back, free to moan as loudly as they want to because there is no one else out here to hear them. Like this, it feels as though they are the only two women in the world, and neither would have it any other way. They work their pussies against one another, whimpering and trembling as they closer, even this amount of stimulation enough to send them into an absolute frenzy.

It is not long before they have pulled each other into a kiss again, so simultaneously that it is hard to determine who made the first move, and as they wrap their arms around each other, pulling the other body close to theirs, their breasts squeeze together, their nipples rubbing together, and adding to their frenzy. All of this is too much for either of them to take, moaning into their shared kiss, overwhelmed with arousal and with love for each other, completely out of control and desperate to do anything that it takes to get off.

Of course, like this, it does not take either of them long at all, until they have their heads thrown back again, screaming their lover’s name as they reach a shared climax, both of them knowing that this is only the beginning of the fun.

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Everything about his upbringing has to be perfectly controlled. That is what their father has assured them, and Anthea and Concordia have always done everything to ensure that N is well taken care of, just the way their father would want him to be. As he begins developing into a young man, there are certain factors that come into play that are impossible to ignore, and once again, their father charges the two of them with taking care of their beloved brother’s needs.

If he were to be distracted by his developing sexual urges, then there is a chance that such things could get in the way of the plans that their father has for him. But if he were conditioned from the beginning to seek out relief for those sorts of urges at home, then he would have no reason to look any further. They are told that this role is crucial, so both of the girls take it very seriously, and perhaps even take it so seriously that they end up spoiling N a bit as a result.

Well, they would rather do too much from him than not do enough. If that means that Anthea has to fit his cock between her breasts, while Concordia works her tongue in his asshole, then that is well worth it, because it means that they are keeping N happy and satisfied, and he will never have any need to seek any outside help. Why on earth would he want anyone else, when he could have his sisters?

Squeezing her arms on either side of herself, it is a snug fit for N’s cock, while he does not have to do anything other than sit back and take it as Anthea rubs up and down on him, creating friction, leaving him moaning as she tends to him. This has become one of his favorite things, something that he will request of either one of them, alternating between them, perhaps his idea of fairness. Of course, neither of them care much about fairness where any of this is concerned.

And Concordia certainly does not feel left out, being the one left to eat her brother’s ass. He loves this as well, though he had been a little reluctant at first, when he was much younger, squirming and saying that it felt weird. Concordia was the first to do it back then, but she was able to make him warm up to the idea soon enough, and ever since then, he has always wanted one of them to do this as well, every time. Secretly, she thinks he might prefer her, though, in the interest of fairness, he alternates between the two of them for this as well.

Like this, everything is perfect, and the girls take good care of their beloved brother, of the young man that their father has assured them is very important, is going to change things in ways that they aren’t able to understand. But as long as they can serve him like this, neither really care about that, because this is enough of a benefit.

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Nanu stays tense, not looking down at her, not wanting to look at the grin on her face right now. Acerola makes a game out of it, every time, as if it is all just amusing to her. And, knowing how she is about things, maybe it is, but from where he is sitting, there is nothing funny about the girl much too young for him taking her time to tease him, waiting until he breaks down before she will give him what he needs and definitely should not want.

“Come on,” she coos, her voice somewhat sweet, somewhat bratty and demanding, “you know you want to look at me. Aren’t we already having so much fun? You wouldn’t want me to stop now, would you?”

Truth be told, the light touches of her hand are more like torture than anything else. The way she teases him, running her hands up his legs slowly, before brushing against his cock, not quite giving him what he needs, every single time, would be enough to drive a man mad. Certainly enough to make a man beg her for more, and so many times, she has made him cave with that exact strategy.

And could anyone really blame him? He might just be making excuses for his own downfall, but from where he is sitting, Acerola makes herself impossible to resist, an absolutely fearsome opponent to anyone that she may set her sights upon. Really, the world as a whole is lucky that her sights are perpetually set on one sad, lonely old man.

“Come on,” she repeats, and he groans, growing weaker by the moment, knowing that it will not be long before he gives in, no matter how much he may want to prove that he can remain strong. He is not strong, at least not where this one wicked girl is concerned.

“Come on,” he says, echoing her this time. “ don’t have to keep teasing it out, just do it already…”

“Aw, is that what you really, really want?” she replies, her voice so sickeningly sweet. “Well, alright! You know I can never say no to you!”

With that, she finally leans down, wrapping her lips around the head of his cock, and he groans, so pathetic he barely recognizes himself, as she pushes down, taking him deeper in her mouth. She never fails to surprise him with how much she can take. A girl of her size, he would have been more inclined to think she would barely be able to take anything at all, and he wonders, briefly, where all of her skill comes from, as she manages to take his cock all the way, without gagging even once.

Finally, he looks down at her, and her eyes are wide and innocent as she looks back up at him, until suddenly they narrow, her triumphant smirk that is partially interrupted by his dick in her mouth. As always, she gets her way, and as always, he is too damn weak and too damn pathetic to resist.

Chapter Text

This part of the beach is always completely deserted, out of the way and pretty much reserved for the two of them. At least, throughout this whirlwind summer romance, that is how it has seemed, and no matter what manner of date they go on, Hau and Moon always find themselves here at the end of it all, so that they can have some time alone together. Today is no exception, the sun only just starting to set when the two of them find their spot and sit down together, Moon pulling her boyfriend into a kiss as soon as they do.

It has been a long and fun day, but truth be told, she has spent most of their date thinking about this , wondering when the two of them will finally go off by themselves, where she can lose herself in him at last. She relaxes into the kiss, moaning happily, and is so relaxed that it startles her quite a bit when Hau suddenly jerks out of the kiss with a startled whimper of his own, jumping up with a hand between his legs, muttering under his breath as he takes a few shaky steps away from her, facing in the opposite direction.

“Gotta pee, gotta pee….” he mumbles, before she hears a low and almost indulgent sigh, and Moon can feel her face growing red, as she tries to look anywhere but at the back of her boyfriend, facing away from her as he pisses in the sand. At the same time, she tries to ignore the way she wants to look at him, the way she would do anything to be sitting on the other side of him, where she could get the perfect view.

Instead, she just stares down at her hands folded in her lap, waiting for him to return to her. This has been going on for a little while now; when the two of them are alone together, he has no qualms about peeing around her, thinking that it is only natural, since they are otherwise alone and she has already seen him naked anyway. Combine that with the fact that he is always distracted by whatever fun that they are having, until right up to the last minute, and he has a lot of close calls, and she gets to experience this over and over again.

Moon has no idea why it turns her on so much, but it is like torture at this point, and she is haunted by fantasies of what might happen if he got too distracted, or if he, maybe, intentionally relieved himself directly down her throat...shaking her head, she tries to snap out of it, as he turns back around with another sigh, and a blissful smile.

“Sorry about that!” he says. “That was a close one! So, anyway…” Before he can finish his sentence, she has stood up to meet him, throwing her arms around him to kiss him again, pulling his body close to hers, while he has no idea why she is suddenly so enthusiastic, assuming that it is because he broke off their kiss so suddenly before.

He appreciates her enthusiasm, even if he doesn’t know the source of it, and Moon wonders how the hell she is going to tell him the truth, or how she will be able to keep enduring the unknowing teasing, if she decides to keep it to herself.

Chapter Text

The young woman works directly underneath him, and anyone could see the way she looks at him, with so much respect and admiration, the same way she had always looked at Maxie, the way that left plenty wondering just how far her feelings of admiration for their leader really went. But now, those gazes are reserved entirely for Tabitha, her direct superior, and once again, it raises the question of what her feelings really mean, and just how far she would be willing to go in her admiration.

But Tabitha has always been one of the most respected members of the team, hence his easy promotion to admin. Surely he would not let something like that escalate, no matter how cute the grunt who has the obvious crush on him might be. Surely he would not hear out her confession and assure her that, so long as nobody else finds out about it, that they can be just as close as she wants to be.

He has always been dedicating to helping everyone else out, working tirelessly on behalf of their mission and lending himself in any way possible, all while building up those who work under him, offering any assistance that they might need, but only where their actual work is concerned. Surely someone like him would never lock the door to his office, while guiding her by the hand, gently nudging her to the ground so that she can stay on her knees, eager to suck him off because she wants him to know just how willing she is to do absolutely anything for him.

And surely he would never pull her hair because she likes it rough, because she wants him to take control of her and be more forceful, as forceful as his heart desires. Surely he would never entertain such ideas, much less follow through with them. The idea of him suddenly pulling her up so that he can bend her over the desk to get her out of her uniform is absolutely ridiculous.

There is absolutely no way that he would hold tight to her hips while filling her with his cock, clamping a hand over her mouth to make sure that her moans do not get out of control. The Tabitha that they all know and admire would not keep her voice muffled while he pounded into her, barely able to keep his own moans quiet, biting his lip because he has no other choice. Surely he would not make a regular habit of this, the two of them sneaking off whenever they have the chance, his favorite grunt doing everything in her power to show him just how much she “respects” him.

It would be laughable to imagine him reciprocating her feelings or entertaining her fantasies, and completely ridiculous to think that he might enjoy her just as much as she enjoys him. Surely, Tabitha is above those vices, and to think otherwise is so unrealistic that it is almost hilarious. Surely, their relationship is entirely professional, and the just-barely muffled moans coming from his office are something else.

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This little girl has always been a force to be reckoned with, in so many different ways. Ever since she was named gym leader, Maylene has proven herself to be a strong trainer, much stronger than her young appearance would suggest, but there is so much more to her than even that.

Before she was a trainer, she was a martial artist, turning to training fighting types as a means of growing in that regard, but she is just as much a natural at Pokemon training as she was at fighting, and despite her small size, despite her age, she is a dangerous contender, and she knows how to use every little factor to her advantage. From the beginning, he never stood a chance against her, but even so, he never would have realized just how formidable she truly was, if it had all stopped after their first spar.

But getting his ass handed to him by Maylene left him desperate to get to know her better, steadily becoming infatuated with her, and once she had her hooks in him, seducing him was all too easy. Why she would want to seduce him, he still doesn’t know, but now that he is hers, no one will ever catch him questioning or complaining about it.

Even on her knees, she is still a force to be reckoned with and even with his hand resting on the back of her head, they both know who has the power in the situation. She has him whimpering for her, has him begging her for more, as she teases him with her mouth, running her tongue along his cock slowly, moaning indulgently while barely giving him any contact, letting him gasp and squirm and struggle.

Her eyes are so wide and innocent when she looks up at him that it would be easy to fall for that facade in any situation; even as she finally wraps her lips around his cock, finally starts fitting him inside of her mouth, he could almost believe that she were innocent and harmless, even knowing that she has one hell of a hold on him. She is cute and she is deadly, and he would do anything for her, just as long as she promised to never stop.

His grip tightens, but still he does not try to guide or influence her movements, letting her have complete control, letting her wield all of the power. Bobbing her head, she gazes up at him to watch as his face crumples, as any remaining bravado melts away, and as he lets himself give into her and give into his lust. Maylene is a dangerous, dangerous girl, there is no doubt in his mind of that, and she can take control of him so easily, making him moan for her like he has never moaned before, making him admit, over and over again, that she is the only one for him.

He always comes too quickly with her, after all the teasing she puts him through, and all she does is beam up at him, still playing innocent, still knowing that she has him right where she wants him.

Chapter Text

May knows that she should feel guilty for how often she goes to stay with her father. She knows that she should feel guilty for all of the time that they spend together, when her mother does not get to see him nearly as much. She knows that she should feel guilty for how cheerful her mother remains at home, talking about how wonderful but busy her husband is, and how lucky May is, how great it is that he is mentoring her and letting her come to stay with him when he spends his nights in Petalburg.

She should feel guilty, but it is hard to think about that once Norman has her in his arms, and once she can forget everything about her actual home. For so long, she has wanted her father to notice her and pay attention to her, and now that she has him, she is not going to give that up for anything, not even her mother.

He says, over and over again, that this has to stop, that they can’t go on like this. He feels more than enough guilt for the two of them; he even tells her that the reason he put so much distance between them is because he never wanted something like this to happen. But how could he hope to resist her, especially when she began forcing herself back into his life, when she kept begging him to pay more attention to her? All he can do is keep giving her what she wants.

Her mother can never know the truth of how close they are, just like she can’t ever know that May is not studying under her father, or at least not in the way that she assumes. May does find herself under him quite a bit, but she isn’t sure if she would classify what the two of them do together as studying at all. She knows that her mother can never find out what the two of them share because, in her jealousy, she would put a stop to it, and May doesn’t know how she would live without her father’s attention again.

After all that she has done to get him to notice her, she can’t lose him again. She can’t go back to the way things were before, and she definitely can’t deal with something even worse. The idea of not seeing him at all is absolutely unimaginable, especially with what they share now.

May is not so naive that she does not understand that her relationship with her father isn’t typical. She knows that they are closer than a father and daughter should ever be, but it’s hard to find anything wrong with that when she loves him, and knows that he loves her. If the only way that they can be together is to keep it to themselves, and if she has to endure the guilt of her mother’s clueless enthusiasm, then that is more than worth it, and always will be.

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Kahili has such a tight schedule that, most of the time, all you can do is follow along behind her, lucky to be able to see her even this much, while the two of you are barely able to talk at all. You stick close by her either way, glad to be able to spend any time that you can with her, even if it is time spent rushing from event to event, and then time spent watching her, either battling or golfing, seeming no different than any other adoring fan.

But on the rare occasion that you two do get time alone together, it is always very apparent just how different you are from any other fan, at least in her eyes. When the two of you are alone together, you mean a lot more to her than just any fan. That being said, you rarely have that time alone together, to the point that you often have to make time together. And if that means you have to sneak in with her while she is getting ready for a round of golf, so that you can take care of all of her needs before she has to go out there, then that is something you are more than willing to do, just to be able to be with her for a little while.

A busy woman like Kahili still has her needs, after all. She is already panting just by the time you have her bent over, hiking her skirt up and pulling her panties down. Running your hand between her legs, you can feel how excited she already is for this, mumbling, “You’re already all wet…”

“Well, what do you expect? I’ve been waiting for this for hours,” she replies. You take the hint to not keep her waiting any longer, hands on her hips as you get behind her, the tip of your cock pressed against her and making her moan in anticipation. You are slow as you ease inside of her, the one thing that you will not sacrifice in favor of getting things done faster. With how much she rushes things, you like to give her time to adjust, to make sure that she is really ready for you.

But then, once you are buried inside of her, it becomes difficult to remember how you ever managed to be patient for this. Certainly, you are the more patient one in the relationship, but once you are fucking her senseless, lost in your shared desires, you wonder how you ever could have managed that, with how much you want her all the time, and how amazing it is when you finally get to have her. This will be over in a few minutes, and already, you wonder how you are supposed to wait until the next time you have a chance, just as you know she will be.

You will manage, though, because you always do, and because, if it weren’t for your patience, you doubt Kahili would have any self-control at all.

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Serena has always felt like she was more mature than her friends, always felt like she was destined for greater things, more glamorous and exciting things. Adults tend to treat her like a child anyway, never seeming to understand that she isn’t like other children, that she is so much more than her age might indicate. Most adults treat her like a child, and think that she is silly for referring to herself as anything but.

Professor Sycamore isn’t like that. Professor Sycamore, she soon realizes, understands her, and can see past her age to understand how she really is. Just as she is different from the other girls her age, he is different from the others his age, able to understand her and not immediately dismiss her just because she is young. How could she not fall for him then? And how could she not believe him when he said that he was falling for her as well, that he understood exactly how she felt, in a way that no other adult ever could?

He can see that her age does not represent the person she is, and so, he must be right when he says age does not mean as much as people say that it does, that it is not enough to stop him from falling for her. She can’t help but trust him then, because he understands that she isn’t just another kid. He really loves her, she just knows it, and that is why it is so easy to follow along with him.

Some might say that he is taking advantage of her. He warns her of that when he tells her that she can’t tell anyone about their relationship. Though they both know that she is far too smart and mature to be taken advantage of, that is what others would think of it, and so no one can know about the way he barely waits for the door to slam shut before he has her skirt pushed up and her panties around her knees, eager to bend her over and kneel behind her, tongue in her ass and leaving her moaning so much that she can’t even say hello.

And, of course, all of that is just for warm ups, because once he has her good and ready, he has her bent over a table so that he can fuck her, her panties now hanging off one leg, her skirt pushed all the way up around her waist, and the professor’s cock buried deep in her ass. They don’t actually do a lot of talking these days, spending more time fucking than anything else, but this is what mature adults do, she is sure, and if she keeps doing whatever he wants her to do, then she will keep proving to him that she is the mature young woman that he claims she is, that he admires so much.

In the meantime, she can also enjoy the way he handles her, glad that she is mature enough to be used like this.

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“You won’t be able to get where you need to go without a Sharpedo to ride,” the strange man, who has already referred to himself as an uncle figure to you, despite having never met you before in his life, says. “It really is a shame, isn’t it? You’re pretty much stranded without it.”

“I’m sure I can figure something out,” you reply, not sure why you’re stuck talking to him at all.

“Well, I could actually help you out with that. It’s just, you know how the grownup world works, don’t you? You can’t expect to get something for free these days. But I think I know a way you could pay me for it, and it won’t cost you a single cent.”

That is how you find yourself on your knees, right here on the beach where anyone could walk up and see you, sucking Grimsley off. You probably put up way less of a fight than you should have, which just goes to show how interested you actually are in this absolute weirdo, and how eager you actually are to suck his dick. It takes you little convincing, even in such a public setting, for you to give yourself over to him completely. Even more embarrassing is how quickly you forget your purpose for needing to cross the water in the first place, Team Skull and the kidnapped Yungoos quickly fading from your mind.

Your technique is sloppy and inexperienced, but the older man does not seem to notice or mind. He just rests a hand on the back of your head, coaxing you on as you fit his cock as deep in your mouth as you can manage, laughing a bit when you accidentally take more than you can handle and gag. Grimsley pulls your hair then, tugging you back a bit and scolding you for getting ahead of yourself, and you can’t help moaning then.

Yeah, you definitely like this a lot more than you should, and you definitely gave in too easily because, for whatever reason, you can’t get enough of this weird guy you met on the beach, your so-called Uncle Grimsley. You listen to the way he teases and taunts you as he lets himself get lost in it, soon taking over your pathetic attempts to fuck your face on his own, moaning for you, showing you just how much he loves it and how much he needed it. Maybe he was simply waiting for a stupid kid like you to come along and take advantage of.

Maybe you like that more than you should too. Maybe you might come back here a lot once you’re done with whatever the hell quest you’re on right now, and maybe you’ll let him take advantage of you again and again, and does it really count as taking advantage of you, if you want it so much? You still don’t have an answer when he comes down your throat with a satisfied groan, before slowly pulling out and asking, “So, still need that Sharpedo?”

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Mimo is so spoiled that Kiawe can never hope to say no to her, especially not when she looks up at him with those wide, innocent eyes, demanding anything and everything from him. Even when it comes to putting the secrecy of their relationship at risk, he can’t help but say yes to her, every single time. So when he is supposed to hang out with all of his friends from school, she is not interested in playing with Lana’s little sisters.

What Mimo wants to do is sit on his lap, her short dress and the table above them just barely enough to hide the fact that she isn’t wearing panties, and that Kiawe’s shorts are open, his cock buried inside of his little sister, who refuses to get off of his lap until he has come inside of her. If he were in his right mind, he would say no to her, no questions asked, but he is never in his right mind where Mimo is concerned. Whatever she wants, she always gets, because Kiawe is completely powerless before his darling little sister.

It is hard to keep up with conversation with Mimo squirming around on top of him. His friends just think it’s cute- maybe a little bit weird, but only a little- that she wants to sit on his lap the whole time, so clingy with her big brother that she won’t even go play with the other kids. Usually, Kiawe is clingy with her while she craves more independence, so they think that it must be nice for him to get so much attention for once.

What they don’t know is that every time she squirms and fidgets on top of him, he has to choke back a moan, afraid to show any signs of pleasure that might give them away, and afraid to do anything to further stimulate himself because of that. He knows that he won’t be free until he comes, but he still fights it anyway, all in some attempt to preserve his dignity, while he secretly fucks his little sister in front of all of their friends. He prays that Harper and Sara stay distracted running around rather than coming closer, and he prays that no one notices just how stiff and awkward he is, barely able to speak at all.

Mimo knows that she is tormenting him, probably loving every second of it. She knows that every moment leaves him aching for more, until she is shifting around on his lap, determined to get what she wants out of him. He can’t fight it, not like this, so all he can do is remain as stiff as possible to try and hide what’s going on, until he is biting the inside of his cheek hard enough to draw blood, a moan swallowed back in his throat as he comes up, his hips jerking involuntarily as he finishes inside of Mimo.

The noise he makes draws the attention of his friends, but he is glad that they are looking at him when Mimo gets up, rather than watching her as she walks off to the bathroom. As he nervously tries to explain himself, using a cough as a flimsy excuse, he is glad that they don’t seem to notice the thin line of his seed, dripping down her inner thigh as she walks off to get herself cleaned up.

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There are ways in which the siblings like to keep to themselves, and ways in which they treat everything like a performance. When it comes to their relationship, it has become almost performative, especially with how surprisingly supportive the citizens of Spikemuth are, eager to see any signs of affection between the two of them. Well, they have always loved Marnie a whole lot, so seeing her at her older brother’s side as often as possible is probably quite the treat for them.

But the absolute fan favorite has to be when he brings her up onstage with him, so that they can show the audience just how close the two of them really are. Public displays like this do not seem to suit either of their personalities, but there is something about their stage presence, something about the excitement of the audience that makes it too easy to get swept away in. For those moments, they become like different people entirely, eager to show off for all of their fans.

Marnie gets on her knees so that she can suck him off, while he tries to show off that even this isn’t enough to distract him from his performance. Even with Marnie taking his cock deeper into her mouth, he does not let a moan escape to throw him off, singing like he always does, his little sister’s low moans completely drowned out by the music. It takes a great amount of control to be able to pull this off, something that he prides himself on.

Marnie, meanwhile, prides herself on her ability to get her brother off with her mouth, knowing that he would not be able to stand up to her at all if they were alone right now, that only his stage bravado is enough to keep him under control. And she knows what comes next, the pressing issue that also helps him hold back his arousal, steadily building throughout the night until, when he reaches the climax of his finale song, he lets go, filling Marnie’s mouth with a sudden rush of piss.

She would be able to drink it all down on her own, but he pulls out of her mouth to listen to the cheers as they watch him soak her with his piss, before she fits her mouth around his cock again, to greedily drink down the rest. Only then does he lose himself in fucking her face, the concert otherwise over, with this sort of thing being the only exception that he has to his rule about encores. When it comes to letting his fans watch him use his sister’s mouth, he could keep going all night, no questions asked.

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You can see that he is starting to fidget, starting to get more nervous about this. The Morty that you are used to always seems so calm and collected, so smooth and well put together, that seeing this side of him is a rare treat. The fact that he was even willing to go along with it at all was a bit of a surprise, but there must be at least a small part of him that is curious about this interest of yours, or maybe he is as interested as you are, even if he does not let onto it.

But now he is standing in front of you, stiff and uncomfortable, his bladder no doubt so full now that he can hardly stand it. And all he can do is wait it out, while you stand by and watch eagerly, drinking in his every little move, every small sign that indicates that he is not holding out very well, that he is just moments away from finally losing control. You want to see him piss himself, you want to see just how well his light pants show it. Embarrassingly enough, that was one of your first impressions of him, long before you got to know him well enough to ask him to do something like that for you.

But, from the start, you have had an interest in seeing Morty piss himself, and now, he bites his lip and groans under his breath, and you know that that fantasy is finally about to come to life. His groans and fidgets are enough to leave you so excited that you can hardly stand it, and when he presses his thighs together, clenching his fists at his side, you feel as if your heart might jump out of your chest at any moment.

When it happens, it starts out very slowly, a sudden and small wet spot appearing, as Morty hisses and doubles down on trying to hold back. However, he is at his limit now, and so there is nothing he can do to stop it from growing and growing, expanding outward until finally, he loses control completely. Your eyes widen, eagerly drinking in the site of Morty soaking himself, his pants soon soaking through, the stream running down one of his legs until there is a puddle forming beneath him, and all of his tension seems to melt away, as he hangs his shoulders, relaxing and sighing in his relief.

“Was that everything you were dreaming about?” he asks you playfully, and you blush, biting your lip as you nod. “Wasn’t there something else you mentioned doing after this? You know, I’m not going to stop you if you still want to do that.”

Flustered by encouraged by his words, you get on your knees in front of him, so that you can suck at the crotch of his soaked pants, the sharp taste of his piss filling your mouth. All the while, Morty gently pats you on the head.

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Whitney gleefully bounces on his lap, arms wrapped around Morty’s neck, moaning louder and louder for him, showing him just how much she loves every second of this. She always gets so into things, becoming even more adorable as she gives into her lust, showing him her slutty side. He never would have expected the cutesy gym leader to be this addicted to riding him, but he sure is glad that he gave her a chance, now that he knows.

At first, her crush on him had seemed like something innocent, and as she tried to catch his attention, Morty tried to ignore it, not sure if a cute girl like her could handle someone like him, but then, she was the one who made the first move, showing him just how ready she really was for him. Now, he would never consider her feelings for him innocent, and is so glad that she proved his initial assumptions about her wrong.

That being said, there is still an innocent quality to the way she grins at him as she rides him, holding tight to him as she takes everything that she wants, allowing Morty to simply sit back and bounce on his cock. It seems that Whitney is never able to get enough of him, completely addicted to his cock, as obsessed with fucking him as she is infatuated with him in general. He rests a hand on the small of her back, giving her a gentle and praising pat while she wildly rides him, giving into her desire so readily.

But as soon as he is done patting her on the back, he moves his hands down, and grabs hold of Whitney’s ass, causing her to squeal out as he does. She tries to pretend to be scandalized by it, tries to pretend to scold him for it, but her moans are a dead give away, and once he has a handle on her, he is able to take control, turning the tables on her quickly. He is able to hold her still so that he can begin thrusting up into her, hard and fast, making her squeal even louder as he fucks her.

It is fun to let Whitney ride him and have her fun with him, but it is much better to take control and have his way with the cute girl, showing her exactly what she is dealing with. At first, he worried that an adorable girl like her would not be able to handle him, but now that he knows that she can, he loves to make her prove her ability as much as possibility. Once he has her screaming with her orgasm, he is satisfied enough with it for the time being, still holding her steady so that he can pound into her until he is done.

She is quickly swept away in the excitement once again, a second orgasm ripping through her body as he gives one last, rough thrust, coming up into her.

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“There you go, just like that,” Morty groans, encouraging you to keep up with what you are doing. You are eager to continue sucking him off, wanting to show him just how good you are, wanting him to keep telling you how good you are. For some time now, you have wanted to impress the Ghost type gym leader, and you have been desperate to earn his approval like this. Anything to get closer to him, anything to be able to have him all for yourself.

This is your first time doing something like this, but from Morty’s frequent praise and encouragement, you think that you are doing a pretty good job at it. You are glad that you have turned out to be a natural at sucking cock, and that you did not disappoint him right off the bat. If you can do this good of a job with the first thing that he has asked for, then that certainly means that he will reward you with even more chances down the line, to do even more for him, and to let him do all sorts of things to you.

For now, you just take his cock deeper into his mouth, trying to be careful so that you do not end up gagging, certain that that will make him think you are not as ready for this as you made yourself seem. The last thing you want to do is disappoint him, when you have done so much to impress him so far. You have to know your limits, and fortunately, Morty is not forceful with you, letting you take your time with it as he rubs a hand along your shoulder.

“You’re a natural,” he mumbles with a moan, echoing one of your earlier thoughts, and you are so glad that he feels the same way about it. “You’re going to be so great, I can just tell…”

You moan as you look up at him with wide and eager eyes, trying to tell him how much you’d like that, even though you are not able to speak to him. Morty smiles down at you, and you know that he understands, before his smile falters and he moans again, nearing his own limit as you continue to push yours, taking his cock as deep as you can manage, running your tongue along the base, loving the way that Morty cries out for you, his pleasure growing and growing. He is not going to last much longer, and you know what you want from him next.

That is why you pull back licking along the tip of his cock and wrapping your hand around it, so that you can finish him like this, jerking your hand up and down, until Morty is panting and desperate, warning you that he is about to come, just seconds before he does. And as he does, you pull back enough that he can cover your face, moaning as he shoots all over you.

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“You did an excellent job,” Koga praises his daughter. “I never even noticed you! It takes a lot to sneak up on me, but you already knew that. You improve more and more each day, Janine.”

Janine does not reply to her father’s praise, but not because she is unhappy with it, or because she has nothing to say. She does not reply to him because she can’t right now, because, while he tugs on her ponytail, he is jerking her head back and forth along his cock, fucking her face as reward for her excellent performance.

There is nothing that Janine loves more than to get praised by her father, and she practices and trains nearly constantly to impress, and someday surpass, him. In the meantime, he rewards her hard work and progress by giving her what she really wants, and the attention that she craves.

“Such a good girl,” he mumbles, steadily losing himself in the moment, until he is not able to speak at all, reduced to groans as he uses her mouth for his own satisfaction. Janine moans and whimpers as he jerks his hips, fucking her face without mercy, eager to show him just how much she can do for him. If he is impressed with her developing skills as a ninja, she is determined to blow him away with her skills as a woman as well.

It can be difficult as a single father, devoting his time to his daughter and her training, but it is mutually beneficial when the attention that she wants helps satisfy his needs that would be left otherwise unattended to. It is just as much as him as it is for her- actually, even more so, though he isn’t sure if she realizes that yet- but he uses it as a reward anyway, and Janine is always so grateful.

She is even more grateful when he tightly holds her head in place as he reaches his peak, coming down her throat, forcing her to swallow all of his load. Janine struggles to keep her composure, but still she finds herself moaning for him, ecstatic. She beams when her father repeats, “Such a good girl.”

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You consider yourself very lucky to be in such good hands. It has been a difficult transition, as an Aether Foundation intern, but Wicke is there for you, guiding you through everything, offering you any support that you might need. From the start, the two of you are close, and she is openly caring with you, but it is not long before something else begins to develop between the two of you, something that is not dealt with out in the opening, a way for her to take care of you and relieve your stress in ways that you had no idea that you needed.

It is absolutely amazing, better than anything you could have ever hoped for. Not only is Wicke one of the kindest and most supportive people you have ever met, but she is absolutely gorgeous, and the fact that she is so willing to offer herself up like this, all for your sake, makes you the luckiest intern in the history of interns, you are certain. When Wicke takes you to her office, asking if there is anything you want to talk about, or anything that she can do to help you relax, you know exactly what that really means, and you eagerly follow along with her, mentioning that there might be something she can do for you.

As she locks the door behind her, she says, “Now, what was it you were thinking of? You said there was something I could do for you.” Wicke gives you a playful smile.

“I think you already know what to do,” you reply, with an innocent smile of your own. “You always know just how to take care of me, after all.”

“Well, if that’s the case, let me just…” Coming closer to you, she helps you out of your uniform, enough so that she can wrap her hand around your cock. “Oh, you’re already really excited, aren’t you? You knew exactly what you wanted when you came back here with me. And you’re so excited, just to be able to be alone with me. That’s so sweet, very flattering…”

As she speaks, she begins to work her hand up and down, gently and teasingly stroking you, until you are whimpering for her, giving into your desires, and losing yourself in the pleasure. Wicke knows just how to take care of you, and you are happy to let her have full control of the situation. Relaxing under her touch, you have nothing to worry about, not a care in the world, and as she picks up speed, she pushes you closer and closer, until you are crying out for her.

“There we go, that’s very good,” she encourages you, her soothing voice only furthering your arousal, until you are right there on the edge. And you can’t hope to hold back under her touch, coming very quickly, whining as you do. “There we go, that’s very good. Doesn’t that feel so much better?”

Dazed, all you can do is nod.

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Mina has been fidgeting for a while, but whenever you try to ask if she needs a break, she just shushes you, telling you to try and keep as still as possible, and not to distract her. You know that this is getting bad for her, but she really wants to finish this, and is determined to do so, not wanting to even entertain the idea of taking a break. Nothing that you can say to her will be enough to persuade her, not when she gets serious like this. Though she is ordinarily laid back, she becomes like a different person when it comes to art.

But you know that she is struggling quite a bit right now, and you know that it will not be much longer before she does not have a chance. She is making it pretty obvious, with all of her fidgety movements, that she is rather desperate to pee, and you are certain that this has been building the entire time that you have been posed for her. The piece should be nearly done by now, so you can understand her not wanting to stop just yet, but at the same time, you just can’t see how she expects to make it through this. Mina is in bad shape now, but because she will not listen to you, it is unlikely that you will be able to convince her to take the short break needed to take care of this.

“Almost…done,” she says, more to herself than to you. She is trying to reassure herself, trying to convince herself that she can hold on just a little bit longer, even though it is obvious that she is right there at her limit. Mina is not going to make it, there is simply no way, but even so, she keeps working until the end, her thighs pressed tightly together, completely unable to hold still, no matter how hard she may try to hide it from you.

Finally, she puts the finishing touches on it, saying, “Okay, you can move now. I’ve got everything that I need…so you can just…do whatever you want, I’m just going to…” Shakily, she tries to stand up, but as soon as she is on her feet, her legs snap together again, and she whimpers, a pathetic sound that shows just how close she really is to losing control.

“Are you alri-” Your question is cut short as Mina suddenly gasps, a hand shooting between her legs. But it isn’t enough, and you watch as a dark patch spreads on her jeans, growing and growing until it is running down her legs. She stares down, watching in shock as she completely soaks herself, all of her best efforts to hold it counting for nothing in the end. Neither one of you can do anything but watch the mess that she makes grow and grow, puddling at her feet, until finally, it slows to a stop. Exhausted, Mina falls to her knees.

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“That’s my girl,” Leaf’s mother says, in an almost soothing voice, as she encourages her daughter. “You’re doing just fine. Your gag reflex is great, sweetie!”

Leaf is not so sure about all of this, but at this point, there is no way out of it. It has become a popular trend lately, hard to tell where it first started, but now Leaf is in deep. Young, attractive champions are quite desirable, and there is a lot of money to be had in whoring them out once they are old enough for it. And Leaf is no exception, her mother excited to get in on that trend, offering up her champion daughter’s body to anyone willing to pay the high price.

Leaf was not entirely on board with the idea, but her mother convinced her, and that is how she has found herself with a hand gripping the back of her head, the man in front of her fucking her face hard and fast, leaving Leaf nearly choking on his dick, while her mother praises her for not gagging on it. If only she knew how hard it was to not gag on it, and of course she knows that the only reason Leaf has a tolerant gag reflex is because of all the training and work that she has done, all of the men that she has sucked before now.

“She’s so cute,” he breathes, his grip on her head tightening, her hair caught in his fist. “Ah…fuck, she’s so cute, and so fucking good at this!”

“Isn’t she just?” Suddenly, her mother’s tone changes, just as it always does. “My little slut of a daughter is the best there is. The mouth of a champion!” Her mother always gets like this, her encouragement disappearing as she gets into her role, degrading her daughter and encouraging the man to have his way with her.

“Go on, sweetie, show him just how much of a slut you really are! Show him how much you love sucking dick, show him how good you are at it. Let him fuck that slutty throat of yours!” And with her mouth full, there is nothing that Leaf can do protest this, and even if she were to protest, she knows that her mom would just jeer at her, claiming that she loves to play hard to get, before encouraging the man to fuck her silly, and make her admit how much she loves it.

“Fuck, it’s so good, fucking hell, I’m gonna…”

“You can cover her pretty face, go on and let her have it,” she replies, and the man is quick to comply, pulling out of Leaf’s mouth just in time to come, coating her face in it, groaning loudly. All Leaf can do is take it, trying to keep her mouth closed until she is able to wash it off.

As her mother ushers out another satisfied customer, she turns to Leaf and says, “I hope you’re read for a busy schedule!”

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“Harder, harder, she can take it!” Hearing the way Lyra’s mother shouts, the man follows her directions, pounding into Lyra even harder, leaving the girl crying out, rendered completely incoherent by the rough way the stranger has his way with her.

This has been her daily life for a while now, the champion taking part in the popular trend of selling her body to anyone who might be willing to pay top dollar for the most desirable pussy in the region. As he lays on his back, he keeps his arms hooked under her legs, fucking her in a full-nelson, grunting wildly as he loses himself to his lust.

All the while, her mother, the real driving force behind this little business venture, continues to taunt Lyra while begging the man to do whatever he wants to her. Lyra has never been fully convinced that this is the best idea, and oftentimes, her mother becomes almost cruel in the way she coaxes the men to use her daughter. But the money is good, and that is something that she can’t argue with, and even when her clients get rough with her, it is hard not to eventually get lost in the haze of lust, to not give into her most base instincts, letting him fuck her as hard as he wants, and moaning desperately, whimpering and gasping.

“Let the nice man see how how good you can take it, show him how addicted you are to cock, little Lyra!” And she always says things like that, condescending to her daughter by babying her, as if Lyra is not an adult, fully capable of handling herself. But it’s not like she has a chance to tell her mother off for that right now, when she is far too busy screaming loude and louder for the man that pounds into her with more and more force, eager to lay claim to the ever popular Lyra. It must have something to do with how cute and innocent she looks, the sharp contrast that comes about when her mom advertises her as being a “total freak.”

That must be what keeps them coming in droves, so that they can take advantage of their chance with her, to get to see just how much of a freak she is for themselves. No matter what the price may be, there is always someone willing to pay for it, and that is why her mother knew that they could make good money off of this, living the life that a champion’s family “deserves,” or so she says. Never mind the fact that she never does any of the work for herself, but still reaps the benefits.

But that is all far from Lyra’s mind right now, screaming louder and louder for her client, who fucks her harder each time she does, giving her just what she needs while taking everything that he wants. And Lyra is completely helpless, with no choice but to give into it entirely.

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This is the first time that May has actually had to do something like this, because it has taken a lot of her mom talking it up before she would actually agree to give it a try. So many regions boast about how much fun it is to fuck their sexy, young adult champion, with so many people willing to pay any price for a chance at that. Naturally, with the other girls being pushed into it by their mothers, May’s own mother wanted a part in it as well, pushing May until she is finally willing to give it a try.

Tonight is her first night with a client, and her mother is there to watch over her. With her legs pushed back, the man she has never met before bears down on her, grunting on top of her, causing May to cry out again and again. At the very least, this is not her first time being fucked, even if it is her first time selling her body. She has very little experience, but if she had no experience to speak of, this would be a lot more difficult on her, especially with how large the cock inside of her is.

Even so, it is still difficult to take it, whimpering and moaning, her mother shouting to be heard over the noise as she encourages her daughter. Of course May needs as much encouragement as possible, and needs to be coached through her very first job, the client seeming perfectly capable of blocking it out as he loses himself in his thrusts.

“You can do it, May! You’re doing such a good job, making me so proud right now!” her mom cheers her on, acting as if she is watching one of May’s exhibition matches, rather than watching her get fucked hard by a paying customer. If May were not so caught up in the heat of the moment, she might be embarrassed by how enthusiastic her mom is about things, but as things are, she is too busy to think about such things.

At first, she was not too sure about it, but now that she is getting into things, she can admit that this was a good idea, and can understand why her mom was so eager to sign her up for this. Perhaps it is just all of the persuasion, convincing her that she likes this, but she is glad to give herself over, glad to prove to her mother that she is worth every bit of praise that she gets. And she is even more glad to let the man on top of her push down into her, fucking her with a frantic energy like she has never seen before. She hopes that he will agree that this is worth every cent that he paid for her, even if she is still new, even if she is still not entirely sure what to do to please him.

But judging by the way he suddenly tenses up, thrusting hard into her as he comes, she might have done enough just by lying back and taking it.

Chapter Text

“What do you mean you don’t have any money?” you ask, growing frustrated with the situation. Everyone knows the cardinal rule of Pokemon battles is that you pay up if you lose. After soundly defeating the young trainer, you expect some form of compensation.

“I’m really sorry, you just caught me at a bad time,” May replies, looking sheepish.

“You knew you were flat broke when you accepted my challenge. You must have really thought you would win,” you reply. “Look, I’m not letting you go until you pay me what I’m owed. I’m sure we can come up with something to settle this…”

And that is how you end up coaxing her to give you a rimjob, assuring her that you will forgive her debt completely just as long as she eats your ass. You almost expect May to reject the idea entirely, but you find that she gives in very quickly, not needing much convincing before she is ready to get on her knees for you, and use her mouth to pay what she owes you.

Suddenly, you start to think that it might be better that she does not have the money to pay you back, because this is a whole lot better than any money could be. Getting a little ways off the path, where you should not be interrupted, the two of you get on your knees, with May right behind you. You wonder what it is that makes her so eager for this, but you are glad that she is, considering yourself very lucky to have run into her like this. Perhaps this was all meant to be somehow, though you doubt fate would be that oddly specific to your kinks.

As she presses her tongue inside of you, you moan softly, squirming in your anticipation. May does not seem to need any help or coaching with this, seeming to understand perfectly how to give you what you want. She must have prior experience, must really love to do this sort of thing, and that is why she needed no real convincing. As she works her tongue deeper, she draws more and more moans out from you, and all you can do is give into the overwhelming pleasure, certain that this is the best thing that could have happened to you today.

It does not take her long to work you up so much that you are right there on the edge, crying out desperately for her, and May moans into you, making it clear that she is enjoying this just as much as you are. You gasp and moan until you tense up, coming suddenly and coming hard, letting out a strangled moan over overwhelming bliss.

It takes you some time to calm down and recover after that, but once you do, you breathlessly ask May, “Would you like me to see you into town? Since you lost the battle, you’ll be pretty helpless.”

“Sounds good,” she replies, beaming at you.

“In that case…perhaps we could travel together for a while.”

Chapter Text

With May as your companion, it becomes rather easy for you to plan what to do with her next. Eventually, you persuade her into having another battle with you, already knowing that you are going to win this time. And once you do, she offers to pay you, finally having money this time, but you are no longer interested in getting money from her, and you have a feeling that she knows that.

Instead, you make her agree to be your pet for the day, and May has to obey whatever you want her to do. Stripping her naked, you pull out a marker that you have, and she is made to let you write anything you want all over her body. Though you start with simple things, writing loser , and pathetic , on her, you get more in depth, writing about how slutty and easy she is, mocking her body all along the way, until you seal the deal by writing ass-eater on one of her cheeks, before drawing an arrow pointing directly to her mouth.

Once you are done with her, May is covered in degrading words and phrases, marketing her as the pathetic slut that she is, one that can’t even manage to pay up after winning a Pokemon battle, but is totally willing to offer up any part of her body as compensation. Honestly better than getting paid, you would think, and you are sure that anyone else who had the fortune of defeating her while she was broke would agree.

Now, May is all yours, and with her body covered in writing, you then get out something else that you had prepared for this occasion. You secure the collar around her neck, pleased to see that it is a perfect fit, before clipping a leash to it and telling her, “Now, get down on all fours. I’m going to take you for a little walk. Why don’t we call it a victory lap, of sorts?”

May has no choice but to comply, and yet her eyes shine as if she would not protest this even if she were able to. She gets down like you tell her to, crawling along in front of you, letting you take her on a walk along the path, and you tug on her leash whenever she starts to move too quickly ahead. It is a long way to the next Pokemon Center, and that will involve a walk through town, but you have no intention of sparing her that humiliation.

She has a chance to get used to it, at least, with all of the trainers that you pass along the way, staring at her with wide eyes, none bold enough to challenge you to a battle after seeing the way you are treating your most recent victory. That is just fine by you, because it gives you plenty of time to draw out May’s humiliation, your new pet on display for all to see. As far as you are concerned, the fun is only just beginning.

Chapter Text

Hilda has never loved anything more than this. Being the most desirable girl in all of Unova, with only one possible exception, is pretty exciting, and the former champion is glad that her mother decided to whore her out when the current champion’s mother started doing the same. So far, she has brought in clients from all over the region, impressing all of them with her skills, and proving that she is great at so much more than just Pokemon battling.

Her ass is her most popular feature, and as she rides her latest client, her mother is there to root her on, cheering for her and saying, “Go get ‘em, cowgirl, just like that! Just like mommy taught you, let him feel that tight ass!”

Hilda bounces on top of him, his big cock buried in her ass, crying out in delight. She has become so popular from all of this having been enjoyed by so many people, even high profile clients, like gym leaders and members of the elite four. No one can resist her, and they definitely can’t resist her ass, making she and her mother so rich along the way.

“You’re making me so proud, making us all sorts of money with how popular you are! Everyone loves fucking my little girl’s ass. Isn’t that right, sir?” she asks and the man fucking Hilda simply grunts, unable to speak coherently in his current position.

But that does not matter to either of them, because they both know just how much he is enjoying it, just like everyone else who gets a taste of Hilda. She is confident that she is everything that they could ever want in a lover, and is ecstatic to be able to serve so many, and get paid so much, on top of that. When her mother shares the numbers that they have earned with her, she is always blown away that so many people would want to spend so much for some time with her, spurring her on down the path of a popular prostitute.

This man is just another in a long line of conquests, her tight ass milking his cock until he has no choice but to explode inside of her, her ass leaking his come as she continues to bounce on top of him, not willing to stop until he tells her to stop. She knows that, just because he has finished does mean that they are finished, and she knows that her mom will be able to grift him after this, and get even more money for the two of them. Not only that, but if she satisfies him enough, if she makes him feel good enough, then he will be addicted to fucking her ass, and will become a regular client, eager to keep paying her for more.

Hilda rides the high of her success, her mom’s cheers ringing in her ears as she continues to milk her client for all that he is worth.

Chapter Text

The group of men surrounding Serena have all payed top dollar to be invited to this special party. Her mother stopped them all at the door, checking their invitations and collecting payment, while her daughter waited just inside, ready for the fun to start. The Kalos champion loves hosting parties like this alongside her mother, who handles all of the business involved, while Serena simply gets to be the start of the show.

She is good at this, and loves all of the attention that she gets, loves that there are so many men willing to throw money at her, willing to pay any price for an invitation to one of her private parties. And once her guests are all here, they crowd around her, stroking their cocks while her greedy eyes watch them, wondering which one she is going to start with first.

It is so hard to choose, and so, all she can do is close her eyes and lean forward, letting the boldest among them to be the first to shove his cock in her mouth. Ecstatic, she opens her eyes and looks up at him, beaming as she begins to suck him off, and as the others continue jerking themselves off while staring her naked body up and down. Even as she blows another man, one of them is quick to come, spurting into her hair and still not slowing down. By the end of the night, she hopes to be completely covered in their come, and to have swallowed quite a bit on top of that.

She switches targets often, moving from dick to dick, sucking everyone in turn, and trying to give them all equal attention while they continue to jerk off, moaning pathetically, all of them completely focused on her. They don’t even notice her mother, standing off to the side and encouraging her with cries of, “This is the biggest party yet, you’re making us so much money!” and “You just look lovely, Serena, you’re so good at this!”

Over and over again, the men come, whether it is all over her after finishing themselves off with their hands, or down her throat as she blows them, but they always seem to be eager for more, growing greedy and persistent, growing impatient, as time goes on. She barely has time to pull away from one cock, until another is shoved in her mouth, until there are two men fucking her mouth at once, her jaw growing sore as they fight to fit inside all at once. And still, the onlookers keep shooting their load on her, getting it in her hair, all over her face and her breasts, covering the rest of her body, wearing themselves out and having the time of their life.

Serena’s parties are always fun for everyone, and she always makes sure that everyone that is invited leaves completely worn out and satisfied, several stopping to talk to her mother on the way out, wanting to know how to make sure they can get on the guest list for her next party.

Chapter Text

Selene shifts uncomfortably, staring at the ass in front of her, not sure if she can really do this. Her mother has explained to her time and time again how to properly eat ass, assuring her that her clients will love it, and that it will make her a lot of money. Just being able to spend a night with Alola’s first ever champion is enough to make her a lot of money, but being able to cater to their every need and whim does not hurt matters at all. Tonight is the first time she has ever had to do anything that she considers out of the ordinary, though.

She has sucked and fucked plenty of clients, but this is the first time that she has ever put her mom’s lessons on eating ass to use, and she is just not sure if she can really pull it off or not. Truth be told, she has been unsure about this whole business venture from the start, but with Alola adapting so many customs from other regions now, her mom can’t help but remind her of the Kanto champion that made so much money by selling her body. If there is a Pokemon League here, she insists, then there should be a champion prostitute.

“Go on, Selene, don’t keep the nice man waiting. We already promised him that you could eat ass like a champ,” her mom urges her on, laughing at her own joke, her tone a little patronizing. They both know that she does not really know what she is doing, but she can’t exactly call her mother out on that right now, and instead leans forward, spreading her client’s ass so that she can hesitantly lick along his hole, listening to the way he gasps in surprise.

She stiffens at first, but then her mother says, “No need to take it so slow, just get in there and do it!” Selene, not wanting to be scolded further, hurriedly presses her tongue forward, pushing into him and making him moan.

It is an awkward process at first, methodical as she tries to emulate the things that her mother has taught her, working her tongue inside of him in repetitive patterns, until she has him moaning for her, and can start to figure out what it is that he likes. It gets easier as she goes, because she can repeat anything that he likes, using each sound that he makes as guidance, teaching her firsthand what it is that she needs to do.

“There, see? Isn’t she just as good as I said she was? My slutty little daughter is a champion at everything she does, isn’t it?” Her mother’s voice is sharp and goading, reminding Selene of her place here, only praising her because she is doing such a good job of eating a stranger’s ass for money. And it will not be the last time, certainly, as she continues to tout her daughter’s abilities, until she is just as successful as any other champion prostitute has ever been.

Chapter Text

“You’ve got this, don’t worry,” her mother says to her, gently pushing her forward. “This one should be really easy for you, alright?”

Though she is still new to taking clients, still new to selling herself to make money for her family, she has been assured that she will have an easy time with this guy. He has his preferences, and what he wants to do tonight is not pin her down and fuck her mercilessly, like she is starting to get used to, and instead has a preference for her thighs, claiming that he has had his eye on them for a while.

As her mother has told her, she does not have to worry about this, because all she has to do is let him do what he wants to her thighs. Selene is assured over and over again that everything is going to be simple for her, but her mother has a habit of doing that, urging her on and pushing her forward, in a sweet tone, as if she is doing any mother’s job by coaching her daughter through countless nights spent with countless men, indulging them in their desires and fetishes, bringing in money for the family so that they can live a better life, or at least, that’s what she is told.

“We already live in paradise,” her mother says, “so why not take advantage of that?”

In order to take advantage of it, they need money, and in order to get money, Selene enters the room with her mother behind her, already naked as she goes to meet the man with the thigh fixation. He is already gawking at her legs as she crosses the room, and soon enough, he has her on his lap, his erection nestled between her thighs. Already, he is moaning for her, and her mother says, “Make sure you squeeze him as tight as you would with your hand! But not too tight, remember, just enough so that he really feels good.”

“It’s nice, it’s good,” he breathes, as he begins jerking his hips up, and she keeps her thighs tight around him, as he pushes his cock up and down, creating the friction that he needs to get off. It is not long before he is rendered completely incoherent, losing himself in the pleasure of the moment, whimpering and whining for her, while Selene bounces up and down on his lap.

“See, dear, isn’t it just like I told you it would be?” her mother asks her, and she has to admit that she is right, that this is really easy. She does not mind doing this at all, and she almost wishes that every client were this easy. He groans for her, unable to speak at all, and, desperate to finish himself off, he works quickly, fucking her thighs with a frantic rhythm, until he lets out a scream and comes suddenly, spurting on her legs as he explodes with his pleasure.

Chapter Text

“You’ll be the most popular champion in the history of Galar for sure!” Gloria’s mother promises her, something that Gloria hopes is true, something that she has been working very hard for. Ever since becoming the champion, she has been eager to live up to the reputation, and her mother has been all too happy to take control of the business aspect of things, helping her figure things out so that she can reach her full potential.

It is a lot t measure up to, what with how popular the former champion’s body was, but Gloria has done very well selling herself, with clients lining up for a chance with her. Tonight, she has book two at once, the two of them having to share her, just so that they can both be fit into her very busy schedule. But that does not seem to bother either of these men at all, content to share the champion, with one in her mouth and one in her ass. All the while, her mother watches over her, in awe of just how good her daughter is at sucking and fucking.

When it comes to these private, paid meetings, the Galar champions have had a history of showing their clients the true meaning of “a champion time,” and now, Gloria is no exception. With her lips wrapped tightly around one man’s cock, she can feel the other buried deep in her ass, thrusting harder and faster with each moment, as he begins to lose himself in the pleasure.

Each time that he pushes her forward with a thrust, she takes the man in her mouth deeper, nearly gagging on him from time to time, but she manages to keep her composure, proving that she is able to take all of this and more, proving that she is worth what they have paid for her. Each time he is pushed deeper into her mouth, he lets out a low moan of ecstasy, the two men both enjoying her so much, until they are both working in tandem, falling into a pattern as they thrust, pushing her back and forth between the two of them, using Gloria to their heart’s content.

“That’s my popular little champion, making us so much money and making such a big name for herself!” Whenever she hears her mother’s encouragements, Gloria feels as though she can do anything, as if she really is on her way to becoming the most popular champion that Galar has ever known. Leon may be stiff competition, but he had several years to build his name, and Gloria has already made such a name for herself, in such a short amount of time.

If she keeps making her clients as happy as she has already made these two men, then she is certain that she will be on top of the world in no time at all. Until then, she is happy to be pushed back and forth, used for all that she is worth, taking one man’s come up her ass while swallowing the other man’s.

Chapter Text

Gloria has no time to think about how terribly she has failed,and has no time to regret what she has done, or wonder what she could have done differently. That is because losing to the chairman means that she belongs to him now, and she has such a high price to pay that she is not given a moment’s peace to regret anything, not given a moment’s peace to try and think if there is any way for her to get out of this yet, to be able t fix what she has messed up.

There is nothing that she can do, as Rose pushes her legs back, his weight bearing down on top of her. He groans as he pushes inside of her, ignoring the way that she tries to resist, screaming out to him. She is his now, and there is nothing more she can do about it. He won and she lost, and these are the consequences that she has to face. Now, Gloria belongs to him, and he is going to make the most of that.

Holding her legs out, keeping her spread for him, he begins pounding into her, grunting as he does, ignoring Gloria’s pathetic whimpering as he mercilessly fucks her. He loses himself in the pleasure, thrusting into her, and as he does, he begins to speak to her, wanting to remind her of just how helpless she is in the situation.

“Pathetic slut,” he says, in a mocking tone of voice, as playful as he is cruel. “You knew that you stood no chance against me, but you still tried to get in my way. You sure showed everyone just how useless you are.”

Gloria whines as he fucks her harder, getting rougher as he continues to speak to her. “I admit, I’m a little disappointed. I had such high hopes for you, and then you let me down, over and over again. But now, we’ll see if we can’t find a use for a useless little slut like you. Maybe you can prove your worth by having my child.”

She tries to cry out then, tries to protest that, willing to do anything else, but Rose silences her by pressing his lips to hers, in a rough and dominating kiss as he continues to fuck her senseless. There is nothing that she can do to argue or fight, and there is nothing that she can do to escape her fate now that she belongs to him. She lost, and that’s all there is to it.

Hopeless and helpless, she gives into him, letting him do as he pleases with her, pounding into her harder and faster until he is at his limit, pulling back from the kiss just so that he can hear the way that he makes her moan for him now, having steadily broken her down. And then, with one last groan and one last thrust, he jerks his hips forward, spilling inside of her, flooding her with his seed and ensuring that she will do just what he wants.

Chapter Text

Marley is a soft-spoken girl, so quiet that one might not expect her to have a dominant side. If anything, the way that she carries herself would suggest something entirely different, a submissive girl that needs to be taken care of. You are lucky enough to get to see just how untrue that is, and you are close enough to her to get to see her dominant side, though she is still so gentle with it, that you would never say that it does not suit her.

It is just a side that people would not assume that she has, but it is still Marley, through and through. And when the two of you are alone together, she is the one taking care of you, rather than the other way around, and she does not need to speak to give you what you need. A quiet girl like her likely finds comfort in the fact that the two of you rarely have need for words, when it comes to what you do together.

Getting on top of you, she gives you a small smile, before leaning down to kiss you, and already, you are fully prepared to give yourself over to Marley completely. You are hers, and she knows it, without ever even needing to ask, and as she kisses you, her hands roam your body, causing you to moan into her kiss. Always, you are much noisier than she is, especially when it comes to situations like this.

You are more than eager to give yourself over to her and to let her have all of the control, knowing that you can trust her with it, knowing that she can take good care of you. She shifts back a bit, breaking the kiss as she straddles your lap, slowly lowering herself onto your cock, and you whimper pathetically for her as she does, and as she only lets out a soft gasp, remaining quiet even now. It takes a lot to get any major reactions out of her, but you find that you don’t mind that at all.

Not to mention the fact that it is hard to think about anything like that once she is riding you. Once you are fully buried inside of her, and once she has begun bouncing on your cock, riding you and using you for her own satisfaction, while giving you everything that you need at the same time, it is hard to think of anything other than how much you love this. It’s all so good that you can hardly stand it, groaning for her, louder and louder, while Marley’s soft, adorable gasps are completely drowned out by your own pathetic noises.

This is exactly what she wants- you, showing her just how much you love it, showing her that you still belong to her entirely, and that you are still just as weak for her touch as you have ever been. And in this moment, you could not be more content.

Chapter Text

Gloria writhes underneath him, gasping for breath as his hand grips her throat harder. Bede would have an easier time choking her if his other hand were not already in use, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made, he supposes. At least, they do in cases like this, where he wants to choke her while he pisses on her, rather than doing one while having to wait to do the other, so, with one hand on her throat and the other on his cock, he supposes he just has to settle.

So while she gasps for breath, struggling and whimpering, he lets loose, soaking her in his piss, and scoffing at her. “Look at you, you’re such a bother! So unbelievably pathetic, and you know the only reason that I even put up with you is because you let me treat you like absolute shit. You know that, don’t you?”

Gloria is unable to answer, so he squeezes her throat a little tighter, to drive his point home. Sighing as he continues emptying his bladder, having made sure that he was full just for this occasion, he soaks Gloria with his piss, not letting up until he is completely empty, and even then, he still has his grip on her, shifting his other hand up so that he can increase the power behind it.

“You like it, don’t you? When I cover you in my piss and degrade you? That’s why you keep coming back for more, even though I’m sick of dealing with you,” he says, watching the way the tears well up in her eyes. “Oh, are you going to cry now? Even though you know everything I’m saying is true, you’re still going to cry your eyes out because I’m not too polite to say it?”

Though she may cry, he already knows for a fact that this will not be the last time that they do this, just the same as it wasn’t the last time the last time that he made her cry. She just keeps coming back for more, and that is what makes her worth the trouble. That is the only thing that makes her worth the trouble, the only use that she has. Gloria will let him do whatever he wants to her just as long as he gives her some sort of attention, letting him take out all of his pent-up frustrations out on her, abusing and degrading her because he knows that she will take it, and because he always feels worlds better once he is done with her.

Gloria continues to struggle and cry beneath him, and he pulls back just in time to let her gasp for breath, not allowing himself to take things too far, but he does hope that there will be a pretty bruise on her neck to remind her of this encounter. And the funny thing is, for all that she has resisted, she certainly does spread her legs as soon as he has straightened up and stepped back, inviting him to fuck her without even needing to be asked.

Chapter Text

Gloria has changed a lot, and it is hard for Leon to say if it is for the better, though that is definitely what he is leaning to, as she gets down on her knees, pulling down his shorts so that she can show him just how much she has changed. When he first met his little brother’s best friend, she was a starstruck fan, with a rather obvious crush on him that he tried to ignore, thinking that she was far too young and inexperienced for him.

He never would have expected her to go out and try to rectify her lack of experience, so that she could be ready for him. And he definitely never would have expected her to come out of that so oversexed that she would be bold enough to go for it without hesitation, assuring him that she has learned a lot, and that he will really love it when she shows him. Gloria rambles on about all the men that she has fucked to prepare for this moment, with stories that all blend together, names and numbers and experiences that he can’t hope to keep track of, ones that she admits she might have even gotten mixed up, because there’s just so many of them.

All of this so that she could suck him off right now, and prove to the champion that his biggest fan is ready for him now, that she is so much more than the inexperienced little girl with a crush that he met that first time. She is just so eager to show him everything that she has learned, to show him what she has been taught by so many other men, as if that was all that she was missing to be able to take him. And Leon has no chance to gather his thoughts or try and argue that, because the way that she goes at him is so overwhelming that he can only get lost in it, letting her greedily suck his cock, as she must have done for so many others before him.

Gripping the back of her head, he groans and lets her have at him, deciding that this is all just fine. Clearly, she knows what she is doing, and he would be an idiot to let an opportunity like this go to waste. Gloria has come back to him a bona fide expert at being a slut, so who is he to deny her that chance to show it off?

Leon begins jerking his hips, taking over for a moment, and Gloria is eager to surrender, as if this is yet another thing that she is more than used to. She probably is, showing no signs of gag reflex as he gives into his lust and fucks her throat, not bothering to hold back, because he knows that she can take it. Perhaps Gloria was not ready for him when they first met, but now, she’s just the kind of girl that Leon likes.

Chapter Text

Janine is much better at stealth than you are, but your girlfriend likes to do things like this, and see just how well you can keep up with her, setting the risks rather high for you, should you fail. She was raised to be stealthy like this, a young ninja who can do most things completely undetected, and as her lover, you are expected to be able to keep up with her, at least to some degree.

Even so, you thought that the public sex was a little extreme at first, and even so, you soon grew used to it, the potential risk of getting caught only serving to add to the thrill of it all, and suddenly, you could understand exactly why Janine wanted you to do something like this with her. She must get a thrill out of it just as much as you do, perhaps even more so, and as you steadily work up from simple tasks, you become more bold, wanting to see just what you can do, and just how quiet you can be, to keep the two of you from being detected.

Today feels like an ultimate test of sorts, because this is the first time that the two of you are doing this completely naked, with no way to quickly cover yourselves, should you be caught. You are hidden away, but you can hear the bustle of people around, and you hold back moans as Janine rises and falls on your cock, riding your lap and not making a sound, despite the very lewd expressions on her face, that all suggest immense pleasure.

As for you, it is very difficult to hold back your noises, choking back moans as you do your best to keep quiet, wanting to pass this test and prove to her that you are capable of keeping up with her. With her head thrown back and her body on full display as she bounces on top of you, you can’t help but lose yourself to your excitement, jerking your hips to thrust up into her, swallowing hard to keep from letting out a loud cry of pleasure.

It is all way too much for you to handle, but still you try to hold on until the end, loving this all the more because of the challenge, because of how difficult it is for you to keep from exposing your location to everyone in the area, to keep from exposing what the two of you are doing, and just how much fun you are having together. When she comes suddenly, it is almost too much for you, and yet Janine keeps quiet it through it all, biting her lip and writhing with pleasure on top of you, making it impossible for you to hold back anymore.

Keeping your composure is impossible as well, and as you finally give in, with a final, weak thrust as you come,you let out the softest, choked moan that you can manage, just quiet enough that you can feel safe knowing that no one has heard you. Still, this means that Janine is nowhere near done testing you yet.

Chapter Text

Liza is so much smaller than you that there are times that you almost worry that you might break her. Of course, she is always quick to assure you that she is not so fragile as all of that, but she agrees that there are plenty of benefits to her small size, such as how easy it is for you to lift her and to carry her around. In fact, you can lift her completely effortlessly, once again awed by her small size. She enjoys this quite a bit as well, especially when you start to incorporate it into other things as you go.

Holding her up, keeping her legs spread to either side of you, you are able to support her weight completely as you thrust up into her, leaving her moaning desperately as you fill her with your cock. Liza is quickly overwhelmed by this, and you are honestly surprised that you can stand at all, with the way that the pleasure washes over you, claiming you completely and making you feel just as helpless as she is, completely lost in the heat of the moment. And yet you remain standing, keeping her steady and stable as you have your way with her, Liza jerking up and down on your cock, crying out over and over again.

Yes, there are definitely benefits to how small she is, and when she lets you take her like this, she proves to you that you can’t possibly break her, that she can take everything that you have to offer and then some, always desperate and eager for more. You can certainly relate to that, finding yourself so easily swept away in all of the excitement, until she is wrapping her legs tight around you, and her arms as well, clinging to you as you jerk your hips into her.

You return her embrace, shifting your arms up so that you can hug her as well, loving the way that she clings to you so desperately and affectionately, showing just how much she depends on you. Liza feels so much smaller when you can hold her like this, and you want to hold her forever, to keep her safe and protect her from any harm that might come to her, and, if you could keep fucking her like this while you were at it, then that would be just fine by you.

As it is right now, this moment is entirely perfect, and you would not trade it for anything in the world, especially as Liza grows tense, crying out as she comes and then relaxes in your arms, and it is all you can do to keep your knees from going weak and going out beneath you as come as well, joining her in her bliss. The only reason that you are able to remain upright is the knowledge that she would fall if you did, and the last thing you want to do is hurt her, especially right now, while you are both lost in your mutual bliss.

Chapter Text

Iris does not have any other experience with men. The young champion has lead a pretty sheltered life, she realizes now, and she never had much time to herself when she was a gym leader, much less now. Only now does she realize that she is much too young for all of that, that she should have been out having fun and getting this kind of experience, but at the very least, Alder is here now, and he is going to help her through this. He has always been a big help to her, after all, like when he helped her settle into her role as champion.

But this time, he is going to help her by taking her virginity, and she realizes when she sees him that she does not have nearly enough experience, because she had no idea that it was possible to be as big as Alder. In fact, Iris is a little bit intimidating, but as he fingers her- his fingers also large enough to be intimidating- he assures her that she is going to be just fine, that he will take good care of her and she will be able to take him, no trouble. She certainly hopes that that is the case, but she is quickly losing herself to pleasure, and it becomes difficult to think about anything else then, moaning and whimpering for him, ready to beg for him to fuck her, even though she is still nervous about if he will be able to fit inside of her or not.

At the very least, she is eager to find out now, eager for him to take her on his lap, letting her set the pace as she sinks down onto him, and at first, Iris thinks that her original fear was correct, and that he will not be able to fit. But then, she keeps going, and he keeps going, and she fits him, and she manages to take all of him, and Alder tells her how proud he is of her, tells her that not all girls can take his whole cock the first time, certainly never any as small as her.

What can she do but lose herself in the mixture of pride and pleasure? Iris begins to bounce up and down on him as soon as she can, riding him with a ferocity and a greed that would have surprised her more, were she not too overwhelmed to even think of it. In fact, right now, nothing feels more natural to her than this, making her certain that this is what she was meant to be doing all along, and certain that this is all she will want to do from here on out. Alder is just what she needed, and he has played her right into his hand, breaking her on his cock so that she will never want anything else, so that she will barely ever be able to think about anything else, always desperate for more of what only he can give her.

Chapter Text

If there is one thing that you know about Hapu, it is that she knows how to ride. Naturally, this extends to the bedroom as well, and when she is on top of you, she knows how to handle herself so well that you would never believe that you were her first lover, except for the fact that she has assured you of such, with a sincerity that you know you can never deny. Hapu is nothing if not sincere, straightforward with you in all that she does.

And so, all you can do is lay back as she straddles your lap with what can only be called grace, though that word always feels out of place when you are describing her. But she is graceful in the way she mounts you, a determined expression on her face, looking almost too serious for what you are actually doing, but that is just how Hapu is about these things, and you find all of it incredibly endearing.

Her small hands rest on your chest as she begins to sink down onto you, taking you with ease after several times together, and another reason that you can believe you were her first lover is how, the first night together, it did take her some time to adjust to you. Everything else has always come naturally to her, but there are some things that it takes practice to do. Now, however, she handles everything perfectly, and you simply need to lay back, and let her do what she wants with you.

Slowly, she sinks down onto your cock, letting you fill her bit by bit, softly moaning as it happens. And, slowly, her expressions starts to relax as well, until her brow is not quite as furrowed, and the look of determination begins to ease into something more resembling bliss. Of course, you know that she will only look this at peace for so long, before new expressions begin to take hold of her, as she loses herself in pleasure and lets that take control of her.

Soon enough, she has fallen into a comfortable rhythm, riding you as she begins to moan at last, and you keep your hands on her hips as she does, letting her take complete control, because this is something that she knows very well. However, the more lost in it she gets, and the more overwhelmed with pleasure she becomes, the more you want to be close to her, until you are reaching up to wrap your arms around her, pulling her down on you so that you can jerk your hips into her while you hug her.

You keep Hapu in your embrace as she begins to melt into it, whimpering and moaning for you, and you are still holding her as she comes, relaxing completely in your grip, and you are quick to join her, groaning softly and still holding her close, not willing to let go just yet. For now, you want to stay this close to her.

Chapter Text

Goldenrod City has been more dangerous since the remnants of Team Rocket settled in here, but that does not stop some people from trying to go outside and live their life like before. The streets are certainly quieter, with less citizens wandering around and more Rocket grunts, but that is about the only change, and as long as you stay out of the criminals’ way, then it is possible to keep going like before.

That is what one man has noticed, and so, one day while he is walking around town, he sees a young girl emerge from the underground tunnel. He would not have paid her much mind, if not for the fact that she looks much younger than the grunts he is used to seeing, but there is no doubt in his mind that she is wearing a Team Rocket uniform. But she must be a teenager!

Just what is she thinking, ruining her life at such a young age, over a villainous organization like that? Kids these days never know what’s good for them, and are always quick to try and ruin their lives for anything. And, as he gets a good look at how shapely her young legs are in that short skirt, he starts to get an idea, one that is rather villainous in its own way.

If she wants to ruin her life, then he can show her a much more fun way of doing it. He approaches her, asking her name, and in a small voice, she says, “Lyra.”

“Well, Lyra,” he says, and she yelps as he suddenly pulls her into an alley, “you’re all mine now. Forget Team Rocket! You’re going to have my baby.”

“What are ta- ah!” Before she can finish her protest, he already has a hand clapped over her mouth, while the other hand is pulling down her panties. This is all too easy, and before she can even process what is happening, he has her bent over, shoving his cock inside of her. With his hand no longer covering her mouth, she is able to scream and cry, but there is no one around to hear her as he fucks her harder and faster, not bothering to be gentle with her.

“There we go, that’s a good girl. You’re all mine now, you don’t need them,” he assures her, and each rough thrust causes her to cry out again.

She tries to speak to him, whimpering, “B-but I’m not…I’m not really…” But he doesn’t want to listen to her, resolving to fuck her hard enough that she isn’t able to speak at all, until he finally comes, filling her tight pussy. Lyra must have been a virgin before this, but she isn’t anymore, and he is far from done with her.

“That might not have been enough to knock you up,” he says, “but don’t worry about that. I’ll make sure to get you pregnant with my baby, and then you’ll belong to me forever. Don’t waste your life on Team Rocket, throw it away on this instead.”

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Moon does not care what the professor asks of her, she is willing to do it. She is willing to do anything that she can to prove to him that she is perfect for him, and for that, she has to do everything that he wants, and give him everything that he needs. It isn’t that she intends to replace his wife, or anything like that; she just wants to be able to do all the things that his wife won’t do for him, and he has assured her that there are things like that, things that the other professor will never do for him.

Moon wants to make Kukui love her, even if she will never be able to take the place of his wife. She wants him to rely on her for anything that his wife can’t do for him, and she is prepared to go into anything at all, as long as it means keeping Kukui happy. That is why it is almost surprising to her that the first thing he really wants from her, the first thing that he says he could never get from his wife, seems so simple.

If all she has to do is show him how good she is at eating ass, then she is pretty sure it will be no time at all before she has proven herself to him, and secured her place in his life, making herself completely irreplaceable.

For now, she just has to focus on the task at hand, burying her tongue in his hole with a greedy sort of eagerness that she hopes impresses him from the start. Moon holds nothing back as she works her tongue inside of him, listening to the way he already gives into moans, letting his noises of pleasure guide her through it, never allowing herself a chance to hesitate.

The truth is, she has no experience with this sort of thing, but she has already chosen to believe that she will be good at this, good enough that Kukui will always want more, and that is why she does not hesitate at all, going in blind with enough to confidence to carry her through this until the end. Each time he moans, calling out for her, letting her know that she is giving him what he needs, her confidence is boosted, her tongue working wonders, proving to him just how useful she can be.

She does not stop until he is coming hard and sudden, his loud groan of pleasure catching Moon off-guard, though she will never admit to him how surprised she is at how easy it turns out to be. Soon enough, she is going to have him completely wrapped around her finger- maybe it won’t be impossible to aim a little bit higher with him after all…

Chapter Text

Rosa wants to be a big star, and she will do anything to make that happen. No matter what it takes, she has known from the moment she left home that she was not returning back to her old way of life. She has always wanted more, and being a trainer was just one step along the way. Obviously, when she finds out that she has a talent for acting, she wants to make it big as a movie star, and Brycen is eager to be her mentor.

Rosa considers herself very lucky to have someone like him looking out for her. Everyone knows that Brycen is a big deal, and when she gets to act with him, she is certain that she has made it. However, success does not come that easily, and just doing a few movies alongside him is apparently not enough to start her on the path of becoming Unova’s hottest superstar. She is persistent, however, and Brycen has assured her that there are plenty of ways to rise to the top.

In this back lot, away from everyone else, there is just one camera rolling as Brycen bends her over, facing it. She is completely naked, and with how the camera is angled, she is not sure if Brycen’s face will show up in the frame. It seems that she will be the whole focus, but he says that that’s the point, that this is all about her. This is her big break, all she has to do is trust him.

She is not so sure how she feels about losing her virginity to an older man on camera, all to ensure her big break. Truth be told, she is not sure if this is the kind of big break she wants, but once Brycen has pushed inside of her, causing her to lose all sense of reason, and she has no choice but to just go with it, giving into the sensations that overtake her. If this is what she has to do, then so be it; didn’t she already say she was willing to do anything?

It only takes her a few moments to decide that this isn’t even that bad. In fact, it only takes her a few moments beyond that to lose herself in her pathetic, needy moans, Brycen thrusting into her harder and harder from behind, and in the lens of the camera, she can see her distorted reflection, her expression so lewd, her breasts bouncing with each rough thrust. Yeah, she can definitely see how this angle would sell, and why would she ever think Brycen needed to show up on camera?

This is all about her, isn’t it? She knows that she looks damn good, and she cries out, louder and louder, making more of a spectacle of herself, just to ensure that she does this right. This is her big break, and Rose is not going to mess this up for herself, willing to let Brycen do anything he wants to her, even come inside of her.

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Caitlin is so cute when she sleeps, mouth hanging open, the perfect invitation. Grimsley can never help himself when it comes to her, not when she leaves herself wide open like that. She is far too young for all of this, and he has taken it upon himself to look after the youngest member of the elite four, which mostly means that he takes advantage of her whenever he has the chance.

So what else is he supposed to do when he sees her mouth hanging wide open by accept that invitation? After all, it seems all too perfect that he happened to walk in her like this when he already had to piss. So, while Caitlin sleeps peacefully, completely oblivious to the man looming over her, he is already unzipping his pants, taking his cock in hand so that he can aim perfectly, sighing dramatically as he lets loose, directly into her mouth.

Of course, she wakes up straightaway, sputtering and shrieking, and Grimsley allows his aim to slip a little, soaking Caitlin wherever he can hit, as she starts going off on him. He ignores her shrill protests, following her movements until he has nothing left to soak her in, and she scowls up at him.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” she demands, for probably the fifteenth time since she woke up. Grimsley just flips her over, pushing her nightgown up.

“You’re the one sleeping without any panties on,” he replies, as if that is justification for pissing in a sleeping girl’s mouth.

“You’re absolutely awful!” she whines, but the fact that she is not fighting him, the fact that she seems completely in control of herself right now tells him all that he needs to know about the situation. Getting on top of her and holding her down, he knows that she would be making a lot more of a fuss if she were really that upset with him. She only protests for the sake of protesting, the spoiled brat that she is.

But once Grimsley is fucking her ass hard enough, she is not able to muster a verbal protest, and has given into her moans, proving her enjoyment to him. She does not so much as struggle as he has his way with her, letting him fuck her into her piss-soaked mattress. Come to think of it, she’s going to have to sleep with him for a little while, with the mess that he has made of her bed. He hates to imagine the fit she is going to throw when she finally figures out the real consequences of his actions.

Chapter Text

When Janine gets the drop on her father, she gets rewarded in various ways, depending on what she is able to do. She used to simply be able to sneak up on him, and her reward was getting used by him in whatever way he wanted, because he knew that she would enjoy it and consider it to be a very good reward. But now, her abilities are improving, and that means and increase in rewards, until Janine is able to take whatever she wants, and use him however she wants to.

When she manages to not only sneak up on him, but best him in combat and manage to get his hands bound, tied up over his head, then that means that she gets a very good reward indeed. That means that she gets to take advantage of her defenseless father. She knows that this is a reward, because she knows his techniques, and knows that he could break out of the rope easily, if he were really trying to get away.

That is how she knows that he is more than willing to let his daughter ride him while he is tied up, pretending to let her take advantage of his vulnerability as a means of praising her for all of her progress. She is living up to all of his expectations, so of course she deserves to be able to bounce on his cock, using him until she is completely satisfied.

“When it comes to me, you’re all helpless,” she teases him. “Before you know it, I’m going to completely surpass you.”

“We’ll see about that,” he replies, his voice growing breathless as his daughter fucks him with all she has. Instead of replying to him, she decides to tease him further, leaning down so that she can run her tongue along his arm, moving down further and further until she is licking along his armpit, causing him to squirm a bit. She never would have expected her father to be a bit ticklish, but she is glad to have learned another weakness of his.

Teasing him with her tongue while she rides him, she begins to feel as though she has actually managed to make him submit to her completely. Slowly but surely, she will continue to get the edge over him, until she really does surpass him and really does manage overpower him, and then, she will make him hers. Then, perhaps, she will be the one who can dole out rewards to him.

Chapter Text

Roxie is very popular, not just as a gym leader, but as a musician as well. She has plenty of fans, and plenty of people who would give anything for even one night with her. With all that in mind, it seems a great mystery that she has never had anything resembling a relationship before, at least not in the public eye. No one is ever seen on her arm, no one is ever seen at her side, and it is speculated that she has some sort of secret relationship, one that she does a very good job keeping to herself, so that whoever it may be is not subject to any public scrutiny, spared the limelight that follows her wherever she goes.

What nobody is realizes is that the one she spends her nights with is seen at her side much more often than they might realize, it’s just that no one bothers to think of it from that perspective. Or, perhaps, everyone else possesses some sense of decency that keeps them from seeing what is right in front of them, which is that no man is ever going to be able to satisfy Roxie like her Scolipede can. Her ace Pokemon has kept her satisfied ever since evolving, and so, she has never had any need to seek anything out with anyone else, turning down anyone who might try to get close to her along the way.

She much prefers getting down on her hands and knees so that her favorite Pokemon can fuck her from behind. No one else can fuck her this hard, and no one else can fill her up like this, pumping her full until she is satisfied, until she is so overwhelmed with pleasure that she is not barely able to move after he is done with her. No one else can fuck her until she screams herself hoarse, nearly wearing out her voice on more than one occasion, always making excuses to her band mates while they scold her, telling her to be a little more careful when she has concerts coming up.

If they had any idea what causes her to scream that much, if anyone had any idea the truth about her, she doubts anyone would ever see her in the same light again, and yet it is something that Roxie can never imagine being able to give up. This is her own secret addiction, getting pounded from behind by her Scolipede, in her pussy some nights and her ass other nights, and every time, she is left so pleasured that she is numb and blissed out. Rough sex with her Scolipede is the only thing that she’ll ever need, and the only thing that she could ever want.

So by day, she can pretend to be the mysteriously single star, while everyone speculates and starts rumors, while no one ever comes close to getting it right, keeping up her front all day so that, at night, she can get railed by her Scolipede.

Chapter Text

The two of you emerge from the shower, just vaguely aware of Jasmine’s presence. She has watched the two of you, watching your silhouettes move behind the shower curtain, not wanting to join in, just wanting to watch, and she will continue to watch, while you and Lisia move on from what you have been doing.

Now that Lisia is clean and comfortable, now that you have both had your shower, you can spend more time taking care of her and making her happy. The fact that you have a quiet audience only helps enhance the experience, of course, and as you help her dry off, you find your hands wandering all over her body in place of the towel, with Lisia squirming and whimpering as she leans into your touch. Standing behind her, your press your lips to the base of her neck. Her hair is up on her head, wrapped in a towel while she lets it dry, so that leaves her neck completely exposed to you, and entirely kissable.

“Such a nice, relaxing shower,” she murmurs, leaning her head back to lay against your shoulder, as she smiles up at you.

“It was,” you reply, though you are much more focused on how beautiful she looks, right now and always. Dropping your hands to her waist, you hold her close, back against you, so that she can feel just how much you want her right now. Lisia’s smile only grows, happy to be able to spend this time together.

You want to tell her over and over again how beautiful and perfect she is, wanting your voice to fill the room, wanting every compliment to reach the ears of your spectator. Jasmine says and does nothing, only watches the two of you together, content to be the voyeur for as long as the two of you will let her. You might as well do whatever you can to make sure that you put on a good show for her.

“Your gorgeous,” you tell her, “absolutely gorgeous.”

“Oh, even right now?” Lisia asks with a cute, flirtatious smile. You know what she is getting at, and what she wants to hear from you.

“Of course, even right now,” you reply. “You might be even cuter like this, you know? Not that I don’t love it when you’re all dolled up for your contests, but I think I’ll always prefer you like this, because this is something that only I get to see.”

Well, not only you, but you never bother to mention the eyes that are on the two of you.

“You like me when I’m all natural, then?” she asks.

“I like you no matter what,” you reply, before giving her a long and passionate kiss, to make sure that you can silence any further line of questioning. You just want to enjoy the moment as best as you can, and now that the two of you are dried off, it’s time to move onto the bedroom.

Chapter Text

As you lead Lisia to your bed, Jasmine follows along behind, not missing a beat and wanting to be able to keep up with the two of you as you go. She is there to watch as you gently lay Lisia down, taking the towel off of her head so that her still damp hair can fan out and around her on the bed. You smile down at her as you take in the sight of her before climbing onto the bed as well, so that you can be near her again.

Running your hands up and down her body, you hear her breath catch in her throat, and she begins to fidget under your touch, clearly growing more and more impatient for what she already knows that you are going to do for her. But still you drag it out, teasing her and appreciating every inch of her body, all the while making sure that you are giving a good show to Jasmine.

You know that, no matter how impatient she may be, it still feels good to her, and she still loves any attention that she can get from you, especially when it is so physical like this. The way you lovingly caress her makes her feel good but also leaves her yearning for more, more that you can hardly wait to give yourself, even if you do enjoy teasing her like this. You want her just as badly as she wants you, after all.

“Do you want more?” you ask her, in a soft tone of voice.

She nods, so eager that she can hardly contain herself. You waste no time in pressing your lips to her next, and so you begin to trail kisses down her body, moving slowly down her neck and then to her collarbone, kissing all across her chest while she squirms, her breath catching in her throat in adorable little gasps over and over again. Once your lips reach one of her breasts, however, you switch tactics, and instead of simply kissing her, you begin to suck at one of her nipples, causing her to cry out in ecstasy.

You flick your tongue over it, to make her cry out louder and louder, putting on an even better show for Jasmine as you do what you can to tease Lisia, and do what you can to pleasure her. You want her moans to ring out as loud as possible, to fill the entire room with the sounds of her overwhelming pleasure, so that Jasmine can listen to her and can imagine what it is that she must be feeling right now. Of course, all she can do is imagine it, for as long as she only watches, she has to live vicariously through whatever it is that you do for Lisia.

You only linger on her breasts for a little while before your mouth starts moving lower again, trailing kisses down her stomach, with another destination in mind, all for her pleasure.

Chapter Text

As you kiss down Lisia’s slender stomach, you can hear her breathing getting even more ragged, struggling and gasping for breath as she fights against her own anticipation. Soon enough, you are at the base of her stomach, hesitating there for a moment, teasing the moment out even longer. You are not just building the anticipation in Lisia, but in Jasmine as well, and the two of them are both hanging on, waiting for you to go all the way with this, after you have done so much to build up to this moment.

Lisia is so turned on right now that she can hardly stand it, and she lets out a whine when you move lower, but instead begin kissing down one of her legs, going lower and lower, farther away from where she hoped would be your intended target. But you are not going to give her what she wants that easily, and you move your lips down her thigh, past her knee, down her calves, all the way to the tips of her toes, before you switch off to her other leg.

This time, of course, you are moving your way up, all the way up the inside of her leg, making her squirm more and more until your lips have reached her inner thigh. Only now are you finally unable to continue drawing this out, finally able to give Lisia what she craves, while giving Jasmine the show that she has been waiting for, with your face nestled between Lisia’s legs. As you tease her with your tongue, you hear her cry out, her anticipation having built past the point of being able to handle it. Fortunately for her, her wait is at an end, and you know that being made to wait has only made it that much better for her to finally get it.

You press your tongue inside of her, greedy as you move deeper with it, leaving her panting and moaning, sounding needier and more pathetic with every noise that she makes, and it feels absolutely amazing to know that all of those noises are just for you. Every time she moans, it is her way of telling you just how amazing you are at this, her way of announcing for any to hear that she is absolutely having the time of her life right now. You can only imagine how aroused Jasmine must be, watching the two of you like this, fantasizing to put herself in Lisia’s place, or maybe even your place, you aren’t quite sure.

The only thing that you are sure of, as you eat Lisia out, is that there is nowhere else you would rather be, and nothing else you would rather be doing right now, than doing whatever you can to make her come for you. You can feel her, growing more and more tense, rapidly losing herself to her pleasure, and you work her closer and closer, until finally, she reaches that peak, coming hard as you give her exactly what she wants.

Chapter Text

Dawn is the star of the show, whether she wants to be or not. She never wanted to become popular like this, and when she set off on her journey, she never thought that becoming champion lead her here, would see her ending up on a pole, dancing for a crowd of men, making quite the spectacle of herself. But this is what her mother assures her that she should do as a champion, that she owes this to the people of the Sinnoh region, and that she owes the money she will earn from this to her family.

Dawn has never been too certain about that, wondering why her mother would consider this the most important part of her status as champion, wondering why her mother would ever push her into this kind of behavior to begin with. That is not to mention the fact that she is certain there are plenty of other ways for her to make money for her family than to do things like this. But here she is, standing onstage in front of a crowd of min, all watching her as she dances on the stripper pole, following the steps that her mother has choreographed for her.

All the while, the men keep throwing money at her, her tips for a good show so far, and encouragement for her to give them more, that there will be more where that came from just as long as she keeps taking her clothes off, until there is nothing left. Most strippers don’t get entirely naked, but this is not the case for Dawn, because the situation here is a little bit different.

“That’s right, sweetie, take it all off! Look at how graceful the little slut it!” Her mother serves as an announcer of sorts, “encouraging” Dawn to strip for the men, baring her body to them while they cheer and toss money, eager to see more, to get a better preview of what they have all been promised. “The more money she gets, the more willing she is to strip, and who knows what else she will be up for doing, if you just keep paying her? This little cockslut is never satisfied, so if you want a piece of your champion, all you have to do is pay up and enjoy the show!”

Once she is done with her act, once she completely naked and the song has come to an end, Dawn knows that her night is only just beginning. There are more men than usual out there tonight, which means that she is going to be extremely busy. After all, they do not just pay to get in to see her dance, and they do not just tip her because they want to see more of her body. They are all promised a turn with her, so she knows she will have a busy, sleepless night of fucking every single man watching her in the audience, all while her mother continues to egg her on.

Chapter Text

Rosa can barely remember a time when she did not want to do this. She thinks there may have been a time that she did not want to do this, that she was not certain about the role that her mother has made her play, but all of that is long forgotten now, as she continues to embrace her position, glad that she can be one of the most popular champions that Unova has ever known.

She loves all of the attention that she gets now, and she is so happy that her mother pushed her into this, and was there to coach her and support her all along the way, so that she would be able to reach the heights that she has now. After all, she is so popular now that she is not even able to fit all of her clients into her busy schedule, not unless she makes serious accommodations, and that is why she spends the vast majority of her free time with all her holes plugged, getting fucked over and over again, by no less than three men at a time, with barely any time to rest in between.

Her mother tells her that she is the best little hooker that there’s ever been, and Rosa is starting to believe her, ecstatic to get such high praise when she knows that she has worked so hard to achieve this status. She certainly will not let her mother or any of her clients down now, not when she has come so far.

Perhaps there was a time when she had shame. She may have been a little more reserved in the beginning, but that has been well and truly fucked out of her by now. Now, there is nothing that she loves more than being in the position that she is in right now, three big cocks inside of her, her ass and pussy being thoroughly fucked while she sucks a man off, until he grabs hold of her pigtails to take control and fuck her face. Rosa is all too happy to give herself up to them completely, knowing that they are far from the last group of men that she will serve today, with a full, busy schedule to look forward to.

“Keep it up, you’re doing great, Rosa! You’re such a good little whore, sweetie, look at how popular you are!” She can hear her mother praising her, somewhere in her daze, and she is glad that her mom is still here to support her, even though she is definitely able to handle herself by now. “You’ve got such a big line of people waiting for a turn with you, so just keep doing what you’re doing!”

Of course she will, because this is what she is best at. There is nothing Rosa loves more than letting herself get fucked senseless, over and over again, until she is worn out and leaking come from every hole. And even then, she would go again if someone paid her enough.

Chapter Text

Clair can be rather harsh when she wants to be, so being dominant is not something that she immediately defaults to, when it comes to you. Not because she is not capable of it- her personality more than suggests that she is able to dominate without difficulty. It is actually because of her intense her personality can be at times that she tries to stay away from taking on a dominant role with you, because she is not sure if she would be able to keep her harsher impulses under control while taking control of you.

However, you assure her that she is not as careless as she may think that she is, and that she will not have as much trouble with it as she seems to think. She is smart and she is cautious when she wants to be, and you doubt that she will do anything to push you too far or to hurt you, not even when she lets herself take control. With your reassurances, and her own desire to dominate, Clair soon decides that she can handle it, but only if she is cautious with you.

That is why your wrists do not hurt at all as she grips them, pinning them over your head as she holds you down so that she can ride you. You could easily move if you wanted to, but you play along, pretending to be trapped beneath her as she has her way with you, knowing that this is just her way of being careful. She is taking control of you without being too forceful, without being too rough, because you know that she wants to be able to dial it back whenever she needs to.

But right now, you are enjoying yourself, and enjoying the way that you can submit entirely to Clair, letting her do with you whatever she wants, riding you with abandon as she allows herself to let her pleasure overtake her in the moment. She knows just how to handle you, and just how to control you, taking what she wants from you while teasing it out for you, making you need her more and more as she bounces on your cock, slowly at first, making it torturous for you, until you are whimpering and begging her for it.

Even with you begging, she still draws things out, fucking you slowly while moaning indulgently, letting you know just how much she is enjoying herself to help tease it out even more, until you are at your limit, aching with need, and only then does she finally give in. Her pace picks up suddenly, and you are overwhelmed, crying out as she fucks you just like you need her to, rendering you completely helpless beneath you.

Clair has managed to be just as cautious as she needs to, while starting to warm up to dominating you, if only a little bit. She is being careful now, but you know, with practice, she will soon be able to do even more without having to worry.

Chapter Text

“What do we have here?” you ask, pretending to be surprised. You and Ariana have already planned this out ahead of time, trying out this roleplay, but unless she says the safeword that you have put in place, then neither of you are going to break character for any reason. “Aren’t you Ariana? From Team Rocket?”

“I was,” she says, not quite making eye contact. “But not anymore.”

“Oh, that’s right, that little group already fell apart. That must mean you’re all alone now, doesn’t it? That means that there’s no one here to stop me from doing what I want, right?” You close in on her and she acts as if she is trying to find an escape, but there is nowhere that she can run to. “And since you’re a criminal, that means that there’s nothing wrong with doing whatever I want.”

You are upon her in an instant, and Ariana attempts to struggle, but she is no match for you. Even as she protests and pleads with you, you pretend not to hear her, and assure her that this is the punishment that she deserves for her crimes in Team Rocket. As you undress her, she puts up enough of a fight to make it difficult for you, but soon enough, you have her completely naked and pinned beneath you, staring up at you with false terror in her eyes.

“Now you’re all mine. You have nowhere else to go now, right? You might as well just give in,” you tell her. All the while, you are spreading her legs, getting ready to lay claim to what you have already decided you have exclusive rights to. Ariana is not able to resist you, as you hold her down and push the tip of your cock against her, all she can do is whimper and stare up at you.

As you push into her, you give into your needy moans, and Ariana goes stiff beneath you, overwhelmed by the sudden fullness as you take her for your own. But you do not let up, thrusting into her, fucking her harder with each motion, groaning for her, telling her how good it is, as she steadily gives up on fighting it, until she begins to give into the pleasure that she is trying to hide from. But no matter how much she may try to fight it, there is nothing she can do.

She moans for you, and you tease her, saying, “I knew I was doing the right thing for you. See? You love it, just like I knew you would?” Ariana whimpers beneath you, but she does not try to protest, because you both know that she can’t protest it, not even if she wanted to. You have made her yours, and when she gives in entirely, body wracked with the spasms of her climax, there is nothing she can do to deny that any further.

As the two of you continue your game, you continue to pretend as if you have forced yourself on Ariana, while she continues to pretend that she has fallen victim to you, and fallen under your spell.

Chapter Text

Jasmine has found the perfect spot for the two of you, to avoid any wandering eyes. A place where the two of you can be alone, completely private despite feeling as if it is out in the open, and she wants to share that place with you, wants to take advantage of the privacy so that the two of you can do whatever you want together. It will be so nice to do that, because it will feel as if you are getting away with something, and that will only make it feel that much better for the both of you.

She is eager to undress completely, wanting you to undress as well, so that the thrill will be even greater. The risk increases the thrill, after all, and the more that the two of you do together, the more risks that you take, the more fun the two of you will have. Jasmine pulls you into a kiss once you are both naked, wrapping her arms around you, pulling you close so that she can feel just how much she wants you, moaning into your kiss.

You can’t help but get swept away in the excitement of the moment, pushing her back against the wall. With her legs spread for you, she wraps them around your waste so that you can hold her up against the wall, keeping her steady as you begin to press your cock inside of her, breaking the kiss so that you can moan for her. She feels so amazing around you, just as tight as ever, clenching around you and driving you mad with pleasure, so that you can’t help but fuck her harder, jerking your hips and moving them faster, going deeper within her.

Jasmine works her hips back against yours, letting herself get lost in the haze of her lust, moaning along with you as she works with you, the two of you going in tandem as you work yourselves into a shared frenzy, your mutual desire pushing you on. The two of you really feel as though you are getting away with something, doing all of this here, where you might get caught but won’t, won’t because Jasmine has made sure that the two of you have your privacy, able to get up to whatever you want, away from prying eyes.

It is all absolutely perfect, enough to push you closer and closer to the edge, until you are holding her tight and giving into your pleasure completely, letting it all overtake you. And just as soon as you have, Jasmine is right there with you, joining you in that bliss, going limp in your arms as she comes for you, the two of you both wrapped up in the pleasure that you have shared. Soon enough, you are both left to try and catch your breath, still dazed and humming with excitement, and already, you know that the fun is not over yet, and it is, in fact, just beginning.

Chapter Text

It seems that you have a habit of running into cute girls that are not able to pay up after they lose. You have no idea what gives them the confidence to accept a battle when they know they do not have the money to pay if they do not win, but somehow, it happens to you a second time, with a cute girl named Lyra, who seems so sure that she will win that she does not mention the lack of prize money until you have thoroughly destroyed her team.

“You have to pay me somehow,” you say, not willing to let her off the hook for any reason, especially not after the fun that you have had with the last girl who lost to you like this. Lyra is so cute that you know you will have to see what you can get her to do for you, and you are not willing to back down, or let her get away. “You know the rules. You lost, so you owe me prize money, or some other kind of reward.”

“I, uh…” She looks around nervously for a moment, before brightening up suddenly. “What if I did something for you? You would be okay if I did you some kind of favor as a reward, right? Then I would not owe you anything anymore?”

You raise a brow, interested. “Well, what kind of favor would you do for me? It better be something good.” To your surprise, Lyra immediately drops to her knees.

“Your shoes are dirty,” she tells you, looking up at you and beaming. “If you let me clean them, then maybe that would be enough?” As the meaning of her words dawns on you, you can’t help but smile down at her, glad that you happened upon a girl like her today.

“That would work,” you reply, “but I hope you’re planning on using your tongue for that.”

“Is there any other way to do it?” she asks innocently, and you know that you have gotten a good one this time. Without missing a beat, she leans down to lick along your shoes, moaning as she does, showing how pathetic she really is once she gets into it.

Lifting your foot so that she can lick the sole of your shoe, you say, “Make sure you get it all very clean, Lyra. You won’t be able to pay me back what you owe me unless you have every inch of both of my shoes spotless.” You are already planning on making her clean them over and over again, pretending that you are not satisfied with her work, all just to draw this out as long as possible, to continue using and dominating Lyra as much as you possibly can.

It seems like it will not be long before she breaks, and if that is the case, then you want to be able to push her to that point, hoping that you have found another traveling companion.

Chapter Text

Lyra, just as you hoped she would, decides that she wants to go with you for a little while. She needs your protection on her way to town, so she claims, after you have defeated her team, and then, after that, she says that she is not done paying you back yet. As long as that is the case, she will not be able to go on without you, so of course, you have no choice but to let her travel with you, and let her do whatever she feels is necessary to continue paying you back.

This involves becoming both your urinal and your ash tray.

When you smoke, she watches you with attentive eyes, her eyes lingering on the burning tip of the cigarette, waiting impatiently until you are done with it, so that you can give her what she really wants. Gleefully, she will hold out a bare arm to you, covered in small dots that you know are lingering wounds and scars from other such burns. Each time, you indulge her, pushing it down against her skin and grinding it into her flesh, so that she can cry out at the sudden, sharp pain. Her cries always quickly fade into moans, giving away just how much of a slut she is for this pain, and that is why you continue to give it to her, happy to let Lyra serve as your ash tray.

But more importantly than that, she wants you to use her as a urinal, never pissing anywhere but on her, or in her mouth. Lyra is completely incapable of getting enough of your piss, always so desperate to drink it down, or let you cover her in it, that she seems impatient, waiting for you to need to go again. It is so pathetic that it makes you laugh every time, and you can’t believe that you found such an eager and willing slut along the side of the road yet again, and that, once again, all it took was winning a battle that she could not afford to pay for, to make her into your own personal slave.

It almost makes you wonder if these girls are out here trying to lose, especially with how Lyra greedily grabs for your cock, wrapping her lips around it and looking up at you with wide eyes, waiting for you to empty your bladder down her throat. You put a hand on the back of her head, holding her in place, and with a sigh and a groan, you relax, letting the hot piss flood her mouth. She is all too eager to gulp it all down, not letting one single drop get wasted, and still wanting more even when you are completely empty.

Next time, you promise to soak her from head to toe in it, and she seems just as excited for that, never able to decide which part of it she likes more. You are able to indulge her in both, at least.

Chapter Text

Sitting back with the camera in hand, you get it rolling and say, “Alright, go for it.”

“Is it on?” Lyra asks. She stands in front of you, completely naked, while you film her. When you nod, she brightens and waves at the camera. “Hi, everyone! I’m getting filmed today so that I can show you all what a filthy, pathetic slut I am! I’ve been traveling with someone I met on the road. I lost a battle to him and I didn’t have any money, but he’s been nice enough to let me go along with him and make it up to him.

“I cleaned his shoes with my tongue, and look!” Here, she points to the burn marks on her arms. “I let him use me as an ashtray! Isn’t that so good of me? But the service doesn’t end there, not at all. Whenever he needs to piss, I let him piss on me! He has no need for a urinal when he has a cute girl like me to use. Sometimes, he pisses right in my mouth, so that we don’t make a mess. I always make sure to drink it down, just like this.”

Now, she gets down on her knees, and you put the camera on a tripod. You had promised to piss in her mouth on camera, but instead, you surprise her by letting loose all over her face. She sputters in surprise, but it is not long before she is moaning, too much of a pathetic slut to even be mad at you for tricking her.

You step back once you have emptied your bladder completely, taking the camera back in hand while Lyra twirls around, showing off how soaked in your piss she is. “See? I’m so useless in so many other ways, but here, I’m able to be useful! I just let him do whatever he wants to me, and then I get to be useful, even though I’m a pathetic, needy little slut.”

Lyra just keeps going, on and on, verbally degrading herself as she lists the things that she is good at, when it comes to serving you. You made her promise to make this video for you, and she agreed to it, because she still feels that she has not properly paid you back. At this point, because of her excuse for being your sub, you are able to convince her to do just about anything, and she will go along with it, claiming that it is her way of paying off part of a debt that you do not think she will ever allow to be absolved.

Truth be told, as you watch her work herself into a frenzy showing off on camera, revealing that she is pathetic enough to be getting off on this and masturbating for all the viewers to see, you hope that it never is. You have a lot of ideas of things that you could make her do for you yet.

Chapter Text

The battle rages on, getting so intense that the attacks begin damaging the area around her, but still Lyra fights on, not wanting to lose to the opponent that she met on her travels. However, she is so distracted and trying to focus on winning that she does not notice the debris falling towards her, and even ignores when he tries to warn her about it. She only realizes her mistake when she collapses to the ground, but then, everything goes black.

Lyra’s head is killing her when she wakes up, still on the road, and so dazed and confused that she does not even notice what is going on at first. But, slowly, her senses begin to return to her, and she can feel the cock slamming into her, can here the sound of skin on skin, and suddenly, the pain in her head is nothing compared to the pain of the way he roughly fucks her, not caring at all for how it might affect her.

When she lets out a scream, he simply looks up at her and says, “Oh, good, you’re awake. Hope you don’t mind, but I decided to help myself to your body while you were out.” It is completely senseless, and yet, there is nothing that she can do to stop him, and all the while, he acts as if what he is doing is completely natural, like anyone else would do it if they had the chance.

He is rough and careless with her, and only now does she realize that he did not even have the decency to put a condom on before taking advantage of her in her sleep. Of course, why would he? He clearly does not care about her in the slightest, using her for his own perverse pleasure, while Lyra is made to take it, writhing and protesting, but helpless to do anything other than let him fuck her, as hard and as fast as he wants, until he is done with her.

But each slam from his cock leaves her feeling strange and confused, and though she tries to fight it off, it is not long before she realizes that she is starting to get into it, starting to enjoy the assault, even though she does not want to. And, try as she might, she is not able to stop herself from moaning, and letting him hear exactly what he wants to hear from her, proving a point to him.

“See, I knew you wouldn’t mind,” he says, giving another rough thrust to make her moan again. “You seemed like a nice little slut who would let me fuck you as much as I wanted to. You probably don’t even care if I pump that pussy full of my come, do you?”

Lyra wants to protest, knows that she should protest it, but instead, she just cries out in ecstasy, and lets him fuck her until he finishes, coming inside of her and flooding her with his seed.

Chapter Text

Leaf is happy to invite a new girl into her family, even if Lyra is not actually related to her. Well, with her father’s history and track record, it would not surprise her if he had other daughters out there that did not know him, but as far as she knows, Lyra is a stranger to Giovanni, until she tries to bring down his new Team Rocket. She does pretty good for herself, but she does not expect to run into the boss himself at the end there, or to be brought into the world of depravity that his daughter has come to love so much.

But now, Giovanni holds her on his lap, pulling her down onto his cock, listening to her scream as he penetrates her. She is all his now, and Leaf is so excited to have a new little sister that she can hardly stand it. Lyra is brought up and down on daddy’s big cock, and Leaf wonders how long it will be before she is pregnant as well.

Leaf’s stomach is swollen big, due any day now, and she can’t wait to see what Lyra looks like when she is bulging as well, carrying their daddy’s baby, and submitting perfectly to her new family life. She may have thought that she was doing the right thing in fighting him, but she is going to be so much happier giving herself over to him completely, Leaf just knows it.

“Welcome to the family,” she coos, getting in behind her so that she can play with her small breasts while daddy fucks her. As she teases as Lyra’s nipples, Giovanni fucks her harder, the two of them knowing that it will not take long for her to give into it all. She is not strong enough to resist him, no one is, and soon, Leaf’s hands move down so that she can rub circles on Lyra’s stomach.

“Daddy’ll put a baby in you, and you can be just like me,” she says, and Lyra whines in protest. “You don’t want a baby yet? Don’t worry, you will.”

“That’s right,” Giovanni groans, giving it to her harder. “And, what’s more? You don’t have a choice.”

The two of them, both speaking to her from either side and reminding her of how helpless she is in this situation, are enough to drive Lyra completely mad without even trying. Like this, it is easier for her to just let the pleasure overtake her, rather than facing the horrible reality of the situation.

Rather than fighting it, she gives into it, letting Giovanni have his way with her, fucking her bare with the intention of knocking her up, and adding her to his fucked up little family, with Leaf ecstatic to be able to have another girl just like her. Before long, she is allowing herself to moan for him, giving herself over to him entirely, and crying out in ecstasy as he comes inside of her, pumping her full of his seed.

Chapter Text

With all the champions meeting up on the beach, Lance is excited to show his young girlfriend off. Not only is Lyra dressed so cute that he can hardly stand it, but it has been a while since the group has gotten together to do something like this, and he is eager to show just how obedient she is, and how willing she is to do anything that he tells her to do. During their outing at the beach, he intends not only to show her off, but to share her with the other champions, so that they can all have a chance to see firsthand what a good slut Lyra can be.

She is on her knees in an instant, while her audience watches her take Lance’s cock down her throat, wasting no time in wrapping her lips around it, and letting him push it down as deep as he wants to. He can remember a time when she still had a gag reflex, but those days are long over now. Now, she can take his cock without any trouble at all, and he can fuck her throat, knocking her hat off so that he can get a better hold on her pigtails. Her cute summer outfit is not going to last long at all, not at this rate.

Jerking his hips forward, he pushes his cock further down her throat, groaning and praising her as he says, “That’s my good girl, you’re doing great, darling. Nobody else takes cock quite like you do.” He is not only praising her with this, but only bragging in front of everyone else, wanting the other champions to know that his little slut is better than any of theirs. Of course, they will soon have a chance to figure that out for themselves.

Yanking her pigtails hard, he gives into the pleasure that overpowers him then, coming down her throat with a low and indulgent moan, remaining in her mouth as he begins to relax. But his show is not over yet, and he holds her in place as he slowly pulls out of her, only to relax his bladder, hitting her with a sudden spray of piss that ensures her cute new outfit is already ruined.

Lyra eagerly opens her mouth again, taking his cock between her lips. She may have missed the spurt that is now soaking into her dress, but she is not going to miss another drop of his piss, and greedily drinks down everything else. Lance closes his eyes and can’t help but imagine the other champions look on in envy as Lyra eagerly lets him piss down her throat, wanting this as much as she had wanted his cock. He waits until he is completely empty before he pulls out of her mouth for good, looking down at the pathetic state she is, only made more horny by the way he has handled her.

Turning to his companions, he asks, “Who wants to have the first turn?”

Chapter Text

Blue is the first to step up and claim the offer. As one of the younger champions, he is always trying to throw his own weight around, eager to show off that he is just as capable as any of the others. He has certainly broken Leaf enough to prove that point, and when he steps forward, she does as well, eagerly awaiting her next order, even though it will involve helping him fuck Lance’s girlfriend. Blue has probably already promised her that she is the best of the bunch, that nothing Lance could bring to the table could ever compare.

Lyra has only just stood up on shaky legs, and already, Blue tells his own girlfriend, “Get her on her knees.” Leaf is all too eager to do as he tells her, roughly shoving Lyra onto her knees so that Blue can copy what he watched Lance do, shoving his cock in her mouth and grabbing hold of her pigtails, yanking hard on them so that he can go as far down her throat as possible.

It is almost as if he is trying to prove that she can’t actually take it, that Lance was only pretending to deep-throat her, and that he is going to make her gag by fucking her face so hard that she will not be able to help gagging, making a fool of herself and looking pathetic in front of everyone. Blue is rough and aggressive as he gets into it, but Lyra holds her own.

She looks up at him with eager eyes as he thrusts down her throat, fucking her harder, getting rougher with her, his frustration setting in as he tries to make her break, and at the same time, he starts to succumb to his lust, growing hazier as his thoughts are consumed only be thoughts of getting off, of making Lyra swallow his load just like she swallowed her own boyfriend’s piss.

All the while, Leaf kneels behind her, hands on her shoulders, murmuring something in her ear that Blue can’t quite make out. He can probably guess at it though, a mixture of sickly sweet encouragements and crass insults, assuring Lyra that she can take Blue’s cock, while telling her how much of a slut she is for being able to take it without gagging. Blue can just imagine it, and he loves it, knowing that Leaf picked up all of her degradation from listening to him, from the way that he talks to her. And though she is not able to call Lyra a pathetic brotherfucker, she is able to improvise, and he is proud of her for it.

Yanking Lyra’s pigtails a little harder, he prides himself in at least being able to make her cry out, muffling it with his cock down her throat, not letting up until he finally comes, pulling out as she is swallowing, so that he can cover her face in it too, making a mess of her before offering her up to the next champion.

Chapter Text

Steven has been looking forward to having a turn with Lyra for a while. Of all the champions, he might be the one with the strongest passion for little girls, not just because they are easy and pliable and in no short supply, but because he prefers them. He has his sights on all the girls that his friends bring to these parties, so he is glad for a chance to be able to try Lyra out, while hoping that the others will be inspired enough to share their girls from time to time. He certainly would not mind watching the others have their way with May, after all.

So he is the next to step up, pushing Lyra down into the sand so that he can get on top of her, pushing her dress up and yanking her panties down, throwing them off to the side. She will not need them for a while, after all, and she certainly doesn’t need them while he is having his way with her. Unlike Blue, he does not have anything he wants to prove, because he just wants to be able to have some fun with Lyra.

She cries out, so adorable and needy, as he shoves his cock into her, burying it inside of her in one swift motion. Groaning softly, he takes a moment to catch his breath, takes a moment to smile down at her, the charming smile that has earned him the hearts of so many naive girls. Lyra would be such an easy target, if she were not completely infatuated with Lance, but at the very least, he is able to have his way with her this once, making her moan out for him as he fucks her into the sand, further dirtying her dress. By the end of this, it will be ruined, and she will be be stripped down, used and degraded by everyone here. Steven is glad to have gotten an early turn with her, second only to Blue’s impatience.

As he pounds into her, she cries out, louder and louder, so sweet and so adorable that he can hardly stand it. If she were not already completely infatuated with Lance, he would have been able to win her over easily, using his natural charm and good looks, and she would have fallen for him easily. Today, he has to be content with ruining her in the moment, fucking her until she is screaming for him, his thrill only growing as he thinks about Lance watching Lyra get ruined by the others, and knowing that May is watching him defile Lyra, probably getting off as she imagines what will come later, when Steven is paying attention to her again, fucking her just as hard as he fucks Lyra right now.

He leans down to kiss her then, not minding that he will have the lingering taste of the other men on his lips, because, as she comes for him, she moans into his mouth, and for a moment, she is his.

Chapter Text

“Do you know how to eat ass?” Cynthia asks Lyra, after helping her off of the ground. She is dirty and delirious after Steven’s turn with her, but her fun has only just begun. “Dawn can teach you if you don’t know. She’s very, very good at it.” As she speaks, her little fucktoy beams, but does not say anything. Everyone knows that Cynthia runs a tight ship where Dawn is concerned, the young girl doing her bidding at every opportunity, and knowing better than to speak unless she is directly spoken to.

“I do!” Lyra says, and it surprising that she is even able to speak coherently at this point. “Lance taught me really good.”

“Well, isn’t that just great? Looks like Lance knows how to handle you a little bit after all,” Cynthia replies, before shimmying out of her bikini bottoms. She gets on her hands and knees on the beach, turning to look at Lyra over her shoulder. “Why don’t you come over here and show me what you can do, then?”

This is her way of testing out Lance’s toy, though she doubts that Lyra could ever compare to the sex slave that she has trained, taking advantage of Dawn’s need to please and need for adult approval, and turning her into just what she needs. She cooks and cleans and serves as a footstool, and takes care of all of Cynthia’s sexual needs. She doubts that Lyra can hope to measure up, but she is cute, and she is free right now, so Cynthia will give her a chance.

She is a bit hesitant with her tongue at first, and Cynthia has to call back to her, saying, “Don’t be so shy about it. Get in there and show me that you’re worth my time.” Already, she slips into the more dominant persona that she often saves for later. Her trick is being the bubbly and friendly big sister type until she has won them over entirely, and then she switches modes, bossing them around. With Lyra, she does not have to bother seducing her, so she does not have to bother with being nice.

Her urging seems to work, and as Lyra works her tongue further into Cynthia’s asshole, losing herself to it and becoming greedy as she works, Cynthia lets out a loud and unrestrained moan. The girl is clearly untrained, and if she were Cynthia’s, she would need a lot more discipline and technique, but there is something so appealing about the wild and untrained way that she goes about it, just doing whatever she can to make her current partner moan for her, probably all so that she can impress Lance with how good she is at being passed around and used up by the others.

This is not bad at all, and Cynthia allows Lyra a little bit of praise for a job well done, before letting her go on to the next champion.

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Lyra is so tiny next to Alder that it will be easy for him to do whatever he wants with her. She is still wearing that same dress, now growing dirty and ragged, not nearly as cute as it was when she put it on for her big day out with Lance, but in a way, that only makes it look all the better. There is nothing quite like watching a cute girl like her get ruined over and over again, and Alder has been eagerly awaiting this moment, looming over her with his cock already out, before picking her right up where she stands.

He is able to lift her effortless, and she lets out a soft squeal as he does, surprised by pleased, and he is personally surprised that she is even aware of what is going on anymore, with the state that they are all leaving her in. Alder plans to fuck her absolutely silly, at least, and he brings her down on his cock, not bothering with taking things slowly. From the stories that he has heard from Lance, and the things that he has even seen her doing with Lance, he is pretty sure she can take it.

Well, his cock is a bit bigger than Lance’s, but he has lost count of the times that he has fucked Hilda’s ass without worrying about if she was ready or not, and she is just fine. Lyra just lets out a loud squeal as he fills her ass, but does not protest it in the least. She is so tight that he wonders just how much work Lance has put into breaking her in, or if everything that they do with an audience is just for show.

Whatever the case, it does not matter to him, because for right now, he gets to break her ass in as much as he wants, lifting her up and pulling her down on his cock, practically impaling her with it, all to make her scream out over and over again. She does not take it with the same determination and aggression that Hilda does, becoming limp and submissive immediately, giving herself over to him without worry. Though he will always prefer the snark and the bite that Hilda gives him, he decides that there are benefits to fucking cute, submissive little girls like Lyra too.

She just keeps taking it, no matter how rough he gets with her, crying out again and again, losing herself more and more in the haze of it all, until finally, he is giving her one last, rough thrust, pushing up into her ass before letting loose, coming hard and filling her ass. He holds her there as he catches his breath, and when he tries to sit her down on her shaky legs, she collapses to the ground beneath her, ass still dripping with his come.

“She’s up for grabs,” he says, “if she can even take more.”

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“She can take more,” Diantha replies, stepping forward to take her own turn. “I’m sure she can. Lance knows better than to bring a toy that breaks after just a few rounds.” As she steps forward, she is followed by her “assistant” and “protege,” Serena, who wholeheartedly believes that following Diantha around, and doing everything that she says, will help her out on the road to stardom.

Even now, Diantha plays it up, as she says, “Wouldn’t Lyra make such an adorable little starlet, Serena? Do you want to play with her too?”

“If you’re going to make her a star too, I should,” Serena replies. “I have more experience, after all.”

“No filming, please,” Lance speaks up, but Diantha just laughs and replies, “It’s just a game, Lance. Do you see any cameras here?”

Really, it is a shame that she won’t be able to film her fun with Lyra, to have something to remember this by, but rules are rules. Instead, she gets the toys from her beach bag, helping Serena into her harness before getting herself ready. With Lyra in between the two of them, on her knees, Diantha pushes forward, burying the dildo inside of Lyra to make her whimper.

“There’s a good girl. Can you show Serena how good you are at sucking cock?” she asks. Her own toy is double-sided, hooked inside of her, so that she can pleasure herself while fucking Lyra. Serena, meanwhile, will only be pretending to enjoy the blowjob- practicing her acting skills, as Diantha put it to her. As Lyra wraps her lips around the toy, Serena lets out a loud and exaggerated moan, a little bit of overacting but Diantha can give her notes on that later.

She does give her bonus points for grabbing hold of the back of Lyra’s head, slamming her further forward, making her take the toy deeper. Serena does not pull her pigtails like the others did, but that just gives her points for originality as well. While making note of this, Diantha continues to slam her hips forward, fucking Lyra harder and faster, taking what she wants from her while making her whimper and moan around the toy. Still, no one has been able to make her gag today, so Lance really must have done a good job with her.

Diantha fucks her with abandon then, just barely able to watch and make sure that Serena can keep up with her, but her “apprentice” does a good job of keeping pace, fucking Lyra’s face while Diantha pounds into her pussy. Between the two of them, she is being appropriately used, and it really is such a shame that they will not have a video to remember this by later, or even to look over while Diantha gives Serena her notes on her acting.

But still, they get to have their fun for now, with Diantha crying out that both girls are doing great, that both could be such good stars, if they only had the right chance.

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Moon is the only champion amongst them that is as young as the girls that they all like to play with and, instead of having her own little girl to fuck around with, she has her boyfriend and former rival, Hau. The two are the same age, and because of how laid back the Alolans are, there is an air of innocence in everything that they do, no matter how kinky that may be.

The adults can’t deny that there is a lot of fun to be had, just watching the two kids help Lyra out of her dirty, tattered dress, letting it rest forgotten on the sand. Hau whines to Moon, begging her to let him pee now, and she grins and says, “Well, yeah, you lasted all the way up until our turn with Lyra! We’re both going to get her soaked.”

“That’s so fun!” Hau says, before telling Lyra that she should probably lay down, because that will make it easier for all of them. Lyra does as she is told, so dazed now that it seems like she is hardly coherent, but still so willing to show off for Lance. Moon squats over her face while Hau stands over her, and as Moon lets go with a happy sigh, Lyra opening her mouth to catch what she can, Hau begins hosing her down, starting at her flat chest but moving down, soaking her everywhere that he possibly can.

They giggle as if they are playing some sort of game, having so much fun that it is easy to remember that they are still children, perhaps even younger than Lyra, and hard to remember what they are taking part in, each time that Moon brings Hau to a champion party. In a way, they are untouchable, and none of the other champions have attempted to make a move on Moon, despite her being so damn cute, all keeping their distance while she and Hau remain oblivious, playing along and surprising everyone time and again with how kinky they really are.

Lyra is stood up and soaking, with Hau moving in to fuck her from the front while Moon embraces her from behind, groping at her small breasts- though hers are even smaller- while Hau rams into her, wrapping his arms all the way around both of them as he does. Sandwiched in between the other two, Lyra lets out weak and pathetic moans, barely standing at this point, with the support from them the only thing keeping her from toppling to the ground.

And yet the champions are not done with her yet. Right now, they entertain themselves with watching the children play, but there is still one more who has not had his turn wit h her, and Leon is growing more impatient by the moment. But for now, he is made to watch the youngest champion and her boyfriend have their fun with Lyra, who is barely even aware of what is going on anymore.

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Everyone knows that Leon is going to be too intense for Lyra, and that he should have taken her first, but he goes last, sitting her on his lap and letting her bounce on his cock. At first, he is not too much for her to handle, just letting her ride his lap and enjoy his cock, delirious from all the fun that she has had today, from all the different ways that she has been used, all while her beloved Lance watches with pride, seeing the way his friends enjoy his toy.

But then, once Leon notices that she has started moaning for him, that she is really getting into it, he says, “Don’t you dare come without my permission, alright, baby? You have to do something for me, first.”

She can barely speak as she agrees, “A-anything!” and Leon smirks.

“Gloria always tells me how amazing I am, you know. I want you to praise me like that too. I’m a real champion, not like anything in any other region,” he tells her. “Things are different in Galar, and since you’re fucking a celebrity, you need to give me that kind of respect.”

“I-I…I…” she stammers, and he slows down, holding her still on his lap and making her whine.

“You have to earn it if you’re gonna come,” he scolds her in a warning tone. “So, let’s hear how good champion Leon’s cock is.”

“I…I love…I love champion Leon’s cock!” she cries out, her voice slurring with how delirious she has become.

“That’s a good girl. Tell everyone how much you love getting fucked by champion Leon,” he encourages her. He knows that he can’t push her too hard, because she will probably refuse if he asks her to say anything that calls her loyalty to Lance into question. Though it would be nice to hear that, he settles for this, slamming up into her to remind her that he is waiting for her to speak.’

“I love getting fucked by champion Leon! I love it so much, I never wanna stop!” Lyra calls out, and it sounds so genuine that he would really believe it. It helps that she is still speaking in a slurred, love drunk tone of voice, and even if he did not fuck her into that state on his own, she is still calling out like that for him, with his name on her lips.

“Good girl! Alright, now I want you to do one more thing for everyone, and then you can come for me, baby!” He drives up into her, and gives her her last command. “I want you to tell everyone that you’re having a real champion time!”

Lyra, trembling and pathetic in his lap, does as she is told before succumbing to her orgasm, as Leon fills her with his come. “I’m having…I’m having a real champion time!” she screams, and though it is only meant for him, the others can’t help but agree with that assessment. After all, she has spent her whole afternoon getting used by champion after champion, so that serves as a good ending to her day.

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Clair stands over you, radiating the confidence that she is known for as a gym leader. But today, she is not taking you on in any battle; instead, she is just taking control of you, while you willingly submit to her entirely. She looks down at you with a smirk, asking you, “Are you ready? It sure looks like you are, from the way you won’t stop touching yourself.”

Her taunting is completely accurate; your hand is wrapped around you cock as she speaks to you, and you work it up and down, too pathetic to bring yourself to stop, too turned on to do anything else, even though she has not started yet. Nodding, you say, “Please…I’m ready.”

“Very well,” Clair replies, and with that, you see her relax suddenly, eyes drifting closed in an almost dreamlike expression. Suddenly, a hot cascade of urine gushes out of her, directly onto you, where you lay beneath her. You let out a pathetic moan as she begins to piss on you, and all you can do is continue jerking yourself off, lost in your pleasure and self-indulgence, as the gym leader you adore dominates and degrades you with ease.

You could stay like this forever, laying beneath Clair as she pisses on you, getting you completely covered in it, inhaling her scent and letting your desires take you over, jerking yourself off faster and faster, until Clair’s bladder is completely empty, and you have made more of a mess of yourself, coming all over your stomach.

Clair remains still for a moment, sighing in contentment before she moves again, and this time, she is moving to straddle your face. You know what she expects from you now, your payment for getting to enjoy her company, for being allowed to get off to her while she pissed all over you. She is waiting for you to repay her, and you waste no time in getting down to it, leaning up to press your tongue inside of her, eager to lick her clean after she showered you in her piss.

Clair begins to moan for you, letting you know that you are doing your job just right, and urging you to continue. Of course, you would never dream of stopping before she was satisfied, so you keep it up, plunging your tongue deeper into her, until she is going weak with pleasure, crying out again and again as she gets closer and closer to her limit. She grows weaker on top of you, giving in steadily, until finally, she is there, letting out a sharp cry as she comes, and all thanks to the work that you have done.

Of course, you are always eager to give Clair whatever she wants, especially because she allows you to enjoy yourself so much in the process. Whatever she asks of you, you are always going to be willing and able to give her just that, never slacking off, always perfectly obedient for her.

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You are so lucky to be able to be alone with Cynthia and Elesa like this. Both are breathtakingly beautiful women, famed in their respective regions for their various achievements, both as Pokemon trainers and outside of that, but no one can deny that they are some of the most beautiful women to ever enter the spotlight. And here you are, in a changing room with the two of, away from any other prying eyes, where they are stripping down for you, and letting you watch them, showing off for you and planning to degrade you a bit before they are done.

You sit back, not able to touch them but able to watch, and definitely able to touch yourself, letting them watch the way you lose yourself in it straightaway, working your hand up and down your cock without any hope of restraint. They can see just how pathetic and needy you are from the way that you whimper and whine while you jerk yourself off, and once the two of them are completely undressed, they can flaunt their bodies to you, showing off and letting you see what it is that they have, what you can never have, and can only look at.

They know how to flaunt it, too, know just how to show themselves off to tease you and make you want more, to make it impossible for you to do anything but keep giving into your desires, becoming more and more desperate for their attention. They stand back, right in front of you, letting you get a good look at their pussies, with their legs spread for you, and you work your hand faster, trying to imagine what it would be like to be able to fuck either of them, to feel what it would be like to be buried inside of either one of them, losing yourself in your pleasure, rather than having to rely on your hand to do the job for you.

It is pathetic and it is degrading all on its own, and that is before they get closer to you, standing over you with their hands between their legs, spreading their lower lips and relaxing right over you. Both woman lets go then, emptying her bladder, with you caught right in the crossfires, the hot torrents gushing over you, soaking your dick while you continue to jerk off to it, moaning for both of them, even more overwhelmed once they are soaking you with their piss.

You just want to be used by them like this, happy to let Cynthia and Elesa piss all over you, moaning as you push yourself closer and closer. It is enough to do you in completely, without ever being able to touch even one of them, moaning pathetically as you finally come for them, making even more of a mess of yourself than they already did.

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On the outside, it is really easy for Shauntal to act frustrated with him, to mouth off to him and tell him not to bother her, to act as if she wants nothing to do with him. Internally, however, it is a different story, and she has a feeling that Grimsley has her figured out. After all, he has to notice how easily he is able to break her down, even if she does continue to keep trying to work, as if that is some great compromise, and as if that will make it look like she is altogether disinterested in him, when that could not be further from the truth.

Being put on her hands and knees puts her in a position where she can write, even if it is not the most comfortable position there is. She is bent over her keyboard, typing away, while Grimsley pushes himself inside of her, slowly filling her ass with a low and enthusiastic moan, probably a little bit exaggerated, just to see if he can break her concentration a little bit more.

The truth is, she never had any concentration to begin with, not that she is going to admit that to him, and she is doing everything in her power to make sure that he does not figure it out. She hopes that her head is angled in such a way that he is not able to look over her shoulder and read what she is writing. Or, rather, see that she is not really writing at all, not anymore.

She does continue to type, but none of it amounts to much, and she will have to scrap it all when this is over, but she is going to keep that to herself, just the same as she is not going to tell him that she is only pretending to be frustrated with him. His fingers dig into her hips as he grunts and jerks his hips forward, picking up the pace as he fucks her.

“You sure are diligent,” he murmurs to her. “You could just allow yourself some time to enjoy yourself, you know. You don’t have to put up such an icy front when it’s just me, and-”

“Why do you love the sound of your own voice so much?” she asks, managing to keep her voice level enough that he can’t tell that she is falling apart. She loves the sound of his voice, loves the way he talks to her and condescends to her, loves the way that he treats her and tries to get under her skin.

The thing is, she just can’t let him know that he has already gotten under her skin. As much as she loves all of this, there is some part of her that will not allow her to give him the satisfaction, and perhaps because she knows it is a lot more fun if she gives him the chance to fight her on it.

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It’s all so good that Shauntal can hardly stand it. Her concentration is shot to hell, and she is left typing absolute gibberish just to make it seem like she is still working, while Grimsley keeps talking down to her, going on and on, saying anything and everything that comes to mind, just as long as it involves taunting her, and trying to prove his point that he is capable of knocking her completely off balance.

If he weren’t able to, she would not let him stay that close to her. She would not be on her hands and knees, just barely pretending to get her work done while he pounds into her ass, fucking her nearly senseless all the while. He must know, at least a little bit, what effect he has on her, because there is no way he is stupid enough to completely believe her front. She continues to put it up one way or another, but he must know that she absolutely adores him, that she can’t get enough of him.

Externally, she pretends that she does not care, but internally, she is moaning and pathetic, desperate for more and more from him, loving the sound of his voice, loving how playfully cruel he is to her, loving the way that he fucks her with absolute abandon, willing to do whatever it takes to break her focus, to turn her focus to him, to make sure she is paying attention only to him.

She would never admit it to him, but she has never wanted anyone as much as she wants him. The sound of his voice, the touch of his hands, the way his cock fills her completely, everything about him has kept her completely captivated, completely at his mercy. It is a wonder that she is able to keep up her front at all, when she knows just how much she really belongs to him. If she were to be completely blunt, she would say that Grimsley is the sexiest man alive, and she is completely helpless before that raw appeal.

“You’re slipping, I know you’re slipping,” he accuses her. “Your typing speed has slowed down, and you aren’t mouthing off nearly as much.” He’s onto her, but of course he is, and she can’t help the pathetic moan that finally escapes. As hard as she may have fought to hide it, there is only so much she can take, before she is forced to give into her desires.

There is only so much that she can take before she is left shuddering and writhing beneath him, crying out as she comes for him, giving up on her attempt at a front. The last thing she does before she loses herself to her pleasure is slamming her laptop shut, so that he will not be able to get a glimpse at her attempts at “writing.”

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Lyra thinks that she is some unbelievably strong, unstoppable force now, or something to that extent. At the very least, she has a great deal of confidence, and Giovanni supposes that he can’t fault her for that. She is the new champion of the Indigo League, and she managed to bring down the resurfacing Team Rocket. His best executives all fell before the girl, so of course, she thinks that she is ready for an even greater challenge. She thinks that she is ready to take Giovanni himself down, to make sure that there is no more hope of him returning, as if defeating him in a battle would keep him down for long.

It never has before, and it never will, and what’s more, she was not nearly prepared enough to take him on. He defeats her, and defeats her again and again, and she keeps coming back, refusing to accept defeat, and becoming more and more of a pest. The more he sees Lyra’s face, the more frustrated with her he becomes, and the more he notices just how cute she really is. He can think of plenty of things that she is much better suited to than trying to make a hero out of herself, and one day, he decides to claim his prize from her, the prize he feels he deserves after entertaining her delusions of power for so long.

Giovanni is physically much stronger than her as well, so it is no trouble for him to shove her to her knees, where she has no hope of fighting him off. Her pigtails prove to be the perfect thing to grab onto, so that she is completely under his control, whimpering in pain as he pulls her hair. Once he pulls her hair enough, she lets out a loud scream, so her mouth is wide open to shove her cock in.

He uses her pigtails as handles, yanking her forward on his cock, and when she starts to gag on it, he does not let up, not showing a shred of sympathy for her. She has done nothing but give him fits, done nothing but make a nuisance of herself, and so, he is no longer willing to show her mercy. At this point, he deserves whatever repayment he sees fit to take from her, and Lyra is much too helpless, much to useless, to actually be able to defend herself against him.

While Giovanni fucks her throat, choking her on his cock, he grins down at her and says, “Isn’t that much better? You’re all mine now, you know that? You’re no good at trying to fight me off, so you should just give up on that and let me show you what you’re really good for. From here on out, you’re going to be my slut, Lyra.”

As she gags for him, unable to even protest what he has said, he comes down her throat, forcing her to swallow his load, marking her as his property.

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Lyra is his property now, unable to defeat him in battle, and unable to fight him off whenever he takes advantage of her. She belongs to him entirely, and there is nothing that she can do, no way that she can get herself out of this mess that she is in. And now, he notices a change in her appearance, confirming a few other changes that he thought he noticed before, in her behavior and such. Lyra’s stomach is starting to swell; she is starting to show, and even if she will not admit it to him, she will not be able to hide it from him forever.

And it is really no surprise that this has happened. The two of them have not been very careful at all- or rather, he has not given her the option of being careful, because he was hoping something like this would happen. Ever since he moved on from fucking her face, taking her virginity and then continuing to defile her from that point on, he has made sure to pump her full of her seed, every time.

It was only a matter of time before he knocked her up, and he has been wondering about it for some time now. She has not done a very good job of hiding her symptoms from him, but she definitely can’t hide the swell of her stomach from him, proving that she has his child growing inside of her at this very moment. Just further proof that she belongs entirely to him.

He makes her get on her hands and knees so that he can fuck her like this, groping at her breasts as he pushes into her. She has a pretty flat chest now, but that will start to grow and swell soon as well, and he can’t wait to see how she looks once she is bulging with his child. Lyra whimpers beneath him while jerks his hips into her, fucking her hard and fast, not mentioning anything just yet.

He waits until he is nearly at his limit, the point where he would normally fill her with his seed to do what he could to knock her up. Only then does he let his hands drift lower, caressing her stomach as he says, “You know…I already have you figured out, Lyra. You thought you could hide something like that from me? I’m not as stupid as you seem to think I am.”

She tries to whimper and protest, but she is completely speechless while he fucks her so hard she can’t hope to say a word to him. Instead, she gives him room to continue, so that he can say, “Now it doesn’t matter if I pull out or not, but you know I still love to fill you up either way…” With a final jerk of his hips, he fills her again, giving her a nice creampie to remind her how she found herself in this situation, to remind her that she is always his.

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Perhaps Shauntal regrets putting herself in this situation. She knows that she only has herself to blame for this, because she is the one that asked for this, but this was not something that entered her mind before she had already committed to this. This is what she wants, so maybe it should be worth it, but she really hates when he has the freedom to snark to her to his heart’s content while she is forced speechless.

But she wants to actually black out when she comes, so she really doesn’t have a choice about being able to speak.

With his hands wrapped tight around her throat, she knows that Grimsley does not intend to leave her disappointed, even if he is going to annoy her every second until she does finally black out. She’s used to the way he mouths off to her, teasing her and calling her names and calling her out on how depraved she is while he does his best to fuck her absolutely senseless, but ordinarily, she can at least snap back at him, matching his wits without any trouble.

He knows what he is doing, using both hands to squeeze at her throat, rather than just one hand, like a lot of people do. That can do a decent enough job, for playing at being choked, but he knows just as well as she does that he needs to put real force behind it if he is actually going to cut off her air and render her unconscious.

“Are you fading yet?” he asks, his voice bringing her back to reality, though her vision is starting to blur a bit. “Or are you still with me? Still listening to me while I choke the life out of you, and you get off on it. And you are getting off on it, aren’t you? Oh, that’s right, you can’t answer me right now, because you’re letting me strangle you.”

He never shuts up like this, and there is nothing she can do to get a word in edgewise, and she wishes she could say that this is ruining her fun, but it isn’t. No, as much as Shauntal hates it, it only makes it that much better for her, listening to him taunt her, knowing that she is completely powerless to do anything, let alone snap back at him about it, as her vision starts to blur again, and as his voice begins to sound further and further away.

They are cutting it close, and she’s really close, and she can’t even moan right now, her voice trapped in her throat, his hands constricting her more and more, until she is writhing beneath him, her orgasm hitting her with such force that it is like nothing she has ever felt before in her entire life, so intense and so blinding, until there is nothing, until she has faded completely, lack of oxygen and intensity of her orgasm rendering her completely unconscious.

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Roxie and her dad have been at this for a while now, trying out all sorts of different positions and camera angles, all to make sure that this tape has everything she needs in it. She has already achieved a lot, both as a gym leader and as a punk singer, but her father has his dreams of movie stardom, and she is always eager to do anything she can to show off just how rebellious and bold she is. Making a sex tape with her dad seems like the best way to achieve both things; while she can show off her unrestrained, rebellious streak, her dad can show off just how he does it on camera.

“Come on, Roxie, aren’t you gonna show me your new piercing?” he asks.

“I’ve already shown the audience plenty,” she replies. And it’s true; whenever he has had her facing the camera, she made sure to stick her tongue out plenty, so that any viewer would be able to get a good view of her new tongue piercing. But now, her father wants her to use it on him, so that he can feel how different it is to have his daughter suck him off with that piercing.

“That’s no reason to tease your daddy,” he says, and she moves the camera with a roll of her eyes.

“Alright, alright, I’m already getting ready for it.” Once the camera is set up, she gets down on her knees, wrapping a hand around the base of his cock as she wraps her lips around the tip. Just flicking her tongue over the head makes him gasp at the sudden and new sensation. Slowly, she brings him deeper into his mouth, and he lets out low and indulgent moans as she pushes her tongue along the length of his cock, curling it around him, letting him feel it over and over again.

“That’s good, that’s really good,” he says, making sure that he is speaking loud enough for the camera. “Every time my sexy punk daughter gets another piercing, it just makes her even sexier!”

Roxie moans for him, to let him know that she appreciates his words, and appreciates his point of making it a big show for the camera. She has done a lot of work to show off her tongue throughout the filming, and now that she is actually using it, she definitely wants him to brag about it, to tell everyone just how good she is at using it, and how much the piercing has enhance her abilities. There is no one else better at blowing her dad than she is, and now everyone who watches this tape is going to know and see it.

When he grips the back of her head, she lets him take control in his ecstasy, frantically thrusting down her throat until he is spilling down her throat, moaning for her. Roxie is quick to pull back before she swallows, so that she can turn to the camera, sticking her tongue out to show off the sticky substance, right there with her piercing.

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Your relationship with Courtney has always taken a bit of effort, but you have always considered it worth it. You love her more than you could possibly say, so even though she seems a bit stiff and a bit strange to some, and even though she struggles to communicate at times, while being completely blunt at other times, you do your very best to be there for her, and to do whatever she needs.

When it comes to expressing your feelings for one another, she struggles with her own expression, but there is one thing that she has not struggled to come out with at all. Her bluntness has paid off in this regard, because she is able to come right out and tell you what she wants, and it is something that you are more than willing to give her.

Courtney wants to be bred by you, and if she had not asked you outright, you might not have understood that that was what she was getting at. But it is true that you are generally cautious with her, and you at least pull out, when you are not able to protect her in any other way. This time, she does not want you to do that and she does not want you to do that from here on out.

She wants you to bend her over while you have your way with her, fucking her from behind and using her to your heart’s content, happy and blissful all the while. Holding tight to her hips, you pump into her, fucking her with abandon, holding absolutely nothing back as she moans out for you. Courtney is always a lot more expressive when she is being fucked by you, and right now is no exception.

In fact, she might be even more expressive now, crying out even louder than you are used to, as she gives into her desires and gives into how much she wants you to knock her up. Fucking her harder and faster, you push yourself to your limit, ready to pump her full so that you can give her just what she wants. Courtney grows more and more excited, moaning and whining for you, trembling pathetically, so needy for something that only you can give her.

Finally, you can’t hold back anymore, and you thrust forward as you come, filling her with your seed and causing her to moan out in ecstasy, losing herself to her own pleasure as well. And even once that is done, you are not ready to stop yet, and you know that she is not ready for you to stop either. Until you are completely worn out, you are not going to stop, because you are going to keep giving her everything that she wants from you, to make sure that she has everything that she has begged you for.

You are always happy to give Courtney what she wants, but like this, it is great for you as well.

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The two of you both have a bit of a dominant streak, so it is often a battle between you. Not a serious battle, always something that you both enjoy, but it still feels like a battle, the two of you both doing what you can to assert your dominance over the other. Lorelei proves to be rather formidable competition for you, but that does not mean that you are ever willing to give in easily, and more often than not, neither of you are ever willing to give up, battling it out until the end, while you both lose yourselves to your mutual bliss.

When she pins you down, her weight bearing down on you, she grins at you, a triumphant look on her face, as if she thinks that it is really over now. “I’ve got you right where I want you,” she murmurs, before biting her lip seductively. It would be so easy to fall for it, to let her have her way with you, but you are much too stubborn to actually fall for something like that, and you are not going to just let her take what she wants, not that easily.

You work your hands out from under hers, grabbing hold of her wrists, and stunning her while you press your lips to hers. While you are kissing her, overwhelming her, you are able to shift your weight, and roll over on top of her, so that you are the one pinning her down. When you break the kiss, you smirk at her and say, “Who has who now, Lorelei?”

She struggles underneath of you, but you already have her pinned, and you are a bit stronger than her, so you are able to take advantage of this position for quite some time, all the way until you are buried inside of her, fucking her so hard that you doubt she is able to think clearly enough to figure out how to get an edge over you.

However, she proves your assumption wrong, working her hips up against yours suddenly, overwhelming you with pleasure and sensation as she takes her time in teasing you, making you feel so good that you lose your own train of thought, until finally, you realize that it does not matter that you are on top. Lorelei is still taking control, using her body to render you completely helpless, using her body to get the upper hand again.

You are not willing to lose out, though. Doing your best to regain your composure, you grunt and steady yourself, quick to play at her game, overwhelming her with pleasure as well. The two of you are evenly matched, just as you always are, and all the while until the end, there is no real way of determining a winner, because neither of you are willing to give into the other, and so, neither of you can really be considered a loser, as you continue to battle it out for dominance.

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Lyra has tried her best to resist the spell of the man who managed to completely overpower her after enough losses. She has tried her best to continue to hate him, and everything that he does to her. From the beginning, he has used her for his own perverted ends, and she has had no choice but to go along with it, completely in over her head where the former Rocket boss in concerned.

However, things have been changing lately, in ways that she never could have predicted. Slowly but surely, he has found ways to break her, ways to make her submit to him, and as she feels her resolved crumbling, she knows that she is definitely in trouble now, at risk of becoming his willing slut, rather than his fearful captive. All she needs is one final tipping point, and she will be beyond the point of no return, no longer able to hide just how much she loves the rough way that he fucks her, the way that he uses her and abuses her, the way that he has made her his own.

That final tipping point comes in the form of a missed period.

She has suspected this for a bit now, but this just confirms things. Giovanni has been anything but careful with her, so this was bound to happen eventually, and yet, somehow Lyra thought that she could avoid it by not thinking about it. Now, there is no avoiding it, and no way to not think about it. There is no way to deny that she is pregnant, and there is no one else on earth that could be the father.

What is she going to do now? There is only one answer, and that is give in entirely, because there is no one else that can take care of her now; she only has Giovanni, and this is exactly what he wanted from her. She is hesitant to tell him the truth, but even so, she knows in her heart that it will not be long before he has her figured out, and when that time comes, she will also exposed to him as his willing, desperate slut.

Until then, she will do what she can to keep it all to herself. Until then, she will pretend to resist when he uses her pigtails as handles to fuck her face, and pretend to resist when he pins her to the ground and fucks her so hard that she can’t walk after that. Slowly but surely, she gives more and more of herself to him, all while trying to pretend that she is not, pretending that she hates this and that she wants nothing to do with him. Soon enough, he will be able to tell the truth for himself, but until that time comes, she will try and keep it to herself.

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She knows exactly what she is doing to him right now, with the way that she fidgets and whimpers under her breath, making her growing desperate so obvious that Nanu sees right through her. He knows that this can’t be entirely genuine, because there is nothing holding her back from just going to the bathroom and taking care of this right now, but instead, she continues to push herself, and he knows exactly why that is.

Though he has no idea how she found out about it, it is fairly obvious that she knows that he’s into this sort of thing, and that she is doing this to tease him, to fluster him and get some sort of reaction out of him. Instead, he pretends to ignore her while she squirms and wriggles around, making faces and whining under her breath, so obvious about all of this that it is almost funny.

At least, it would be funny, if he were not achingly hard right now, watching the girl pretend to struggle against her growing need to pee. He has no doubt that she is actually bursting right now, but he does know that the struggle is the act, because she has no reason to fight it right now, other than her idea to tease him. He watches her double over, groaning in her desperation, and he clenches a fist at his side, not sure what he is supposed to do other than watch her, other than let her put on her little show.

Maybe he should ignore it, maybe he should pretend not to be amused by this, not let her know just how much it is getting to him, but he is far beyond that point right now. All he can do is stare, breathing growing uneven, until suddenly, she turns to look right at him, with a perfectly playful smile on her face. With that, she closes the distance between them and climbs on his lap like it is nothing, straddling him where she can clearly feel just how hard he is right now.

“Oh, oops, I don’t think I can make it,” she teases him, right before she gives up entirely, arms wrapped around his neck as she soaks herself, soaking him in the process, moaning a bit too indulgently for someone who is allegedly worried about not being able to make it, but her act was never that convincing to begin with, and he is not bothering to keep his own act up anymore either.

Instead, he lets himself moan, especially when she starts to grind against him, the wet fabric between them not doing much to dull the sensation- actually, in a way, it does plenty to enhance things for him, and once again, she knows that she has him. No matter what, she always finds out juts how to pull one over on him, and always, he just lets her get away with it.

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“You really want this as a reward?” Lana asks, but even as she asks it, she is already kicking off her flip flops, ready to go along with it. Sun is surprised at first, when she asks him what else he wants as a reward after completing her trial, because he thought that he had already received everything that he was going to get.

As it turns out, the young trial captain is offering him a different sort of reward, offering her body to him, within limits, but those limitations do not prove to be any sort of problem for him. After all, one of his options is something that he really wants, something that he had been thinking about during his trial, while noticing her feet in her flip flops.

“This is exactly what I want,” Sun replies, already sitting back and pulling his shorts down, exposing his erection to her. Lana nods, sitting back as well, scooting closer to him.

“I’m actually pretty good at this,” she says, “so this should be fun for both of us.” With that, she extends her legs, her feet coming to rest on either side of his cock. His breath catches in his throat as she wraps her feet around him, applying a bit of pressure from each side, catching him off guard with how immediately good it feels for him.

Moaning, Sun relaxes immediately, and Lana gets to work, slowly moving her feet up and down, using them to jerk him off. She has a thoughtful look in her eyes as she does it, serious and focused, and it would almost be funny to see her looking so focused on something like this, were it not for the fact that he is so overwhelmed by all of this that he can only moan for her, so happy that she offered him such a lovely reward for completing his trial.

He could have had her hand or her mouth, but he is so glad that her feet were an option, and he is left on cloud nine as he lets her use her feet to get him off, whimpering and groaning for her. His eyes soon drift shut in his pleasure, so that he is no longer able to watch her expression, but he can imagine her expression still, oddly serious, especially for her, and solely devoted to making sure that she does this right, that she gives you the reward that she feels he deserves.

Lana is the only trial captain that has offered him something like this as a reward so far, but he has only just started his journey, so who knows what is in store for him? Even if this is the only experience like this that he gets to have, he has a feeling that it will be unforgettable, and that this has made everything he has done on his journey entirely worth it. All of it is worth it for the moment that he gets to come all over her feet.

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Allister is still a little bit shy about taking his mask off for this, and even considers doing it through the hole in the front, but Victor is able to convince him to take it off, assuring him that everything is going to be just fine. The poor boy gets so shy over the littlest things, and it really is adorable, something that Victor finds to be so endearing and irresistible. He is never able to get enough of the way that Allister flusters, and right now, he watches the boy eagerly as he finally removes his mask, to reveal how flushed his cheeks are.

He is not able to meet Victor’s eye as he gets down on his knees, and Victor rests an encouraging hand on the back of his head, leading him and guiding him into it, letting him take his time to get a feel for things as he wraps his lips around the head of Victor’s cock. With a low moan, he murmurs words of encouragement, letting Allister know that he is doing just great already.

He encourages him and praises him for every little thing that he does, to make sure that he is able to keep going, without any worry that he is messing this up. Slowly, he fits Victor’s cock into his mouth, and with the right amount of encouragement, he is able to lose himself in it, until finally, he is bobbing his head with a slow and steady rhythm, and Victor lets out low moan, relaxing as he gets into it.

“That’s good, you’re doing really good,” he is just barely able to say, his voice growing weaker as he loses himself to the pleasure. He feels weak at the knees now, knowing that he is nearly at his own limit, and also knowing that Allister does not want him to stop then, that he does not want him to stop at all. Holding his head in place, he takes control for just a moment, gently fucking his face until finally, he is not able to hold back anymore, coming in the boy’s mouth, groaning his name as he does.

As he is recovering from his climax, Allister stands on shaking legs, waiting for Victor to recover, to tell him what he should do next. But instead of saying a word to him, Victor instead pulls him into a kiss while he still has the chance, having noticed that Allister has not finished swallowing yet, allowing him the chance to taste himself on the other boy’s lips.

Allister goes limp in his arms, moaning pathetically into the kiss and Victor pushing his tongue into his mouth, deepening it and overwhelming him. It is nearly too much for him, but Victor holds him close all the while.

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He really shouldn’t be doing this. Allister knows that, and he knows that every time he slips back into this bad habit of his, putting himself at risk and still not able to resist it. He is not sure why the urge always strikes him here of all places, instead of somewhere that makes sense, like the privacy of his own bedroom, but it does, so often and so persistent that he can’t resist, and that is why it has turned into such a habit of his.

Maybe it has something to do with how nervous he gets when he comes here, especially when he has to actually appear in front of a lot of people. Somehow, his body gets the idea that the best way to cope with the nerves and stress is to get so turned on that he has to take care of that to be able to relax again. He still has no idea why that would happen, but it is the only explanation that he can think of, and there is nothing that he can do to change the fact that it occurs.

At least he always makes sure that he is alone before he does it, checking around the locker room. Once he feels safe enough, he gets out of his shorts and sets back on the bench, legs spread so that he can start fingering his asshole, swallowing his whimpers and whines to try and cut back on the potential risk of being caught. It feels so good that he just can’t resist it, no matter how much he may want to, and as he works a finger inside of him, he quickly grows breathless, head swimming in his pleasure.

He always tries to make sure that he is completely alone in here, but once he gets started, there is little that he can think about beyond his finger, beyond his desire for more, until he is fitting a second finger inside of him. A soft whine escapes his lips, one that he is not able to hold back, and he flusters, hearing it echo in the room around him. He really needs to be careful, to be more quiet, just in case-

“Wasn’t that cute?” A voice calls out, causing him to go completely stiff. His eyes fly open, and he sees her standing just a few feet away- the current champion, Gloria, grinning at him, having caught him in the act. And there is nothing that he can do to explain himself, nothing that he can do to make it look less bad than it already is. He is left frozen in his horror, unable to do or say anything as she steps closer and closer, cheeky grin never leaving her face.

“If you’re that lonely, maybe you should try asking someone to help you out,” she teases him. “You know, as champion, it’s my job to look after everyone, right~?”

The only thing Allister is sure of right now is that he’s doomed.

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It is hard to tell what the Aether employee thinks about all of this. Gladion has to believe that this is abnormal, that other families do not have to do this, but does the employee think that? Does he care? Is he just here to do whatever his boss tells him to do while hiding his own feelings, or does he actually want it? There are so many thoughts going through Gladion’s head as he stares at the man’s cock, and they leave him frozen in place, not making any move of his own.

His mother, standing behind him, clears her throat. “Are you going to get started, or are you going to make me wait all day?” she asks. She is going to watch the whole time, to make sure that he does this properly, that he lives up to her expectations and shows that he has learned well from her teachings. Why this is something she thought necessary for her children to learn, he will never know, but she gives him no choice.

She has explained it all to him, but now it is time to put the lessons to use, and to suck this man off to prove some kind of skill to her. Gladion can’t make sense of any of it, but he still parts his lips, hesitating for just a moment before wrapping them around the cock in front of him. It is his first time doing this, but knowing his mother it will be far from his last.

The man exhales sharply as Gladion begins, and the sudden breath startles him a bit. Is it good or bad? Has he messed up already? But his mother says nothing, so he can only assume that he is doing things right so far, and he tries to move onto the next step. He has no idea what he can handle, but he knows that the more he can fit in his mouth this first time, the more impressed his mother will be, and the more he hesitates, the more she will scold him.

The only problem with that line of thinking is it leads to him rushing things, trying to fit more than he can handle, nearly choking himself on the man’s cock. Gladion has to pull back, coughing and trying to catch his breath, and Lusamine simply clicks her tongue. She doesn’t need to tell him; he already knows that she is disappointed. He gets back into it, and this time, he knows his limits better. This time, he can move on again, and start using his tongue, start actually sucking it, and he listens to the moans of the man to let him know if he is doing this right or not.

Gladion has already been told ahead of time that he has to swallow, so when the man comes in his mouth, he does his best to ignore the taste, to swallow without tasting, without thinking about anything. He doesn’t actually care if he is good at this or not; he just knows that it is better to keep his mother happy.