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Pokemon Ficlets

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Galar is even more confusing than Alola, because as far as Giovanni can tell, Team Yell is still fully active and had nothing to do with the recent incident that occurred before Gloria was taken over as champion. And the leader, Piers, is a former gym leader who still hangs around his old gym, currently lead by his little sister, and is a whole lot easier to get a hold of than the former chairman of the Pokemon league.

Giovanni has the connections to get Rose alone long enough to make him watch Gloria’s defilement, but after a long journey like this, he is tired, and just ready to get it over with. So he settles for Piers, who is easier to get a hold of and capture, and Gloria is even easier, and he pushes her skirt up and gropes at her small breasts while he bends her over in front of the former gym leader who swears that he has nothing to do with any of this.

“But you wanted her, didn’t you? A cute girl like her, how could you help it?” he asks, in an almost teasing tone of voice. “She’s around the age of your little sister…doesn’t that just make the idea sound even more appealing?” There is so much guilt on the other man’s face that Giovanni knows that he has hit the nail on the head.

It makes it that much more satisfying to fuck Gloria, knowing that Piers definitely wanted to, that he was just too weak to do it, just like everyone else was, with their own little girls. Little girls that could have been turned into little sluts, just for those wicked men to use, and instead they are his , and Gloria is his, crying as he slams into her from behind, taunting the other man for missing his chance to claim her virginity.

Her cries fade to whimpers as she gives in and accepts what is happening, making it easy for him. He feels like he deserves that after all the work he has put in, and it just proves that Gloria is a good one, so easy to break that it barely takes any effort at all. Piers missed a big chance here, as did Chairman Rose, wherever the hell he is right now.

Gloria does not belong to any of them, and neither of them are the first one to flood her with their seed, filling her up and knocking her up for sure. She moans a bit, so pathetic that she can’t even help herself, broken and knowing her place. He might just leave Galar with someone new at his side, and he still doesn’t know if any of the other girls has finished breaking yet, ready to come find him in Kanto, either to take care of their child, or to make her feel alive again.

It has been a long journey, but he has thoroughly proved his point, and in the end, Team Rocket reigns supreme.