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Pokemon Ficlets

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Rosa can barely remember a time when she did not want to do this. She thinks there may have been a time that she did not want to do this, that she was not certain about the role that her mother has made her play, but all of that is long forgotten now, as she continues to embrace her position, glad that she can be one of the most popular champions that Unova has ever known.

She loves all of the attention that she gets now, and she is so happy that her mother pushed her into this, and was there to coach her and support her all along the way, so that she would be able to reach the heights that she has now. After all, she is so popular now that she is not even able to fit all of her clients into her busy schedule, not unless she makes serious accommodations, and that is why she spends the vast majority of her free time with all her holes plugged, getting fucked over and over again, by no less than three men at a time, with barely any time to rest in between.

Her mother tells her that she is the best little hooker that there’s ever been, and Rosa is starting to believe her, ecstatic to get such high praise when she knows that she has worked so hard to achieve this status. She certainly will not let her mother or any of her clients down now, not when she has come so far.

Perhaps there was a time when she had shame. She may have been a little more reserved in the beginning, but that has been well and truly fucked out of her by now. Now, there is nothing that she loves more than being in the position that she is in right now, three big cocks inside of her, her ass and pussy being thoroughly fucked while she sucks a man off, until he grabs hold of her pigtails to take control and fuck her face. Rosa is all too happy to give herself up to them completely, knowing that they are far from the last group of men that she will serve today, with a full, busy schedule to look forward to.

“Keep it up, you’re doing great, Rosa! You’re such a good little whore, sweetie, look at how popular you are!” She can hear her mother praising her, somewhere in her daze, and she is glad that her mom is still here to support her, even though she is definitely able to handle herself by now. “You’ve got such a big line of people waiting for a turn with you, so just keep doing what you’re doing!”

Of course she will, because this is what she is best at. There is nothing Rosa loves more than letting herself get fucked senseless, over and over again, until she is worn out and leaking come from every hole. And even then, she would go again if someone paid her enough.