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Pokemon Ficlets

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Dawn is the star of the show, whether she wants to be or not. She never wanted to become popular like this, and when she set off on her journey, she never thought that becoming champion lead her here, would see her ending up on a pole, dancing for a crowd of men, making quite the spectacle of herself. But this is what her mother assures her that she should do as a champion, that she owes this to the people of the Sinnoh region, and that she owes the money she will earn from this to her family.

Dawn has never been too certain about that, wondering why her mother would consider this the most important part of her status as champion, wondering why her mother would ever push her into this kind of behavior to begin with. That is not to mention the fact that she is certain there are plenty of other ways for her to make money for her family than to do things like this. But here she is, standing onstage in front of a crowd of min, all watching her as she dances on the stripper pole, following the steps that her mother has choreographed for her.

All the while, the men keep throwing money at her, her tips for a good show so far, and encouragement for her to give them more, that there will be more where that came from just as long as she keeps taking her clothes off, until there is nothing left. Most strippers don’t get entirely naked, but this is not the case for Dawn, because the situation here is a little bit different.

“That’s right, sweetie, take it all off! Look at how graceful the little slut it!” Her mother serves as an announcer of sorts, “encouraging” Dawn to strip for the men, baring her body to them while they cheer and toss money, eager to see more, to get a better preview of what they have all been promised. “The more money she gets, the more willing she is to strip, and who knows what else she will be up for doing, if you just keep paying her? This little cockslut is never satisfied, so if you want a piece of your champion, all you have to do is pay up and enjoy the show!”

Once she is done with her act, once she completely naked and the song has come to an end, Dawn knows that her night is only just beginning. There are more men than usual out there tonight, which means that she is going to be extremely busy. After all, they do not just pay to get in to see her dance, and they do not just tip her because they want to see more of her body. They are all promised a turn with her, so she knows she will have a busy, sleepless night of fucking every single man watching her in the audience, all while her mother continues to egg her on.