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Pokemon Ficlets

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At the end of the day, Leaf never wanted to be a hero. Not once, when she set out, did she ever consider the possibility of becoming any sort of hero, and every stop along the way was just that- a stop. Team Rocket was a nuisance, maybe, but she never thwarted their plans with anyone’s best interests at heart. They were just in the way of wherever she needed to go, and now, she’s gone everywhere she needs to go.

So now she’s ended up in bed with her former enemy, because, seriously, she ever intended to make an enemy of him. In fact, the only reason she’s glad she got swept up in all that bullshit is because she doubts that she would have met Giovanni if she hadn’t. From the beginning, she’s had her eye on him, and now that her journey is done, she could care less about sticking around to be champion.

Right now, Leaf is far too busy being fucked senseless as a means of proving her loyalty.

Well, she can’t exactly say she blames him for not believing her. With their history, what other reason would she have for going to great lengths to track him down,other than to bring him to justice? When she tells him that’s never been her goal, it’s only natural that he doesn’t believe her. It’s only natural that he wants her to go to extremes to prove that she’s being genuine, but since this is exactly what Leaf wanted as well, she isn’t complaining. Far from it, actually.

“You’re such a loud little slut,” Giovanni mutters, thrusting into her from behind that. “Wouldn’t have guessed that from how talkative you were before.”

It’s true that she barely said a word then, but she can hardly say a word now. This time, that is entirely his doing, and though she can’t speak, she more than makes up for it in how loudly she moans for him. With her skirt pushed up and her panties down around one ankle, he has her bent over in front of him, one hand tightly gripping one of her wrists, the other pushed up her shirt and under her bra.

Originally, he held both of her wrists- as if she would try to escape- but eventually abandoned one in favor of fondling her small breasts. His thumb brushes over her nipple and she cries out again, earning her a low chuckle and a rough thrust from him. In response, she grinds back against him, desperate for more of his cock, desperate for more of him, and desperate to make him feel just as needy as she does. However, even through his own groans, he easily maintains his composure.

“You must have known what you were doing,” he says, pausing as he grunts before picking up where he left off with ease, “prancing around in front of me with a skirt this short.”

“B-because…” Try as she might, she isn’t able to speak as easily as he is.

“Because, deep down, you’ve always been a slut, and you’ve always wanted to be mine,” he murmurs, slowing his pace so that he can speak plainly. “You know, come to think of it, maybe I do believe that was your reason for coming after me. But you’ll have to keep this up, to keep me convinced.”

His threat hardly counts as a threat, and she whimpers, her voice shaking as she finally says, “I-I don’t mind, because…”

“Because you’re mine,” says Giovanni. “Just say it.”

“I’m yours,” she says, her voice breaking even as she does, and then, he pulls her back onto his cock, and resumes fucking her, even rougher than before this time. Leaf is howling with her orgasm in no time at all, and Giovanni does not stop even to let her ride it out, fucking her through it and beyond it, using her until he is done with her.

“For now,” he assures her, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.