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Welcome Home

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Just got in the car, darling. I’ll be home in 30 minutes. I expect you to be open and ready for me.

Your eyes scanned over Tom’s text at least 20 times. Your heart skipped a beat when you received the notification and an immediate heat flooded between your thighs. You took a deep breath and gripped your phone with shaking hands.

Yes, Sir.

You paused after hitting send on the message before pressing your thumbs to the glass screen again.

I miss you, Tom. I can’t wait to see you.  

His response came less than ten seconds later, where he told you he loved you and couldn’t wait to see you either. A blush coated your cheeks and you almost released a giddy, child-like squeal.

You and Tom had been together for nearly two years. In all that time together, he had never been absent for so long. For the past three months, Tom was traveling the world shooting his film Kong: Skull Island and unfortunately, due to your own job, you couldn’t come with him. The time differences between wherever he landed and back home caused you to miss most of his messages and restricted your hours to call each other. In the past three months, you had only seen his face a handful of times. You were missing him desperately and you were counting down the moments until he walked through the door.

Now that the day was finally here, your body was positively buzzing with nerves and excitement. It was clear from Tom’s text that he was desperate for you. After all, he, too, had gone without sex for these past several weeks. His hand wasn’t nearly as satisfying as your body.

Deciding to indulge Tom – and truthfully, yourself, because you couldn’t wait much longer to have him inside you – you bolted up to your shared bedroom. You stripped yourself from your sweats and t-shirt, ridding your body of all undergarments as well – before settling on the bed with your favorite vibrator. You did as Tom said and prepared your body for him. He wouldn’t need to open you up or rub you to wetness, you were already there. After a slightly satisfying 20 minutes, you hopped off the bed and slung on a light sundress. You wanted to be presentable at the door when he showed up, and although Tom might have appreciated you greeting him naked, you were sure he would kill his personal driver if they saw that.

You were standing in the kitchen with your bare foot tapping on the tiled floor when you heard the familiar sound of a car pulling into the driveway. Your head snapped up and you saw the sleek black vehicle sliding across the newly paved driveway. Eyes wide and heart pounding, you couldn’t stop yourself from running to the front door. You pulled the door open just as Tom was getting out of the car. He laughed at something the driver said before his eyes found you.

“Tom,” you whispered, knowing he couldn’t quite hear it. Tom shut the car door and walked over to you slowly, almost as if he couldn’t believe you were actually there. When his feet began picking up their pace, you bolted forward into his arms, forgetting completely about your lack of shoes. Tom picked you up and held you tightly to his body, his nose buried in the crook of your neck. He sighed your name and you immediately felt his stiff body relax.

“You’re here,” he said softly. His hands began mapping your body with his hands, running over your dress-clad back. “I’ve missed you so fucking much. I can’t even begin to explain it.”

He pulled his head back and you cupped his cheek with one of your hands. He looked different, a bit transformed. His face was thinner, making his jaw more pronounced. You could feel strong muscles underneath you from hours of training. You tightened your grip on him and leaned your forehead against his.

“I’m so happy you’re back,” you said. You fluttered your eyes shut and hummed. “Now kiss me, Captain Conrad.”

Tom’s lips were against yours before you even finished your sentence. You melted against him, your legs quaking around his waist as he held you. There was a gentle pause in his kiss before he pressed his lips more firmly to yours. You moaned into his mouth and almost forgot about the driver hauling Tom’s bags from the trunk. Tom’s hands migrated down to your ass, and he paused when he felt no panties beneath the fabric of your dress. He pulled back and raised an eyebrow.

“Naughty little girl,” he purred.

“You said to be open and ready for you,” you giggled, leaning forward to kiss his neck. He tilted his head back and sighed. You ran your nose along his jaw before pressing a kiss to the sharp bone. “And I am, Sir.”

Tom placed you onto the ground, his hand resting on the small of your back. “Wait here, love.” Tom pressed a lingering kiss to your cheek before walking over to his driver. He gave the older man a hug before slipping him a generous tip – no doubt for having to witness his insistent kissing with you. Tom grabbed his bags from the ground and motioned for you to follow him inside. Once he stepped through the threshold, Tom tossed his bags shamelessly onto the ground, shut the door with his foot, and pushed you against the nearest wall.

His hands found your wrists and he pinned them beside your head. There was a deep growling in Tom’s chest as he kissed you again. This time, his movements were less patient and more desperate. It was as if the three months you spent apart were finally hitting both of you and you sank into his touch.

“I need you,” Tom grunted as he released your wrists. You kept them attached to the wall, knowing that if Tom hadn’t told you to move them, it was best to leave them where they were. Tom unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans down just enough to free his cock. You involuntarily moaned at the sight of his cock, having only seen it in pictures and on facetime a few times. Your legs spread as a gush of arousal flooded through you. Tom peered back up at you through his dark eyelashes. His hand was running over his cock and he smirked.

“Please, Sir. Don’t tease me. I’ve been without you for so long,” you whimpered.

“Oh, baby. Don’t worry. I’m right here,” he purred as he gathered your dress up around your waist. His hands gripped your ass, hoisting you up again and pressed you to the wall. You wiggled with imbalance before his body pressed to yours. In one swift motion, his cock was sliding inside of you. Tom gritted his teeth together as he entered you. “Fuck, I missed this tight little cunt.”

“God, your cock feels so good,” you whined, pressing your hips down.

“I’ll make love to you later, baby. For now, I just need to fuck you,” Tom groaned before pulling out and thrusting back in. You gasped and tightened your hands into fists, aching to touch him. Tom nodded at you once and you immediately flung your hands onto his body. You ran your hands along his sculpted shoulders and chiseled face. Eventually, your fingers tangled in his hair – cropped shorter than you remember.

“Fuck me, Sir. Fuck me, please,” you begged as his cock pounded into you. Your body hit the wall with every thrust and you knew your back would be absolutely fucked up in the morning. You didn’t care though, and you tugged on Tom’s hair until he leaned up to kiss you. His tongue prodded itself into your mouth and he tasted every inch of you. When he pulled back, Tom immediately attached his lips to your neck.

“It’s been too long since I marked up this beautiful neck,” Tom said before sucking a bruise just over your pulse. You writhed against him as his hand came down to your waist. His index finger tapped at your clit, circling the little bud insistently. “Cum for me. Cum all over my fucking cock.”

“Tom!” you shouted his name as your orgasm crested. Just as you hit your high, Tom sunk his teeth into your neck, biting over the newly forming bruise. The sensation made your orgasm hit you ten times harder than normal, and you slumped in Tom’s arms. “I missed that.”

Tom chuckled and pressed a soft kiss to your cheek. “Good thing we’re not done yet.”

It was in that moment that you realized Tom was still hard inside of you. You clenched around him as he dragged you from the wall. He walked over to the couch, his cock still firm inside of you. He slid out as he placed you onto the couch, earning a dissatisfied whine from your throat. Tom scowled and flipped you over. His hand smacked against your backside with a loud slap.

“No pouting, little girl,” Tom said.

“Yes, Sir,” you gasped as his hand hit against you again. You gripped the cushions as he assaulted your ass with slap after slap. Pleasure coursed through your veins every time his hand hit against you and you thrusted yourself back for more. You shivered as he ran his rough palms along your ass.

“Such a pretty little ass,” Tom cooed. “I’m ashamed at how long it’s been since I’ve bruised it.”

“It’s all yours, Sir,” you whimpered with another slap delivered.

“Yes it is,” Tom growled, his nails biting into the red skin. “Good girl.”

Tom’s hands gripped your hips and flipped you over. Your red ass hit the couch and you shivered as the cold leather brushed against your bottom. Tom then shucked your dress off and let it pool on the ground beside him. From your sitting position, you spread your legs and pulled Tom in by his belt loops. Tom pulled his own shirt off as you rid him of his shoes and pants, leaving you both completely bare in front of one another.

He was more chiseled than the last time you saw him. You knew how rigorously he trained prior to shooting but you didn’t realize the intensity he put his body through while he was away as well. His abs were shining, the ridges between the muscles glistening with a thin layer of sweat. His arms were tight with muscle and you realized how simple it must have been for him to hold you just before. You reached up and ran a hand down his torso, relishing in the moan that came from Tom’s lips from your touch.

Sinking to his knees, Tom held onto your thighs. He smirked up at you as he pushed you backwards so your pussy was presented to him. He ran two fingers between your slick folds.

“Tom,” you sighed, keeping your eyes locked on him.

“Beg me, darling. Let me hear your pretty voice,” he whispered, kissing along your inner thighs. You trembled and Tom smirked – he knew how sensitive you were there.

“Please touch me, Sir. Please put your mouth on me,” you whimpered. Tom smiled against your leg and looked up at you with dark eyes.

“I am touching you. I do have my mouth on you,” he purred, emphasizing his point with a kiss to your inner knee and a squeeze of his hands. “You need to be more specific.”

“Fuck me with your fingers, Tom. Make me cum all over your tongue as you eat me out. Make me so delirious that I can only remember your name. Please, Sir. I’m begging you,” you cried.

Tom neglected to make another seductive comment and decided instead to simply feast on you. Three fingers entered your hole – stretched from his cock before – as his tongue assaulted your folds. You gasped and gripped the couch cushions beside you as Tom buried his head between your thighs.

Coherency was no longer a capability of yours as Tom devoured you. His fingers were curling inside of you dramatically, fondling your most sensitive spot. His tongue had latched around your clit, suckling and slurping with obscene noises. Your hands migrated again to his hair, keeping his head settled directly against your cunt.

“Tom! Oh, yes, Tom! Yes, Sir, please!” you chanted, your thighs now locked around Tom’s neck. He looked up at you, his eyes swimming with lust and arousal. With a particularly generous suck to your clit, you fell apart and came all over him.

Tom gave you no time to recover as he slid his fingers from you. He pulled himself out of the headlock you trapped him in with your legs. He grabbed your body as he sat on the couch, pulling you onto his lap so you were facing him. As your body still shook from pleasure, Tom lined his cock up with your hole and pushed himself in.

You tossed your head back as Tom’s hands settled on your waist. He bounced you up and down on himself, knowing your body was weak and still building its strength back up from your last orgasm. He groaned – a heady, heavy sound – as he thrusted himself into you. Your hands ran along his body, drinking in the man that you had gone so long without.

“Your cunt feels so good around my cock, baby. You’re squeezing the life out of me,” Tom grunted through gritted teeth. “I can’t wait to cum inside this tight little pussy.”

“Fuck, I love your cock, Sir. Use my body,” you babbled, your head falling forward to gaze into Tom’s eyes. His hips were now lifting off the couch, meeting your body with vigor and passion. Your clit was still buzzing and sensitive from Tom’s oral attentions but you couldn’t get enough of this divine pleasure.

Tom’s hands tightened on your waist and you knew there would be bruises there. You moved your own hands to grip his biceps, admiring how they flexed beneath your fingers.

“I’m going to fill you up, little girl. Is that what you want? Do you want me to fill you with my cum?” Tom asked rhetorically. He knew the answer already. You nodded and smacked your lips, trying to form words through your cloud of pleasure.

“Cum in me,” you whispered. Tom immediately flung his thumb down your clit and pressed on it dangerously hard. Your eyes widened and you shouted Tom’s name. You were almost sure the neighbors could hear your cries of pleasure. Tom wrapped his arms around you and pulled you against his hard body. He snapped his hips up into you, riding out your orgasm, as he hit his own. He shouted your name, his head falling backwards against the couch as he came inside of you, filling you to the brim with warmth.

“I love you,” he said breathlessly as he came down from his high. You turned your head lazily to peer up at him. He was gasping, catching his breath as he tightened his hold on you. “I didn’t say it enough while I was away.”

“I love you too, Tom,” you giggled, vision still blurred from pleasure. “Welcome home.”

“What a wonderful reunion,” he chuckled, running a hand down your spine. “And to think, it’s only just begun.”

Your eyes got wide as you stared up at him. “What?”

“Oh, darling. I’ve been gone for far too long for that to be it,” he said with a devious smirk. “I plan on making you cum once for every week I was away.”

You quickly calculated that in your head. “Tom, that’s –“

“Twelve blissful orgasms for you today, my dear.” He was grinning now, his eyes wild as his cock began stiffening inside of you again. “Three down, nine to go.”

You yelped as Tom lifted you and carried you up the stairs, leading you into a long day full of passion and pleasure.