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Skies The Limit

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RG frowned as he stared up at the dark oak ceiling of his room. He furrowed his brows and rolled over in bed the sound of dead night silence becoming too quiet to his liking. He huffed and sat up in bed feeling a bit unsure of everything after they came back from the void.

Everything for some odd reason feels different like there's been a shift in their lives. And he doesn’t just mean Grian’s new relationship with Doc and Xisuma he means there's some new lurking and he doesn’t like it. An unsettling feeling that leaves him breathless in fear sometimes distracting him sometimes making him miss out of the current conversation. He doesn’t know why he’s letting it bug him so much but he knows peace can never last and that there's something bad. Really bad and it’s setting off every warning in his brain. 


This isn’t the only thing he thinks has changed. Ever since what happened with their mother Jevin Wels and Python have been acting.... Different. He doesn’t know how to explain it but whenever he’s working on a build the three of them will randomly show up to help him despite probably having their own things to do. Or they’ll help him out with things he needs to do. Which in all honestly the only thing he ever does that doesn’t involve building is tending to his garden which is in no means small. His garden is huge and he loves it more than anything. It's his pride and joy and he loves his garden. Jevin Wels and Python usually come around at some random time and help him finish harvesting the rest of the crops. 


Whenever he’s working two hard or for two long they’ll drag him sometimes forcefully away from a build so he can take a break. Whenever RG will refuse to do something like leave a build unfinished they’ll do random things like Jevin will run a hand through his hair and RG will just melt. They know his weakness and he hates but loves it. He doesn’t know if this is a good or bad thing but he needs to figure out what's changed between them. 


RG sighed as the sun began to rise and he stood from his bed getting ready for the day deciding to send a message to NPG and Grian through their private chat. Once he’s outside he gets a return message from Grian saying they can talk at Sahara. 


He smiles and moves towards the shopping district since he lives on an island in the middle of the ocean away from the main island where all the districts are. He sighs once it comes into view after a good 15 minutes of flying. 


He doesn’t hesitate as he moves towards Sahara finding NPG there as well. “Morning RG” NPG smiles as they walk into Sahara going to the second floor with their Sahara memberships. 


They found Grian sitting in the meeting room swaying his legs back and forth as he sat in his giant chair compared to the two smaller chairs. “This is so ridiculous” RG snickered seeing Grian’s chair compared to Mumbos and Iskall’s. 


“What they tried to challenge me” Grian responded. 


“Anyways back to the reason we are really here” NPG responded as they took their seats in their own chairs that were next to Mumbo’s and Iskall’s. Grian and NPG turned to RG who frowned. 

“Well I have a bit of a problem” RG began. 


“What kind of problem?” Grian questioned. 


“Well” He began. “EeversincethewholethingwithmomhappenedJevinWelsandPythonhavebeenactingweirdandIdon’tknowwhyandI’mtoafraidtoask” He replied his words a jumbled mess. 


“Okay first of all, I didn’t understand any of that, second of all say it again” Grian frowned. 


“Ever since the whole thing with mom happened Jevin Wels and Python have been acting weird and I don’t know why and I’m too afraid to ask” RG replied again. 


“So in what way are they acting weird” NPG questioned already having an idea of what’s going on but not wanting to jump to conclusions. 


“Well, they show up at random times to help me build and when I’m building too long they try and drag me away from it but when I refuse to leave, Jevin or one of them just run their hands through my hair and I just fall apart and then. They come around my garden around random times and help with the crops and they just pop up out of nowhere helping me with random things. And I thing I’m either over reacting or stupid, and when I see them any other time like in the shops I just can’t help but smile at them, or when I come around they’ll always talk to me and well get lost in coversation a lot” RG responded. 


“And how do you feel about this” Grian asks a grin plastered onto his face as he stared at him. 


“Well that's the thing. I don’t know whether to be worried or happy. Worried because they worry about me too much or happy because they actually take time out of their day to come and talk and hang out with me. And it makes me feel all warm inside and I can’t help but smile whenever they're around” RG replied, turning to his brothers who had grins on their faces. 


“Well my good brother” Grian smiled as NPG tried to not laugh. “You have what's known as a crush” 


RG stared at Grian for the longest time blinking every few seconds before he went back over everything he had told them and then he slammed his head against the table groaning. They were right he had crushes on his best friends. “Omg” He mumbled as he sat up straight. 


“You should tell them” NPG giggled.


“Not happening” RG replied rolling his eyes. 


“Why not” Grian frowned “They obviously feel the same way about you”


“I don’t know” RG frowned. 


“Just think about it then, anyways Mumbo and Iskall should be here any minute, well begin the meeting when they get here” Grian smiled.

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RG sighed running a hand through his hair as he landed on his island moving to his garden which was located right behind his house. He smiled when he found Spark his pet fox wandering the garden. He frowned thinking back to his conversation with Grian and NPG and what they had said. He shook his head and laughed slightly. “Maybe they're wrong” He mumbled. 

“What are you doing?” A voice asked. He jumped and turned around abruptly finding Jevin Python and Wels standing there a grin plastered to Jevin’s face as he moved to stand in front of RG. RG smiled but tensed slightly folding his wings against his back and swaying his tail from side to side behind him. 


“W-what are you g-guys doing here?” He stuttered slightly only now realizing how quick his heart beat was and how worm his face felt. 


“Oh, we came to see what you were doing, or if you needed help with anything” Python smiled. 


“Well I kinda just got back, was in a meeting with Grian NPG Mumbo and Iskall, you architect and all” RG smiled slightly. 


“Understandable and you know what Grian would do if you were late to a meeting” Wels laughed lightly and RG froze feeling like his throat was dry and he was a bit breathless. 


“Something wrong?” Jevin frowned his beaming smile disappearing from his features. Guilt entered RG and he responded. 

“No nothings wrong I just, uh need a minute alone” He replied moving to his house. He pushed the back door open and heard it shut close behind him as he entered the kitchen. He leaned against the counter running a hand through his hair for what felt like the one thousand time that day. 


“Omg they right” RG uttered moving his hands to cover his cheeks noticing how warm they felt under his hands. He sighed covering his face with his hands and closing his eyes. “This is not happening” He frowned. 


His thoughts went back to how he met the hermits and he couldn’t help but smile as he remembered season 3 of hermitcraft. 


RG sighed running a hand through his slightly darker sandy blonde hair turning his gaze towards the dark void sky feeling a bit more than annoyed at the quiet silence that never left the end. “This is so annoying” He sighed turning his gaze to where the portal would be. He frowned, clenching his fist feeling like there was something wrong he turned around his wings spread out slightly as he turned his gaze to a group standing there seeming slightly surprised to see him. 


“Oh good have you come to kill me?” He said sarcasm dripping in his words as he rolled his eyes and turned back to the portal. The chains around his wrist made a clicking noise as he moved. 


He had tried to escape more than once and mother wasn’t exactly happy with him so as punishment he had these chains added to keep him from trying to escape the void which was harder than he thought. 


“Who are you?” One of the many people standing among the group asked. 


“RG nice to meet you, I guess” he replied shrugging. 


“You're a hybrid” He noted. “Names Jevin”

“For a slime hybrid your oddly colored” RG said raising an eyebrow. 


“For an ender dragon hybrid your oddly docile” He retorted and RG couldn’t help but smile slightly. 


“Well usually people that come here go in guns blazing ready to try and kill me none have succeeded before and you guys haven’t attacked yet so I have no reason to attack either” He replied. 


“Reasonable answer” Jevin shrugged. “You don’t seem like you want to be here though” 


“I don’t, mother isn’t happy that I’ve been trying to escape” He replied. 


“We can help,” Jevin smiled, turning to his friends who nodded. RG shrugged.




RG stared at all the color around him wondering around the forest while he followed behind them. He stopped turning to what looked like a small animal with white feathers and wings. He picked it up and followed the others tapping Jevin on the shoulder making him stop. “What is this?” he asked holding out the small animal while tilting his head. 

“That is a chicken RG” Jevin smiled slightly. 

“Why is it named that?” He questioned. 


“I don’t know” Jevin shrugged laughing slightly at his curiosity. 


“Okay then” RG followed the others Jevin sighed and trailed behind RG making sure RG didn’t get distracted by the other things in the forest. Once they got back to spawn the others began to talk to Xisuma while Jevin followed RG making sure he didn’t do anything that could get him possibly hurt. 




RG sighed smiling fondly of his memories of when he had originally entered a new world with things he didn’t know about. He moved towards the back door pushing it open finding Jevin Wels and Python sitting in a circle under one of the many trees in his garden with Spark in Python’s lap fast asleep. 


“At least he isn’t biting you” RG smiled as he sat down in between Wels and Python surprising them slightly.

“Yeah the last few times he did that” Python laughed slightly. 


“Hey RG?” Jevin asked. 


“Hmm” RG hummed in response turning his gaze to Jevin. 


“What do you think about everything that’s happened so far, you know with being in this new world and all?” Jevin asked with a smile. 


“Well, it’s okay, Grian’s here and me and NPG are happy that we don’t have to worry about mother anymore. Everything is okay” RG replied, smiling. 


“Do you regret coming with us?” Python abruptly asked.


“No! Why would I regret coming with you guys” RG frowned. 


“It’s just, we’ve been unsure about it ever since the whole thing with your mother happened” Jevin frowned crossing his arms. 


“Well you guys shouldn’t have to worry” RG smiled. “It’s getting late you guys should probably get going”


“Yeah your right” Wels smiled. 




RG sighed as he stared at the ceiling of his bedroom wondering what he should do. He had no ideas for a build and was running low on material’s, so maybe he could go mining. Just anything to take his mind off of three certain hermits.

RG shook his head running a hand through his hair again and turning to roll over on his side so he was facing his window. He stared out the window for a few seconds before he blinked and confusion wrote itself across his face. He furrowed his brows and sat up noticing the slight difference in his vision.


Everything was a tinted color. Not just any color but purple. He frowned and stood up looking around his room noticing everything in his vision was tinted purple. He unfolded his wings as he stepped into the hallway of his house moving down the corridor to the stairs an unsettling feeling of dread entered his stomach as he looked around unsure of what was happening with his sight. 


He made it to the storage area of his small two story house wondering what could possibly be going on with his vision. He moved to the outside of his house entering his garden and noticing how the moon and sky were the same bright purple. 


His vision was slightly darker and he noticed how some things or blocks looked different. He turned to face the moon holding a dark purple almost black. RG turned around feeling an unfamiliar prescen’s behind him. 


He came face to face with two beings standing at an almost unbelievable height of 8 feet 11 inches. They had bright purple bird like wings and wore masks that covered their upper face with a symbol of a nether portal on the front missing the corner piece’s. 


“Who are you” RG uttered in slightly surprise and awe.


“Who we are is not important” The female of the two spoke first. She had long hair split into two separate braids both hanging over separate shoulders.


“Why we are here is more important” The male spoke after her. He had short dark purple hair that leaned more to one side of his head than the other.


“We sensed your hesitance” The female spoke again her voice soft and almost gentle. 


“Your fear, the kind that shows your own weakness” The male spoke after. They slowly spoke one after the other. 


“Your afraid” 


“The type of fear that you’ll never be good enough”


“That your brothers are leaving you behind” She sighed as she moved to walk around him. They slowly moved around. He couldn’t tell where their gazes went when they looked away. “That they are better than you”


“I mean it isn’t an irrational fear, after all what did you do to help when Grian needed you?” The male questioned, the way Grian’s name was spoken from him didn’t sit right with RG. the tone of voice the male use had a sense of familiarity in it. 

“Doc and Xisuma were the ones to help get his memories back, NPG was the one to help Eli hold off your mother” The male smiled slightly as he stopped the female moving to stand alongside him. 


“And where were you when all that happened. What did you do to help” The female whispered. RG clenched his hands together his gaze turning from surprise to a piercing glare. 


“Who are you?” He asked again this time anger was evident in his tone of voice. 


“I’m Tempest and this is my brother Typhoon” The female replied folding her hands gently in her lap. 


“Our time here is up, but we'll be back to collect what's rightfully belong to us” Typhoon sighed. 


“Don’t keep us waiting,” Tempest said quietly. And just like that the purple tint in his vision was gone and so where them. He was slightly blinded by bright light now only noticing the sun was replaced with the moon the dark night sky replaced with bright light blue with white clouds dotting different places. 


RG blinked for a few seconds before he frowned. He wasn’t sure what that was about but he wouldn’t let it bug him for now.

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The next architect meeting went a little weirder than normal. Like all architect meetings they only got a few things done. They had to discuss changing the way they transport the items from the warehouse to the front of the store and when they were going to change it. 


But they also talked about Grian’s huge chair and Mumbo being late to meetings. This all happened while RG’s vision kept turning from normal to tinted purple. It was a little unsettling since it happened at random times but he got used to it after a few seconds. He had spaced out a few times while all this happened but he tried to ignore it.

He had tried so hard to ignore it but he couldn’t. Whoever Tempest and Typhoon had kept appearing in his vision multiple times and it seemed like the others couldn’t see them. Like only he could and this annoyed him. Their words when they had first talked to each other had cut deep and he couldn’t help but overthink everything that's happened with their mom. How their words weren’t wrong. 


How he had done so little to help Grian. NPG had been the one to find Eli, NPG had been the one to hold off their mom with the help of Eli, Doc and Xisuma had been the ones to restore their memories. And yet RG had done nothing in the time they were dealing with the entire problem. He had noticed how he had done so little to help that he started to realize Tempest and Typhoon were right. 

That they were right. But the one thing that bugged him the most was that. How did Tempest and Typhoon know about what recently happened. How did they know unless they had been there?. They shouldn’t have known unless they had been present. It was only when the conversation going on in the meeting room had gone quiet that he noticed he was getting lost in thought. He looked up from the table and noticed the others were staring at him. 


“Uh, is something wrong?” RG questioned quietly. 


“No, you were just not responding, is something wrong RG?” NPG asked his tone one of concern. The others had their own expressions of concern and worry.


“No everything’s fine, just thinking about our conversation yesterday” He lied.


“Oh, okay” Grian smiled.

They all went back to the conversation RG deciding to ignore his nagging thoughts and the purple tint that covered his vision every once in a while. 




 He laid on the ground in his garden staring at the tree that created shade over him blocking the sun’s light. He breathed out a sigh before he blinked and everything became that same tinted purple in his vision. He sighed and sat up staring at the two figure’s sitting in front of him. 


“What do you two want?” he asked, crossing his arms and tilting his head.


“Our words got to you, didn’t they” Tempest asked tilting her head the same way he did in a copying manor. 


“We only speak what we know is true, your brothers and everyone else would be better off without you, you know” Typhoon sighed cutting him off when he was about to speak. 


“After all, what have you done to support or help your friends in any way?” Tempest smiled. 


“You haven’t been much help at all while here” Typhoon interrupted him yet again from speaking. 


“I don’t care what you guys think” RG snapped in reply sitting criss cross on the grass that was the same tinted purple as everything else. “Why should I care about what you two think”


“Because, we can offer you so much more than this place could ever give you, power beyond what you have now” Tempest smiled. 


“And all you have to do is take our hands” They both held out one hand out to him and he stared his gaze confused but angry. 


“Power isn’t what I want!” He snapped glaring at them as they lowered their hands frown's plastered to their faces. “Being with the Hermits was never about power and never will be, being with them is about being a family having fun building things we think of and all out just enjoying being with people we know”


“But did you ever once ask if they considered you a friend?” Typhoon questioned tilting his head. “Did they ever once call you their friend, when you chose this small island far from spawn and the island did any of them bother to ask why you wanted to separate yourself from the others. Did they ever bother to wonder why you wanted to separate yourself from everyone?

RG frowned and turned his gaze to the ground not responding. 


“Friends would have wanted to know why you would rather spend your time on an island alone than rather build in the districts with them, be around them” Tempest smiled. 


“What could being friends with them offer you, why be friends with them if they don’t even care” Typhoon sighed. 


“Think about it, did they ever care about you, or have they been pitying you for everything, have they just been pretending to be your friends out of guilt” Tempest sighed. 


Your wrong!” RG glared at them as he looked away. “Your wrong” He whispered lightly. 


“Do you believe that?” Tempest asked. “Believe it if you want but it’s the truth”




RG sat up blinking a few times as he stared at his surroundings noticing Python Wels and Jevin. Python and Wels stood while Jevin kneeled in front of him. He noticed how Tempest and Typhoon were nowhere to be seen and everything was no longer the tinted purple he had been seeing. He breathed in heavily moving his hands to cover his face before running them through his hair. After he turned to the three other hermits. 


“What are you guys doing here?” He questioned looking around to make sure Typhoon and Tempest were nowhere to be seen. 


“We came to check up on you. We found you over here asleep and when we tried to wake you up, you wouldn’t respond, we got worried” Jevin frowned.


“I’m fine” He sighed as he stood Jevin standing alongside him. 


“You don’t seem fine” Python frowned crossing his arms.


“I said I’m fine!” He snapped at them. He froze realizing how he had raised his voice at them. “I’m sorry, just not having a good day” He mumbled. 


“It’s fine, we clearly can tell when we're not wanted” Wels frowned pushing Jevin and Python to move. RG didn’t say anything when they left and stood there not moving when he heard the sound of fireworks. He moved into his house slamming the door shut behind him and standing there. 


He waited a few seconds before he sighed running a hand through his hair and pressing his back against the door letting himself slowly fall to the floor. He pulled his legs up to his chest wrapping his arms around them and closing his eyes taking in a breath and sighing as he realized he shouldn’t have done that. 

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RG huffed in anger as his vision became the same tinted purple. This had been happening more often and it annoyed him to no end. He couldn’t get his conversation with Tempest and Typhoon out of his head and this annoyed him more than anything. Because he was letting their words get to him. He was letting them get in his head and he hated this because that’s what they’ve been trying to do. He doesn’t know who to tell and if he tells someone what will Tempest and Typhoon do. These worries aren’t his only problem but he notices how Jevin Python and Wels have been coming around less and less and this is worrying. 


His conversation’s with Typhoon and Tempest were getting longer and longer and they started to become one-sided conversations because he refused to respond to them. There were sometimes where he’d snap at them to leave him alone but they never left they haven’t left and he doesn’t know when they will. 


He recently talked to Doc and Xisuma along with a few other hermits but he wasn’t sure if they noticed his strange behaviour. He had for the past few day’s been paranoid about Tempest and Typhoon. Sure they were only figures he saw but he never really knew if they were real or not if they can do anything or not. If anything he just wants them to go away. For the past few days he’s just been trying to ignore them. 


“You're still going to try and ignore us,” Tempest frowned, her hands folded in her lap as she sat in front of him. He didn’t pay her any mind as he turned his gaze to the purple tinted night sky with speck of white that he knew were stars. 


He furrowed his brows and turned to Tempest and Typhoon deciding to acknowledge them. “Why are specifically targeting me?” RG questioned. 


“Reason’s” Typhoon replied with a short and blunty response which confused RG. in RG’s opinion they talked too much. 


“You care a lot about those three hermits specifically” Tempest noted.

“Who are you talking about?” RG asked. 


“If I’m correct their names are Jevin Wels and Python” Typhoon said turning his gaze slightly to his sister before back to him.


“What about them?” RG asked nervously. 


“They have a special place in your heart” Tempest smiled. 


“Why do you care?” RG huffed his anger slightly rising. He didn’t want them bringing up the others. What if they planned on hurting them.


“There a weakness you need to get rid of,” Typhoon sighed. 


“Their my friends” RG huffed in annoyance. 


“But you want them to be so much more don’t you” Tempest asked a smile forming across her lips. “You care about them so much. We’ve seen the way you act around them, how they can always make your mind a jumbled mess just with a few words. Your connection to them is so much more than you want it to be”


“Shut up!” RG snapped standing up and walking away. He already knew they were following him. 


“You're not denying what was said so it’s true. Love is a weakness one you shouldn’t have or let get in the way of your own decisions” Typhoon whispered as he followed behind RG as he moved deeper and deeper into his garden. 


“I don’t need nor want your opinion” RG responded clenching his fist.


“You say that now but when the time comes, you’ll come crawling back to us, asking us for help” Tempest said appearing in front of him. He stopped in slight surprise but froze when he felt her place a hand against his cheek. Her hand was cold and felt like stone against his face. He flinched. 


This was the first time they had physically ever touched. He had never once bothered to touch them because not having physical contact made him believe that they weren’t real. “Now do you believe were real?” She whispered. She pulled her hand away and RG didn’t move as she stood. 


“Well be back as usual. I do expect some form of response or at the very least a different reaction from you” Tempest smiled. The tint in his vision was gone in a flash leaving him in the dead of night in his garden the only light being the lantern’s he had set up. He breathed out a sigh and ran a hand through his hair. 




“I’m worried” Grian sighed folding his arms in front of himself. 


“About what?” Xisuma asked continuing to work on updating one of his mob farms with the help of Doc. 


“Haven’t you guys noticed RG’s weird behavior?” Grian pointed out. 


“I have, a few days ago I passed him in the shopping district and asked him what he was doing. He just replied that he didn’t have any time to talk and needed to go. The weird thing was he kept looking around like he expected something or someone else to be their” Doc frowned stopping what he was doing to turn back to Grian. 


“You guys are just being paranoid” Xisuma sighed. 


“Somethings wrong I can feel it” Grian huffed crossing his arms. 


“Now that I think about it you're not wrong” Xisuma frowned stopping. “Usually every day he comes over to my place to ask for random item’s since I’m closer to him than most but now he seems like he hasn’t come over at all. It also seems like he’s spending more and more time alone on that island of his”


“I told you!” Grian frowned. 


“We should talk to him” Doc frowned. 


“Well talk to him tomorrow it’s late” Xisuma sighed as he took off his helmet running a hand through his dark brown hair.


He put the helmet back on and moved over to Doc and Grian. He took hold of Grian’s and Doc’s hand separately and pulled them to follow him. 


“Even if it was late you two still would have continued to work” Grian huffed rolling his eyes. 

“And you would’ve pulled us away from our work because you want us to get rest and just because you want our attention” Doc teased. 

“Shut up” Grian grumbled looking away as he felt his cheeks heat up.

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RG was sitting calmly in his garden when his communicator dinged letting him know he had a message. It was a simple message one from Grian asking him to come to Sahara. Something about how they needed to talk. There was this nagging feeling in the back of his head telling him he shouldn’t go, as if warning him something bad was going to happen, but what bad thing could happen these were his friends they weren’t there to hurt him they would never do anything like that to him. 


The paranoia of Tempest and Typhoon words came back to his mind and he flinched slightly their words ringing in his ears feeling like daggers cutting wounds into his skin. He really did let their words get to him this much. He felt like an idiot for letting them get into his head but he couldn’t stop thinking about how right they were. He shook his head and decided to think about this another time. 


He was slowly but surely making his way back to the main land through the nether hub finding the Itrade portal he found himself standing in front of that familiar building. He turned his gaze away and headed straight for Sahara entering the front where he found Grian Mumbod Iskall NPG and all the other hermits waiting. Realizing how all of them were here made his stomach turn as a sense of dread filled his body his nerves getting to him. 


“Oh! RG your here” Grian smiled slightly but that smile soon faltered the corner of his lips slowly inching downwards and RG’s own dread only increased. 


“Yeah” He said nervously as his vision tinted purple Tempest and Typhoon appearing beside him. “You guys asked me to come after all, is there something you guys needed?”

“Actually, we wanted to see if you were okay” NPG muttered crossing his arms as they all turned to look at him. 


“What do you mean if I’m okay, I’m fine” RG frowned turning his gaze slightly to look at Tempest out of the corner of his eye. 


“You don’t seem fine” Python cut in a look of worry on his face. “You’ve been staying on your island for long periods of time, longer than usual, whenever someone tries to make conversation with you the few times your here you always make it seem like you don’t want to talk, you avoid eye contact whenever you're near someone and for the past few days you’ve seemed paranoid even now” Python sighed crossing his arms as they all stared at him. 


“Their catching on quick” Tempest whispered moving from her spot next to him to circle around his friends Typhoon didn’t move an inch and instead stood their a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. “What do you think they’ll do once they find out who your talking to”


RG didn’t say anything leaving everyone in a dead silence as he listened to Tempest and Typhoon’s words. Letting them know that guilt sorrow and dread slowly seep into his mind as he continues to listen to their soft whispers.


“If only you knew sooner how worthless you are to them, maybe things could play out better, after all they’ve only called you here to point out their worries, all you do is make them worry make them think something is wrong” Tempest hummed as she stopped moving standing right between NPG and Grian. From the corner of his vision he saw Typhoon kneel onto the ground placing a hand on his shoulder and leaning in closer to him. 


“If anything you're nothing but a problem to them, a problem they're trying to get rid of” He whispered. RG shivered at the feeling of Typhoon’s cold breath against his neck. He clenched his fist and flinched looking up when he felt a hand on his shoulder. 


“RG?” Jevin frowned. “Tell us what's wrong, so we can help”


Out of the corner of his eye he see’s Typhoon move away from him with a frown. “You can’t help” RG whispered feeling his hands begin to shake slightly. Jevin frowned.


“Fine” Python sighed. “If you won’t tell us then were not going to leave you alone, me Jevin and Wels will stay with RG until he’s willing to tell us what’s wrong”

“What!” RG uttered in complete panic. “That’s not needed! I’m fine guys”


“There persistent” Tempest mumbled. 


“They're ruining our plans” Typhoon hissed clenching his fist. 


“We’ve already talked and agreed about this before you got here RG” Wels frowned. “If your not going to tell us what's wrong than were not going to trust leaving you alone”


“We just want to help RG” Grian mumbled before turning back to talk to Xisuma and Doc. RG frowned, letting their conversation become background noise as he listened to Tempest and Typhoon.

“This is only further pushing back our plan” Typhoon uttered in anger and rage as he faced Tempest with crossed arms. 


“We can work with what’s happening well just have to deal with it” Tempest replied. If RG could see her face he’d think she’d be glaring at him right now. 


“Fine” Typhoon huffed turning back to him. “Well be back love, don’t miss us too much”


RG shivered at the small name and turned around making his way out of Sahara he heard the sound of footsteps and knew Jevin Wels and Python were following him. He stopped in front of Itrade just as he was about to enter the nether portal. 


“I don’t need your help” RG growled glaring at the three other hermits. 


“We don’t care if you think you need our help or not, were worried and you can’t expect us not to worry, RG” Jevin replied. 


“Ugh! You guys are making this so much harder than it has to be” RG huffed. 


“Well if you told us what's going on maybe this wouldn’t be a problem!” Python replied. 


“You know what, fine worry see if I care” RG snapped back in reply going through the portal. He didn’t bother to wait for them to come through knowing they already knew the way to his portal and didn’t need help getting there. 

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RG didn’t bother trying to convince Jevin Python and Wels to leave knowing they weren’t going to listen. He had been walking around his garden and knew they were watching from the corner of their eyes. RG didn’t like having them around because Tempest and Typhoon haven’t left ever since they began to stick around. The two have just been walking around turning their gazes to the three other hermits every once and a while before going back to talking to each other about whatever the heck they talked about. 


Whatever they had planned to happen was slightly altered when Jevin Wels and Python decided to stay with him.


RG wasn’t surprised when night fell and they still had yet to leave but what did surprise him was that instead of that same tinted purple he had gotten used to a tinted black covered his vision making everything a bit darker. He knew what this ment and frowned knowing Grian and NPG probably asked her to talk to him. In a burst of bright magenta flames his mother appeared standing at her usual height. 


“RG” She smiled as she moved towards him. He didn’t move and only smiled as she kneeled before him cupping his face in her hands and squishing his cheeks. “It’s so good to see my little dragon again” She grinned using the same baby talk she used to when they were kids. 


“I’m not a baby any more mom” RG sighed placing his hands over hers.


“I know but I can’t help but see you as my little dragons” She smiled. “Besides you and your brothers still have baby faces”


“I do not,” He protested.


“You do to” She replied the smile on her face faltered slightly and RG frowned noticing the change in her mood. “Grian and NPG told me somethings wrong,” She frowned. 


RG sighed pulling away from her grasp and letting his arms fall to his side his wings drooping and his tail coming to a halt to curl around his leg. This was something he did when he was in trouble when he was younger. “What's wrong wither rose” She frowned using that same nickname that always caught RG’s attention. 


“Nothing” He mumbled. 


“Saying nothing doesn’t mean their nothings happening, it means you're just refusing to either address the problem or tell it” She sighed. “I can feel them”


RG looked up at her and frowned. He noticed how when she got here Tempest and Typhoon were nowhere in sight. 


“I can feel the void energy around here and it’s not just yours” She frowned turning her gaze to him. Even after what his mother had done he could never truly hate her. He loved her no matter what and he could never truly lie to her, even now it felt like a part of him was falling apart as he tried to keep his secret. He didn’t want to find out what Tempest and Typhoon would do if the others knew. “There was something or someone else here” She mumbled turning her gaze to look around. 


“There’s nothing wrong mom” RG frowned. 


“Wither rose” She sighed, turning to look at him, her gaze soft but angry. “Don’t lie to me” She frowned. 


RG clenched his fist as he stared at her. Her bright magenta eyes burning like the familiar flames he knew all two well. How when he first held that same magenta fire in his hand, how it was nothing but a soft wisp, how small it was, how he had smiled and showed her, how she had smiled and ran a hand gentle through his hair in a calming and gentle manor that always made him laugh.


“I’m not going to push you to tell me what’s going on because I don’t need you to explain to me what's happened here. It’s obvious another form of creature with the same familiar void energy has come here” She sighed as she ran a hand softly through his hair like she did when he was a kid. RG frowned as she pulled her hand away after a few minutes. “I’ll be back to check on you” 


She stood up her long pitch black hair with strands of magnet mixed in fall against her back as she turned away from him. In a burst of bright magenta flames she was gone. RG didn’t bother to stay standing there and instead moved to get some sleep the black tint in his vision leaving and he could see the clear night sky. Jevin Python and Wels were probably already fast asleep in the guest bedroom. It was best he got some sleep as well. 




The next few days were filled with silence the occasional conversation from the three other hermits now temporarily staying on his island. Tempest and Typhoon had been oddly silent since his mother visited but they were still there the occasional sight of them wandering the garden. At some point RG could have sworn Jevin or Python had looked almost straight at them like they had noticed them there but thought it was just their mind playing tricks. 


RG had this nagging feeling in the back of his mind telling him warning him of something bad. Like something terrible was going to happen and it was getting closer and closer every day. A sense of dread filled his stomach on the first day he noticed Tempest and Typhoon’s silence. He wasn’t worried about them but was terrified that they weren’t speaking. 


It’s all they ever did, bug pry and pick on him telling him everything he does wrong in order to slowly break down his walls and it had worked. He felt more vulnerable than he had been in years. He felt like he was opened to the world. Like the very wind could burn a scar into his skin leave an everlasting mark against him. Like one wrong move could land him in a uglier situation than this but he knew nothing was worse than this. And things were only about to get worse.

Chapter Text

RG had woken in the dead of night his vision tinted the same bright purple as before but there was this feeling in him. A sense of dread that had gathered in him in the past couple of days telling him he should either ignore what's happening and go back to sleep or at the very least get Jevin Python and Wels to come with him to the garden. But he didn’t want them getting involved so he pushed the blankets gently off of himself and stood up shivering at the cold floor against his bare feet. 


He moved quietly through the hallway careful to not wake the others. As he pushed the back door of his house open coming out into his garden feeling the soft grass against his feet. His eyes widened. His garden hadn’t been the same as this morning. 


His garden had a pond in the middle with a small river running through it and farms around the entire thing trail's beside the small farms moving around the small pond in a circle. Lanterns alway lit the small area but this time everything was off about his garden setting off warning bells in his head.


All the lanterns were a light purple and the farms were all destroyed or the crops were dead and where the pond used to be was a dried up hole where a nether portal stood. That's when he realized. His vision was no longer that same tinted purple it used to be. 


Tempest and Typhoon appeared standing in front of the portal where his pond used to be and he frowned clenching his fist as he glared at them his anger rising. “There you are love” Typhoon smiled. “You kept us waiting”


“Are you ready?” Tempest smiled. 


“Ready for what!” He uttered in pure anger. 


“It’s it obvious, from the very beginning we said we’d collect what rightful belongs to us and do you know what that thing is” Typhoon smiled softly the mask still covering his upper face annoyed RG to no end since he couldn’t read Typhoon like he could any normal person.


“Like hell I’m going with you!” RG snapped his wings spreading slightly behind him. 


“Running will only make things harder than they have to be” Tempest sighed crossing her arms as a pout crossed her lips.


“What's stopping me from just running?” RG questioned. 


“If you won’t come with us then we'll take the other three as replacements” Typhoon smiled. RG tensed and frowned, feeling his body begin to shake slightly. Involving the others made fear seep into his body as he unclenched his fist. Typhoon moved from his position in front of the portal stepping to stand in front of him. He kneeled before him and gently placed a hand against RG’s cheek turning RG’s gaze to look up at his mask where his eyes would be. “You're afraid,” He whispered. 


RG was more than surprised when he felt an arm wrap around him from behind and he was pulled back away from Typhoon the glint of a blade came into his view and he stood their seeing Wels standing in front of him pressing a blade against Typhoon’s mask right in the middle of his eyes. 


“Who are you!!” Wels growled. RG was two surprised to say anything but when he felt the arms around him tighten he turned his gaze up to see Python while Jevin stood to their side.


“Interruptions” Tempest snarled as she crossed her arms her anger clearly showing in the way her posture changed. 


“Wels wait!-” RG tried to speak. 

“RG who are they?” Python interrupted. 


“I don’t know,” He admitted. He didn’t know anything about them other than their names. 


Typhoon took a step back away from Wels blade, a good enough distance to not be in arms reach. His movement almost seemed like he disappeared and reappeared but RG knew he had only taken a few steps back. He was more than surprised when tridents appeared glowing with a purple hue around them floating in mid air around Typhoon. 


“Wait!” RG uttered in fear and surprise as he pushed himself out of Python’s grasp moving over to Typhoon who didn’t move as he came closer, now standing in front of him. “Don’t hurt them please, I’ll go with you just leave them alone” He uttered tears gathering in his eyes. 


“RG don’t-” Jevin tried to say but went silent when a trident appeared in front of him the three sharp blades pressing against his neck the same thing happening to Python and Wels. 


“Please” RG uttered the tears now streaming down his face as he looked up at Typhoon. Typhoon looked at him for a few seconds before he sighed. He kneeled down before RG cupping RG’s face in his hand. RG didn’t do anything letting Typhoon whip his tears away with his thumbs. “Don’t cry love” Typhoon whispered. 


RG didn’t do or say anything. He didn’t pull away from his grasp and instead leaned into it not wanting to anger him in any way. He was slightly surprised when he felt an arm wrap around his waist and he was lifted off the ground and into Typhoon’s arms. On instinct he wrapped his arms around Typhoon’s neck fear gripping his mind and body knowing at any second the wrong move could get Jevin Python and Wels hurt. He knew now that they could see Tempest and Typhoon they were already involved in everything and after this they’d go to the others and they’d try and find a way to get him back but he didn’t care what mattered right now was that he needed to keep them safe. 


“We should be going Tempest” Typhoon sighed as he moved over to her, RG still in his arms. Typhoon kept an arm around him while the other gently ran a hand through his hair but it didn’t do anything to calm him down. 


“I guess so” Tempest smiled as she moved into the portal. Typhoon stopped turning his gaze to look back at the three hermits. 


“Stay out of my way” Typhoon growled as he turned back to the portal entering after Tempest with RG still in his arms. 


The tridents disappeared and Wels dropped his sword clenching his fist. He was more than surprised when his communicator rang out from the main chat. 


Grian - Where’s RG!?!

Chapter Text

Grian stared at his pitch black surroundings in slight fear and confusion as two figures appeared in front of him. His whole body tensed as he stared at them. Tempest and Typhoon. 


“Oh Shooting Star, did you really think you could hide?” Tempest said her words more of a statement than a question as she walked around him in a circle Typhoon mimicking her movements. 


“Why are you here!!” He questioned his voice filled with rage. 


“Oh you don’t know” Typhoon smiled. 


“I’ve missed my little birdy” Tempest sighed tilting her head to the side as she stopped Typhoon stopping as well. Tempest stood in front of him while Typhoon stood behind him and Grian could tell something bad was going on.

“I’m not going back” Grian uttered in slight fear and anger. 


“And I’m not asking you to come back, we found a replacement for you and Typhoon has taken an interesting liking to them” She smiled. 


“Where planning on taking them back with us tonight” Typhoon smiled. 


“What?” Grian’s eyes widened in confusion. 


“I’m sure you know who they are” Tempest mocking smile turned to a grin. 


“After all they are your older brother” Typhoon whispered and Grian froze. His thought swirled back to RG and his weird behaviour


He shot up in bed startling Xisuma and Doc who had their arms wrapped around him. He crawled over Doc who gave a confused and slightly angry grumble as him and Xisuma followed Grian. Grian grabbed his communicator off the dresser but stopped seeing the writing all over the floor walls and ceiling of the room. 


This is nothing but a game

No shame to hold but one to blame

You left but there's a price

Fill your place another light


Grian frowned clenching his fist as he grabbed his communicator and sent out a message through main chat. 


Grian - Where’s RG!?!


Python - Everyone meet us at Sahara


Grian clenched his teeth his hands shaking slightly. His eyes widened in slight surprise when he felt arms wrap around him from behind but he relaxed slightly his worry still there in his mind as Doc took his hands into his own.


“Come on we should get going” Doc sighed running a hand gently through his hair noticing his worry. Grian nodded and followed behind Doc as they exited their room to get ready and meet the others at Sahara’s main entrance. 




When they got to Sahara Grian was more than surprised to see NPG freaking out yelling at Jevin Python and Wels. 

“You were supposed to protect him to find out what's wrong and you couldn’t even do that!” 


“Babe calm down” Ex frowned. 


“Calm down, you want me to calm down, we trusted them to watch him” NPG uttered in anger. 


“NPG calm down this isn’t their fault” Grian replied as he came over. 


“You don’t know that Grian!” NPG uttered turning to him. 


“Yes I do because I know who took RG” Grian replied. NPG went silent everyone stood still as silence fell over them. 


“Who were they?” Wels questioned a frown on his face his expression one that held great worry and anger. 


“If my memory is correct those two were Tempest and Typhoon two watchers from Evo my former world” Grian sighed running a hand through his hair. “They were originally here for me but that plan changed after Typhoon took a sudden interest in RG”


Jevin Wels and Python didn’t like the way Grian had frazed that and they felt their anger rise as they listened to what he said.

“When I was originally in Evo the watchers treated us like nothing but toys for their amusement, Tempest had taken an interest in me but in a different way, she was interested in my determination why I kept on refusing to bow down to their will and follow their orders. And Tempest instead of punishing me for it decided to take me in and keep me around. She trained me but I always knew she never really planned on doing anything with me. Sometimes when watchers find a human with some kind of trait that interests them they’ll keep them around as a trophy before they fully destroy off the world they formerly live in, I’ve seen and met others like me from meeting with other watchers, people who are nothing but objects to a watcher” Grian frowned. 


“But Typhoon’s interest in RG is different, I can’t tell how but it just is” Grian sighed heavily as his shoulders slumped. 


“Do you know any way we can find him?” Jevin frowned. “The portal they left through deactivated after they left through it”


“Watcher energy is almost identical to End Energy, End energy or more known as Void energy is the type of energy that keeps us connected to the end and our mother, Watcher energy is similar and I still have slight control over my energy from Tempest, I can try to open the portal but it’s not going to be easy” Grian replied crossing his arms. 

“Will it be dangerous?” Xisuma questioned. 


“I don’t know,” Grian replied. “It can vary”


“We have to try” NPG uttered his voice shaky. Ex frowned and wrapped an arm around him as they all began to plan any possible way they could help. 




RG opened his eyes blinking rapidly at the bright light above him. He moved alerting the person that was holding him. He only noticed he was being held by the arms wrapped around him. They held him in gentle grip and RG opened seeing Typhoon’s face closer than he thought it should be. 


“Your awake love” He smiled running a hand through his hair. RG would have flinched if not for the fact he was more than confused than afraid. Typhoon smiled as he pulled his hand away from his hair and gently set him down on the bed Typhoon still sitting right next to him. RG moved his gaze to his surroundings noticing the endstone and purpur block pattern along with a few other blocks. The room was decorated with various objects and other items but the memories of what happened flooded back to him and he stood up from his spot on the bed moving away from Typhoon who frowned noticing his slight fear and anger. 


“Where am I!” RG asked glaring at Typhoon. 


“Your home” Typhoon sighed. 


“This isn’t my home!” RG snapped but stopped noticing the slight change in Typhoon’s behaviour. He stood and moved over to him but his voice held something to it that sent shivers down RG’s spine. 


“Don’t. Ever. raise your voice at me” Typhoon uttered in anger. RG flinched and Typhoon sighed running a hand through his short pure white hair. “I’m sorry love” He whispered his voice back to the same soft and gentle tone that didn’t do much to calm him down. He leaned down cupping RG’s face in his hands a small smile on his face. RG shuddered and pulled away making that smile fade. 

Typhoon moved towards the door but stopped as he took hold of the handle. “Don’t leave this room,” He said. It sounded like more of a warning than a statement. RG didn’t say anything as he pulled the door open and let it fall closed behind him the sound of a soft click letting RG know the door was locked.

RG sighed letting his shoulders slump as he looked around the room. He moved back over to the bed climbing in an laying down on his side wings curling around himself as he sat there. 


“What am I going to do?” He huffed covering his face with his hands. Memories of what happened before he ended up here played over and over in his mind and his worry only raised as he remembered Python Wels and Jevin. His worry grew tenfold as he realized Typhoon could have killed them and he wouldn’t know. 


He was slightly surprised after a few minutes of sitting in silence the door was pushed open and two knew figures entered the room. They stood at the same height with the same dark purple wings and the same cloak as Typhoon with the very same symbol. The only difference was their masks. The female had a mask that covered her upper face as usual but there was a horn attachment on it just above her right eye. The male had something similar but the horn attachment was above his left eye. 


“Oh Chance look it’s Typhoon’s new pet” She smiled a grin forming across her lower face showing her canines. 


“Choice he’s right their” Chance frowned crossing his arms. 


“I know but look at him he’s so small” Choice responded as she moved over to RG. RG moved away from her to the other side of the bed when she reached out for him.


“Your scaring him Choice” Chance sighed. 


“Oh! I’m sorry” She frowned, pulling her hand back away from him.

“It’s fine” He mumbled sitting criss cross on the bed. 


“Typhoon said he was bringing someone new but I didn’t expect him to bring an EndDragon hybrid” Choice smiled. 


“Choice” Chance warned. 


“What! I haven’t done anything to offend him” Choice pouted sitting down on the other side of the bed and crossing her arms. 


“It doesn’t matter if you offended him or not, Typhoon specifically said were not allowed to touch him remember” Chance sighed. 

“Oh right” Choice frowned. 


“Why is Typhoon so interested in me?” RG questioned interrupting whatever Chance was about to say. The two stopped turning to him. RG frowned not being able to read them with their masks on. They seemed scared like fear had been striked into them by just the very question that he’s asked. 


“Well, how do we explain this to him?” Choice uttered her voice laced with slight fear as she turned toward her brother. 


“Well there are different forms of watchers. There are pure watchers like Typhoon and Tempest born into what they are and born with their powers. Then there are us people who are taken in by pure watchers and given our energy. The one thing that separates us is not only just by being pure and not pure but by the fact we can feel emotion, when a watcher feels emotion they don’t understand it fully” Choice frowned. “Typhoon experienced an emotion when meeting you and he didn’t fully understand what he was feeling until we told him”


“And this triggered his interest in you” Choice sighed. “We don’t know what he plans on doing with you but he’s not going to let you leave so easily”


“And we can’t help get you out of here. We ourselves are trapped here. Have been ever since Gale Dale and Mono took an interest in us, they are other pure watchers living within the palace and their our current ‘owners’ in a way” Chance crossed his arms and looked to the ground.


“Yeah we just came to see who Typhoon brought back” Choice smiled. She got off the bed and sauntered over to her brother, taking him by the wrist and dragging him towards the door. “We should go, don’t want Typhoon finding out we were in here” She pulled the door open and RG watched it fall shut with a soft click. He frowned, pulling his legs up to his chest and wrapping his arms around them.

Chapter Text

Typhoon sighs as he enters the main room finding his sister and Gale Dale and Mono standing there in front of her all of them with their arms crossed. He frowns as he moves over to them standing beside his sister. 


“What are you three doing in here?” He questioned. 

“Nothing, we got word that you’ve brought a new pet into the palace” Gale smiles slightly. Her mask covered the left side of her face, over her right eye which is exposed but closed is the watcher symbol floating above it and shining. 


Dale her brother has a similar mask. The only difference was that it covered the right side of his face and the same glowing watcher symbol floated above his left eye. His left eye was also still closed as well.


And finally Mono, the oldest out of the three of them. Mono had a regular mask that covered the upper half of his face but the watcher symbol still floated above the space where his eyes would be. 


“He isn’t a pet” Typhoon replied his voice stern and cold as he clenched his fist. 


“Oh please we all know you're not really planning on doing anything with the little rat, he’s just here because of your slight interest in him, just like Tempest interest in that other rat” Mono huffed crossing their arms.


“Don’t bring him into this” Tempest growled. “Bring him up again and I won’t hesitate to get rid of all three of you” 


At Tempest words the three went quiet before Mono huffed and walked around them leaving the room Dale and Gale quickly following behind them. 


“Brother, I expect you to continue with the plan we have set, it’s your job to train and keep RG in line, until he’s fully trained we can’t continue on with the full plan” Tempest sighed her shoulders slouching slightly. 


“I know, I’m working on it, plus I have a slightly better idea” Typhoon replied. 

“You better be working on it, I want what’s mine back as soon as possible, you have what you want” Tempest said turning her gaze to stare out into the void at the far off end stone islands. 


“What were doing is to teach Atlas a lesson, you’ll get him back” Typhoon reassured her, he turned around and moved back over to the door pulling it open and letting it fall shut behind him. He moved down the hallways of the palace not paying any mind to the other watchers that passed him.


He pushed his bedroom door open and entered quietly hearing the door shut softly behind him. He turned to look around the room and his eyes landed on the bed and he felt a smile cross his lips. 


He moved quietly over to the bed sitting down carefully to not wake RG who laid asleep peacefully on the other side. Typhoon smiled as he reached a hand over and gently ran it through RG’s hair pushing some of his messy sandy blonde hair out of his face.


His frown soon faded as he sighed realizing he was going to have to begin RG’s training soon, even if RG refused.




Grian sighed as he took in a breath his gaze turning to the portal in the middle of the pond. He frowned and turned around hearing the sound of shuffling. His eyes widened slightly but he smiled as a small pure white fox came walking towards him.

Grian bent down opening his arms smiling as the fox jumped onto him. He picked the fox up holding it in his arms as it curled to get comfortable. “Hello Spark, poor thing” Grian hummed softly.

“We should take him back to the main island” Jevin frowned. 

“Yeah, I can’t have him here if I’m going to be trying to reactivate this portal” Grian replied handing Spark to Jevin. 


“So how is this going to work?” Xisuma questioned. 


“I don’t know how to explain it to someone who’s never really had watcher energy before” Grian frowned his shoulders slouching. 


“All I can say is that it won’t be easy and there are risks to trying to forcefully activate a portal” Grian sighed running a hand through his hair.


“Don’t push yourself” Doc hummed his arms crossed as he stared at the portal. 

“I won't,” Grian smiled. Grian turns back towards the portal. He closes his eyes and the purple in his wings glows a bright color his hands lighting up in bright almost magenta flames. He lifts his hands into the air focusing his energy on the portal. The purple in the portals obsidia glows a soft purple before turning brighter. 


A light translucent color forms around the edges of the portal slowly growing and moving around forming an actual gateway. It ripples and moves making slight whispering noises like another nether portal the only difference was that it was slightly louder and echoey. 


Grian’s wings spread out behind him the glow of them becoming bright. He clenches his eyes shut. The light purple of the portal flickers and something seems to change as the portal ripples and moves before it turns from the purple to a pitch black in an instant. Grian’s eyes snap open and Doc Xisuma Python and Wels notice how his eyes are the same pitch black as the portal. 


“Grian?” Doc questioned his worry noticeable in his voice. 


He doesn’t respond as the portal burst into black flames spreading out around the area but not burning anything. They all step back but Grian seems frozen to his spot. Grian’s eyes burst into black flames as he stumbles back his hands moving to cover his face as he cries out in pain. Doc and Xisuma are about to move forward but Grian puts a hand up to motion for them to not come any closer. He breathes in heavily as the flames die out and he falls to the ground blacking out. 


Doc and Xisuma move over to him in a panic Xisuma picking him up bridal style and pushing his hair out of his face. Across Grian’s left cheek and left eye are black markings looking similar to lightning marks. They spread from his eye going across his cheek to his neck and traveling probably past his shoulder and spread down his left arm. A light purple outlines the black and Doc and Xisuma begin to panic. 


“We need to get back to the main island now!” Xisuma says in a hurry as he stands Grian in his arms. Python and Wels nod their own worry showing on their face as they make their way to the portal. 




“I’m such a fool” She whispers as she gently runs a hand through Grian’s hair her expression filled with worry and sorrow as she is kneeled before Grian’s bed. 

“It’s not your fault mom” NPG frowns. “He chose to do this”


“I know, but I knew there was something wrong, if I had hurried in figuring out the problem RG would still be here, I’m not the best mother but I’m a mother none the less and it’s my duty as your mother to protect you and your brothers” She replied pulling her hand away from Grian’s hair and folding both in her lap. NPG moves forward to stand beside his mother. Their height difference standing side by side would have looked funny with how much bigger their mother was than them. 

NPG takes her hands into his and frowns. She turns to face him fully covering NPG’s hands with her. She leaned forward smiling softly when NPG pressed their foreheads together something he did when he was younger to comfort her when she needed it.


“Nothing is your fault, you can’t alway blame yourself, plus were not kids anymore mom” NPG whispered.


“Don’t cry my little Chorus Flower” She said her soft and gentle smiles fading into a sorrowful frown. 


“I should have been their two, if anything were both to blame for what happened to Grian” NPG uttered his tears cascading down his cheeks as he clenched his eyes shut.


“Chorus Flower, nothing is ever going to be your fault” She sighed running her hand through NPG’s hair. NPG leaned into her touch and sighed cracking his eyes open slightly to look at her. 


“Remember when you were little” She whispered softly. “When everyday I came to see you, you would alway show me a Chorus flower. How you’d call them pretty and say how cool you thought they were”


“I remember, just like how I remember the first time you called me that nickname I gave you a beaming smile and hugged you” NPG sighed softly. “What are we going to do about RG?”

“I’ll help re-activate the portal but that’s as far as I can go, but first I need to speed up the process of Grian’s recovery. Once the portal is active, it’s up to you as I’m not allowed in any form of dimension ruled by Watchers” She smiled. 


“Thank you mom” NPG smiled as well as he pulled away from her.

“Now go to the others, I’m sure they are as worried as I am” She sighed. NPG nodded and exited the room finding the other hermits waiting outside. 


“How is he! Can she help!” Xisuma and Doc questioned their worry and panic showing on their expressions. 

“She can speed up his recovery but that’s as far as it goes” NPG sighed. Ex moved over to him wrapping an arm around NPG's waist and pressing a soft kiss to his temple, NPG smiled and leaned into him. “I’m worried” NPG sighed. 


“Who wouldn’t be” Ex sighed.


“She says she can reactivate the portal but once that's done she can’t do anything else” NPG sighs. 


“As long as he doesn’t do something that could possibly kill him again” Doc uttered throwing his hands into the air as he moves to sit down beside Xisuma. Doc leaned his head against Xisuma’s shoulder. Closing his eyes with a huff.

Chapter Text

RG felt his conscience come back but he didn’t open his eyes. The feeling of a hand softly running through his hair felt comforting and for once RG forgot about what was happening, what had been going on for the past day. But the events came crashing back to him and he snapped his eyes open and abruptly sat up at the memories. He turned his gaze to the figure on the bed next to him and froze. Typhoon sat next to him with a frown across his lips, disappointed that he had pulled away. That frown was replaced with a soft smile.


“Your awake love” Typhoon smiled. RG didn’t say anything as he shifted to scoot away from him only making that smile fade. Typhoon sighed and stood up from the bed. “Tempest wants me to begin your training so follow me” Typhoon gently whispered. 

RG didn’t say anything as Typhoon moved towards the door. He pulled the door open but stopped turning to look at RG. RG frowned and stood following after him as they exited the room entering a hallway. The hallway had a mixture of end stone blocks purpur and other forms of purple ranging from purple concrete to purple terracotta. 


RG stayed close to Typhoon as they walked the halls passing others wearing the same dark purple cloak as Typhoon. They turned their heads in his direction for a split second before quickly looking away. RG wasn’t surprised that they probably fear Typhoon. 


The two entered a room different from the one he was in before but he didn’t say anything. The room itself was set up like a library moving books that float from one spot on a shelf to another. The room towered above them like a never ending pillar that stretched to the sky. RG remained silent and the soft sound of the door falling closed behind the two could be heard as they moved to the middle of the room. Typhoon stopped and turned to look at RG from over his shoulder.


RG stood completely still tense and fear stricken. Typhoon fully turned to him kneeling before him. He gently placed a hand against RG’s cheek before lifting his other hand. His other hand lit up in bright purple flames a mask appearing floating in his hand surrounded in the flames. The mask was similar to Typhoons covering the upper half of his face. The only difference was the two small horn attachments. Typhoon let the mask fall into his grasp, the purple flames burning out. He held the mask in his hand. “What are you doing?” RG asked fear and hesitance in his voice. 


“Tempest wants me to begin your training with the mask and your new form of energy well be able to be quicker than normal. That and I know your cooperation will be needed, this will make sure you don’t do anything that could possibly get you in trouble” Typhoon replied.


“I’m not putting the mask on!” RG replied, pulling away from Typhoon. He frowned and sighed. 


“I wasn’t asking,” Typhoon replied. RG’s vision went black and he felt numb like his emotions were slowly falling away. Like his connection to NPG and Grian and their mother was slowly breaking. Their bond and his connection to Void energy breaking and breaking the rope almost reduced to nothing. 


Holding by nothing but a single thread. 




Grian abruptly sat up feeling the slight pain of an almost severed bond. He breathed in and out heavily and when he tried to move pain shot up his left arm. Xisuma who sat at the side of his bed cracked an eye open and when seeing Grian awake quickly sat up taking Grian’s hands into his. Doc hearing movement woke up as well and immediately was by both Grian and Xisuma’s side.


“Grian, be careful” Xisuma huffed, helping him lean his back against the wall. Grian sighed his hands shaking as he set them down in his lap. Xisuma took one of Grian’s hands into his Doc taking his other hands. 


“We were so worried,” Doc whispered.

“I’m sorry” Grian uttered. “I don’t know what went wrong”


“You don’t need to know, as long as you don’t do something like that again” Xisuma sighed running a hand through Grian’s hair. Grian’s expression softened and he smiled weakly. 


“I’m so-”


“Don’t apologize again” Doc sighed moving to the other side of Grian’s bed. He smiled as he sat down in a chair holding Grian’s hand in his. “We were so so so worried about you, don’t you ever do something like that again” Doc sighed. He felt Grian squeeze his hand slightly.


“I won't,” Grian sighed. 

“You better not,” Xisuma huffed. 


The door to the room abruptly slammed open and NPG stepped into the room. He stood there in the doorway, a look of pure worry horror and sorrow plastered to his face. “You felt it too, didn’t you?” NPG asked in question tears gathering in his eyes. Grian pulled his hands out of Xisuma’s and Doc’s and sighed nodding his head. NPG frowned and moved over to Grian sitting down on the bed right next to him. Grian without hesitation pulled NPG into a hug.

NPG began to cry into his shoulder, his sobs muffled by Grian’s shoulder. Grian himself had tears of his own forming in his eyes. Ex entered the room a few minutes later and frowned, moving to NPG’s side to try and comfort him. The three didn’t understand what could have made the two so upset but from now they wouldn’t question it.




“He’s so lucky we love him” Doc sighed running a hand through his hair as he leaned back in his chair. Xisuma hummed softly in agreement. NPG and Grian were both fast asleep on the bed laying side by side with NPG having a wing wrapped around Grian. The two had clearly known something the others didn’t know about and even then they weren’t sure if they should ask if the two woke up. They were slightly worried but decided to ask their mother instead. 


Ex entered the room bringing a tray of bowls of soup. He sat down beside Xisuma and held out one of the bowls to him. Xisuma took it and handed it to Doc before taking one for himself. Ex moved over to the bed and set the tray down on the side taking one bowl for himself and leaving the other last two on the tray. He moved back over to the two seated at the chairs and sat back down beside Xisuma. 


“I can’t believe Grian’s going to be my brother in law” Ex huffed.

“So you're planning on doing it?” Xisuma smiled. Doc’s expression turned to a smug grin. 

“Of course I’m doing it, I’m just nervous” Ex sighed. 


“Proposing to the love of your life” Doc hummed. “Yep sounds like something that would take a lot of courage”


“But at least you're doing it, you two have been together for like what almost three full years now” Xisuma smiled.

“You're willing to take the chance that he’ll say yes,” Doc smirked. 

“Of course he’s going to say yes” Xisuma rolled his eyes.

“Probably the wrong place to talk about this” Ex sighed. 


“Speaking of which, are you going to talk to his mom about it?” Xisuma questioned.


“I should probably do that now, it’s now or never” Ex sighed running a hand through his hair. He stood his empty bowl in hand. “Talk to you two later, watch NPG for me” Ex smiled as he exited the room. 


“Hope he doesn’t say anything that could offend her” Doc huffed.

Chapter Text

Ex felt his nerves get the best of him as he stood in front of NPG Grian and RG’s mom who he had asked to talk to after he left Xisuma and Doc back in Grian’s room.


“Is this about NPG?” She questioned. 

“Uh, yes” Ex mumbled, he sighed and fiddled slightly with his fingers. “I’ve known NPG for a long time and we’ve been together for almost three full years and I’ve been wanting to ask for his hand in marriage, but I want your approval”


She stared at him for what seemed like the longest time before she sighed and smiled at him. “I love NPG and want what's best for him, you’ll have my approval no matter what” She smiled. 


“Thank you, but I won’t do it now, since it’s not the best time” Ex sighed running a hand through his hair, a soft smile on his face. 




Grian sighed, running a hand through his hair. It was sundown and Ex had taken NPG home. Grian was sitting with his back against the wall. By now the markings on his arm had faded so far and everyone was beginning to calm down well besides Jevin Python and Wels.

Doc and Xisuma weren’t in the room because they were talking with the others since Xisuma was an Admin and needed to make sure everyone was okay. Doc had things to do and Grian had to reassure them that he’d be fine waiting for them to get done with their normal tasks. 


Grian sat there thinking everything over about what had happened. The reason for the portal’s failure in reactivating it was because Admin energy and watcher energy and void energy can’t mix. They're all different from each other and can never be put together. A bit of his Admin energy had interrupted his watcher energy during the process since it takes a lot of concentration to keep all three of his energy’s from mixing. Especially in the way he tried to open the portal.


Luckily he doesn’t have to do much now since their mom will be opening the portal for them.


“Grian” he looks up at the sound of the voice and smiles seeing his mother standing there with a slightly pained look.


“Hi mom” He smiles. She smiles weakly and moves towards him. She kneels before his bedside, not needing to sit on a chair. Plus it wouldn’t help with her size.


“The severed bond isn’t helping” She sighed. And it probably wasn’t because from the way she looked she had probably been in immense pain. It hurt a lot worse for her than it does for Grian and his brother NPG. “I’ll still be able to activate the portal again so don’t worry about me too much, end crystal” She smiled. 


Grian smiled at the small nickname. “How are the others doing?” He asked.

“Their fine, they were worried but now that you're okay their calming down” She responded. 


“That's good” Grian sighed.


“You two seem to be having a good conversation” Doc grinned from the doorway.


“Oh shut up” Grian huffed crossing his arms while puffing out his check. 


“Oh come on babe we're just teasing you” Xisuma smiled as he walked in. He moved over to the seat on the left side of Grian’s bed Grian’s mother already sitting on the other side. He pulled off his helmet and set it down on the dresser beside Grian’s bed.


“I have things to attend to in the end. Once Grian has fully recovered, call me back and I’ll help open the portal. I'll require Grian’s help, but don’t worry he won’t have to do much” She smiled as she stood.

“See you later mom” Grian smiled waving at her as she exited the room. Doc sat down on the other side of him a grin plastered to his face. “Why are you all smiling?” Grian questioned poking Doc in the cheek. 


“Because you're recovering faster than we thought,” Doc replied.


“You're such a dork,” Grian smiled. 


“Correction, your dork” Doc replied, his grin turning smug.


“Also you owe us” Doc smiled.

“Owe you guys for what exactly?” Grian questioned. 


“For worrying us to death you idiot” Xisuma sighed.

“I’m not an idiot!” Grian protested.


“You're right, you're our idiot,” Doc responded. 

“You guys are so mean” Grian frowned.


“Oh hush” Xisuma laughed lightly. He moved forward and cupped Grian’s face in his hands pressing their lips together in a light and gentle kiss. Grian sighed against his lips and pressed his lips more firmer against Xisuma’s. Xisuma pulled away from the kiss now sitting on the side of the bed a small smile on his face as Grian pouted. 


Xisuma moved his hand to gently run it through Grian’s hair. Grian smiled leaning into his lover's touch.


“Promise you’ll never do something like that again, we understand that your only trying to get RG back, but you need to understand that were all worried that all of us are going to be here to try and get him back no matter what, not just you and NPG” Doc sighed sitting down on the other side of the bed. Xisuma frowned, pulling his hand away from Grian’s hair.


“I promise” Grian sighed.

Chapter Text

Mono Gale and Dale along with Typhoon and Tempest stood around a nether portal similar to an original the only difference was the soft blue tint it illuminated across the rooms floor. They all stood around the portal in the shape of a hexagon. 


“You know the plan right?” Tempest questioned the figure standing next to her. They stood about a head shorter than her. They nodded their head and Tempest smiled. “Good while your there I want you to bring me back someone in particular, don’t fail me”


“I won't,” they replied. 

“Good, we'll form a barrier around the world to keep anyone out of it to make sure that annoying pests of a queen don't get in our way, since there are five of us keeping her out shouldn’t be a problem” She smiled. They nodded and stepped softly towards the portal.


“Oh and RG” Typhoon interrupted. RG stopped just as he was about to walk through the portal. He turned around facing Typhoon, the mask covering his upper face glowing a soft purple. Typhoon smiled as he moved closer cupping RG’s face in his hands. He leaned forward and pressed their lips together in a soft kiss. RG smiled against his lips and kissed back, Typhoon pulled back with a gentle smile. “Be careful love, they can be unpredictable, don’t let your guard down”


“I won't,” RG smiled. 


Typhoon moved back to his spot and RG turned back towards the portal walking through without another word. 




Grian sighed as him and the other hermits gathered in the back of RG’s garden their gazes turned to the portal that was still inactive. “Where is she?” Grian frowned.


“We can’t blame her for being late. The bond remembers Grian, it takes a bigger toll on her than it does us” NPG frowned. 


“I know it’s just, I’m worried” Grian sighed, running a hand through his hair.


“We shouldn’t worry too much though, RG is strong” Jevin smiled.


“You’d three would know that better than anyone” Doc grinned. 


“What?” Jevin replied in slight confusion Python and Wels raised their eyebrows at Doc’s comment. 

“It’s plain obvious about how you feel about him, well it’s obvious to us but not to him” False huffed, rolling her eyes and crossing her arms. 


“Were that obvious” Python sighed.


“Yes you're that obvious” Xisuma smiled. 


They all went silent when the portal where the pond used to be activated. Grian and NPG tensed knowing this was not the work of their mother. They all brought out their weapons just in case. A figure exited through the portal planting their feet on the ground in front of them. Grian furrowed his brows as he stared at the figure. They had obsidian-like horns and a tail similar to NPG and his but his wings were angelic and bird-like the color of dark purple. He wore a dark purple cloak and the regular watcher mask that covered his upper face. The one thing Grian did notice about him that was familiar was the necklace around his neck. The same necklace Grian had given to RG after what happened with their mother.


“RG” Grian whispered. 


“You can’t be serious” NPG uttered his fist clenching around his swords handle.


RG’s head turned from the ground to them, the dark purple trident in his hand, his grip on the weapon tightened and his lips formed a straight line as he stared at them or they assumed he was staring at them. They couldn’t really tell with the mask on.


“You know my name, surprising” RG mumbled.


“What do you mean we know your name, were your friends” False frowned an unsettling feeling falling over all of them.


“We aren’t friends, why would I be friends with people I just met, besides I’ve been given orders from Tempest” RG sighed. Everything in their vision tinted purple and RG raised his trident slamming the end of it against the ground. Cracks spread across the ground a glowing purple emitting from them. They all took steps back in surprise but the only ones that didn’t back down were Python Jevin and Wels.


“I have orders and you're in my way,” RG sighed. The ground around them tore apart chunks of the ground lifted into the air a light purple surrounding them. RG lifted his hands bringing the chunks of floating rock towards him. “All I need to do is get rid of you three”


Jevin Python and Wels eyes widened as the chunk of rock was hurled towards them. A light purple glow surrounded them and they were pulled away. Everyone stopped as Grian moved forward his wings were now different instead of being the same dragon like wings they were now bird-like. His hands were encased with purple flames and his eyes were a glowing magenta. 


“Even if you're my brother, I won't let you hurt my friends, please RG this isn’t you” Grian frowned.


“Oh but this is me, Tempest and Typhoon offered me so much more than you and the hermits ever could, I remember you all now, we were friends and you were my brother” RG sighed. 


“Were? I am still your brother!” Grian uttered in surprise. 

“If you don’t remember I broke that bond the day I accepted Typhoon’s powers” RG frowned. 


“You're standing in my way,” RG whispered. 

“And I’ll continue to do so as long as you're trying to hurt my friends,” Grian responded. “I can tell from your energy that you’ve only been a watcher for a few days, time flies in the end. But I was a watcher longer than you were therefore I have way more experience in using my powers” Grian frowned as he raised his right hand tearing apart the terrain and pulling it towards himself. The rock ruble and wood of things nearby gathered behind him forming what looked like a golem. 


“Good thing Typhoon gave me a special ability. The ability to adapt to any given situation and even copy another's moves” RG smiled. Grian’s eyes widened as RG formed a similar golem made out of the same material as his own.


“You may be able to do this but at least I’m not alone” Grian responded. 


“I don’t need friends or back up, unlike you I’m confident in my abilities to complete my mission” RG replied and without hesitation he pointed his hand at Grian and the giant golem made out of rock and ruble charged. Grian frowned and lifted his hand commanding his own golem as well. The two giants clashed as Grian and RG moved forward. Grian summoned his trident and RG did the same. 


RG charged forward in a flash of bright purple appearing in front of Grian. Grian brought his trident blocking RG’s own weapon. He pushed RG back charging his trident with his own energy purple electricity crackling around him in a bright burst of purple. 


“You say you can copy whatever form of move I make with my watch energy, then I’ll do something you can’t copy” Grian whispered as the crackling electricity turned to a bright red. Grian’s trident shifted into what looked like a normal sword. It was pitch black with red marking of one’s and zero’s decorating it, the numbers shifting and moving along his blade. The numbers moved from the blade up Grian’s right arm and covering the right side of his face all the way to his eye. His right eye turned pitch black and Grian grinded his teeth his teeth together.


RG hummed in thought as he continued to push back against Grian’s sword. “Admin energy, you're right I can’t copy that” RG frowned. “But it won’t help you here”


“It doesn’t matter because Grian isn’t the only Admin here” Xisuma sighed. He had a blade of his own in hand, the blade itself was a bright emerald green and dark purple ones and zeros floated around his blade covering the right side of his face just like Grian’s. RG pushed Grian back, turning to try and block Xisuma but wasn’t fast enough as he swung his blade creating a gash in RG’s shoulder. RG jumped back moving his hand to clutch at his shoulder. 

The stone giant RG had created looked to be slowly falling apart and Grian smiled, before the reminding pain of what he was doing came back to his mind. Having to concentrate on separating his admin and watcher energy at the same time while in battle was taking a toll on his body. He was still using his Watcher energy but he was also in his admin form, this was also why only half of his body is covered with his admin coding. Because the other half of his body is being affected by his watcher energy. Xisuma turned to him and frowned, moving over to him. 


“Don’t push yourself two hard, remember we're still here too” Xisuma sighed as he wrapped an arm around Grian’s side helping him stay standing.


“It’s almost a pity” RG stood up a frown plastered to his lips. “If only I could spare you lives” RG removed his hand from his injury and Grian’s eyes widened seeing it gone. “Since you're refusing to get out of my way, I’ll have to kill what you love the most” RG whispered. 


Grian’s eyes widened as multiple floating tridents appeared out of nowhere in front of them. Grian and Xisuma froze in surprise. The tridents came forward almost two fast for Grian to see but everything felt like it was going in slow motion. His anger boiled and he had little concentration. The feeling of his energy slipping away entered him and he realized something. He had activated his void energy. He was never really able to use all three of his energies at the same time but with the immense feeling of anger he couldn’t think straight.

Chapter Text

Xisuma stared at the giant obsidian spike emerging from the ground in front of them. It's towered over him and Grian. The tridents had been blocked by the obsidian spike that had abruptly came out of the ground. He was about to speak but something felt off as he turned to Grian. He was staring at the ground seemingly unaware of the things around him.

“Grian?” Xisuma whispered his name hoping he’d turn to him with a soft smile letting him know he was fine. But he didn’t. Instead he lifted his head and the familiar sense of admin energy engulfed Grian and Xisuma eye’s widened. Grian’s own admin energy was out of control and it was showing in the way his body changed. His right side of his face and his arm were covered in a bunch of floating numbers not just the normal ones and zeros.

Xisuma could tell something else was wrong because his admin energy began to seep from his blade outlining the sword in a bright red glow. A marking appeared on the left side of his face looking similar to the lightning bolt patterns that were there when he first tried to activate the portal. 

“Grian?” Xisuma uttered in worry and confusion. Grian didn’t respond. Xisuma moved closer, pressing a hand against his cheek, he gently pulled his hand back, his eyes widening at how cold his skin was. Xisuma grabbed Grian’s shoulders and lightly shook him. “Grian what's happening!” Xisuma asked in worry.

“Xisuma” Doc came running over, moving in front of Grian to get a good look at him. The others came over their own expressions on worry on their faces. Doc moved to his side and his expression changed seeing the state Grain is in. “What happened to him?” Doc’s eyes widened. He reached out and placed a hand against Grian’s cheek, Xisuma doing the same as him. Grian’s eyes widened slightly and he reacted looking up at them.

“Grian?” Xisuma questioned. 

“Xisuma, Doc,” Grian said in slight surprise, his voice strained. “I can’t- It hurts- I” Grian stopped talking and his eyes went fully pitch black. To their and the hermits' surprise they were all surrounded in a barrier that formed a protective bubble around each and everyone of them. The giant Obsidian spike that had originally emerged from the ground shifted slightly before sinking slowly into the ground. RG stood there his surprise masked and hidden behind the same watcher mask covering his upper face. Grian’s fist clenched and small obsidian spikes emerged from the ground but they didn’t hit Grian or the hermits.

“Grian don’t do anything stupid” NPG uttered trying to figure out how to get out of the barrier surrounding him.

Grian took a step forward, spikes growing from the ground alongside him. “Hmm, interesting” RG mumbled tilting his head to the side. By now the stone golem’s both of them had fallen apart since both had lost their original concentration on their watcher energy.

Grian’s eyes narrowed as he continued forward the obsidian spikes growing from the ground as he walked. RG didn’t hesitate, his trident appearing in hand as he moved forward. Grian’s own trident made entirely out of obsidian appeared in his own hand. 

The hermits began to try and figure out a way to get out of the barrier’s even Xisuma who was an admin himself couldn’t get out which confused him until he realized this wasn’t admin energy keeping these barriers around them. It was Grian’s void energy.

Grian and RG didn’t waste any more time and charged forwards towards each other. Obsidian spikes larger than before grew and emerged from the ground breaking the soil beneath them apart. Dark purple flames burn and scorch the ground as the two fought. 

“We have to do something before one of them does something they’ll regret in the end” False uttered, still trying to find her own way out of her barrier.

“How exactly are we supposed to do that when we can’t even get out of these goddamn barriers” Doc huffed.


RG knows he can’t beat Grian with the state he’s in now. Having Void, Watcher and Admin energy mixing at the same time has put Grian in a state of mindless emotion. He’s acting out of emotion not anger. The fact that RG was going to try and kill Xisuma means that Grian’s emotions reacted and he lost concentration. There was a reason why Tempest and Typhoon had been trying to control Grian still. It’s because there's nothing that can kill an elder watcher other than someone who wields three different energies alone they are nothing but together they are everything giving the very person that holds this power uncontrollable powers over reality and maybe even time.

RG has to push his powers beyond what Typhoon had given him. Knowing he was on the losing side of this battle he just needed to stall Grian until this little surge of energy was too much for his mind and body to handle. And if anything this could either kill him, greatly injure him, or even just make him black out for a good long while.

RG is more than surprised when a spike definitely not obsidian emerged from the ground behind him and pierced him in the shoulder. He moves his gaze to the spike and tense’s noticing that the spike itself isn’t made of Obsidian like Grian’s instead it’s made of purple stained glass. RG moves his gaze to the figure standing a few paces behind Grian. 

NPG sighes a strained look on his face as he shut one eye tightly closed, his arm raised with his hand raised his palm pointed directly at RG. NPG snapes his hand shut and the glass purple spike glows, translucent purple chains emerge from the glass spike and wrap around RG tying his arms to his side and immobilizing him. 

NPG raises his other arm pointing his palm towards Grian who still hasn’t been able to calm down. Two glass spikes emerge from the ground piercing Grian’s left shoulder and right leg, the same translucent chains emerging from the two spikes and immobilizing Grian as well. 

RG isn't surprised, NPG can immobilize both of them. He’s alway been the middle child, the one who is neither weak nor strong; he's the equalizer, the bridge that keeps one of them from believing the other is stronger. RG doesn’t struggle but when the feeling of something snapping in his mid comes he knows the barrier keeping anything from entering this world has now broken.

Almost instantly black lighting strikes across the midday sky fading into night. The lightning strikes the ground and none other than their mother appears and she doesn’t look a single bit happy.

She turns her gaze to look at NPG and Grian. Before turning to RG. he gaze stops on him and she freezes a look of pure shock but also sorrow flashes across her face at the sight of him.

She moves over to Grian taking his face in her hands and pressing their foreheads together. Grian’s eyes go normal and he falls limp in her arms. The glass spikes retract and she heals his wounds. 

Chapter Text

Their mother stands Grian in her arms as she turns to look at him. Her eyes widened and RG isn’t surprised when the spike piercing his shoulder shatters and arms wrap around his waist lifting him off the ground. He doesn’t fight and instead he looks up and smiles seeing Typhoon. He reaches up for him and cups Typhoon’s face in his hands. 


RG leans forward and presses their lips together in a small kiss. Typhoon kiss back firmly and gently. RG pulls away and turns to his mother and the hermits who are left in shock, still in Typhoon’s arms RG wraps his arms around Typhoon’s neck leaning his head against Typhoon’s shoulder. “I’m sorry Ty, I failed” He whispered. 


“It’s okay love” Typhoon leans his head against RG’s. “You did good” He whispered a smile on his face.

“YOU ASSHOLE!!” NPG uttered in anger. Their mothers face twist in anger and sorrow at the realization of what Typhoon’s done and her grip around Grian tightens. She turns back to Doc and allows Doc to take Grian from her.


“Let go of my son” She uttered her voice almost nothing but a whisper. “He doesn’t belong to you”


“I’m afraid I won’t be doing that, besides we have other business to be doing, RG will you do the honors” Typhoon smiles.


RG raised his hand, bright purple flames burst from his hand. His palm opened and pointed at them. Before any of them could speak flames bursted up and Stress eyes widened as the fire surrounded her in a circle. 


“STRESS” Cleo uttered in surprise about to move forward but the flames only grew and Ren and Python were forced to hold her back. The flames closed around Stress and she was gone in a burst of flames. 


“We’ve got what we wanted, I guess it’s about time we make our leave love” Typhoon smiled as they were gone in a burst of flames the small island RG lived on now half destroyed spikes of obsidian coming from the ground a few things still lit with bright purple flames.

Chapter Text

“We need to find her and get her back!!” Cleo uttered in anger as she talked with NPG Doc and Xisuma. 


“We can’t do everything at once Cleo, we're still trying to get RG back, plus you know he isn’t himself it’s obvious it’s mind control” Xisuma replied.


“But what if they do the same thing to her that they did to RG?” Cleo frowned. “I don’t want to lose her"


“We understand where you're coming from,” Jevin frowned as him Python and Wels came over. Cleo turned to them and her gaze softened knowing they knew what she was going through. 


“Your right” Cleo sighed running a hand through her orange hair. “It’s just. With everything going on right now I’m worried. How can I not be, I love Stress. As for RG he’s like a brother. Everyone of the hermits are family and losing those two feels like somethings missing. Like everything is falling apart”


“It’s understandable, we lost RG and now Stress, things can probably only get worse” Jevin frowned crossing his arms.




Stress frowned as she sat on the cold steel floor of the bird-like cage she was trapped in. The room she was in had stone brick walls and was dark. A small dim light was coming from the ceiling and the bird cages were hanging from the ceiling from chains similar to hers.

She sat in the middle of the cage, her legs pulled up to her chest as she leaned her head into her arms that were resting on his legs. She was slightly surprised when the door was pushed open and a little girl came through the door. 


She wore the same mask as Typhoon and RG and had pure wite hair wearing the same cloak as them as well. Her wings were small and folded against her back. 


“Hi” The little girl smiled moving over to her cage. She wrapped her small fingers around the bars and leaned forward.


“Who are you?” Stress asked in slight surprise. 


“Oh, I’m Moonstone,” She smiled, waving at her through the bars. “What's your name?” 


“I’m Stress” She replied, lifting her head with a slight smile.


“You're so pretty,” Moonstone smiled. She reached a hand through the bars and Stress reached out as well. Moonstone took Stress hand into her and she couldn’t help but smile when Moonstone intertwined their fingers. “Mom says I’m not allowed to be here, but I needed to be because I could sense your fear and I wanted to make sure you were okay”


“You're not like the others,” Stress smiled.


“Mom says I’m different” She replied quietly. “She says I came out ….. Wrong”


Stress frowned and her hand squeezed hers tightly. “There's nothing wrong with you though”


“That’s not what the others say. Mommy says I wasn’t supposed to turn out this way….. She says I’m a failure” Moonstone frowned. She pulled her hand out of Stress's and took a step back from her cage. “I have to go, but I’ll come back” Moonstone smiled waving at Stress. Stress couldn’t help but smile.




RG turned his gaze to look up at Typhoon who had a small smile across his lips. “You did good love” Typhoon smiled as he wrapped an arm around RG's waist pulling him closer.


“I failed the mission” RG frowned, turning his head to stare at the wall.


“But you still were able to get the target and that's what mattered” Typhoon replied.


“You should go, you have work to do from Tempest” RG sighed pulling away.


“You're not wrong” Typhoon frowned.




Grian cracked his eyes open a bit before closing them he repeated this process a few more times before he was able to fully open his eyes. He frowned and tried to sit up but pain errupted through his body when he tried to move and he gave up the idea and just laid there on his back staring at the ceiling.


He squinted his eyes and frowned his expression changing to one of confusion. He sighed and moved his hands a bit. He turned his gaze to look at them and they didn’t seem damaged. For some odd reason he couldn’t remember besides him and Xisuma standing in front of RG back on the island but he wasn’t on the island. And Xisuma and the others were nowhere to be seen.


He sat up wincing slightly from the pain but other than that he tried to ignore it as he stood from the beg. He leaned against the walls using his wings slightly as support.


He slowly made his way to the door pushing it open. They were in NPG’s base which was disguised as a normal house in a village but had an underground part of it.


Grian frowned as he moved down the hall still leaning against the walls. He came to an opened room where he found NPG and the other hermits all talking including his mother.


“They took Stress we need to find a way to get her and RG back” NPG sighed running a hand through his hair. 


“Stress?” Grian uttered in surprise the others turning to him seeing him leaning against the entrance way.


“Grian you shouldn’t be standing!” Xisuma frowned him and Doc moved to his side. Doc wrapped an arm around his waist and Grian leaned his body against Docs for more support.


“No one was in the room when I woke up so I decided to try and get up, a little painful but I managed,” Grian replied.


“We told you not to scare us like that,” Xisuma sighed.


“Kinda hard when I lose control of my energy,” Grian replied, moving one of his wings to drape over Doc’s back.


“If you look at it that way it’s not entirely his fault” NPG smiled.


“You're not helping,” Xisuma sighed. 


“I know” NPG grinned.


“All jokes aside you were talking about Stress, they took her” Grian frowned.


“Yeah we don’t know why though” Jevin replied.


“They're trying to pick you guys off one by one” Grian frowned, making the others turn to him. “It’s a form of punishment, they are going to keep coming back until there are none of you left to be there for me. They want me to believe that I can only rely on them and only them. Their doing this as a form of punishment for my escape” Grian sighed as Doc helped him move over to the side helping him sit down on one of the many shulker boxes in NPG’s base. It looked similar to his own chest monster problem.


“If anything our best shot at stopping them is getting help” Grian sighed.


“From who?” Xisuma questioned.


“Tempest and Typhoon have a lot of enemies who are willing to do anything for their heads, I just so happen to know a few of them” Grian frowned.

Chapter Text


Stress smiled lightly as Moonstone pushed the door to the cellar open. She quietly stepped into the room and closed the door slowly behind herself turning to look back at Stress with a beaming smile. “Hi Stress” She smiled wondering over to her cage. She sat down in front of her and Stress smiled. 


“Moonstone did expect you to come back” Stress frowned.


“Of course I’d come back! I’m not going to leave you here alone without anyone to talk to” Moonstone replied.


“Nice to know not everyone is like Tempest and Typhoon” Stress sighed.


“Oh! You're talking about mom” Moonstone frowned.


“Mom? You mean Tempest?” Stress frowned. Moonstone nodded and began to fiddle with her hands as she turned her gaze to the ground, her wings folding against her back. The watcher symbol on her mask flickered slightly and Stress frowned. “Something wrong Moonstone?” Stress asked.


“Mommy still isn’t happy, she’s been impatient as of recently and it’s only getting worse” Moonstone frowned. “She even hurt Enchant and Halo in the process of her rage”


“Why is she mad?” Stress frowned.


“She’s mad because her plan is taking forever she can be pretty impatient when it comes to not getting what she wants” Moonstone mumbled twirling her index fingers around one another. Stress frowned knowing she couldn’t do anything to comfort the little girl. An idea popped into her head and she smiled lightly.


“Hey, we're friends, aren't we?” Stress questioned. Moonstone turned her gaze from the ground to Stress.


“Of course!” Moonstone replied. “I-i-i mean i-if you want t-to be I-i’m not forcing y-you to be m-my friend” she stuttered.


“Well since we're friends why don’t you tell me about yourself” Stress smiled.


“R-really?” Moonstone questioned.


“Yeah” Stress smiled.


“Well I’m 12 turning 13 next month, my favorite color is blue. Ooh I’ve always wanted to see the sky, I’ve never been allowed outside the palace. And my name is Moonstone because of my eyes” She smiled.


“Can I see?” Stress asked.


“Um sure” She replied with a smile. She reached for her mask but stopped when the door to the cellar was pushed open and RG and Tempest and Typhoon walked in.


“Moonstone, love what do you think you're doing” Tempest uttered her voice sound slightly strained as she clenched her fist.


“U-um nothing Mom I-i was ju-”


“I don’t want excuses, Moonstone” Tempest sighed. “Now follow RG you still have studying to do in the learning hall”


RG took a step forward and held out her hand for her to take. She hesitated but took his hand. She pulled her off the ground and onto her feet and led her out of the room. Tempest and Typhoon turned back to look at Stress who frowned and curled back into a ball.


“What exactly did you hope to accomplish trying to befriend my failure of a daughter?” Tempest scoffed crossing her arms.


“I don’t see what's wrong with her” Stress argued back glaring at Tempest.


“Oh please, the only reason she’s even around is because she is still useful, if anything she’s an even bigger disappointment than her father” Tempest huffed turning to leave the room. Typhoon stood there staring at Stress for a few seconds.


“What did you do to RG” Stress questioned. His head was still turned to her but she couldn’t tell if he was actually looking directly at her.


“What I did to RG is none of your business” He quietly replied as he left the room, the cell door falling shut behind him. Stress hugged her knees tighter and sighed.


“Please get here soon” She whispered quietly.




“Are you sure this will work, we don’t want another accident” Xisuma frowned his arms crossed.

“Yes I’m sure this is going to work Lock and Key are watchers but they hate Tempest and Typhoon with a burning passion and are willing to do anything to get a shot at them” Grian replied. They were currently at a set of coordinates Grian needed them to be at. “Making a nether portal at these coordinates and activating the portal with my watcher energy should create the portal directly in their palace. They are not the only ones that hate Tempest and Typhoon though there are others” Grian sighed.


“Lets just hurry this up, and if something goes wrong Grian your being held responsible” Xisuma frowned.


Grian rolled his eyes and crossed his arms as they stood before a normal looking nether portal. Grian smiled and lifted his arm his hand lighting up in bright purple flames. He placed his hand against the obsidian and closed his eyes. Everyone stood back watching as the portal bursted into bright purple flames before becoming what looked like a normal portal. Grian took a few steps back and everyone tensed when two figures exited the portal. 


The first was a female with pure white hair pulled back into two seperate buns on her head. Her mask covered her upper face like the normal ones Tempest and Typhoon wore. The only difference was that the watcher symbol was replaced with a lock on it. 


The male had short pure white hair and his mask was similar to the females but a key symbol replaced the spot where the watcher symbol would have gone.

Everyone tensed when the female turned to them and her lips pulled into a frown as she moved towards Grian.


“Omg! Grian look at you” She uttered picking him up in her arms and examining his form.


“Lock I’m fine!” Grian uttered as he tried to escape her grasp.


“You don’t look fine you look like shit” Key uttered crossing his arms. “And put him down Lock”


“But Key look at him! He looks terrible” She uttered, turning to her brother her lips pulled back into a frown. Grian sighed as he gave up trying to escape.


“Can I at the very least explain what's going on” Grian sighed.


“Oh right! I’m sorry Grian” Lock frowned as she set him back down taking a step back before sitting down on the ground on her knees. “Lock I swear your an idiot” Key sighed.


“That's not true! Tell him Grian!” Lock pouted.


“Lock isn’t an idiot” Grian sighed. “Anyways Lock, Key these are my friends the hermits” He motioned to the others behind him who were all still partially stunned into silence.


“Oh nice to meet you! Sorry if I gave you all a scare” Lock smiled.


Key rolled his eyes and sat down beside Lock crossing his arms. “Now mind explaining what's happening”


“Tempest and Typhoon were here and they are trying to get me back by taking my friends away from me so far they’ve only taken my older brother and my friend Stress and we need help getting them back” Grian frowned.


“Well that's a lot, and we can tell just from the energy in this world that something went down” Key frowned.


“But yes! We can help like we said before were not the only ones that want Tempest and Typhoon’s heads on a spears” Lock grinned.


“Okay, Grian mind explaining a bit” Xisuma sighed.


“Oh right! Sorry Xisuma, this is Lock and Key” He motioned to both of the watchers. “Their a pair of watchers who use to work forcefully under Tempest and Typhoon, while under their command Tempest and Typhoon made them do a lot of things that they didn't agree with”


“One of those things was attacking and killing are former court” Lock frowned.


“Lock and Key used to work for another watcher called Helios. Tempest and Typhoon challenged Helios and won, in the end the two took Key and Lock and forced them to kill their court” Grian frowned.


“I see why they’d hate them” Cleo muttered.


“Yeah! Helios was nice” Lock smiled.


“Anyways, well work on gathering the others, if we're planning on taking down Tempest and Typhoon were going to need more help than just you, your friends and us” Key frowned.


“One more thing, how do we get RG back from Tempest and Typhoon?” Grian frowned.


“Just restrain him and well handle the rest” Lock smiled. Grian nodded and the two watchers stood.


“Well be back before you know it” Lock smile waving goodbye and they entered the portal.


“Now all we have to do is wait until they come back” Grian sighed.


“How long will it take?” Doc asked.


“Not long End time works different than our time so they have a lot of time to gather the people necessary for this” Grian smiled turning away from the portal and heading back towards the spawn. “For now everyone get some rest and try to relax”


“No promises” Jevin muttered Python and Wels following behind him.




Stress frowned as the cell door opened and two figures walked in. “So she’s the on Tempest wants us to get” one of them sighed.


“Shut up Halo and just listen” The female hissed at him. 

“Well I’m sorry Empress, this is a boring task” Halo hissed back.


“We’ve been given orders and we are to follow them without question” Empress replied. The two moved over to her cage and she was slightly surprised when they opened the door. “Well we don’t have all day” Halo huffed motioning for her to move. She followed behind Empress as they exited the cellar and came out into a hallway. She followed quietly behind her fear and dread growing with every passing second.


They entered an entirely new room. Stress was a little surprised to see Tempest and Typhoon there as well.

“It’s almost a pity Mono Gale and Dale couldn’t make it” Tempest sighed.


“At least we're making use of her” Typhoon replied.


“Stand here and don’t move” Halo commanded as him and Empress exited the room. She stood in the middle the same watcher symbol from before painted onto the ground. Tempest and Typhoon stood in front of her. Tempest smiled lifting her hand and Stress watched as a mask similar to RG’s appeared in her hand as Tempest hand lit up in bright purple flames.


Stress’s eyes widened and she tensed now understanding what's about to happen. “At least now you won’t be as much of a problem as before” Tempest frowned.

Chapter Text

Grian frowned as he sat curled up in his bed, the sunlight coming in through the windows. He sat up rubbing the side of his head. He stood from the bed wincing slightly from the pain in his lower back, curling his wings around his body as he blinked a few times. He yawned and stretched his arms over his head. Noticing the lack of clothing on his body he felt his face flush and pulled the white blanket off the bed and wrapped it around himself curling his wings over his body over the blanket. 


He sighed his thoughts moving back to last night. His face only flushed even more at the thought of last night and he shook his head getting rid of the thoughts. He took a step forward moving to find his clothes wincing a few times from the pain in his lower back. 


“Flipping jerks” He muttered. “Couldn’t have gone easy could they” He sighed smiling softly as he pulled his clothes on. He exited the room finding Doc and Xisuma fully dressed and working on what looked like a blueprint from this distance. They stood in the middle of Xisuma’s base sitting on the ground criss cross the blueprints sprawled out on the ground in front of them.


They turned to him at the sound of his footsteps and smiled waving at him. He crossed his arms and pouted. “Something wrong Gri” Xisuma frowned.


“Of course” He huffed. “You guys couldn’t have gone easy” He muttered sitting down right in between them.


“You can’t complain with how much you were worrying us” Doc rolled his eyes. Grian pouted, sticking his tongue out at Doc before turning his gaze to look at the blueprints.


“Another farm” Grian muttered tilting his head.


“Yeah with the new update to the world we’re thinking of new farms that are easy” Xisuma smiled.


“Cool” Grian muttered, folding his arms, his wings curling to wrap around Xisuma and Doc’s side and pulling them closer to him. Xisuma and Doc smiled leaning slightly against Grian shoulders.


“We should probably get to work now” Xisuma sighed standing up. Doc stood up with Xisuma. Grian sighed, running a hand through his hair. He smiled when Doc held a hand out for him to grab. He took Doc’s hand and allowed him to lift him up and onto his feet.


“We have things to do and you're not allowed near Redstone so we should probably leave you with Cub and Scar, since Scar isn’t allowed near redstone either” Xisuma sighed.


“Hey!” Grian pouted. Doc grinned and Xisuma shook his head, his face covered by his helmet not allowing Grian to read his expression. Grian’s expression changed and he felt a surge of energy like a shockwave coming from a certain direction.


“Actually I have things to do” Grian sighed knowing Lock and Key returned. Doc’s expression changed but he didn’t say anything about it and instead walked towards the exit. Xisuma stood there for a bit, worry seen not by his face but by the way his posture changed. 




Cleo sighed as she stood on her ship an expression of worry crossed her face as a sense of dread and fear entered her mind. An unknown feeling coursed through her and a feeling of something shattering inside her could be felt. Her eyes widened as she lifted her hands to cover her mouth. She dropped to her knees in a coughing fit closing her eyes tight in pain.


After she was done coughing she pulled her hand back and her eyes widened seeing the blood on her hand.




Grian sighed as he found the nether portal from before. Standing in front of it was Lock Key and a few other unknown figures. He moved forward, his wings folded against his back as he stepped into their view.


“Grian” Key nodded motioning to the other Watchers. Key and Lock moved to stand at his side, the other watchers standing in front of them. There were about 7 in all. “This is Sound” Key motioned to the Watcher standing at the front of the others.


“He’s the lead guard for their Court, their boss or leader is named Sonic but he’s not here right now, they’ve been a group trying to find a way to get rid of Tempest and Typhoon for a while now” Key sighed.


“It’s a pleasure to meet you” Sound nodded.


“Move so I can see!” A voice uttered. Grian was slightly surprised to see a human push past the Watchers and into view. “Oh Hi!” They smiled at Grian and waved. Sound sighed, shaking his head slightly.


“This is Maddox, he's one of my trainees” Sound muttered.


“Mads you should just run around like that” Another voice uttered from behind the watchers two more human’s pushing past the watchers.


“Well I’m sorry I was wondering who they were talking to” Maddox huffed crossing his arms.


“These other two are also trainees, Grian meet Firefly and Shine” Sound frowned crossing his arms.


Maddox was around the height of 5’3. he had shaggy white hair, his eyes weren’t visible because of the mask but his mask had a different symbol plastered to it. he wore regular clothes. A trident was holstered to his back and he wore arms guards. His shirt was a plain dark purple with an even darker purple cloak wrapped around his shoulder the hoodie pushed down. 


FireFly had bright orange hair pulled back into a ponytail on the back of her head. Her eyes were a bright gold. And she wore a plain black shirt with ripped shorts and her cloak was wrapped around her waist. A trident strapped to her back and a sword holstered to her hip. Her mask was in her hand and after a few seconds she put it back on covering her eyes her skin turning to the same dark purple her hair going pure white


Shine had short brown hair pulled back into a ponytail at the back of her head and wore a similar cloak to the other two. She had a dragon-like tail, her wings were bird-like with pitch black feathers, a few feathers being neon pink green or orange and on her head were a pair of cat-like ears.


From Grian’s perceptive Shine looked like a mixed hybrid but it’s not possible. He nodded waiting for them to continue speaking.


“Maddox and FireFly here are both humans that we picked during our last world that we ruled over, we didn’t destroy their world it was falling apart themselves” Sound frowned. “As for Shine, here she has a history with Tempest and Typhoon”

Shine frowned and moved to hide slightly behind Sound. Her head peeking out from behind him. “She was originally a test subject to one of Tempest’s experiments but whe rescued her, turns out she was more than just a test subject” Sound fronwed.


“She was a replacement for you. If you hadn’t escaped she wouldn’t have gone through what she had but that's fine, Shine’s strong now and we’ve helped her” FireFly frowned.


“Well come with me I’ll take you all to my base so we can talk” Grian smiled. The watchers and others nodded and followed behind Grian silently.

Chapter Text

“Tempest we need more time” Typhoon frowned crossing his arms.


“I’ve given you time!” She snapped, turning to him, her lips pulled back into a scowl. “But you’ve been too busy messing around with that toy of yours, need I remind you that we are not siblings by blood but by choice. You are not my brother by blood but by choice because we have a shared interest” She turned away from him, her hands folded behind her back as she stared out the purple glass stained windows. 


“I want the throne to the void kingdom and you want what the former void queen took from you. Well you’ll get what you want when I get what I want” Tempest whispered.


“Should we send her out there then?” Typhoon questioned.


“It would be our best interest to play our pawn’s carefully,” Tempest muttered. “Send them both, might as well cause a little more damage, and I say we make things more interesting”




Grian stood in front of Sound, Lock and Key. The other six watchers were Aries, WoodWin, Wendigo, Mockingbird, Harmony and Symphony. “I’m glad you contacted us on this matter Grian, being a part of this means a lot to us” Lock sighed with a smile on her lips


“Everyone that we brought here with us is willing to help try and take them down, there are three others but their currently not present, they couldn’t make it to our little meet and greet without being caught by Tempest and Typhoon” Key sighed, shaking his head.

“You're talking about Mono Gale and Dale I presume” Grian smiled as Lock and Key turned to him. “I’ve known ever since I met them that they’ve hated Tempest and Typhoon with a burning passion, that castle they currently have their court living in, it used to belong to Mono Gale and Dale”


“So you know the three” Key smiled lightly.


“Yeah is that important?” Grian questioned. 


“Uh no it’s nothing, so tell us what's happened so far with Tempest and Typhoon” Lock smiled.


“Heck where do I even start?” Grian muttered.




Sound frowned as he listened to Grian finish his explanation of what had happened and he crossed his arms in thought. “Your brother RG” He began everyone turning their gazes to him. “What do you think Typhoon wants with him?” Sound questioned


“I don’t know, all I know is that ever since they took RG he hasn’t been the same, he’s acting like him and Typhoon have been lovers for years and I know for a fact that RG doesn’t love him it’s just Typhoon’s influence” Grian sighed.


“A Watcher is born without feeling without emotion; it's what makes them less weak, Watchers believe emotions hold us back. Sometimes this is not the case, sometimes when a Watcher meets someone that very person can change how they feel, make them feel something new and unknown to them. This can cause different effects” Sound shifted slightly moving his wings to droop out behind him. The other Watchers sat in different spots across the room. Luckily Grian’s base was big enough for all of them. “What we can do to help is get rid of the effect Typhoon has on your brother but we have to deal with them before we can get to your brother, or your brother can get himself out of the position he is in”

Grian looked at Sound, his expression shifting to one of curiosity and confusion. “What do you mean?” He questioned.


“What I mean is, if you brother experiences strong enough emotions this can affect the way he things, right now you can call this version a version that Typhoon wants him to be, the real him is in their somewhere we just have to give him a reason to fight” Sound explained intertwining his hands together and settling them in his lap.


“This stuff sounds complicated” Maddox complained, moving to sit right beside Sound.


“What I’m saying is, his mind is in a state of split reality, the brother you saw during that fight was not the real him, it’s a split version, a version Typhoon created from the original, the brother you know is trapped within his own mind living a reality that he thinks is normal but isn’t, it’s like he’s in a dream but it’s not real” Sound explain. He turned to FireFly Maddox and Shine and sighed. Their expressi]ons where only one of confusion, curiosity and boredom.


“Well that's just confusing” Shine sighed.


“Trust me there can be more confusing things than this” Symphony muttered, turning around to face them rather than looking into the aquarium. “We’ve dealt with far worse than this, but these type of things is uncommon since it is rare for a Watcher to do such a thing”


“So you guys can help him?” Grian questioned.


“We can but he won’t be the same, there will be a few different things such as his wings and watcher energy, those are things we can not get rid of” Harmony responded moving her gaze to the ground in a timid manor. Grian stopped when a message came over his intercoms.

“We need to head to the middle of the shopping district now” Grian uttered in a hurry. Just as he said this there was some form of shock wave that he knew all of them felt.


“Pawn’s” Sound whispered standing. Grian spread his wings and flew out the exit the others following behind him. They made their way to the middle of the shopping district and Grian found the others right in front of Itrade. Bright purple flames were spread out around, the ground around the nether portal in front of Itrade was destroyed and the building itself was no different, the glass destroyed and the place on fire two figures standing on top of the building one of which they recognized. Ice began to spread from one of the watchers feet covering the building they stood on and a portion of the ground.


She had light brown hair, dark purple eyes, similar wings that spread out behind her a purple dress that went past her knees and similar colored leggings and shoes. Her arms from her fingertips to her elbows were pitch black with purple glass like patterns across them.


“Well isn’t this a surprise” She grinned, showing sharp canines her eyes dilating. Her voice sounded overlapped with another and echoed off nothing but the air around them her voice bouncing in their heads. “You brought others to this party, what a surprise indeed, but the more the merrier more fun for us” 


“Stress” Cleo uttered her expression turning sorrowful.


“Hmm, do I know you?” She asked tilting her head in a confused manner before she smiled. “Well doesn’t matter anyway”


“Quit messing around” The figure next to her sneered.


“Oh calm down Halo, Don’t be such a party pooper” She pouted. “Just because Empress isn’t here doesn’t mean you have to be such a jerk”


Grian clenched his fist, his thoughts moving back to RG. “They did the same thing to Stress” He thought.


“Well handle this” Sound took a step forward and Stress small smile turned to a grin.


“Oh, well looks like we have a challenge folks” She threw her hands into the air. “Get ready for the show of a lifetime my dear audience” She let her arms drop down to her sides the grin turning back to the small smile. “I’m your host Verglas and I’m happy to meet you”


“She’s treating this like a show” Sound muttered.


“Be careful, her energy is abnormally high” Symphony muttered.


“I’ve noticed” Sound replied.


“I don’t know about you all but I think a change in scenery would be nice” Stress or Verglas smiled, her right hand bursted into bright purple and she snapped her fingers and they appeared in what looked like a regular oak biome all of them standing in a small clearing “That's much more like it” She smiled.


“Stop treating this like a game Verglas” Halo muttered crossing his arms. Verglas completely ignored him and smiled.


“Now for the first question of the show” She smiled a little too sweetly. “How long will it take me to shove this sword through your withering heart?” She smiled a sword with an obsidian handle and a blade made of bedrock appearing in her hand. “Why don’t we find out” Verglas snarled. Sound was more than surprised and greatly unprepared when she disappeared and reappeared behind him.


Luckily with how much energy she gave off it didn’t take him long to find out where she was. Verglas eyes widened as her sword phased through Sound. “Nice trick, but you're not that clever” Sound muttered looking at her from over his shoulder. 


Verglas grip on her sword tightened and she smiled. “The games are just getting started” Verglas responded.


Grian’s eyes widened as a shock wave of energy could be felt going through the ground. He knew the hermits couldn’t sense it but he and the other Watchers could. Using his control over his own watcher energy he surrounded the hermits along with FireFly Shine and Maddox in a bright purple glow before jumping back lifting himself off the ground along with pulling the hermits back with him leaving Symphony and the other watchers to get a distance away.


Just as symphony and the other watchers besides Sound took a step back bright purple ice bursted from the ground tearing the terrain apart. Grian kept himself in the air along with the hermits not wanting them to be on the ground if this is what Verglas was planning.


“Now then I think it’s about time, I move this game along, don’t you think” Verglas laughed another sword appearing in her hand similar to the one before.