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Supercorp Mile High Club

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Lena boarded a flight to Orlando three hours later. It took time to fit into the runway schedules on both ends, and she was about to crawl out of her skin by the time she landed. While packing she was directed staff to begin investigating Daxam relationships with any L-Corp partners. She also called her lead lawyer to direct investigation of Mikel's "apology" post to see whether there was any legal recourse against it. Kara's video had been carefully vetted to avoid anything that could be libel. She wondered whether Mikel was as careful. Her brain was working overtime plotting any way she might be able to reduce the fallout for Kara and increase the damage to Daxam.

Jess had hired a town car to pick her up at Orlando International and she was transferred to the hotel in short order. On arrival she picked up a door card for the room Jess had arranged and left her luggage with the front desk, not wanting to deal with it until she saw Kara.

She texted Kara to let her know she was there and tried to call again but she still didn't pick up. Lena assumed she had turned off her ringer due to friends offering support along with too many media jerks asking for her comments. Sara had texted Kara's room number to her and Lena decided she couldn't wait any longer. Minutes later she was knocking on her door.

Alex opened the door and peeked through the latched chain, looking suspiciously out into the hall. Her eyes went wide at the sight of Lena and she quickly closed the door to unlatch it and let Lena through.

Lena walked in, anxious to wrap her arms around Kara, but she was no where to be seen. She saw Lucy sprawled out on the bed. Lucy rolled over to sit up against the headboard to observe Lena, giving her a nod of acknowledgement. Alex leaned against the wall looking anxious.

"She's in my room." Alex explained. "Somehow her room number has been leaked. Assholes from the media are showing up to try to talk to her. We're going to move but haven't had time to deal with it. She had a 2-hour call with Julia, her therapist, and then she was trying to sleep."

Lena was at a bit of a loss in the small room. She couldn't remember being in a hotel so small. She awkwardly made her way to the tiny desk across the room an pulled out an uncomfortable chair to sit in.

"How is she?"

"She's OK. She really is. She fell apart a bit at first, pretty upset and angry. Julia helped a lot. She has better perspective now."

Lena let out a deep sigh and realized she'd been practically holding her breath.

"It's so unfair she has to deal with this right now." Lucy piped up from the bed.

Lena stayed quiet, but eventually couldn't help speaking up.

"Alex, I just want you to know that Mikel, and Daxam Industries, will pay for this. I know that doesn't really help right now, but thought you should know. He will be sorry."

"Actually, it does help to know that." Alex said quietly.

"Tell me more!" Lucy sat up, looking suddenly animated.

Lena told her in brief what she had in store for Daxam. Alex nodded thoughtfully. Lucy was less reserved.

"Oh my god, I can't wait to see that! I wanna see him suffer."

Just then there was a knock. Alex moved to crack the door again.

"I can't believe this hotel doesn't even have a peephole." Alex muttered. "Cheap bastards."

She peeked out the door then said firmly "I'm calling security" before slamming the door in someone's face.

"Media again. But that's really too nice a term for what they are. Vultures. I want to throttle whoever leaked Kara's room number."

"Alex, I booked another room. A suite. Whatever that means here. Why don't we move everyone out of here and let the jerks knock at an empty room?"

"Great idea." Both women moved to start packing. Lucy worked on her own while Alex packed Kara's clothes. Lena fired off some texts as she waited. As she began checking emails a text popped up.

K: You're really here?

Lena responded immediately.

L: I'm here. Can I come see you?

K: Yes, please.

Alex directed Lena to her room. Lena handed over the card for the room she booked and Alex and Lucy began to head out with their luggage. Alex paused for a moment.

"Thanks for the room." Alex said.

"Just make sure you aren't followed."

"Right." She paused. "I'm really glad you're here, Lena."

"I hope I can help. And even if I can't, well, I couldn't stay away. I was going out of my mind with worry."

"I'm sure you can help. Just having you here will mean a lot to her."

Lena gave Alex a weak smile. "Try to get some sleep, yeah?"

"Yeah." Alex turned to catch up with Lucy.


Lena was at Kara's door minutes later. Kara peeked out before opening to let her in. She moved into Lena's arms before she could even get the door closed.

Lena felt huge relief to be able to wrap her arms around Kara at last.

"Hey, baby." She whispered.


"How are you?"

"Better now."

They held each other for a while.

"I can't believe you're here."

"There's no where else I want to be. When I found out...all I could think about was seeing you." Lena took a deep breath. "And murdering him..."

"Let's not talk about him." Kara said quietly. "I can't do anything about him. But I can decide how I react to him."

"Sounds like you have a wise therapist."

"Yeah. That wasn't the tune I was singing when I first read the post."

"Me neither." Lena gritted her teeth, surprised to realize that Kara seemed to be in better shape than she was in terms of dealing with her anger.

"It's OK, Lena."

"I'm fine, Kara. I'm here for you. What do you need?"

"I need you. But I can feel your anger. You don't need to be so angry. I'm OK." Kara said, kissing the side of her face. "Come lay down with me?"

"Yes, please."

Kara stepped backwards and pulled her to the bed. Lena paused for a moment.

"Kara, is it OK if see, I gave my room to Alex and Lucy..."

"You think I'm going to let you stay in a different room? Get your ass in this bed."

Lena laughed. "I was just thinking of your training..."

"Please shut up and come here."

"Well, since you asked so nicely..."

Lena called the front desk and ask for her luggage be delivered to the room. She took off her shoes and jacket and climbed into bed with Kara, wrapping her in a full body hug.

"I can't believe you're here." Kara said wistfully. "You really are a knight in shining armor, aren't you?"

"I don't know about all that. But when someone does something to hurt you, well, I just want to do anything I can to help. The thought of that man trying to..."

"Shhh, Lena. I'm fine. He did try, but he failed. He can't touch me. I'm over it and him. I have my family, my team. And I have you. He can't take any of that away. He's just a poor excuse for a human, and becoming more desperate as time goes on."

"Why is it that I flew all this way to comfort you, and you're the one comforting me?" Lena laughed. She leaned back so that she could look at Kara in the eyes. "You amaze me, Kara Danvers."

Just then they heard a knock on the door. Lena went and took her bags, tipping the staff and closing the door behind them. She changed quickly into some silk pajamas and climbed back into bed. She could see the exhaustion in Kara's eyes.

"Let's go to sleep, love. It's after 2:00 am and something tells me Sara's got you on an early schedule. What time do you have to wake up?"

"6:15 am to be able to eat something and make the bus for 7:00 weightlifting."

"God, help me." Lena groaned. "It won't even be light out." She took Kara's hand and gently rolled her in the opposite direction then wrapped her up from behind. She buried her nose into Kara's neck and inhaled deeply.

"God, I missed you."

"Me too. Thanks for coming to my rescue."

"Well, you clearly don't need rescuing." Lena chuckled. "But I hope you know that I'll be here anytime you need me. For as long as you'll let me."

Lena felt Kara's breathing even out as she fell asleep before whispering "Which I hope is forever."

Finally able to relax, Lena soon followed her into sleep.


Kara POV

Both women slept deeply until there was a pounding on the door.

"Shit, forgot to set the alarm!." Kara jumped at the sound. She looked at her watch and leaped out of bed. "Sorry, Lena. I've gotta run."

Kara jerked on her trainers and ran to the bathroom to brush her teeth. "Can you stay?" She gurgled through toothpaste bubbles.


"Please? It's the weekend and you're already here." Kara garbled, then spit in the sink so she could speak more clearly. "I'll be busy, but I could see you tonight. Please. If we lay low no one will ever know you're here."

"Sara is never going to go for this."

"Let me at least try to talk to her before you leave. She knows about the post and how upsetting it was to me. She's very worried. I think she'll let this slide. Just for the weekend. Just stay until I can talk to her. Please?" Kara's lips moved into a pout.

"OK, now that was uncalled for - going nuclear with that weaponized pout." Lena had moved to sit on the edge of the bed as she watched Kara frantically getting ready. As Kara finished with her shoes she moved closer and lifted her chin to give her a quick kiss.


"Fuck, you really are irresistible."

"Just...stay here. I'll text you as soon as I talk to Coach."

Instead of answering Lena slid her fingers behind Kara's neck and pulled her in for another, longer kiss.

"OK. You better get out of here."

Kara smiled, grabbed her bag and dashed for the door.


She made it just in time for the bus and based on the team's lack of teasing her, Kara knew Lucy and Alex had kept quiet about Lena's arrival. At the first break she managed to speak to Sara alone. As she suspected, Kara was able to use the trauma card and by swearing on her life that no one would know Lena was there. In the end her coach only agreed to one night, but that was probably all Lena could do anyway. And it was more than she'd had in way too long. She texted Lucy and Alex to make sure they were fine with keeping the room arrangements another night and then texted Lena with the news.

K: Coach gave the 'ok' for me to see you tonight. It's on the double down-low.

L: Not sure what the 'double-down low' entails, but I can't wait to try it ;)

K: Lena! Not helpful.

L: Sorry. I'll be good.

K: Yeah, you always are ;) Just, if you go out today can you not go as Lena Luthor?

L: Who, exactly, should I go as?

K: Just try not to be your fabulous self and attract attention. The place is lousy with paparazzi. Maybe wear something of mine?

L: How about I order room service and stay put?

K: Perfect. Thank you.

L: You can make it up to me later.

K: Tonight I'm going to make you forget your name.

L: I can't wait.

After that Kara threw herself into their practice, determined not to make Sara regret her decision. The thought she'd get to see Lena at the end of the day only made her work harder. She mostly got away with it, except for Irma who started watching her suspiciously while they were doing passing drills together. Eventually she spoke up.

"What's with you today, Danvers?"

"What do you mean?"

"I don't think you've stopped smiling once, except for maybe when that ball hit you in the side of the head."

"Just excited about how well the team's coming together. We're going to kick ass!"

"Hmm. OK, sure. If that's how you want to play it."

After that she concentrated on not smiling, and didn't allow herself to dash to the hotel right after practice. Instead she took her time so as not to create suspicion. After what felt like the longest shuttle ride ever she finally made it back to her room. By that time she was about to jump out of her skin.


Lena POV

Lena's heart raced as she watched as Kara slip into the room She was sitting at the tiny desk on video call with her Board of Directors for the Tokyo office. She glanced at Kara meaningfully but couldn't end the call.

Kara slipped quietly into the bathroom. Lena heard the shower run and then she reappeared in a terry cloth robe only loosely tied. Lena could see the look of disappointment in Kara's face to see she was still on the call. Kara walked to the front of the small desk so that she was behind the screen but in view of Lena. She leaned forward to give Lena a view of her breasts that took her breath away, staying just out of view. Then she moved around to the side, sat on the edge of desk and loosened her robe slightly. Lena's struggled to keep her eyes on the screen, watching more of Kara's skin become visible in her peripheral vision as she allowed her legs to open a bit further, her knee bent on top of the desk. Lena kept her eyes the screen but subtlety reached to drag her nails over the inside of Kara's knee.

Kara closed her eyes and "hmm'd" quietly at the feeling of her touch. Lena quickly cut off her mic and camera with her other hand.

"I'm really sorry, Kara. I had this call scheduled before I realized I'd be here with you. It's the Board of the Tokyo office and it was too late cancel. It's very disrespectful there to make such a last minute change with VIPs like this. I'm scheduled with them till 7:00." Lena cringed inwardly at the thought.

"It's totally fine, Lena. Take your time. I need to work on my playbook anyway."

When Kara moved to get up Lena squeezed her knee and looked at her intensely. She realized she really wasn't ready to let her move away.

"Or you could stay here." She whispered. Just then one of the Board members addressed Lena directly and she quickly turned her mic and camera back on. But she didn't release Kara's knee, which was just out of sight of her camera, and Kara didn't move away. Lena started into a long, complex explanation in response to the question but kept hold and began caressing Kara's knee gently. Instead of moving away Kara slid her leg open a bit further, encouraging Lena to move higher.

Lena kept her eyes on the screen and spoke to the Board in a very professional manner while continuing to caress Kara's skin, moving steadily closer to her center. Kara shifted her leg to open herself more fully. A corner of Lena's mouth turned up briefly at Kara's movement. As the conversation moved on she shut herself off again, then reached up to grip Kara's robe and pull her down for a kiss. Kara immediately stood up off the desk to move closer. They both moaned at the feeling of their lips coming together.

Lena then heard her name again and Kara groaned in frustration, knowing she would need to appear and speak on the call.

"Be a good girl and sit back on the desk again." Lena murmured into her mouth and Kara quickly complied.

Once she was off screen Lena turned on her camera and mic and jumped right in without missing a beat. Once Kara sat down she resumed her ministrations to Kara's bare knee, then on to her thigh.

As Lena spoke Kara shifted closer on top of the desk so that Lena could reach her better. Kara let out a gasp as Lena's fingers progressed, sliding under the edge of her robe. Lena's eyes darted towards her, sending a silent warning for her to stay quiet.

When Lena finished speaking she shifted forward in her chair, allowing even better reach until she at last grazed the soft, wet curls of Kara's cunt. Lena couldn't stop her own eyes from closing in pleasure at the feeling of her wetness, but only momentarily, then she quickly focused again on her call.

Lena stretched her wrist and elbow to slide deeper into Kara's folds. Kara's hips began to rock slightly in response. Kara covered her mouth with her hand, biting down on the loose skin between her thumb and index finger to keep from calling out.

Lena began moving two fingers steadily back and forth, edging her clit and then teasing at her entrance. She struggled to keep her head and shoulders still, and to keep her expression impassive.

Kara's eyes rolled up and closed as Lena's fingers got more insistent, yet she still didn't slip inside. Kara gripped her hand around Lena's to press her deeper. Lena could feel herself growing harder as she moved deeper inside Kara with her fingers. Even watching in her peripheral vision, the sight of Kara's pleasure made her want groan. She kept herself in check as she began to curl her fingers against her front wall and massage gently, then dragging her fingers in and out, only shallowly so that her body wouldn't visibly jerk on camera.

The thought that she was fucking Kara in front of her own Board was driving her to the edge of control. She began exerting more insistent pressure against Kara's g-spot, yet still limited her thrusting to avoid detection on camera.

Please don't stop. Kara mouthed, her mouth staying open as she tried to take in more air, her eyes glazing over and lids narrowing as she kept Lena in her sights. Kara gripped Lena's hand even tighter as if afraid she might pull out, despite surely knowing she never would at this point, no matter what went on with the Board.

As Lena ratcheted up the pressure and speed Kara was powerless to do anything except fall over the glorious cliff of her orgasm. She gripped Lena's hand and held her fingers inside as she felt her cunt clamping down repeatedly around them. Her other hand was now fully covering her own mouth trying to keep any sound from emitting. Lena watched her smoldering eyes, just as she was called back into a discussion that had turned into an argument between board members.

Lena could see Kara luxuriating in her intense orgasm. Eventually she released Lena's hand, which she slowly retrieved by dragging her fingers along Kara's inner thigh. She turned her head quickly to give Kara a lightning-fast wink.

Kara stood up from the desk on wobbly legs, still trying to pull herself together from the experience of her orgasm. Once she steadied herself she walked again to the front of the desk, then went down on her knees and scooted under so that she was next to Lena's legs and under the desk. She peeked up at Lena from the ground and saw her eyes flash with realization of what Kara was intending. She smiled as Lena caught her breath, her lips falling slightly open in amazement.

Having no choice but to ignore her call, Lena's eyes remained riveted on Kara as she settled on the floor and gripped Lena's calves, encouraging her to widen the space between them. Once she had room to work she slid her hand up along the seam of Lena's pants, moving smoothly until she reached her straining bulge. Lena's eyes closed in pleasure just as she was addressed on the call. Her eyes jolted open as she tried to recover. Kara didn't let it stop her, instead she pressed her hand against Lena's shaft and moved gently up and down. For the first time she actually stammered as she gathered herself and began to respond.

Lena managed not to call out at the feeling, and moments later Kara began to explore how she could get past her pants. Her head was already pressed against the bottom of the desk and when she tried to move to reach Lena's belt it was clear she couldn't manage from her position. At that point Lena had finished her point and had asked another question herself, directing the conversation to another board member. She glanced down and quickly realized Kara's predicament.

Kara looked up at her with a pout, asking for help without using words. Lena smirked and looked back at her screen. For a minute Kara thought Lena was giving her the brush-off so she could concentrate on her call. But then Lena shifted forward in her seat to allow Kara to reach her better, then slid her hand into the top of her own pants. Very slowly she moved her fingers around her belt buckle, carefully unbuckling her pants while trying to stay focused on her call and trying to avoid any detection of her movements below the desk.

Once Lena finally had the buckle released, she then began working the button free, then followed by easing the zipper slowly down. The whole process was painstaking slow and she noticed Kara lick her lips in anticipation. Finally, she had the zipper down and Kara quickly pushed Lena's fingers aside so that she could take matters into her own hands. Moments later she freed Lena's cock from her briefs, and a few moments took at delicate taste, cupping her tongue around the broad head for a lick.

Nothing could stop Lena from calling out. Fortunately she had turned off her camera and mic in time.:

"Oh, fuck!"

Kara opened her mouth wider to take in the whole head, sucking and licking the tip like it was her favorite ice cream. Lena kept herself muted as she lost control of the sounds coming from her mouth. After a while Kara eased Lena out of her mouth so that she could run her tongue firmly up and down the shaft, showing her appreciation to every part of Lena's cock. She teased up and down until moving back again to the tip, then wrapping her hand firmly around the base of her cock and taking her in more deeply.

Lena reached to the back of Kara's head, pulling her roughly closer and now making grunting sounds between cries of "yes!" and "Kara!" until Lena's name was heard again on the call. Kara froze with Lena's cock half-buried in her mouth. Lena moved desperately to turn her audio back on and tried to pull herself together. She ultimately came up with a response that she hoped seemed reasonable. When the discussion moved on Lena nudged the back of Kara's head, urging her to resume.

This time Lena remained almost completely quiet as Kara resumed licking and sucking her deeply back into her mouth. She was clearly determined to make Lena cum, regardless of whether the camera was on or off. She began to bob her head almost desperately until and Lena's grip tightened around her head and she felt the spurt of her cum hit the back of Kara's throat. Kara began to swallow and continued sucking until she had sucked Lena dry.

Kara snuck a peak up at Lena, who was gazing down at her with an almost euphoric glow. She could feel a sheen of sweat covering her skin and hoped it wasn't visible to the Board. Kara gently eased Lena out of her mouth. She chuckled and then slid out from under the desk, then padded quietly back to the bathroom, stealing a glance back at Lena and her post-orgasm face. She gave her a wink before disappearing into the bathroom to clean herself up, again.

Lena looked longingly after her and then back at her screen. Still on hour left on her scheduled call. She shook her head slightly and thought to herself in disappointment:

Oh. Fuck.