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Supercorp Mile High Club

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"Please, Lena. Don't make me wait 6 weeks to feel your cock in my ass. I want to sear the memory of you through my core." Kara slid two fingers over the top of Lena's lower lip, pulling it down so she could kiss her more deeply.

Lena closed her eyes tightly before breathing out her words into Kara's mouth. "Oh....fuck."

Kara moved her hips closer causing Lena's cock to press against her stomach and stimulating her even more.

"I have to admit, I've fantasized about it." Lena whispered, sounding amazed. "I wasn't sure'd be in to it."

"I'm into it. Believe me." Kara tilting her head and giving her a one-sided smile. "And you know you can always ask me if there's something you want to try."

Kara undulated her hips, causing her stomach to massage the tip of Lena's cock. Lena flashed on an image of gripping Kara, turning her around and bending her over the desk. It dominated her mind as she kissed Kara roughly, causing her to gasp. Kara gripped her ass and pulled Lena even closer in response. But despite the extremely appealing thought of taking Kara on top of her desk, she was worried about the potential for hurting her. She knew she needed to get them in to the bedroom to make it as safe as possible. She managed to control herself enough to stop the breathless momentum driving their bodies together.

"Ok, Ok, let's just...slow down for a minute. Why don't you go take a shower?" Lena's breath was coming rapidly as she put a hand on Kara's chest and held her back enough so she could speak. "I actually...I really have to make a couple of calls. Lex isn't the only one with people. And I want to get eyes on him as soon as possible. I'll be right behind you as soon as I can."

"Pun intended?"

"Very funny! Now get out of here before I bend you over this desk."

"Is that supposed to be a threat?" Kara stood up from where she was sitting on the desk and smirked. She lingered but eventually moved to go.

Lena slapped her lightly on the rear as she turned. "Naughty."

Kara chuckled as she left the office. Lena couldn't help but watch her ass moving in the tight dress as she walked away. She bit her lip and forced herself to make the calls and send some emails. She didn't want to lose any time in her work against Lex. She kept her hand pressed against her cock to try to soothe the ache as she hurried. As much as she couldn't wait to get to Kara, Lena knew she needed to be smart and stay in control.

Lena rushed through her shower and finally made it into her bedroom where she discovered Kara reclining against some pillows near the center of her bed. She had on one of Lena's thin silk robes, which was untied and hanging open to reveal her breasts, her nipples already standing at attention. Lena felt them calling to her as her eyes moved lower to see Kara's legs were slightly open, her hand gently stroking her pussy which was shining with arousal.

It was a breathtaking sight. Lena took a sudden breath and froze at the foot of the bed for a minute to take it in. Kara smiled at her reaction, then lifted up off the pillows and crawled towards her. When she reached Lena she went up on her knees and reached to grip the sash of her robe to pull her closer. Lena realized her mouth was agape as Kara leaned forward and licked into it.

Kara eased Lena's robe open slightly and teased her fingers down her breast to her hardening nipple. She then cupped her own breast to bring her nipple in direct contact with Lena's, causing her to gasp at the sensation.

"God, you feel so good." Lena husked as their naked skin finally came together. As Kara continued working her body, Lena teased her tongue over Kara's lips. As Kara's lips eased open Lena began to lick inside, over her tongue and teeth. Kara began to untie Lena's robe as she kissed her deeply.

As their kiss got more heated Lena eventually pulled back slightly and slid two of her fingers into Kara's mouth, gliding them over her tongue to get them very wet before resuming their kiss. She slid her hands into Kara's robe, around Kara's back to grip her ass. Lena began by rubbing gently over her cheeks. She wanted to make sure Kara was really ready for her. Slowly she began to slide her wet fingers between Kara's cheeks until at last she grazed her index finger over Kara's puckered back entrance, causing her to inhale sharply.

"Mmmhm. Yes..." Kara moaned encouragingly into Lena's mouth. Gradually Lena began to move the tip of her finger slightly inside as Kara began to shift against Lena, pressing her ass back for more attention. Lena smiled at her responsiveness, then paused.

"Wait here, baby." She kissed Kara gently then moved to her an armoire near the bed. She returned with a clear bottle and dropped it on the bed next to Kara. When she eased her hands into Kara's robe again she could feel her trembling.

"Kara, are you cold? Do you need to put something else on?" She asked with concern, looking into her eyes.

"No, it's not that, I..." Kara bit her lip and got quiet. She pulled Lena in closer, but Lena held back, determined to understand what was going on.

"Kara, please. You know you can tell me anything. Are you having second thoughts about this?"

"No. Not at all. I really want it, Lena. I really want you, I just...I'm just excited and...a bit nervous, I guess." Kara shivered as she took a deep breath. "The truth is...I've never done this with someone as...well, you. It's a little intimidating."

"Kara, we don't need to do this. We really don't. I don't want to do something that scares you."

"It doesn't scare me. Well, maybe a little, but more than that it excites me. It's a thrill to think about you... inside me that way. Pounding into me..."

A slight whine escaped Lena's lips involuntarily at the mental image Kara had just conjured.

"Just let me make love to you. Just...lay back on the bed. I don't need anything more than to be with you."

"I trust you, Lena. I know you're not going to hurt me." Kara kissed her. "Please."

Still, Lena hesitated. She'd had some experiences with omegas that hadn't been able to handle her size and she couldn't bear doing anything that would hurt Kara.

"Come on, Lena." Kara moved her head forward to bring their foreheads together and whispered. "You've already been cervix-deep in my cunt. Fully-hilted down my throat. Don't you wonder what it would feel like to be balls-deep in my ass? Railing me from behind?"

"Yes...oh god yes..." Lena hissed. " have to promise to stop me if..."

"I promise. I remember my word - 'kryptonite'. And I know you're not going to hurt me, Lena. I know it." Kara rasped. "Please. Give me what I want."

"OK...OK. What can I say?" Lena said, almost sounding exasperated. "You know how hard it is for me to say no to you."

"No, but why don't you tell hard is it?" Kara smirked. "Or show me;" She then felt Kara's fist around her cock. Lena took in a sharp breath as Kara began to drag her thumb over the tip. She could tell by the slick feeling that she was already leaking pre-cum. Kara resume kissing her and Lena moaned into her mouth, then reached down and cupped her hand gently around Kara's hand. She teased her fingers between Kara's so that they were both touching and holding her shaft. She squeezed slightly, pressing Kara's fingers tighter around then moving their hands up and down for a few strokes.

"God I love your hands. Your fingers are...magic." Lena groaned as she moved their hands up and down together. She then leaned back so she could look into Kara's eyes, still moving their hands up and down her cock, then squeezing to bring them both to a stop.

"Are you sure you can handle this?" Despite Lena's concern for hurting Kara, she could still hear the edge of a rumble in her voice. She knew she was on a dangerous precipice, where her alpha was demanding to get what she wanted and was using her voice and her scent to push for submission. Lena searched Kara's eyes for hesitation.

"I promise, I can handle it." Kara squeezed her gently. "I want to feel you buried inside me. I want to feel you empty into me when I make you cum. I can take it. And I want you to make me take it. Alpha..."

"I see." At that Lena had resolved to give Kara what she wanted. What they both wanted. Lena pulled Kara's hand off her cock and released her, then reached and eased the robe off of Kara's shoulders. She watched in satisfaction as the silk slid off and pooled on the bed around her body.

"Then be a good girl and lay down on the bed for me." Lena rumbled. "On your stomach, baby." She could hear the rumble coming through even more now. She stopped trying to control it.

Kara moved quickly to comply. Lena gazed at her stretched out across her bed, naked with her legs slightly spread and ass tilted up, looking very ready. Lena wondered if she had ever seen such an erotic sight.

She took a deep breath to calm herself before stripping off her own robe and joining her on the bed, parting Kara's legs further so she could be between them. Lena gripped Kara's ass cheeks and caressed them gently, then steadily squeezing harder an leaning down to lick and bite them all over. After a while she began squeezing more aggressively to create access for her mouth before at last leaning lower to lick a broad stripe from her cunt upward and across her pink, puckered opening.

"Ohhh...yessss." Kara moaned. Pleased with the response, Lena began to lick in earnest. Kara's ass began to tilt more upwards, allowing better access as Lena began to lick carefully, then eventually probing her tongue slightly inside her back entrance. This seemed to drive Kara wild, her hip movement becoming more urgent.

Lena paused to reach for the lube to cover her fingers, then put the tip of her index finger right at the edge of her opening as Kara strained for more. She slid just the tip inside and began working slowly deeper as Kara began to murmur encouragement.

"Yes, Lena. Deeper. I want you deeper inside." Lena continued her slow and steady pressure and soon Lena had entered as deep as she could with her finger.

"More." Kara rasped. Lena eased out completely, then began again, this time with two fingers. As she felt Kara opening more to her, she leaned over Kara's back to kiss gently along her spine. She slid her free hand around Kara's side to find her breast. Taking her nipple between two fingers she gripped Kara tighter, pulling her flush so that Lena's breasts were pressed against her back.

All the while she continued working her fingers inside, creating more space and openness. Kara began to moan and squirm.

"How do you feel, baby?"

"G--good." Kara stuttered out. "So good."

"You're doing so well." Lena assured her.

Lena stopped her gentle kisses and stretched higher to bite at the edge of Kara's shoulder, fighting her instincts to move into full predator mode. The surprise of the bite caused Kara's body to lurch. Lena released the bite but wrapped her arms tighter around Kara to calm her.

"Sorry, I...didn't mean to hurt you." She whispered in her ear.

"No, I." Kara's breaths were coming faster. "Lena, I want...I want you to...mark me...I want to able to see your marks...on my body when we're apart."

Lena's breath caught in her throat and she managed to stifle a sob. But she couldn't stop a tear that fell and landed on Kara's back.

"Please." Kara whispered.

Lena released her hold on Kara so she could lean back and look over her beautiful back. At Kara's request she could no longer hold out against her instinct to mark her skin. But she knew she had to be careful not to touch her in places where others would notice. As much as she wanted the world to know Kara was hers, the time wasn't right. The marks would be only for Kara.

She bent and began sucking on Kara's shoulder in the same spot, leaving a purpling bruise behind. Lena froze when Kara gave a sharp cry.

"No, don't stop. It's a good pain. Please, I want it."

Lena worked her way down, drawing out more marks as Kara murmured encouragement. Moments later she teased her teeth along Kara's back, giving small but possessive bites, without breaking the skin. All the while she never removed her hand, but continued with steady and gentle thrusts inside.

Kara was quickly becoming a squirming mess as Lena marked her back. Finally she reached her ass and bit a bruise onto one of her cheeks.

"Mine..." She said through gritted teeth. She immediately regretted losing control of her words, but Kara quickly eased her concern.

"Yesss." She breathed more than said. "...yours..."

Lena involuntarily growled, the noise coming from deep in her throat, and spurring her to increase the speed of thrusting her fingers.

"More. I want more." Kara groaned, sounding more desperate. Lena pulled back again before pushing inside with three fingers. She moved slowly until Kara was writhing and pleading. The sight was driving Lena to the edge of control. She gritted her teeth against the longing to bury herself inside.

"Please Lena. I'm ready. Give me your cock..." Kara begged. Lena couldn't hold against her pleas any longer.

Kara made a complaining noise as Lena removed her fingers again. She reached for the bottle of lube and coated her dick thoroughly, then drenched between Kara's cheeks with the lube. She watched as Kara's back moved up and down more quickly as her breathing became more rapid, reminding Lena of how excited but also anxious she was. Lena then grasped Kara's hips and pulled them off the bed towards her, pulling Kara into a position she knew would be more comfortable to take her cock. Now Kara's arms were stretched over her head, her ass off the bed and ready.

Lena pressed her cock against Kara's ass cheek. "Is this what you want?"

"Yes! God yes..." Kara nearly sobbed.

"If you want it there's something I need you to do, Kara."

"Anything." She moaned.

"I want you to touch yourself. Imagine it's my fingers."

Kara didn't hesitate, seeming to be happy for the chance at some relief. Lena watched as she moved one hand down between her legs. Lena could hear the sound as Kara began to tease her clit which was slippery with arousal.

"I want you to keep doing that." Lena demanded. "Understood?"

"Mmhmm. Yes." Kara moaned. "I'm so ready for you."

She continued rubbing her clit, and with the loss of one of her arms to support her body, Kara's face was now turned to the side and braced against the bed, which allowed Lena to see her expressions. She could see the desire burning through Kara, and she determined to give her everything she wanted.

Kara then tilted her ass slightly higher, and Lena couldn't wait any longer. She guided the tip of her cock to Kara's puckered entrance and pushed the head into the tight ring of muscle.

"Unnphff!" Kara called out as Lena finally slipped inside. Lena herself gasped at the tight warmth squeezing her cock so completely.

"Are you OK?" She managed to ask. She saw Kara grimace as she penetrated her

"Yessss. good."

Lena held still to try to read Kara's body language. A moment later she only had to listen.


Lena dug her nails into Kara's hips and pulled her closer, pushing in another inch as Kara groaned in pleasure.

Kara's sounds encouraged her, Lena pulled back and then pushed even deeper. She repeated the movement slowly, going even deeper and letting out a long, deep groan. She saw Kara squeeze her eyes shut tight.

"Don't forget...use your word...." She reminded Kara as she held herself still. The pressure surrounding her cock was like nothing she'd ever felt - so hot and tight.

"I don't think I can remember my own name right now." Kara gasped out. "Please just...fuck me."

At that Lena stopped holding back and gave into her instincts, thrusting deeper, then back and nearly out. Then shoving deeper still as Kara's body pushed backwards for more. Again, and again, until she was thrusting like a machine, burying herself and following her body's demands.

"Oh full...oh yes....Lena..." Kara was nearly sobbing with pleasure and pain.

It was an incredible sensation, and as Lena plowed steadily forward she realized eventually she couldn't go any deeper. She stilled at the feeling of incredible pressure, the thrill of being entirely engulfed and held so tightly inside Kara. Then Kara began to move and Lena reached out and gripped her hair, pulling it back to take control, instinctively acting to keep her from moving away, even though it was clear she didn't want to. Lena fought her instincts until she heard Kara cry out with encouragement.

"Ahhh!....yes..." She gasped out. "Fuck me harder, Lena..."

At that she tightened her grip on Kara's hair, and resumed her thrusts, railing into her over and over. Lena suddenly realized that with each thrust she was releasing a deep growl. Lena lost herself in the moment, she was all instinct now, moving and grunting over Kara like an animal. She gave herself over to it even as she heard Kara call out as she fell over the edge into orgasm. Then Lena felt free to really let go, crashing into her own orgasm as she began emptying deep inside.

The release she felt was amazing, yet it was so different. There was no concern about spilling her cum, or breeding or any of the instincts that usually flared up during sex. Her alpha seemed to understand that breeding was off the table, and was letting go of all of it to just enjoy.

And enjoy she did. She reveled in the sound of Kara screaming through her orgasm, which spilled into another. Lena continued her thrusts until she had nothing left to give.

When Lena was at last spent she collapsed against Kara's back, pushing her down on the bed and trapping her beneath her own body. Her alpha rumbled in pleasure at the feeling of being buried inside and at the same time covering her possessively. Both women's chests were heaving as they recovered.

When Lena could speak again she immediately checked in with Kara.

"Am I to heavy?"

"No. Just right." Kara reached behind to touch the side of Lena's hip. "That was fucking incredible, Lena."

"Yeah, I noticed." At that they both started to laugh.

"I can't believe we waited so long to try that." Kara mused.

"Well, it's not typical first date material." Lena said, nuzzling into the back of Kara's neck. "And I don't think we've been on a second date yet."

At that Kara laughed one of her belly laughs, muffled a bit from the pressure of Lena's body. Lena wrapped her arms and body around Kara from behind to keep her close.

"Thank you." She whispered into Kara's ear. "You've fulfilled another fantasy of mine. I don't know how you do it."

"I should be thanking you." Kara chuckled. "You did all the work."

"You did beautifully." Lena kissed her gently on the neck. "Thank you for trusting me. For opening and giving yourself to me so completely."

"I do trust you, Lena." Kara said. "You make me feel so complete. And safe. Even when you're fucking me like an animal...I know you would never hurt me. Does that sound crazy?"

"Not at all." Lena could feel tears escaping down her cheeks. "And it means everything to me to hear you feel that way."

"Hey, why does my neck feel wet?" Kara asked. "Is my big bad alpha crying?,"

"Don't tell anyone." Lena whispered hoarsely.

"You amaze me, Lena. You're so powerful and beautiful and strong...yet you make yourself so vulnerable. Give so much of yourself. And I love that you feel safe enough to cry."

"It's never...been like this for me before, Kara." Lena kissed her neck where is was slightly wet from her own tears. "It's you. You make me want to be open to you. To give you everything I have."

"It's never been like this before for me either." Kara paused and then said a bit hoarsely. "You know there was a time I thought I could never be with an alpha again, for anything more than sex.

Lena felt her alpha hackles rise up at the thought of Mikel, and the reasons why she didn't want to be with an alpha. She felt her breath coming more quickly.

Kara acknowledged the change and brought her back. "Hey, baby. That's all behind me now. And you helped me get here, to this place where I can be open and vulnerable with you. Now, stay here with me, and don't let anyone else in right now."

"Yes. Of course. I don't want anything coming between us right now. I want to make the most of our time." Lena resumed kissing the side of Kara's neck and shoulders until both their breathing slowed further. She knew she needed to pull out before Kara became uncomfortable. She shifted to try to free herself from the vice-like grip of Kara's ass.

"Are you ready?" Lena asked, taking a deep breath. "Try to relax as much as you can."

Kara took a deep breath. "Yes. OK."

Lena pulled out as gently as she could, both of them groaning loudly at the feeling.

"I'm going to draw us a bath." She kissed Kara's neck as she extracted herself. "You wait here.

Lena made her way through the large bathroom of her bedroom suite. She turned on the jacuzzi water and adjusted the temperature before entering the shower and washing herself thoroughly. Once she got out she added some healing oils to the tub, then wrapped herself in a robe and returned to the bed.

She leaned against the frame of the bathroom door for a moment just to watch Kara laid out on the bed, looking boneless and thoroughly fucked. She was still on her stomach, limbs spread out and ass tilted slightly. For a moment Lena had the urge to do it all over again, but she knew the friction of taking her large cock for so long would have made her extremely sensitive and she didn't want to risk it becoming painful for her.

Instead the slipped into the bed and peppered Kara's back with kisses. Her alpha surged at the sight of her back covered with Lena's marks. Kara rolled her head towards her and smiled.

"Your bath is almost ready." She said gently.

"I don't think I can walk yet." Kara chuckled.

"No problem." Lena said and rolled Kara over onto her back, bringing closer to the edge of the bed. Lena shifted her arms under her knees and back and carried her gently to the water.

"My, my. What strong arms you have." Kara teased, wrapping her arms around Lena's neck. "And shouldn't it be me carrying you? I am the Professional Athlete  after all."

"That may be. But you're a professional athlete who just got railed. And I'm going to take care of you." Lena said as she set her down next to the tub.

Kara sighed as she slipped into the warm water. "You do a fantastic job of it. I'm not complaining."

Lena was feeling a bit overwhelmed at all the ups and downs that happened that night, beginning with a fantastic date, the shock of finding her brother in her home, the decision to stay apart through the Cup, and now this new, amazing experience with Kara. She leaned back against the sink counter to watch Kara luxuriating in the water. Her head was tilted back against the edge, leaving her gorgeous neck exposed.

Emotions of euphoria conflicted with warring feelings of dread, knowing she wouldn't be seeing her for weeks. Kara broke in to interrupt her thoughts.

"Won't you join me?" She stretched her hand towards Lena encouragingly.

In that moment Lena flashed through her life and experiences with Kara. As brief as their time had been together, they'd experienced so much, both good and bad. Intense love surged in her chest, overwhelming her worries about the coming weeks when they would be apart, her worries about her family, and even L-Corp. She realized that ultimately none of it mattered. If she had Kara, that was all she needed. 

"Now, alpha." Kara said, breaking into her thoughts again with a playfully demanding voice, insisting that Lena get in.

Lena shook her head and laughed to herself. She was well and truly gone for this woman. And she wasn't afraid of what that would bring. She knew they could handle it together. As the realization hit her she could only smile and think to herself:

Oh. Fuck.