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Supercorp Mile High Club

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Kara looked down at the astonishing sight of Lena on her knees in front of her. Her eyes were blown as she teased her fingers over Kara's knees before gripping and pushing them apart. Kara watched as Lena looked down at her cunt, her lips parting and her eyes changed. She looked like she was about to have her favorite meal.

"You're so beautiful, Kara." Kara saw Lena's chest starting to move more rapidly up and down. "God I want to taste you..."

"Yes, please Lena..."

After nearly two months without being intimate with Lena, including 10 days of spending time with her everyday - kissing her and holding her - but not being able to really be close her, compounded by the sudden demands of her heat, it was all Kara could do not to cry out in relief at the feeling of Lena's tongue against her. She reveled in the feeling of Lena lightly teasing her clit, then sliding lower, penetrating Kara with her tongue, delving deep inside her over and over, then easing out to drag her tongue upwards again to Kara's clit where she began lavishing attention.

"Yesss, Lena. Your tongue...yes..."

Without her direction Kara's hands shot out and gripped Lena's hair tightly as Lena sucked on her clit.

"Oh...fuck. oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck...." Kara started babbling almost nonsensically. She could feel Lena's smile against her cunt.

Kara's hips jerked forward, hitting hard against Lena's nose. Kara released her head and pulled back.

"I'm sorry, I...are you OK?"

Lena looked up at her with lidded eyes and a lascivious grin, her face glistening with Kara's essence. Kara felt herself clench at the sight of Lena licking her lips while her knees below her.

"After so long without tasting you...I feel like I'm drinking water after months in the desert..."

Lena reached for Kara's hands and put them back onto her head.

"Take what you want, Kara. You won't hurt me."

Lena took Kara in her mouth and again began working on her clit with her tongue. Kara's hips began to shift and grind against her. At the cusp of her orgasm she began to gyrate almost uncontrollably. Holding Lena's head she began to fuck herself against her face. Kara's senses were on overdrive, surrounded in a cloud of rutting alpha. Moments later she lost herself in the pleasure of her orgasm as it rolled through her in waves. She only just managed to keep from calling out Lena's name at the top of her lungs and instead let out a long series of moans as she released all over Lena.

The orgasm hit her so quickly she hadn't even been able to warn Lena as she came hard onto her face. She peered down to see the damage.

"Lena, I'm all happened so fast." Kara could see Lena's chin dripping with her cum as she looked up at her with nearly-blackened pupils. Lena hardly even seemed to hear her as she leaned back.

Lena swiped her fingers across her lips and chin, then looked down with a smirk at how drenched she was. Lena moved two of her fingers in to her mouth to suck them clean.

"You're delicious, Kara. I never want you to hold back on me, or worry about warning me that you're going to cum like that - I could never get enough of it."

Kara's hands were still tangled into Lena's hair and she used the leverage to pull Lena roughly forward and bring their bodies closer together. Kara took a long lick of Lena's lips and smirked at the taste of herself.

Lena looked was caught off guard at Kara's aggression.

"See how good you taste?" She asked. "I crave you, Kara."

After that Kara felt like her brain had simply shut down and left the scene. Her body took control and moved according to its demands. Kara gripped Lena more tightly and pulled her up and onto the narrow bed, pressing Lena down to lay on her back. She climbed on top to straddle Lena's legs. Lena reached up with one hand behind Kara's neck to pull her back into their kiss, causing her body to fall forward. As Kara tipped forward, she could feel Lena's cock against her stomach.

"Ohhhhh..." Kara closed her eyes and let out a deep groan at the feeling, She instinctively leaned back so she could reach to feel her shaft throbbing through her pants.

"Oh my god...I...god I missed your cock..." She whispered, as began to slide her hands up and down.

Kara watched Lena closely as her mouth dropped open and her eyes rolled back in pleasure. Kara could see she was struggling not to call out.

"Kara..." She groaned. "I didn't bring..."

It had dawned on Kara in almost the same moment. 'It's OK, I also came prepared - not that I was plotting anything!"

Kara grinned and dismounted. She felt around near the door where she'd dropped her bag when Lena had pushed her against the wall. Instead of digging out her emergency blockers, Kara pulled out condoms.

She turned back to the bed to find Lena sitting up, looking concerned. When she saw what Kara had she let out a deep breath of relief.

"Oh thank god." Lena whispered.

"Now it's your turn to see how fast you can get out of your pants, Ms. Luthor."

Lena didn't waste any time. She stood and unbuckled and unzipped, quickly stepping out of her pants. As she tossed her pants and underwear to the side Kara was already working away at Lena's shirt buttons. Once she had it open she released Lena's bra and slid a hand under to caress her breast. As she took Lena's nipple between her fingers Lena moaned and leaned forward to take Kara's mouth into a rough kiss.

Her mouth had dropped open at the onslaught of Lena's tongue and teeth ravishing her, as Kara continued her ministrations on Lena's breasts. Lena began opening Kara's shirt buttons as they kissed. Finally Lena was able to slide her hands inside the shirt to caress Kara's breasts, then eased her fingers around her back to pull her closer. Knowing there were people so close by, they left their shirts on but but at least could see and touch each other more fully.

As they deepened the kiss their bodies moved closer together. Kara felt Lena's cock grazing her bare hip bone. She released Lena's breast and moved her hand steadily down her side and forward to wrap her hand around Lena's cock. That seemed to get her attention as she gasped and paused her attack on Kara's mouth.

"I want you to lay down." Kara said in a low voice. Lena moved immediately to obey. Lena had barely laid down before Kara had mounted her, straddling her legs. She leaned forward to take the burning tip into her mouth.

"Oh fuck!" Lena called out.

Kara leaned back so she could cover Lena's mouth with one hand. She put a finger to her own lips to signal her to be quiet. Then she leaned forward again, taking a long lick from the base to the tip before taking Lena into her mouth again, wrapping her lips around the tip and sucking tightly. She could feel Lena was controlling her hips, trying not to buck up into Kara's mouth. She released Lena's mouth and instead wrapped her fist around the base. then began to bob her head to steadily take Lena deeper.

"Yes Kara, yes, don't stop..." Lena whispered. She moved one hand down into Kara's hair, encouraging her to take even more. Kara gagged slightly when Lena hit the back of her throat. Lena released her hair and looked worriedly down at Kara.


Kara eased Lena's cock out and looked up at her with a smirk. "Come on, Lena, you know by now I can take it. I want you to cum in my mouth."

She leaned forward again, keeping her eyes on Lena as she licked the tip, swirling it around as she watched the ecstasy on Lena's face.

"Please Kara, don't tease." At that Kara moved her mouth down to take Lena in deep and roughly into the back of her throat again. She realized she was feeling just as desperate to feel Lena explode into her throat. At the same time she could feel the demanding ache inside. The ache was building with demand to be filled. Kara began to move up and down more rapidly, determined to taste her cum. Lena's hips began to move and it wasn't long before Lena was fountaining.

"Yes...oh god yes..." She rocked her hips into Kara gently, gripping her hair as she rode out her orgasm as Kara continued to suck and swallow. Finally she let go and dropped back on to the small bed. Kara eased back to release her, but took time to lick her clean.

"So're so good, Kara." Lena reached down to touch her lips.

"You taste so good, Lena. I can't tell you how much I missed your cock..."

"I missed you too, Kara." Kara could see Lena was tearing up, and realized she meant more than sex.

"Awww. My big bad alpha." She leaned down to kiss Lena gently. "You're such a baddass when you're angry. So powerful and in control. But you can be so gentle and sentimental. I've never been with an alpha like you, Lena."

"I like hearing you call me your alpha." Lena said, her voice cracking a bit. Kara felt a tear slip down her own face at the sight of Lena getting emotional.

She leaned down to kiss Lena gently then began peppering kisses on her mouth, down to her jaw towards her throat until Lena gripped her hair to move their mouths back together, pushing her tongue inside as they moved into a deep, open-mouthed kiss. Kara let out a deep moan.

For a long while Kara was content exploring Lena's mouth, but eventually she could no longer ignore the building need at her center. When she moved her body down against Lena she could feel she was already getting hard again. She smiled against Lena's mouth.

"Ready soon? You're amazing Lena..." Kara leaned back and reached beside her to grab a condom.

"I could never get enough of you." Lena husked.

"So...fucking...good..." Kara gasped out, starting to move her hips, her body demanding some friction while at the same time tearing open the condom and getting it lined up over the tip of Lena's cock.

Lena watched with wide eyes and Kara carefully rolled it down. Kara smiled as she felt Lena stiffen fully in her hand.

"I can't wait to have you inside me." She moaned and Lena rumbled at her words.

Kara couldn't bring herself to tease or delay things any further, she was aching with her body's demand to be fucked and the sight of Lena nearly naked beneath her. She could see the mirrored demand in Lena's eyes. Once again she was impressed how well Lena was controlling herself, being patient rather than just taking what she wanted - despite her eyes and scent telling a different story.

Kara pressed a hand against the bed next to Lena's head and leverage herself to lift up. Using her other hand she guided Lena to her center and eased herself down. They both gave a deep guttural moan when Lena's cock at last moved inside.

"Oh...fuuuuck" Kara said loudly. Lena reached to cover her mouth and Kara licked her hand. She felt desperate for more of the taste of Lena, wanting to touch more of her skin however she could. Lena slid two fingers inside Kara's mouth and she began to suck.

"Good girl." Lena husked. "That'll keep you quiet."

Kara began to feel even more desperate as her descent was eventually slowed by Lena's girth and her own clenching cunt. She could hear her own needy whine.

"'s OK, Kara. Let me take care of you...." Lena's hips started were undulating slowly, already moving in deeper just a millimeter at a time.

"Just...we have to be quiet. Vaz and Jess will be scarred for life...not to mention my flight crew..."

Kara couldn't help but laugh, but then got serious again at the tight pressure of Lena's cock, steadily moving deeper. She was torn between the warring feelings of pleasure and pain shooting through her body.

Kara's head dropped back and she gazed at the ceiling as her body began to give in to Lena's movements. She closed her eyes tight and she felt tears squeezing through her lids. She felt her body undulating as Lena drove deeper.

"Please Lena...I want all of you..."

Lena's chest rumbled as she continued her efforts. In that moment Kara felt the base of Lena's cock expanding.

"Fuck, Lena..." Kara could feel she was already knotting.

"I know, I know." Lena gasped, gripping Kara's hips more tightly. "What do you want, Kara?"

"You...please...I want your knot."

Lena rumbled in response, and sat up to hold Kara tightly in her lap. "Just relax...I'm going to take care of you..."

At that Lena rotated to lay Kara down on the bed, then shifted to reach a new angle before she began to drive forward.

"Yes, yes, yes...don't stop.." Kara encouraged. She gripped tightly into Lena's hair, forcing her to look directly back into Kara's eyes as she fucked her.

"You feel so good, Kara...taking me so well. So, so good. You're squeezing me so tight..." Lena soothed. "It's ok baby. I'm going to make it all better..."

Kara let out a whimper and dug her nails into Lena's back to encourage her deeper. She knew the only thing that would soothe her heat was a deep fucking by Lena, and she was determined to have it. Now that she was on top Lena began deeper thrusts, pulling back to just the tip and pushing roughly forward. Over and over she pulled hearly out only to thrust harder into Kara's wet, clenching heat

"Fucking take it!" Lena growled. Kara spread herself wider and began to whine in desperation as her heat ramped up. She reached to the back of Lena's head to pull her down against her neck. She could feel Lena's harsh breathing against her neck, followed by her teeth grazing her pulse point.

"Oh it Lena..." She whispered and Lena bit down hard. Kara called out loudly in pain and pleasure as Lena knotted her at last. Kara cried in relief as she her vision went white. She rode the wave of her orgasm, clenching tightly around Lena until at last she began to release inside.

"Yesss...oh fuck yes...." Kara gasped. Lena maintained the hold on Kara's neck as she came. Kara held still apart from her cunt continuing to milk Lena's cock, which seemed like it would never stop releasing inside her. When at last she finished, Lena released her bite and began to lick the area. She wrapped her arms tightly around Kara's back as Kara began to tremble.

"Are you OK?" Lena whispered.

" good. Just overwhelmed..." Kara said quietly. "That good're amazing..."

"You're the one that's amazing...the things you do to me...I don't remember ever cumming that much..." Lena began leaving soothing kisses along Kara's throat. Kara was gently stroking her back.

"Lay down on me, Lena. You must be exhausted."

Lena shifted carefully, trying not to cause any pain since they were still knotted. She eased herself down on top of Kara who wrapped her legs around Lena's back. She purred at the feeling of being covered by the alpha.

"That's it." She said, running her fingers through Lena's hair. "Just rest."

"I'm sorry I was so aggressive earlier, telling you not to take your blockers...I just...wanted you so much...And your scent...I could feel how much you wanted it..."

"Shhh...Lena, please. That was so fucking hot. Just relax. You're right...I wanted every bit of it. Everything you had to give me." Kara kissed the top of her head. "I'm the one that's sorry. You wanted to take things slow, and here I am triggering..."

"Stop. Obviously you had no control over that."

"No regrets?"

"Of course not! And technically we're out of Japan airspace, so...we didn't have sex in Japan." Lena smirked.

Kara laughed. "Thank you for letting me off on a technicality. And thank you for getting me off..."

"The pleasure is mine. And anyway, how could I regret this. Being tied with you like the best feeling in the world." Lena shifted her hips and Kara moaned in response.

"Yes. Oh yes. Feels so...right." Kara whispered.

"I've been wanting this for so long."

"Me too." Kara murmured. "Even though it took me a while to admit it to myself. And I'm sorry about that, Lena."

"Doesn't matter." Lena whispered into Kara's neck. "None of that matters anymore. We're together now and that's the only thing that matters."

Kara hummed happily and dragged her nails gently up and down Lena's back. "What about you, are you feeling OK?"

"Um hmm..." She could feel Lena's eyes blinking closed against her.

"Why don't we try to sleep?" Kara suggested.

"I don't want to hurt you..."

"You won't. Just relax. We've got plenty of time."

Kara could feel Lena's breathing even out against her chest. She was not ready to let go and sleep yet and wanting to hold on to the feeling. She clenched tightly and reveled in the feeling of holding Lena deeply inside. She continued stroking her back until she felt her own eyes blinking closed.

"I love you, Lena." She whispered before she finally gave in to sleep.