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Less than 24 hours later Kara was splashing water on her face and brushing her teeth in an airplane bathroom in preparation to land at Narita International Airport. When Jess called her to work through the details Kara had refused to take the company jet, but had insisted she have a first class seat.

As Kara disembarked she adjusted her watch to Tokyo time. With the time change it was as if she'd left and arrived at almost the same time, except a whole day had passed. As she exited customs she immediately saw a large placard with her name on it, held by a beautiful Japanese woman whose face broke into a wide smile when Kara stopped in front of her.

"Ms. Danvers?"

"Yes, that's me." Kara said. She had been secretly hoping Lena might be there to meet her. She could hardly wait to see her.

"I'm Kiko! Happy to meet you!" Kara was blindsided when the woman wrapped her arms around her in a quick squeeze.

"Happy you too!" Kara managed to squeak out.

"Ms. Luthor asked me to give her apologies. She had an urgent meeting she couldn't leave. She so wanted to be here."

"No problem. Thanks so much for meeting me!"

"It's a pleasure. You are very special to Ms. Luthor, and she is very special to me."

Kara looked at her with a warm smile. She understood her feeling exactly.

Kara refused Kiko's attempt to help with her bag and followed to a long black car waiting just outside the exit. Kiko opened the door and Kara plopped down exhausted into the fine leather seats while Kiko went around to the opposite side.

"Hello, Ms. Danvers." A familiar voice welcomed her.

"Vaz?" Kara asked, feeling confused. "What are you Tokyo?"

"Ask me no questions..." Vaz let out a chuckle. "No, pardon me, ma'am. I often travel with Ms. Luthor when she's going to be away for a while. She doesn' many people. And she values having those people around her."

Kara gulped, feeling a stab of guilt at the thought that Lena couldn't trust many people. Of course, someone as rich, famous, and beautiful as her must have to fend off many people with ulterior motives. She wondered whether Lena trusted her. If not Kara hoped she would be able to in the future.

"I see. I'm sure it eases her mind to have you here." Kara said.

"I'm fortunate that she includes me in her plans. I get to explore new parts of the world as a part of my job."

"That's wonderful." Kara couldn't help but wonder when she might see Lena.

Kiko seemed to read her mind. "So, Ms. Luthor has arranged for you to stay in a fabulous hotel! Unfortunately, the remaining suites in her hotel were full. But your hotel will not be far from hers."

"She really didn't need to put me in a suite." Kara said quietly as she watched with wide eyes out the car windows, taking in the new sights around her.

"Ms. Luthor was very clear that she wants you to experience the best the city has to offer." Kiko said with an enthusiastic smile. "I have many ideas for you for you, places to explore, including fabulous restaurants. Ms. Luthor told me that food was very important to you."

"Sounds amazing..." Kara said, but unable to resist a yawn.

"We can talk about it tomorrow. I'm sure you must be tired after that long flight." Kiko said with an understanding smile. "We will arrive at your hotel very soon so you can rest. If you aren't too tired, Ms. Luthor would like you to join her for dinner tonight."

"I won't be too tired!" Kara exclaimed.

Kiko giggled. "I'm sure she'll be pleased."

"Kiko, you look so familiar. Is there any chance that we've met before?"

"I don't believe so. Ms. Luthor said you've never been to Japan. And I haven't spent much time in America. And mostly only in Gotham City."

"I see."

"However, you may have seen me in an American television program." Kiko added.

"Hmmm...I don't watch a lot of TV. Which show?"

"Here it is translated as 'Homosexual Makeover'."


"Yes. It's a program depicting reality. Many things - Fashion, Decorating, Cuisine, Culture...It is for nice people who need some help."

"Kiko, were you on 'Queer Eye'?!"

"Yes. Exactly."

"Wow! That's one of my favorite shows!"

"I actually haven't watched the season that I appear in. It makes me very nervous."

"Well, you did a wonderful job taking care of the Fab 5! And I loved their season in Japan - I think I watched all of them in two days!"

"That's very kind of you to say. I promise to take good care of you too."

Wow, Lena has got some sway. Kara thought and settled back into her seat.

She was excited about her realization, but also feeling jetlag from the time change creeping in. It was a long ride from the airport to the heart of the city where they were staying. Kara had nodded off by the time they arrived and Kiko woke her gently.

Once she stepped out of the car everything was taken care of by very efficient and polite hotel staff. In a short time she was in her room with her luggage. Inside the room Kiko was giving what seemed to be endless instructions to the staff. Kara couldn't understand a word, but eventually Kiko turned towards her.

"Everything has been arranged. Here is a phone for you to use while you're here. My number and the driver's number are already programmed, along with the concierge desk and Ms. Luthor's local number. Don't hesitate to call if you need anything." Kiko said as she quickly showed Kara the contacts and handed over the phone.

"For dinner please meet the driver outside this evening at 7:30. If you decide you are too tired for dinner you can just send a text."

"I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

"I'm so glad. Tomorrow when you wake up please call me and we can talk about a plan for exploring the city."

"Wonderful. Thank you for everything, Kiko."

"It's my pleasure." Kiko said, waving as she left. "I hope you have a lovely evening."

When at last Kiko disappeared, Kara was free to explore her opulent suite. It seemed to go on and on, with gorgeous design and details. One wall was entirely glass with a fantastic view of the city. Her mind flashed to the memory of Lena's apartment, remembering Lena's deep voice saying she wanted to fuck her against the glass. She remembered the feeling of Lena gripping her hair, pushing her to look out over the city as she took her from behind.

Fuck me. Kara shuddered at the thought. She realized her subconscious was keyed in to the realization she would soon be seeing Lena. She pushed the memory aside and continued her exploration of the suite.

In the next room she smiled as she entered a palatial bathroom which included a large jacuzzi. She decided that was exactly what she needed to help with her jetlag and intense urges.

After a long soak she set an alarm so she wouldn't miss dinner and climbed under sheets so soft, the softest she'd felt since...well, since she'd been in Lena's bed. The thought of her bed, and that she would see Lena in a couple of hours caused shivers of excitement down her spine.

"Go to sleep, Danvers." She told herself and tried to calm her racing heart.


Once her alarm went off Kara took her time getting dressed and fretted a bit over what to wear. She had no idea what type of place they were going, but knew Lena was working and didn't want to disturb her to ask. In the end she wore a casual dress that people always said brought out her eyes.

As Vaz opened the door for her, Kara peered inside a bit expectantly, but saw it was empty.

"Ms. Luthor sends her apologies. Her meeting ran late so she will meet you at the restaurant."

"No problem. Thank you for picking me up."

"My pleasure, ma'am." Vaz said with genuine warmth. "If you don't mind my saying, Ms. Luthor is very excited to have you here."

"I'm very excited as well." Kara could feel her nerves increasing as they reached the restaurant and Vaz offered her a hand so she could climb more gracefully out of the back seat in her heels. Once inside the maitre 'd made quite a show of immediately taking Kara to a special table they were holding for her. She looked around at the extravagent restaurant and felt relieved that she hadn't dressed too casually. As she looked around she also realized how much she stood out with her blonde hair in a sea of dark heads. They must have known who she was immediately.

"I hope you enjoy your meal. Your server will be with you right away." The host bowed and stepped away.

Kara looked over the menu and noticed that many of the offerings were things she had never eaten before, and also that there were no prices listed.

If you have to ask, you can't afford it. Kara mused to herself. She ordered a glass of wine and waited in excitement.

About 15 minutes later Kara watched as Lena breezed in to the restaurant. She saw the maitre 'd manuever around waiting guests to greet Lena and lead her to the table.

Kara caught her breath as Lena turned and walked towards her. She wore a tailored suit and heels, and, as usual, she was devastating. Kara stood to greet her and longed to wrap Lena up in a hug and give her a long, deep kiss, but she felt awkward. Lena seemed to feel the same as she hesitated, then leaned forward to give Kara a quick kiss on the cheek before sitting down. Just the brush of Lena's lips caused Kara's heart to race.

"Sorry for being late." Lena said with an apologetic smile. "Work was..."

"No apology needed. It's wonderful to see you, Lena." Kara interrupted. She started to move her hand accross the table to grip Lena's, then pulled back.

"I'm so glad you've come." Lena said, wistfully.

"I can hardly believe I'm here..." Kara said, sounding amazed. "The suite is absolutely fabulous! I've never seen anything like it."

"I'm glad. I'm hoping you have a relaxing, luxurious vacation here. That you truly get a way from it all and get the escape you deserve."

"Thank you, Lena. I want you to know, I'm doing really well. I haven't felt In a very long time."

"You deserve it. You've worked so hard to put the past behind you. And to protect other omegas. I'm so impressed, Kara."

"Thanks. And thanks for your understanding and patience. You've been such a good friend to me." At that Kara did reach across to squeeze Lena's hand. Kara felt electricity passing through her at the touch.

Lena squeezed Kara's hand briefly and then retrieved it to reach for the menu.

"So, shall we order?"

"Absolutely! Everything sounds wonderful, so many things I've never tried."

"Shall I order for us?"

"Yes, please." Kara said, then gulped at her words and their unintentional sexual connotation. She noticed Lena's chest rise as she inhaled sharply but kept her eyes on her menu.

The server came to their table and Kara watched in amazement as Lena ordered easily in Japanese. Lena asked Kara a few questions about her preferences as she ordered and the server left with a bow.

"Wow! Lena, that was - wow! I didn't know you spoke Japanese..."

"Along with several other languages." Lena smiled. "It does come in handy in negotiations. And sometimes, when I'm feeling mischievous and meeting new business partners, I don't let them know right away that I'm fluent. You'd be surprised what people will say right in front of you when they assume you don't understand them."

"It's kind of like a secret super power." Kara laughed. "Must be nice, being a genius."

"Ha, well, don't believe everything you read." Lena said, cynically. "Especially everything you read about me."

"Well, clearly you are a genius." Kara said smiling. "You mean the stories about your...personal life?"

"Actually, I was referring to some of the more ridiculous stories about my family." Lena paused. "The truth is...many of the stories about my social life... are probably true. I admit I've Maybe that's worrisome for you.""

"That's really no one's business. It must be so hard being in the spotlight all the time. Not being able to just live your life as you see fit."

"For many years it really upset me. Sometimes I would get so furious...The paparazzi really have no decency when it come to respect for people's privacy. I hope the same thing doesn't happen to you, Kara. But you should remember that no matter where you are or what you're doing, you are famous now. And people can make money by getting a photo of you. It doesn't even matter what you're doing. Hell, I've seen a front page tabloid photo of me picking up a coffee without wearing any makeup!"

Kara laughed and changed the subject to something that had been on her mind for a long time.

"Lena, there's something I wanted to talk to you about. I just really wanted to...apologize for those times that I acted jealous and insecure about...well, you with being with other women. First of all, I had no right, and second, you never gave me any reason to feel that way. I didn't realize how much baggage I had from my relationship with..." Kara didn't want to say Mikel's name in that moment. "My last relationship."

"It's OK, Kara. I know I have quite a reputation as a player, through the years. Honestly, some of it is earned. But, I've already told you, I want something different with you. I want us to have a real chance for something lasting."

"I want that too, Lena. And all that negative media coverage about you, it's just complete bullshit. If you were a man you would have been admired for being with so many beautiful women. There's nothing wrong with playing the field as long as you're being honest with people. It's a double standard!" Kara said, getting worked up.

Lena laughed. "I should have had you on my P.R. team."

"I do want to be on your team. I want to be a support to you, just the way you've supported me. These past weeks have been so much about me, working through my past and confronting it. But I want to be a true friend to you as well. To support you however I can."

Lena smiled. "I'd like that, Kara." Lena smiled. "And actually, our friendship is something I wanted to talk to you about..."

The server arrived with appetizers. Kara's eyes went wide with excitement. Lena explained what everything was and Kara forced herself to eat slowly and savor all the wonderful food.

"So, what did you want to talk about?" Kara asked after she'd tried everything.

"It's just that...I'm so happy that we've reached this place, Kara. Where we're free to explore a relationship...without having rules about what it can be..."

"I just want to say...I'm sorry about all that. About always insisting we couldn't date and never giving you a chance..."

"It's OK, Kara. You're allowed to have casual sex and not want a relationship. You were always very honest about that. All I'm saying is that...I'm glad that you changed your mind and that we're here together now."

"That was because of you, Lena. Because you were so...good. So understanding, and caring, always looking out for me. I could see that I was wrong about alphas because of knowing you. And I can't wait to get to know you better."

"Me too, Kara. I can't wait to know you more." Kara reached across the table towards Lena's hand, but Lena reached for her wine glass and took a long sip.

"I think I'm sensing a 'but' coming..." Kara said, looking a bit confused about Lena pulling away.

"It's not really a 'but'. More of an 'and'." Lena said, taking a deep breath. Kara felt her heart stop in her chest and waited for the next shoe to drop. Had she put Lena through too much? Maybe she had changed her mind and decided only friendship was best.

"It's just that, every time we get near each other, it seems like we end up having sex. I'm obviously extremely attracted to you. And sex with's really beyond anything I've experienced with other people..."

"For me too, Lena. Sex with so phenomenal...almost indescribable..."

"OK, so this is getting a bit off track from my objective..." Kara could see Lena's chest moving as her breathing was coming more rapidly.

"I'm sorry, what did you want to say?"

"I want to ask that we...I know this may sound ridiculous...but I'd like for us to try to go slow."

Kara's eyes went wide in surprise. "Wow, I...was not expecting that."

"Don't take it the wrong way. It's not that I have any doubts about pursuing a relationship. I just want to make sure that you're sure as well."

"I understand. Last time we tried this I almost immediately...put us on hold again. It's completely understandable if you're feeling gun shy about starting a relationship with me..."

"Maybe a little. I think that is part of it. I really want to make sure're sure...before we dive back in..."

"Of course. I know it may be hard to trust me after last time. But I can tell you that...I really want us to have a chance. And after all the work I've done, I know I'm ready. I'm going to do whatever I can to prove myself to you."

Lena smiled thoughtfully. "I'm really glad to hear that, Kara. Besides that, I just want us to get to know each other, to spend time together. You're a fantastic person, Kara. And I love spending time with you. And I just want to do that without the pressure of sex. Because that demand can become so strong that it can be distracting. I just thought we might try, taking that off the table. Just while we're in Japan."

"Of course, Lena. We can do anything you want at any speed you want. I'm just so excited to be here and be able to spend some time with you. And no pressure about that either. I understand you're going to need to work most of the time. You do what you need to do."

"Thanks for understanding. Also, if I'm at work and thinking of what we could be doing back at the hotel, it's going to be hard for me to stay focused and do what I need to do here." Lena said with a knowing smile.

Kara laughed. "OK, it's a deal - no sex while we're in Japan!" She held out her hand to shake. As Lena squeezed her hand Kara couldn't help but groan inwardly at the feeling of her skin, and the realization that she wasn't going to get to touch nearly as much of it as she had imagined on this trip.


"You drive a hard bargain, Ms. Luthor. I can see why you are so successful." Kara teased.

"The truth is, one has been such a danger to my business acumen before. You are truly an irresistible distraction." Lena teased back.

Kara laughed and then got serious. "Lena, I just want to say, going forward I only want to be a good force in your life. I hate that I caused you any frustration or even pain. I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me."

"I appreciate that, Kara. Truly there's nothing to forgive. You were always honest with me. Even when you decided we could move forward but realized you had things to deal with, you told me right away. Let's put it behind us, yes?"


Just then their main course arrived and Lena explained each of the dishes. Kara could see her excitement in sharing the new cuisine with her.

As they ate they talked about Lena's work at the Tokyo office, some about what had happened and what she needed to do. They talked and laughed a lot about Kara's arrival and all the discoveries she'd made in her short time in the country. How she couldn't believe she was going to be spending time with Kiko Mizohura, who'd been on one of her favorite shows. The whole thing felt like a dream.

"Thanks for bringing me here. I'm going to have the time of my life. Being able to see you now and then when you have the time is just icing on the cake."

"Icing, huh? Not sure how I should take that..." Lena chuckled.

"Very delicious icing! Rainbow icing, with sprinkles on top."

Lena smiled and sighed. "I have to say, just being near you makes everything better. All the awfulness at work right now...doesn't matter. Knowing I'll get to see you in the evenings makes all the bullshit easier to tolerate."

"Aww, really do know how to make a girl feel special." Kara laughed.

"You are special, Kara. And I'm going to make sure you know that."

"Well, you are pretty special yourself. I hope you know that." Kara said. "Um, Lena?"


"Are we allowed to hold hands?"

Lena laughed out loud. "Of course."

Kara reached across the table and Lena twinned their fingers together. Kara felt the charge go through her again. It had been so long since they'd touched. Even though she craved more, she knew Lena had the right approach and felt good about it. Looking across the table at the gorgeous, sensitive alpha and thinking about all the fun in store, she felt like the luckiest woman in the world.

As they exited the restaurant they found a group of young women standing outside the restaurant, giggling excitedly.

"Kara Danvers!" Kara heard one of them say as they talked excitedly among themselves in Japanese.

"It seems you have fans half way around the world!" Lena exclaimed. "They're discussing whether it's OK to ask you for an autograph."

"It's fine with me, as long as you don't mind."

"Of course not." Lena spoke to them in Japanese and they squealed with excitement as they dug out various things for her to sign. Kara smiled graciously and asked them some simple questions as she signed. Afterwards she and Lena got into the car and pulled away.

"OK, that was kinda fun." Kara said, watching out the back window at the group smiling and waving.

"As I said, you're famous now. People are going to recognize you everywhere. It can be fun, but there will probably be times when you just want to be left alone. Knowing you, I'm sure you will handle it with charm. Just remember, it's OK to want some privacy and say 'no' when you need a break."

As they drove Kara insisted that Vaz take Lena to her hotel first before dropping her off. After all, she had a full day of work ahead while Kara was on vacation.

"Can I walk you to your room? I promise not to try anything." Kara said with a twinkle in her eye.

Kara followed Lena to the elevator. Once inside she maintained a good distance. Of course Lena was in the penthouse so it was a long ride. As the elevator became thick with Lena's scent Kara couldn't help but think of their last elevator ride together when she was nearly caught with Lena's cock down her throat. She closed her eyes and tried to think pure thoughts. When she opened her eyes again she found Lena looking right at her, with anything but a friendly expression.

This is not going to be easy. Kara thought to herself. THe elevator dinged and the doors started to open. Thank god, saved be the bell.

Lena smiled a knowing smile and led the way towards her room.

"Thanks for a lovely evening, Ms. Luthor." Kara grinned as they came to a stop in front of her door.

"It was a pleasure. Ms. Danvers. Dinner tomorrow night?"

"That would be wonderful. Just do what you need to do, no pressure about the time. Text me whenever your free, even if it's late."

Lena smiled. "I'm looking forward to it."

"May I kiss you goodnight?" Kara asked.

Lena hesitated for a moment and eyed Kara closely before speaking up. "I'd like that."

Kara leaned forward to brush Lena's lips chastely. Despite the shortness of the kiss, Kara felt it all the way through her. But she was careful to hold herself back, and not give in to her urge to press close to Lena, to take her in her arms. She took a step back to create space between them, to try to calm her racing heart and her body's response to Lena's scent. Kara knew her scent was also sending strong signals.

"Well, good luck storming the castle tomorrow!" She smiled at Lena apologetically.

Lena smiled at the movie reference. "I hope you enjoy your day in the city."

"Oh, I'm sure I will." Kara said, taking another step back. "Goodnight, Lena. Sweet dreams."

Lena turned to let herself in to her room. "Sweet dreams, Kara."

Kara watched her disappear, then turned and practically skipped to the elevator. Despite her desire for more, she was elated about their date and that she would get the chance to romance Lena.

The next day she had an absolute blast seeing the sights of the city with Kiko, eating delicious and exciting new foods, and laughing a lot together. Even Vaz eventually started getting into the fun and let down some of their strict professional exterior. Here and there around the city Kara would run into fans and was always gracious, providing autographs and even allowing pictures.

Kiko helped her arrange for flowers to be sent to Lena at her office. Later in the afternoon she got a text.

L: Thank you for the flowers. How did you know plumerias were my favorite?

K: Lucky guess. Glad you like them.

L: I should be free by 8:00 for dinner.

K: Whenever you're ready. I'm your beck-and-call girl.

L: Another cheesy 80s movie reference?

K: Technically 90s.

L: Ha! I can see what I'm up against.

Kara resisted the urge to text an innuendo about Lena being up against something and what she would like to do to her. This was going to be harder than she thought. As much as she tried to keep things light with Lena, she couldn't help where her mind and body would go. But Kara was more than willing to put in whatever effort was needed until Lena was ready for more.

K: OK, I promise no more movie quotes.

L: I didn't say I didn't like them. I don't want you to stop.

Kara gulped again at her body's response to the text, but again ignored the urge to text something suggestive.

K: As you wish :)

That night they had another amazing dinner. They talked about their lives but stayed away from heavy topics, just getting to know each other better. Kara stuffed herself and tried to make Lena laugh and help her relax.

"Vaz tells me you are quite the celebrity around town." Lena teased.

"Ha! I suppose." Kara smiled. "The fans here are very polite, it's no big deal. It's been fun, actually."

"You're quite the catch, Kara Danvers."

"Me? What about you, Ms. Luthor?" Kara reached across the table to take her hand. "Brains, beauty. You're so generous and caring...The complete package." Kara gulped at her accidental reference to Lena's 'package'.

"You do say the sweetest things." Lena gave her a self-deprecating smile.

"I mean it, Lena. You take my breath away." Kara said. "I feel like the luckiest woman in the world being here with you."

"I never realized how cheesy you are, Ms. Danvers." Lena said, deflecting.

"Doesn't mean it isn't true." Kara said, twinning their fingers together.

The two women talked and laughed through several courses until they couldn't eat another bite. After dinner Kara again saw Lena to her room. And once again she could feel her body responding to Lena. She longed to be close to her. To nestle into Lena's neck and breath deeply of her scent. Lena's eyes and scent told her she wanted more and Kara was having a hard time ignoring it.

"Well, I should go." Kara offered, lifting Lena's hand to her lips and kissing it gently. "Thanks for another wonderful evening."

"It was my pleasure." Lena said with a smirk.

Kara swallowed her urge to say something about giving Lena more pleasure. Her mind flashed to an image of herself going down on her knees in front of Lena, of reaching for her cock to free it. She closed her eyes against the memory of having Lena's cock in her mouth, which was flooding her brain.

"Will I see you tomorrow?" Kara asked, taking a deep breath and taking a step back.

"Of course. I'll text you about dinner."

"I can't wait." She said, smiling and taking another step back. "Sleep well, Ms. Luthor."

"You too, Ms. Danvers." Lena winked and turned towards her room. Once again Kara skipped to the elevator. She couldn't help the giddy smile on her face when she collapsed into the back of the car.

"Did you enjoy your evening, Ms. Danvers?" Vaz smiled at her in the review mirror.

"Stop it, Vaz. I told you to call me Kara."

"Kara then. Same question."

"Yes. Of course I did. I was with the most charming, beautiful, and kind woman I've ever met."

"Don't forget richest."

"Vaz!" Kara said with surprise. "That's not why about her."

"Sorry. I didn't mean anything by that."

"It's OK. I'm glad you're talking to me like I'm a real person. I'd love for us to be friends."

Vaz got quiet.

"Sorry, I...sorry if that was out of line."

"No! I was just...surprised. None of Ms. Luthor's...friends...has ever..."

"Well, I'm really hoping to be a different kind of friend to her. Can I tell you a secret? You have to promise not to say anything to Lena."

"I don't talk about anything that's done or said while I'm driving. That would be terribly unprofessional."

"I can see that you take pride in your work. Lena's lucky to have you."

"I feel very lucky to work for her."

"Well, I haven't been able to talk to my sister because of her schedule and the time change. But the truth is...I'm falling in love with Lena. I just wanted to tell someone."

"That's wonderful, Kara."

"I thought I would tell her on this trip...but, she wants to take things slow. And that would be kind of the opposite of slow."

"Yes, probably best to wait."

"I'll wait as long as it takes for her to be ready. I hope she can trust me."

"Well, driving all these years, I've seen a lot. Met a lot of people. And I can see that you are a good-hearted person. And I can see how much Lena cares about you. I really hope things work out for you two. I think you could make her happy."

"Is that your professional opinion?"

"No one knows people better than their driver."

"I hope you're right, Vaz. Because that's what I want more than anything. To make her happy."

During the rest of Kara's time in Japan she fell into a pattern. Kara would go out with Kiko during the day while Lena worked. Kiko and Vaz would scheme with her to come up with something to send Lena at work, usually some kind of exotic fruit or candy. Kara loved how stores would always take great care with the wrapping and presentation, making everything extra special. One day they found a square watermelon and knew immediately that should be the gift for the day. Of course, Kara got a text as soon as she received it.

L: Kara, a square watermelon, really?

K: For the woman who has everything.

L: You're too much.

K: Did you smile when you opened it?

L: Yes.

K: Well, that's all I wanted.

L: Very cheesy.

K: You love it.

L: Maybe. See you tonight?

K: Wouldn't miss it for the world.

L: Cheesy.

Kara smiled at her phone. Kiko and Vaz began to tease her about her lovestruck expression.

"OK, OK, I admit it! I'm crazy about her. Everything about her is just...perfect."

That night after another fantastic dinner the women again found themselves outside Lena's door. Once again she resisted her bodies urges to wrap Lena up and pull her close. It seemed so wrong to have her so near and just turn to go. She forced herself to take a step back to send a strong signal to her body to calm down.

"No kiss goodnight?" Lena asked with a mischievous look.

Kara's heart jumped as she immediately leaned forward for a brief kiss, but was surprised when Lena's hand caught the back of her neck, keeping her from pulling away. Kara froze as Lena began to deepen the kiss. She forced her hands to stay at her sides as Lena's other arm moved around her back.

Lena stopped to take a breath. "Don't you want to touch me?"

"Yes! More than anything..." Kara let her arms slide around Lena's waist and moved closer, not quite bringing their bodies together as Lena moved to deepen their kiss. Kara felt their breathing rates accelerate. Kara reveled in being surrounded by Lena's scent.

"You smell so good..." Kara husked when they parted to catch their breath.

"You too." Lena said, but Kara could see she was conflicted. Lena moved in for a quick kiss. "I should go, before..."

"Yes, OK." Kara said, swallowing her disappointment. Her body was screaming at her for more, but instead of pushing in Kara stepped back.

"You're being so good, Kara, and I can see you're struggling." Lena said, also looking disappointed "I want you to know, it's not easy for me either, you know. I want you too. But I also want to be careful."

"I completely understand Lena, no need to explain. Will I see you tomorrow night?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world..." Lena smiled.

"Now who's being cheesy?" Kara said, watching Lena let herself in. "Sweet dreams, Lena."

"'Night Kara."

After a week in Tokyo Kara had become accustomed to coming back to her suite and taking a long, cold shower, followed by a long soak in the tub. She stayed up late watching movies and then slept in the next day. When she woke up and ordered a large breakfast and ate in bed and relaxed until her 10:00 session with a world-class trainer who Lena had arranged to come everyday to work with her at the hotel, which also had a very impressive workout facility.

After training she showered she hit the town with Kiko and Vaz, who she started referring to as her 'Tokyo Crew'. Then she got to spend her evenings stuffing herself in Tokyo's best restaurants with the woman of her dreams. She had never felt so pampered and relaxed in her adult life.

Each day she felt the thrill of being near Lena along with the torture of not being allowed to be with her. Their 'goodnights' had gradually evolved from a quick peck on the lips to intense make out sessions against Lena's hotel door until eventually Lena would shift back a bit and Kara would force herself to stop, having once again fallen prey to the hope that Lena might change her mind and invite her in.

After her eighth night forcing herself away from Lena she plopped down in the back of the car so heavily that Vaz couldn't help but noticed.

"Rough night, Kara?"

"I wish..."

"Ha! I see how it is." Vaz chuckled. "I must say you do look a bit more red and breathless than usual."

"She's torturing me, Vaz. I'm sure of it!" Kara dropped her head into her hands.

"I'm sure she's doing what she thinks is best."

"I know, I know. I'm sure you're right, it's just that..." Kara moaned. "God, I want her so badly."

"She just needs time to trust you. I'm sure she'll get there."

"I'm sorry, I...shouldn't say these things out loud. But I know I can trust you."

"Yes, you can."

"And she can have all the time in the world. I just...sometimes it's difficult being so near her. There are so many things I want to say to her. So many things I want to do..."

"All in good time." Vaz offered.

"Thanks for the 'backseat therapy'." Kara chuckled.

"I'm happy to listen anytime you want to talk."

"Thanks, Vaz. You're a good friend."

Vaz looked at Kara for several moments in the rearview mirror, then turned her eyes back to the road and stayed quiet for the rest of the short ride as she navigated the city.


Kara set her alarm to wake up early the next morning. She would be leaving Tokyo in three days and wanted to make the most of her remaining time. The plan was that she return home on Saturday so that her body could re-adjust to the time change so that she would be mostly functional by Monday, the day of her first practice with the World Cup team. Lena was working extra hard, hoping to be wrapped up and ready to return at the same time. In the end she was able to make it and arranged for them both to fly back on the L-Corp jet early in the morning.

That Saturday morning Kara hated saying good-bye to Kiko. She would miss her sunny smile and friendship. They promised to keep in touch and try to meet the next time Kiko traveled to the US. Vaz also said her good-byes to Kiko as she was joining them on the return flight. It almost felt like they were saying good-bye after a long summer camp. They had spent so much time together, had grown to care about each other, and would genuinely miss their time together.

After boarding the plane Lena and Kara sat opposite each other in the large chairs near the cockpit. Lena reached out to squeeze Kara's hand.

"Are you OK? You look like you were crying?"

"Yes, I...I will miss my 'Tokyo Crew'. Kara wiped a tear with her other hand. "And I'm feeling especially emotional today. I guess it's the end of this wonderful trip and going back to the real world.

"I'm glad you enjoyed your time with them. I'm sorry we couldn't spend more together."

"What? Don't apologize for doing your job. I'm just so happy we're able to travel back together. Thanks for the trip of a lifetime, Lena."

"It was my pleasure. I really enjoyed having you here."

"Well, technically you didn't really have me while I was here..."

"Kara!" Lena laughed at her boldness. "What's got into you today? You've been being so careful what you say around me. Which you don't have to, you know."

A crew member appeared and served drinks they had ordered as the came aboard. Kara picked up her champagne and took a gulp. She was feeling unsettled and needed to calm her nerves. Subconsciously she was thinking of the intense experiences they'd had together on planes in the past.

"I just want to respect your wishes that we take it slow." Kara said, taking another long sip. Moments later the same crew member stopped by to top off her glass.

"We're ready for take-off and should begin departure in 12 minutes. Is there anything I can bring you before we leave?"

Lena looked at Kara, who shook her head. "No thank you, Mona, we're all set."

"I'll be back to check on you after take-off."

Kara watched as she disappeared and took another sip. "This champagne is delicious..."

"I'm glad you like it." Lena said, taking her first sip. "Listen, Kara, when I asked that we take it slow I didn't mean you shouldn't talk about your feelings. I would never want you to feel like you shouldn't. You've been through enough of that, don't you think?"

Kara got quiet.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up difficult topics."

"No, no, you're right. And now that I've put that behind me I don't want to be afraid of talking about my feelings. The truth is, if I wasn't being careful...I would tell you how I feel about you. How I've been feeling about you..."

Lena took another sip of her champagne and remained quiet.

"What I mean is...even before I came to Tokyo, I already knew I was...falling for you. And now after 10 days here, seeing you every night, learning about your life, your amazing work, your...dreams...I can feel myself falling even harder..."


"Wait, let me finish. I just want...Lena, I want to do whatever it takes to be with you. And I'm not saying that to pressure you. Not at all. There's no rush. I just wanted to you to know." Kara sighed, concerned how Lena might react but, more than that, relieved to have it off her chest. She didn't know what was coming over her. After 10 days of being careful about what she said, she felt like she couldn't stop herself from talking.

Lena leaned forward to put her hand on Kara's knee, which was bouncing nervously. "Relax, Kara. Since we've met I've wanted a chance with you. I've told you how much. That hasn't changed just because I want us to go slow."

Kara covered Lena's hand with hers. "I'm so glad."

"The truth is I'm really excited to get back to our normal lives and start figuring this thing out. I've wanted this for a long time."

Just then they felt the plane starting to roll, moving into position on the runway. They both sat back and put on their belts as the pilot announced the reminder.

After the plane leveled off they were served a wonderful dinner and drank lots of wine. After all the dishes were cleared Kara could feel her eyes drooping. The excitement of the day, the alcohol, and the food were making her sleepy.

Lena noticed and smiled. "Why don't you put your seat flat and take a nap? We've got a long flight ahead."

Lena helped her position her seat and Kara fell asleep right away. When she woke hours later it was completely dark and it took her a while to remember where she was.

As she sat up and looked around she realized she was drenched in sweat. She felt her forehead and realized her body temperature was high.

Oh, fuck! Of course, that's why I'm feeling so emotional and verbal. All this time with Lena and now in this small space with her scent - of course I'm triggered!

Kara released her seatbelt and turned on her overhead light. This time she had learned her lesson and had come prepared with emergency blockers. As she stood to find her bag she noticed Lena was awake and watching her closely.

"Lena, you're awake!"

"How are you feeling, Kara?" Lena said huskily. Kara noticed her eyes were narrowed and dark.

"Actually've triggered my heat. But it's OK! It's just starting, and I have some blockers so there's nothing to worry about. After I take these maybe I should go lay down in the crew cabin. The pills will knock me out pretty well, and it will take effect more easily if I'm not so close to you."


"No? You mean the crew is using the cabin?"

"No. I mean I don't want you to take those blockers."

Lena stood and held out her hand to Kara who took it with a confused look on her face. Kara led her down the aisle back the the crew cabin and knocked on the door. When there was no answer she opened the door and pulled Kara inside.

Kara closed her eyes against the onslaught of alpha hormones in the tight space. She breathed deeply as she could feel her heat taking a stronger hold.

"Lena, I should really take them will only be harder if I wait..."

Lena pushed her roughly against the wall of the cabin. "It already is harder." She said darkly. Reaching for Kara's hand she moved it down to her pants, where she was already starting to bulge.

"Oh god, Lena..." Kara gasped, her breaths were coming rapidly.

"You've triggered me, too, Kara..."

"But I thought...we were going slow..." She couldn't help but wrap her hand around her growing shaft.

"Fuck going slow..." Lena growled out. "I want you, Kara. Now. Here. It's like you said last time, this is my plane. I should be able to do what I want on it."

"Lena...are you sure? I don't want you to regret this later."

"What's wrong, Kara?" Lena husked into her ear. "Don't you want me to fuck you?"

"Yes! Oh god yes..." Kara whined. At that Lena lunged forward, capturing her lips and pressing her body tightly against the wall.

Their mouths came together roughly, all tongues and teeth as they couldn't get enough of each other. Eventually Kara turned her head to catch her breath and Lena began to work her way down her neck.

"I've wanted this for so long...It's been torture not being able to touch you..."

"You've been so good, Kara. And now you're going to get a reward."

"Lena, wait...Stop."

Lena froze, trying to calm her breath. "What is it, Kara?" She asked in a wary tone.

"Is there a way to lock the door? Last time we were here..."

"Right, I remember. An unfortunate experience for Sara Lance."

"Well, knowing Coach, I doubt she thought of it as unfortunate..."

"Ha! Well, anyway, good thinking." Lena cut her off, seeming in a rush to get back to what they were doing. "Sit down on the bed and I'll secure the door."

Kara plopped down, thankful for the support as her knees were feeling wobbly with the excitement.

"It's been a while, Kara. I want to make sure you're ready for my cock...Take your pants off for me." Lena directed her.

Kara managed to get her pants off faster than she had her whole life. As she tossed them out of the way she turned to find Lena kneeling before her.

"I know one way to find out." Lena's eyes were predatory as she licked her lips and pushed Kara's knees apart.

Kara closed her eyes and fought keep from calling out as she felt Lena's tongue at her center.