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Supercorp Mile High Club

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As soon as Kara closed the door Alex marched back into the room.

"So, let me see if I have this straight. You're telling me Lena Luthor was the alpha on the plane? And now she's invested heavily in the team....and now you're…dating?"

"Well, I wasn't telling you just sort of...guessed..."

"Kara! Don't dodge my question."

"OK, yes, she was the alpha I was with on the plane. And yes, she did just finalize a 10-year deal with the team. But no, we are not dating! We're just getting to know each other as friends..."

"Right! Well, it looked very friendly when I walked in. And it smelled friendly, too. Kara. Can't you see this is a phenomenally bad idea? What if something goes wrong, if she gets upset with you? You don't know her at all! Don't you see how much power she has over the team? And in turn, over you?"

"It's not like that, Alex. And anyway, she already told me the deal is final, and there's nothing I can do to mess it up."

"You're so naive, Kara! You don't think the team won't want to keep her happy?"

"She's not like that. She's really...different... Alex, you weren't there. She really...took care of me on the plane. She was really worried about what might happen to my career. She's not trying to take advantage of, or pressure me, in anyway. You saw how quickly she left when you got upset. Is that typical alpha behavior? You haven't had a chance to get to know her. She respects my decision to not date alphas. We're just friends! I promise."

The two women were still standing, facing off in the foyer. Alex was becoming more exasperated, animatedly waving her arms while Kara wished she could just shrink and get past her to go to bed.

"I know you're telling yourself that, but I saw your face when she said she was leaving. You looked completely crushed! You're lying to yourself, Kara if you think that's all you want from her."

"Alex, I..."

"Listen, I've never been a fan of your 'no dating alphas' rule. I know you've had bad experiences and I understand why you decided that, but I don't think it's fair to just knock out such a big part of the population. But that was your decision, and I respect it. And if that's your decision, do you really think spending time with Lena, potentially leading her on, is really the best idea? And what about your training? I can imagine having a person like Lena Luthor in your life would be very...distracting. You have a lot on the line right now, Kara."

"I know that, Alex. That's why I'm not dating her! You're right, I am attracted to her. But I don't have to act on that." Kara gulped, realizing she just set herself up.

"Sure, that's why you had sex with her on a plane, because you didn't need to act on your feelings!"

"That was different! I was triggered and trapped next to her for 10 hours! I just..." Kara realized how weak her explanation sounded and stopped.

"She clearly has quite an effect on you." Alex said. "Listen, it's your decision, obviously. I just...worry. I only want what's best for you. Are you sure pursuing a friendship with Lena Luthor is the right thing for you right now?"

"I don't know. No, that's not true. I actually know it's probably a terrible idea. I'm not that naive! But I can't help it, I just really want to spend more time with her. So I thought if we could get to know each other as friends it would be a good compromise."

"I'm sorry, Kara. I just don't see any good coming of it. But you're a big girl. I know I act like I've forgotten that sometimes. I only want to protect you, and help you protect the career you've worked so hard for."

"I know that, Alex. And I appreciate it. But I have to do what I feel works for me. And if I think about just, not spending time with her again...well, it doesn't feel very good."

"Yep, that sounds like a nice, casual friendship to me." Alex said. Kara looked at her with a distraught expression.

"I'm sorry. It's gonna be OK, Kara." Alex's voice started to calm and she pulled Kara into a hug. "You'll figure it out."

"Thanks, Alex. I appreciate you looking out for me." Kara said, squeezing her tightly. "I love you."

"Love you too, sis. Always."


Kara decided she wouldn't try to contact Lena but would let some time pass, thinking maybe it would get easier to not think about her. Subconsciously she assumed Lena would contact her anyway, but when she didn't hear anything for several days, she eventually gave in. She was worried Lena was upset about the way their evening ended and decided she should apologize. Lena picked up right away.

"Hello, Kara." She said, a bit breathlessly.

"Lena, hi." Kara said. "I'm...sorry to bother you..."

"You're not a bother, Kara. What can I do for you?"

"Well, I was just... worried you might have been upset about the way things ended the other night. I'm sorry about the way Alex acted. She's very...protective..."

"No, I wasn't upset. Alex's concern is perfectly understandable. I'd feel the same way in her place. I know she thinks I took advantage of you, and of course she's worried about the big sponsorship deal, and what kind of position that would put you in if we started...spending time together."

"Yes, exactly. But I've told her that was not at all what happened. That you aren't like that. You aren't like other alphas I've been with..."

"I'm glad to hear that you can see that, Kara. But I'm sure that's hard for her to believe after what happened between us..."

"Yeah, I know. And I'm sorry if she upset you. But she agrees that it's my decision who I spend time with. And...well, I was just wondering if you would want to hang out again sometime? I really had a nice time with you, and I feel bad that the night ended on such a sour note."

"I enjoyed it very much too, Kara. And I would love to see you again. It's just that after our...not date...I's just extremely difficult for me to spend time with you and not have thoughts that are...more than friendship. I'm sorry, Kara. Spending time with you only makes me want you more - I see that now. And knowing how...fantastic it feels to touch you. To be with you...just makes it that much harder. I'm just not that strong. If I'm being completely honest with you...after I saw you that night...well...I felt very out of control. I reached out to a...friend, because I just needed...well, ultimately I needed something I can't have. Because I can never have you..." Lena voice dropped off.

Kara was speechless for several moments before pulling it together. "I see. I...of course. I understand, Lena. I really appreciate you being honest with me. And I'm sorry I can't...give you what you need." Kara let out a deep sigh as her heart constricted.

"I'm sorry I can't be...strong enough, to be your friend. I so wish I was..." Lena said.

"I understand." Kara said "I guess this is...goodbye."

"I wish it was that simple." Lena sighed. "We will see each other, Kara. L-Corp is your team's biggest sponsor. And as the CEO of L-Corp, I'll be around...for special events, sometimes games. Part of my deal was access to a VIP box where I can bring clients or board members. So we'll see each other now and then. I hope it won't cause you any...concern."

"Of course not! And Lena, I hope you won't feel uncomfortable around me."

"Good luck with the rest of the season, Kara. You're doing a fabulous job." Lena said, conveniently not commenting on how she would feel around Kara.

"Thanks, Lena. And thanks for all you've done for our team."

"It's an honor." Lena said. "Please take care of yourself, Kara."

"You too, Lena. So long."


Of course, Kara did see her before long, but only from a distance. After the deal was announced Lena began attending home games with colleagues. Occasionally Kara would catch a glimpse of her when the sun hit the big windows of the L-Corp VIP box at the right angle, and she happened to be looking that direction. Which she caught herself doing more often than she should. She mostly didn't actually see Lena, but would hear that she was coming to the game, or afterwards would hear that she'd been there from Alex. Alex always heard about it from the head coach, Sara Lance, a good friend and former lover of Alex. It was through Sara that Alex had originally made a connection with the team and gotten the job as team doctor, even before Kara joined the team.

Kara did her best to put all thoughts of Lena out of her mind. A few weeks after their last call, Kara went out with most of the team for drinks after practice on Friday night to relax and have fun together. They didn't have a game until Sunday evening and figured they deserved a break. They laughed and drank until well after midnight.

As her teammates started to clear out, Kara found herself cornered by one of her good friends on the team. She pushed Kara into a dark corner and gave her a hug. Kara took a deep breath, wondering if this was going to be one of the nights when Lucy gave her the 'friends with benefits' spiel. On rare occasions Lucy got very drunk and tried to convince Kara they could just have sex and then act like nothing happened. But Kara valued Lucy's friendship and had a bad experience getting involved with a teammate in the past. She saw it as a risk to team unity, even if they both agreed it would be casual. So Kara always turned her down, even though at times like this she was tempted.

"Lucy, don't start. I'm in no mood..." Kara said as Lucy looped her arms around Kara's neck and moved her hips close.

"I knew it. You're involved with someone!" Lucy slurred slightly. "What's the big secret? Please, share with the class."

"I'm not, Lucy. I promise." Kara said, putting her hands on Lucy's hips and using the grip to keep her from snuggling in too close.

"Come on. You can tell me. You haven't been yourself lately." Lucy said, her breath hot and close against Kara's neck.

"I'm just nervous about the championship. And then...the Cup won't be long after..."

"S' proud of you..." Lucy nuzzled into her neck. Kara thought she could maneuver around her to escape. But Lucy tightened her grip.

"Who is it? You're not still hung up on that asshole Mike are you?"

"Oh god no!" Kara said, feeling slightly nauseous at the thought. "Seriously, Lucy, that was over ages ago."

"Who is it then? I can see you're distracted. I know you, Kara. It's even starting to affect your game..."

"Lucy! That's not true. How can you say that?"

"Kara, it's OK! You're so can get away with it. But I can see a difference..."

"There's no one, Lucy. I's probably nerves about the championship. I just have to get through this season so that I can focus 100%..."

"I know, I know, focus on the Cup..." Laying her head down on Kara's shoulder, Lucy closed her eyes.

"Come on, let's get you out of here." Kara said, shifting Lucy so that she could support her back and lead her away.

"I thought you'd never ask..." Lucy smiled.

"Very funny, Luce."

Kara called a Lyft to take Lucy back to her apartment. When they got there Lucy asked her to stay.

"We've talked about this, Lucy..."

"I don't mean to have sex. Just...stay. I'm just feeling lonely tonight..."

"Fine, but we're just going to sleep, got it?"

"You're the boss, Supergirl." Lucy grinned.

Inside Kara fished out some T-shirts and sleep shorts from Lucy's drawers for both of them while Lucy crashed out on the bed. They changed quickly and climbed under the covers. Lucy immediately spooned Kara from behind.

"Thanks for staying, Kara." Lucy rubbed her nose against the back of Kara's shoulder. "You smell so good..."

"G'night, Lucy." Kara laughed. Lucy was a beta, and it occurred to Kara that she was probably only about 2 weeks out from her next heat. She made a mental note to have Alex order some suppressants for her.


The National City Spirit had a strong finish to their season - strong enough to make it into the championships. After the final game of the season L-Corp hosted a big party, including the other sponsors and various VIPs of National City. It was mandatory for players to attend. They all showered and got dressed up before hopping on the team bus to go across town to the L-Corp skyrise. It was the first time any of them had been to the building, and the excitement on the bus was palpable. When they arrived at the top floor they were not at all disappointed. The place was fully splashed out for the event, with tables of expensive food and an open bar.

Kara and Lucy were both dressed in rather short, fancy cocktail dresses, having been instructed to 'wear their best' by the team manager. As they got off the elevator Lucy took Kara's elbow.

"Let's find the bar." She said nervously. Kara maneuvered them through the jet-set crowd to get some drinks. As she approached the bar she immediately recognized her error. She hadn't had time to assess the room, or in other words, figure out where Lena was. She realized too late that she was walking right towards her. She was leaning against the bar and speaking to someone standing behind it. From her tone she was giving very clear and specific instructions to what Kara assumed to be the head caterer. In that instant she turned her head and spotted Kara, making it now impossible for her to change trajectories and avoid the bar that she was so clearly on her way towards. How would that look if she suddenly turned away from Lena? She needed to act like it was not a problem at all to see Lena at an event.

When Lena saw her she stood up from her leaning position to turn and watch Kara approach. Kara suddenly became very self-conscious about having Lucy hanging on her arm. But why? We've agreed there will be nothing between us. Not even friendship. Why should I feel guilty about Lucy?

"Good evening, Kara." Lena said, sounding very majestic to Kara’s ears.

"Lena! Hi. Um...this is Lucy Lane, she's our..."

"Right Midfielder, of course. Lovely to meet you, Ms. Lane." Lena said, offering her hand. "Congratulations on your season."

Lucy looked at her with wide eyes before finally shaking her hand and speaking. "Yes, thank you. I mean...lovely to meet you, too. We really appreciate all you've done for our team..."

"It's an honor. I'm so pleased to be able to support such outstanding athletes. Congratulations on making the championships this year." Lena said evenly.

"Thank you!...Yes, it's been quite a season..." Lucy and Kara both seemed at a loss for words.

"Yes." Lena cut in, as if letting her off the hook. "And Kara, it's good to see you. Are you well?"

"Yes! Of course. I mean...yes." Kara cursed her lack of poise in the face of Lena's crystal-like confidence and calm demeanor.

"Well, I'm sure you're both ready for a drink. Open bar, so feel free to ask for whatever your heart desires." Lena said while looking at Kara pointedly.

"And please, enjoy your evening. You've earned it." Lena reached and squeezed Kara's hand before turning to go.

Kara watched speechless. She felt completely helpless, wanting to say something, to talk to he, to spend time with her. But she knew that was wrong and she had to let her go. Lucy woke her out of her stupor.

"Kara, you know Lena Luthor! What the hell, why were you holding out on me? She looked at you like she wanted to eat you for dinner! She is so fucking hot. Please tell me she likes women. The tabloids seem to think so."

Lucy rambled on as Kara remained quiet and continued to process what had just happened.


"Lucy." Kara said, pulling herself back to reality and trying to focus.

"So...what are we drinking?" Kara said, finally.

Lucy quickly set up tequila shots for both of them, then waved over more teammates.

"Wait, let's get Coach in here, too." Lucy said, with an evil grin.

Coach Lance joined them and gave a rousing toast to the team. They managed two rounds before the team manager came over and told them they needed to mingle with the sponsors.

Well, I guess it was mingling with a sponsor that got us here... Kara couldn't help but smirk to herself. As she moved through the crowd she found herself in high demand. As the top player of the Spirit and now with a place on the U.S. team, Kara seemed to be the star of the show throughout the evening. She was completely occupied, smiling, shaking hands, and even signing some autographs.

With the buzz of the alcohol and the adoration of the crowd, Kara got through the night very well. After all, she was genuinely excited to have made it into the championship. A few times she caught a glimpse of Lena from across the way, charming VIPs and teammates alike. Kara felt her magnetism even from a distance and sometimes had a hard time tearing her eyes away. A few times Kara felt Lena's eyes on her, but when she looked Lena quickly looked away.

Lucy kept her with a drink in her hand and as the evening wore on she could tell she was a little tipsy. Eventually a teammate took over the music and got some dance music going. The team really cut lose for a few numbers before the team manager came and disbanded them.

"Come on, Eve! We're celebrating!" Lucy and other players complained, but were shut down. Kara saw Alex coming towards her as the music changed to something more sedated.

"Hey sis." Alex said. "How many have you had?"

"Not sure. Enough to lose count, I guess." Kara said with a smile, she was drunk enough to laugh it off.

"Do you need to go home?"

"No...'m fine. Really. Just celebrating the win." Out of the corner of her eye Kara could see a beautiful woman leaning in to whisper in Lena's ear. They were in a corner far across the room and looking very friendly. Kara tried to control the stab of jealousy that went through her.

"So, who is that, with Lena over there? Is she with one of our sponsors?" Kara asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

"Oh, I just met her. She's with Obsidian Tech. She's very charming. And smart." Alex said.

"And beautiful." Kara mumbled.

"They are considering a sponsorship. Sara said Lena is trying to bring them in. She wants to try to get the surface of the field replaced, and she feels L-Corp has maxed out what the Board is willing to do this year."

"Well, I guess they already are our top sponsor."

"Yes. Very generous." Alex said, eyeing her sister closely. "So, how is it, seeing Lena here?"

"It's fine. It's totally fine." Kara said. Alex gave her the eye, like she didn't really buy it.

"OK, well. It was fine until I saw her canoodling with that Obsidian Tech woman..."

"Canoodling? Really Kara?"

"Sorry. You know how I love my old phrases."

"I do. And I wouldn't call that canoodling, exactly. Though they clearly are very friendly..." Alex said, looking over at the pair.

"Anyway, it's absolutely none of my business. I just can't help but wonder..."

"Like you said, Kara. None of your business."

"Right." Kara said glumly.

"So, about ready to call it a night?"

"Yeah, I suppose." Kara said starting to head out. Alex put her arm around her and started to walk out with her.

"Oh no, you're not coming home with me just yet. I've seen you chatting up that beautiful, very tall woman all night. I don't think you're quite ready to call it quits. So who is she anyway?"

“Oh…she’s the new Chief Operating Officer at L-Corp. She seems really nice…”

“Yeah, I’ll bet. She also looks very hot!” Kara teased. “So she’s new in town? She would probably appreciate having someone to show her around. Why don’t you stay and get to know her a little better?”

"Kara, I'm not sure you're in good enough condition to go home on your own. Let's call a Lyft and go together."

"No worries, Alex. Eve set me up with Travis tonight. Just a thank you for the great season, she said. But maybe it's more about keeping me out of trouble." Kara mused. "Either way, he's around, I just need to give him a call."

"You sure you'll be OK?"

"100%. Good-night, Alex. Go have fun!" Kara said, giving her a shove.

Alex looked at her closely. "OK, I'll see you back at home."

"Or not." Kara grinned impishly. “Don't rush home."

Kara went to check on Lucy, but could see she was very engrossed in conversation with a handsome man Kara had met earlier. She remembered him saying he was a reporter with Catco Media.

"Luce, need a ride?" She asked. "Eve's arranged a car for me."

"I'm good, Kara." She said with a wink. "I'll see you at practice."

"Thought you might be." Kara smirked, fist-bumping her friend. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do.”

Kara made her way to the coat room to get her bag. She realized she'd lost her ticket for it so it took quite a while for the attendant to find the right bag.

At last she made her way down a hall to the elevator, dialing Travis to pick her up while she waited. Once inside, she stood looking at the buttons, trying to decide what number she needed. The building was 88 floors, and it occurred to her that she must have been more drunk than she realized. Finally, she hit 'G' for the ground floor.

Kara leaned heavily against the elevator wall next to the panel and watched the doors close, happy for the chance to be out of the crowd and in a quiet space. Soon she would be back in her own bed, away from the sight of Lena leaning in close and smiling at the beautiful woman at the party. She reminded herself again that she had no right to be jealous.

"Hold the door!" Suddenly Kara heard a voice and hurried steps coming from down the hall. She instinctively hit the 'hold door' button and watched in surprise as Lena strode on into the elevator. She was talking on the phone and didn't notice Kara until the doors started to close. Lena’s eyes went wide when she saw her.

"I'm sorry, Mother. I have to go. Don't worry, I'll be on the call to Tokyo at 6 am tomorrow." Lena said with annoyance. "Yes, I said I would. I'm leaving the party now."

Lena hung up the line. "Kara. This is a surprise." She leaned forward towards Kara, who took a sharp breath in surprise as Lena reached towards her. But instead she reached across Kara to hit the 'B' button.

Having taken in a deep breath at close range, Lena's smell hit her hard. It seemed to go right to her core, sending a sharp reminder of the nearness of her heat. She closed her eyes, willing her body not to respond. She had 88 floors to get through in the small space with Lena.

"Yes, I'm...surprised to see you too." Kara said, willing herself not to talk but unable to resist. "It looked like maybe you were there with someone..."

"Oh? You must mean Andrea." Lena said. "No. But I can see why it might appear that way. Sometimes we are, I suppose."

Kara longed to ask for details, but reminded herself again that it was none of her business.

Lena stepped away to lean against the opposite wall of the elevator. As her back hit the wall her hips tilted out slightly. Kara couldn't help but notice Lena's bulge showing through her pants. She was wearing a tailored dark suit, with a burgundy chemise blouse with an open collar. She looked so gorgeous and powerful, leaning there in the elevator. Kara could tell she wasn't hard; she knew Lena was big and it wasn't surprising she was able to catch a glimpse given Lena's position against the wall. She forced her eyes away, but couldn't push away the memory hitting her of going down her knees before Lena, unzipping her pants and reaching in... Kara scrunched her eyes closed and rubbed her eyebrows. Those thoughts were really not help her with her current situation.

"Kara, are you OK?" Lena asked looking concerned. "You're leaving ahead of most of the team."

"Yes, I'm fine..I...I'm just tired." Kara stammered.

"So, did you enjoy your evening?" Lena asked, looking steadily at Kara, her demeanor giving away nothing. "It seemed you were the ‘belle of the ball’."

Kara couldn't help but smile, it seemed Lena liked using old phrases as well. " was a wonderful event, Lena. You really know how to throw a party!"

"Thank you. I have a great team who does most of the work."

"You're very generous with us." Kara said, dodging Lena's eyes, which she felt boring through her.

"You and the team have earned it. You had a fantastic season." Lena said clearly, then continued in a lower voice. "I'd love to give you what you really deserve, Kara."

Kara looked up at her, eyes wide. She decided it best not to respond to that comment and instead looked over at the panel to see they were less than half way down. She took a deep breath trying to calm herself. She could now feel Lena's smell in the back of her throat. She realized Lena was responding to her approaching heat and there was nothing either of them could do about it. She decided it was silly to pretend nothing was happening.

"I guess we're...on the same cycle now."

"Yes, it seems so. Don't worry, Kara. We'll be out of here in no time." Lena said. It seemed she sensed Kara's distress and wanted to help.

Just as she said that it was almost like she had cursed their descent. The elevator came to a sudden halt. Both women were jarred back against opposite walls of the elevator. They looked at each other in shock, then both reached for their phones.

"No service." They both said more or less at the same time.

Kara looked at the panel and dialed the elevator phone. Someone answered after a few rings.


"Yes, hi. We're...stuck...on the elevator." Kara said. After Kara described what happened the security staffer put a call in to the elevator service company. The staffer went through a series of instructions from the company, none of which seemed to help. Eventually the staffer informed them that the elevator service technician would be there within the hour.

At that Lena lost her calm demeanor and informed the security staffer that was not acceptable. She told them that she was Lena Luthor, and that something needed to be done on a much shorter timetable. However, after security communicated with the elevator company the timetable remained the same. It was late on a Friday night and there was no one available to get there any sooner.

Eventually she gave up and just said under her breath. "Heads will roll for this."

Now having been trapped in a very small space with Lena for over 15 minutes and realizing she would be trapped for a while, Kara felt panic and the effects of her heat ramping up. She looked at Lena and could see she was breathing more heavily, her chest now visibly rising and falling.

"Lena, I'm sorry, I..."

"No,'s me...I can't stop myself from responding to you..." Lena said, now looking more stricken. "But we're OK. Listen, we've done this before. An hour is nothing. We'll get through this together."

Just then the elevator line buzzed in, and a very nervous-sounding security officer came on the line.

"Excuse me, ma'ams...the tech just called to say there's been an accident on the freeway. It's not clear how long it will take before she can...get through. Right now her GPS is telling her there is over an hour delay. I'm really sorry. I'll update you as soon as I know more.

At that the line went dead. Kara and Lena looked at each other with wide eyes.

Oh. Fuck.