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Supercorp Mile High Club

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"Kara, what the actual fuck?!"

Kara jerked away from her snoozing position on Alex's couch. She'd been living in her sister's flat since joining the National City Spirit over a year ago. Only recently had she received some endorsements that would allow her to move into her own place. But due to her training and travel schedule she hadn't had a chance to find one yet.

So, that meant she had no place to hide following her texts to Alex requesting not only emergency heat blockers, but also a morning after pill. Fortunately, Alex had offered to pick up the meds for her, realizing that if Kara was asking for emergency suppressants she may not be in good condition for going to a pharmacy. Kara had gone back to sleep until Alex arrived.

"Alex, please...did you bring them?" Kara could feel she was at the edge of her next cycle, already feeling the need to fuck again. When Alex burst in she was already in the middle of a dream which had Lena bending her over the kitchen counter.

"'re already...ready?" Alex said, sounding like she was in shock, but digging anxiously into her bag. She pulled out a bottle, then grabbed a glass and filled it with water. She moved quickly to the couch and handing Kara two pills and the glass.

Kara recognized the small blue pills that she had taken before when her heat started to hit at an extremely inconvenient time. After they were down Alex produced another pill. It was much larger, orangish, and in the shape of a diamond.

"Ah-ha! So this must be the famous, 'Damn, I really fucked up this time!' pill." Kara huffed, trying to make it sound like a laugh. She was already collapsed back against the arm of the couch.

"Exactly. Not sure what you did...but clearly you did fuck up. Keep in mind these pills are only about 94.7% effectively, so you aren't out of the woods yet...You're much better off using a condom...." Alex heaved a deep breath. "Were you listening to any of those talks I gave you back in high school!?"

Kara couldn't focus enough to respond directly to her questioning. "Thank god you came when you did. I was starting to..." Kara took a deep breath, fighting to hold out stay calm until the blockers could take effect.

"Kara, what the hell is going on? You aren't anywhere near your heat! And you were on an international commercial flight! How can you have..." Alex lost seemed to have lost her capacity for speech.

Kara dropped back against the arm of the couch, closing her eyes tightly against the onslaught of her intense needs, which had come back full force.

"Alex, I...I'll explain everything...once I get back to...normal." Kara closed her eyes to try to sleep.


Kara woke an hour later and struggled to figure out where she was. Despite the suppressants, she was having a vivid dream about getting reamed on a plane. Not in a bathroom, but she recognized she was being supported against to wall of the plane, the alpha thrusting deep inside. She was feeling so good, like she was finally getting fucked like she had always wanted. She could feel herself between her dream world and reality as her subconscious fought against waking. In her dream her head dropped back against the wall, and looking down she was struck by brilliant emerald eyes looking back at her with ferocity. The intensity of it woke her out of her dream.

As she sat up she was slow to figure out where she was. Eventually she knew she was in her (really Alex's) apartment. There was no sign of Alex, but she quickly remembered getting yelled at by her sister. She saw a tall glass of water on the table next to the couch and quickly downed it. She reached for her phone and quickly calculated she had less than 2 hours before she needed to be at the stadium for her game.

Kara moved into the kitchen and began rifling through the contents of the fridge. She'd been out of town for almost a week and that was obvious from the emptiness of the fridge. Alex rarely ate at home when Kara wasn't there. She'd been dating a lot since her breakup, and when she wasn't working the night shift Alex would grab takeout. Only when Kara was around would she bother to cook or even shop for groceries.

As Kara began to pick through wilted lettuce leaves and expired yogurt, Alex reappeared.

"Kara..." She started.

"Alex, I'm sorry, but I really have to get to the stadium...." Kara interrupted.

"Nice try Kara! Team doctor, remember?" Alex said, pointing both thumbs at herself. "I know the time of your game! Now spill."

"OK, ok. But I've got to eat...I can't play if I..."

"Fine. I'm ordering the usual from Shahid's." Alex pulled out her phone and quickly used an app to place an order. "Pizza's on the way. Now tell me everything."

Kara contemplated how to get out of this, but realized it was impossible to hide something like this from her sister.

"Well...honestly...I have no idea what happened...." Kara took a deep breath. "From the moment I sat down...this...alpha...sitting next to me....well, she had an immediate effect on me. I felt like I couldn't escape her smell. And I definitely didn't want to!"

"But she seemed to have no interest in me, and that was helpful because I could just settle in and try to sleep...." Kara hesitated, but Alex gave her a look to let her know she needed to continue.

"So...I fell asleep...but then I woke up...and realized right away that I was rapidly moving into a full-blown heat!"

Alex looked at her like she was nuts.

"I promise Alex, that's exactly what happened! I didn't do anything. She didn't do anything...there was just something about her."

"Something about her?" Alex exclaimed. "How about she was entering her rut and triggered you? So you're telling me this asshole got on a 10-hour commercial flight when she was almost hitting her rut..." Alex took a deep breath. "She cut it too close and she used could you let her..."

"Alex!" Kara interrupted. "It wasn't like that at all."

"Then what was it like, Kara? I talked to you a couple of hours before your flight. You didn't mention anything out of the ordinary..."

"That's what I'm telling you. I was nowhere near my heat. And she was no where near her rut..."

"Right! Kara...why would you believe a stranger...on a plane..."

"Alex, I know how she smelled when the flight started. There's no way she was starting her rut." Kara interrupted again. "There was just something about our chemistry...we were both triggered..."

"Fuck." Alex said, letting out a deep breath. "So you're telling me that..."

"Listen, Alex. I don't want to go into the details..."

"Yes, please don't!" Alex broke in.

"Right. Anyway. Suffice to say...I needed a morning after pill."

"What did she...say to did she convince you to..."

"It was nothing like that, Alex. If anything it was me. I was the one who was begging..."

"Details, Kara! You just said you wouldn't go into details."

"Right. I just...don't want you blaming her. It was mostly me."

"Sorry if I have a hard time believing that..."

"I don't care what you believe, Alex!" Kara yelled.

"Kara, why are you so worked up? Why do you care what I think about some jerk alpha?"

"I care because I don't want you thinking she took advantage of me. That I would have let..."

"OK, ok, I get it. It was mutual."

"Yes. And she wasn't an asshole..." Kara added. "She...took care of me."

At that there was a knock at the door.

"Saved by the bell!" Kara said and lunged for the door. She jerked it open and grabbed the pizzas, then began feeling around in her pockets for cash.


"Forget it, I've got it." Alex pulled out her wallet and paid the delivery person. When she turned around Kara already had the box open on the kitchen counter and was digging in.

"Thanks, Alex." She said between bites. "You've saved me again." She stopped herself from saying the many things she wanted to thank Alex for. Not just the food and the meds, but for always being there. For always looking out for her.

"Anyway, it's over now, and no one is hurt. No one found out. Well, there may have been one guy, but it won't be a problem..."

"What?" Alex yelled, "Kara...who...what..."

"Where and why?" Kara broke in with a smile, as if it was all a game.

"Kara...this is serious. If this person... or even the alpha...figures out who you are...if they try to sell their story...well, you can kiss those new endorsements good-bye."

"You don't need to worry. The attendant... will be taken care of."

"Kara, what the fuck? You sound like a mob boss."

Kara continued. "Lena...I mean, the having her lawyers arrange an NDA with him. And also a...public figure. She has no interest in exposing what happened."

"Kara...what do you mean she is a public figure? And 'is having her lawyers'...why does she have multiple lawyers? This is not making me feel any better..." Alex said.

"Relax, Alex. I promise, it's all going to be fine. She's going to take care of it. She doesn't need more bad publicity right now. And she also...really wants to protect me." Kara took a deep breath as she watched Alex's mouth drop open. "OK, I know that probably sounded a little crazy. But, honestly, she was very protective and sweet. I really believe she was more worried about what would happen to me if it came out...more than she was about her own company..."

"Her company? What is her company?!" Alex demanded.

"It's not important, Alex. She has a company that's well known. And they have lawyers with interest in protecting her. The point is, she has nothing to gain and plenty to lose if that information got out."

Alex continued to press for more details, but once she'd inhaled enough pizza Kara begged off to squeeze in a shower before the match. She trusted her sister, but knew the more she told her the worse it would be for Alex. Lena Luthor had a reputation, and whether it was earned or not, it would only make her worry more.

Kara managed to make herself scarce as she prepared for the match until eventually Alex yelled to let her know the car was there for them. Given that the team's star player and team doctor were coming from the same place, in addition to Kara's propensity for being late, the coach had arranged for a car to pick them up before any home games.

Kara was grateful that the car ride was peaceful. She could almost see Alex biting her tongue, knowing she didn't dare disturb Kara's mental preparations for the game. After allowing a respectable amount of time to pass she put on her noise cancelling headphones to listen to music and try to get into a zone for the game. She could almost feel her hormones battling with the suppressants for control. Even after the 20 minute ride she still felt like she wasn't in the right headspace, and like she was on the edge of her heat.


Despite Kara's distraction and poor play, the National City Spirit still pulled off a win. Kara was grateful they hadn't played a very tough team. Afterwards the coach asked her to stay and talk. Kara showered and dressed slowly, stalling so that her teammates could clear out before she met with her coach. When the locker room had cleared out she made her way back to the coach's office.

She waved at her through the door's window and the coach signaled her to come in.

"Hi, Coach Lance." Kara said with downcast eyes as she walked into her office.

"Kara, come sit down."

She tried to sit still and not say anything, but couldn't stop herself from diving into a ramble.

"I'm sorry, Coach! I just...well...had a rough flight....I'm taking medication...I'm really not myself. I promise, it won't happen again!" Finally she stopped because she'd run out of breath.

"Kara, please breath." The coach said. "You did fine...I just wanted to check in with you. I could tell you weren't on your game. In all your time here I've never seen you like this. I just wanted to know if there was anything I could do to help."

"Thanks, Coach. I really appreciate your concern. I just...well, like I said, have had a bit of a rough time today. I probably shouldn't have stayed in Germany so close to the match."

"Kara, we talked about this. Part of making it as a professional athlete is endorsements. You had to agree to be at that Schuhe launch in order to clench that deal. And anyway, we won the match, so it's all sorted. Really, if there's nothing you need from me, or need to talk about, hit the pavement! Tomorrow we'll talk as a team about what we need to differently and start getting ready for the next match. No one is harder on you than you, Kara. Give yourself a break."

"OK, Coach. I'm really fine, I promise. I appreciate your concern." Kara said sheepishly. She usually never gave her coach or teammates cause for concern, so she was finding herself in an unusual position. Which was probably why her coach was worried.

"OK, Supergirl, go get some rest!"

Kara smiled, slightly thrilled and slightly embarrassed that the coach had used her nickname. She loved the name, but it also made her feel awkward.

"Thanks, Coach. Goodnight." Kara said, exiting the office.

Kara was relieved to find that Alex had gone out on a date following the match. All she wanted to do was shower, climb into bed, and crash. After her shower she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

She slept like the dead for hours, until a vivid dream roused her from sleep. In her dream she was in the team's locker room dressing for a match. She had her headphones on and music cranked, just like her usual pre-game routine. As she began her ritual of putting on her socks and cleats and tying them in a way that she could be sure they wouldn't come lose, out of no where she felt a hand grip her hair, and slowly pulling down until she found she was looking at the ceiling. She couldn't see who had come in behind her, but the smell...she recognized the smell. She didn't signal any resistance when she felt lips, then teeth grazing slowly along her exposed neck. She felt more than heard herself gasp at the feeling, reveling when her noises inspired the other person to jerk her hair harder, exposing more of her neck.

"Why do you do this to me when we're in public? When someone could walk in at any moment?" Kara asked breathlessly.

"Because that's the way you like it best..." Kara heard the response as if the person was right next to her, not as if in a dream.

"How do you..." Kara gasped again at a sharp bite to her ear lobe. "know that....?"

"Because I know you, Kara. I knew you the minute I laid eyes on you." At that Kara jerked awake, sitting up in bed and looking around. The room was empty, but those emerald eyes, and the alpha's smell were haunting her thoughts.

Kara flopped back down onto her bed. She could feel the adrenaline and hormones coursing through her body. She knew there was no way she would be able to sleep again without relief of some kind. With Alex still out on her date, she had no reason to hold back. She pulled her t-shirt up to just below her naked breasts, cupping one while running her nails down her tight abdominal muscles with the other hand. She reached the top of the waist band of her pants, then eased her fingers under it, moving them lower and inside her underwear. She didn't bother holding back a moan that vibrated through her as she reached her soaking wet folds. As she started teasing her clit an image of Lena's face came to her and she couldn't shake it. She teased herself more, thinking if she could just get off she would be able to sleep and get the woman off her mind.

But the harder she pushed herself, the more vividly the woman's face and voice were coming to her.

"Tell me what you want, Kara. I only want to make you feel good..."

The woman said in Kara's imagination.

Damnit! Isn't there anyway to get away from that voice? Those eyes... Kara thought. Even now that she was awake, her fantasies were quickly taking her to the woman on the plane. She moved her fingers lower to fuck herself, imagining the alpha's cock fucking her deeply. Her fingers felt like a poor substitute and she struggled to add more fingers, to move faster and harder.

"Such a good omega..." Kara heard the Alpha's husky voice inside her head. That set her off, she was finally able to reach her orgasm. She tried to go back to sleep, still fighting images of the alpha who had fucked her, knotted her so well. Kara was surprised at how much the woman was still in her thoughts, especially now that the blockers had evened out her hormones. She really thought by now she would have been over it. How was she going to get this woman out of her mind? She needed to be focused on her season and preparing for the World Cup. The last thing she needed right then was a distracting alpha.

Suddenly she remembered their words right before Kara rushed out of the airport. She'd given the woman her number! And promised to teach her soccer basics! What was she thinking?

Maybe she won't call. I'm sure there are plenty of beautiful omegas who would love to spend time with her in any capacity she wants. Once she gets back to her real life, gets busy, maybe she won't bother. Who knows, that sponsorship thing may have just been a ploy because she was still feeling horny when we got off the plane? Kara thought hopefully.

Kara thought back to the woman's sincere words, and the way she looked at Kara when they said their good-byes at the gate. Kara remembered the expression in her eyes, and knew in her heart that she would be hearing from this very determined alpha again. At that thought she said out loud:

"Oh. Fuck."