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Supercorp Mile High Club

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"Is everything alright in there? I thought I heard someone call for help..." The attendant asked through the door.

"Motherfucker!" Lena scream-whispered. Her alpha raged at the interruption. She fought to keep from verbally tearing the attendant a new one. She swallowed her anger and tried to diffuse the situation.

"Everything's fine. I just...was feeling nauseous. I...I'm going to be in here for...a while."

"I'm so sorry to hear that, ma'am. Is there anything I can bring you?"

"No! Just...please...we...I mean...I...would appreciate some privacy. Would you please..." Lena took a deep breath, trying to keep it together. "Please get the fuck away from the door!"

"Yes ma'am!" Lena envisioned him scurrying away with his tail between his legs.

Lena was seething at the interruption, but quickly turned her attention to back to the omega. Despite her anger, Lena had concentrated on keeping completely still to avoid jostling her, but she was still worried about how she would react to the intrusion.

"Are you OK?" Lena asked anxiously.

"I'm fine." The woman breathed out heavily. "I'm really sorry...I knew this...was bad idea. I just wanted you so much. Nothing else mattered."

"I know. Me too." Lena said in what she hoped was a calming voice. "It's what we both wanted. And needed."

"Honestly, I don't regret it. Maybe I will later, but right now I only feel...euphoric. Like nothing could be wrong in the world." The woman said, sounding thrilled. Then she chuckled in a way that Lena found irresistible. "But the world can wait till later...right now there's no where else I'd rather be. Lurking attendant or no."

Lena felt great relief at how well the woman was reacting to the idiot at the door. She felt her squirm to get closer and wrap her legs snugly around Lena's back. Lena lamented that they hadn't taken any time to undress. Apart from peeling the woman out of her pants as fast as possible, followed by the women loosening Lena's pants just enough to get to her cock, they were both fully clothed. She longed to feel more of the woman's skin. Her arms were still wrapped tightly around the woman's back, but she slid them down until she reached the lower hem of her shirt and slid her fingers underneath to directly caress the skin of her back gently, then ran her nails up and down. The woman shivered at the feeling, and Lena nearly keened when she clenched again around her cock in response.

"God, you feel so good." Lena whispered into her ear. She began to place gentle kisses on the side of the woman's face, nipping lightly on her ear lobe before nuzzling behind her ear and then continuing down her neck. She loved the pleased, purr-like noises the woman was making. Lena then felt the woman's fingers on the front of her blouse, slowly starting to unbutton it. It seemed she also wanted to feel more of Lena.

"What the hell, right? We're already busted and can't go anywhere until..." The woman husked. "Why not make the most of it?"

"Yes. Please." Lena managed to squeak out as the woman's fingers slid into her bra, grazing and teasing her nipple and cupping her breast.

Lena wanted to make the most of their time as well, so she began to strip the woman's shirt away. Moments later both their blouses and bras were loose and at last their chests came together. Both gasped at the feeling of their naked breasts finally touching.

They enjoyed each others bodies as best they could in the constricting tied position. They continued to nip, kiss, and caress each other until at last Lena's knot started to go down. It took a while, but to Lena it felt like it went by too fast.

"OK...I guess we better...." The woman sighed.

"Yes. Time to face the music. Are you...ready?"

"Yes." The woman said reluctantly. Lena eased her cock out as gently and slowly as possible. She hated the thought of bringing discomfort to the omega. Lena immediately felt the loss of their connection all the way through her body. They both moved to quickly to wash up, get dressed, and straighten themselves up as best they could while squeezing around each other in the tight space.

Lena turned to the other woman once she was ready to go. "Well, how do I look?"

The woman reached to straighten her blouse. "Gorgeous. But you already knew that." She smiled.

Lena smiled back. "And so do you." Lena eased her hands around the back of the woman's neck and pulled her in for a gentle kiss before leaning back so that they could look at each other. She stayed looking her into the eyes for several moments before speaking again.

"Why don't you try to sneak back and I'll follow in another minute or so? Hopefully people are still sleeping, but it's still better if we don't just suddenly reappear together."

"OK." The woman seemed to hesitate. Then she leaned forward to give Lena a soft kiss on the lips. "Thanks for taking such good care of me."

"No, thank you for taking such good care of me." Lena said with a smile. Despite knowing that they may be facing an embarrassing situation, Lena felt she was on top of the world. Exhilaration ran through her veins like a drug.

"My pleasure." The woman winked at her and soon disappeared. Lena closed the door behind her and turned to look at herself in the mirror. She was still not quite believing all that had happened, but didn't feel one ounce of regret. At that point she honestly didn't care if anything happened to her reputation or to Luthor Corp. Her only concern was preventing anything might happen to hurt the career of the soccer star.

When Lena finally stepped out of the bathroom, the plane seemed surprisingly normal, like nothing had happened. She wasn't sure what she had expected, but it seemed people were still sleeping and the lights were still down. She made her way back to their row and moved to her seat by the window. She looked over at her seatmate and was surprised to see her looking completely calm.

"Any sign of our little friend?" Lena asked.

"No. Maybe he's taking his break." She said. "Do you think he...heard anything?"

"He definitely heard something. But whether he knew what he was's hard to say. Listen, Kara, I don't want you to worry about that little pipsqueak. First of all, before we left for the rest room, he didn't see anything beyond us sleeping on the same seat - I'm sure about that. And he obviously couldn't have seen anything when we were inside the rest room. And anything he heard, well, that's open to interpretation. Secondly, I can promise you, my lawyers will have him committed to an iron clad non-disclosure-agreement within 24 hours of our landing. I'm not going to let anything that's happened between us...hurt your career, Kara. I promise you, I'll do everything in my power..." Lena could feel her teeth gritting at the thought of a scandal hurting her.

"Yes, seems you do have a lot of power..."

"I do." Lena broke in. "And I won't hesitate to use it." Lena said with utter conviction. "It's going to be fine, Kara. At least, I'll do what I can to make it fine. I understand the importance of image to a female professional athlete."

"Thank you, Lena. That does make me feel better."

Lena was glad to hear it. Despite moving into a relaxed part of her cycle, she was still in alpha protective mode, and she wanted to do anything she could to ease her fears.

"Just let me know if there's anything I can do to help. My company has a phenomenal media and public relations team, not to mention a ridiculous amount of lawyers looking out for our interests. I can assure you, you're in good hands."

"OK, not biting at that one." The woman smiled. "It's too obvious."

"Ha!" Lena said, marveling a bit at how she was handling everything.

"Well, I better get some sleep. We've still got a couple of hours before landing and I think I might finally be able to rest without having fevered dreams about you." She flattened her seat and tried to get comfortable. Lena helped arrange her blanket over her.

"Sleep tight, Kara." She said as she gazed down at her before forcing herself also to try to sleep. Lena was feeling so satisfied and relaxed, she soon fell asleep. Both slept soundly until the lights were turned up and the breakfast service started.

Lena sat up and watched as the woman next to her began to rouse. She rolled over and stretched like a cat. Lena couldn't help but notice how adorable she looked waking up.

"Did you sleep well?" Lena asked once they were both settled and sitting up again.

"Yes, I was completely knocked out. So relaxed. Thanks to you."

"I'm glad. You did the same for me." Lena said. Suddenly the attendant appeared to ask what they would like to drink. Lena scrutinized his face for any hint of a smirk, but she didn't see any. If anything, Lena was pleased to see that he looked very nervous, even afraid. After they ordered drinks and selected their breakfast, Lena turned fiery eyes towards him.

"Thank you for being so attentive to us. Do you mind telling me your name? I'd like to provide a review of your great service."

The man's eyes went wide. " name name is Gary...I'm so glad you were happy"

"Of course. And do you have a last name?" She asked steadily.

"Yes, I mean... I'm Gary...Gary Green."

"Lovely to meet you, Gary Green. You can be sure to hear more from me." Lena said

"Um...thank you?" The attendant said before disappearing to get their food and drinks.

"Ha, OK, that was fun!" The woman laughed. "I think you really scared him."

Lena loved hearing the woman laugh. She felt a pang glance through her chest at the thought she might not hear it again.

"Well, I've only just begun, believe me." Lena said with a smirk.

"Oh, I believe you!"

The man appeared with their drinks and then quickly made himself scarce.

"So, Kara. I don't know anything about your...personal situation. Whether you're in a relationship or...anything. But I know we probably only have about 10 hours before we're going to need to...well, before we reach the height of our cycle again..." Lena took a deep breath. She didn't know why she felt nervous about what she was trying to say.

"I was just wondering. Well. I have a place in the city. It's quite nice, with a hot tub and all that. It's a comfortable place to...ride out a heat. Very private. If you wanted to..."

"That's a very sweet offer." She interrupted. "Really, I'd love to...under different circumstances. But, I really do have a big game. Once we land I'm going to call my team doctor to get a prescription for emergency heat blockers. I really have to...get back on track as quickly as possible."

Lena felt her heart sink in disappointment and quickly chastised herself for being so invested in this stranger. She really hated the idea that she would likely never even see this woman again. She had plenty of numbers in her phone of women who would be very happy to help her finish out her rut. But she could feel her heart wasn't in it. What had gotten into her?

"Of course. I completely understand."

The attendant appeared again to serve them breakfast and they tucked in to their food. Lena smiled remembering how much the woman loved to eat.

"So. Can you, um...ask your team doctor about a script for the morning after pill?" Lena cleared her throat. "I mean, if you're at all worried about the discretion of the team doctor, it would be no problem for me to get one for you from my private physician."

"It's kind of you to be concerned. But the team doctor is also my sister, and, as I mentioned, she's my best friend. I trust her with my life."

"That's great, Kara. I'm really sorry I wasn't...prepared...." Lena said sheepishly.

"Honestly, I think it would be worse knowing you were prepared to fuck in the bathroom during a commercial international flight!" They both laughed at that.

"Yeah, I guess I see your point there."

"Listen, please don't feel like I blame you for what we did, or that you've done anything wrong. You did exactly what I wanted you to do. What I asked - no, begged, you to do." She took a deep breath. "I really hope you don't feel guilty - it was all my doing!"

"Well, I did have some doing in there as well..." Lena laughed. "Thanks for saying that though, Kara, it does make me feel better. And thanks for...the experience of a lifetime. I won't forget it."

"Believe me, neither will I!" She said with a warm smile, looking directly at Lena.

The two women ate their breakfast and continued talking about harmless subjects. Just as before, Lena found herself charmed by the woman, and wanted to know more about her.

The flight was over before Lena was ready to say good-bye. After landing Lena watched closely as the woman stood to take down her luggage. Normally she would offer to help, but it was clear the woman had the muscle to break Lena in half if she wanted so she felt silly trying to help. Instead, she just watched, unable to tear her eyes away from the woman's gorgeous form, especially now that she had a better idea what lay underneath her clothes. She thought about what a shame it was that she would never see her naked, or even clothed, again. The thought was making her feel a bit desperate.

As they stood in line to disembark, the woman turned around and offered her hand.

"Well. It really was wonderful meeting you, Lena Luthor."

"It was truly unforgettable, Kara Danvers." Lena added, smiling and shaking her hand. It seemed so wrong to end this experience with a hand shake.

"So, Ms. Danvers. Is there any chance that...maybe after your big game, and other long list of commitments I'm sure you have...would to have dinner? With me..." Lena shocked herself at how lame her game was at the moment. What had gotten into her? Normally she could have any beautiful woman eating out of her hand.

The woman looked at her with her captivatingly deep blue eyes. "Why, Ms. Luthor, you surprise me...."

"Oh? Why is that?"

"Oh, I suppose it's all the rumors and things I've heard. But, as I said, I try not to be influenced by any of that..."

"Does that mean you'll go out with me?" Lena said hopefully.

The blonde then took her hand and held it between hers. "It's so sweet of you to ask, really. The truth is...well...I don't really date alphas. I mean, sometimes I'll take a heat partner when the timing works out. But...I've tried in the past and, well, being in a relationship with an alpha...has never worked out for me."

"You no longer even consider...did something...happen?" Lena asked, suddenly horrified to think what awful experience had turned Kara off ever attempting a romantic relationship with an alpha.

"Oh, no. At least, not in the way you mean. I just...well, I've tried many times. Ultimately, it seems they really can't"

"It? What can't they handle?" Lena asked incredulously.

"Well, my success, I guess. Eventually they feel threatened by it and it leads to conflict. And, honestly, I just have too much going on in my life to spend time massaging alpha egos."

"Wow. Well. Thanks for your honesty." Lena said, completely taken aback. She actually had never had an omega turn her down so firmly and was reeling a bit.

"Sure. The truth is, I just don't have any time or energy to go through it again. As much as I enjoyed... our time together on this flight, and you do seem wonderful, I already have a good idea how this would end." She said, then indicated she meant between them. "And with the Cup coming up I really need to focus on my training."

Lena stood dumbfounded for several moments until the cabin door opened and the line started to move forward to disembark. She again had a desperate feeling in the pit of her stomach. This was the last time she would see this woman, who was as beautiful and inspiring as the sun.

They made their way down the aisle and once they got off the plane and past the gate, the woman turned to kiss her cheek.

"Thanks for everything, Lena. Take care of yourself." She flashed a brilliant, sincere smile.

"No, thank you, Kara." Lena said. She had gripped the woman's hand when she leaned in, and realized she couldn't let go without one more try.

"Kara, one last thing..."


"I was wondering...I heard the news about my company? We're going through a rough public relations patch right now. We need to be looking for some image polishing in the near future to recover from the latest scandal. Meeting you, well, started me thinking about the need to do something highly visible to help with our image. I just had a brilliant idea - about sponsoring the popular local women's soccer team..."

"Hmmm. Are you saying you might want to sponsor National City Spirit?"

"Yes, that is what I'm saying..." Lena said.

"That's fantastic! I mean, I know the team could absolutely use more sponsors..."

"Yes, well, I think that would be the perfect thing for Luthor Corp right now."

"Wow, well, do you need me to put you in touch with the office that handles sponsorships?" She asked excitedly.

"Oh no, I have an excellent assistant who I'm sure can figure it out. Probably faster than you can..." Lena smiled.

"Of course. Well, thanks for considering supporting us." Kara said with a smile.

"Oh, don't misunderstand me, Kara." Lena said. "I'm not considering it. I'm doing it. It's clearly a great idea and I'm sure I'll convince the Board."

"Oh, wow, well, that's great!" Kara said with a wide smile.

"The only thing is...Well, I don't really know anything about soccer and...I like to understand my investments..."

"Hmmm. So I guess you're in need of a bit of soccer...coaching?"

"Yes, exactly. there any chance you know someone who knows the game well, who might be willing to give me the basics?" Lena asked, hating herself for such an obvious ploy, but unable to give up at that point in time. Even if they wouldn't be dating, she hated the thought of never seeing the woman again. Even if it was only platonic, she wanted to spend more time with her.

"Well. It turns out that I do know someone..." Kara said, her eyes dancing. "Actually, she's recently been named to the World Cup team, so she really knows her stuff..."

"My...well...she sounds perfect." Lena said, not able to contain her smile.

Kara looked her in the eye for several moments and seemed to be contemplating, like she couldn't really decide. Lena waited patiently, not wanting to push further.

"Tell you what. I'll give you my number." Kara said eventually, sounding hesitant. "And you can get in touch if you decide you need some soccer lessons. Who knows...I may be able to teach you a thing or two..."

"I'm sure you can!" Lena agreed and immediately handed over her phone. She watched closely as the woman's nimble fingers entered her cell number.

Got it! Lena thought, though she schooled her face not to show her excitement, and also reminded herself that this was not about a date, but about friendship. Still, Lena couldn't help the thrill that went through her as their fingers touched when the woman handed over her phone.

"Thank you, Kara." She said sincerely. "I do hope to see you again."

"Well, something tells me you're a woman who usually gets what you want." Kara said with a wink and turned to go.

Lena raised her eyebrow and smiled in response, but fell speechless as the woman turned to go. She watched mesmerized as she walked away. Lena could almost feel her heart slipping out of her control, and, realizing the seriousness of her situation, this time heard herself say aloud:

"Oh. fuck."