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Supercorp Mile High Club

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"I think you just triggered..." They both started saying the same thing at the same time.

"My heat..." The blonde said.

"My rut..." Lena finished.

With a look of desperation, the blonde began to search around her desperately. "What...time is it?"

She reached and clicked on her TV screen and chose the 'Flight Map' page. Both women turned their faces, hoping against hope they were within a reasonable time window for landing.

"Oh my god...we have 6 more hours..." The woman said, sounding like she was in shock. The women turned back to look at each other.

Lena watched as her eyes widened in panic, her breath becoming increasing rapid. The sight caused the alpha inside Lena much distress and she instinctively reached out to take the woman's hand and try to calm her.

The other woman jerked in reaction, like she'd touched a hot stove, but Lena held tight and eventually the woman seemed more calm, her breath slowing down.

"I'm sorry, I...should have asked before touching you. I just...hated seeing you looking so upset..."

"''s OK. It helped, actually." The woman was now squeezing her hand back gently, then pulled Lena's hand closer to her body, as if trying to keep her from getting away.

"It's going to be OK, Kara. We're going to figure this out." Lena took a deep breath. "Together."

"So, um..." Blue eyes looked up at Lena. "What the fuck are we going to do?"

"Ha!" Lena couldn't help but laugh at the way she said it. "That is, indeed, the question."

Lena began to rub what she hoped were soothing circles against the back of the skittish woman's hand with her thumb. She seemed to melt a bit into her seat. Lena tried to focus on staying in control and slowing down her oncoming rut. They had to figure something out. She imagined the scandal, if she lost control, if something happened and it got out to the public. On top of her brother's meltdown, the scandal would be devastating to her family's company. And the soccer star! What would that do to her career? Aren't professional woman paid terrible, inequitable salaries? She didn't follow sports, but she knew that much. They needed endorsements to make a sustainable living, they couldn't just rely on their salaries. What could be worse for an athlete's image than getting caught fucking on a plane? By a notorious Luthor, no less? No, they absolutely had to keep it together.

"Listen, we're both strong, smart women. We don't have to be slaves to our biology. We're going to get through this step by step, OK?" Lena said, not really believing it, but hoping it sounded comforting. Seeing the omega next to her upset was heightening the intensity of her oncoming rut. She felt an urge to wrap herself around the other woman and protect her in anyway she could.

"Is there any chance you have suppressants with you?"

"No...I, it's no where near time for my heat. It just didn't...occur to me I might need them..."

"That's OK. It's the same for me. There's something about our chemistry..." Lena said.

"It's probably my fault." The blonde broke in. "I was immediately attracted to you..."

"You were?..." Lena was taken aback by this, she hadn't picked up on any signals from the woman, other than that she was a kind, friendly person.

"Yes..but, I could tell you weren't interested, so..."

"Not interested! Why would you say that?!" Lena asked, sounding incredulous.

" didn't seem to want to engage in conversation when I tried to talk to you. And then you turned away from me to look out the window. Pretty clear signals."

"But that was because I didn't want...oh, never mind. The truth is, I think I was triggered due to a nearly-wet dream I was having about you!"

"Ha!" The woman laughed, but then closed her eyes with a look of discomfort. Lena could see the omega was starting to get more agitated, like she was becoming uncomfortable in her skin.

"Have you ever had anything like this happen in the past? Is there anything I can do that might help you feel more calm, more safe?" Lena felt a strong urge to do whatever she could to help this omega in distress, despite her own suffering. She also knew that keeping the other woman calmer, slowing her heat cycle would slow or decrease her release of pheromones, which would in turn help Lena stay in control as well.

Right now it seemed this omega was bringing out a strong protective drive that was unusual for Lena. That protective side was winning so far, but she could feel her control slipping, and she was afraid the other side would eventually win out. The part of her that only cared about taking what she needed. And she knew to her soul that what she needed right now was to fuck this woman. She wanted it more than anything. More than she'd ever wanted anything. And she knew nothing else could bring her relief at this point. She felt like she was on a barreling train of her increasing desires, headed for disaster.

The blonde took a deep breath. "Actually, just hearing you asking me how you can help makes me feel better, thank you. Maybe we can just try to relax in our seats. Think about non-stimulating thoughts. Maybe try to watch a funny movie?"

"Sure. Let's try that." Lena started to pull away her hand to operate the movie remote, but the woman squeezed it tighter, clearly reluctant to release the connection.

"OK, um, here." She awkwardly reached across to grab the remote on her opposite side of her body. They both watched as Lena paged through comedies and they decided on 'Caddyshack' from the list.

"I can't think of anything... especially stimulating...about that one." Kara said hopefully.

"Really, it's just a bunch of men doing everything. That doesn't hold any...interest for me." Lena offered.

"Me neither." Kara said with a genuine smile. Lena heart warmed at the smile and she thought how much she would have liked getting to know this woman under different circumstances.

As the movie began they both kept their eyes on the screen for the first part of the show and even managed to enjoy some laughs together. But eventually Lena noticed out of the corner of her eye that the omega kept glancing over at her more than the movie.

"Are you OK?" Lena asked, sincerely. "Is there anything you need?"

"You know exactly what I need." The woman said in a very low, excruciatingly sexy voice.

Lena swallowed deeply and turned to look her in the face. She knew whatever the blonde asked her to do in the moment, that she would do it, consequences be damned.

"No, I'm sorry, I don't...know where that came from. Well, I do...I just...that was way out of line. Not at all helpful." The blonde said and took a deep breath. "Actually, would you mind...lending me your jacket? It's just I'd like to be..."

Surrounded in my scent. Lena finished the woman's thought in her brain, even though her voice had dropped off. The realization that the woman wanted to be surrounded by her scent made her reel. She felt her cock pulse in response.

"Of course! I should have thought of that." Lena quickly shrugged out of her jacket and handed it over. Unfortunately, her movements only served to create friction on her cock as it pressed against her pants. She let out a quiet groan against her will.

Lena's groan caused a sharp inhale of breath from the other woman, who quickly took her jacket and wrapped it around her body. She lifted the collar of the coat, placing it over her nose and taking a deep breath.

"You smell amazing..." The blonde said in a near whisper.

"So do you." Lena gasped, almost involuntarily. "I've one has ever affected me this way before. I'm usually control."

"I like being in control?" The woman gulped, glancing at Lena from the corners of her eyes.

"Yes. Well...I mean, I...yes." Lena admitted with resignation, her voice dropping to a much lower pitch involuntarily. Everything in her was pushing her to be completely honest with this woman, who she'd only just met.

The woman closed her eyes at the thought. "God, I'd love to have you take control over me..."

Lena's whole body shuddered in response to the woman's words. She closed her eyes tightly and tried to maintain.

"How much more time do we have?" The woman asked, her eyes still closed.

Lena glanced at the screen. "'s been about 17 minutes since you first checked."

"Oh, fuck me..." She said with exasperation. "Wait, sorry, I didn't mean to say that....not helpful at all."

"It's OK. It's OK, Kara. You're not doing anything wrong! We're just trying to get through this the best we can." Lena said, taking the woman's hand again and stroking the back of it with her other hand. She could feel the woman respond with slower breaths. Eventually she started moving her hand further, up and down the inside of the woman's forearm.

Are you trying to help her or just get your fingers on her amazing forearms? Lena asked herself. She could feel herself being driven towards the edge of reason, to a place where logic and control no longer existed for her.

Despite their efforts, Lena could tell the woman's pheromones were not decreasing, and if anything they seemed like they'd increasing, especially given Lena's heightened senses as she moved further into her rut. She tried to concentrate on releasing calming scents, but she wanted the woman so much, she doubted whether it was working. She had started flashing on images of pulling on the woman's clothes, wrenching them until the point of tearing, wanting to do anything to see and feel more of her skin.

Lena gritted her teeth, trying to force her thoughts toward something less stimulating. She noticed the woman seeming antsy.

"Fuck, sometimes I really hate being an omega!" The woman said with frustration. "Times like this I feel so...weak. Out of control. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a beta."

"Weak? You should never think of yourself as weak!" Lena said. "From the moment I saw you...I could see how strong you are. Jesus, your thighs are like...steel..."

"Ha! Yeah, well, it's true...but that means sometimes I'm intimidating to alphas..." She stopped and sighed deeply. "The truth is, I may be an omega, but I could put the hurt on you if I wanted..." She said with a smile.

"I have no doubt. And now I'm having a lot of unhelpful imagery around you putting the hurt on me, so thanks for that!"

At that the woman giggled out loud, and Lena was entranced by the sound. She wondered what she might be able to do to have a chance to hear that sound again.

"It's not easy being an alpha in this situation either. We just...well, ended up in a difficult situation. But usually...I mean, when it works, when the timing and the connection is there...and you come together to share a heat and rut...when you can really...ride it out...there's just nothing better than that feeling..."

A low groan escaped the woman's lips. "Please, don't say ride it out...I really can't take it..."

"Hmmm, oh but I bet you can take it..." Lena said then immediately regretted it.

"Fuck, talk about unhelpful imagery!"

"Sorry, just slipped out." Lena apologized.

"OK, I'm going to let that one go...though there's a very obvious pun..."

"I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to make things more difficult, all I'm saying is, would you really want to give that up to be a beta? Personally, I wouldn't consider it. And being an alpha, we're just as much slaves to our biology."

"Yeah. I know you're right. It's just...god, it's so painful right now. Especially with you so close..." The woman said then quickly changed the subject. "So, what do you think about when you're...trying not to think about...other things?" The woman asked quietly.

"Hmm, well, sometimes I think about my mother. That's always a buzz kill..." Lena said with a grim laugh.

"Oh? Why is that?" The woman said, seeming desperate for a story to distract her.

"Oh, I don't know. The usual, I guess. She never really loved me, blah, blah, blah. Though, in my case, it does happen to be true."

"Why would you say that?"

"She more or less admitted as much a few years ago, after my father died. The same time she told me that she is not my birth mother."

"Ouch. I'm sorry, Lena. That sounds really horrible."

"Yes. It's the classic tale, the bastard daughter raised by the mother who was cheated on and somehow holds the child responsible rather than the father who did the cheating. Meanwhile the 'real' son is the beloved golden boy. That is...until recently. But that's another story..."

"Well, there's no where else I need to be..." She said. "Or can be, for that matter..."

"Sorry, I'm suffering enough right now, I don't want to think more about it." Lena took a deep breath. "Why don't you tell me about your family?"

"Hmmm, well, the short version is that my parents died when I was 13 and I was adopted by a wonderful family who loved and supported me and my adoptive sister is my best friend."

"Wow..." Lena said. "That was a very...efficient download of information."

"Yes, I don't...have much capacity for establishing a narrative arch at the moment."

Lena laughed out loud. "Damn you for being so charming under these trying circumstances..."

"Damn you for being so in control under these trying circumstances!" Kara said with a smile.

Lena could see that regardless of how harmless she tried to make their interactions that ultimately it led to more tension and excitement. She decided it might be best for them that they stop interacting for a while, to stay in their separate areas and focus on de-escalating their feelings. She leaned back in her seat bed to the point where she was no longer in view. Lena tried again to think about less appealing things rather than the gorgeous, charming woman who was so near.

After several minutes of extreme concentration, she managed to focus some on the current object of anger - her brother Lex. She began to try to think through her board meeting plan, to greater or lesser success. Before long she heard a quiet whine escape her seatmate's lips. She sat up quickly to look at her more closely. There, seeing Kara wrapped in her jacket, Lena felt a wave go through her. A wave, not only of protectiveness, but also possessiveness. With every ounce of her body she wanted to protect and possess this woman.

Mine. She heard the beast inside of her say in a low growl. She's mine.

Lena bit down on her lip and prayed the sound was only in her head and that she hadn't growled it out loud. She was starting to have waking dreams, images of being with the woman flashing before her eyes, and she was starting to wonder what was real or imagined in the darkness and quiet of that plane.

"Maybe we can try to sleep. Help the time pass faster..." The woman said through clenched teeth.

"Yes, good idea." They both began trying to get settled in their flattened seats. Lena tried to get comfortable while still holding the woman's hand across the arm rests, which was quite awkward. She seemed reluctant to let her hand go and Lena wanted to do anything she could to help her feel more calm.

Lena stared at the ceiling, trying again to think of unpleasant, off-putting images as her arm continued to stretch uncomfortably over the arm rest. The feel of the omega's hand was also bringing some calm to Lena. Then, the next thing she knew the woman was pulling her hand closer to her body, until it rested on what Lena assumed was her sternum. Lena stretched her fingers flat to cover the woman's heart, causing the tips of them to edge the woman's breasts.

"Oh, lord help me." Lena breathed out, this time she was sure she had spoken out loud. The woman was now holding Lena's palm flat against her chest so that Lena felt every rise and fall of her breath. She soon detected an increase in the speed of the woman's breathing.

"I've never wanted anyone this badly." The woman whispered, sounding amazed. "What am I going to do?"

Lena stayed quiet, knowing the woman was talking to herself based on the volume and tone. She was only hearing it due to her rut heightening her senses.

She continued to hold still, feeling the rise and fall of the woman's chest under her palm. The rhythm would have been soothing at any other time, but her mind couldn't stop obsessing about her breasts, which she was barely touching with the tips of her fingers.

" there anything I can do?" Lena said with concern. Despite her own need, the despair of the omega was driving her to distraction.

"Can I...would you mind if I lay down next to you?"

Lena gulped. Every fiber in her being told her it was a terrible idea. And every fiber wanted to feel the woman's body near her more than anything in the world. Besides, at this point the woman could have asked her to open the door of the plane so that she could get some air and Lena would have tried to do it.

"I, well...sure...if you think it will help."

"My body temperature is so high. I'm covered in sweat and the air conditioning is making me cold." Lena felt the woman quake in a full body shiver.

"Yes, yes, of course." Lena said and detected an uptick in the pheromones the woman was releasing. Lena inhaled as shallowly as she could, trying to take in as little air as possible. As much as she loved her smell, Lena could feel the scent was eating away at her control.

The woman sat up and looked around. There was no sign of their attendant, and the other passengers in business class seemed to be asleep. Lena watched wide eyed as the woman shifted off her seat bed and on to Lena's, sliding in right beside her as Lena shifted over. Their skin was now touching in more places, even though they were holding themselves apart. Lena thrilled at the sensation, and barely resisted the urge to wrap her arms around the woman and arrange her to lay on top of Lena's body. Instead, she held very still, trying to calm herself at the nearness of the omega.

"So...know any good jokes?" She asked.

Lena laughed at her attempt at her humor. A change in mood was exactly what they needed.

"Tell me a story." The woman whispered.

Lena tried to think of something that would be light-hearted and entertaining. She told a story of when she was young, when her brother had played a massive prank on her that led to her being completely humiliated in front of her class at boarding school. She remembered her classmates found the epic prank hilarious and talked about it for weeks. It was always Lena's go-to funny story. However, it didn't seem to have the same humorous affect on the omega.

"Oh...that's awful...I can't imagine..." She said. "I'm sorry that happened to you." Lena felt the woman start rubbing gentle circles on her stomach, seemingly trying to sooth her but it was having the opposite affect.

"Sorry, I was trying to make you laugh but I think I made you feel worse." Lena apologized.

"I just...can't imagine family doing something like that to each other." She murmured.

"Funny, my family always finds that story amusing. It's a bit of a classic we tell a lot." Lena said, not really feeling bad for herself because her brain was 99% distracted by the feeling of the blonde's fingers on her stomach. Even through her blouse the feeling was electric.

She took a deep breath and resisted with every cell of her body not to reach down, to cover the soft hand and move it over her raging cock. She had long been fully erect and it was becoming painful.

She felt the woman's circles moving lower, almost like she'd read Lena's mind and was teasing her by moving her hand steadily towards the direction of Lena's cock.

"If you go any further I won't be responsible for what I do next." Lena said in a raspy but nonthreatening tone. More like she just wanted to make sure the woman was aware of her situation and how close she was to losing control. Part of Lena was feeling resigned to giving up the fight. Anything to end the torture and taste the pleasures of the omega's body. She was starting to care less and less that they were in public, that the woman was a stranger, that it could risk pregnancy if...She stopped her mind from going there. But it felt so wrong for them to be so close and not be touching, that she wasn't at least holding the omega. Instead, Lena was laying there attempting not to move or think anything about the woman, even as her finger tips continued to move over Lena's blouse, against her stomach and ribs.

"Tell me something else. It doesn't have to be funny. Just distracting."

Lena tried to think, but her brain was too foggy with pheromones to figure out something clever that would be designed to calm their thoughts. Still, she was determined to keep talking since the omega had asked her to.

"I're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." Lena husked out. It was the one thing that kept going through her head, and she was following her urge to be honest. "And I don't mean just on the outside...which, of course, you're stunning. You nearly took my breath away when you first smiled at me. But you're also kind...and caring...and genuine. Just in the very short time I've known you, I can're really someone special. You're so different than the people I meet in my world. I really wish...we'd met under different circumstances."

"Wow." She said, sounding surprised. "That's...really sweet of you to say. Not very alpha..." She gave a weak smile, then leaned up so she could take Lena's arm and move it to rest on her back. She then began nuzzling into the crux of Lena's arm, along her side and dangerously close to her breast. A place of very concentrated pheromones. Lena held her breath and tried to minimize her body's response, despite the thrill of finally having her arm around the woman as she had been longing to do. The feeling of heat radiating off the woman into the side of her body was heightening her excitement.

"I know, I...actually, it's not very like me at all. In fact I don't think I've said anything like that before in my life. There's something about you...that makes me want to be honest."

"Being close to you makes me feel better. But also..." The blonde's words dropped off, then she whined quietly.

Lena reached with her arm that wasn't trapped to run her fingers through the blonde curls in what she hoped was a soothing manner.

"It's OK, baby..." Lena muttered quietly. What the actual fuck! What did you just say, Luthor? Why are you calling a woman you just met 'baby'? Especially if you're trying NOT to have sex with her. Lena began to chastise herself, not knowing where the name came from.

The omega seemed to appreciate it though, making a pleased sound and snuggling closer to Lena. Lena found herself torn between wanting to maximize contact, but knowing that every movement and sound from the woman was making it harder for her to maintain control. Then again, she knew in her heart that she didn't truly want to maintain control.

"It's just...I can see how much you're suffering. You're so...hard." The woman gulped. "And I know I could make it all better for you..."

"Jesus fucking Christ..." Lena moaned, letting a low rumble escape from deep in her throat.

The omega responded to the sound by squirming against her side. Moments later she resumed her massage of Lena's torso, and, according to Lena's comment, she avoided going lower, but instead went steadily higher. Lena could see her own chest expanding and falling more rapidly. But as her breathing sped up she pulled the delicious omega pheromones deeper into her lungs. She felt the blonde begin to slowly unbutton her blouse, then slide her fingers inside, against Lena's bare skin. Lena had never had an omega undress her first, and it was causing her brain to short circuit. She let out a deep moan, which must have encouraged her ministrations.

"I just feel more of your skin." The woman said as way of an explanation. She spread her hand flat near Lena's sternum for a moment, over her heart. Lena watched as her chest began to rise and fall faster under her hand. After a few moments she began moving her hand again. She had the lightest touch, and she slid her hand gently inside Lena's bra, cupping her breast and then taking her nipple between her fingers. Lena gasped at the sensation.

"Is this OK?" The woman asked, somehow sounding innocent despite what she was doing.

It took all Lena's strength to stop her. She felt like she must have used up the last of her will power to grasp the woman's wrist and pull her hand gently away from her breast.

"No, I...I can't take it. I'm barely hanging on as it is..."

Lena felt the woman instantly recoil. She pulled back her hand quickly and Lena could feel her struggling to create distance between their bodies within the tight space, then started to get up. Lena was distraught to realize the woman felt rejected, despite the fact that Lena wanted her more than anything she'd wanted her whole life. Lena tightened her arm around omega's back to keep her close to her body and prevent her escape.

Then she began to shake slightly. "I'm sorry! You've been nothing but a gentleman and here I am trying to seduce you!...I have no idea what's come over me, I'm not usually like this..." The woman's shoulders began to jerk and Lena realized she was crying frustrated sobs into her shoulder.

"No, no...please don't cry!" Lena's heart wrenched at the sound. She felt worse than she ever had at the sound and feel of the woman's quiet sobs, like a miserable failure. All she wanted was to make her feel safe and take of her. Don't forget fuck her another voice inside reminded. Lena tried again to ignore it.

Without her brain's involvement Lena eased her other hand under the woman's chin and lifted it so she could look her in the eye.

"Listen, it's not that I don't want you. God! I've never wanted anyone more. It's just...I'm afraid of losing control. And we're both...sort of public figures, with a lot to lose if something happens...I'm sure you especially need to consider your image if something were to happen and it got out..." Lena was rubbing soothing circles on the woman's back.

"I'm really, really sorry." The blonde said dejectedly.

"Please, I haven't done anything wrong! You're....perfect." She said, trying to reassure her. Their eyes locked for several moments until Lena felt herself surrender to her need to put her lips on the woman's beautiful pout.

The woman's lips melted open for her, so warm, and wet, and welcoming. Lena drank of them like they were water and she hadn't had a sip in days. She felt the woman's hands go behind her neck, securing her in place so that she had no hope of escape if she changed her mind.

Once their lips touched Lena had no regrets, except that she hadn't touched them sooner. How could she? The fact that she'd held out so long seemed like such a waste now. How could she ever have hoped to hold out against something so right?

She seemed to lose track of time as their kiss got deeper. She felt drunk, like she was stumbling about without any control over her actions. She explored the woman's mouth with her tongue and nipped at her lips. By the time she came slightly to her senses the woman had shifted her body, and now one leg was draped over hers.

Thank god for inattentive staff, she thought, praying that no attendants would come by. Even so, she couldn't bring herself to stop what was happening now, no matter the risk.

As they continued the deep, open mouthed kiss Lena moved her hands to the woman's hips, then shifted them so that she was now straddling Lena's thigh. The omega let out a satisfied moan as her cunt came into contact with Lena's leg. Lena reached one hand to the woman's knee, hitching it up so that her cunt was now riding Lena's jutting hip bone. Lena's alpha snarled inside at the feeling of wet heat pressing down on her.

The omega's hips began to gyrate slightly, in a way that felt involuntary to Lena. She gripped her hips to help her move more tightly and rapidly against her hip bone. At the same time the woman's leg had pressed hard against her cock, surrounding it with tight, warm pressure. Lena tried to stay focused on the omega's pleasure, despite how much she yearned to rut.

"That's it...such a good girl...rub your cunt on me...I'm gonna make you cum on me, baby." Lena's breath was becoming extremely rapid.

The woman was making quiet, incomprehensible noises, driving herself higher. Lena could tell she was close.

"It's time, Kara. Just let go and cum. It will help take the edge off." Lena knew that would only be temporarily true, but in that moment she would have said anything to make her cum. It felt like a race against time, not knowing when the attendant might show up to check on them.

"Ah, ah, ah, ahhhha..." The omega began making soft steady calls until she started shaking and at last Lena felt her fall over the cliff and into her orgasm. Lena delighted in the feeling of the woman going boneless, falling against her chest and shuddering as she came down from her orgasm. She laid still for so long that Lena thought she might have gone to sleep. Her cock was now crushed by the warmth of the other woman's body. Despite Lena feeling thrilled with having pleased the omega, she suddenly noticed her cock was not at all on board with the situation. After all the stimulation, expectations had been raised. She felt her cock twitching and fought to hold her body still, trying to give the omega a chance to sleep. She wanted her to have a bit of peace, even if it only lasted for a little while.

Suddenly Lena became aware of footsteps coming down the aisle from a distance. Thanks to the heightened hearing due to her rut, she had time to alert the omega to get back in her chair.

"Kara! Kara, I'm sorry. He's coming..." Her eyes shot up and widened. Suddenly, it was like the woman vanished. Before Lena knew what had happened, she was back in her own chair.

Since everyone else was asleep, the attendant made it to them quickly to see if they needed anything. They both asked for water and he disappeared to get it. If he'd noticed their labored breathing and general muss he didn't show it. He brought them each a bottle which they quickly downed.

"Thank god he's a beta..." Lena whispered.

"Yeah." The woman agreed. "Um...thanks for that...I do feel a lot...better."

Lena clenched her teeth. Her alpha rejoiced at having helped the omega, but her cock now even more loudly demanding attention. She simply couldn't ignore it any longer. Hearing and feeling the woman cum had felt good temporarily, but now only made her situation more intense.

"It was my pleasure. I only wish I could help more. I'd do anything to..." Lena caught herself, realizing that anything she said would only make things worse for both of them.

"Yeah, me too." The other woman added quietly.

"I'm sorry to say this, but, I think I have to go to the loo and..." Lena looked down, feeling embarrassed. "I know it's terrible, but it's getting very painful, and we still have hours to go...I have to do something..."

"Of course! I understand. I just wish...well, maybe I could help? I hate the thought of you doing...that...without me...It just seems very wrong. I want to be the one..."

At that the woman turned to face Lena, like she had a bright idea. She reached her hand over to Lena's seat buttons and moved the one that lowered her feet, leaving the rest of Lena's body in recline.

"I see you're a fast learner." Lena smirked, referring to her use of the seat buttons. But the smile left her face completely when the woman moved a hand to her thigh.

"What are you...?" Lena's question died in her throat as the woman's fingers made their way to the inside of her thigh and upward.

"I'm helping..." The woman said, her confident smile returning at last. "It's OK. Everyone's asleep and our attendant is completely clueless. He was just here, I'm sure he'll be gone for awhile...Anyway, this will help both of us. Making you feel good is going to make me feel good..."

Such a good omega... Lena thought to herself but bit her tongue.

The woman continued her movements upward until her fingers reached Lena's cock. She groaned and rumbled through her whole body at the feeling. It was all she could do not to call out when the woman's hand wrapped around the tight outline of her cock through her pants.

"You're so hard for me." The woman gasped, then started to stroke up and down her hard, thick length.

"You're so...fuck, you're... big..." She said, sounding amazed. Lena's eyes rolled back in pleasure. She almost felt like she would pass out when the woman gave her a tight squeeze then held her cock very still. Lena looked around furtively to make sure they weren't being observed. She had resigned herself to giving in, but she still didn't want to be caught. It was only a temporary solution, but she needed some relief. She grabbed a blanket and covered her lap and the woman's hand, making a small effort in case someone came by and she was too out of it to notice or care.

The woman began to stroke slow and steady as Lena's breaths started coming even faster. The feeling of the omega's hand on her cock felt so right. "Fuck, Kara, that feels so good."

Suddenly the woman stopped. "I'm sorry. This... isn't working for me." Lena's eyes shot open at what the woman said. Lena felt her move away. She looked around to figure out what went wrong, what she might be able to do to get that beautiful hand moving on her cock again. Now that she had started nothing else mattered.

As she looked around and noticed the woman sliding off the edge of her seat. Lena watched in amazement as she moved down to the floor, finally coming to a stop on her knees before Lena, then putting her hands on each of Lena's knees and looking up at her through long lashes.

"I really wanna suck your cock..." She said in a low whisper, with eyes asking permission. She reached for her cock again and began to rub.

"Is that OK?" She looked up at Lena with a ravenous look in her blue eyes.

Oh. Fuck.