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Supercorp Mile High Club

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Lena gritted her teeth in frustration as she took her seat by the window. She hadn't flown commercial in years, and that on top of the circumstances for her emergency trip had her on edge. While she was in Germany closing an important business deal for their family company, her brother had apparently had a complete meltdown. She had to get back to headquarters as fast as possible and there was no time to wait on the company jet, which was now deployed ferrying board members from across the country into the city for an emergency meeting.

To make matters worse, there was no private first class seat available. Instead, she found herself in business class, which meant that, despite more space and luxury than economy class, she would be seated next to another passenger instead of a nice, private pod set up.

Maybe I'll get lucky and no one will be assigned to that seat, she thought. Her hopes were quickly dashed with the arrival of a young blonde woman next to her row, lifting her carry-on into the overhead bin.

Lena watched out of the corner of her eye, and couldn't help but admire the woman's form. She saw how her well-fitting pants tightened over her ass as she reached up to secure her bag, also causing the fabric of her button-down shirt strained against her breasts.

The woman eventually sat down and Lena immediately noticed she smelled incredible.

Thank god I'm weeks from my rut, or this could potentially be a problem, she thought to herself as she subtlety drank in the woman's form. The last thing she needed was 10 hours trapped on a plane next to a beautiful woman if she was anywhere near her rut. If she had been close to it she never would have gotten on a commercial flight, emergency meeting or not. She'd learned early on that she was an especially virile alpha, and when she was near rut she gave off a powerful scent that drew omegas to her, with weaker ones sometimes losing control and doing something extreme to get her attention. Lena was proud of the control she had conditioned over her body, but at times she could feel the beast under her skin, growling for control of her thoughts and actions. Fortunately, she never had any trouble finding an enthusiastic partner, who appreciated that beast, to share her rut. Being a gorgeous and powerful CEO had it's privileges.

As the woman closed the bin she looked down at Lena with a wide smile. Lena felt her breath catch at the brilliance of her smile and dazzling blue of her eyes.

"Hello! Looks like we're neighbors." The woman offered.

Lena nodded in acknowledgement but stayed quiet. Under normal circumstances she would probably have engaged in flirting with such a beautiful woman. But being stuck on a commercial flight for 10 hours, she didn't want to risk being trapped with an inquisitive seat mate prying in to her life for gossip. Being the world's youngest female on the fortune 500 list, not to mention her and her brother's romantic antics, led to her being somewhat famous. Or some might say infamous, she thought to herself.

A flight attendant showed up almost immediately with glasses of champagne and orange juice on his tray.

"Care for a beverage before we take-off?" He asked.

Lena reached for a glass of champagne to take the edge off. She noticed the woman chose orange juice, which was right in line with the wholesome image she was projecting.

"Wow, I've never flown in business class before!" She said excitedly. "Free drinks!"

Lena hummed in acknowledgement but continued to stay quiet. She was waiting for the next shoe to drop, which was that she would be recognized by her seatmate or another passenger. She lifted the blind of her window to look out, hoping no one would recognize her and the woman would take the hint and leave her alone.

Moments later there was commotion as a young girl came running down the aisle, stopping at their row.

Hmm, she's much younger than my usual groupies. Lena mused. She was soon surprised to realize the girl was not there for her.

"Kara! Kara, hi!" She said loudly, nearly jumping up and down in the aisle.

"Hi! What's your name?" The woman laughed, seemingly unphased by what was apparently a stranger addressing her with such enthusiasm.

"I'm Nia! I'm your biggest fan!" The girl rambled with excitement. "I was so excited to hear you made the World Cup team! You really deserve it after such a great season!"

"I was so excited too! Only my second year in the league, so I really wasn't expecting it!" The woman said with a wide smile.

In the next moment a woman showed up, looking like an older version of the girl.

"Kara Danvers?!...What are daughter has a poster of you on her wall! I can't believe you're on this plane..." The woman then seemed to get a handle on her surprise. "I'm so sorry for the bother. She was right behind me and I didn't realize she was gone... My daughter is your biggest fan!"

"So I've heard." The woman said, smiling warmly.

Suddenly the attendant appeared next to them. "Ma'am, I'm sorry but you can't be in this section without a ticket. Please return to your seat."

"Of course! I'm so sorry for the intrusion! Please excuse us." She said, taking her daughter's hand and trying to lead her away.

"Wait. Can she stay for just a moment? I can't let my biggest fan leave without a signature." The woman smiled, looking at the attendant for permission.

"Of course, Ms. Danvers." The attendant said reluctantly and stood down.

"Yes!" The young girl screamed and jumped up, pumping her fists in the air.

"Wonderful, thank you so much!" The mother said, reaching into her purse for paper and a pen. Lena watched as the woman quickly signed her name with a flourish and gave it back to her young fan.

"There you are. And thanks for being my biggest fan!" She said.

"Thank you! Can I, um...have a hug?" She asked shyly.

"Nia!" Her mother said reprovingly.

"It's fine. Of course you can." The blonde said and wrapped her up in a quick squeeze. "You have a nice flight."

"Thank you again Ms. Danvers. You're absolutely wonderful! A great role model for young girls." The mother said, now dragging away her charge with determination.

"Good luck with the Cup!" The young girl called from down the aisle.

The woman turned to Lena and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry about that."

Lena realized she'd been watching closely, her mouth nearly open. Despite the disruption she was utterly charmed by the display.

"'s no problem." Lena said, trying to pull her thoughts together. Usually she was the one dealing with a fan. And she was typically much less patient.

The woman took out her phone to scroll through messages and began typing replies. Lena was impressed that she didn't try to engage further. She either didn't recognize Lena or didn't care.

After take-off they were served a 4-course meal on small linen table cloths and silver ware. For Lena it was nothing special, a step down from what she would have had on the company jet, but her seatmate was clearly impressed.

"Wow! This sure beats those tiny meals in the aluminum containers and crappy plasticware! I always feel like I could eat 4 of them. Even though they taste terrible. They're just so little..." She said, almost as if she was talking to herself.

Lena was intrigued by the woman. She fought her urge to engage in conversation but finally gave in.

"So, you athlete?" Lena asked. She couldn't help but notice the tight cords of muscle flexing through the woman's pants. Her mind flashed to an image of them straddling her and quickly tried to shake it out of her mind.

"Oh, yeah. I play for the National Women's Soccer League." Kara said, casually. "I'm with the National City Spirit."

"Sorry. I don't really follow sports." Lena admitted.

"No worries." The woman said as she continued to shovel large bites of food into her mouth. "My name's Kara, by the way."

"Yes, I noticed." She smirked. "I'm Lena."

"Nice to meet you, Lena!" Kara said after swallowing. "So, are you traveling on business or pleasure?"

"Business." She said and left it at that. She was a bit mesmerized by the eating marathon happening next to her.

"Oh, what type of business are you in?"

"Science and technology." Lena said, vaguely. "Mostly."

"Wow, I love science and technology! Like, inventions and stuff?"

"Yes, exactly."

"Can you tell me about some of the things your company works on?"

"A lot of it is,...well, classified." Lena demurred.

"I see." Kara said, sounding a bit discouraged and re-focusing on her meal.

The attendant appeared and asked if they wanted more of anything.

"And we even get seconds?!" The blonde exclaimed. She requested more food while Lena asked for more wine.

Thirsty, Luthor? she chided herself. This woman was making her feel off her usual game and she needed to relax.

"So, does that happen to you a lot?"

"What, extra food on a plane?" Kara asked. "Never!"

"No, I approaching you in public."

"Oh. Well, it's starting to happen pretty regularly. My team won the championship last year! And they recently announced I've made the team for the World Cup." She said, still sounding humble despite what Lena suspected was a huge deal in her field.

"I would imagine there were already lots of girls with your picture on their walls, long before you made the World Cup team." Lena said huskily.

So much for the 'no flirting on a plane' policy. She thought to herself. But the woman didn't seem to notice her implication.

"It is strange to think that some people have me on their wall." She acknowledged. "I'm not really used to all the attention yet."

"Well, something tells me you better get used to it." Lena added, sipping her wine. She'd lost all interest in her food, she was so drawn to the woman. It was so rare these days to meet someone who caught her interest.

The two women continued chatting amicably through dinner until the attendant came and took away their plates. Lena found herself increasingly charmed by the woman's beauty and sincerity.

Once the plates were cleared, the blonde put away her table and started playing with the command buttons to operate her seat.

"I guess I better try to sleep. My coach insisted I fly business class so that I could lay flat and get some sleep en route...I'm flying back for a big game..." She explained as she continued to try to figure out the many buttons.

"Can I help you? These things can be confusing when you've never used them before." Lena offered helpfully, surprising herself at her concern.

"Thanks. I just want the seat to flatten all the way into a bed." The woman said, looking Lena in the eye. Lena bit her lip and watched as the woman's eyes darted down and lingered. Did she imagine it, or was the woman noticing at her lips? Probably too much wine, Lena thought to herself. Still, she hesitated for a moment and worked to resist capturing the woman's lips in her own. They were so close...Though she kept control of herself she could feel the beast deep inside her rumble in complaint. Finally she moved to adjust the woman's seat.

"There you are." She said as she finished moving it into a completely flat bed.

"Perfect, thank you." The blonde offered. Lena saw her eyes dart down again, this time to Lena's lap before quickly moving away.

Is she checking me out? Lena asked herself but decided she was better off blaming it on her own imagination again.

Or wishful thinking... she thought.

"My pleasure." Lena husked. "Just let me know if there's anything else I can do for you." She hoped it didn't sound as predatory to the woman as it did in her head.

Down girl. Lena thought to herself. She stayed awake for quite a while longer, looking more closely at the stock market numbers on her tablet and adding them into the presentation she was creating for the board strategy meeting. She could see Luthor Corp stock was already tanking due to her brother's meltdown, and it was putting her even more on edge.

She requested more wine and tried to keep her eyes from straying to the sleeping form of her seatmate. She couldn't help but notice her curves under the thin blanket. Her face was ringed by soft curls as she started breathing more deeply in her sleep.

How can someone be so gorgeous and seem to have no idea? Lena asked herself. She was amazed at how down to earth the soccer star seemed to be. And the fact that she didn't even seem to know who Lena was all very intriguing.

After a sufficient amount of wine Lena was ready to slip into unconsciousness herself. She adjusted her seat flat and settled in.


Hours later, Lena awoke suddenly out of a deep sleep. She'd been dreaming she was laying heavily on top of a beautiful, naked body, her face nuzzling into a luscious pair of breasts. She raised her eyes to notice long, golden curls cascading over the shoulder of her dream lover. It was that surprise that had woken her; She sat up and looked around trying to figure out where she was. The lights of the plane had been lowered completely and she couldn't see much. That, on top of the wine making her groggy, it took her several moments to remember where she was. She quickly came to realize she was surrounded by a fog of delectable omega pheromones.

Oh, fuck. She said to herself, suddenly realizing the tightness in her pants.

The events of the evening came rushing back to her. Lena, you complete fucking idiot! She thought. She'd let herself get carried away thinking about the gorgeous woman and it had carried into her dream consciousness.

She gazed to the seat next to her and in a dim blue light saw the blonde's chest rising and lowering rhythmically. She couldn't help but notice that, once again, the woman's shirt had become pulled tightly against her breasts, leaving little to the imagination.

Suddenly, the woman shifted and rolled over, letting out a low groan. Lena felt her cock respond to the groan and she gasped quietly.

Next she became aware that her body temperature was unusually high, and despite the chill of the plane air she was sweating all over.

Oh my fucking god... Lena thought, feeling panic rise in her chest. It almost felt like...but it couldn't be. She was weeks away from her rut.

She cringed as the woman moved again, seeming to become restless in her sleep. Lena's cock was responding to every movement and noise she made.

Lena tried to think about what medications she had with her. She'd left in such a hurry, and, being so far away from her rut, she knew she hadn't packed any suppressants.

Come on, think Luthor! You're a biomedical engineer, there must be something to do about this! She thought to herself.

As she brainstormed a solution, she noticed the woman was increasingly restless in her sleep, until eventually she half sat up on her elbows. Lena watched as the woman looked around, seeming to go through the same process that Lena just did, trying to figure out where she was and why she was surrounded by...alpha pheromones! It dawned on Lena then that, being surrounded by such wonderful omega smells, she was undoubtedly giving off strong alpha scents herself.

She watched as the woman seemed to come to a similar realization. Her eyes rose to Lena's, then moved down to her lap, noticing what was quickly becoming a large bulge. Her eyes went wide as she looked back up at Lena. The two women's eyes locked for several moments.

"I think you just triggered..." They both started saying the same thing at the same time.

"My heat..." The blonde said.

"My rut..." Lena finished.

Oh. Fuck.