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Starting with a Bang

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Izuku clicked his phone off and shoved it into his bag with a sigh. Smoothing down his deep green rabbit-patterned yukata, he wondered what exactly he should do now. Arriving at the festival not even five minutes ago, he had expected to meet up with his mom, wander around the food stalls, and maybe win a few prizes. Instead she had texted him to let him know that she wouldn’t be able to come because work was keeping her late. 


I wonder what exactly work needs from mom. She almost never needs to work late. But it would be pointless to leave early...


Softly sighing once more, the green-haired teen looked around the festival area, exploring everything on offer. The setup itself was pretty standard for any summer festival: feats of strength, a duck pond, prize booths,masks, and long rows of food. Further beyond laid a stretch of land which boasted a carousel, roller coaster, ferris wheel and more. All around him varicolored lights glitter in the night, illuminating everything with a cheerful sparkling rainbow, and happy shrieks pierced the night.


Izuku didn’t hate festivals-far from it, really-but he absolutely disliked attending celebrations alone. Ever since he was small, he had always tagged along with someone to these events. This would be his first year solo.


Nevertheless, he figures that he may as well get used to being on his own. Not only because he was seventeen now, but because he knew his friends would no longer be able to drop their plans at a moment’s notice just to be with him. Furthermore, he was training to be a pro hero, and pros are supposed to be able to handle anything. 


Resigning himself to his fate, he sets his shoulders back and heads towards the yakitori stand at the far end of the festival grounds. Settling himself at the end of the line, he waits, the smell of the chicken skewers wafting towards him and making his stomach growl. The promise of food begins to lift his spirits slightly, and a small smile etches itself onto his face. In front of him a large group shifts and exits the line, and soon he’s holding a paper boat piled high with delicious juicy chicken, the sweet-salty sauce adding a perfect flavor to the meat. With slightly boosted spirits he wanders the crowded festival grounds, the sounds of giddy screaming and drum music meeting his ears. 



“Whaaaat?!? Don't lie to me you old hag!"


“Don’t you dare scream at me, Bakugou Katsuki! You’re fucking old enough to understand that I have work, you brat.”


“Tch. Fucking whatever."


With that, the blond jabbed at the end call button, silencing his mother’s voice with a growl of frustration. Slipping the phone into his bag with unnecessary force, tamping down the urge to hurl it to the ground, he took a deep breath. Loathe as he was to admit it, he knew she was right. If anything he should be used to the fact that his parents were occasionally called into work at the last minute, usually by some narcissistic young pro who wanted a last minute costume change before their next public appearance. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help but wonder for a moment what the hell he was even doing here. The bright lights and bubbling laughter which filled the air didn’t help his mood, honing his irritation to a fine point. The original plan had been to come to the festival, let his parents annoy him with family time for a few hours, and then leave with vague promises to see them again. It wasn’t that he hated his parents. On the contrary, it was a wonder that the hag and his old man hadn’t dumped him in the forest when he was a kid. But being in his last year at UA meant his time was precious, and even summer break was filled with internships and homework meant to prepare him for his future as a hero.


Huffing through his nose, he decided to stay. Fuck it. I ain't going back on the train this early.


Glancing around, the explosive blond inspected the various booths around him, trying to decide where he should head first. Most of them were decidedly lame, geared towards brats and their parents that couldn’t even manage to catch a plastic duck or knock down some bottles. The food was usually decent, but wasn't worth the price when he felt he could make it better. Beyond the booths the festival grounds expanded, boasting a variety of rides on its flat, dusty surface. One ride in particular caught his attention: a massive roller coaster standing as the centerpiece of it all, loops and ramps lit up on the track edges with multicolored lights. 


His mood lightening and a small smirk lifting one side of his face, he headed towards the ticket booth, slamming down 2,000 yen in exchange for a strip of tickets. He headed towards the back of the line and waited as it crept slowly forward, moving him ever closer to the ride. Soon he found himself at the front of the line, waiting for the cars to rattle down the track and begin boarding.


As soon as the coaster had emptied he pushed forward, glaring at anyone who dared to tut at him, and settled in the very first car, the prime spot to enjoy all the roller coaster had to offer. The cars quickly filled around the blond, other festival goers as eager as he for thrills, and within two minutes the ride started up. Keeping his eyes open despite the wind rushing into them, he screamed happily at each twist and loop, throwing his hands up at the top of the ramps right  before they plummeted down. The adrenaline rushing through his veins added the perfect sparkle to a night which was steadily improving. By the time the coaster stopped and he departed, the foul mood the blond had experienced earlier in the evening was all but gone.


Leaving the ride area his stomach suddenly growled, and he frowned. He had eaten before he left the school for the evening, but it seemed the adrenaline rush had heightened his hunger. Begrudgingly he acknowledged that he would need to eat something, or his mood would be even worse than usual.


Scanning the booths quickly, he spotted an empty takoyaki stand, the thought of the crisp puffs causing his mouth to water. His mind made up, he approached the booth and ordered the largest size they had. Within a few minutes he was handed a steaming plateful with a grateful smile. Handing off his money, the blond uttered a thanks before leaving with his food and wandering around the festival. Biting into the crisp balls, his mouth filled with the taste of octopus, adding a celebratory flavor to the night. 



Having quickly devoured his food, Izuku now wandered the festival grounds in search of entertainment. In the past he tended to want to go on the rides first, but he disliked riding them alone. Something about sitting alone, or perhaps being seated next to a stranger, filled him with a sort of melancholy. As he glanced at the crowds surrounding him, he noticed what appeared to be a familiar head of blond hair near the shooting gallery.


Is that...Kacchan?


Weaving through the people nearby, he approached the booth, waiting for the blond to turn around. Though the explosive hairstyle and the leanly muscled body in the blue-gray yukata looked right, he didn’t want to embarrass  himself by mistaking someone else for Kacchan.


The blond in the yukata turned a bit, and Izuku’s eyes lit up in recognition. 




Quickly turning at the sound of the greenette’s voice, the blond’s crimson eyes widened in shock before narrowing. 


“What are you doing here, nerd?” he asked, voice slightly gruff. 


“Ah, Kacchan, I didn’t know you were going to be here! I was supposed to come with mom,” he answered, rubbing the back of his neck. 


“Supposed to? Does that mean auntie isn’t here?”


“No, she was called into work last minute, heh heh.”


“Really?” Katsuki questioned, eyebrow raised. 


“Ah, yeah, why?” He had no idea where the blond was going with his line of questioning.


“Tch. Nothing, ‘s just a little weird, she usually doesn’t have to work late.”


“Yeah, but it’s okay. We’re gonna be pros soon, so we’ll have to get used to schedules not lining up. Besides, I’m glad I came.”




“Because I get to spend time with Kacchan!” he answered, and a smile broke across his face, lighting it from within. 


The blond sputtered a bit before clearing his throat in embarrassment , running his hand through his hair. Izuku noticed a blush creeping across the other man’s face, but Kacchan seemed to be steadfastly ignoring it. He wasn’t quite sure what that was about, but if the blond was pretending he was not embarrassed he supposed he could ignore it for now. 


“Let’s go then, ya damn nerd,” he replied, voice rough as ever.


Thus began one of the best nights of Izuku’s life. When the night had begun, he had resigned himself to attending the festival alone, spending perhaps an hour total in attendance, and then heading home. Instead time flew by as Kacchan dragged him all around the festival grounds, insisting on visiting every booth and boarding every ride. Somewhere around midnight, they reached their final destination: the wish tree.


“What are you wishing for?”


“None of your business!” Katsuki yelled, turning away from Izuku with a huff so that the green-haired man wouldn’t be able to see what he was writing. 


Shrugging, Izuku filled out his own card, his face flushing with heat as he read over what he had written. Reaching above himself to a sparsely-occupied branch, he tied his wish and then clapped his hands together in prayer. On the other side of the tree the blond did the same thing, determined not to let his friend/rival see the card. Above them, the sky broke open with a bang. Izuku gasped delightedly at the beginning of the fireworks show and turned to Kacchan. For some reason, instead of watching the colorful lights which sparked the sky, the blond was looking at him strangely, an air of some unidentifiable emotion flitting across his face. 




Silently, the blond surged forward and grabbed Izuku’s hand in a firm grip, pulling him across the festival grounds. 


“Where are we going?” he asked, confusion suffusing his voice. 


The blond refused to answer, however, and instead continued to lead Izuku by the hand, past the booths and grounds and into the surrounding wooded area. 


“Kacchan, what…”


The rest of his question was cut off as the explosive man surged forward, capturing his lips in a searing kiss. Izuku’s eyes widened, shock bolting through him, and he pulled away. 


“Why did you…?”


“What?” Kacchan barked harshly. “Kiss you? Because I wanted to, dammit. For some disgusting reason I like you, but clearly you don’t like me, so I’ll just go now. Don’t ever bring this up,” he finished, voice icy cold.


Izuku was positively shocked. He had no idea that the blond had been hiding these feelings. He liked Kacchan, of course he did, had since they were kids, but between the bullying and the day of the slime villain incident, he had long since lost hope that his feelings would be returned. But this new revelation meant that he had a chance, shiny and new, to try again.


Rather than use his words, however, he grabbed the blond’s wrist in a firm grip as he turned away. The other man’s eyes widened, but before he could say anything, Izuku was on him, initiating a kiss of his own. He pressed against the blond firmly, attempting to pour all his feelings into it, hoping he would understand what Izuku was feeling. 


Something must have broken through the barriers, for the blond began to kiss back with equal enthusiasm, working his lips against Izuku’s with a fervor new to the both of them. Pulling back, the explosive man looked at him, eyes shining and cheeks flushed, before diving back in. They came back together, again and again, Kacchan nipping at his lips and driving him wild. Between his legs, his cock twitched in interest, and the blond seemed to notice or sense it somehow.


Smirking, the blond gazed at him, eyes blazing with lust. 


“You pervert,” he said, emitting a sharp bark of a laugh at the end of the statement.


“Pervert? I...Kacchan! You’re the one that started kissing me!”


“You should see yourself, your yukata’s all messed up.”


Izuku merely huffed.


The blond stepped forward, wrapping his arms around Izuku and pulling him closer, whispering in his ear. 


“But if you’re a pervert, then so am I.”


Izuku felt the blond press himself along his body, allowing the greenette to feel the hardness between the other’s legs as well. He gasped a bit, feeling his body heat up as the man started kissing him again, which allowed the blond to slip his tongue into his mouth. Sliding the sinuous wet muscle against Izuku’s tongue, he moaned into the kiss, doing his best to keep up with the other man. The blond’s kissing style was dominant, fiery, and he used it to pour all his passion into Izuku, letting him know that he wanted this just as much as Izuku did. Above them, the slightly muffled whistles and bangs of fireworks continued, the rainbow of lights illuminating the clearing and shining on Kacchan’s milky skin. 


Izuku whined slightly as the blond pulled away, but the whines were soon replaced with high-pitched keening as Kacchan dove back in and sucked at his neck, nipping along it here and there before soothing the bites with his tongue. He felt, rather than saw, a hand slip up his thigh, and he pressed into the sensation as it climbed higher, closer to where his cock stood at full mast. The blond’s hand was bare inches away from the border of his fundoshi when it was suddenly snatched away.


“Kacchan, please!” he pleaded. Now that the greenette knew exactly how the blond’s body felt against his, he was desperate for the sensation to return, as well as some friction on his aching member.


Silently, the other man just smirked, hands toying with the ties of his obi instead. He watched, eyes wide, as the blond pulled one side of the tie to undo the knot. Slowly, teasingly, he continued, pulling at the other side as well, pulling the neck apart so that he was exposing his chest, and then going on to expose a well-muscled thigh. Before Izuku could say anything else, however, the blond elected to end the torture and remove the garment. Standing in nothing but his own fundoshi, the explosive man’s cock strained against the cloth, and Izuku could see the spot where the precum had leaked through and wet it slightly. The lights above illuminated him, turning the blond into the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.


Feeling emboldened, Izuku stepped forward and ran his hands over the blond. He stroked along the muscled chest, tracing the dips and valleys of the other male’s abdominal muscles, the swell of his pecs, the hard v line. Finally, he slipped his right hand below the waist and gently caressed the bulge inside the fundoshi. The blond groaned slightly, bucking a bit into the hand stroking him. Delighted at the response he was pulling from the man, Izuku stroked a bit more firmly, fondling the head and slipping along the length. 


“Mmm, fuck, Deku!” he cried, head thrown back to expose the long, pale column of his throat.


Izuku pressed forward, licking a stripe up his throat and chin and ghosting over his lips. He poked his tongue out, making a show of tasting the man.


“You taste so sweet, Kacchan,” he cooed.


Katsuki growled and bucked into the friction, more precum leaking from the tip of his cock, before he pulled away from Izuku. Reaching forward, he pulled the ties on Izuku’s yukata, slipping the layer slowly from his shoulders and pushing it to the ground. The silken fabric pooled around Izuku’s feet, and he stepped out of it, standing in only his fundoshi in front of the blond. Out of insecurity he wrapped his arms around his torso, but Katsuki pulled them away, gaze roving along the greenette’s body. 


“You don’t need to cover yourself,” he said, low and meaningful. 


Izuku blushed and dipped his head, but the blond placed his fingers gently under his chin and lifted it until their gazes met. 


“You’re gorgeous,” the blond whispered. 


Katsuki pressed their lips together once more, but unlike the fervent hunger from before, this kiss held a different kind of message. A desire to devour the smaller man slowly. As their mouths continued to move against each other, the blond pressed on the other man’s shoulders gently, urging him to lay back on the soft grass beneath them. Stretched out before Katsuki fully, naked but for a small piece of cloth, Izuku felt raw and vulnerable. This feeling only intensified when the blond reached out and unwound the fundoshi, leaving the greenette’s cock to spring free, nestled within dark green curls. 


With one last kiss Katsuki pulled away, grabbing something from his bag before returning to Izuku, crouching between his legs. Izuku heard the snap of a cap, and then there was a slender finger tracing around his hole. 


“I don’t have any lube, so I hope lotion works,” Katsuki said. 


The finger continued to trace around the puckered entrance, gently and insistently, driving Izuku mad. Before he could beg the blond to continue, however, he felt the finger press into him. Gasping, he instinctively pulled away a bit, the intrusion a brand new sensation for him. The finger pressed further, and Katsuki pumped it in and out a bit, letting Izuku adjust to the feeling. After a moment he pulled his finger out, and Izuku whimpered at the loss of sensation, but it was soon replaced by a new one as the blond plunged two fingers in. He pressed more insistently this time, stroking and searching, before he found what he was looking for and pressed.


Izuku bucked up with a cry as Katsuki pressed against his prostate, igniting sparks inside of him. Though the feeling of being penetrated for the first time still lingered, it was quickly being replaced with pleasure, the spring of arousal in his groin further tightening as the blond took his time with his ministrations. 


“Kacchan, Kacchan, please, I…”


“What do you need?” Katsuki asked, continuing to stroke Izuku’s velvety walls as he spoke.


“Please, touch me more!”


“But I am touching you.” 


“That’s not what I mean,” he gasped. “I want…”


“What do you want, Deku ?”


“I w-want you inside me.”


The blond grinned ferally, pulling his fingers from Izuku and wiping them on his fundoshi cloth. Izuku whined at the loss, hole clenching down around nothing. Katsuki quickly whipped the cloth aside and grabbed the bottle he had discarded, rubbing his length generously before lining it up with the greenette’s entrance. 


“Last chance to say no, Izuku.”


“I want you. Please,” Izuku near sobbed.


With that, Katsuki pushed forward, breaching Izuku’s hole with the tip of his cock. The smaller man gasped, scrabbling at the blond’s broad back as he pushed forward slowly, letting Izuku adjust bit by bit. After a moment he was fully seated inside, the base of his pubic bone pressed to Izuku’s plush buttocks. Katsuki stilled and held himself there for a moment, the soft heat of his insides nearly overwhelming. 


“Move,” Izuku commanded breathlessly. 


Katsuki braced himself and slid out slowly, nearly to the tip, before pressing back in. He did this a few more times before finding his rhythm, setting a leisurely pace. Below him, Izuku moved his hips, bucking them against the blond while Katsuki pumped into him. The pace the explosive man had set was maddening, the slight friction against his straining cock as the blond leaned over him enough to spike his pleasure higher, but not enough to push him to his peak. Kacchan seemed unconcerned, however, and merely held Izuku’s hips in place as he continued to move within him. 


“Kacchan,” he whined in frustration. 


“You gotta use your words, nerd,” he replied, continuing his slow grind. 


“Please, please, faster Kacchan.”


Izuku felt rather than saw the man reach below his knees with both hands and press his legs to his chest. As soon as he did that his pace quickened, snapping his hips forward and back much faster than before. The greenette gasped at the new sensations assaulting him, especially when the blond grazed past his prostate. The feelings were too much, too soon, and he found himself coming untouched between them, his cock spurting milky fluid onto his stomach and chest, and probably onto Kacchan’s chest too. 


The blond growled, somehow picking up his pace even more, chasing his end. Izuku whimpered, hypersensitive, as the man hit his prostate with every thrust now. With a few more thrusts the man slammed home, and Izuku felt himself being filled, Kacchan’s hot cum gushing out in spurts. Once he had finished he collapsed on top of Izuku, and the smaller man wrapped his arms around the blond, kissing his neck and shoulders.


Above them, the sky lit up with one final display of fireworks, the clearing illuminated by an orange and green rosette. Over the loudspeakers, a voice announced that the show was over and to come back tomorrow. 


Izuku felt the blond pull out of him and roll to the side, and though they were gross and sweaty, he had never felt warmer than he had now, pressed against the man he realized he had loved all along.


“Thank you, Kacchan,” he said, a smile in his voice.


“For what?” the blond asked, tilting his head to the side questioningly. 


“For ending my night with a bang,” he grinned.


“Shut up,” Katsuki snorted, before breaking into bright laughter and kissing Izuku one last time.