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Darling You Are The Only Exception

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Wangji didn’t understand why he was only allowed to see his mother once a month. His classmates got to see their mothers everyday. He’d hear about how their mothers would tie their hair every morning or sneak them sweets. He had asked his brother but Xichen had only shook his head and smiled. He had asked uncle but uncle just told him that it was the rule. It didn’t make much sense to Wangji. He listened to uncles lectures but not once was there a rule mentioning only seeing your mother once a month. He thought of asking father but decided against it. Wangji didn’t see father much but there was something about the man. To Wangji father always seemed sad. This was something else that he didn’t understand.
Mother and father were cultivation partners, he learned about it in class when he got his ribbon. Teacher had described it as a blessing, as something to be cherished and cared for. So it didn’t make sense to Wangji that his father would be sad. Mother was the best. She didn’t get angry at him for not talking and she would always smile at him. Mother always had something to say. Wangji didn’t always understand what mother had meant but he listened anyway, she had a lovely voice. Though what Wangji loved the most about mother was the warmth that she radiated when she hugged him or stroked his hair.
Wangji didn’t understand how his father was so sad with how good his mother was. Wangji knew bias was against the rules but he was sure that his mother was one of the best people alive. He also didn’t understand the weird feeling that appeared when uncle and mother were in the same room. It was almost like they didn’t like each other. It made him feel uncomfortable though he always dismissed such a ridiculous idea. It was against sect rules to show hostility to family members.
Besides Wangji loved uncle and mother so they couldn’t possibly dislike each other.

It was in winter that he saw his father outside. It was a rare sight as Wangji almost never saw his father.
Wangji pursed his lips as he pondered what to do. He wanted to be with his father but father didn’t seem to want be with him ever. Wangji was almost sure that father didn’t love him but Uncle said father loved him and Xichen. Uncle wouldn’t lie.
Wangji’s pondering was soon cut short when a sobbing could be heard. Wangji let his eyes wonder to find the source only to realize that it was coming from his father. The man’s shoulders were shaking as his sobs increased. Wangji frowned in concern, it wasn’t nice to leave someone crying but he didn’t know what to do. Wangji wished Xichen was here, his brother would know what to do.
Wangji stood there as he thought about what he learned in class but nothing seemed to solve the problem. Wangji continued to stand there before he came to a conclusion. With determined steps, Wangji walked up to his father before tugging on father’s robe sleeve.
Wangji watched as his father turned to face him. He could see tears falling from sad golden eyes that seemed to resemble his own.
“Wangji.” Came his fathers voice. Not bothering to use words, Wangji encased his tiny arms around the neck of the kneeling man. It felt odd to Wangji, he never hugged his father. He wanted to let go as soon as the hug began but he knew he couldn’t. Father was sad and needed a hug.
Everything was silent and still before Wangji felt arms wrapping around him. Wangji stood still as he heard the sobs from his father and felt his shoulder getting damp.
Wangji didn’t understand why his father was crying but knew better than to ask questions.

Xichen said mother went away on a trip.
Lying was against sect rules. Mother wouldn’t leave without saying bye. Mother loved him and Xichen. Mother wouldn’t just leave.
Wangji kneeled out in front of the house that was his mothers home. Wangji only got to see his mother once a month, he wasn’t giving up his chance.
“Wangji, mom isn’t inside. Mom left.”Xichen had said as he gently placed his hand on Wangji’s shoulder. Wangji ignored his brother. He must see mother.
“Come on Wangji, it’s cold. You’re going to get sick.”
“No. Must see mother.”
“Wangji mom left to go on a trip.” Said Xichen once more. Wangji didn’t have to look at his brother to know that there was a look of guilt on his face.
“Lying is prohibited brother.”
“Wangji. Come on you must leave. Mother isn’t coming. She’s gone.” Xichen tried to tug on Wangji’s arm to pull him up but Wangji refused to budge.
“She’s not there. She’s gone Wangji.”
“Mother wouldn’t leave.” Wangji said as he continued to kneel.
“But she did Wangji...”Xichen added more pressure to his shoulder before replacing his hand with his head, “She’s gone Wangi. She’s not coming back. She didn’t say bye. She’s gone Wangji, she’s gone.”
“Mother wouldn’t.”
“But she did Wangji, she did.” Xichen said. Silence encased the two brothers. There was no words to be said. Wangji continued to kneel as he felt his shoulder become dampened once more.

Years had passed since that cold winter day. Lan Wangji had grown to be a cold but respectful youth. The people of Gusu Lan had praised him for his strengths and his Beauty.
Wangji didn’t like the praise though, it was against sect rules to be boastful of oneself. If he was being honest, there wasn’t much that he did like, much less love. Though that was alright because Wangji had all that he needed. He had his brother. He has his uncle and to some odd extent, he had his father. He was content with his life, he didn’t want anything else. Of course that was before the creature that went by the name of Wei Wuxian.