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you're an animal (and i love it)

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Having just cracked open a bottle of red wine, you poured yourself a glass and took a modest sip. Settling onto your couch, you pulled a blanket over yourself and flicked on the TV, waiting. If you knew him, Pale would be here soon, and he would be fuming. 

You hadn’t spoken in a few days after having a particularly awful fight, one that ended in screaming and a broken lamp. You had just told him that you were thinking of saving up, getting out of this shitty neighborhood- whether he wanted to come with you or not. He was fuming, outraged at the slightest notion of you going anywhere without him. You didn’t want to leave without him, and really, you wouldn’t. You just wanted to know what he thought of the idea, and if the threat of you leaving would be enough to make him follow. Well, you got your answer. 

But when he didn’t talk to you the next day, or the day after that, you started to get angry. It didn’t matter what the argument was about- it never did. He always got over it, you both did. But him ignoring you...that was nearly too much to bear. His attention was intoxicating. 

The two of you had agreed to go to a party thrown by a mutual friend that weekend, and you still hadn’t spoken. You decided to go anyways, figuring you might as well have fun if he was going to leave you hanging. 

And should you have kissed that random guy? No. But you did. 

Should you have enjoyed it when you turned, only to see that Pale was standing a few feet away, watching? No.

But you did.

The two of you locked eyes across the room for a moment, and you felt your stomach twist, feeling a strange mix of shame and satisfaction. You ducked off into the crowd and slipped away, rushing home. You hoped he would follow you, but it had been an hour now  and you were losing hope. 

Just as you finished off your glass of wine and were about to turn in for the night, you heard the pounding of fists against the door of your apartment. Your heart jumped. 

“Open the FUCKING door.” You could hear him grunting, twisting at the doorknob in vein. “I swear to GOD, open this door right fucking now.” 

You set you glass on the coffee table, and stood on the tips of your toes to look out the peephole. He looked fucking pissed. But you knew that already. Turning the locks and undoing the chain, you barely had time to jump back before he was bursting through the door and slammed it behind him. 

“Pale, jesus, calm down-”

“You’re such a fucking bitch .” He growled, grabbing you by the arms and slamming you against the wall. “You knew what you were doing. Admit it. Fucking admit it .” His eyes were wild and bloodshot, and you recognized the look immediately. 

“You’re high.” You muttered, scanning his expression carefully. He gripped your arms harder and inhaled sharply, chest heaving. 

“Yeah, I am.” He spat, his face inches from yours now. “Because I just had to watch my girlfriend kiss some random asshole in public, ten goddamn feet away from me.”

“I’m not sorry.” You spat back, baring your teeth, struggling against his grip. “You deserved it, with the way you’ve been acting. You’re a dick, and you know you are.” He shook his head, pressing his body against yours and lowering his lips to your ear. 

“You wanted this, didn’t you, you fucking slut ?” His breath was hot against you, and you felt your body quiver against his. “You wanted to fuck with me.”

“So what if I did?” You whispered, body squirming as you felt his cock hardening against you. “What are you gonna do about it?” He growled, tearing you from the wall and dragging you across your apartment, tossing you onto your bed like a ragdoll. 

“I’m going to give you exactly what you want.” His voice was low and ragged as he fumbled with his belt, the buckle clangling against the wooden floor as he tossed it aside. You stared up at him silently, embarrassed at how wet you already were, feeling your thighs clench involuntarily when he slipped his pants off. “I’m going to fuck you like the whore you are.” He spat, climbing on top of you. 

You could feel his cock against your leg, twitching against the satin of your pj’s.  You felt your breath hitch as his hands gripped your flannel, tearing it open and sending buttons flying across the room.

“You belong to me.” He grunted, ripping your pants off and slipping two fingers inside of you, smirking when he felt how wet you were. “Say it.” 

“I belong to you…” You whimpered, hips rolling against his fingers greedily. “All of me.” 

You could feel precome leaking from his tip, slick against your thigh as he rubbed himself against you. 

“That’s right. You’re mine.” He panted, grabbing his cock and pressing it to your entrance, teasing. You moaned at the contact, legs spreading instinctively.

“Pale...please…” He chuckled, gripping your jaw with his free hand and forcing you to look into his eyes.

“Beg me.” He grinned, rubbing his tip gently up and down your folds. You panted, feeling yourself drip onto your sheets. 

“Pale. Please…” You whimpered, cunt throbbing. “Fuck me. Please.” 

“So needy..” He pressed into you a bit, sending waves of pleasure through your body, only to pull out a second later. A pathetic groan escaped your lips, which seemed to please him immensely.  “You’re going to need to do better than that, slut.

“Pale, please. I need your cock, I need you inside me.” Your cunt throbbed, aching for him, your voice frantic and desperate. “Fuck me. Pale, please. I need you to fuck the shit out of me.”

That must’ve satisfied him, because he sunk into you almost instantly, stretching your cunt around him. You moaned, biting your lip at how full he made you feel, and gripped his back tightly. 

“God, you’re so fucking tight, every time.” He hissed, grasping your hips tightly for leverage as he thrusted deeper. Your head fell back against your pillow limply, huffs of air escaping your lungs with each sway of his hips. 

“Fuck...Pale..” You gasped, pulling him against you and sinking your teeth into his shoulder. He moaned, moving his hips faster as he reached a hand up to your breast, playing with your nipple. 

“Such a good little whore.” He panted, beads of sweat dripping down his forehead. “Make some noise for me, sweetheart.” He whispered, fucking you harder as he pinched your nipple gently. You moaned loudly, lips quivering as you felt a pressure begin to build in your stomach.

“Oh my god…” You whimpered, feeling yourself clench around him involuntarily. He slipped his hand from your nipple down to your clit, flicking at it gently, making your eyes roll back in your head. You could tell by his frantic thrusts that he was getting close, but that he was waiting for you.

“That’s it, baby.” He breathed, massaging your clit steadily as he felt you quiver underneath him. “Go ahead. Come for daddy.” You moaned, bucking your hips against him frantically as your vision whited out, babbling a string of nonsense and profanity as you came. He groaned loudly, and as you rode out your orgasm, you felt him release inside of you, his breath coming in quick gasps. 

He collapsed beside you, chest heaving as he pulled you close, brushing sweat soaked hair out of your eyes. You sighed shakily, resting a hand on his ribs. 

“You’re a fucking animal.” You gasped, feeling weak but satisfied. Pale tilted his head down, his hand cradling your jaw and lifting your head to meet his gaze.

“You drive me insane.” He muttered, hand resting on your lower back, eyes scanning yours. “Don’t ever fucking pull that shit again.” His voice was firm and cold, but you knew there was something genuine behind it. 

“Only if you promise me to keeping fucking me like that.” You breathed, leaning up and pressing your lips to his softly. He smirked, eyes drifting shut as exhaustion washed over him. 

“Of course.”