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When Tom Hiddleston got sick in the middle of March, it was as if the world was ending.

To preface, Tom did not get sick ever. He was overly conscious about his health. He took his vitamins, bundled up in the cold and never once did he step outside with wet hair. He had bottles of hand sanitizer scattered around his office and if he didn’t wash his hands with at least two rounds of soap, he considered himself dirty.

So when Tom got sick on that terrible Saturday, he practically threw a fit. As he curled up under his blankets in bed, he grumbled about which vile student had thrown this cold his way. Perhaps he was overreacting, but Tom had not gotten sick in at least nine years. He was not about to start breaking that habit now. He figured that with enough warm tea and sleep he could recover by Monday.

He did not recover by Monday.

The common cold Tom had turned into a fever and that fever refused to break. Regretfully, Tom had to cancel his classes. His head was pounding and he couldn’t stay awake for longer than an hour at a time. It was like every single virus on the Earth had manifested in his body and decided to take their anger out on him for avoiding their plague for so many years.

And then, he had to call Anna. She had practically chewed his ear off through the phone for not telling her that he was sick. And when she asked if Tom had taken any cold medication and he said no – “Anna, my love, I don’t even own cold medication. I never get sick!” – she quite literally dropped everything and went to the store for him.

When she got to Tom’s house, he refused to let her in. He told her through the door that he didn’t want to infect her with his cold. Anna snorted and pretended to walk away for just long enough to make Tom walk away from his door. She then proceeded to dig in the dirt of the potted plant beside his door to fish out his spare key. She opened the door, put Tom to bed, and fed him a zesty mix of chicken noodle soup and Mucinex.

At first, Tom refused to be coddled like this. He was a grown man – he was her Sir, her Daddy! He was supposed to be taking care of her! – but Anna refused to not baby him. He soon caved into her wishes to take care of him, preening under her constant attention and love. She would stroke his hair as he fell asleep and rub his chest to clear the congestion. Though, he was still irritated at her for putting herself in danger, as he called it. He didn’t want his girl getting sick but she clearly didn’t care. He’d have to spank her later for it.

It felt odd to Anna being the one in charge of the care taking. Normally, it was Tom who was holding her in bed and bringing her food. He was so adamant on being the one to deliver the nurturing that being on the other side of the coin was throwing Anna off. But, she enjoyed it. Some part of her took pleasure in knowing that Tom needed her just as much as she needed him.

And that’s how things went for the next two weeks. Once Tom started feeling better, he immediately threw himself back into his work. He’d been gone for too long and he cancelled far too many classes to let himself fully heal. He carried around the sniffles and a sore throat for longer than he should have but his work was requiring his full attention.

Which meant Anna had none of his attention.

It’s not that she minded, she knew he had work. She knew that being a dedicated professor like Tom was meant he always put his students first but she just missed him. When he was sick, he never kissed her and she understood that. But even after he got better, the most she received was a chaste peck on the cheek. Anna even tried to seduce him one night by wearing nothing but one of his ties and dress shirts unbuttoned down the front. Tom stared at her, his cock stiff in his pants as he sat at his desk. She walked into his arms and sat on his lap, threading her fingers through his hair but Tom just sighed.

“I can’t, darling. I have to finish this work,” he whispered. Anna ground down against him and whimpered.

“Please, Daddy. I need your cock in me. It’s been so long,” she whined. Tom’s restraint was wearing thin but he couldn’t get distracted. He regretfully shifted her off of his lap and faced back down towards his work. Anna grimaced and shed his clothes, walked back to his room nude, collected her own things, and left without a word.

Tom hated that he had to turn his girl down so many times. She had done nothing but love him and take care of him but he could give her nothing back due to the weight of his work. He vowed that the moment he had a spare few hours once he was caught up with his work, he would give her quite literally anything and everything she wanted.

That time came approximately one week later.

Tom was sitting in the office in his home when he finally finished his work. He slammed his laptop closed and sat back in his chair. He stared at this cluttered desk and thought for a moment. He was finally done with his work. His eyes flickered upwards as he heard the faint sound of a knife slicing against a cutting board in the kitchen.


Tom stood from his seat and straightened his tie. Anna came over just after Tom got home from work. She gave him a kiss on top of his head as he typed away at his computer, whispering she would get dinner started for them. Now that he was finished, Tom knew it was time to repay his girl.

“Darling,” Tom said as he stepped into the kitchen. Anna didn’t turn around as she cut the vegetables in front of her.

“You can keep working, Tom. The meat still has to defrost. It’ll probably be about three hours before I can start cooking,” Anna said.

“Anna, turn around,” Tom purred. Anna stiffened. She knew that voice, that blissful tone of seduction and dominance. Placing the knife down on the cutting board, Anna slowly rotated until she was facing Tom. He was standing a few steps away from her and one eyebrow was raised.

“Yes, Sir?” she asked in a whisper. Tom smirked and stepped towards her, looking down his nose at Anna. He took a moment to appreciate her beauty – something he hadn’t done in a few weeks. He observed the curve of her jaw, the rise of her cheekbones, the hues of her eyes. Tom stood there breathless for a moment, still in awe at the fact that this beautiful woman was his once again. Blinking quietly, Tom cleared his throat and crossed his hands behind his back.

“I’ve neglected you this past month, haven’t I?” Tom said in a hushed tone. “I haven’t given you what you need.” Anna fluttered her eyes shut as Tom moved one hand forward to brush over her cheek. She gasped as his fingers ran over her lips before his arm fell to his side again. “I’m terribly sorry, my love.”

“It’s okay, Tom. You’ve been busy with work. I understand,” Anna said softly, her eyes opening once again. Tom’s blue eyes glittered dangerously and Anna blushed at his overall intensity.

“I feel like I need to make it up to you,” Tom whispered. He leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to Anna’s forehead. When he leaned back, Tom smirked. Then, he sank to his knees. He knelt before Anna and looked up at her through his lashes. Anna’s mouth parted as she watched her dominating man kneel before her looking faintly…submissive.

“What are you doing?” Anna asked hesitantly.

“Offering you whatever you want,” Tom said. “I’ve neglected you. I’ve been so busy that I can literally count on my hand the amount of times I’ve actually kissed you. I feel terrible, Anna. So, I’m letting you do whatever you want to me. Anything and everything is yours, baby. Do with me what you will.”

“You’re going to let me do anything I want?” Anna squeaked.

“Anything you desire, baby,” Tom whispered.

Anna bit her lip as she considered all the possibilities. She could have Tom blindfold her and tie her up. She could ask for him to fuck her mouth while she rode a vibrator. She could even ask to be spanked a hundred times.

But then, a thought flashed through Anna’s mind. It was brief and just a spark of an idea. Yet, as Anna captured the idea and began fiddling with it, the more she wanted to try it out.

“I want to be in control,” she said sternly. Tom raised an eyebrow and tilted his head, smiling suspiciously.

“You want to be in control?” he asked. “You want to dominate me?”

Anna paused as she considered what this meant. Never once had she considered being the dominant one in their relationship. Tom could simply look her way and she’d be begging him to take her. Only once or twice did she break out from her submissive role and yet she still let Tom handle most of the control. This was completely new to her and it honestly excited her to try out the new mantle.

“Yes,” she said, trying to stop her voice from wavering. “I want you to submit to me. You’re already on your knees so you’re part of the way there.”

“So will I be calling you Daddy then?” Tom asked in his usual teasing tone.

Anna rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. “If you’re going to be a nuisance then I can leave.”

“I apologize, baby,” Tom chuckled, holding his hands up in mock defense. “Okay. Let’s do it then. You get to be in charge. You can push me around and tease me and dominate me all you want.” Tom leaned in closer then, his blue eyes narrowing comically. “But just know that the submissive inside of you will be begging to let her Daddy take over soon.”

“We’ll see about that, Thomas,” Anna snorted.

“My little dominant Anna. I’m excited for this, angel.” Tom was smirking, and as lovely as he was, Anna wanted to wipe that grin off his face. He was teasing her deliberately. He wasn’t being condescending or mean, he was being truthful. They both knew she always desired to submit to him in bed. This would be a challenge on both of their ends.

But Anna was never one to shy down from a challenge. So, Anna straightened her back and cleared her throat.

“Stand up,” she said in a mock-dominant voice. Tom raised an eyebrow and snickered a bit at her attempt to dominate him. Anna scowled and grabbed Tom’s tie, tugging him forward. She narrowed her eyes and growled, “I said, stand up.”

Tom’s eyes widened, shocked at her sudden burst of swagger and confidence. Tom stood up, towering over Anna, and bowed his head towards her. “What would you ask of me, darling?”

“Upstairs. Let’s go,” Anna said. She fisted Tom’s tie harder and pulled him along behind her like a dog on a leash. Tom followed her up the steps and towards his bedroom. When they entered the room, Tom kicked the door closed behind him and let Anna lead him to the center of the room. She dropped his tie and crossed her arms over her chest. She began circling Tom. She eyed him up and down slowly, savoring the sight of her beautiful boyfriend. Finally, she stopped her prowling. She walked across the room and took a seat on the loveseat. “Strip.”

“Yes ma’am,” Tom chuckled. Anna stood back up and grabbed Tom’s tie. She pulled him down so he was eye-level with her.

“Enough with the jokes, Thomas. You told me you would let me be in charge. This is what you get. Now strip,” Anna hissed. Tom’s eyes were wide as he nodded. Goodness, Anna was a bit too sexy when she was trying to take control. Perhaps Tom would actually be the one begging by the end of this. Anna could see the shift in Tom’s eyes and she felt pride swell in her chest. She went to let go of Tom’s tie but held onto it for a second later. “Actually, one thing before you strip for me.”

“What can I do for you?” Tom breathed out, his cock hard in his trousers. He always loved the sheer confidence and self-love that Anna held for herself but this was a new level of attractive. He could see the mischief glowing in her eyes and he wanted to please her. Even in his dominance, he always put her pleasure first. He needed to make her happy and he wanted to fuck her into oblivion, but now, he would only do it if she let him.

“Kiss me,” she whispered.

“Oh, please, baby,” Tom murmured before Anna pulled his tie and brought his face to hers. Tom sealed his lips onto Anna’s, pausing to appreciate the simple gesture of kissing her. Anna moaned his name into his mouth as their lips began dancing. Anna felt a haze of submission clouding her judgement and she almost became the one falling to their knees. Pulling herself away from Tom for a moment, she blinked to try and clear her head.

“This is going to be harder than I thought,” Anna said.

“You could always just hand over the reins to me, my dear,” Tom purred. “I would love to lay you down on that bed and strip you of your clothes. I’d kiss every inch of your body before diving into your sweet, dripping pussy. Mm, you always taste so sweet for me. I’d bury my tongue in that tight little cunt as I fuck you with my fingers just the way you love. And then, when you cum, I’d lick up every drop of your cum and do it all over again until you were weak and limp and simply begging to be fucked by my cock. Wouldn’t you like that, baby girl? Wouldn’t you like to be Daddy’s good girl?”

Anna had to stop her knees from buckling. Tom was making this damn hard on her. She swallowed and shook her head. “You told me I can do whatever I want to you. This is what I want. You’re not going to make me submit back to you that easily.”

“Ah, it was worth a shot,” Tom said with a cheeky wink. Anna laughed and pressed a warm, lingering kiss to Tom’s lips. When she pulled away, his mouth chased hers, desperate to kiss her again. But unlike their previous trysts where Tom could just grab her cheeks and bring her lips back to his, he had to play by her rules. He could tell she was loving it and he had to admit that he was enjoying it too.

“Now strip for me, Thomas,” Anna purred as she dropped his tie and returned to the loveseat.

Anna always knew that she had Tom in the palm of her hand. He lived to please her. But there was something extraordinarily exciting seeing this big, strong, powerful man obey her every whim. She settled back in the seat with one leg crossed over the other as Tom began untying his tie. He slipped it off and let it fall to the ground. Tom then took his suit jacket off and let that tumble downwards as well.

“Ah, ah, ah. Fold it,” Anna said. Tom stared at her and he knew they were both thinking back to when they celebrated New Year’s Eve at the Hilton last year. Anna had stripped Tom of his clothing and he required her to fold each article of clothing. Now, she was turning the tables.

“You little minx,” Tom grumbled, a hint of fondness in his tone.

Tom picked up his suit jacket and folded it, placing it on the dresser. He kicked his shoes and socks off, placing them both neatly beside the dresser as well. When Tom got to his shirt, he stared directly into Anna’s eyes. His long, deft fingers slid each button from its respective hole in a slow and teasing manner. Anna was biting her lip so hard she was sure she would draw blood soon.

Tom was, by definition, perfect. His skin peeked out beneath his shirt, enticing Anna to come closer and touch him, kiss him, lick him. When Tom finally peeled his shirt off, he held it in his hands for a few moments, letting Anna admire his bare torso. He smirked and turned around so he could place his folded shirt on the dresser. Anna practically salivated at the sight of his naked back. His muscles flexed under his skin and she wanted to drag her nails down his back.

When Tom turned back around, he could see the desire in Anna’s eyes. “Still holding on?”

“Keep going,” Anna mumbled, ignoring his question. She didn’t want to lose this bargain before she was able to begin teasing and testing Tom. She knew she had the abilities to make him fall apart. She just needed to get there first.

Tom moved his hands to his belt where he quickly stripped the leather accessory off. He made slow work of his trousers before he slipped them off to the floor. Apparently, Tom forwent any underwear that day because he was completely naked now. He folded his pants and turned back to Anna, standing fully nude before her. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from Tom’s cock. She had gone far too long without his cock and she was feeling the desperation for it.

Anna stood up and walked towards Tom. She circled him again, her fingers occasionally brushing his hot skin. His eyes fluttered shut as she stood before him and started trailing her fingertips down his abs. He shivered when she brushed over his cock before pulling her hand away completely.

“You’re beautiful,” she murmured. Tom opened his eyes and looked down at her, a gentle blush covering his cheeks.

“So are you, my love. Could I have the honor of seeing you now?” he asked politely.

“No.” Anna pressed a hand to Tom’s chest and pushed him backwards until he fell onto the bed. She stood over him and when he went to touch her hips, she slapped his hand away. “You and I have something in common, Tom.”

“What’s that, baby?” he asked with a slight tilt of his head.

“We both have a hard time keeping our hands to ourselves,” she giggled. “I think it’s time to amend that. Lay down in the center of the bed.”

Tom did as she said and laid directly in the center of the bed. Anna admired him for a minute before chuckling and turning away. She walked towards the walk-in closet and began looking for what she needed. Finally, Anna came back out holding a bundle of rope.

“Are you doing what I think you’re about to do?” Tom asked with wide eyes.

“Depends what you think I’m going to do,” Anna said as she straddled Tom. He let his head fall back against the pillow as Anna moved his arms upwards. She began tying his hands to the headboard, her tongue poking out of her mouth as she worked diligently. Tom watched her, his cock twitching in excitement as his girl did her work. When she was done, Anna looked down at Tom. “Test it.”

Tom pulled and the rope immediately untied. Anna sighed and tried it again, but Tom’s strength still undid the knot. After a third time of trying, Anna tossed the rope aside and climbed off of Tom. She stormed back into the walk-in closet, earning a hearty laugh from Tom. She was too precious, his little angel. He loved seeing her like this, so focused and excited. When she came back out, though, Tom’s laughter died off.

“How did you find those?” he asked. Anna dangled the pair of handcuffs in the air with a smirk.

“You’ve been planning to use them on me for a while, haven’t you?” she asked, stepping closer to the bed.

“I have but I don’t like hurting your wrists. You have sensitive skin, baby,” Tom said. Anna hummed and climbed back on top of him. She clamped the handcuffs around his wrists and secured the chain around the headboard posts. Tom pulled on his restraints and found himself completely bound to the bed.

“Good boy,” Anna whispered as she leaned down and kissed Tom slowly. He moaned, a sound that came from the depths of his chest. He tried to reach forward to touch Anna, almost immediately forgetting that his hands were restrained. He growled and bucked his hips upwards. Anna giggled into his mouth as she kissed him, taking her time and setting the pace as she desired. Pulling back, Anna pressed a kiss to Tom’s neck. Suddenly, her lips were suctioned around Tom’s pulse as she sucked a bruise into his skin. “You’re mine.”

“Yes, baby. I’m yours. All yours,” Tom promised. Anna peered up at him and winked.

“I love you,” she said with a light laugh.

“I love you so damn much,” he said with soft, admiring eyes. Anna almost forgot about their game for a second as Tom looked at her like she was the only good thing in this world. She brushed her hand down his jaw and smiled, appreciating this sweet confession.

“You’re not going to love me much longer,” Anna teased. She hopped off of Tom and walked back into the closet. When she came back out, she held a new item in the air: the black vibrator from Hawaii. “You’re so used to being the one doing the teasing. What happens when you’re teased with what you can’t have?”

Anna dropped the vibrator onto the bed before quickly shucking her clothes off. Tom stared at her with his mouth gaping open. Oh, how he hated himself for depriving himself of her body. She was so beautiful. Just the sight of her naked body had his cock twitching with desire. It didn’t go unnoticed by Anna as she licked her lips. She crawled onto the loveseat at the end of the bed. Tom’s eyes became dark with lust as she spread her legs.

“What are you doing there, Anna?” Tom asked in a low, seductive growl.

“Putting on a bit of a show,” she mused. Anna ran her hands down her body, cupping her breasts and letting out a moan. She tweaked her nipples and fluttered her eyes shut, imagining that it was Tom’s hands roaming all over her. She moved downwards to her wet cunt and began running her fingers up and down her folds. Anna heard the clinking of the handcuffs being strained against the headboard and it almost made her giggle.

She then circled two of her fingers around her hole before pushing them in. She gasped out and rolled her head to the side, opening her eyes again to stare at Tom. His face was dark and furious. His chest was panting as he watched Anna pleasure herself. He wanted to be the one touching her. He had gone so long without her! Why should he wait any longer?

“I wish this was you, Tom,” Anna whimpered as she circled her clit. Her fingers were pumping rapidly within her and she moaned loudly, making sure to entice Tom.

“It could be if you just let me fucking go,” Tom growled. His cock was red and angry, flushed with the need to be inside of Anna’s cunt. Anna simply shook her head and reached for the vibrator. She ran it up and down her wet folds before pushing it in. She clicked the vibrator to life and felt her thighs begin to shake.

“Tom! Oh, Daddy! Mm, right there,” she moaned to herself. She watched Tom’s arms flex, his biceps straining under his skin. Faintly, Anna heard the croak of the headboard and she was momentarily worried that Tom’s strength might break the structure.

“Let me touch you, baby. I’d make you feel so good,” Tom groaned. His hips were rolling upwards, subconsciously trying to seek some sort of relief. He couldn’t deny that this was one of the hottest things he ever saw. He loved watching Anna pleasure herself – he loved it more, however, when he could actually reach out and touch her. His cock was leaking precum and he was panting eagerly, his mind spinning with desire.

“I n-need you,” Anna whimpered, her hold on her control slipping away. She shook her head and cleared her thoughts, remembering that she needed to last as long as she could with this dominance. She needed to make Tom beg for her.

Anna moved her wrist so the toy was now pressed firmly against her g-spot. She yelped and tossed her head back, her fingers swiping along her clit vigorously. She chanted Tom’s name as she rode the toy, angling her hips so he could see everything she was doing to herself.

“Anna! Fuck! I need to touch you, angel,” Tom grunted.

“You want to touch me, Tom?”

“God, yes.”

“You want to be the one fucking me?”

“Yes! Fucking hell, yes!”

“Then beg.”

“Excuse me?” Tom sat up as much as he could, the rocking of his hips ceasing immediately.

“Beg for me,” Anna hissed as she fucked herself faster. “You always make me beg for you. Time to show me how much you want me.”

“God, Anna, please let me fuck you. Please let me sink my cock into your tight little pussy and fuck you until you’re crying. I want to bury myself in your cunt, baby. I want to cum inside of you. Please, Anna, I’ll do anything. Please, baby, I’m begging you, let me have your sweet delicious cunt,” Tom cried out, sweat beading on his forehead. “I want to pleasure you. Use me, Anna. Please. Take your pleasure from me. Fuck, you don’t even need to let me cum. Just let me be inside you, baby girl.”

“Good boy,” Anna said as she slid the toy out of her. She turned it off and let it fall onto the loveseat beside her. She walked over to the bed and crawled onto it. “And since you were so good, I’ll even let you have a taste of me if you beg nicely.”

Tom’s eyes lit up and he pulled against his restraints. “Please! Oh, baby, let me taste you. Let me taste your sweet, sweet pussy.”

Anna sat herself on Tom’s chest and ran her fingers through her fold. She lifted them up and held them above Tom’s lips. He reached up but his lips couldn’t touch her fingers.

“Say ‘Anna, I submit to you’,” Anna said, waving her fingers in front of Tom’s face.

“Anna, I submit to you,” he said proudly. He tilted his head back and looked at Anna’s beautiful face. “Always. I’d submit to you day or night, whenever, wherever. I’m yours to use.”

Anna smiled and let her fingers fall to Tom’s lips. “You may take a taste.”

Tom moaned as he took Anna’s fingers into his mouth. He slid his tongue along them and kept his eyes locked with hers. She rolled her hips against his chest, wiping her cunt along his pectorals. She wanted his cock so badly. Shifting her hand down, she collected more of her arousal and fed it to Tom, feeling the vibrations from his moans run up her fingers. She popped her fingers out again and slid down so she was hovering over his cock.

“Ride me, baby. Please, let me fuck that beautiful pussy,” Tom whispered. Anna rocked herself against his cock a few times before slowly letting herself fall onto his cock.

“Oh my God, Tom! Fuck, I’ve missed this,” Anna whimpered as she bottomed out. A part of her soul felt warm and soft as she filled herself with his cock. It was as if she was complete again. She let herself adjust to the hefty size of his cock before slowly dragging herself back up then slamming back down.

“Oh, fuck, baby girl. You’re so beautiful. You’re so perfect,” Tom said through gritted teeth as Anna began riding him. She placed her hands on his chest as she bounced herself up and down. Tom’s hands were practically white with how hard he was clenching them.

“You like this cunt, Tom? You like fucking this pussy?” Anna asked, her hair flying around her face. Tom wanted nothing more than to wrap his fist around her hair and pull it until she screamed.

Perhaps this whole “handing over dominance” thing would never truly work for him.

But that’s fine. He could see the submission floating in Anna’s eyes now, too.

“Baby, I love your sweet little cunt. My cock must feel so good in you, huh? I bet you want more, don’t you?” Tom was seducing her with his words and she knew it. Her head was becoming foggy as she bounced up and down and she wanted to just give over the control to him. She had enough of the games and she just wanted to get properly fucked.

“I love your cock, Daddy,” she whimpered, her eyes fluttering closed.

“Look at me, Anna,” Tom commanded. Immediately, Anna’s eyes flew open. They both knew that her handle on this control had gone out the window. “Uncuff me, baby, and I’ll take care of you. I’ll give you what you need.”

“Daddy,” Anna cried out as his cock jabbed an extremely sensitive spot within her. “I need you to fuck me.”

“I can do that, love, but you need to let me go,” Tom whispered. He rolled his hips upwards, helping Anna fuck herself on him. She chanted out a string of profanities as she stared down at Tom. His blue eyes were as dark as sapphires and his lips were spewing promising words. “Let me go, Anna. Let me fuck you like you deserve.”

Anna reached forward and hit the release on the handcuffs with trembling fingers. Tom’s hands were on her in an instant. He grabbed her hips and flipped her over, pressing her into the bed as he tossed both of her legs over his shoulders. He pounded his cock into her, his face wild with lust.

“Daddy! Oh, Daddy! Your cock is so fucking huge. Fuck me harder, please,” Anna begged, throwing her head back. Tom leaned down and bit a bruise into her neck, exactly where she left the bruise on him. His hand came up to wrap around her throat, pressing her into the bed further with his grip.

“You’ve been teasing Daddy like a little slut. But you were so fucking good for me, baby. My dominant little demon,” Tom chuckled darkly. He narrowed his eyes and bit her ear. “But we both know who’s in charge, don’t we, little girl?”

“You! You’re in charge, Daddy,” Anna moaned.

“Good girl. Always so good for Daddy,” Tom whispered. He pushed himself back up but kept his grip on Anna’s neck. Staring down at her, Tom fucked his cock into her with lust, passion and vigor. Sweat was cascading down the nape of his neck and dripping onto the bed. Anna’s legs tightened around Tom and she tried to get his cock even deeper within her.

“Sir, please let me cum,” she gasped. Her eyes were pleading as she got closer to her high. Tom leaned down and kissed her, diving his tongue into her mouth. He kissed her brutally, surely bruising her lips, before pulling back up once more and letting his free hand fall to her clit.

“Cum for Daddy. Shout my name, Anna. Show me who’s in charge,” he growled out. As his fingers swept over her clit and his cock drove into her core, Anna couldn’t help but let her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks.

“Tom! Tom! Tom! Fuck, Daddy! Thank you! Thank you for letting me cum! Oh, fuck,” Anna cried as she came all over Tom’s cock. She clenched around him, causing Tom to hiss and release his load into her. He came deep inside of her, fucking her through his orgasm to milk out all the cum he had.

When Tom pulled out, he let Anna’s legs fall to the bed. He then scooped up some of his cum that dripped from her hole and lifted it to Anna’s mouth. “Open wide, baby girl.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” Anna whispered before taking Tom’s fingers into her mouth. She bobbed her head, sucking on his fingers and cleaning them completely. Tom was astounded that his cock was already twitching back to life. He took a deep breath to calm himself down before pulling his fingers from Anna’s lips.

“You’re my perfect girl,” Tom said softly as he pressed a kiss to Anna’s forehead. “Good try at being dominant. You almost had me.”

“Almost? You were begging so desperately,” Anna snorted, punching Tom lightly in the chest. He gathered Anna into his arms and laughed into her hair.

“I think we learned something today,” he said, stroking a hand down her back. Anna looked up at him through her eyelashes. “You and I are definitely meant for our roles.”

“Maybe you’re right,” Anna giggled, burying her face in Tom’s chest. Her voice was muffled as she said, “but that’s fine. I like it like this.”

Tom was quiet as he ran his fingers along her spine. He almost thought Anna had fallen asleep until she squirmed around and poked up to look at him.

“Yes, love?” Tom asked.

“Are you done with your work for today?” she asked sheepishly. Tom smiled softly and pressed a kiss to her temple.

“I’m done for good, darling. I’m all caught up. I’m all yours,” he said. “I’m so sorry for being so neglectful recently. First you pour your energy into taking care of me and then I simply toss you aside. Thank you for everything you’ve done over these past week weeks, angel. Your patience, your nurturing, everything.”

“You had to get work done. You did the same for me when I was in college,” Anna said, playing with the fine hairs on Tom’s chest. “I’m not mad. I never was. I just missed you.”

“I missed you too,” Tom whispered. “I miss you whenever you aren’t here.” Tom stayed quiet. His hand paused on Anna. “Maybe you should just move in, then.”

“What?” Anna said, looking up at Tom. She propped herself onto her elbow and locked eyes with him. “Did you just ask me to move in with you?”

“Only if you’re comfortable with it,” Tom said with a shrug. “I mean, you’re here nearly every day. Half your bloody wardrobe is in my closet. You might as well –“

Tom was cut off by Anna’s lips pressing themselves to his. His arms instinctively wrapped around her body as she kissed him. When she pulled back, Tom could see glittering tears of excitement in Anna’s eyes.

“I’d love to, Tom. Thank you so much,” she squealed.

“Wait, really? You’ll move in with me?” Tom asked, completely shocked. He honestly didn’t think Anna would say yes so quickly.

“Yes, of course. Like you said, I practically live here already. Might as well seal the deal,” Anna said. “Mrs. Banks’ sister owns a book shop closer to your home anyway. Mrs. Banks has been trying to move me into that shop for a while now but it never made sense because I lived much closer to the original shop. Now I can move on over without any worry.”

“You have made me the happiest man in the world, Anna Brooks,” Tom said, nuzzling his nose into Anna’s cheek. “I don’t know how you do it, you magical woman.”

Anna turned her head and pressed another kiss to Tom’s lips. Then a second. Then a third. And then, the amount became countless.