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With You, My Heart Feels At Home

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The day was hot, and on the brink of overwhelmingly so, as the sun bore down onto the earth without a single cloud in the sky to bring on temporary relief from the harsh heat. It provided a chance for others to go outside without a care in the world and have fun, finding ways to escape the heat.

It was easy to be unbothered by heat through the use of spiritual energy, if one chose to do so, and right now, Feng Xi was really missing that ability. His and Wuxian’s spiritual energy was still low from their attempts, and success, at stopping Ruination from destroying Long You, having only been just a few short days since it happened. Luckily, their wounds were healing rather quickly, and their spiritual energy will return to normal in a matter of two to three weeks.

However, that wasn’t helping their situation now, as Feng Xi brought his hand up to block out the bright light from the sun and looked up at the sky, trying to spot a cloud that might have drifted into the sky, only to be met with an endless blue.

With a small sigh, Feng Xi lowered his arm and started walking.

It was so strange how this large city is so oblivious to the destruction it almost faced and lives almost lost. Not even elfins were fully aware of what had gone on, simply because no one else knew about Xing and her ability. They were all going about their days, completely unaware.

They had no idea that Feng Xi prevented this city from being destroyed because of those he loves and cares for, especially for one stubborn human. If it wasn’t for that, Long You would’ve been doomed, turned to nothing but ash and rubble by now.

But he couldn’t bear to rip away a place Luo Zhu has strangely decided to call home once again. He couldn’t take away the city that Xiao Hei found so much joy running around and exploring with his friends in. Ruo Shui and Zi Luolan loved Long You and the lives they’ve built around it. And Wuxian worked hard to protect it, to protect all the humans and elfins alike that live within it, willing to even potentially put his own life on the line to make sure they all had a chance at living to tomorrow.

Really, Feng Xi didn’t care about these humans, or the gross concrete and man-made objects that were far too noisy, far too large and far too disgusting, but his loved ones that cared for it made it so he cared for it too.


And, just maybe, he could eventually learn to see what it is about this place everyone else sees.


Walking into the apartment building, the cold air was extremely welcoming as Feng Xi rode the elevator up, almost pressing the wrong floor number simply out of habit. It’ll take some time to get used to the new floor number.

As he stepped off the elevator, Feng Xi took note of how one of the doors in the hall was wide open, with a tall elfin leaning against the doorway. Looking at her, there was a sense of familiarity in her, but no matter what, Feng Xi couldn’t figure out why, so he simply shrugged it off and started walking.

The elfin looked up as Feng Xi walked closer, silently watching him as he passed by. He didn’t get very far, because she called after him.

“You’re one of the new tenants on this floor, aren’t you?” she asked.

Stopping in his tracks, Feng Xi turned around and nodded. Getting a closer look like this, there was definitely something familiar about her.

“Nice to meet you, then,” she said, nodding in return. “My name is--”

Whatever her name was, Feng Xi wasn’t able to catch it, as something from inside the apartment she was standing in the doorway of crashed loudly, followed by a shout of surprise. Soon after, another elfin, shorter than the other one, came rushing to the doorway, a thin trail of smoke following her as she coughed.

The taller one frowned, looking at the other elfin with worry. “I told you not to do that.”

“I thought I--” cough cough “--I thought I had it this time!!”

“You said that last time as well, love. You might as well give up on it and let the guild take it over.”

Feng Xi was completely lost to the conversation, not understanding a single thing these two were saying. However, he did notice that the shorter elfin that just entered the conversation was extremely familiar. Once he figured out why, he was then able to understand why the taller one was familiar as well.


They were the two elfins Wuxian and he fought together so many years back, the ones that were hunting for Ruo Shui!


“Seems like he caught on to us,” the shorter one said, causing Feng Xi to blink and look at them back and forth for a moment.

“Aren’t the two of you criminals?” Feng Xi asked. Last he remembered, they were captured by the guild after taking both Wuxian and him down, locked away for who knows how long. He had lost interest in them after the incident, so there wasn’t a lot he could remember about them.

“We used to be. I’m Shanlian, and this is my partner, Zhao Yu,” the taller one, Shanlian, said. “It’s an extremely long story, but we’re no longer classified as criminals.”

“Hey hey, is it true you’re with that really weird Executor, Wuxian?” Zhao Yu jumps in, a weird sparkle in her eyes that Feng Xi could tell only meant trouble. “I’ve heard that he moved here recently and gave up his position as Executor, is that who you’re living with right now? Honestly, I didn’t think that would happen, since you’re also a criminal and all.”

The onslaught of questions and endless chatter from Zhao Yu made Feng Xi’s head swim, trying to figure out what she was saying and the best way to respond. Luckily, Shanlian came to his rescue, placing her hand firmly on Zhao Yu’s shoulder and pulling her back a little. “Come on now, leave him be. I only stopped him to welcome him, not so you could bombard him with questions.”

“I’m only asking cause I’m curious.”

“Another time, let him get settled in first.” Shanlian turned back to Feng Xi, bowing her head a little in apology before speaking. “We’ll take our leave now. I hope that we’ll be able to properly introduce ourselves once you and Wuxian are settled in.”

Feng Xi was thankful for Shanlian’s calm nature and for pulling Zhao Yu back, both literally and figuratively. He gave them both a small smile as he nodded. “I hope our meeting will go better than it did the first time.”

Shanlian seemed to wince a little as she pushed a rebelling Zhao Yu back into their apartment. Just before Feng Xi could walk away, she once again called out to him, getting his attention. Shanlian seemed to struggle for a moment as she thought of something, looking down at the ground before looking back up at Feng Xi.

“Please, let Wuxian know I’m sorry. I heard about his scarring and I….”

She didn’t need to continue on for him to understand what she was trying to say. He could tell by looking at her that she felt true remorse over her actions, even if they had been done so many years ago under different circumstances. He could fully relate to what she was feeling.

“I’ll be sure to let him know.”

Her shoulders seem to sag a little, as if a weight had been taken off of her. Shanlian nodded one last time before closing the door behind her, leaving Feng Xi alone in the hallway. It was strange to see them after so many years, giving almost no thought to either of them until now. They had just become one of the many elfins he had fought in his time as being an Executor, paths he never crossed again.

He was glad to find out that they have been well.

Without any more distractions, Feng Xi walked the short distance to his own door--knowing instantly that it was unlocked-- and went inside.


This apartment was a bit bigger than the one he had been living in previously, as it had two bedrooms instead of one, with a larger kitchen and living area. Objects were scattered about, not yet finding a suitable place for them, causing the open space to look cluttered, but they would get through it eventually.

“I’m back,” Feng Xi called out into the apartment as he took off his shoes. He had expected to be tackled by Xiao Hei the moment he entered, so the fact that he managed to get his shoes off so far without the young elfin running at him made Feng Xi raise his eyebrows, walking past all the clutter and to the one room with its doors open.

Standing in the room, Wuxian held something in his hands, looking at it with furrowed brows, as if he was trying to figure it out. His attention instantly drew away from it the moment he noticed Feng Xi in the room, and his expression softened greatly.

“Oh, welcome home,” Wuxian said.

For some reason, hearing Wuxian greet him like that, and knowing that Feng Xi will be able to do so as well for now on, sent a shiver down his spine and made his chest feel light. Trying to hide the blush that was sure to be on his face, Feng Xi reached into the bag he was holding and handed Wuxian a cold bottled water, which Wuxian took with a grateful look in his eyes. “Where’s Xiao Hei?”

“Went to go be with his friends for a bit,” Wuxian answered as he twisted off the cap to the bottle and gulped down almost half of its contents.

Feng Xi frowned. Xiao Hei had practically begged for him to get a specific kind of juice, only to leave while he was out getting it? “Did he at least finish up his room?”

Wuxian nodded, setting down the bottle and sitting on the large bare mattress. “Mn. He said for us not to go in.”

“That explains why the door is closed then,” Feng Xi sighed, setting the bag next to Wuxian’s bottle, taking out his own water bottle from within the bag, drinking just as much as Wuxian had. Xiao Hei can have his juice when he gets back then, it just probably won’t be as cold by then. Well, that’s what he gets for ditching them.

Setting down the bottle, Feng Xi walks over to the bed, sitting down beside Wuxian before allowing gravity to take over and fall backwards with a loud, tired sigh. The heat outside was annoying, and they have been trying to get this new apartment set up all day. Really, they didn’t have many possessions between the three of them, but they wanted to make it feel like a home as much as possible. They wanted to make it feel more like theirs. Feng Xi had tried to do that with the smaller apartment, but it always felt like there had been something missing.

Now he knows what it had been missing.

“At least we got a bigger place to stay in,” Feng Xi smiled a little. “Can you imagine all three of us living in the previous apartment?”

Wuxian didn’t say anything right away, as he lay down next to Feng Xi, although a lot softer than when Feng Xi had practically thrown himself down. “Xing chose a good place.”

At mention of the other elfin, Feng Xi felt his chest twist a little bit in worry.

Xing won’t be able to leave the guild again for a while, she had told them that before they left. What had looked like bandages wrapped around her body had actually been some kind of spiritual energy suppressant, as her human body had been torn apart. Not only did she need a new body created, but she also would need a new pair of bracelets.

Apparently, the process was one that would take a long time.

He ached a little for her, as she was once again trapped within the guild, unable to leave for who knows how long, but there was nothing he could do about it.


“Feng Xi…”

He blinked, not having realized he had completely zoned out for a moment, and turned his head to look at Wuxian, who was already staring at him. “What is it?”

Once again, Wuxian didn’t say anything right away. He didn’t even move for a few moments, just staring at Feng Xi with such a gentle gaze that he didn’t know how to react, feeling his face heating up in embarrassment, but Feng Xi waited patiently for Wuxian. He’d wait however long Wuxian needed now, knowing that hesitation wasn’t something he needed to fear from Wuxian.


However, the intense gaze was a little much…!


With slow movements, Wuxian moved so he was now supported by his elbow, leaning over Feng Xi a little bit before giving a small, soft smile that matched the gentle gaze, all of which made Feng Xi’s breath catch in his throat.

At this moment, Feng Xi couldn’t bring himself to care about the almost unbearable heat with how close they were, all he could think about was how this was everything he could ever want.

“I told myself that if we were to survive our ordeal with Xing, then I would tell you what I should’ve said long ago.”

Whatever he has to say must be important, as Wuxian struggles to say what he wants, so Feng Xi raises his eyebrows a little bit. “What do you want to say, then?”

“You don’t have to say anything back. Don’t feel like you’re obligated to. I just thought I should tell you…”

The pause didn’t last as long this time, but Feng Xi held his breath for what felt like an eternity.



“I love you, Feng Xi.”



There was always little ways that Wuxian showed his feelings, preferring to show them through actions rather than words, so hearing Wuxian say those words, and say them first between the two of them, made the impact all the more devastating to Feng Xi’s heart.

The confession shook him to his very core.

Feng Xi felt like he couldn’t say it out loud. Not yet, at least. There was still so much they needed to work through together, so he couldn’t bring himself to say it just yet, but his heart felt as though it was going to leap out of his chest.

Without needing nor expecting an answer, Wuxian instead asked a question Feng Xi would be able to answer. “Can I kiss you?”

“You’ve already kissed me plenty of times without asking,” Feng Xi said, scoffing a little at the ridiculousness of the question, but he couldn’t help but smile. “Of course.”

Their kiss was nothing more than a soft press of the lips, unhurried. A promise for many more to come, more kisses, more gentle touches and soft gazes full of love, a wanting that was now within reach.

For the first time, Feng Xi was grateful to have been brought back to life, as he wouldn’t trade this current life for anything in the world. All he wants is to stay in this moment of peace and happiness forever.



Much too soon for Feng Xi’s liking, Wuxian pulled away, his breath warm across Feng Xi’s lips as he spoke. “Let’s get the rest of this place put together before nightfall.”

Wuxian pulls away further and leaves Feng Xi’s embrace, causing the elfin to now feel cold despite the overwhelming heat outside. With a frown that was borderline pouting, Feng Xi reluctantly sat up and watched as Wuxian stood, walking over to where he had left his water bottle and take another drink from it.

As he watched, Feng Xi frowned. There was something different about Wuxian, and for a moment, he couldn’t quite figure out what it was, as everything seemed to be in order. When he did, his eyebrows shot up.

“Is that my sash?”

Wuxian, who had his hair up in a ponytail, had it held up by a black length of fabric, the ends of it loose and down to his shoulders. It had taken the human a moment to understand what Feng Xi was talking about, but realization dawned on him when he saw one of the ends hanging.

“It is. You practically destroyed what I normally use to tie my hair up, and I couldn’t find anything else.”

Laughter bubbled up inside of Feng Xi until he couldn’t hold it back anymore, amused by the ridiculousness of it, since there were other things laying around that Wuxian could’ve used that would’ve been more suitable to tie back his hair with, but instead he used something of Feng Xi’s.


Really, he wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world.