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With You, My Heart Feels At Home

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I’ve thought about it long enough.


This time…


I’m not leaving.



Wuxian had reacted on impulse, grabbing little Xiao Hei in his arms and pulling the child away before he could possibly get hurt by the branches bursting from the ground and shooting this way and that.

At that moment, he didn’t have time to fully process what happened, and for a while after that, he still didn’t fully process it. It wasn’t until after they had arrived at the guild in Long You and Xiao Hei was sobbing into his chest did his heart and mind really start to catch up.

A part of him still expected Feng Xi to be around.

He expected to hear about him at some point, about how he had escaped once again somehow.


But standing before the large tree in Long You, surrounded by buildings and machines that got caught up in the branches and leaves, Wuxian finally realized….


Feng Xi wasn’t coming back.


He reached out and touched the tree gently, his fingers barely pressing on the bark of it. Wuxian searched, trying to find some sort of trace of Feng Xi within the tree, but no matter what, no matter how far he searched, he couldn’t find a trace.

The night around him was quiet and still. Not even any noise from the surrounding city could reach him. The only thing he could hear was the breaking of his own heart, as it cracked and split with each heartbeat, with each second that went by without finding even the smallest trace of Feng Xi within the spirit of the tree.


Badum. Crack.


The weight in his chest grew heavier and heavier.


Badum. Crack.


This couldn’t be real, can it?


Badum. Crack.


The ground was harsh on his knees, and the bark scraped against the skin of his hand as he fell.


Badum. Crack.


Tears pricked at Wuxian’s eyes, making his vision go blurry. No. No, this couldn’t be real.


Badum. Crack.


Feng Xi, he--he can’t be gone.


Badum. Crack.




Badum. Crack…







Wuxian’s eyes shot open.


There was…

There was something. He felt something deep within the tree. It was small and fluttered delicately, but… but something was there.


It was Feng Xi…


It was such a tiny amount of spiritual energy, but now that he knew what he was looking for, he expanded his spiritual energy into the tree, reaching out more. It took a few moments, but he was able to find more and more of those delicate pieces of spiritual energy.

This time, when Wuxian felt his chest twist, it wasn’t out of despair. This time, it was full of hope.

Somehow, he’d find a way to bring Feng Xi back.


Just wait, hold on a while….






Wuxian knew there was no way he’d be able to do this entirely on his own. He was a powerful Executor, one that could hardly be matched at one point, but his spiritual powers only went so far. He knew his limitations, he knew what he could and couldn’t do.

That’s why he wasted no time in appearing before Pan Jing and was ready to beg for help. He was willing to put everything on the line, whatever that may be, in order to try and figure this out, in order to get the resources he needed to do this.

Upon hearing Wuxian’s request to attempt to bring Feng Xi back, Pan Jing just sighed heavily. “No one has ever successfully put back together a shattered soul before,” he said as he shook his head. “Not even Qing Ning had the ability to. You’re just giving yourself false hope, Wuxian…”

His heart hurt a little more hearing that. Wuxian turned his head, looking away with his fists clenched at his side.

“I know that,” Wuxian muttered, trying to keep the pain at bay, “but I have to try. If I don’t, then…”

Then he didn’t know what he would do. If he didn’t at least try, then he would certainly fall into despair, unable to forgive himself for not at least trying.

Pan Jing was silent for a few moments before speaking again. “This won’t look good if I offer my help. Feng Xi was notorious, most of the other guild halls knew about him and what he had done, it wouldn’t look well to them if I were to help with this.”

“That’s fine, no one else has to get involved in this. All I ask for is access to whatever materials I may need. I am willing to do this all on my own if I must.”

Once again, there were a few beats of silence, as Pan Jing seemed to search for something within Wuxian, his expression having concern all over it. Wuxian knew that what he was asking for was not only risky to him, but to the Long You guild hall as well. If the others knew about this, they might even turn against Long You’s guild, might turn against Pan Jing, but Wuxian was ready to carry any burden and blame. He was ready to face this alone, come what may.

If the entire world turned against him, then so be it.

“You’ve certainly grown more troublesome over these recent years,” Pan Jing said. “You used to be so obedient and well behaved when you were a child.”

His tone sounded a bit too much like a parent reminiscing over the younger years of their child that has grown too quickly.

“I’ll offer whatever resources you may need, whether it’s knowledge, materials, anything. However, if word is to get out before you prove you can bring him back, and you don’t have a way to lower their fears, you will cut all ties with my hall. I’m sorry, but I can’t allow the reputation of my hall to be in jeopardy.”

He shouldn’t be getting his hopes up. He shouldn’t be feeling relieved yet, not when there’s so much he needs to do, not when he’s racing against the clock to piece together Feng Xi’s soul before it disappears.

But hearing that Pan Jing wouldn’t get in his way, and that he’d even help to the best of his abilities, Wuxian felt the weight on his chest lift just a little bit more.

Wuxian bowed, the action unfamiliar due to his high ranking, and never having asked for something so important before.

“Thank you.”






The years slowly ticked by. To someone like Wuxian who has lived for many centuries now, a year was nothing more than a blink of an eye, but right now, with something so important just barely out of reach, it was as if the years were torturously slow.

What could only be described as a miracle, Wuxian found a way to piece back Feng Xi’s soul within a year and a half, though the process was to be long and tedious, and with a very low chance of success. So low, in fact, that it has actually never succeeded before.

But he had to try.


Wuxian wore himself thin between caring for Xiao Hei and teaching him, and trying to bring back Feng Xi. He frequently jumped from one place to another, with Xiao Hei during the day, and either at Feng Xi’s tree or the Long You guild hall at night.

Even though he was no longer considered to be human anymore, he still felt the physical tolls on his body. He was hardly sleeping anymore, hardly gave himself a moment's rest. Whenever he did try to sleep, he was plagued by nightmares and guilt. For not trying hard enough, for both Xiao Hei and Feng Xi.

Some nights, he dreamed of the possibility of him not getting to Xiao Hei in time. Of having to watch Xiao Hei die because he wasn’t careful enough, he wasn’t strong enough, or fast enough. Whatever the case may be, he ends up losing Xiao Hei, and Wuxian wakes up in a panic. When he sees the young elfin asleep, his mind tells him that the child is actually laying there, dead. Wuxian has to hold onto Xiao Hei those nights, to make sure the child was still alive, still warm and breathing.

Most nights, however, he sees Feng Xi.

Sometimes, they start off like a warm, pleasant dream. They’re back to their younger days, before everything went bad. Before Wuxian started truly doubting himself and being scared of having a life outside of the guild. During those moments, Wuxian truly wishes he wouldn’t wake up from them.

But they always turn bad.

He’ll see Feng Xi, and no matter how loud he screams, how hard he tries to reach out to him, nothing he says gets to the elfin. No matter how much he apologizes, all he can hear is the echoing of voices telling Wuxian it’s all his fault.

It’s his fault Feng Xi is sad.

It’s his fault Feng Xi lost his home.

It’s his fault that Feng Xi can’t live a life he wants.

It’s his fault that Feng Xi is gone.

He’s forced to watch Feng Xi slip away after being suffocated by the hateful look Feng Xi gives him.

That’s when Wuxian leaves, the only source of comfort he’s able to find is from the same place he has no right seeking comfort in. It always leads him back to Feng Xi. He always wears himself out as he apologizes repeatedly until exhaustion takes over, and for a few hours, he sleeps without any dreams.


Wuxian doesn’t tell Xiao Hei about Feng Xi’s possible return right away, but after that year and a half, when there’s a slight chance, he tells the child, while keeping it secret that it was Wuxian’s idea all along. He should’ve asked Xiao Hei about it to begin with, but Wuxian had long ago come to the realization that he was selfish. He hadn’t considered asking Xiao Hei until he already had his mind set on it, and by then, it was already too late.

Xiao Hei took it well, although rather confused by the situation. It was clear that Xiao Hei didn’t hate Feng Xi, but he obviously hadn’t forgiven him. Xiao Hei had his fair share of nightmares as well, ones that Wuxian would have to wake him up from and help Xiao Hei center and ground himself. He is a child, afterall. A child that got involved in something he shouldn’t have been.

When asked how long it would take before Feng Xi was brought back, Wuxian couldn’t give him an answer other than telling him it would take a long time. Xiao Hei relaxed a little at that, probably due to the fact that he wouldn’t have to worry about deciding how to forgive Feng Xi or not for a while longer.


It wasn’t until almost the third year that Pan Jing brought Xing and another elfin into the project.

Pan Jing explained that Xing wouldn’t be able to help much, but she was the closest they currently had to a healer since she was able to read spiritual energy well. She’d be able to help piece together Feng Xi’s soul as well as take readings on his condition while Wuxian wasn’t around.

The other elfin was named Dumpling, a purple dumpling rat elfin that helped in crafting and maintaining Xing’s bracelets long ago.

That was when Pan Jing explained the purpose of Xing’s bracelets to Wuxian for the first time, and explained that, if they were going to be bringing Feng Xi back, he would need to wear them.

If it was anyone else, it wouldn’t be a problem. Everyone else that was arrested that had worked with Feng Xi were allowed to walk around without them, but Feng Xi’s ability, Siege, was something everyone would be worried about. He wouldn’t be allowed to use his ability, or any spiritual energy for that matter. It was the only way Feng Xi could be brought back and allowed to walk around without everyone turning on him.

Wuxian wasn’t an elfin, but he knew how important spiritual energy was to them. An elfin’s entire being is made up of pure, condensed spiritual energy. It runs through them like blood runs through a human. To take an elfin’s spiritual energy away was akin to suffocating them, torturing them.

To make Feng Xi go through something like that made Wuxian feel horrified. He didn’t want to restrict Feng Xi. He didn’t want to make him suffer. Hadn’t he already suffered enough? Was it not enough to take his home away twice? Did they really have to do something like this?


But Wuxian did swear that he would do whatever had to be done to make it so the other guild halls wouldn’t turn on the Long You one. He wanted to go against it, he wanted to fight it, but in the end, he couldn’t.

Xing explained to him what it would be like to live with the bracelets on. She couldn’t give a good standpoint on how it would feel right after getting the bracelets on, as she had been wearing them for many, many centuries now, and can’t remember what it was like to lose her spiritual energy other than it being a relief for her, but she did what she could to ease his fears, telling him that Feng Xi would still have some of his spiritual energy, though nowhere near as much as he now has, and that limiting his spiritual energy would make him closer to human than elfin. That the only way Feng Xi will be able to have them removed was by someone else having their spiritual energy infused with the bracelets, acting as the key.

It felt…

It felt wrong….


But Wuxian had no choice.






The passing years were painful.

They were full of stress and desperation.

It could only be called a miracle born from sheer luck when, after six strenuous years, Wuxian finally managed to pull Feng Xi from the tree.

He looked just as he did on that day, beaten and worn down, but is warm with life as Wuxian holds him close, feeling his own body trembling.

There was still so much left to be done, as Feng Xi’s soul and body were still unstable, but for a moment, Wuxian let himself have this small relief.






Xiao Hei looks out at the city and the soon to be setting sun, watching the sky turn different colours slowly as the sun begins its descent from the roof of the apartment building.

It's been about a day since they returned to Ling Xi, and he’s been feeling restless the entire time. Part of him wants to return to Long You in order to be with Wuxian and Feng Xi, since they were the two most important people in his life, but he also knew that going there wouldn’t be good. They would still be fighting, and Xiao Hei knew that he would just get frustrated with them.

This entire situation was awful, and he hated it.

Why couldn’t they just try and work things out? At least to get to the point where they could be in the same room and not break out into an argument every time.

He remembered when Wuxian told him a bit about their past. It was five years ago, when he had woken up from another nightmare involving Feng Xi. At that time, Xiao Hei didn’t hate Feng Xi, he never had, but he hadn’t figured out how to forgive him yet. So, he had asked about how things used to be, and when he watched Wuxian talk about Feng Xi, he saw something in Wuxian’s eyes, something that Xiao Hei was now familiar with seeing whenever Wuxian looked at him.

It was a soft, fond look, one that showed overwhelming amounts of emotion that one would miss if they weren’t paying attention.


It was love.


Wuxian was so obviously in love with Feng Xi, so why were they constantly fighting?


Xiao Hei sighs and rests his head on top of his paws. Adults were troublesome.

“Ah-ha! There you are!!”

Raising his head a little, he turned to see Xiaobai leaning over the edge of the roof with a wide smile on her face. She shouldn’t be climbing up onto the roof and has gotten scolded for it repeatedly, but she tended to do whatever she wanted for the most part. She also told Xiao Hei once that she didn’t fear falling at all, because she knew that he would save her if such a thing were to happen.

And, well, she’s not wrong, but she gives her mom a heart attack every time she finds out Xiaobai has been on the roof…

“It wasn’t like I was hiding,” Xiao Hei says, a bit on the side of being a mumble as he rests his head back down after making sure Xiaobai wasn’t going to tumble off the roof.

She made her way over to where the black cat elfin was perched, laying down on her stomach and using her arms and rest her head on, looking out at the city with him. They were quiet for a while, the only noise being from the small city around them and the breeze as it rustled the trees.


Ling Xi was a lot quieter than Long You.


“You’ve been different since we came back,” Xiaobai says, her voice soft, as if speaking too loud will hurt something or someone. “And you didn’t stay in Long You for longer like I thought you would.”

If he was in human form, Xiao Hei would be frowning right now, but he does his best to do so in cat form as his ears lower a little. “I don’t wanna be there longer than I have to right now.”

“What happened? I thought you were excited to see your friend.”

She’s not wrong, Xiao Hei is excited, and would love to go back to Long You to see Feng Xi and talk with him longer, but as things stand right now…

Xiao Hei shook his head. “Shifu showed up a little after we got there.”

“I thought he wasn’t going near Long You!”

“That’s what I thought too, but he got a mission from the guild in Long You, so he had to go.”

“Did you end up getting in trouble then?”

“Shifu wasn’t happy with the fact that I went behind his back, but I didn’t really get into any trouble. It’s more that they keep arguing…”

“Who? Your shifu and your friend?”

Xiao Hei nods with a soft sigh.

“So they have a terrible relationship?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think so… They just refuse to talk to each other and work something out. Every time they were in a room together, they always ended up arguing over something or other. It was really frustrating!”

Xiaobai reached out and gently brushed her fingers behind his ear, knowing that it always helped him calm down and relax a little. “I’m sorry, looks like our little trip turned out to be more stressful than fun for you.”

“Don’t apologize,” Xiao Hei says, his eyes closing as he rubs his head against Xiaobai’s hand in content. “You and Argen took time to go with me when I was too scared to go alone. I don’t regret it, I just… I wish things weren’t so complicated. Now my head is a jumbled mess and it’s really annoying.”

Humming a little, Xiaobai was silently in thought for a few moments as she continued to ease Xiao Hei the best she could, running her hand through the silky black fur. Suddenly, she makes a soft noise in exclamation, as if she just thought of something. “If your head is a mess and you’re feeling restless, why don’t we go for a walk? Those always help me clear my head.”

Opening his eyes, Xiao Hei looked at the horizon. The sun was lower in the sky now, and it would be night time soon. “It’s getting late for that, your parents wouldn’t let you out this late,” Xiao Hei said, turning back to look at her.

Xiaobai smiled mischievously. “Not if we don’t tell anyone.”

“Won’t your parents notice you’re gone?”

“It’ll be okay, trust me, and besides, if it’ll help you feel better then it’ll be worth it! Come on, let’s go over to the forest, we can find Bidiu while we’re out!”






“Didn’t I tell you to get out of my life?”

Wuxian stood there, falling back into old habits that made him seem cold and distant. He watched Feng Xi’s hand clench. He didn’t deserve to be here. Not after everything he’s done.

He took a deep breath to calm himself.

No more running.

“I’m here because of my mission. I didn’t expect you to be home.”

“So you were just going to break in?”




Well, when worded like that….. Yeah, it kind of did make it sound like he was going to break into Feng Xi’s apartment.

Before Wuxian had the chance to answer, Feng Xi let out an annoyed sigh before backing away from the balcony. “Fine, do whatever you need to for your damn mission, then leave.” He watched Feng Xi walk away, and for a few moments, Wuxian stood there.

It was true, there was a burst of spiritual energy here not too long ago, and he needed to come see what went on in order to finally solve this mystery that’s been driving him a little crazy, but he’d be lying if he said that was the only reason he was here.

To be honest, Wuxian didn’t care too much about the mission right now. If the whole world were to collapse right now, he didn’t think he’d care too much, not when something much more important to him was right here in front of him, and he had something to do.

Even if Feng Xi hates him now and will continue to hate him afterwards, he needed to explain.

After giving himself a moment to gather every ounce of courage he could, Wuxian stepped into the apartment, closing the balcony door behind him.

A few things looked different. Some of the plants were in different positions and housed in different coloured pots, there was a noticeable lamp missing, an empty spot from where it should have been, and it looked messier than it was the last time he was here, but overall it was the same.

Eventually, his eyes drifted to where Feng Xi was standing, arms crossed and leaning on a wall. When their eyes met, Feng Xi looked away. “Hurry up and do whatever you need to,” he said, his voice obviously holding back whatever hurtful words he wanted to throw at Wuxian. “I want you out as soon as possible.”

Wuxian knew that Feng Xi was going to stubbornly ignore him the entire time, no matter what he said. Which he deserved, he deserved to have Feng Xi hate him, but right now, he just needed to get him to listen. Feng Xi needed to listen, to know the truth.

He knew that if he gave himself the chance to think, then he would lose all his courage, he’d overthink the entire situation and just be left in square one, with nothing being done. So, he wasn’t going to think.

With Feng Xi turned away from him, Wuxian quickly walked over before he could second guess himself and caged Feng Xi against the wall with his arms on their side of the eflin. Feng Xi looked at Wuxian’s arms with an expression of anger and confusion. With a scoff, he used his arm to push Wuxian’s away and off the wall. In a moment of panic, Wuxian reached out and grabbed at Feng Xi’s wrist, just above the bracelet, and held it against the wall.

“What are you doing?” Feng Xi spat, moving to shove Wuxian away from him. “Let go of me.”

Even without his spiritual energy, Feng Xi was physically strong, almost breaking free away from Wuxian, but Wuxian quickly got an understanding of Feng Xi’s strength and was able to use more force to keep his grip, even reaching out to grb at Feng Xi’s other wrist and pinning him to the wall.

“What are you doing?! I said let go!!” Feng Xi shouted now, struggling against Wuxian’s grip with all of his strength, but it hardly did a thing.

Wuxian shook his head, unable to look at him in the eyes, so instead he looked at the floor between them. “No, I--you need to listen to me…” he said, finding trouble getting his thoughts together and getting words out past the lump in his throat.

“I don’t have to listen to anything you say! I don’t want to--”

“I was scared!!”


At Wuxian’s sudden outburst, Feng Xi stopped struggling, freezing for a moment.

Wuxian could feel his heart pounding in his chest, so loud and tremoundus he thought his chest was going to explode. But he needed to say this, he needed to tell Feng Xi how he felt, he needed him to understand.

“I didn’t bring you back to torture you, I didn’t want you to suffer,” Wuxian said, his words quickly spilling out, stumbling a little as he spoke. “I wanted to bring you back because I was scared.”

“..... Scared of what?”


“Of not knowing how to live in a world without you.”


Feng Xi was silent, not even his breathing could be heard. Wuxian didn’t want to look up, he was too scared of the kind of expression he was making right now, so Wuxian shut his eyes tight and continued talking. Even if Feng Xi was disgusted by him, even if he hated him…


“I can live with you hating me, as long as I know you’re out there somewhere, alive. I couldn’t--I can’t handle the thought of living in a world without you in it. I know what I did was wrong and selfish, and you can hate me all you want, but I--”

Wuxian’s voice cracked as he felt his throat tighten up. Even the mere thought of not having Feng Xi around made him scared. He doesn’t know how to live without Feng Xi. He truly doesn’t. It was something worse than a nightmare. It was a world he wanted no part in, a world he’d have no motivation to save and protect if the one person that means most to him isn’t there.

As long as Feng Xi lived in this world, together or not, then Wuxian could find the motivation to protect it, so he could protect Feng Xi.

“I don’t want you to think you need to repay me or be in my debt, because what I did was selfish of me, but just as I couldn’t stand living in a world without you, I also couldn’t stand the unfair ending you got. You deserve to be happy, and if that happiness doesn’t have me in it, then I understand.”

The room was silent, and still, Feng Xi has not said anything, hasn’t made a noise or moved a muscle. Wuxian wasn’t even sure if Feng Xi was even truly listening to him, but he got out some of what he needed to say. There was still so much more he needed to make clear, so much more he needed Feng Xi to know, but for now, this was a start, and if Feng Xi didn’t want to hear any more, then that was fine.

In the end, Wuxian just wanted Feng Xi to know that this wasn’t part of some scheme to hurt him. Bringing him back was because Wuxian was selfish, and that was the most important part. He didn’t want Feng Xi to be in debt of any kind, he didn’t want Feng Xi to think the guild was going to use him at any point. Once his sentence was up, this life was his to do as he pleases.

“Wuxian,” Feng Xi finally said, his tone so hard to understand at the moment, and it made Wuxian scared. “Let go of me.”

Slowly, Wuxian opened his eyes as he released his grip on Feng Xi’s wrists, backing away to give the elfin space. Still, Wuxian refused to look up. He didn’t want to see Feng Xi’s expression, didn’t want to see the hatred and anger that he was sure burning up inside the other, even though he knew he deserves it. His heart really wouldn’t be able to take it…

Without warning, hands grabbed at his collar, and Wuxian found himself being forcefully pulled forward.


Feng Xi’s lips were rough against his, and having been pulled forward roughly, their teeth clicked together a bit painfully. Being so caught off guard, Wuxian didn’t know how to react in time before Feng Xi was pulling away with a huff.

“You’re insufferable,” the elfin muttered, still close enough for Wuxian to feel his breath on his lips. Wuxian’s mind finally caught up with what was going on, clicking into place, and all he could think about was wanting more.

Placing his hands on Feng Xi’s waist, pulling him close and kissing him as if he was dying, as if it was the last thing Wuxian would ever be able to do. And it really did feel that way, with how much his heart was pounding, with how the weight that’s been on his chest for years feels just a bit lighter.

For now, for just this brief moment in time, with Feng Xi pressed up against him, Wuxian feels something he hadn’t in so long, hadn’t allowed himself to feel since Feng Xi came back, since the start of their relationship so many years ago.

Wuxian feels at home.




A sudden, loud shrill causes both of them to startle, resulting in Feng Xi biting down rather harshly on Wuxian’s lip as they pulled away.

“You couldn’t be bothered to put your phone on vibrate or silent?” Feng Xi asked with a raised eyebrow as Wuxian fished out the phone from his pocket, ignoring the throbbing from his bottom lip.

“I can’t feel it when I fly, so I turn up the volume,” Wuxian explained, and was about ready to put the phone away, when he stopped and frowned at the screen.

Watching, Feng Xi tilted his head. “What’s the matter?”

“I don’t know this caller, but it should be impossible for anyone to know my number.”

The only way someone could know it is if he just never bothered to save the contact, or if it was given by someone else who already had it, which was extremely rare. And the only time anyone ever called him was if there was something urgent.

Glancing up at Feng Xi, the elfin gave him a small shrug, a sign to go ahead and answer.

Before the call could go to voicemail, Wuxian hit the green button. “Hello?”

“Oh, finally you picked up! I thought you’d let my call go to voicemail!”

Wuxian frowned. This voice sounded extremely familiar….. “Argen? How did you get my number?”

“I got it from some other elfin, but that’s not important right now. Is Xiao Hei or Xiaobai with you?”

Now that he thought about it, Wuxian hadn’t seen Xiao Hei for a while now. Turning to look at Feng Xi, he shook his head. “He got upset and left,” Feng Xi said gently, as to not be heard by the other person through the phone.

“No, neither of them are with me. Did something happen to them?”

From the other end, Argen huffed. “I got a call from Xiaobai’s mom, she’s losing her mind. I guess she’s missing and doesn’t have her phone with her. I assume that wherever she is, Xiao Hei is more than likely with her. Right now, it’s just me searching for them out here, and my tracking skills aren’t as great as yours, so could you come help before her mom has a heart attack?”

Xiao Hei was a smart and powerful child, if there was any trouble, he’d be able to get himself and his friend out of it for sure, but there was that protective side of Wuxian that wanted to rush over and make sure he was okay as quickly as possible.

Having heard the entire conversation and understanding what was going on, Feng Xi nodded.

“We’ll be there soon.”

“Ah, what a relief…. Wait, we--?”

Before hearing whatever else Argen had to say, Wuxian ended the call and put his phone away. “They couldn’t have gone too far from Ling Xi, but you might want to ask your friends to check around Long You, just to make sure they’re not here.”

“Already sent,” Feng Xi said, holding up his phone to show a messaging app briefly before pocketing his phone. “Luo Zhu and Xing will be searching the outskirts of the city, Zi Luolan is going to ride around and check.”

Wuxian nodded, a small bit of worry and anxiety filling up inside of him bit by bit. Even though Xiao Hei was strong, he was still a child. If something happened to him or Xiaobai… “Come on, we’d better hurry over.”

Taking a step to leave, Feng Xi grabbed onto Wuxian’s hand. “Wait.”

It was so easy for Feng Xi to control Wuxian, as he instantly stopped in his step the moment he heard them and turned to look at Feng Xi, who looked less concerned than he did about the whole situation.

“We’ll find Xiao Hei, and then we can talk about… we can actually talk about us this time, okay?”

Wuxian still wasn’t good at talking things out. There was still that small voice in his head that told him to run away from everything, to keep everything bottled up and hidden away in the corners of his heart and mind. But knowing that Feng Xi actually wanted to try and work things out now, that they were going to figure things out together, it made Wuxian feel just a bit braver, a bit more prepared for whatever may come.

Lightly, he squeezed Feng Xi’s hand and gave a small smile. “Okay.”