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"She's more human than us. We're the real monsters here, not them!" Jennie yelled to her father, biting her lips as she heard Chaeyoung yelled out her name as they took her away.

"I cannot accept this, Jennie! You're a disgrace to this family!" Her father yelled angrily at her. "Take her to her room and never let her out! Not until we kill the vile monster who defiled my daughter!"

"NO! PLEASE D-DAD! LET HER GO! I"LL DO EVERYTHING YOU WANT! J-JUST LET HER GO!" Jennie begged, crying as she fought her father's guards from dragging her away to her room.

"JENNIE!" Chaeyoung yelled for Jennie as she was being dragged away from the room. Trying to fight them but it was of no use.

"JENNIE!" She growled lowly, trying to remove their hands from her.

Chaeyoung kept trying to use her strength to get away from the guards but it was useless. She was vulnerable. She just let them carry her and throw her inside the basement.