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Take Care Of Her And I'll Take Care Of You

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“God fucking dammit!”

Tom slammed his palm down on his desk and hissed. He let his head fall into his hands and let out a viciously angry sigh. He carded his fingers through his hair while staring at the mahogany desk top.

“Everything alright there, Hiddleston? Or did someone only call you pretty instead of beautiful this time?”

Tom groaned and looked up, balancing his head in his left hand still. You were standing in the doorway of his office with a smug grin on your face. Clearly, you heard his little tantrum and were now coming to rub whatever inconvenience just occurred in his face.

“Bloody great. Move along,” Tom grumbled. You stepped into his office and stood beside his desk, your hipped cocked out and your arms crossed over your chest. Tom eyed you wearily before sinking back in his seat. “Okay, no. Everything is not fine.”

“I know it can be hard being called only pretty but it will get better,” you cooed in fake sympathy.

Tom narrowed his eyes and glared at you. “Fuck off.”

“Okay, cranky. What’s going on then?” you asked, taking a seat on the edge of his desk.

“Why do you care?”

“I like seeing you suffer. Now tell me what’s up.”

“Fine,” Tom snapped. “My babysitter just cancelled on me for tonight. I have no time to screen people and find someone new to watch my daughter. I have to go to the history department meeting tonight or I’ll get kicked from the school. I’ve missed too many meetings because I have to take care of my girl. Don’t get me wrong, I’d choose her over work any day but I really cannot miss this meeting.”

“Woah, wait. You have a daughter?” you asked with your jaw dropped. Tom nodded and an almost sentimental smile crossed his face.

“Yeah. Her name is Ally. She’s only six so I can’t leave her alone,” Tom said, the smile fading from his face.

“Any family around to help?” You were hesitant to ask about his family in the first place. After all, Tom’s wife passed away five years ago. You weren’t around when that happened but you had heard the stories. The man was a wreck and he was never the same since. His loss turned him hard and he lost his warmth and good spirit. You couldn’t imagine a time when the strict Professor Hiddleston was anything but the way he is now, though.

“Too far away.”

You stayed quiet for a moment before placing a hand on Tom’s shoulder. “I can watch her if you want.”

Tom stared at you with his mouth hanging open. You? You would watch his daughter? It was a terribly odd suggestion coming from you considering the nature of yours and Tom’s relationship.

You were both professors at the university. From the beginning, you two always clashed and butted heads. Tom was too cold and strict meanwhile you were much more relaxed – too relaxed for a math professor, according to him. You didn’t agree with his stern teaching methods and he didn’t agree with your flimsy ones. You bickered like an old married couple and the other professors would tease you on the growing sexual tension. Some women from the philosophy department even suggested that a good fuck would stop your constant feuding. Tom and you would just stare at them and roll your eyes – the thought itself was completely ridiculous.

And while you got on each other’s nerves and rarely spoke a word to each other when you didn’t need to, you had to admit that you sort of liked the man. He was fun to tease and poke fun at. You’d never admit that to his face though for Tom was far too cocky and confident at times and he’d let it get to his head. Instead, you just grimaced when he spoke.

The fact that you offered to take care of his daughter was truly shocking to him. But he was desperate and he knew that you could at least be trusted since you held your job at this prestigious university for so many years (unlike a handful of other professors he knew) with a long line of successful students coming out of your class.

“That…that would actually really help,” Tom murmured. “But why?”

“I love kids and you need help.” You shrugged.

“You’ve never been so inclined to help me before,” Tom snorted.

“Your daughter has never done anything to me,” you said, standing up from his desk. “Just tell me where you need me to be and when.”

Tom told you his address and what time he needed you there. As you began to walk out the door, Tom stopped you. “Thank you for this, by the way.”

“Not a problem, Professor,” you said.

“Don’t go teaching my daughter your ridiculous equations and formulas now,” Tom grumbled under his breath. You turned around and winked.

“At least she’d be learning something more valuable than dreary white guy history,” you teased with a wink. You shut the door behind you before Tom could curse any louder.




“Remember, not chocolate after 8 p.m., don’t let her watch MTV, and make sure she brushes her teeth,” Tom said, eyeing Ally sideways. “She likes to pretend she cleans them when she really doesn’t.”

Ally stuck her tongue out and you chuckled. “Everything will be fine, Tom. Now go, don’t be late for your meeting.”

Tom grabbed his suit jacket and slipped it on. He ran around his house one more time checking to make sure everything was in order. Finally, he stood before you and looked down at you.

“If you need me, please call me. I’ll leave in an instant if –“

“Tom! Relax. I grew up with six sisters, I know how to take care of a kid,” you laughed. Tom sighed and nodded. Then, he sank to his knees and took Ally into his arms.

“Be good for her, stinker. I’ll be back in a jiff,” Tom said, pulling away and giving his daughter a kiss on the cheek.

“Pinky promise?” Ally asked. She held her hand out to him with her pinky jutted forward. Tom locked his much larger pinky with hers and smiled.

“Pinky promise with a kiss,” he said. They both leaned forward and kissed their intertwined pinkies. Ally pouted and then thrust herself forward into Tom’s arms again, snuggling into his neck.

“I’ll miss you, Daddy,” Ally whispered. Tom shut his eyes and hugged her tighter. He kissed her head and rubbed her back. You watched the moment with a quiet pause. In your few years of knowing Tom, you had never seen him act so soft. It melted your heart a bit and you realized how much this man truly loved his daughter. You ignored the warm feeling in your chest and turned away, pretending to fold a blanket on the couch.

“I’ll be back before you know it, pumpkin.” With that, Tom stood up and ruffled his daughter’s hair. He looked at you again and nodded. “Thank you.”

Tom left with one more kiss blown in Ally’s direction – which she caught and firmly stuffed in her imaginary pockets. Once the door closed, you turned to Ally and smiled.

“So how does ice cream for dinner sound?”




When Tom got home, he almost began crying.

It was nearly four hours since he left the house and he was jittery every second of his meeting with desire to get home to his daughter. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust you. It was just that he didn’t really trust anyone with his sweet little girl. But when he got home, he realized he made a good choice at choosing you to watch her.

You and Ally were laying on the couch. She was curled up in your lap with her head resting on your chest. You were holding her tightly to your body in a protective position. Ally was snoring softly and you were dozing off yourself. For any other person, Tom would have called that irresponsible and neglecting their duties by sleeping on the job. But in this case, Tom was just endeared by how comfortable his daughter felt with you. Ally was a trusting girl but she never fell asleep when she had a babysitter. Clearly, she felt safe with you.

Tom walked over to you and rubbed your shoulder. Your eyes fluttered opened and you instinctively tightened your grip on Ally. Tom’s heart skipped a beat at your protection of his daughter. When your eyes focused and noticed it was Tom standing before you, you loosened your grip on Ally.

“Good morning,” he chuckled.

“How was the meeting?” you asked, yawning during your question.

“Boring and irrelevant,” Tom chuckled.

“Just so you know, your daughter is an angel,” you said, looking down at Ally’s sleeping body. “Not anything like her father.”

Tom snorted and reached for his daughter. You passed her over to him and Tom took her into his arms. He cradled her to her body – reminding him distinctly of when she was just a baby – and carried her up to her room. As he placed her in bed, Ally stirred and wiggled around. She opened her eyes and smiled.

“Hi, Daddy,” she squeaked. Tom leaned over her and brushed her hair from her forehead.

“Hi, stinker,” Tom said, bopping Ally’s nose. Ally giggled and cuddled her stuffed animal closer to her chest. “Did you have fun tonight?”

“Loads! She’s a nice lady,” Ally said. From where Tom was standing, he noted that Ally’s breath smelled like her toothpaste. That was another positive check in your favor. “She played Connect 4 with me and we watched Paw Patrol for hours! The other ladies that used to watch me never ever did that! I love her!”

“Sounds like I missed out on a party,” Tom laughed. “Now go to sleep, pumpkin. We can talk more in the morning.”

“Okay, Daddy. I love you,” Ally yawned. Tom pressed a kiss to her forehead and patted her head.

“I love you more,” he whispered.

Tom closed the door behind him and walked downstairs to where you were washing dishes in the kitchen. He stood there and watched you quietly.

“I know you’re staring,” you mumbled, looking over your shoulder at him. Tom shuffled on his feet a bit and leaned against the doorway.

“She really likes you,” Tom said softly. “She even told me she loves you. Then again, she also love spiders so I take her word with a grain of salt.”

You rolled your eyes and laughed. “She’s perfect, honestly. I’m really happy I had to chance to watch her.”

“Thank you for everything. It means a lot to me,” Tom said. You finished the dishes and wiped your hands. You grabbed your coat from the kitchen chair and shrugged it on. You walked up to Tom and patted his cheek.

“Not a problem,” you said. You paused and looked down at Tom’s tie. It was slightly crooked so you reached forward and fixed it. Neither of you missed your own hitches of breath at the gesture. “If you ever need a babysitter again, just let me know. I’ll watch her again in a heartbeat.”

“I’d really appreciate that,” Tom whispered. You looked up and noticed how close Tom was. Gulping, you nodded and walked around him. Tom turned around and watched you grab the doorknob to leave. “Next Friday I have another meeting. Any chance you can swing by then for me?”

“For you? No. For Ally? Yes.”

And that’s how it went for the next three weeks. You came over and watched Ally while Tom ran around doing meetings and appointments. Tom would come back late at night with a treat for you every time. Whether it was coffee or chocolate, your heart always fluttered a bit when you noticed Tom was being kinder to you.

In those three weeks, you both began noticing things about one another. Tom realized how caring and protective you actually were and you realized how sweet and loving he was. Even at work, you were bickering less. Though, you still remained adamant pains in each other’s asses. It just became a duller sort of pain. You had even gone out for lunch together – something that the philosophy department deemed the beginning of a sexual awakening.

Perhaps they were right.

On the fourth week of watching Ally, Tom came home with flowers. They were white roses, your personal favorite. He tucked Ally into bed and came back downstairs, catching you sniffing the flowers.

“They’re very lovely,” you said, brushing your fingers along the thin petals. Tom watched you with a soft expression.

“Yeah. Very lovely,” he mumbled. You placed the flowers down and began reaching for your coat. Except, before your hand could even reach the jacket, Tom’s hand was on yours. “Do you want to maybe stay for a drink?”

“I’d actually really like that,” you whispered, a blush coating your cheeks. Tom’s eyes flickered down to your lips before he cleared his throat. He grabbed two wine glasses and poured out some Pinot for you. He handed you a glass and walked you to the living room where you both sat down slowly on the couch.

“Professor Helgin told me today how much she thinks we’re repressing our sexual urges towards one another,” Tom said as he took a sip of his wine.

“Lord, will they ever get off of that?” you asked. Tom shrugged and leaned back on the couch, spreading his legs out wide in front of him.

“Trust me, I have no idea why they’re so obsessed with our sex life,” Tom snorted.

“I think you mean our lack of a sex life,” you said with a wink. Tom chuckled and drained his glass. You finished yours and placed it on the table beside you. You sat there quietly for a bit before you looked at Tom out of the corner of your eye. “It’s an interesting idea, though.”

“What is?” he asked, turning to look at you.

“Having sexual tension with someone so you bicker and fight as a way to repress it or let it out in some other form,” you said.

“I thought you math nerds weren’t supposed to be so thoughtful.”

“Oh, screw you,” you said, rolling your eyes. Tom looked at the curve of your jaw and hummed.

“Are you telling me that you believe what they’re saying?” he asked. You shrugged and faced him completely.

“It’s something to consider, I think,” you whispered.

“And are you saying you want to listen to their suggestion of a good fuck?” he said, his voice low and smooth. You swallowed the lump in your throat and felt a bead of sweat roll down the back of your neck. Tom was staring at you with such intensity that you had to look away.

“Tom. Listen I was just thinking that – “

“I wouldn’t be opposed to it.”

You whipped around and watched a dark shadow grow over his face. He settled further into the couch, his arms stretched out wide over the back cushions.

“I’m sorry, what?” you gasped out. Tom chuckled and slid closer to you. You could smell his cologne from here.

“Maybe the philosophy department is right. Maybe all we need is a nice intimate night to toss away our bickering,” Tom said lowly.

“Why the hell would you want to sleep with me?” That was the main part you were focused on. Tom watched you fidget and he moved one hand down to rest on the back of your neck. He began massaging you and you sighed instinctively.

“You may be a pain in my ass but you’re a good person. You take care of my daughter without asking for anything in return. You care about your job. You’re passionate about what you do. Not to mention you’re utterly beautiful,” he said as if he was discussing the weather.

“You think I’m beautiful?”

“The most attractive woman in the math department, for sure.”

“The only two other women in the math department are over 70 years old.”

“Ah, right. Okay, third most attractive woman. Barbara and Vivian are goddesses.”

You grabbed a pillow from beside you and whacked Tom in the gut. He laughed and hit the pillow away. When his laughter died down, he inched even closer to you until you were pressed against his side. He leaned his head down and you could feel his breath on your face. You certainly wouldn’t be opposed to sleeping with Tom. He was probably the most attractive man you’d ever met – yet another thing you noticed in these past few weeks – and you hadn’t had sex in months. There was no harm in trying.

“Are we really going to do this?” you whispered.

“If it’s what you want. Just one night. No commitment. We can stop whenever you want to. Let’s see if they’ve been right all along,” he said just as quietly.

You didn’t have time to process much of what happened in those next few moments. First, Tom’s lips were on yours. And damn, he tasted delicious. He was sweetness mixed with a twinge of something heated and desirable. Next, your fingers were running through his hair. After that, his hands were on your hips and you were on his lap. You began rocking down against him, moaning into his mouth as you felt his cock hardening beneath you.

“We need to be quiet. Ally’s sleeping,” you said as Tom moved his lips to your neck.

“So considerate of her. Yet another thing that makes you so attractive,” Tom murmured as he licked over your pulse. Suddenly, his teeth were sinking into your neck. You gasped and writhed as he sucked a bruise into your neck. You knew you would need a ton of makeup to cover that up in the morning. Apparently, that wasn’t Tom’s concern though as he kept sucking more bruises along your skin.

“Touch me,” you whispered. “Please touch me.”

Tom flipped you over so you were sitting on the couch. He pulled your pants down your legs and threw them onto the floor.

“I’m going to leave the rest of our clothes on in case she comes downstairs,” Tom murmured as he kissed up your legs.

“Or we could just move to your room,” you suggest. Tom bit down on your knee and you stifled a yelp.

“No. I need to have you now.”

If that wasn’t the most arousing thing you ever heard, you didn’t know what was. Tom spread your legs wide and began rubbing you above your panties. He could see a wet patch forming on the lace from your desire. He leaned in and pressed a kiss to your covered pussy. Then, he hooked two fingers into your panties and pulled them off, tossing them into the pile with your pants.

Tom stared at your cunt for a few moments, his eyes wide and his mouth watering. God, maybe it wasn’t so crazy to think that bickering with you was just because he wanted you. He had never felt so aroused in years as he did in this moment. Taking two fingers, Tom ran them up and down your folds, gathering your arousal on his fingers before pushing them into your hole.

You covered your mouth with your hand, repressing the urges to moan as Tom pumped his fingers in and out of you slowly. You couldn’t take your eyes off of him. He was utterly fascinated with you. Your thighs were quaking as he hit every perfectly pleasurable and sensitive spot within you. He was a master at this and based on the smirk on this face, he knew it.

He curled his fingers within you as he dragged his eyes up to yours. Letting his smirk grow, Tom leaned it and pressed a chaste kiss to your clit. You moaned his name behind your hand and Tom chuckled. He parted his lips and let his tongue poke through. Then, he began licking all over your cunt and around his fingers, pleasuring you in the most mind-blowing manner.

You locked your legs around his head as he ate you out. The tighter you gripped him, the more he moaned into you. His eyes never left yours as he pleasured you and yours never left his. You chanted his name behind your hand as you felt your orgasm approaching. With one particularly hard curl of his fingers and desperate suck on your clit, you came against him. Your hands flew down and locked themselves into his hair, riding his face as you hit your high. Tom moaned, his cock incredibly hard in his pants, as he relished the way you tasted.

When you fell limp against him, Tom crawled up your body. You looked up at him looming over you. Suddenly, you fisted his tie in your hand and pulled him down so he could kiss you. You tasted yourself on him and it just sent another wave of arousal running down your spine. Tom hissed your name into your mouth as you palmed him through his pants.

“At least open your shirt. I want to see you,” you said. Tom nodded and stood up. He undid his tie and threw it across the room. You sat up, then, and began unbuttoning his shirt slowly. As inch by inch of his body became visible, you pressed a kiss to his skin. Tom rolled his head back as you undid his pants until his cock fell out. You wanted to taste him but before you could take him into your mouth, he grabbed you and flipped you over onto your hands and knees.

“Not this time, baby,” Tom said as he ran his hand down your ass.

“What happened to ‘just one time’ and ‘no commitment’?” you asked with a smirk.

“I’ve reconsidered that after tasting you,” he purred. You felt his cock running through your folds slowly. “Now, you’re all mine.”

“And who says I’ll agree to that?” you asked over your shoulder. Tom chuckled and kissed your shoulder blade.

“After this, you’ll be agreeing to anything,” Tom murmured in his usual cocky way. Just then, he pushed his cock into you and you groaned his name. You fisted the couch cushions in your hands as Tom bottomed out. He held himself there for a few moments, perhaps letting you adjust or forcing himself to calm down.

His hands gripped your hips and he pulled out slowly until just the tip of his cock was in you. He paused for a moment before slamming back into you. You yelped and bit your lip, trying to stop your pleasured noises. Tom chuckled as he rocked into you quickly, using his grip on you to move you around on his cock.

You tossed your head back as his cock plundered you. One of his hands made their way into your hair and wrapped it around his fist. With the leverage on your hip and your hair, Tom moved your body back and forth onto him hard and fast. Your legs were shaking and you were sure you were going to collapse under the weight of his thrusts.

“Your pussy feels so good around me, baby. You’re so wet and tight,” Tom hissed as his cock dragged in and out of you.

“It’s all for you, Tom,” you whimpered. Tom groaned and tightened his hold on you. His thrusts became faster and his nails were digging into your skin. Obviously, Tom was a possessive lover. Between the bites on your neck, the nail marks on your hip and the clear turn on from your words, you knew Tom was the kind of man who wanted to have it all. So, you tossed yourself back against him and looked over your shoulder. “I’m all yours, Tom. My pussy is yours. Fuck me like you own it.”

“Be careful what you ask for, darling,” Tom growled. He tugged you up by your hair so you were pressed against his chest. Your head rolled back onto his shoulder as he fucked you vigorously. He wrapped one hand around your neck and squeezed lightly. You could feel his fingers running over the bite marks he left.

“Cum in me. I want to feel your cum inside of me,” you moaned. “Own me, Tom. I’m yours.”

“You dirty little professor,” Tom chuckled. He turned his head and bit your neck, sucking another bruise into your skin. The hand that rested on your waist moved down and began circling your clit. He tapped at it rapidly and you knew you wouldn’t last much longer. “Cum for me, baby. Cum all over my cock.”

“Oh, yes, Tom!” you yelped. Tom knew you would be loud during your high so he tugged your face to the side and kissed you as you came. You groaned his name into his mouth as you clenched around his cock, your orgasm turning you flimsy. With the feeling of your cunt tightening around him like a vise, Tom came. He held you against him as he came inside of you, his warmth spreading all over your walls.

Tom pulled out slowly and held his hand over your pussy. Every time he felt his cum dripping out, he pushed it back in.

“So possessive,” you whispered as his fingers played with you.

“Only with what I want,” he mumbled against your skin.

“I think they were right,” you said as his fingers danced over your clit.

“They were definitely right,” he chuckled.

“Though I don’t think one time was enough to truly address our problems,” you said. Tom smiled against your skin and looked up into your eyes.

“I guess it’s a good thing my bedroom is just upstairs.”

Tom scooped you up and ran you upstairs, adamant on being inside of you again. You laughed against him, making sure to stay quiet as he crept passed Ally’s room. He peeked inside real quick to make sure she was sleeping before sprinting down the hall and tossing you onto his bed.

And in the morning, when Ally asked if you fell and got hurt because of the bruises on your neck, you just kissed her cheek and poured her more cereal, ignoring Tom’s chuckles from behind you.