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His Knight with the Red Hair

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It was there latest Mission And Ron was Not having any of it.
It doesn't matter how many times he Tells his mate she continues to give him a heart attack on every mission. Why did she insist on going ahead. now she was hurt because he didn't perform his role in the relationship, 

'Omegas make sure there Alpha is
2. Always has the basic needs taken care of (they usually forget in place of ensuring their Omega is safe)
3. Won't throw themselves into potentially dangerous situations that could lead to a loss of limbs, or  loss of life. 

When she came back however, covered in blood, HER BLOOD. he couldn't keep his cool any longer so he did something a Omega only does when they are out of options. 



"relax ron it's just a few scratches nothing to worry about."

"NoThInG tO wORry aBoUt?!?!"



he screamed grabbing his arms and shaking.

she wanted nothing more than to hold her mate. ' no. he is repulsed by me' she thought degradingly.

her voice scratched out a response.  " your scars, its its all my fault "

"i wanted to stop the thing that was hurting you, me." she slid down the wall 

you could actually pinpoint the second that rons heart ripped in half 

dropping his aggressive demeanor like it was hot.

he yelled. he yelled and she was hurt.

'she needs my help' he thought.

reaching into her pocket he pulled out the kimmunicator.

"wade kim-" he took in a shape intake of breath "she- she got hurt"

^^"do you need me to call the paramedics"^^ wades voice was clear but the screen told another story, the betas body image gave everything away.

"no she is strong i just need a lift to get her back to middleton"

^^"on the way ron"^^

"thanks wade" he whispered out as he hung up.

dropping down on his knees he opted to curl up next to his mate, relishing in her presence.