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The Issue with being the ONLY GIRL in Your Troupe

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Operation: Date (3-Step Plan)


Step 1: The Problem

Sakuma Sakura sighed as she settled herself on the couch, her dark red bangs falling into her eyes as she tilted her head downward. She heard the shuffling of feet and tensed, thinking it was one of her Troupe mates.

“Saku-chan?~” She heard Misumi’s squeaky voice. “Are you okay?”

Glancing up, she gave a shaky tired smile. The mysterious girl tilted her head, crouching in front of the couch and looking up at Sakuya. “Tired?~”

“Very.” The younger girl mumbled as the shorter girl jumped up and hugged her, sitting in her lap so they were chest to chest, arms around the Spring Troupe’s leaders neck. “I wish I could say it was from my schedule but it wasn’t…”

Burying her face into the older girls neck, she let out a cry of frustration as her head was pat.

“I was asked out on my first date!” Orange eyes looked at her with a sparkle before Misumi jumped off her lap.

“I’ll be right back! I know just the people to help!~” With that she ran off but, Sakura could feel like this wouldn’t help at all…

‘And we haven’t even done anything yet…’


“Ja-Jaan~!” Summer Troupes only female cheered. “I’ve brought Arisu-chan~, and Chi-chan~!”

Arisu raised a silent eyebrow at Sakura while Chi waved, her perky red pigtails swishing with the motion.

“How can we be of assistance?” Arisu asked, her tone colored amusement as she took a graceful seat in the armchair across from the couch.

“Yeah, it’s not often you need help Sakura-chan.” Chi practically beamed as she sat next to the other girl while Misumi plopped on the floor before pouting as Arisu scolded her lack of lady-like manners.

“Well… I was asked out on a date…” The Spring Troupes leader paused glancing over her shoulder. “And I don’t think my Troupes going to be too happy with it since they don’t even like me talking to boys my age!”

“... but,” Misumi stopped, looking thoroughly confused. “There are mainly males here… and you even wake Masumi-kun up and walk with him to school…”

“Don’t you also have those leader meetings with Tsumugi, Settsu-kun and Sumeragi-kun?” questioned Arisu.

“And your roommate is a male last I checked…” Chi frowned. “I’m not seeing a problem here.”

“Okay, er,” She blushed as she remembered her Troupes reasoning. “This is how they see it…”



“Look Sakura-chan,” Tsuzuru has started as the girl pouted up at him and the others. “We trust these guys because we live with them.”

“Besides, Summer Troupe has that whole polymourous thing going on, right?” Itaru started. “They only have eyes for that girl in their Troupe.”

“Ah, point.” Citron smiled serenely.

“Besides,” Chikage grunted. “We don’t know too much about this guy. He could be trying to take advantage of you.”

“...” The girl blinked -dumbly, she later thought- at the older men with a questioning look.

“...” Tsuzuru’s face filled with horror as he looked at Chikage, who shrugged back. “Ignore that sentence all together.”

“You trust Masumi-kun!” She jabbed a finger at the younger boy. “And you don’t even get along with him fifty percent of the time.”

“He’s purely Izumi-sexual.” Citron chuckled as Itaru and Chikage high-fived in the back.

“Look, if you’re going to have… male friends.” Tsuzuru looked pained just saying it. “Just introduce us first.”

“...fine.” The sweet girl could never deny her Troupe anything.


“... and there you have it.” The girls head dropped onto Chi’s lap. “It’s overrrrrr! They’re gonna find out it’s a dateeeee!”

“Hmmm…~” Misumi looked really into thought at Sakura’s problem. “Did you think to inform him you have five older protective brothers?”

“He knew that from the get-go!” Sakura’s cheeks puffed up. “Everyone in the company has already met him…”

“Then… shouldn’t that make it easier?” Chi raised an eyebrow at the girl sprawled on her lap. “I mean, technically they said introduce them first.”

“Which already happened.” Arisu smiled. “So step one finished. Now, for step two…”

“Getting ready for your dateeeee!~” Misumi cheered as Sakura processed this new information.

“You girls… are geniuses.” Was all the nineteen year old could muster as she giggled.

“Naturally!” Arisu huffed as the younger girls broke down into giggles.

Step 2: The Outfit

“So,” Chi grunted, looking through Sakura’s closet. “Whatcha gonna wear?”

Sakura stopped mid-sentence with Misumi before slapping a palm to her head.

“Knew I forgot something!” Misumi tilted her head, not quite understanding the reason for distress.

“You can’t just go wearing what you have on?” The younger girls stared at her in deadpanned.

“Sumi-chan, have you ever even been on a date?” A shake of the head. “Some guys enjoy seeing the difference of your home self, and the you that’s shown outside.”

“But… aren’t they both Saku-chan?” The short girl held up a finger. “She’s nice no matter whose she talking to, courteous and more of a girl than anyone I know!”

Ru~de!” Chi pouted throwing a pair of jeans back in the closet as Arisu huffed in mock offense.

“Young ladies have to hold themselves a certain way when,” The older redhead paused for a moment. “They just hang out and when they are out on a date young Misumi.”

“You’ll probably learn when you’re older.” Sakura shrugged as Misumi squinted at them.

“I’m older than you and Chi-chan.” The Summer Troupe member clarified.

“Yeah and we both have more dating experience than you!” giggled the blue eyed female as the orange eyed girl pouted in defeat.

“Ah, what about this one?~” the purple haired girl lifted a white sundress with yellow outlines of flowers.

“That’s… perfect!” Chi and Sakura squealed.

“I completely forgot that I had bought this on a whim…” Sakura sighed as she set the dress on the bed.

“Now, go shower!” Arisu ordered. “When you come out and get dressed I’ll do your hair.”


Step 3: Exit without Being Noticed

Chi glanced around the corner of one of the hallways and sighed in relief upon seeing no one.

“Clear near the dorm area.” She whispered to Sakura behind her. “Let’s go so I can pass you off to Arisu-chan.”

“Un.” And with that the two dashed down the hallway quickly and met with Arisu at the steps.


As Chi backpedaled to keep an eye on the dorm area, the two older red headed women crept down the steps. As they made it to the end, they noticed that the stairwells landing was empty as of now.

“Stairwell clear of any Spring Troupe members.” Arisu glanced around once more before seeing Tsuzuru walking their way. “I take that back… retreat retreat!”

They barely made it up the safety of the stairs, before hiding behind the banister, just as the playwright walked by staring up as if knowing they were there.

“We’re never gonna make it in time!” Sakura whimpered, tugging her long red hair that was pulled into low pigtails.

“No, we will.” Arisu gave a small smile as she leaned over and began to walk downstairs. “When I gesture behind me, run as fast as possible to Misumi-chan.”


“Tsuzuru-kun!” Arisu called. “I need your help getting some of Hisoka-kun’s marshmallows from the shelf.”

“Ah? Sure.” The brunette blinked in slight confusion before heading to the kitchen area. Quickly, the woman gestured wildly behind her before rushing after the other

‘Thank you, Arisu-san!’ Sakuya thought before rushing downstairs to Misumi’s spot at the lounge area.


“Okay, so far Tsuzuroon was the only one here.” Misumi looked over her shoulder to the door no more than a few feet away. “Is your date close yet?”

Glancing at her texts, Sakura breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing seeing his confirmation of being down the street.

“All I have to do is wait out front and be gone before anyone notices.” She giggled. “I cannot believe this worked.”

Misumi chuckled before hissing as she saw Itaru and Chikage’s room door open. Quickly shoving Sakura behind the bookshelf, the older girl crouched down to try and seem non existent.

“Hm… Misumi-chan, what’re you doing?” questioned Itaru with a raised brow. 

“Waiting for Omi to finish lunch.” She responded casually.

“Ah, it is around that time.” Chikage nodded as they began to make their way to the kitchen. “You coming too Sumi-chan?”

“In a minute!~” She flashed him a smile before he quickly looked away, blushing slightly. She heard the tell end of their conversation.

“Senpai, she’s taken.” Itaru was chuckling. “And wayy younger than you.”

“Something about taken, younger women was always so attractive.” She gagged at his response as she pulled Sakura out from her hiding spot.

“Your troupe member is gross.” Misumi gagged once more for good measures.

“He’s not that bad.” Sakura giggled before her phone pinged again. “He’s here.”

“Good luck!~” Misumi gently shoved her to the entrance. “And have fun.~”

“I will.” Sakura flashed her a bright grin. “Thanks Misumi-chan!”

As the door closed, Misumi flopped onto the couch. Chi and Arisu arrived moments later one with tea and the other with bruised lips.

“How’d that happen?” Arisu gestured to Chi’s mouth.

“Citron was heading towards the stairs so I quickly pulled Omi into a kiss to block the area but… Omi didn’t want to stop after one kiss.” She chuckled pushing a messy strand of red hair behind her ear. “Wasn’t the worst that could have happened.”

“True.” The other two women nodded as they gazed at the television tiredly.

Being a female in the MANKAI Company was hard.



Conclusion: Getting Caught

Sakura stared at her troupe members who glared at Seiya like he’d personally offended them.

“So,” Tsuzuru started. “You were on a date with… Aidou Seiya-san?”

“Yeah…” The girl whispered, feeling like a child who got scolded. “You told me once to introduce you and you already knew Seiya-kun… so I went.”

“Fine.” Itaru sighed. “Oi, Citron take Sakura-chan to you guys room for the night.”

“Oh, YES!” Citron smiled. “You can tell me all about your date!”

The naive girl smiled and followed her foreign roommate, happy to have missed trouble. But before leaving, she turned and pecked her dated cheek.

“I had fun Seiya-kun!” She giggled. “I can’t wait for our next date.”

After she’d left, Itaru’s smile was replaced by his gamers glare.

“Look, I’ll put it simply,” The blond grunted. “Break her heart, and you’ll be wishing for a game reset. Game over, got it?”

“Understood?” Chikage gave a chilling smile.

“Y-Yes, sirs…!” The male shook in his shoes as he thought about what insanity he’d invited himself to.

‘What’s wrong with the Spring Troupes males?!’ He thought fearfully.