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Back in Black

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“Oh, baby. Oh, yes, right there. Mmm, you’re so good at this, baby.”

“God, Tom, you’re such a perv.”

“And yet you still love me.”

You tossed your head back and laughed as you scrubbed your hands through Tom’s wet hair. He winked at you from his position leaning over the counter, his head draped backwards into the sink. You rolled your eyes, still chuckling, as you washed the excess dye from his hair.

“I still can’t believe you’re choosing to dye your hair instead of just wearing a wig. Furthermore, I can’t believe you asked me to dye your hair for you,” you snorted. Tom peered up at you, his newly dark brows perked upwards towards his wet hairline.

“You try wearing those wigs for eight hours a day and then let’s talk,” Tom snipped, shutting his eyes as the warm water cascaded through his curls. You stayed silent, only huffing occasionally, as you rinsed his hair out. When you were done, you turned off the sink and patted Tom’s shoulder.

“Up you go,” you said as you helped Tom back into a normal sitting position. You ran a towel through his hair, scrubbing it of the extra water. Then, you turned to him and handed him the blow dryer. “Time to dry.”

“Can’t you do it?” he asked. When you just glared at him, Tom stood up and pressed a kiss to your cheek. “I love you.”

“Yeah, yeah. Get on with it,” you giggled. Tom swiped the blow dryer from you and began sifting through his hair, warming his locks until they were curly and dry and an inky black color. You watched your boyfriend as you leaned against the tile wall, admiring his detailed process of doing his hair. Once he finished, he shut the dryer off and turned to you with a smile.

“Well?” he asked eagerly.

“Looks terrible,” you said honestly. His face fell but you just started laughing. “The ginger beard and the black hair look awful together. Time for the next step.” You reached into Tom’s drawer in the bathroom and pulled out his razor.

“Been a while since I saw my chin properly,” Tom mumbled as he took the razor from you. He wet it and covered his face in shaving cream, giving him a puffy white beard to contrast his new black hair. He held the razor up, but before he had a chance to shave, you placed your hand over his.

“Let me,” you whispered. Tom watched you take the razor from him. He turned to you and settled back against the counter. Slowly, you slid the razor up his skin, ridding his face of his curly beard. You moved over him slowly, watching his pale skin peek out from the white froth on his face. It was an intimate moment, and one you used to share with Tom regularly before he decided to grow his beard out. You almost missed hearing the swish of the blade running over his skin. When his face was finally clear, you washed the razor off and handed Tom a towel. He cleaned off his face and looked in the mirror with a small smile.

“He’s back,” he chuckled. He waved at himself, almost as if he was greeting an old friend. You wrapped your arms around Tom from behind and pressed your cheek against his back. You held him for a bit before looking at his reflection in the mirror.

“You’re really going to look like Loki all day, every day, now, huh?” you mused. Tom hummed and you laughed. “Hopefully you don’t start acting like him all the time.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Tom asked, looking over his shoulder at you. You shrugged and unwrapped your arms from him so you could stand beside him.

“You know, mischievous, cunning, a bit too obsessed with shiny blue cubes,” you chuckled. Tom just stared at you, a wicked grin growing on his shaved face.

“I think you’ll discover that being with the God of Mischief is a blessing, dear, not a curse,” he purred. The tone immediately sent a shiver down your spine. Tom noticed and began to walk towards you slowly. In all your time of being with Tom, it was easy to separate him from Loki. But now, as this intimidating, dark haired man crept towards you, you were wondering if the soft man you knew was being possessed by the God of Mischief himself.

“I’m not so sure about that,” you said as your back hit the wall. Tom crowded your space, his large hands resting on your hips. He leaned in and pressed his nose to your neck. You could smell his cologne, shaving cream and even hints of the black hair dye you rubbed into his scalp.

“Let’s make this a challenge then,” Tom whispered, sounding much more like Loki than like Tom. “Why don’t we see who you like more in a much more…intimate setting?”

“Sounds like a – woah!” you yelped as Tom picked you up and tossed you over his shoulder. You were bent over his shoulder, your gut resting just over his bone. You giggled as Tom carried you into the bedroom, his hand swatting against your ass roughly. “Damn, Tom! Warn a girl before you do that!”

He hit your ass again before throwing you onto the bed. He glared at you. “No speaking unless you’re spoken to, little one.”

Oh. Okay. So that’s how things were going to be. You nodded as Tom crawled over you. His hands trailed up your sides, brushing up under your shirt and then cupping your breasts. You whimpered, eyes wide and mouth parting with the desire to speak. Tom must have noticed because he crept upwards a bit further and then pressed his mouth to yours.

You moaned against him, hoping that was okay. When Tom didn’t reprimand you, you continued to groan into his mouth, his sweet lips massaging yours. He tasted like ice cubes and left over shaving cream. His hands continued to grope your breasts, his fingers teasing over your nipples delicately. You bucked up against him, pressing yourself further into his grasp as waves of warmth rolled down to your core.

Tom pulled back and smirked at you, a glint of mischief in his eyes. Maybe you were beginning to understand why his fans were so obsessed with getting one night alone with Loki. You never even thought of it happening but clearly, Tom was going to make that a reality. With one final bite to your bottom lip, Tom pulled off your shirt and bra, then had you lay back on the bed.

“What a beautiful sacrifice being presented to your god,” Tom chuckled, running two fingers down your body. “Tell me your name.” You whispered your name and Tom hummed, his two fingers dragging under the waistline of your leggings. “Such a lovely name for a lovely virgin.”

You raised an eyebrow at his comment but decided to let Tom have his fun. You were by no means a virgin – obviously, he had fucked you many times before – but this was clearly the path he thought Loki would travel. After all, he was a committed actor. You just never realized that commitment to the art occurred between the sheets like this.

You let your head fall back as Tom explored your body, leaning down to lick at your skin. He groaned against you as if tasting your flesh was the most arousing thing ever. When he had covered your upper body in at least a hundred licks and kisses, Tom finally moved down to your leggings and peeled them off, leaving you bare and him fully clothed.

“Spread your legs for your king,” Tom demanded. Without any hesitation, you spread your legs as far as they could go. Tom stood from the bed and watched you present yourself to him, your folds glistening already. His eyes locked with yours as he ran a finger across his bare cheek. “Tell me, girl, do you believe you are a worthy sacrifice to your god?”

“No, sire. None are good enough for you,” you said in a shaky voice, hoping it would please him. Tom smiled a suspiciously Loki-like grin as he leaned over you.

“Then why should I take you as mine?” he asked, eyes soft but cunning.

“Because I have much to offer you, my god,” you whispered. “Taste me and see for yourself.”

“Do you dare command me, your king, your god, to do your bidding?” Tom suddenly hissed. He flipped you over and landed a hand straight down onto your ass. You gasped and gripped the bed sheets with white knuckles, cursing as he landed another blow to your bottom. “You should be begging for me, not demanding tasks of me.”

“I’m sorry, my king! It will not happen again!” you shouted, tears welling in your eyes at his swatting. You were so dangerously wet that you were sure Tom could see the way your thighs glistened. Your hips were bucking backwards with every hit, your cunt throbbing and in need of attention. Tom grunted and flipped you back over. He grabbed your chin and tugged your face upwards so you were staring at him.

“Good. See to it that it is so,” Tom huffed. He let go of your chin and you fell backwards, scrambling around as Tom sank to his knees before you. “You have disappointed me as a sacrifice. Let me see if your beautiful cunt makes up for your slights.”

With that, Tom leaned in and licked a fat stripe up your folds. You moaned and reached down to grab his hair, holding his face close to your core. He glared at you but let you tug at his hair, for you both knew he always enjoyed that. Two fingers danced around your hole as Tom licked at your clit, and with a sigh of your name, Tom pushed his fingers into you.

You tossed your head back and bit your lip, trying to not speak. Tom knew this must have been hard for you. You were always talkative during sex. Keeping you quiet was the perfect mischievous punishment that Loki would place on you.

And as Tom buried his dark head and his hand between your thighs, it really felt like you were sleeping with Loki. It felt dirty, picturing your boyfriend as one of his characters, but this was what he wanted. His tongue was assaulting your clit and his fingers were furiously pumping into you as you tightened your grip on his hair. You watched your fingers glide between the black locks, and for some reason, your orgasm approached even faster than normal.

“Cum for me. Scream the name of your god,” Tom hissed before attaching his lips back to your clit. He nibbled at the bud as a third finger wiggled inside of you, forcing your orgasm to breach the surface.

“Loki! Oh, yes, Loki! Thank you, my king!” you shouted, rocking your cunt against Tom’s face. He moaned as he lapped up your juices. He slipped his fingers from you and cleaned them up, his eyes fluttering shut in ecstasy. You dropped your hands from his hair and brought them up to your sides. “May I speak, my lord?”

Tom opened his eyes suspiciously. “What is it?”

“Allow me to present myself to you as the ultimate sacrifice, proof of my devotion and love for you,” you purred. Tom groaned as you flipped over onto your hands and knees, raising your ass into the air and showing your wet pussy off to him. You looked over your shoulder to see Tom standing up from his spot on the floor. For the first time in so long, you saw his cheeks glistening with your arousal. You were so used to his beard concealing it, but now that you were looking at his shining face, you knew you needed him inside of you.

“You are proving to be a most delightful sacrifice, little one. Perhaps I have underestimated you,” Tom said as he shucked off his clothes. When he stood behind you in his full nude glory, you almost whimpered. He was so beautiful, and his dark hair contrasted his milky skin in the most arousing way. You lifted your ass higher, hoping to entice him to fuck you soon.

Tom climbed onto the bed behind you, his hand stroking over his cock. He lined his tip up with your cunt and slowly pushed in. You moaned out Loki’s name, earning a deep groan from Tom, as he bottomed out within you. He wrapped one hand into your hair and used it as leverage as he fucked you.

And apparently, Loki liked to fuck hard.

Tom pounded into you with no mercy. He was growling, spitting out filthy words as he chased his pleasure. The hand in your hair was tugging at it so hard you were sure some strands had loosened and fell out. His other hand was slapping down against your ass, reddening the skin even more. You cried out, fucking back against him with every thrust.

“You’re pleasuring your king so nicely, little one,” Tom grunted, his hips slapping against your ass dangerously hard. You tossed your head back into his grip and grabbed the sheets. Your clit was throbbing and you wanted to touch it. You reached down and began touching yourself but Tom growled. He swatted your hand away and landed a brutal smack against your clit. You shouted and he chuckled, his hand smoothing over your waist. “Do not touch yourself. You are for my pleasure and my pleasure alone.”

“I’m sorry, my lord. Thank you for using me, my lord,” you hurriedly said.

“If you want release, you must beg me for it,” Tom hissed, his hand tugging your hair again. You whimpered and felt tears stinging at the corners of your eyes. His thrusts were becoming sloppy and faster and you knew Tom was getting close. You bucked against him, fucking yourself backwards to try and get his cock even deeper within you.

“Please, my king, please let me cum! Oh, Loki, your cock is so big in me. Please, let me cum around you and make you feel good. I just want to please you,” you whimpered, babbling further nonsense about how good you wanted him to feel. Tom was almost a goner as you clenched around him. With a swipe to your clit, Tom leaned down and whispered in your ear.

“Cum around your god’s cock. Do it now or you do not get to cum for a month.” You weren’t sure if that was a threat from Tom or from Loki but you listened anyway. With one final cry, you came around Tom’s cock, clenching around him and quivering with delight. Tom gasped and moaned, his own orgasm running through him. He spurted inside of you, filling you with a warmth that coated your walls. You shivered and fucked back against him slowly, milking him for everything he had.

Tom pulled out and collapsed beside you. You fell onto your stomach and shut your eyes. You felt Tom run a hand down your back and then press his lips to your shoulder blades. You hummed and fluttered your eyes open.

“Was I a worthy sacrifice, my king?” you mumbled sleepily. Tom chuckled and kissed your temple.

“You made your god very pleased,” Tom whispered.

“I like the hair,” you said with a yawn. You turned over and snuggled into Tom’s side. You took a breath in, inhaling the scent of the hair dye. “Let’s keep it for a while even after the show.”

“Anything for you, my love. Anything for you.”