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The Fans Were Right

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You and Tom had been friends for nearly six years and you knew each other like the backs of your hands.

You had met during the red carpet premier for the Avengers back in 2012. He’d greeted you with a cheeky grin, a kiss to the knuckles and an overflowing glass of champagne. You clinked to the success of the movie and to the – hopeful – success of your new movie. You were entering in as the first hero to be introduced in phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If plans went well, you and Tom would be seeing a lot more of each other.

Luckily, the fans loved your film. They praised your acting and begged to see you in future films. The studio couldn’t help but oblige – your gross earnings were too high and your film was too loved – landing you the perfect acting gig ever and a chance at being Tom Hiddleston’s best friend.

Naturally, you and Tom grew incredibly close. More often than not, you would be seen together on the street, hanging out and simply enjoying each other’s company. You never had a friend like Tom. He was sweet, caring, and incredibly hilarious. He was there for you when you needed to laugh, when you needed to cry, and of course, when you needed to get drunk. He always made sure you were safe and felt cared for, and you couldn’t thank him enough for that.

At some point, and you weren’t sure when it was exactly, you fell for him. Between the late night conversations, the slumber parties with too much pizza and the absurd amount of checker games you two played together, you knew that you had fallen for your best friend. You dared not to tell him, you didn’t want to fuck things up. You just crushed on him quietly, hoping that one day he might tell you that he felt the same way.

By the time the Infinity War press tour rolled around, you and Tom were nearly inseparable. And you were absolutely head over heels for him. It hadn’t been the first film you were in together but it was definitely the biggest. Tom was only doing shots for three days, and yet he hung around to watch you film your scenes which prolonged much longer. He applauded you between every take, making you feel utterly confident in your performances.

You shared hotel rooms, sat with each other during interviews, and even performed in little skits together for promotional content. It was the most fun you had on a press tour ever and it was all because Tom was at your side.

Just after the movie premiered, Tom had told you that he was doing a comic con so he could meet some fans and promote the film a bit more. You immediately knew you wanted to sign up as well considering meet and greets were one of your favorite ways to give back to your fans. Your agent got in contact with the event team and soon enough, you were booked to go on the same days as Tom. You two were even set up to be in a duo photo opportunity for the fans together.

When the Saturday of the comic con rolled around, you had the best time with Tom taking pictures. You did some stupid poses, some ridiculous faces, and you even did a panel together talking about your characters and the films you were in. It was completely tiring, and at the end of the day, you were sure you would immediately knock out but it was easily one of the best experiences that you ever had at a comic con.

Tom immediately hopped into the shower when you got back to your shared hotel room that night. You curled up on the loveseat and began scrolling through your Twitter, trying to find some pictures from the day that you could save. Yet, as you looked through everyone’s tweets, you began noticing that they were all collectively freaking out.

They were freaking out about you and Tom.

The fans were analyzing your pictures together, pointing out the way Tom was looking at you during the panel. Fans shared their stories of meeting you two, noting how soft Tom was acting when you two spoke. All across Twitter, pictures of Tom staring at you with a loving look in his eyes were being posted. Your heart was racing as you watched what the fans said and even you were beginning to wonder if they were right. You had hoped for this for years and it seemed too good to be true.

“Everything good there?” Tom asked as he stood outside the bathroom. You quickly looked up at him, your eyes wide. He was leaning against the door frame as he shook his nearly dry hair out with a towel. You grimaced, always envious of how quickly Tom’s hair dried.

“Yeah, all good,” you said softly, your eyes drifting down to a picture on your phone. It was a picture a fan asked to take in her photo op. Tom was holding you from behind, his eyes focused on your face, as you held the fan in front of you. You watched the way Tom was smiling against your cheek in the most endearing way. A blush crept onto your cheeks as Tom cleared his throat. You looked back up at him, noticing he was a few steps closer than before. “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“I was asking what you’re so entranced with on your phone,” Tom said with a chuckle. You debated whether or not you should tell him about what the fans were saying. But when you looked into Tom’s bright blue eyes, you decided there was no harm in telling him. You’d play it off as something silly in hopes that it didn’t expose your true feelings. He’d probably use what the fans were saying to tease you with later.

“The fans are creative little things,” you mused, wagging your phone in the air.

“Ah, what are they saying now?” Tom asked. He sat beside you, settling into the couch with his legs spread out a mile wide in front of him.

“Apparently, you’ve been giving me heart eyes all day today,” you giggled. You turned your phone to him and pointed at one of the pictures of you two during the panel. “They think you love me!”

Tom stared at the pictures. A small grin crept onto his face. He took your phone into his hands and began scrolling through your timeline, looking at all of your pictures together. As he got further and further into the photographs and stories, the look on his face became softer, fonder.

“Maybe they’re right,” he mumbled, so quietly you almost didn’t hear it. But you did. You leaned in closer to him.

“What did you say?” you whispered. Tom froze and looked up at you, the light from your phone reflecting off of his face. He simply looked at you for a while, his eyes glittering and his lip between his teeth.

“I said maybe they’re right,” he said softly. He locked your phone and placed it on the table beside him. You had no idea what to say or even what to think. Was Tom implying what you think he was? You blinked a few times and sat further into the couch, your gaze drifting down to his knees. He cleared his throat but you didn’t look up. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

Tom went to get up but you grabbed his hand. He turned to look at you, a gentle sadness in his eyes. You tugged his hand, forcing him to sit back down. You scooted a bit closer to him but kept your hand in his.

“Are you upset?” Tom asked hesitantly.

You shook your head and blushed. “No, not upset. Just shocked.”

“Really? You’re shocked?” Tom scoffed. You raised an eyebrow and he began chuckling. You felt his palms getting sweaty and it seemed odd to you. After all this time of knowing him, Tom was never a nervous man. Never once did his hands get clammy and yet here he was, dewy palm locked against yours. “I thought it was damn near obvious.”

“Obvious?” you asked incredulously.

Tom nodded, an embarrassed blush covering his cheeks. “Of course it was obvious. I’ve…I’ve loved you for years now.”

“You love me?” you asked, your jaw dropped.

“Yes, you silly girl, I love you,” Tom said, looking directly into your eyes. He tightened his grip on your hand. “I loved you since the day you fell asleep at my house during that bloody snow storm. You were stuck there for four days without any clothes. You were wearing my boxers and old shirts around the house. We ate frozen pizzas and ice cream because that’s all I had. One night you curled up on my lap, your head buried in my shoulder and as you fell asleep, you told me you felt safe with me. I was a goner after that. You had my heart.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this?” you asked, tears in your eyes. You remembered that snow storm clearly. You were genuinely excited that you were stuck at Tom’s because it meant you got to spend more alone time with him.

“Because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship,” Tom mumbled. He looked down at your conjoined hands and swiped his thumb over your knuckles. “I couldn’t lose you. I’d rather have you as my friend than lose you by admitting the truth. So, yeah, the fans were right. I do love you.”

You slid over so you were directly beside him. You dropped his hand, and for a moment, his eyes widened with fear. But then, you cupped his cheeks, your fingertips brushing the curls of his beard, and you pulled his face to yours. You pressed your lips to his softly, tentatively, kissing him like a scared little girl. You pulled away and Tom’s eyes remained shut, his breath tickling your lips.

“No wonder we’re best friends. We think exactly alike,” you whispered. Tom’s eyes fluttered opened and he squinted. You pressed your finger to his lips, stopping him from speaking. “My fear of losing you as a friend was the exact reason why I never told you the truth.”

“And what is that truth?” Tom asked, your finger still pressed against his lips.

“That I love you too.”

You slid your finger away from his lips let your hand fall onto your lap, the other one still against his cheek. Tom nuzzled his face into your hand and sighed.

“This can’t be real,” he mumbled.

“It’s absolutely real,” you giggled. Tom looked at you and smirked.

“If it’s real, prove it,” he said with a wink. You blushed and wrapped your arm around his neck. Tom held your waist and pulled you forward. Then, he leaned down at kissed you. His lips moved slowly against yours, shedding passion and hope into his movements. You leaned into him and held onto him tighter.

His lips were sweet as he kissed you. He tasted exactly as you had always imagined. His hands were warm on your hips as his thumbs rubbed circled under your shirt. Tom slowly poked his tongue out, swiping over your lips for permission, and when you let him in, he devoured you intimately. You clung to him for dear life, air escaping your lungs but you couldn’t stop kissing him. He was like a drug and you wanted more.

Sadly, the need for air prevailed. You both parted with choppy breath. Tom leaned his forehead against yours and kept your body pressed to his.

“Be mine,” he whispered.

“You know I always have been,” you said softly.

You two sat there for a while, just enjoying the other’s presence. Every so often, Tom would move in to kiss you, his hands gliding over you intimately. But as you two curled up deeper in the couch, Tom’s mind began to wander. Under your touch, you could feel Tom chuckling. You pulled back and he fluttered his eyes open. There were happy tears in them and he kissed you briefly, his body still vibrating with laughter.

“What the hell are you on about?” you asked, laughing unintentionally due to his infectious giggling. Tom winked at you and buried his face into your head.

“Let’s see what the fans have to say about that.”