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Sometime during the reign of Queen Scarlet:

     Stormchaser was experiencing an emotional hurricane. That didn't mean, however, that the dragon beside her was showing any signs of having a soul and was not, in fact, some sort of Animus-made husk. So maybe typhoon was a better word.

Yeah, definitely typhoon.

She was experiencing an emotional typhoon that consisted of high speeds of fury, several claw-lengths of guilty rain, and the constant pounding of humiliation. There were more emotions in the fray, but she wasn't sure if they were all hers. She was pretty sure that urge to smash her tail into something was coming from her half-brother Hurricane, and the constant "I'm scared... want home.. the queen's awful....why's mommy with the scary metal"
was coming from the shivering blue-green-red puddle of sadness at her feet.

Three MOONS, sometimes she hated reading minds.

"Loyal Skywings and visiting Mudwings and honored Sandwing guests!"

Oh. Vermillion. Idiot dragon. Thinks he's handsome. Very funny.

"Yesterday we had a thrilling trial for our prisoner down on the sands, and now it's time for an even more thrilling execution! Quartz here has committed a crime punishable by death, she has
betrayed her tribe and her Queen."

Vermillion was on a roll.

"She has spoken with, lived with, and worst of all, had dragonets with dragons outside her tribe. In addition, she resisted arrest, severely injuring two and killing one of her tribemates."


"SILENCE!" Queen Scarlet roared, her voice rising over the boos and cheers of the crowd and silencing Stormchaser's mother's shouts. "Vermillion, carry on."

"Of course, your majesty. Ahem. Her sentence? Being executed like a common prisoner of war, in the arena. But even this seems too kind, considering what she has done."

"Funny" said Stormchaser to Hurricane, who was still staring off into space, apparently unruffled by the fact that his own mother was about to be burned to death. "How Vermillion doesn't say what exactly is so terrible about what mum did." Hurricane whirled on her, his whip-thin double tail snapping against the bars of their uncomfortably small golden cage, and almost smacking one of their guards in the face.

"Can't you just be quiet for once? You do know that it's your fault that we're in this mess!"

"My fault? How is this my fault?"

"Maybe because you won't just shu-"

"Quiet." hissed one of the Sandwing guards. "I can make your trip to Burn's stronghold absolutely miserable if I want to." Hurricane glared at her with his well-practiced "ice dagger glare" but kept silent.

Stormchaser ignored them both and returned he attention to Vermillion.
"...have chained her down, so that she can't maneuver as much, and keeping her confined to a specific part of the arena. Well then! Claws up! Fire ready! Fight!"

Quartz crouched as though she was about to pounce, hissing with barely contained fury as Peril circled her, easily within reach but impossible to touch. Then, all of a sudden, she leaped at Quartz, her weird metallic wings half-open smoke flying behind- Quartz feinted left- Peril was smarter then that and went right- Quartz went left- Peril stepped on Quartz's chain and melted right through it- Quartz gave a triumphant roar which turned into a scream of fear as Peril caught her by the horns and pushed down- the horns blackened and started to crack- Quartz brought up one arm, swinging the half-melted chain into Peril's shoulder and twisting free- Peril slashed at the prisoner's wing as she passed- Quartz screamed again and sprang backwards, her burned wing at an awkward angle, its transparent surface marked with smoking black scratches- Peril somehow managed to corner Quartz and knock her over, pinning the bright red Skywing to the ground- and over her mother's screams, the wild cheers of the crowd, and the tears of her younger red-green-blue half-sister, Stormchaser heard, loud and clear, her mother's mental voice calling her name.



"Yes, it's me. Storm, listen. I need to tell you something. This is very important, don't you dare forget what I'm going to tell you- ow ARRRGH that hurts you MONSTER stop it OW-"


"I'm probably going to OW die soon, so I'll get this OW done quick. I'm going to tell you and your siblings father's names. Yours is OW a Nightwing named Starcather, Tern's is a Seawing named ARRGH Webs, and Hurricane's is a Icewing called Cirrus. Don't you dare for-"

The voice in Stormchaser's head cut off sharply, then twisted and morphed into a single screech that somehow managed to drown out everything, inside her head and out. Her younger half-sister Tern suddenly stopped being an sad, adorable puddle and threw herself at the golden bars, her mouth open with a scream Storm couldn't hear, the tiny dark teal dragonet's four red-brown eyes streaming with tears. All sound was gone except for the death cry of the dragon who had raised her. Then Quartz exhaled a last burst of fire, and collapsed foreword onto Peril. The Champion stepped back, letting the now unrecognizable prisoner fall onto the sand.