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incense burner

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“Are you ready?” Wei Ying asks.

Lan Wangji nods. He watches, with heat pooling in his gut and his skin tight, Wei Ying light the incense.

Lan Wangji blinks and not much has changed. The jingshi is the same, his position sitting on the bed is the same, the low morning light shining from under the door is the same.

“Oh wow,” Wei Ying’s voice comes from beside him, shocked and awed. “It worked!”

“Wei Yi—” Lan Wangji takes in a sharp breath and snaps his mouth shut. Surprise rushes through his entire body, sending sparkles through his spine and down the tips of his fingers. He stares at his husband, taking in his loose hair falling down his shoulders, his flushed cheeks and bright smile, his hands gently cradling the round bump of his belly.

His very pregnant belly.

Wei Ying’s laughter cuts through the charged silence in the room. “Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, Lan Er-gege! We did it!”

“Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan murmurs in a soft tone, but still finds himself rooted to the spot.

He had no doubt they would achieve what they meant to accomplish. The incense burner has been a wedding gift they have used often, and it always makes their wildest fantasies come true—if only for the duration of a dream. 

They both had one fantasy in mind when lighting the incense. One of Wei Ying’s favorite ways to run his mouth when they are together is to claim Lan Wangji wishes him pregnant, to see him swollen with his child, to have a little one for themselves. 

It is not untrue, that claim. Yet Lan Wangji knows Wei Ying wishes for it just as much, but has yet to find a way to make it a reality.

Here, in a dream, it is easier to make things come true.

“I’m so big!” Wei Ying says with a delighted smile. “How far along do you think I am, Lan Zhan?”

Lan Wangji swallows hard and slowly raises a hand. His heart trips in his chest when he cups the curve of Wei Ying’s belly, right above where Wei Ying’s own hand touches.

“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji says again, helpless not to, as his love grows and threatens to spill over.

“Is that all you can say, Lan Er-gege?” Wei Ying teases. “Does this leave you speechless, Hanguang-Jun? You did this to me, after all.  You came so deep inside that you gave me a child!”

“Wei Ying!” Lan Wangji hisses and he can feel the tips of his ears growing hot. “Shameless.”

“You love me shameless,” Wei Ying says with absolute confidence. He also moves his hand so it covers Lan Wangji’s own over his belly. “And you love me looking like this, don’t you? Big with our little one, knowing you’re the one who made me like this.”

Lan Wangji does not reply. He knows the answer is clear on his face and the way he leans closer, kissing the smug expression off Wei Ying’s face. Wei Ying kisses him back with a small and satisfied hum.

“Can I see?’ Lan Wangji asks, thumbing at the fabric of Wei Ying’s robe.

“Of course! I also want to see how I look under there. What if there’s nothing?”

There is something, they find out as Wei Ying slowly gets undressed with the help of Lan Wangji’s eager and sure hands, and that something is Wei Ying’s smooth skin stretched over his stomach to accommodate their child. It looks… Lan Wangji swallows again. It looks like a real pregnancy, like Wei Ying really is heavy with their little one, and Lan Wangji cannot stop himself from tilting his head down and brushing a kiss to Wei Ying’s belly.

“Oh,” Wei Ying breathes out quietly. “Lan Zhan.”

Lan Wangji kisses his way up Wei Ying’s stomach, fighting back a smile at the way Wei Ying starts squirming once Lan Wangji reaches his chest. Lan Wangji nuzzles the spot over Wei Ying’s heart just as Wei Ying’s fingers tangle through his hair.

“What are you going to do to me, huh?” Wei Ying asks. “You’ve already gotten me pregnant, Lan Er-gege, so what’s left?”

The sight of Wei Ying pregnant like this sends a wave of heat through Lan Wangji’s body. Now that he has permission, now that they have assured themselves this is as real as a dream can be, Lan Wangji moves.

Wei Ying arches into him when Lan Wangji kisses him, his round stomach pressing against Lan Wangji’s abdomen, and then lets out a gasp when Lan Wangji starts mouthing down his neck. That sound quickly becomes a squeak when Lan Wangji bites him, but Lan Wangji is quick to lick over the hurt.

“How dare you treat your poor pregnant husband like this,” Wei Ying whispers, tugging at Lan Wangji’s hair. “I expected better from you, Hanguang-Jun.”

Lan Wangji’s answers by biting Wei Ying again, this time over his collarbone, before moving down to close his mouth around Wei Ying’s nipple. The sound Wei Ying makes at that touch is nothing short of a cry, loud enough to give Lan Wangji pause.

“Okay?” Lan Wangji asks. This is not a common reaction from Wei Ying—while sensitive, Lan Wangji’s mouth on his chest has never caused him to act like this.

“So okay, so okay, Lan Zhan,” Wei Ying pants, staring wide eyed down at his nipples. “They feel different, more sensitive… You don’t think I’m going to start leaking milk, do you?”

Heat gathers in Lan Wangji’s gut so fast that he sways a little in place. His mouth waters at the thought of Wei Ying… like that, but he doubts it will happen now. Wei Ying, of course, sees the play of emotions across his face and laughs.

“Lan Zhan! What a pervert you are! Wanting to see me like that.”

Lan Wangji merely kisses Wei Ying again, swallowing his laughter down. There are many different ways in which Lan Wangji wishes to see Wei Ying. Not that he will share most of them aloud.

When Lan Wangji touches Wei Ying’s chest again, he does so expecting Wei Ying’s cry of pleasure. It only spurs him on, though he pauses briefly to get out of his own robes before he settles back down by Wei Ying’s side.

It is a little awkward, with Wei Ying’s belly in the way, but Lan Wangji has never found a challenge he would not meet head on. He loves the way Wei Ying squirms close to him, clings to him, his round stomach pressing against Lan Wangji’s side. Lan Wangji lets his hands roam freely, and he grows harder with every touch to Wei Ying’s stomach.

They soon find a rhythm that suits them: them on their sides with Wei Ying’s back pressed to Lan Wangji’s chest. Of course, the position soon leads to Wei Ying rocking back against Lan Wangji’s cock as it slides between his cheeks, begging him to do something.

“Lan Er-gege, aren’t you going to fuck me? Look at the state I’m in, pregnant and hard for my husband. You should take responsibility, not tease me.”

Lan Wangji bites the curve of Wei Ying’s neck, but does as he is asked. It is suddenly unbearable, the thought of not being inside Wei Ying, giving him what he wants.

In dreams, Lan Wangji does not need to bother with oil. Wei Ying is open and slick for him already, and the hurt little sound he makes when Lan Wangji presses the head of his cock to Wei Ying’s hole and pushes inside is almost enough to break Lan Wangji’s self-restraint. He is careful, though. He must be careful, with Wei Ying’s belly, even as the thought of it and the feel of it make Lan Wangji snap his hips in a sharp thrust.

“Lan Zhan.” Wei Ying grabs at Lan Wangji’s hip, nails digging in, and pulls him closer. “More, please.”

Lan Wangji fucks into Wei Ying, always amazed at how tight and hot Wei Ying feels around him, like he was meant for this; to take Lan Wangji, to give him pleasure, to keep him inside. Wei Ying is not idle, he moves his hips in time with Lan Wangji’s thrusts, just as one of his hands slides up his own chest to play with his nipples.

Lan Wangji slaps his hand away. “Mine.”

“Yes, Yes, Lan Zhan, Lan Er-gege, yours, I’m yours, but please touch me,” Wei Ying begs.

Lan Wangji does, but not before he changes their position. Wei Ying yelps when Lan Wangji grabs him by the hips and manhandles him until he’s on all fours, hands firmly braced and clutching tightly to the bed frame, with Lan Wangji behind him. This gives Lan Wangji use of both of his hands, something he is eager to take advantage of, while still minding Wei Ying’s pregnant stomach.

They both groan when Lan Wangji pushes back in, his grip so tight on Wei Ying’s sides he is sure to leave bruises. Lan Wangji slides one hand down to cradle the bump of Wei Ying’s belly while his free hand comes up to tug at his nipples. Wei Ying cries out and clenches around Lan Wangji, whose hips stutter once before he finds his rhythm again, fucking his Wei Ying with slow and sure thrusts.

It is impossible for Wei Ying to touch himself when they are like this. It is lucky for him that Lan Wangji prides himself in knowing each and every way to bring Wei Ying to orgasm without needing to touch his cock, so he knows the precise touch it takes to send Wei Ying over the edge.

“Lan Zhan, I can’t take it anymore,” Wei Ying pleads and then chokes on his words when Lan Wangji bites sharply at his shoulder. “I can’t, I can’t, Lan Er-gege, I need to come, you have to make me— My poor pregnant self can’t take—”

Lan Wangji cuts him off with a pinch of his fingers to Wei Ying’s abused nipple just as he angles his hips and snaps them back with force. Wei Ying opens his mouth in a silent gasp and tightens around Lan Wangji’s cock when he comes untouched, his entire body trembling under Lan Wangji.

With utmost care, Lan Wangji wraps his arms around Wei Ying and keeps him from falling face down on the bed and crushing his own belly. With quick reflexes, Lan Wangji turns them around until they’re on their sides again, Wei Ying’s back to his chest, and then goes back to fucking his husband. Wei Ying is pliant against him, dazed and sated, and lets Lan Wangji do as he wants.

“Come on, Lan Zhan,” Wei Ying slurs, grabbing one of Lan Wangji’s hands and pressing it to his swollen stomach. “You’re so deep in me, you’re going to give me another child. Isn’t this one enough? Look how pregnant I am with our little one already. Do you want twins, is that it? Do you want to keep me pregnant always so you—”

Lan Wangji does not need to hear more. The mere thought of having Wei Ying like pregnant like this, always, is enough to make him come. He spills inside his husband, face hidden against the soft and damp skin of Wei Ying’s neck, while his hands stays firmly around the curve of Wei Ying’s stomach.

When Lan Wangji opens his eyes, not much has changed.  The jingshi is the same, his position sitting on the bed is the same, the low morning light shining from under the door is the same.

“Lan Zhan, you really are a pervert!” Wei Ying laughs from beside him, robes intact and stomach completely flat. “Wanting to keep me pregnant forever!

Lan Wangji touches said stomach, taking a second to mourn their shared dream, before the touch of Wei Ying’s hand over his brings him back. Wei Ying is smiling at him, soft and gentle and with love in the glint of his eyes.

“It will happen one day, you’ll see,” Wei Ying promises, pecking Lan Wangji on the lips. “Or I do not call myself Yiling Laozu!”

“You do not,” Lan Wangji reminds him and brushes his lips over Wei Ying’s. “Not anymore.”

“Still! Now that I’ve seen what you’re like when I’m carrying our little one, nothing will stop me!”

Lan Wangji wraps himself around Wei Ying in their bed and lets his husband talk. He knows that, once Wei Ying has gotten something stuck in his head, it is only a matter of time before he succeeds in making it happen.

With a wistful sigh, Lan Wangji pats Wei Ying’s stomach.

One day.