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Make Me A Deal (JJK)

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You fumbled with your keys, trying to find the right one to open your apartment door and get out of the cold weather. Your outfit wasn’t the best option for a cold night like this, a black two-piece set including a black velvet crop top and matching mini skirt. You had a long but much needed night out with your friends after exams were finally over. Finally shoving the key into the lock, you pushed open the door and stumbled into your apartment.


“I thought I told you not to wear that out without me.”


Your boyfriend Jungkook’s voice came from across the room. You could tell he was mad by his tone but you were way too drunk to care. He was seated on your tan armchair straight ahead, one leg crossed over the other. He wore a solid black long sleeve and a pair of black sweatpants. And damn, did he look good.


“H-Hi baby, when did you get here,” you said sweetly while kicking off your heels. Maybe if you were nice enough he would forget why he was mad at you. He couldn’t stay mad at you for too long anyway.


“I don’t know, an hour ago. Maybe two,” His gaze was so dark it seemed like eyes were burning holes through your own. You padded over to him and ran a hand through his long dark hair. You know he was probably angry, but he looked so good you couldn't help yourself from placing yourself on his lap, legs resting over the side of the chair and arms wrapping around his neck. You nuzzled your face into his neck and took a deep breath.


“You smell SO good, is this cologne new?”


“Y/N your breath reeks of alcohol how much did you have to drink” you wiggled your hips and sat back a little bit so you could look him in the eye, making Jungkook take a sharp breath.


“Not a lot. Just enough to you know,” you couldn't hold yourself back from chuckling, “get silly.”


“Silly?” He raised his eyebrows at your answer, a smile slowly creeping on to his face. You could feel his mood lightening up.


“Yeah you know, the alcohol helps me dance better. You look so good, do you know that? I would have come home way earlier if I know you were waiting here for me,” you ran your hand along the side of his face and then down his chest.


“Y/N you’re drunk, c’mon let's get you to bed,” Jungkook wrapped an arm under your legs trying to pick you up bridal style but you tried your best to wiggle your way out of his grip. “No way Kookie I’m not even tired,” you slurred out, “can’t we just do something else.”


“Y/N I really think you should get some sleep to try and avoid a hangover tomorrow,”


“Okay but,” you looked down at your lap and started to chuckle. Picking your head up you moved your lips closer to his ear and whispered, “I feel your boner poking me.”


“Aish, Y/N jeez, what am I supposed to do when you're wearing that outfit  that I bought you and rubbing your ass all over my lap?” You threw your head into the nape of his neck and broke out in laughter, you knew exactly what you were doing to him and you had no intention of stopping now.


“It's okay,” you raised your eyebrows at him “I like it.”


“Y/N, no were not having sex tonight you’re too drunk,” Jungkook said already knowing where you were going to take this conversation. He knew you too well and this definitely isn't the first time you’ve turned into horny drunk Y/N.


“Kookie but-”


“Nope, not tonight lets go to bed okay? Maybe tomorrow,” This time he successfully managed to pick you up and throw you over his shoulder to carry you down the hallway. The way his strong arms held up your body turned you on. Your mind raced with ways you could convince him to let you have your way with him before the end of the night. Jungkook knew you rarely took ‘no’ for an answer and he had a long night ahead of him.


He pushed open the door to your room and gently laid you down on your bed. “Do you need help getting ready for bed?”


You smirked at him, having an idea in mind to finally get your way, “I think I need to shower before bed.”


“You need to shower? Tonight? Y/N you can barely walk straight.”


“Yeah, I really need to shower, wanna come with?” you flashed a grin in his direction and wiggled your eyebrows, hoping he would finally break. You tried your best to be seductive but the alcohol in your system gave you a disadvantage.


“Y/N,” Jungkook let out a sigh and took your hand in his pulling you up into a sitting position so you could look at him, “I’m not showering with you when you're drunk I don’t want you to think I took advantage of you when you get sober.”


“Kookie you’re seriously no fun,” you whined wrapping your arms around his waist and throwing your head onto his lap. He stroked your hair and let out another sigh. Jungkook was always so conscious of taking care of you when you were drunk. Always so gentle and loving, he didn’t want anything bad to happen to you, and you understood that when you were sober. But horny drunk Y/N loved making an appearance on nights like these, and Jungkook saying no only made you want him more. 


“Okay fine,” you picked your head up with a huge smirk on your face, “I’ll stop begging you if you make me a deal.” He rolled his eyes, not knowing where this was going. Whatever it was, he knew it probably wasn’t going to be very rational. “Go on.”


“You have to be naked though” 


“Y/N-” he rolled his eyes again. “I know, I know I’m just kidding. Jeez, you really are no fun.” You giggled poking his side. “Will you just cuddle me? Until I fall asleep?” you looked at him with pure innocence in your eyes. A huge smile plastered his face and he tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear, “Of course baby. Go get ready for bed, I’ll be right here when you come back.”


You practically jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to brush your teeth and hair, leaving Jungkook still grinning like an idiot about how cute you were. You slipped off your outfit and changed into one of Jungkook's soft black t-shirts before making your way back into your bedroom. Knowing you’d be falling asleep in your boyfriend’s arms tonight gave you this warm and fuzzy feeling inside that you never wanted to get rid of.


Before you could even make it back into your room you stopped, leaning on the side of your doorframe admiring how Jungkook laid in your bed. It wasn’t long until he felt your presence and peered up over his phone. “What are you looking at?” He let out a chuckle and flashed you a grin. “You,” you blushed and looked down at your feet shyly. 


“Come here,” he scooched over and patted the empty side of the bed. You shuffled your way across the room and lifted the covers up to crawl under. “I wanna be the little spoon Kookie.” You turned on your side and Jungkook wrapped his strong arm around you, nuzzling his nose to the back of your neck. 


“Comfy?” he asked. You nodded your head and smiled, even though you couldn’t see him you knew he was smiling too. You knew he could never stay mad at you, even if you did come home piss drunk in the outfit he bought for you to wear on your next date.


“Goodnight Kookie, thank you for taking care of me.”


“I’ll always be here to take care of you Y/N. Goodnight princess, I love you.”


“I love you too, Jungkook.”