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Jennifer has a key to Brandon's place but he has very recently found out she's related to both Thunder and Black Lightning. The only part that has him really upset is the blatant lying. He overheard some sneaky meta children discussing Jefferson's history on his way back from pulling a Robin Hood using the diamond money he made, he made the walks -and runs- that he normally makes but he added a spray paint aided flourish. That was how he learned almost the whole truth. "Hey Brandon. I ordered us some meatless hot honey General Tso's chicken and meatless Sweet Soy Sesame chicken, it'll be here in like an hour cause I finally scheduled it ahead this time." Jennifer walks in as he walks up out the bathroom, freshly bathed and with his hair in small little flat twists. Kijiji bathed him while Wisteria took care of his hair. The two of them are gathering art supplies for some renegade-vigilante project to facilitate Blackbird's cause. Brandon grins at the two of them cheekily before exasperatedly turning to Jenn. "You could have told me you were born with your abilities, Jenn, Lightning, whatever else people can legitimately call you. I know you've told me but you didn't have to wait so damn long Jennifer. I trusted you with my truth." The look on her face is almost comical; she's shook because KJ is dressed in a translucent gossamer gauze robe that's colored like Harley Quinn's hair while Wist is bare as the day she had come out the womb. Jennifer, of course, had heard Brandon mention the twosome but she had no idea they were this close. "Um, I'm sorry I didn't tell you until it was nearly too late but I wasn't sure I could trust you with that information. Brandon I'm so-" "It's too late. I heard about Khalil, I'm happy for you. I hope maybe TC can help him out." His partners hastily place the large stash of potential revolutionary material on the table nearest them before rushing to Brandon. "Maybe we'll take it from here.", Wisteria begins. "You could have been gentler in your response to his attempt at a confrontation. I am Wisteria and he is Kijiji. We have been with Brandon for a little over a year now." Jennifer grins shakily, "So Brandon now knows that Blackbird is Anissa is Thunder. And I now know that he has you."