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First Time? (Male Version)

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You were annoyed. Down right angry, in fact. Arthur, Lenny and literally everyone at camp had warned you that Micah had a crazy side. You just thought he'd be professional enough not to let it happen in the middle of a job. You were wrong and now you were hiding from the law in a dilapidated house in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees and darkness.
You scratched your chin, feeling the hair there as you looked around the abandoned house with your lantern. the windows were boarded so no one should see you, not to mention you were making your way to the basement anyway. Nothing of use but it was quiet and somewhat clean. You didn't bother to turn when you heard footsteps descending down the old, creaking stairs after you. He kind of loitered behind you a moment before clapping his hands together and hummed a bit. "So... how are you keeping Y/N?" He asked, almost breathing it into your ear.
"I'll be fine." you replied. "As long as you don't loose your head again." You added with a slight bit of annoyance in the tone.
"Aww, now you can't stay mad at me forever. Sugar pie." He said in that tone of voice that made it impossible to tell if he was joking or being sincere. Or just an ass. It hadn't been very long that the gang had found out your orientation, thanks to you being loud while drunk. The only face you could remember was Bill's because that's who you were telling. EVERYONE heard it though. Before you could retort, you felt hand clasp onto your shoulders making you jump. Those hands then slid down your back and under your arms to be on your chest, your back now pressed against his front.
"We could do something to pass the time if you're bored. I know I am." He all but whispered into your ear.
What you hated most in that moment was how you could feel the blood in you rushing south as your little guy twitched down there and you blushed. Your face must have been as red as a lobster. You knew he must be teasing you but you couldn't help your body's reactions to his advances. Sure, you'd thought about having him. Hell, you even dreamed it once. If he was being sincere you would have taken the opportunity in a heartbeat. You finally broke out of your trance and from Micah's grip.
"Just. Stop." Was all you could manage as you turned to walk out of there. You stopped when he grabbed your arm and you looked back at him in the light of the lantern. His blue eyes dilated and his mouth slightly open, his breath quicker and heavier than usual. He grabbed your other arm and pulled you in, chest to chest. His face no more than an inch away from yours. He then closed the distance and began kissing you feverishly, his erection rubbing against your front slightly, sending a spark of arousal down you and making your own member stiffen, uncomfortable in your pants. You responded by reaching your hands up and threading your fingers into his hair, silently giving him permission to proceed as his hands moved down to grope your ass. Micah then took charge, breaking the kiss and guiding you to an old sleeping mat that a squatter must have used once upon a time. He straddled you as you lay on your back, your pelvis under his thighs.
"Take off your shirt." you half demanded and half begged. He immediately unbuttoned that red shirt he wore, showing off his chest and slightly buldging belly. You couldn't help yourself, immediately taking your hands and rubbing his torso. When he looked at you quizzically you smiled and said "I think its cute."
He rolled his eyes and leaned over you,attacking your neck with bites and kisses. He grunted and moaned a lot as he kissed you, unbuttoning your shirt at the same time. It wasn't until he was taking your pants off that you realized you should tell him you're a virgin.
"I uh... Never done this before." You said bashfully, your pants now off and your member free, leaking a bit of precum onto your stomach.
"Then I'll go slowly." Micah replied, reaching into his pants pocket to pull out a bottle of some kind of oil. Wait, did he PLAN this? Before you could dwell on it you felt a well oiled finger slip into your entrance. You released a startled but pleased sound as the intrusion was foreign but nice. Micah twisted the finger into you this way and that, eventually finding that spot inside you that made you see stars. He then added a second finger. Then a third, all the while massaging that special place. You felt a built up of energy inside your stomach release and you cried out as you shot your load onto your chest and stomach. Micah Bell had made you cum with just his fingers. You shuddered at the thought of what he could do with more as you lay in bliss.
"Now, my turn." Micah said, pulling his fingers out.
You moaned at the loss but forced yourself to your elbows so you could see. Micah immediately opened up his pants and let himself free. He was a good size and thick, not that you had much to compare to other than your own. You were suddenly worried that this might hurt. All worry left though when Micah bent down to lick a stripe up your chest, getting some of your spend on his tongue than kissing your lips. A horrible decision but in that moment you trusted him. Micah put a generous amount of what smelled like olive oil onto his member and began to slowly ease himself into your opening. If anything the pain of the stretch made it better. Slowly he went until he was fully into you. You could feel your body naturally pushing against the intrusion but mostly you were beside yourself with ecstasy. Finally, a man to share such an intimate act with. You'd only used your own hands and fingers before. Micah slowly pulled out and with a loud groan slid back in. It seemed that with every movement he made some sort of noise. Micah began to move faster with each pump until he was freely thrusting into you, both of you making a symphony of pleasured sounds. Micah then let out a loud 'ohhh' as he spent himself inside of you, thrusting as he came. You moaned contentedly but was a bit disappointed, as your erection had come back but you hadn't finished before Micah. After a moment of panting at his release, Micah looked to your crotch.
"Sorry, sweetheart. I don't usually finish so quickly. Its been a while." Micah said before descending on your cock, taking you into his mouth completely. You gasped at the new and completely welcome feeling. He pulled back and began sucking earnestly on the tip, rubbing his tongue along the underside of it. You were practically begging for release when he began to fondle your balls. That's when you came with his name on your lips. Ever so gently in your post orgasm bliss you felt a rag cleaning up the mess on your chest. It must've come from somewhere inside the house it was so old and musty. You then watched as Micah lay beside you with his head on your chest, his nest of blonde hair hiding his face from you. You'd be surprised in the morning to find that you slept soundly all night on that old, worn sleeping mat.