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To Be Determined

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Jensen knew he might as well pack his things. It wasn’t likely he’d be in his room much longer. He was nearly done when Mitch entered his room.

“Well, it seems like you’re finally starting to learn to appreciate the plush opportunity of your situation. Eager to head out with our new British friend?”

Jensen just stared at the man, incredulous. He couldn’t believe just how much Mitch either blatantly ignored, or simply didn’t understand. “You think I am eager to go with this Alpha who seems shadier than an oak tree? I just know the drill, Mitch.”

Mitch chuckled. “Relax, he’s just a corporate prince; he didn’t even have anyone with him at dinner. There was hardly what anyone would call an entourage when I went to request an audience in the first place.”

Jensen sighed, giving up on trying to get narrow-minded Mitch to even consider having any consideration for the safety of his money-maker. Maybe Pileggi really was getting tired of using him. Even so, Jensen wasn’t sure what would be worse. He had the most disquieting feeling in his gut about this Alpha from overseas, and he was scared shitless about those Omega research centers.

“Look, if it helps you whine a little less, his contract is restricted to quarterly compliance renewals due to international regulations. He is required to not only give me a wellness report on you, but also bring you to me every ninety days or he forfeits the contract. I would then have every right to repossess you, by force if necessary. He must confirm you are in the same, if not better, condition than you will have been by the time you’ve left this estate. I really wish you’d recognize my keen business sense, kid.”

Jensen, realizing that there would be no more discussion on the matter, focused back on packing the few personal items he was usually allowed to bring.


The thing about bruises; it usually doesn’t take three months for them to heal. Most superficial ones took about two weeks on average to go through the full cycle of blooming, changing color, and finally disappearing.

The morning that Henry arrived to collect Jensen, the Omega was hyper-aware of his actions and made a conscious effort to apply all the training and experience he’d received. He waited patiently in the foyer while Mitch discussed any final details and questions Henry may have needed to go over. He didn’t hesitate to greet Henry with enthusiasm once he finally was acknowledged. He didn’t falter with his, “Yes, Alpha,” when Henry commanded him to go to the car.

The elegant personal limousine had a beautiful gun-metal grey exterior with dark chrome accents. It had a sleek look, despite being an obvious vintage model. The Beta driver was impeccably dressed, and she took Jensen’s one meager piece of luggage to place in the trunk. Then, she flanked Jensen while she opened the car door. The scene before him looked like it had jumped off the pages of the history books his tutor/trainer had given him. It had tons of stories of the old ways; stray Omegas trapped in the slave trade before the medical centers were instituted. Jensen made a mental note that Henry seemed to like tradition, a lot.

The interior of the passenger section was completely upholstered in an off-white, satiny leather. There were some dark wood patterned accents, but everything looked far too easy to clean. Even the massive footwell looked like a full-sized, leather mattress, padded with the plush, buttery material covering it. And there were tether anchors scattered all over. The windows were heavily tinted; one could see out, but none could peer in.

Jensen knew not to touch the car, let alone climb into it before Henry. He felt confident that he was doing everything right because of the approving look he received from the driver as he held the door open. Jensen also caught the smile from Henry before focusing on the ground in front of his feet. Henry’s smile still freaked him right out, but he needed any reassurance he could get.

Henry’s charming little perfect gentleman act was only for mixed company. As soon as the Alpha got Jensen into his limousine, he lost his boyish smile and his demeanor became almost militant.

“We’ll be taking the scenic route, Driver,” he said, looking just past Jensen’s head. A window that Jensen had been too nervous to notice slid shut as the driver stated, “Yes, Alpha.” Henry reclined back into the forward-facing, bench seat in the spacious vehicle and watched impassively as Jensen sat across from him on the rear-facing seat.

“You seem nervous, Omega. I suppose that would be the reason you are trying my patience so soon after leaving your caretaker’s residence?”

Reluctantly, Jensen dragged his sightline from his hands in his lap to Alpha Cavil and back down. “I’m sorry, Alpha. I’m afraid I don’t know what I’ve done to offend you.”

“So, you expect me to believe that when Omegas ride in cars with their Alphas they sit at an equal level to them? Is that a normal thing in this country?”

He’d hoped Henry was simply a traditionalist in spirit. He knew why every surface in the vehicle was upholstered and padded as it was, but he was hoping he wouldn’t be subjected to such antiquated humiliations. Now, Jensen was certain this wasn’t just a hobby collectible for an enthusiast. He remained silent, frozen with uncertainty. He had no idea if the next words he uttered would make things better or worse.

“Well, no matter. I suppose that is why these lovely vehicles have tether anchors. I have never had the need to use them back home, so this will be quite the teachable moment for both of us.”

He opened a panel near his window. It had what looked like a call button. The privacy window re-opened and the driver’s voice came through again, “Yes, sir?”

“It appears I finally have the opportunity to utilize the accessories that came standard with the vehicle. Pull the car over and fetch them from the trunk.”

“Yes, sir.” Jensen could feel eyes on him; he was unable to stop himself from looking toward the sensation. His eyes met the driver’s in the rearview mirror. He wasn’t sure, but he thought he saw concern before the window shut again.

The car stopped a moment later, and Jensen fought down his anticipatory shiver of fear along with his searing rage. He had no defense for what was coming. If he even dared to question Henry, there was no doubt this situation would escalate. All he could hope to do was make it through this and keep Henry from losing his patience again. Then as soon as he could get back to Mitch, he would report this sadistic knot head and hope that Mitch’s greed wouldn’t keep him from canceling the contract.

He kept repeating in his mind that three months was not that long; the time would fly. He tried to convince himself he could bide his time. “I suggest you disrobe, Omega. At least make an effort to be productive and accountable for your lack of respect.”

After another short moment of hesitation, Henry flew into action, grabbing the Omega and shoving him back against his seat. Jensen suddenly found it difficult to breathe. Before he could blink the Alpha had a crushing grip of his throat. Tears blurred Jensen’s eyes as he made the futile attempt to speak, to plead for just a moment to wrap his mind around what was expected of him. In seconds, the Omega lost consciousness.

When Jensen awoke, it felt like it was hours later, and his head was throbbing in pain. He took a labored breath as he tried to figure out where he was. The last thing he remembered was nervously sitting on plush, cream-colored leather and now he was cold, naked, and sore all over. His bruised and overworked body had no protection from the unforgiving concrete surface he seemed to have been placed on. All he could see was darkness.

He attempted to call out for someone, but his throat was raw. He felt something tight around his neck and a sharp pain in the back of his hand. He felt around and found a tube sticking out of it held there with surgical tape; someone must have put in an IV. He was supposed to be with Henry; would he have been so angry that he left Jensen somewhere? Had he been stolen from him?

Jensen attempted to move and found he was shackled to the floor. He overwhelmed by the scent of slick and come. By the tight feel of his skin, he deduced it was still drying and tacky on his face, his stomach, and the backs of his thighs. He shook then as he figured that maybe Henry just used him for what he wanted and was just waiting to clean him up and take him back to Mitch to tell him what a defective Omega he’d purchased. So much for ninety days. Jensen couldn’t decide whether he was relieved that Henry was done with him, or terrified what Mitch would do about it.

“Well, I see someone’s finally awake. I guess I can’t really fault you for sleeping away the last forty-eight hours. You made for quite the entertainment the evening prior.” It was Henry, with that bragging, cocky, tone of his.

He turned on the lights, causing Jensen to flinch from the bright assault on his dilated pupils. Jensen couldn’t believe he’d been unconscious for nearly three days, but he found he was thankful for that. He didn’t want to know what the hell he’d been subjected to by Henry, and apparently his guests. Jensen began to feel nauseated at the mere thought of what these Alphas were capable of having done to him while he’d been rendered immobile, pliant, and helpless.

“You were the life of the party. Your subservience was very well appreciated. The only issue I see with any of this is I doubt you will have learned anything about showing the respect I am due while you are in my custody thanks to your lengthy nap. That will soon be remedied, I imagine, as you will have more opportunities to learn what is expected of a proper Omega.”

Henry finally stepped into Jensen’s line of sight. “Are you thirsty young one? You will be getting water and food shortly, and you will be released from your bonds so you can clean yourself up.”

Jensen could do nothing more than nod to acknowledge the Alpha’s question. He couldn’t believe the situation Mitch had sold him into. He was a collared fuck-toy for total strangers. He hoped Henry’s business trip was shorter than he’d estimated.