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Dreamscapes and red

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Jungkook gave the paper a once-over before he handed it back to the old man with grey hair and tired eyes.

”But did sir really read through—”

”No need” Jungkook interrupted while walking faster through the corridor, making it a little difficult for the old man to keep up.

”I don’t have much time” Jungkook added in an attempt to sound more polite, while his eyes focused on the door up ahead.

”You’re a very busy man, Mr Jeon. Very powerful indeed” the old man said as they stopped outside the room.

Jungkook nodded and put his hands in the pockets of his black slacks while he waited for the man to open to the door.

But the man cleared his throat and looked up at Jungkook like he really wanted to say something, causing Jungkook to sigh quietly and give the man a nod as permission to speak.

”There are without a doubt many jealous alphas out there who would very much want a piece of that power you have” the old man continued with his quiet voice full of sincerity, ”Mr Jeon ought to be careful. Not only because of enemies lurking in the dark, but also because of his own greed.”

Jungkook raised his eyebrows as he looked down at the old man and his eyes that told of wisdom and past years in a setting far different to this.

The dismiss on the tip of his tongue and slight offended feeling of suddenly getting advices from a random old man, disappeared the moment Jungkook realized that the man most likely had been been of importance before meeting his old age. He didn’t know why, but it felt like there was something special with the man.

Former high status.

Former influence.

Although some turn of event in the man’s life had brought him to be a mere servant for another alpha, the man might still be connected to power.

And Jungkook knew better than to dismiss or be offense towards the unknown.


”Of course” Jungkook spoke with a neutral whisper while nodding his head slowly, ”I am very aware of the consequences one might face in my position.”

”Good, good” the man nodded and gave Jungkook a small, tired smile, ”I know that Mr Jeon’s position was inherited, and I know by own experience that inherited positions are the worst kind. Absolutely the worst. Not only will your authority and competence always be questioned by others, but you will also inherit the enemies of the alpha before you.”

Jungkook went over the man’s words carefully before he cleared his throat and averted his eyes. Not knowing what to reply or think, it was all rather obvious facts that everyone knew.

Although sometimes being reminded of the bad sides was necessary to not lose one’s position or get carried away by deals too good to be true.

”With the good comes the bad” Jungkook replied and fixed his eyes on the door in dark oak, ”At the end of the day, it’s our choices that makes us who we are. And I am always true to myself in the choices I make.”

”The worst thing you can do is to trust people” Jungkook added and glanced at the man in a moment of silence before he added, ”I will come farther than anyone has before me. And those who do not realize that my power and skills are genuine will regret ever thinking low of me.”

The old man hummed while gone days swiftly moved past in his eyes, ”You certainly are brave, Mr Jeon. You certainly are brave.”

”Now” the man said after noticing the stress in the younger alpha’s scent, ”Let’s not keep the omega waiting any longer.”


Jungkook let the man open the door before he stepped inside the spacious room that bathed in bright light from the huge windows.

The first thing he noticed was the heavenly scent that filled his lungs and almost knocked him out.

It was a wonderful, yet indescribable scent.

Sweet, beyond words.

Like sugar melting on your tongue.

But yet, even sweeter.


Jungkook immediately thought that it was too bad that the genuine scent was layered with nervousness.


The second thing that almost knocked him over, was the sight of the owner of the scent.

The omega.

The reason for why he was here.


Jungkook stared at shiny, dyed blonde hair and down at a pretty neck.

Gorgeous collarbones.

A perfectly shaped butt and slightly muscular thighs that did nothing to ease his inner alpha that was getting restless, wanting nothing more than to devour the almost magical omega in front of him.

Jungkook took a deep breath but regretted it the moment his lungs expanded and filled with even more of the sweet scent.

He cleared his throat and forced his inner alpha to calm down before he walked from the door to see more than only the profile of the omega.

He walked slowly while staring at the blonde, and when he stopped in front of him, he wasn’t surprised to see that the omega in fact was incredibly beautiful.

Plump and red lips, a cute nose and soft looking cheeks.


But it was the omega’s eyes that drew him in.

The eyes were looking straight back at him.


Very shy.

But also curious.

And beautiful.

It was the eyes that made him wonder if the omega was real or indeed something magical from another world.

Because surely no man in this world could have eyes that looked like a dark ocean reflection a starry night.

With waves and twinkling stars so real that Jungkook thought he might be able to touch them.

Like maybe the stars would fall out if the omega were to cry.

That’s how real it was.


He would be perfect.


”I don’t know how much Mr Jeon read of the document” the old man said and adjusted his glasses while he looked from Jungkook and down to his papers, ”but please, do ask me questions if there are any.”

Jungkook hummed before he started to walk in a circle around the omega to take in more of the beautiful sight, ”I read what is most important. But…  what is your reason for leaving your alpha?”

Jungkook waited for the omega to answer while he took the few steps that lead him back to where had been standing in front of the latter again.

”Well?” Jungkook asked and stared into the blonde’s flickering eyes that suddenly refused to meet his own gaze, ”Did you suddenly lose both your speech and respect?”

The old man cleared his throat and looked at Jungkook who kept his eyes on the omega while the omega’s heart picked up in a nervous speed.

”Omega barely talks” the man started to explain, ”If Mr Jeon had put more time into reading the document, he would know that the omega is very quiet and almost only speaks if specifically ordered to.”

Jungkook raised his eyebrows in surprise and looked from the shy omega to the old man.

”And why is that?” Jungkook asked with furrowed eyebrows and a hint of concern in his voice that he never would admit actually was there.

”Reason unknown” the man replied without giving the question any time to evolve.

Jungkook snorted from what he thought was borderline rude behavior.

”Reason for leaving his current alpha” the old man continued while staring at Jungkook with his tired eyes, ”is however for the solely reason that the alpha is leaving the country, and omega does not wish to follow. Omega wishes to not return to the solitude in the city and he therefore wants to find another alpha home.”

The old man took a deep breath, like it was exhausting to speak so much without a break, and pushed his heavy glasses further up on his nose, ”Anything else Mr Jeon wants to know?”

”Yes. I want to know why such a beau— special omega hasn’t been chosen before I got here. Because I know I’m late. Surely, there has been others in interest here before me.”

The omega gulped and looked up at the stranger with cheeks that decided to blush with a burning red color. But as soon as he met the alpha’s intense stare, he had to look down at the floor again, finding it impossible to keep the gaze whose owner seemed to stare right into his soul.

And the power in the alpha’s scent was so overwhelming that the omega almost found it hard to breathe.

Who ever the alpha was, surely he wouldn’t want him.

No one did.

So for everyones’ sake, he hoped that the moment on display in front of the alpha would end quickly.

Before he would start to gain hope.

Only to be let down.



”There has been a couple of alphas here today, as well as yesterday. Their common decision to not want the omega is solely based on his inability to conceive. Which is something I guess that Mr Jeon already is aware of, considering that it is mentioned in the document.”

Jungkook nodded and pretended to have read exactly that.

”That isn’t of importance” Jungkook stated and looked down at the omega’s pretty feet before he looked up at his beautiful face again.

”What is a matter of importance is if the omega is willing to definitely part from his alpha and come with me to live with me and my beta.”

”You will have your own room. Your own bed” Jungkook continued as he took a step towards the omega, ”And you will have anything you want.”

The omega gulped and worried his bottom lip nervously as the alpha came closer.

And closer.

The omega took a deep breath and let the alpha’s scent fill his lungs.

Melting chocolate. 

That was the alpha’s scent.

And Jimin found himself wanting more of it.

Delicious and mysterious.

Secretive and so very different to any other scent he had smelled before.


And then there was the smell of money and greed, and Jimin didn’t know if he liked that. 

No, he didn’t.

It smelled bitter. Like grudges and rivalry.


Jimin lifted his gaze slowly and dared to meet the alpha’s eyes that stared right back at him, intently and waiting.

Studying his every feature.

Studying his soul.


Jimin bit down on his bottom lip hard while he again averted his eyes, trying to not show the alpha how much he was trying to breath in his scent that for some reason was just so addictive.


Jungkook swallowed as he noticed how obviously nervous the omega was being. But he could tell that he was choosing to breathe in his scent, telling him that the omega wasn’t too afraid.

Which was good. Because he needed the omega to trust him.

But as he studied the omega’s beautiful features and as he time after time let his lungs fill with the sweet scent, he knew that he had to make a promise.

Both to the omega, and to himself.

Or else this would never work.


”And I promise to never touch you” Jungkook whispered honestly while he put his hands in his pockets again, showing the omega that he was telling the truth.

But the omega didn’t need to be convinced, because he could smell it in the alpha’s scent.

The sincerity.

The heavy weight of his words.

The honesty radiating from his body.

There was no question. No doubt.

The alpha was speaking nothing but the truth.


And what a strange truth it was.

To be given a promise of not being touched.

When touching was all that alphas ever wanted to do.

Not his particular alpha, though.

But every other alpha he had ever met.

Touch, touch and touch.

It suddenly seemed like it was all or nothing when it came to alphas.

It was just strange how the alpha in front of him had described him as beautiful while in the next breath promising to not touch him.


”His current alpha stopped engaging in sexual activities with the omega when—”

”I will not sleep with you and I will not touch you” Jungkook said while interrupting the old man’s words, ”I already have a beta that satisfies my needs. Your purp—”

Jungkook cleared his throat and adjusted his black tie while thinking about how to express himself without any unnecessary words.

”Your only duties will be to attend my meetings and dinners and occasional business trips. You are however not allowed to step foot outside my residence without telling me first. For your own security, of course.”

”Will you not look at the alpha who is speaking directly at you?” Jungkook asked when getting tired of not seeing the eyes he had come to like so quickly.

The omega gulped and raised his gaze from the floor to slowly look up at the alpha.


”Have you understood my words?” Jungkook asked a little bit softer when he noticed the flicker in the other’s eyes.

The omega nodded quickly and tried to hold the alpha’s gaze to not lack respect or interest.

”Yes or no? Use your words, please. Or else you can’t come with me.”

”Leaving permanently is of course, as the law says, completely up to you and can be arranged within the same day” the old man reminded while giving the omega a smile, ”If you do not feel comfortable at your new home, you can leave whenever you want to. It can be important to remember.”

”Yes, yes” Jungkook sighed and took a step back from the omega, ”Let’s just get on with this, shall we?”

”I’m going to ask you the questions now and I expect you to answer truthfully as that is your duty” Jungkook said and glanced at his wristwatch a little impatiently before he looked back at the omega who nodded and whispered a ’yes’.

”Do you want to remain here and wait for another alpha?” Jungkook asked while hoping that the omega would give him a no.

”No” the omega said and shook his head to make his answer more clear since his voice was pretty weak.

”Do you want to follow with me?” Jungkook asked as the last question while following the rules carefully.

”Yes” the omega answered quickly while nodding, coming off as almost eager.

”Good, good” Jungkook nodded and turned around to look at the old man, ”Well, that’s that, then. Nice to meet you and all that. I will tell my driver to get the omega’s bags.”

”You can come down to the car when you’re ready” Jungkook said and glanced at the omega before he began to walk towards the door, ”Please hurry, though. I am already running late for a meeting.”

The old man watched as Jungkook disappeared out the door before he looked at the omega and walked up to give him a hug that the latter immediately answered.


”Goodbye, Jimin” the old man whispered and patted the omega’s back, ”I wish you good luck and I hope you will come to like your stay at mr Jeon’s residence.”

Jimin hummed and leaned back to meet the old man’s gaze, ”Thank you. For everything.”

”Ah, of course” the man whispered tiredly while he smiled at Jimin, ”I have only done my job. It has been a pleasure to work for you and the alpha. But I should have retired a long time ago.”

”Now you can” Jimin smiled and grabbed the old man’s hand with both of his own, ”Goodbye, Mr Song. Take care.”

”Take care, Jimin, take care” the old man smiled and nodded before Jimin removed his hands and slowly made his way out the door.

”Please keep him safe” the old man whispered under his breath, ”please keep the omega safe.”



Jimin looked at the house before he went into the car and sat down in the backseat before the driver quickly closed his door. He glanced at the house a last time before he instead looked down at his lap.

He wouldn’t miss it. Not for a second.

The only he would miss was the old man who had been the alpha’s servant and who had been close to him, almost like the father he never had.


Jimin could hear the alpha talk on his phone from where the latter was sitting in the passenger seat, noticeably stressed while talking with an authoritative voice that seemed to have no patience with who was receiving the call.

”I specifically asked for crimson red and I get an example back that is pink?! How the hell did you think when you decided that— I don’t care that it’s been two minutes since you received the order, you’ve been working for me for three years and so you should know that when I say crimson red, I mean crimson red and not pink! Or have you gone colorblind? Hm? Do I need to find someone else who— no? Then make the whole set in crimson red and if it turns out to be pink when it arrives, I will personally makes sure that— okay, good. I want the whole set and one hooded cloak for outdoor use, one lighter for indoor. I want one silk robe and one— yes, precisely. And I want it tomorrow. No, it can’t wait. Just do— I’m sure you can or else you will lose your job, end of discussion.”

Jimin gulped and looked down at his lap again, feeling extremely embarrassed by the call that he could sense was about him.

About clothes for him.

In crimson red.


Jimin gulped and played with the hem of his pink hoodie.

Will he decide what I should wear?


Jimin’s thoughts were running wild inside his head, and when they had travelled for almost two hours, he was slowly getting anxious over how far they were going. Did the alpha live many hours away? Would they need to sleep on the way?

He wish he had the courage to ask.

About thirty minutes had gone by when Jimin noticed how asphalt turned into gravel. He looked outside and saw how they drove between long rows of beautiful cherry trees that must have began to bloom quite recently. He looked up ahead and saw a majestic, large house with a fountain in front of its entrance.

Jimin watched in awe as they came closer and close to the house, and once the driver stopped right outside the stone steps that lead up to the large doors, Jimin could barely believe his eyes.

Was this really the alpha’s home?

Was he some sort of prince, or who was he?


Jimin was just about to open the door when the driver opened it for him. Jimin stepped out of the car and was immediately earned with a bow. Jimin blushed at the action, and a little confused he looked around to see if he could find the alpha. When he did, he noticed that the alpha already was going up the stairs to the doors. So Jimin hurried after, but turned around half way, suddenly remembering that his bags still were in the car.

”The driver will get your bags” the alpha said without turning around and without stopping to wait for Jimin.

Jimin looked back up at the alpha and hurried up the stairs where a man dressed in a black suit held the door open for them while the alpha handed him a couple of papers and a whispered word.

Does he have a staff working for him?


Jimin received a bow from the man and without knowing if he should bow back or not, he simply nodded his head and stepped inside the house.


The first thing he noticed was the massive staircase in black marble.

The other thing was the large chandelier that hung from the ceiling, looking like something from a ballroom in a movie.

Black, white and red seemed to be the theme in the great hallway.

Black staircase and red, shiny floor.

White walls and ceiling, two large marble statues beside each other over by the long wall.

It looked like someone wanted to show off.

And that one was most likely the alpha.


Jimin tried to take in as much details as he could while he walked up the stairs to follow the alpha.

The many paintings, the mirrors, the heavy crimson red curtains that looked like red rivers from where they traveled from the top of the windows that were high up, almost in the ceiling, and how they traveled down to pool like flowing water on the floor.

When they had reached the second floor, they entered a long corridor with red floor, black walls and dark oak doors. There were no windows in the long corridor, the only light came from chandeliers in the ceiling. 

Jimin followed behind the alpha until they reached the end of the corridor that opened up in a spacious room that was much brighter than the corridor due to the many and large windows.

The room was incredible!

Jimin first noticed a large four poster bed in dark oak and black satin bedsheets.

He noticed that the room seemed to be much more than a bedroom, there was also a dinner table with six chairs that was crafted in the same dark oak as the bed.

There was a bathroom with only a shower inside, the walls were of glass and it seemed like the whole room was the shower area and that you could see just clearly when someone would shower in there.


”The beta will show you around and to your room” the alpha stated and loosened his black tie before he grabbed his phone from his pocket, ”I expect you to join us for dinner later tonight and—”

Both Jimin and Jungkook snapped their eyes towards the door close to where the bed was, and how the door suddenly swung open. And Jimin could immediately tell that a male beta was approaching them.

Jimin watched as a man about his own age, dressed in a short silk robe with its ribbons tied around his waist, came towards them with both anger and surprise in his piercing gaze that darted between him and the alpha.

”Ah, there you are” the alpha began with a rather tired voice, almost like a sigh, and Jimin wondered how it was possible that the alpha didn’t react to the obvious anger and almost rage in the beta’s scent.

The beta.

The alpha’s beta.

Jimin took a step back as his senses told him that the angry beta in fact was claimed by the alpha.


”Who the fuck is this omega and what is he—”

Jimin gulped and took another step back while his scent filled with submission and worry. He ducked his head and tried to make himself even smaller while he hid his hands inside his sleeves, telling the furious beta without his words, that he was as far from a threat as one could be.


”He will stay with us” Jungkook cut in and began to walk towards his office that lay behind the double doors, ”I expect you to—”

”Y-You got an omega?!” the beta exclaimed and looked at Jimin in shock before he turned his head to look at Jungkook’s back.

”Yes” Jungkook replied and opened the double doors, ”show him to—”

”You have to be kidding!” The beta yelled while gesturing with his arms in the air, ”You just went and got an omega! What the fuck! How the hell—”

Jungkook groaned in irritation and turned around to head back towards the beta with anger in his eyes.

”Manners!” Jungkook wheezed and placed himself right in front of the beta, ”I am not in the mood to listen to one of your tantrums right now, understood?”

Jimin gulped as his lungs filled with Jungkook’s suppressed anger and his authoritative voice made nothing to calm his nerves. 


”I-I’m sorry but—”

”You need to show your alpha respect” Jungkook stated in an almost whisper while he stared into the beta’s eyes, ”One more disrespectful utterance from you and you’re banned from this wing until tomorrow.”

Jimin glanced at the beta who went quiet for a second before he crossed his arms and stomped his foot on the red floor, ”You could have fucking warned me, alpha!”

”I have! I’ve told you that I was going to bring an omega as soon as I could find someone suitable! Don’t you pretend to be some sort of victim here, beta” Jungkook warned while shaking his head, ”I’m the alpha and therefore the decisions are mine to make. The omega is staying. Is that understood?”

The beta scoffed and let his arms fall to his side in what looked like defeat, but Jimin could still smell the anger in his scent, telling him that if the beta were to obey, it would only be an act of pretending.

”I didn’t take it seriously” the beta said with an exaggerated sigh, ”the thought of you bringing an omega home was so outrageous that I didn’t believe you actually would do it.”

”After three years, and you still don’t believe in my words” Jungkook scoffed and let a hand run through his dark hair, ”You only have yourself to blame for that.”

The beta curled his hands and dug his fingernails into his palms while his blood began to boil with anger. Using all his might to not actually say anything or do anything to piss the alpha off, was more difficult than ever.

”Alpha” the beta began with a light voice that was so obviously fake that the alpha clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes, ”Please tell me that all of this is a misunderstanding, and that you actually didn’t mean that he is going to stay with us. But rather just visit. For a day or two? Like the leaders sometimes do.”

Jungkook chuckled and cupped the beta’s cheeks before giving his red lips a kiss, ”You’re funny. Stubborn as fuck, but still funny.”

The beta sighed after the kiss and the whiff of soothing pheromones that filled his lungs caused the sharp edge of his anger to melt.

”Now do as I said and show the omega to his room.”

”But the staff” the beta began while trying to get free from the alpha’s orders that felt like a punishment more than a duty.

”You know it’s more polite to have the resident welcome the new, and not the staff. Now, you don’t want to disobey your alpha, do you?”

”No, but—”

”Good” Jungkook mumbled and let a finger brush against the beta’s neck before he took a step backwards and turned around.

”Now leave” Jungkook ordered as he opened the double doors to his office that slammed shut behind him, causing the loud sound to disrupt the rhythm of Jimin’s heartbeats.


The beta swung around and fixed his piercing gaze on the omega who gulped nervously while taking a step backwards, but as he did, the beta only walked closer.

”New one” the beta whispered through clenched jaws while the air again filled with the latter’s bitter anger.

It smelled strong, so strong that it burned Jimin’s lungs and caused his inner omega to scream at him to run, to flee and hide. He could feel how his omega tried to warn him of the threat in front of him, in every way possible.

But he wasn’t going to run and hide.

He refused to.

Because leaving and returning to the solitude of the city was out of the question. Not now when he at least had a roof over his head.

So he fought back all the warning signals inside him and tried his very best to not let the beta win.

Because whatever place this was, whatever was going on, one thing was clear.

The beta did not want him there.


”New one” the beta wheezed and took two quick steps towards Jimin who suddenly was hit by a wall behind him. He gulped nervously and realized that he had walked backwards all the way to the red hallway.

The beta was now so close that Jimin’s lungs again burned with the strong scent that overpowered the beta’s own, genuine scent.

”I have no idea why you’re here” the beta said with furious fires in his eyes, ”but your purpose will soon be brought to light, I am sure. But in the meantime, I will do everything in my power to see that your stay here will be…”

Jimin swallowed and pressed himself as close to the wall behind him as he could, while the beta only leaned closer and closer until his lips brushed against his ear.

Jimin shut his eyes while his hand flew up to cover his neck, his inner omega just so scared of being bitten.

”as unpleasant as possible” the beta added in a whisper before he leaned back again.

The beta scoffed as he inhaled the omega’s fear that mixed with the latter’s genuine scent that, unfortunately, was close to amazing.


”See the red door at the end of the corridor?”

Jimin opened his eyes slowly and looked towards where the beta was pointing with his red painted fingernails.

”That’s your room. And you are to stay there if not specifically asked by alpha or staff to go out. Got it?”

Jimin looked from the door and glanced at the beta who looked back at him with just as furious eyes as a minute ago.

Jimin quickly averted his gaze and nodded while staring down at the floor with his head down and his heart beating painfully hard.

”You there!”

Jimin glanced to the side and saw a man in a black suit and polished shoes turn around and head towards them before bowing twice.

”Yes, beta?”

”Show the new one to his room” the beta said while stepping away from Jimin to adjust his silk robe and let a hand run through his dark hair, just like nothing had happened.

Just like Jimin wasn’t there.

The male beta in a suit was without a doubt belonging to the staff who all seemed to be dressed in the similar black suits, they even had their hair styled in the same way. 

The servant looked at the omega before he looked back at the beta with stressed, unsure eyes.


”I’m sorry, but mr Jeon believes that the resident should greet and show—”

”You listen here” the beta wheezed and poked his finger against the man’s chest, ”I don’t have time with whatever is going on here, okay? I have no idea what this omega is doing here and I’m sure as hell won’t show him to his room. Now do as I say or else I’ll have you fired before you have a chance to count to ten.”

”One…” the beta began with a sly grin on his face, ”t—”

”Omega” the servant said rather calmly while he bowed again, almost as if he didn’t believe the beta’s word, ”follow me.”

Jimin could feel the beta’s stare on his back as he followed behind the servant who held the door open for him. 

He stepped inside his bedroom, happy to get away from the burning stare and the scent that had made it both difficult to breathe and to feel anything but a strong need to run.

As soon as the door closed behind him, he let his eyes travel over the spacious room.

In awe of what he saw, he blinked his wide eyes while not quite realizing that this was where he was going to stay.

There was a similar bed to the one that belonged to the alpha, this one had posters as well as black satin bedsheets, the only difference that this was smaller. There were windows that went from the floor and high up to the ceiling, framed by heavy red curtains. There was a dresser in dark oak, just like the doors to the many wardrobes that almost went along the whole long wall.

The floor was red, just like in the corridor and hallway, while the walls were covered by a black wallpaper with a silver pattern that Jimin thought looked familiar but before he had a chance to look closer, a voice behind him startled him.


Jimin turned around quickly and saw that the servant still was there, having been lost in awe of the amazing room he had totally forgot the he wasn’t alone.


”My name is Namjoon and I am appointed to be your personal servant” the man said with a bow, ”your bags from your previous place is over by the bed. Your clothes that you are to wear will arrive tomorrow along with your make up and jewelry.”

”M-My” Jimin began and gulped as he tried to find his voice, but he didn’t need to try further, because the servant must have picked up on his nervous scent.

”You will no be wearing whatever you wore at your last place. Here, you must follow the dress code appointed by the alpha” the servant said and took a couple of steps into the room, ”this room is yours and only yours. You decide who enters and who’s not.”

Jimin nodded and walked up to the bed to sit on the edge, feeling tired from all the strange impressions up until now. The mysterious alpha. The long car ride. This strange house or… castle or whatever this was. The staff. The furious beta. The odd rules and the fact that he just had been gained a personal servant.

It was so much going on that evetyhing just blurred together in his head.

”You’re tired” the servant stated and gave Jimin a small nod before he opened a door and went inside the room. Jimin noticed black tiles and the end of a bathtub.

I have my own bathroom?


In the next second, he could hear the flowing of water into the bathtub. And then the smell of… strawberries.

”I am running you a bath” the servant stated as he came back to the room, ”It will help you relax.”

Jimin smiled a little and gave the servant a nod before he got up to peek inside the bathroom where his lungs filled with the sweet smell of strawberries that he realized came from the bubbles in the bath.

”Thank you” Jimin whispered and glanced at the servant who just gave him a nod from where he was standing still like a statue by the foot of the bed.

Jimin wondered if he was supposed to say something more.

Did the servant expect him to do something?

Jimin looked around the room while biting on his lower lip nervously, hoping that the servant would say something himself.

Or maybe just leave.

Anything but just standing there so awkwardly.


Jimin went over to sit on the bed again. Trying to melt through the floor. But it didn’t work.

So he tried to muster his courage to ask something, because he had a million questions but sadly not enough courage to speak a million things.

He looked up from his lap and was just about to glance at the servant when he walked into the bathroom to turn the water off.

”Your bath is ready, omega” the servant stated from the bathroom.

Jimin got up from the bed and peeked inside the bathroom to see the servant standing still like a statue again, his hands folded and his head held high.

Jimin gulped and looked at the door to the corridor before he glanced at the servant again.

”Y-You…” Jimin began and hid his hands inside his long sleeves while he for the first time wished that someone could read his mind.

”Ah” the servant said with a nod, ”I’m so sorry, omega. You must want help with undressing.” 

Jimin stuttered a ’n-no’ and held his hands up while he shook his head.

”Ah, well, I should at least wash your hair” the servant said and turned around to give the omega some privacy.

Jimin licked his lips nervously and glanced at the bath that looked incredibly inviting with the bubbles and strawberry scent.

He would love to step into the bath, but undressing naked with a stranger inside the room?

No, not ever.


But this was so surreal that Jimin actually didn’t find the servant to be of any greater cause for embarrassment.

He even seemed used with undressing people.

So maybe if he quickly got off his clothes and then hurried to sit down in the water?

And the bubbles would cover his naked body once inside the bathtub.


Jimin took a deep breath and opened his jeans to swiftly take them off. He then glanced at the servant to check if it was okay to go on.

The servant was completely still and didn’t move even the slightest.

Is he even breathing?


Jimin took off his socks and grabbed the hem off his hoodie to pull it over his head. He threw the fabric onto the floor before he hurried closer to the bathtub, took off his underwear in a stress and then hurried to climb into the water.

The water was hot, but he sat down and swiped some bubbles closer to his chest with his hands before he cleared his throat to get the attention of the servant.

But the man didn’t move.

Jimin bit down on his poor bottom lip and worried it between his front teeth before he realized that he had to speak.


”S-Servant” Jimin whispered with his eyes on the man who immediately turned around and gave him a small smile.

”Ah, very good” the man said before he sat down on a stool behind Jimin’s back.

”Is the water to your liking? Is it too hot? Too cold?”

Jimin relaxed a little and shook his head when he realized just how good the bath felt.

The water enveloped him like a safe and warm blanket while the smell of the bubbles seemed to have a soothing affect, because he suddenly felt so… calm.

And relaxed.

For the first time during this whole, surreal day, he felt a little safe.


”It’s perfect” Jimin replied in a whisper while he stared at the bubbles. He brought his hand up and poked one of the bubbles that immediately popped. 

”I’m happy omega likes it” Namjoon answered before he reached his hand out to grab a shampoo bottle from the shelf beside them.

”The shampoo smells like mint” Namjoon explained, ”Is that okay with omega?”

Jimin nodded and whispered a ’yes’ while he poked another of the million bubbles.

”Close your eyes and lean your head back” Namjoon said and opened the bottle while the omega did as he was told.

I can’t believe I’m getting my hair washed by a stranger.

By a servant.

My servant.


Jimin hummed approvingly as Namjoon’s fingers began to massage his scalp and card through his hair that probably was in much need of a good wash.

”Omega is dying his hair blonde” Namjoon stated and poured some more shampoo in his hands before he worked it into the omega’s hair, ”I will make sure to tell the staff to buy some bottles in case you need to dye your roots soon.”

Jimin whispered a ’thank you’ while he absentmindedly played with the bubbles, feeling more and more relaxed to the nice touches in his hair.

”Keep your eyes closed, omega” Namjoon said and grabbed the shower head to in the next second wash away the shampoo from the omega’s hair.

Jimin thought the warm water felt amazing, and not even a single drop touched his face.

Maybe Namjoon was used to washing the beta and alpha’s hair. 

Or had there been an omega before me?

So many questions.


”Does omega want to come up? I’m afraid that the water soon will turn cold” Namjoon said and put the shampoo bottle back on the shelf.

Jimin straightened his back and looked over his shoulder to give the other a nod and a small smile.

Namjoon nodded back and pushed a button on the wall that caused the bathtub to drain the water. And as the water sank, the bubbles did too. So Jimin let his arms come up to cover his naked chest.

I have to wash away the bubbles and foam from my body but he’s still here! What do I do? And soon I’m completely naked!


”Shall I help you wash off?” Namjoon asked, still with the shower head in his hand.

”Omega need not to be embarrassed” Namjoon added when he could smell the nervousness coming from the omega’s scent, ”I will not look at you. This is my job and I take it very seriously. Please, relax.”

Jimin looked back over his shoulder again and met Namjoon’s eyes that were warm and honest.

And calm.

A much needed calmness in the roaring storm.

Jimin nodded and gave his consent. And when the warm water for a last time traveled over his worried soul, he found himself relaxing again.


A big, white towel was handed to him before Namjoon walked out of the bathroom.

Jimin climbed down to the floor and dried himself with the towel that was the softest he had ever touched. He then wrapped it around himself, it was so long that it reached the floor even though he held it up until it almost reached his chin.

He walked into the bedroom on silent feet and saw Namjoon standing beside the door to the corridor.

”The dinner tonight is served at 9 o’clock and you are to wait here until I come and escort you to the dining room. Since you have not received your clothes yet, you will have to dinner in whatever you chose from what you have. From tomorrow and onwards, you are however to always wear something from what the alpha has given you.”

Jimin nodded slowly and glanced at his bags before he looked back at Namjoon who continued to stand still by the door with hands folded in front of him.

”Does omega have any questions before I take my leave?”

Jimin gulped and worried his bottom lip while he averted his gaze.


Why does the beta hate me?

What is alpha working with?

What is this place?

Why did alpha promise to never touch me?

When can I go outside?

What is behind all the doors?

Why am I brought into a home with an already claimed beta?




Jimin shook his head and sniffled from the slight cold of now being up from the hot bath. He noticed how the servant kept his gaze on him before slowly bending forward in a bow.

”I will see you at 9 o’clock” Namjoon stated before he opened the door behind him and disappeared out into the red hallway.

Jimin watched the door close before he walked around the bed and sat down on the other side so he could stare out the tall windows where a beautiful garden was covered in a thin layer of frost. 

And he didn’t know why, but it felt like the frost suddenly traveled inside his room to cover his naked skin with its beautiful but ice cold little diamonds.

Jimin sniffled and wrapped the towel closer around him.




Chapter Text




A knock on the door.

Jimin got up from the bed, hesitantly but ready.

And with very little appetite.


He had been staring at the old clock on the wall for twenty minutes, hating how slow time was. And how fast it was, having no desire whatsoever to have dinner in the same room as the furious beta.


”Omega, I am here to take you to the dinner room.”

Jimin looked up and nodded at Namjoon before he stepped towards the door with his scent spiking with nervousness.

Namjoon cleared his throat of the omega’s scent and closed the door behind them before he began to lead the way, the omega walking a little slower behind him.


Endless corridors, that's how it felt.

Endless corridors that never changed character.

Crimson red floor and dark, almost black, walls.

Paintings and mirrors. Mirrors that looked like paintings, and paintings looking like mirrors.

A cold shiver traveled down Jimin’s spine from how uninviting this whole place was.


They walked in silence, Jimin in ripped jeans and pink hoodie, Namjoon in black suit and white gloves.

Jimin had never felt more out of place.


”We're here” Namjoon said when double doors in dark oak came into view after rounding a corner.

Namjoon opened the doors with another servant that stood waiting, and gestured for Jimin to step inside the room.


And what a room it was!


It looked like something from a painting. Almost like a ball room from a story of old times where kingdoms would host splendid gatherings.

But with the difference that this room probably never was used to dance in, and the interior was far from what you would associate with kings and queens.

This room was sad and… lonely. Just like the whole house felt.

But it was nevertheless magnificent, with windows from floor to ceiling, flowing red curtains, chandeliers and lit candles in every corner. A shiny, red floor and a beautifully painted ceiling that looked like a real night sky.

Jimin looked up at the stars and moons in awe, feeling just like he was standing outside during a starry sky.


”Let me show you to your seat.”

Jimin snapped out of his dreamy thoughts and realized that over by the long table, two pair of eyes were looking straight back at him.

He had for a second totally forgot about where he was, and being brought back to reality caused nervousness and uneasiness to once again spike in his scent.

He walked behind Namjoon with slow, hesitant steps until a chair was pulled out for him.

He gulped and glanced at the alpha who sat at the head of the table with the beta on his right side, and now with Jimin on his left.


Jimin gulped and stared down at his lap while he could feel the beta’s burning stare from across the table.

A second of silence went by, and then a plate was placed in front of him. He stared at the food and picked up the metal chopsticks.

He held them his hand while furrowing his eyebrows.

Are these in silver?


He looked at the food on his plate and wondered how in the world he was going to even finish a third.


”I expect that beta showed you to your room, as I ordered” Jungkook said more like a statement than question.

Jimin held his breath as he glanced up from his plate to meet the beta’s fierce gaze.

Jimin gulped from the nervousness that dried his throat before he whispered a faint ’yes’.

Jungkook looked between the omega and the beta while his lungs filled with so many strong emotions that they all blurred and created a rather unbreathable scent.

Jungkook waited until the servant had filled their glasses with red wine before he spoke again.


”And did you also tell the omega of our rules?”

Jimin swallowed the piece of kimchi he had been chewing on forever and wondered, in the silence, if the beta was waiting for him to answer.

Which he honestly didn’t know if he could.

Because the horrible tension was so heavy with possessiveness and anger that Jimin had a hard time to keep his inner omega in control while all it wanted was to run from the threat.


”When will he leave?” the beta spoke loud and clear with his eyes still fixed on Jimin, ”I don’t want him—”

”Answer my question” Jungkook cut off, calmly but with his voice layered with authority.

The beta scoffed and grabbed his wine glass, ”No. I must have forgotten about that.”

Jungkook sighed and gave the beta a tired glance before he looked down at his plate and picked up a tender piece of meat with his chopsticks, ”Very well. I’ll have… what’s his name… the servant— Namjoon, I’ll have him go over the rules with you after dinner. And if you have any questions, he is the one you should turn to. Or the beta.”

”Am I not right?” Jungkook asked and looked at the beta again, careful to not cause an outburst, but firm enough to make the beta realize the seriousness in his tone.

The beta mumbled a quiet ’whatever’ before he gulped down the wine in his glass, not waisting a second before he called a servant over to refill it.


They ate in silence.

The beta too angry to speak, the alpha too occupied with thoughts of his next meeting and the omega too nervous.

Jimin tried to enjoy the food, knowing that he deep inside was hungry from only having eaten breakfast in the early morning. But no matter how much he tried to chew and swallow, he couldn't more than eat a couple of small pieces before he simply gave up. He tried to look busy with moving the food around, but he knew he couldn’t fool the alpha.

”Is the food not to your liking, omega?” Jungkook asked and studied the food on the plate that looked closed to untouched.

Jimin bit down on his lower lip. Hard. Nervous for what the alpha would think of him.

I know it’s disrespectful to not eat the food, what should I do?!

He’s going to be angry and order me to—


”I’ll have a servant bring you another plate to your room” Jungkook said while putting his chopsticks down on his empty plate, ”maybe you’re used to eating alone?”

Jimin nodded, in a lie, and put his chopsticks down as well, feeling so relived with the alpha’s words that he exhaled the deep breath he had been holding.


”Desserts” Jungkook said and glanced at a servant who immediately began to carry away their plates to make room for smaller, golden plates with matching spoons.

”Will I not be enough for dessert?” the beta smirked and reached under the table to put his hand on the alpha’s thigh, ”Can’t we just skip the cake and go right to bed? I want to—”

”Beta” Jungkook warned and pushed away the hand that had traveled higher and higher on his thigh.

The beta pouted and withdrew his hand before he slowly turned his head to look at the omega who was staring down at the table with red cheeks and a scent that again filled with unease.

And Jimin noticed that they could sense it, because in the next second he could feel the alpha’s stare on him as well.

Jungkook cleared his throat and pushed away his plate that already was empty of the delicious slice of cake.

”Is there something you want to say?” Jungkook asked and grabbed his wine glass while keeping his eyes on the omega.

Jimin hurried to shake his head and scoop up a piece of the cake that he on another day would have loved, but today it tasted like nothing while it was difficult to chew, but still, he had to pretend like everything was okay.


”You brought home an omega that doesn’t speak and that lack all kinds of manners” the beta spoke between gritted teeth with his eyes glued on Jimin, ”I demand to know the purpose behind all of this.”

Jungkook frowned and put his glass down a little too hard, ”You speak of manners when you clearly lack some important ones yourself. You’ve been here for three years, beta, you of everyone should know better than to question my decisions like that.”

The beta was breathing heavily while his shoulders heaved with anger, causing his silk robe to slide down and off his shoulder, ”This is not you, alpha. This is not like you and I demand to know what the omega is doing here! In our house! In our dinner room, eating our food while sitting right next to you!”

Jungkook averted is eyes from the beta and stared at the double doors on the other side of the room, trying to hold in his anger as well as his doubts and worries.

Jimin glanced up from his plate and saw how the beta got up from his chair with red eyes and clenched jaws.

Jimin gulped from not knowing what would happen next, hoping with all his might that they could go back to the heavy silence instead of having the room bathe in the beta’s anger and possessiveness.

”And now you suddenly can’t speak, either?” the beta wheezed while glaring at the alpha.

Getting no reply from Jungkook, he simply grabbed his glass and gulped down the rest of his wine before he turned around and hurried out of the room, his long silk robe flowing in the air behind him.

Like a red storm, Jimin thought as he glanced at the leaving beta, a red storm building up to a hurricane.


”Well” Jungkook said with a sigh as soon as the beta had disappeared through the doors, ”Don’t mind the beta. He will come around. Eventually.”

Jimin gulped and nodded slowly while glancing up at the alpha who immediately looked back at him.

They held each other’s gaze for a moment, before they began to study each other’s features.

Jimin could feel how his nervousness began to lessen and how his heart began to calm down and beat in a much healthier rhythm.

He noticed that the alpha had a small scar on his cheek and a little mole under his lower lip. A ring in each ear and wavy, almost black hair that almost looked too soft to belong to such a powerful alpha.

Because whatever this was, whatever was going on, there was still greed and power in the alpha’s scent.

And Jimin still didn’t like it.

But the longer they looked at each other, the more he could smell of the alpha’s genuine scent.

Melting chocolate.

So addictive.


Jungkook swallowed under the omega’s soft gaze and curious scent.

And the starry skies in his eyes was still there, matching the night sky in the ceiling.

But the stars in the omega’s eyes looked real.

Almost so real that he wondered if he maybe was dreaming.


Jimin could feel his cheeks heat up in a blush. Surprising himself.

He inhaled the alpha’s scent and let it fill his lungs before he had to avert his eyes.


And then it was as if reality caught up.

A shift, the scraping of a chair.


”I will see you at breakfast” Jungkook said while adjusting his black tie, ”Your servant will show you back to your room.”

Jimin got up from his chair, happy that the awkward and horrible dinner was over while oddly enough longing back to his room.

He saw how the alpha walked over to one of the large windows to stare out over the grounds that were bathing in the soft moonlight.

He then looked over to the doors and noticed that Namjoon was gesturing for him to come.

Without looking back at the alpha, Jimin made his way to the double doors and stepped outside to follow behind Namjoon.

A little lost in thoughts, it felt like their walk back to his room went much faster than the walk to the dinner room.

Namjoon managed to open his bedroom door with one hand, while balancing the plate with his food in his other hand.

Jimin went straight to his bed and sat down, watching while Namjoon put his food on the round marble table over by the windows.


”I will leave you to eat in peace” Namjoon said and placed himself by the door, ”Does omega want help with anything before I take my leave?”

Jimin looked up from his hands and shook his head while whispering a ’no, thank you’.

Namjoon bowed and put his hand on the door, but stopped to glance at the omega on the bed who looked so fragile and smelled so lonely.

But there was nothing he could do.

Nothing more than to whisper back a ’goodnight, omega’ before he stepped out of the bedroom, leaving the small omega behind.


Jimin walked up to the marble table to look at the food.

He sat down in the armchair and tried to eat some of the vegetables while looking out over the cold garden that already had gone to sleep.

It was so quiet in his room that he could hear voices coming from the alpha’s room.

And with walls as thick as these, it meant that the voices actually were pretty loud.

Arguing, Jimin thought and put his chopsticks down, about me.


He stripped out of his clothes, except for his underwear, and climbed up on the bed and under the silk bedsheets that felt like flowing water against his skin.

He put his head on the pillow and pulled the covers up to his chin. An exhausted sigh left his lips as he closed his eyes, suddenly feeling a million times more tired.

With thoughts running wild in his head, he managed to block out the voices from the alpha’s room and within a couple of minutes, he found himself drifting off to sleep purely from being so exhausted.



A couple of loud knocks on his door caused Jimin to groan and pull the covers over his head, feeling way too sleepy to even consider going up.

”Good morning, omega” Namjoon greeted and held the door open for three other servants that stepped into the room.

Jimin got confused by the number feet he could hear, so he pulled the covers down to his nose so he could glance at whatever was going on.

An amused smile played on Namjoon’s lips as he saw the omega peek out from his hiding place.

”Your clothes has arrived” Namjoon explained and gave the omega a bow.

Jimin watched as the servants filled the wardrobes with clothes, one after another. Crimson red in different fabrics and designs, just what he had heard the alpha talk about on the phone.

Then lastly his dresser was packet with clothes that looked to be… underwear and… lingerie? In not only silk, but lace as well!

Jimin blushed and pulled the covers over his head again, listening to the footsteps of the unknown servants disappear out the door again.


”Omega has to get up” Namjoon said and pulled the covers down to Jimin’s chin, ”Alpha will be upset if you are—”

Jimin pouted and was received with a soft laughter from Namjoon who immediately after cleared his throat and took a step back to regain his seriousness.

Surprised by Namjoon’s sudden laughter, Jimin felt a warm feeling blossom in his chest before it disappeared just as quickly again.


”You now have a lot to chose from” Namjoon stated while opening one of the wardrobes to pick something out and hold it up for Jimin to see, ”But I’m afraid they are all pretty much the same. These are silk shorts, and they go together with this sleeveless top. There is also a warm cloak for outdoor use in the wardrobe, as well as in the hallway downstairs. ”

Jimin sat up and reached his hands out to grab the clothes Namjoon had showed him.

The shorts were short.

Very short.

But cute.

And the top, also in silk, was just as pretty and soft against his skin.

He put on the top and waited until Namjoon had turn around to put on the shorts that indeed were short and tight, but just as soft to touch as the top.


”And here is your robe. Let me help you put it on” Namjoon said and removed the hanger before he held the robe open for Jimin to put his arms in the sleeves.

The long robe was also red, but with with delicate patterns sewed with a golden thread.

Jimin walked over to the tall mirror that hung right outside the bathroom.

He gulped as he saw himself in such a different outfit.

The robe was light and flowed beautifully with ever little movement of his body. And the fabric continued behind him, almost like those wedding veils he had seen in movies. Like a red river followed behind him, sweeping over the floor behind his steps.

”It’s beautiful” Jimin whispered and glanced at Namjoon who nodded with a warm smile on his face. 

”It suits you” Namjoon said and walked over to pull a chair out from the desk that now was filled with makeup and jewelry.

”If omega will have a seat, I can brush his hair.”

Jimin looked at Namjoon who stood ready behind the chair with a hairbrush in his hand.

This is surreal, Jimin thought and sat down on the chair to let Namjoon brush his blonde strands.

Beyond surreal.


”Omega did hardly eat any of the food” Namjoon stated while he brushed through Jimin’s hair as gently as he could, ”You need to eat a lot of breakfast or you will lose your strength.”

Jimin hummed and closed his eyes, loving the soft touches in his hair.

The beta smelled calm and genuine.


And real.


Too real for this place that was anything but.


”There” Namjoon said and put the hairbrush down before letting his fingers fix a couple of last strands, ”Does omega want a necklace or earrings to go with the robe?”

Jimin opened his eyes and looked over all the beautiful jewelries that were laying on display on the dark oak desk.

He let his fingers brush against a silver necklace with a small ruby shaped like a tear hanging down from it.

A crimson red tear.

How fitting.


”This?” Jimin asked and looked over his shoulder to meet Namjoon’s eyes.

”Of course” Namjoon nodded and picked up the necklace, ”You do not have to ask, omega. Just tell me.”

”All of this” Namjoon said and put the necklace around Jimin’s neck, ”is yours and yours only.”

Once Namjoon had secured the necklace, Jimin met his own reflection in the mirror above the desk.

He let his finger brush against the beautiful red tear.

He studied his reflection for awhile, finding it hard to understand that it actually was himself he was looking at.

His clothes and the surrounding was so strange. Beautiful but surreal.

Almost like a dream.


He noticed Namjoon glance at his wrist watch before he sighed and looked down at his lap.

It was time to leave.

But he wished he didn’t have to.


”Omega” Namjoon whispered in a moment of unprofessionalism, knowing he should stay stoic and neutral towards the three of them.

But as his lungs filled with sadness, he simply couldn’t not mind.

So he put a hand on the omega’s shoulder and tried to sound as reassuring as he could.

”You will soon get used to this, omega. I promise.”

Jimin gulped and looked up to meet Namjoon’s gaze in the mirror, only to look back down at his hands again.

”The beta” Jimin whispered and shook his head slowly.

Namjoon hummed and squeezed Jimin’s narrow shoulder gently before he grabbed a pair of earrings to hold them up against Jimin’s ears.


”The beta is… possessive” Namjoon explained and put the earrings back down before he grabbed another, dangling, pair to hold them up against Jimin’s ears.

”He sees you as a threat” Namjoon whispered faintly, knowing that he had to be carful with his words, not even trusting the walls to keep quiet for their alpha.

”He might be claimed” Namjoon added and picked up a lipgloss to hold it beside Jimin’s plums lips to see how the color would look on him, ”but the alpha is not.”

”Why?” Jimin whispered and searched Namjoon’s eyes in the mirror, finally feeling brave enough to ask one of the questions that had been burning on his tongue.

”That I have no idea about” Namjoon replied and picked up a lipstick in bright red, ”there is much going on between these walls, omega. And just as much is going on in three other houses.”

”What houses?” Jimin wondered in a confused but curious whisper.

”You will see” Namjoon whispered back while he put down the lipstick on the desk again, ”Now, I believe it is time for you to attend breakfast. You cannot be late or the alpha will be upset with the both us.”

Jimin nodded and got up from his chair, disappointed that their conversation was over, but he would hate to cause the friendly servant any trouble, so he walked out his door and followed close behind him.


Jimin entered the alpha and beta’s room with slow, silent steps with his long robe flowing against the floor.

The alpha and beta were already looking up from their breakfast, having heard Jimin coming out of his bedroom.

Jimin stopped and gulped nervously while Namjoon bowed before gesturing for Jimin to proceed towards the table.

Jimin held his breath while he walked towards Namjoon who had pulled out a chair for him across from where the alpha and beta were seated.

He sat down and noticed that his plate and bowl was empty, probably indicating that he could pick and choose what he wanted from all the food on the table that actually looked so delicious that it woke his appetite.

He glanced up from the table and noticed that the others still were staring at him.

The beta with fires in his eyes, and the alpha with… emotions he couldn’t quite read.

But his scent was dripping with melting chocolate and Jimin couldn’t help but to fill his lungs with it.


”I see that the clothes fits you” Jungkook stated and let his eyes travel up to the red ruby hanging from Jimin’s neck, ”Very good.”

The beta snorted and grabbed a handful of strawberries to put them on his plate, ”Omega is short. Too short for the robe to look—”

”Beta” Jungkook warned with a sigh, ”I beg you. It is much too early for your irrelevant input. We just woke up.”

”So give me a damn break” Jungkook added in a murmur while bringing the glass with orange juice to his lips.

”What?” the beta grinned and dipped a finger in his yoghurt before sucking it off with his eyes fixed on the alpha, ”I’m just saying.”

Jungkook rolled his eyes before he grabbed his chopsticks and began to eat his breakfast while trying to not look at the omega too much.

Jimin picked some of the food that was closest to him and put it on his plate before he began to eat with the beta’s harsh stare still fixed on his every move.

Incredibly embarrassing.

But he nonetheless tried his absolute best to eat some breakfast without letting the other’s possessive scent get to him.


”Beta” Jungkook began and put his chopsticks down when almost having finished his plate, ”Your scent. It’s stinking up the place. And I hate it. I can’t eat in the mist of your jealousy or whatever nonsense it is you have come up with.”

The beta scoffed and turned his head to look at the alpha with an almost shocked face, ”Jealous?! Me?! Of what?! The omega?”

Jungkook raised his eyebrows like it was the strangest question he had ever heard.

”Yes?” Jungkook replied and shook his head, ”There’s no reason for it, I told you last night, remember? I told you that—”

”No” the beta said with a fake smile while tilting his head, ”You said that the bitch is staying and that there was nothing I could change about that and that I should just suck it up and pretend like my alpha isn’t drooling over those perfectly shaped lips that—”

Manners!” Jungkook growled and leaned closer to the beta while the room filled with his authoritative scent.

Jimin let out an involuntary whimper while he curled in on himself, not exactly scared of the alpha, but more of the growl and the scent itself, feeling how his inner omega once again screamed at him to either run or to bare his neck.


”Look” the beta whispered while frowning at the alpha, ”you just scared your precious omega. Tell me, who’s the bad guy now, hm?”

Jungkook looked at Jimin and gulped while he forced himself to calm down and ease his strong scent that he knew was overpowering everything else. He opened his mouth and was just about to say some words to the omega when the beta suddenly rose form his chair.

”I guess I better leave so you can comfort the omega with a good fuck while I’m away” the beta said with a scoff and turned around to leave in a dramatic manner.

Jungkook sighed and began to roll up the sleeves of his white button up shirt.

”Beta, go to the bed.”

Jimin glanced up at the alpha in the same second as the beta stopped in his tracks with a smile playing on his red lips.


”Servants, leave” Jungkook added as he got up to join the beta who hurried over to the bed.

Jimin gulped as he saw the beta undress from his robe to stand in front of the bed in only a pair of red underwear.

”If I fuck you again, will you then shut up and leave the omega alone?” Jungkook asked and put his hands on the beta’s hips.

”Promise!” the beta nodded eagerly and moved his hands up to open Jungkook’s slacks, ”I promise I won’t say a word.”

Jungkook scoffed and turned the beta around before he pushed him onto the bed, causing the latter to catch himself on his arms against the mattress before he climbed up to stand on all fours.

”Color” Jungkook asked and pushed down his slacks and boxers before he placed himself behind the beta.

”Green, but please alpha, just fuck me I’m so—”

”Omega” Jungkook called while he pushed the beta’s silk underwear to the side so he could admire what he was about to fuck, ”You can leave or stay, it’s up to you.”

The beta breathed out a quiet ’oh my god’ while a shiver traveled down his spine, suddenly feeling a little less opposed to the idea of the omega being in the same room.

Proudness filled his scent as he realized that the alpha was going to fuck him with the omega present.

Fuck him while the omega only could watch.

Please him.

Give him.

And leave nothing to the omega.


Jimin couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Or hearing.

If everything up until now had been surreal, this felt even more so.

Yet, he couldn’t take his eyes of the scene that played out in front of him. 

Which was incredibly embarrassing, because over by the bed was a couple about to have sex, and he was just sitting there, watching it happen.

And when he could hear a bottle open with what most likely was lube, he had to scream at himself to get up and leave the couple alone because watching what would take place wasn’t normal.

It was crazy.

He was crazy!


He gulped and tensed his legs, ready to push his chair back and get up.

But then suddenly the room filled with the beta’s moans and Jimin found himself exhale a shaky breath instead of leaving.


”Still open and wet from earlier” Jungkook stated and pulled his fingers out to instead grab his cock and line up against the beta’s ass where lube trickled down onto the black bedsheets.

”Hurry up and fuck me” the beta whined while trying to fuck back and get the alpha’s cock inside.

”So damn impatient” Jungkook mumbled and pushed inside the beta in one go, without stopping, carefully listening to the beta’s sounds that were only speaking of greed and want.

”Alpha” the beta breathed out in a tense moan as he completely filled with the latter’s cock that felt just as warm and good as always, stretching his walls in the most delicious way. 

”You can never get enough of alpha’s cock, can you? Always so damn horny and needy, always so impatient.”

The beta choked on a moan as Jungkook pulled back slowly to only let the tip of his cock stay inside him, before slamming right back in, hitting his sweet spot hard before going as deep as he possibly could.


Jimin watched as hypnotized while the alpha set a rough pace where he fucked the beta from behind, still dressed in his slacks and shirt while he beta was naked except for the underwear that was pushed to the side to reveal his hole.

With red cheeks and shy eyes, Jimin watched as the beta began to squirm and claw at the bedsheets while the alpha grabbed his hips to hold him steady through the rough thrusts.


”Beta” Jungkook whispered with a proud smirk as he dug his nails into the beta’s skin to get his attention, ”can you smell it, hm? Can you smell the omega’s arousal?”

”No!” the beta wheezed while his sharp fingernails dragged against the silk bedsheets, ”never!”

Jungkook took a deep breath of the omega’s scent, causing his eyes to shift closer to an icy blue and his hard cock to twitch with new interest inside the beta.

”Do as I say” Jungkook ordered in a husky voice while he wrapped his arms around the beta to bring him up from the mattress, resulting in a perfect position for him to fuck up into the beta’s wet heat.

”Breathe in his want.”

The beta could feel the other’s voice drip with authority and order close to his ear, making it impossible to not fall obedient.

And so while the alpha held him in a strong grip while roughly thrusting into him without any holding back whatsoever, he found himself breathing in a deep, full breath that filled his lungs to the limit.

With the omega’s want.

And that was all he managed to do before his orgasm washed over him so hard that everything went white before his eyes.


A string of loud moans coming from the beta filled the air and caused Jimin to close this thighs while he ducked his head, too embarrassed to watch, too embarrassed over his own instincts and scent.


Jungkook cursed under his breath as the beta came untouched while clenching hard around his swollen cock. A low growl escaped him as he thrusted hard into the sensitive beta who whined as his inside filled with the alpha’s hot cum.

Jimin gulped and glanced up as the could smell cum, watching as the alpha lowered the beta down onto the mattress. He licked his lips nervously and got up from his chair on slightly unsteady feet, knowing too well that he might have been invited to watch the actual sex, but what now would follow was a totally different scene, one he may not have the right to watch nor did he want to.

But as he began to walk towards the door, he thought he was leaving the couple to let them calm down and cuddle in peace, instead he noticed how the alpha wiped himself with tissues before tucking himself back inside his slacks, only to leave the beta on the bed.

Jimin gulped as the alpha met his gaze for a fleeting second before the latter averted his eyes and stepped inside his office where the double doors shut behind him.

Jimin glanced over at the beta and saw him bury his face against a pillow, no doubt the alpha’s.

It was a rather sad witness.

To see how the beta tried to find comfort in a lingering scent while being left alone.

But on the other hand, it didn’t look like it was something new.

Rather like a routine, sort of.

And he didn’t know what to think of that.

What to think of any of this.


Jimin walked back to his room through the corridor and sat down on the edge of his bed. Feeling exhausted and worn out only though the day had just begun.

His second day of many, many more to come.


”So embarrassing” Jimin sighed with his cheeks bright red while he covered his face with his small hands, ”Why didn’t I leave?!”

He groaned while he cringed at his own weakness and curiosity that maybe had been the reason for staying to witness what he shouldn’t have.

”So embarrassing” he repeated as he flopped back on the mattress to stare up at the chandelier in the ceiling.

He could feel his cheeks continue to burn with a blush, but at least his nervous heart began to calm down.

And as soon as he relaxed a little, he could feel his eyelids get heavy.

So he closed them.


He woke up three hours later to knocks on his door right before the bedroom filled with a friendly scent.

”Omega” Namjoon said as he came into the room while carrying a tray, ”would you like some coffee and cakes?”

Jimin hurried to sit up and watched as Namjoon put the tray down on the marble table over by the large windows.

”Servant” Jimin smiled, happy to see the beta that felt like the only thing secure and steady in the roaring, red storm.



Chapter Text




Jimin walked over to the table and watched as Namjoon poured up coffee in a cup before he put a spoon on one of three plates with delicious looking cakes.

”I don’t know what kind of cakes omega likes, so I brought you three different sorts. Do you want milk in your coffee?”

”Yes, thank you” Jimin nodded and sat down on one of the two armchairs while Namjoon poured him milk.

”I will come back and get your tray in a little while” Namjoon stated with a bow before he turned around to leave.

Jimin bit down on his lower lip while feeling incredibly disappointed with the servant’s leave.

Alone, again.

After only a minute of friendly company.


Jimin gulped and turned to look at Namjoon’s back.


”Please” Jimin whispered, hating how his voice wavered awkwardly from being so unused.

He watched as Namjoon stopped and turned around to look at him, waiting for him to continue.

”Yes, omega? What can I help you with?”

Jimin took a deep breath and glanced at the tray with cakes and coffee before he looked back at the other.

”Can you… sit with me? Please…?”

Namjoon gave the omega a puzzled look before he nodded and walked over to sit in the armchair across from the latter, feeling very hesitant while doing so, almost afraid to get caught with sitting down during his work hours.

”Please” Jimin whispered and put his spoon on another plate with a slice of cake on it, ”can you not join me?”

Namjoon watched as the omega held out the plate for him while looking at him with begging, shy eyes.

The omega was offering him sit with him and eat with him.

In his bedroom.

This was almost surreal.


”I have never done this before in my work” Namjoon explained carefully while taking the small plate from Jimin’s hand, ”This is… thank you. Omega is far too nice.”

Jimin gave Namjoon a smile before he put his legs up to sit crossed legged in the armchair. He grabbed the spoon that was used to stir around the coffee with and scooped up a big piece of the chocolate cake.

”Mmm” Jimin mumbled with his cheeks full.

Namjoon let out a soft laughter and dared to taste the slice of cake the omega had handed him, feeling almost like he was breaking the law and the rules of the whole universe while tasting the delicious dessert.

”Mmm” Namjoon nodded with a smile while the cake melted on his tongue.

Jimin giggled and balanced the plate on his lap while he reached his hand out to grab his coffee cup, feeling slightly guilty that he was drinking coffee when Namjoon couldn’t.

”Bring two cups next time” Jimin whispered and went back to eating his cake.

Namjoon smiled and shook his head, ”No, no, that is far too kind of the omega. I shouldn’t have coffee outside of my breaks.”

”Please?” Jimin asked quietly while looking up Namjoon, ”No one has to know…”

Namjoon gulped and licked his lips nervously while he thought about it.


”If alpha finds out that I am having coffee and cakes with you while I should be working, he will fire me on the spot” Namjoon whispered and searched the omega’s eyes, ”But I am very honored and grateful for—”

”This is my room” Jimin whispered back and put his empty plate on the table before he looked at the other again, ”He won’t know.”

Namjoon noticed an almost pleading look in the other’s lonely eyes.

And it was all it took.


”Then I shall make sure to make a little extra coffee from now on” Namjoon said and bowed his head for the omega.

Jimin smiled from ear to ear, feeling giddy and happy with Namjoon’s answer.

Even if this only was the servant’s job, he couldn’t help but to feel like it was a little real.

Like he actually was eating delicious cakes with a friend, and not just someone ordered to bring him coffee.

The thought of orders caused Jimin’s thoughts to suddenly run back the awkward and embarrassing morning, to say the least.

And once again, his head filled with a million burning questions.


Jimin glanced up from his coffee and saw Namjoon scoop up the last of the cake before putting down his empty plate.

”Thank you, omega. This was very kind of you” Namjoon said and gave the other a warm smile.

Jimin hummed thoughtfully while his gaze traveled out the window to fix on the perfectly trimmed trees that stood side by side in the garden.

”Alpha told me that… I was going to attend his meetings” Jimin whispered while wrapping his hands around the coffee cup, trying to warm his rather cold hands. He looked back at Namjoon and give him a begging look, silently asking the other to please understand that he was looking for answers.

”Ah, yes” Namjoon nodded while studying the omega’s eyes, ”I can see that. Do you know why?”

Jimin whispered a ’no’ and hurried to shake his head, hoping that Namjoon could tell him more of his purpose for being there.

”Well, it is most likely for the reason that the alpha wants to give the impression of being admired and… potent, so to speak. He wants to show off, with to beautiful men by his side. You and the beta.”

Jimin blushed and tucked his blonde hair back behind his ears while keeping his shy eyes on Namjoon, without words telling him to go on.

”Having the both of you present during his important meetings will show both rivals and companions that there will be offsprings and heirs to his position as the Red Leader. That the line will not end with him. In short; he wants to intimidate and show off. Trust me when I say that the alpha is incredibly vain.”

Jimin gulped and looked out the window while a rush of sorrow and pain hit him like an ice cold shower, raining down on both his soul and heart.

A deep breath and a little courage.


”I can’t conceive” Jimin whispered and slumped his shoulder, almost as if his own words made the burden heavier.

Namjoon breathed in the omega’s sadness and shook his head slowly while wanting nothing more than to comfort the other, maybe even offer him to breathe in his comforting pheromones.

That was, however, too inappropriate for a servant to do.

Yet, it almost felt the line had been blurred for a moment.

With the omega opening his heart to confide, and with the relaxed and almost informal speech, the thought of wanting to comfort the omega wasn’t that strange.


”I am so sorry to hear to that” Namjoon whispered and followed Jimin’s gaze to the garden below, ”It causes you great sadness. I am sorry for bringing—”

”You couldn’t know” Jimin interrupted while meeting the other’s eyes with a hint of a smile, ”There’s nothing to do. And the alpha knows.”

Namjoon nodded and held the omega’s gaze while he could see the latter struggle a little to come up with more words. About his pain, maybe. In which case he only could listen and show his genuine sympathy.


”Red Leader, you said” Jimin said instead, wanting their conversation to go back, rather than forward. He put down his empty coffee cup with a slight tremble of his hand, feeling almost more nervous about the alpha now than before.

And when he came to think of it, he had no idea what the alpha was working with, where all the money comes from for the alpha to afford such an abundance of things, the staff, the expensive car, this whole house and even the jewelry on his desk that must have cost a fortune.

”You do not know that—” Namjoon began surprised while watching Jimin shake his head with questions swimming in his starry eyes.

”Oh dear” Namjoon whispered with a small sigh while studying the omega’s puzzled face, ”Well, then, I do not know if I…”

Jimin noticed how Namjoon darted his eyes to the door before looking back at him, obviously concerned about whether someone might be listening in on them.

”Please” Jimin whispered in a try to persuade the other to speak.

There just was too much he needed to know, and he knew that Namjoon was the only one who cold give him the answers.

Namjoon cleared his throat and looked down at his white gloves, obviously trying to make up his mind.

A moment of silence followed before Namjoon looked up again, immediately meeting Jimin’s curious, waiting gaze.


”There are four leaders” Namjoon began in a whisper while leaning forward a little, causing Jimin to do the same, ”Mr Jeon is the Red Leader. He is the second most rich of them all. And when I say rich, that is how they count who the most powerful leader is. Money and territory, those are the measures. But how the money comes in, I do not know. It might be by fair and just means, although I… I somehow doubt that. It is simply too good to be true, if you know what I mean. Too much to come from fair and just sources.”

Jimin gulped and nodded slowly while a cold shiver traveled down his spine as the thought of alpha being… violent and— no, he just couldn’t bare himself to think of the alpha like that.


”W-Who are the others?” Jimin wanted to know, hoping that Namjoon didn’t mind being asked so many questions at once.

”Except for mr Jeon, there are three more leaders” Namjoon said quietly before he glanced at the door and then back at Jimin, ”Mr Kim, the Blue Leader. He is almost as rich as mr Jeon and there is a lot of competing and grudges between the two of them. Then there is Mr Jung, he is the Ivory Leader. And last, but not least, there is the Mint Leader, also known as the King. His name is mr Min and he is the richest of them all. But the chances of you meeting him are… well, mr Min simply does not leave his own house. He is said to have gone a little crazy from his wealth, but I do not know how accurate that is.”

”So, as you can tell” Namjoon continued with his voice just as low as before, ”there is a total of four leaders with different colors. Mr Min is the King, and mr Jeon is next in line, but the chances of mr Kim to take his lead are quite big and can happen any time. That is one of the reasons why mr Jeon is so busy these days. And incredibly irritable, if you haven’t noticed.”

Jimin nodded and leaned back in his armchair, trying to wrap his head around all the things Namjoon had told him.

But it was impossible.

Colors and houses, ranks and rules. It was all a blur in his head where he still tried to make sense of all the impressions since the morning, as well as from the day before.


”It will make sense with time, I am sure” Namjoon said and gave Jimin a reassuring smile, ”Do not worry, if there will be more questions, I will try to help you as much as I can.”

”I have a million questions” Jimin replied in a whisper and gave the other a small smile before he looked down at his hands, ”and then a million more.”

Namjoon hummed and began to place their plates and the coffee cup back on the tray, ”How about you try to hold onto those questions until tomorrow. I will come back with coffee and cakes and we can continue where we left off.”

Jimin smiled and nodded and watched as Namjoon got up from the armchair to grab the tray.

”Dinner is served at seven o’clock tonight. I will, as always, come and show you to the dinner room. Mr Jeon is however not going to attend, due to a business meeting somewhere outside the city.”

Jimin worried his bottom lip while his scent spiked with worry.

Eating dinner with the beta, without alpha being there?


”Omega” Namjoon whispered and put the tray down again, before he walked closer to the other, ”Please, do not let the beta’s possessiveness and anger get to you. You live here now. You are part of this house.”

”Yes” Jimin whispered while lowering his head, ”but the beta… he’s been here for much longer. He is claimed.”

”And I am no one” Jimin added with a slight tremble to his low voice.

”Do not forget that the alpha chose you” Namjoon said and put a reassuring hand on the other’s shoulder, ”of all the omegas he could have brought to live here. He chose you.”

”Time will make it better” Namjoon added in search for better words, ”I am sure of it.”

Jimin hummed and glanced up to give the taller a nod, wanting him to know how grateful he was for their conversation. For having made his loneliness a little less sadder.

”I am sorry, omega, but I—”

”Please” Jimin smiled and shook his head before he reached his hand out to take Namjoon’s hand in his, the white glove soft against his touch.

”Call me Jimin. Inside my room. Please, call me Jimin.”

Namjoon gaped in surprise by the omega’s words and sudden touch of his hand. But as the other’s gaze searched his, soft and waiting, he couldn’t help not so smile and squeeze the small hand.


”Jimin” Namjoon smiled and bowed.

Jimin giggled and squeezed Namjoon’s hand back before he let go, ”And I will call you Namjoon, between these walls only.”

Namjoon laughed softly and nodded with ease and happiness filling his scent, ”You are special, Jimin. Very special.”

”In a good way, I hope?” Jimin smiled and watched as Namjoon grabbed the tray again.

”In a much good way” Namjoon nodded with another soft laugh before he bowed his head again, ”I will see you before dinner.”

”Goodbye, Namjoon” Jimin said and watched as the servant walked up to the door in dark oak.

”Goodbye, om— I mean, Jimin” Namjoon corrected and tried to hold back an amused smile while Jimin giggled behind his hand.


As soon as the door had closed behind Namjoon, the feeling of loneliness came back. And without knowing what to do, he went back to the large windows and sat down on the floor while his long robe spread out like a red ocean underneath him.

He put his elbows on the low windowsill and let his chin rest against his palm while he gazed out over the beautiful garden below.

Like a trapped wolf longing for the outside world.



Jimin threw his phone beside him on the bed with an irritated sigh.

No wi-fi connection.

No tv.

No books, games or music.


How in the world does the beta pass his days without having anything to do?


Maybe if he could ask the alpha, in a week or so, if he could get a tv in his room.

He would probably say no… but then again, didn’t he say that he could have anything he wanted?

Jimin’s thoughts got interrupted by the knocks on the door and the faint scent coming from the beta outside.

”Omega” Namjoon greeted with a bow after opening the door, ”are you ready for dinner?”

Jimin nodded and got up from the bed with his silk robe flowing over the floor behind him. He was happy to see Namjoon again, but at the same time sad that they couldn’t talk like before.

Not outsider his room.


And Jimin hated it.


He followed behind Namjoon through the never-ending corridors that held the same color as his robe, feeling like he was slowly melting into the crimson walls to become one with the strange house.


”Omega” Namjoon said and gestured towards the dinner table while holding up the double doors with another man from the staff.

Jimin gave them a nod and proceeded into the dinner room where Namjoon walked past him so he could grab the chair and pull it back for him.

Jimin gulped as he could feel the beta’s intense stare on him, all the way from the the doors to where he was sitting down.

Intense and judging.

Full of dislike and disapproval.

Matching his scent that was just as strong and unbreathable as always.


A plate with food was place in front of him, and then red wine flowed down into their glasses.

Jimin gulped nervously and glanced up at the beta who already was burning him with his fierce stare.


”Why so nervous, omega?” the beta sang with a grin on red lips, ”Feeling a little scared without alpha here to protect you? Hm?”

Jimin shook his head and picked up his the chopsticks in heavy silver so he could move his food around, pretending to be unbothered.

Pretending that the beta’s horrible manners didn’t affect him.

Didn’t make him miss his room and the looniness.

Everything was better than to having endure the beta’s scent and poisoned words.


”So…” the beta began after gulping down his wine, ”I noticed that you liked what you saw this morning after breakfast.”

”What a pity that you never will experience the alpha’s cock, hm?” the beta added with a pout, ”Not even a touch. He told me so, of the promise he had made. To never touch you.”

The beta chuckled when Jimin put his chopsticks down, thinking that he had made the latter too sad to be able to enjoy the meal.

Jimin looked up at the beta again and let his eyes travel over shimmering eye makeup, red lips and ruby earrings. A strong but yet delicate neck, deep brown eyes and long eyelashes. A silver necklace adorned with plenty of small rubies hung around his neck while his robe had slid down over one shoulder.

He was, without a doubt beautiful.

A kind of sad beauty.

The kind of person who could have shone brighter if his scent hadn’t been so full of anger and distaste.

As of now, the half moon on the purple sky outside was shining a million times brighter than the beta in front of him.


”You don’t belong here, omega” the beta said while tilting his head and pointing his chopsticks at Jimin, ”the alpha is mine and I am all he needs and all he ever will need. I have been here a long time and I will make sure it stays like that. Alpha and me. No one else. Do you understand me?”

Jimin gulped and looked at the beta.

But even though he felt threatened and a little challenged, he suddenly couldn’t find it in him to answer.

To nod or to let his scent speak of obedience.

No matter how much he knew that he had to tell the beta that yes, he had understood and no, he wouldn’t even dream of being anything more than nothing, he simply couldn’t.

Frozen in place, too pushed down and tired to even try to submit to the beta’s mean words.

Jimin closed his eyes for a second or two, before he opened them and stared right back at the beta who looked back at him with surprise and unease behind his long eyelashes.


”The alpha” Jimin began in a faint whisper while his inner omega screamed at him to step back and be quiet, ”he is n-not only yours.”

The beta opened his mouth and looked at Jimin like he couldn’t believe what he just had heard, looking almost shocked by the blonde’s words.

”What?!” the beta exclaimed and furrowed his eyebrows, ”what the fuck do you mean—”

”I’m his omega. And h-he is my alpha” Jimin interrupted in another whisper before he stood up from his chair, causing all the servants to hold their breaths while darting their eyes between the beta and each others, wondering if they had to intervene in case the beta was going to throw a fit.

”How dare you call him your alpha when you’re not claimed by him?!” the beta wheezed and got up from his chair with cheeks that were burning with anger, matching the red fires in his eyes.

Jimin gulped and took a step back from the table and the scent that burned his lungs and left a horrible taste on his tongue. He glanced at the servants that met his gaze before they all looked back at the heaving beta who was shooting daggers at Jimin with now dark, almost black eyes.


”I live here” Jimin whispered and tried with all of his might to hold his head high, without making himself smaller, without completely submitting like before, ”therefore I’m his omega. And he is my alpha.”

The beta scoffed and grabbed the bottle of wine beside him without taking his eyes off Jimin, ”That can easily change.”

”Tell me, omega” the beta said after a short moment of silence, ”how much money do you want for leaving? I can arrange it here and now. Just name your price. I will let the alpha no of your unfortunate decision once he is back tonight.”

Jimin stared at the beta that was gulping down wine from the bottle, the drops of wine on his red lips matched with the lipstick underneath.

Jimin frowned and glanced at the doors before he met the beta’s eyes.


”Well?” the beta said and put down the almost empty bottle.

Jimin shook his head slowly and tried to hold back the tears that suddenly threatened to escape his eyes, the beta’s disapproval and dislike managed to finally wrap its claws around his feelings a little too tight. And while it felt like the beta was crushing him and suffocating him with his unbreathable scent, a single tear ran down his soft cheek.

The beta gulped and opened his mouth as his lungs filled with the omega’s pure sadness, having thought that the omega would maybe fight back or at least name his price.

Never would he have thought that the blonde would turn to tears.


”Is 20 million won enough?” the beta asked in a sigh while he fixed his eyes on the omega’s annoyingly pretty neck.

Jimin stared at the other while the whole house fell into a deadly silence.

He then shook his head slowly and took another step back.

”I almost feel sorry for you” Jimin whispered with pity in his faint voice, ”How horribly it must be to be you.”


The beta was so taken aback by the blonde’s words that he suddenly felt completely and utterly lost for words. Having never heard anyone disrespect him like that before, he found himself too surprised, too caught off guard to even try to find his voice.

Jimin walked towards the double doors and was met with Namjoon and the other servant bowing at him before opening the doors for him.

”I should lead the omega back to his room” Namjoon stated and hurried after Jimin who walked with quick steps while wiping away some stubborn tears from his cheeks.

Jimin sniffled and did his best to not let any more tears escape his eyes as they made their way through the endless corridors with the portraits looking down at him, following his every move.


Once at his bedroom, Jimin barely waited for Namjoon to open the door enough before he made his way inside. He untied the ribbons around his waist and let the long robe fall down his shoulders, then down onto the red floor.

Dressed in only his silk shorts and top, he sat down on the edge of the bed and covered his face with his trembling hands.

”Jimin” Namjoon whispered and sat down beside the omega to put a reassuring hand on the smaller’s back, ”Do not cry over what isn’t worth your tears.”

Jimin sniffled and let out a tired sigh before he lowered his hands and put them in his lap, looking up at Namjoon who immediately met his gaze with a soft, hesitant smile.

”The beta” Jimin gulped and shook his head with a couple of pearls left on his cheeks, ”he won’t stop until I’m gone from here.”

”Please, Jimin, do not let him get his will through” Namjoon whispered and looked down to where the omega’s hand suddenly came to touch his own, ”Don’t let him win.”

Jimin nodded slowly but continued to let his fingers brush against Namjoon’s hand, again asking for something without using his words.

But Namjoon understood.

So he grabbed the white glove covering his hand and took it off, and in the next second he was holding Jimin’s small hand in his.

Jimin sniffled and squeezed Namjoon’s hand while he looked up to meet his waiting, soft gaze.


”You’re the only one I have in this surreal world.”

Namjoon hummed and gave the blonde a reassuring smile, ”I will be by your side as long as you want met to. As long as you let me.”

Jimin nodded and let their hands intertwine, finding it both lovely and strange to feel someone else’s skin against his after so long of not having been touched.

And nor would he be touched more than this for a very long time.

Or maybe for an eternity.

With the alpha having promised to not touch him, what choice did he have than to be left alone.





”Until we’re not here anymore” Jimin whispered and leaned his head against the other’s shoulder.

Namjoon hummed and caressed Jimin’s hand with his thumb, liking how the sadness began to be replaced by the omega’s sweet, genuine scent.




”I have to leave” Namjoon whispered after glancing at his wristwatch, ”I have some cleaning and washing to do, and then I need to be up early to prepare breakfast and so on. But I will come here tomorrow and wake you up.”

”No. Don’t go” Jimin whispered disappointedly before he pouted at the other, causing Namjoon to laugh and squeeze the omega’s hand.

”I do not want to, but I really have to... Goodnight, Jimin.”

”Goodnight, Namjoon” Jimin smiled and watched as the other smiled back at him before disappearing out the door.

And so, Jimin once again found himself in complete silence and loneliness.

Bored out of his mind and with an inner omega that clawed in his chest, begging to be let outside to fresh air and space, to smells and sounds.

Feeling trapped and with too little air in his lungs.


Jimin worried his bottom lip while he looked at the clock on the wall.

It was past ten.

Would alpha come home soon?

Or could he maybe sneak out for a couple of minutes?


He went over to the windows and looked down at the sleeping garden that looked more tempting than ever.


I’ll be quick!


Jimin hurried over to his wardrobes and opened the first one to search for the warm cloak Namjoon said would hang among the clothes.

But he couldn’t find it, so he opened the next wardrobe and searched through red silk, long robes and beautiful tops.

Not there either.

So he opened the fourth wardrobe and was immediately met with the sight of a gorgeous cloak in a soft, red material with patterns sewed with gold thread. He removed the cloak from the hanger and put it on, feeling soft fur-like fabric against his skin, immediately feeling a lot warmer. He buttoned the three big buttons that would hold the cloak in place, and looked down to notice a pair of black boots.

He put them on the floor and stepped inside them, not surprised that they fitted just perfectly, but at how light they were. They weighed close to nothing, yet they were warm and steady and even had a bit of a heel on them.

Jimin could see himself running in the forest with them on. 


Jimin pushed the door handle down to peek outside the red corridor.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

The beta was near, but not too close. Probably in their room further down the corridor.

No footsteps, no servants close.


Jimin stepped outside and held the door in a steady grip while closing it as soundlessly as he could.

He then walked slowly, on silent feet through the long corridor until he reached the marble staircase.

He leaned over the cold railing and saw a guard stand by the large entrance doors.

It was the only way out he knew.

And it was guarded by a tall alpha.


Jimin let out a small, defeated sigh.


Turn back or move forward?




The guard looked up at Jimin the second he put his foot on the first step.

Jimin gulped under the stare, but proceeded down the black steps, one at a time, with his head held high.

He walked closer and closer to the doors, deciding that he would just open the door and walk right out. Not looking at the guard or saying a word. Just walk right out.

He came so close that he reached his hand out and was just about to grab the door handle when his hand was being pushed away, and in the next second the guard placed himself between him and door.


”I am sorry, but omega is not allowed to leave the house without mr Jeon’s permission.”

Jimin looked up at the owner of the dark voice and remembered what the alpha had told him. That he indeed needed his permission to leave.

”For your own security” the alpha had said.


”Just ten minutes” Jimin begged with his voice faint and lacking of courage.

”No” the guard simply replied and shook his head, ”You will have to wait for mr Jeon to return from his meeting and then ask for his permission. It is the rules, omega.”

Jimin flickered his gaze between the door and the guard, trying to come up with something. But he soon realized that there was nothing he could do to make that door open.

He let out an exaggerated sigh and gave the guard an angry look before he turned around and started heading up the stairs again.


He noticed the beta’s scent of dislike and anger the second before he heard his voice.

”What’s the matter?”


Jimin stopped in the middle of the stairs and looked up at the beta who was grinning down at him with a glass of wine in his hand, dressed in his usual short, silk robe.

”Leaving, are we? For free? It must be my lucky day” the beta grinned with his red lips.

Jimin frowned and glared at the beta while anger spiked in his own scent, suddenly mixing with the beta’s horrible scent.

”I want to go out” Jimin said with remarkable clarity in his voice. Stable, and almost demanding, surprising the both of them.

”Oh, is that so” the beta chuckled and took a gulp of wine before he licked his lips and looked over at the guard, ”by all means, let the omega out. If we’re lucky, he won’t return.”

Jimin gaped, almost in shock over how oddly nice the beta suddenly was.

Surely, this is a trap of some kind?

Surely, the beta isn’t capable of actually being something close to nice?


”Beta” the guard began and bowed before he again looked up at the staircase, ”the omega is not to leave the house without—”

”Alpha is not here, so that makes me the head of the house. And I decide that the omega is permitted to go outside. My house, my rules.”

”Let him out” the beta added with a gesture of his hand towards the doors.

Jimin watched as the beta turned around and left, not able to see the smirk on the latter’s face.

He looked behind him and saw the guard step to the side, hesitantly, but still out of the way.

Jimin looked back up and saw the beta disappear around the corner.

He swallowed and headed back down the stairs and walked with confident steps towards the door that his time was opened for him.


Fresh, slightly cold air filled his lungs and calmed both his soul and his mind.

But the second he began to walk down the old stone steps, he noticed a black car come close to the house.

He gulped nervously and turned to his right, set on reaching the forest with determined steps, hoping that who ever was in the car would let him go.




Jimin stopped in his tracks and closed his eyes while his body tensed.


Nervous and worried, he began to walk again, thinking that maybe if he just continued, the alpha wouldn’t mind to have him leave.


”Stop! Omega!”


Jimin gulped and stopped again while the alpha’s authoritative voice caused his heart to beat faster.

”Where do you think you’re going?!”


Jimin worried his bottom lip while he slowly turned around and was met with an angry and confused alpha, dressed in his usual black slacks and white button up shirt.

His sleeves were rolled up and his tie a little loose around his neck, probably tired from having been away on the meeting for so long.


”I-I’m just taking a walk” Jimin replied in a whisper while lowering his head, afraid that the alpha would get mad at him.

”On a walk? Alone?” Jungkook asked and crossed his arms while he furrowed his eyebrows.

”Yes” Jimin replied and hid his hands inside the soft sleeves of his red cloak.

”I shouldn't think so” Jungkook said and shook his head before he glanced back at the house, ”Did the guard let you outside?”

Jimin nodded while his scent filled with sadness for knowing that he was going to be order to step inside the house again.

Get back to his room.

To red loneliness and unbreathable air.


”Alright” Jungkook sighed and let his arms fall to his sides, ”Well, you are coming back inside. I cannot have you walking around the grounds at this hour. And never are you to leave without a guard following you, is that understood?”

Jungkook watched as the omega nodded and looked up at him with starry eyes and embarrassed cheeks.

”I’m sorry, alpha” Jimin whispered and looked back down at the frost covered grass again.

Jungkook nodded and let a hand run through his hair before he tried to get his mind away from the stars in the omega’s eyes.

”Just don’t do it again” Jungkook whispered, almost softly, ”it’s for your own security.”

Jimin nodded and looked up to see the alpha gesture at him to go back to the house.

So he followed behind the alpha without having seen anything of the garden or the forest, incredibly disappointed with the fact that he got caught so early.


Jungkook cleared his throat as his driver opened the door for them.

He stepped inside with the omega following close behind him. He then turned and stared at the guard who had let Jimin leave the house.

”You let the omega out” Jungkook stated while furious fires lit in his eyes, drowning his scent in anger, ”I have told all of you to not let the omega out when I am not here, and still that is just what you did!”

”B-But the beta said that while mr Jeon is gone, it is he who decides and—”

”And you listened to that bullshit?!” Jungkook interrupted before he pointed a finger at the nervous guard, ”Consider yourself fired.”


Jimin gulped and watched as the guard slumped his shoulders without uttering a single word.

Probably much aware of the fact that no words could undo what just had happened, that no words could change the alpha's decision.

Bad conscience filled Jimin as he looked between the guard and the alpha, who gave the guard a couple of last words before heading up the stairs.

”Omega, you are to go to your room. It is late” Jungkook stated as he reached the top of the stairs.

Jimin walked up the steps slowly and with his head hung low, feeling incredibly bad for the guard.

”Goodnight, omega” Jungkook said and waited for Jimin to come up to the last step before he began to walk down the corridor.

”The beta” Jimin whispered, causing the alpha to stop in his tracks and look over his shoulder to meet the blonde’s gaze.

”Is it not his fault?” Jimin added carefully, not wanting to cause any trouble for anyone, but at the same time he wanted it to be fair.

And it wasn’t fair to fire the guard just like that.


”The beta will get punished, be so sure” Jungkook whispered back and gave Jimin a nod before he continued to walk down the red corridor.


Jimin entered his bedroom and stripped out of the cloak, his shorts and his top. He brushed his teeth and climbed up into his bed where he settled under the black covers.

He turned on his side and looked out the large windows at the purple night sky, longing for the outside world that only had been a tease.

He wiped away a single tear from his cheek and turned around to face his door instead, feeling too hollow and trapped while seeing the sky.

He stared at the clock on the wall and while the hands moved, it still felt like time stood still. 

After what felt like an eternity, but that in reality was nothing but a couple of minutes, the silence disappeared to be replaced by raised, angry voices.

So loud that he even could make out some of the words.

The alpha and beta, arguing like never before in the middle of the night.

Probably about me.


Jimin sighed and pulled the covers up over his head to try and mute the voices.

It didn’t work.

But he could soon hear stomping footsteps outside in the corridor, no doubt belonging to the beta.

And then it went quiet again.


A restless sleep came over him in which catlike eyes stared at him from shadows in a world that felt much different to this. 

So different it was hard to tell what was reality and what was dream.


It wasn’t until Namjoon woke him up with a warm smile and a gentle hand on his shoulder, that he realized that it indeed had been a dream.



Chapter Text




”Good morning, Jimin” Namjoon smiled and let his hand comb back the blonde strands that had fallen over Jimin’s forehead and eyes.

”Good morning, Namjoon” Jimin smiled back while stretching his legs under the warm covers.

”Did you get any sleep?” Namjoon asked while he opened the wardrobe to bring out a new set of shorts and top to give to Jimin.

Jimin shook his head and got up from the bed to get dressed in the clean clothes, ”A little. But alpha and the beta were arguing. So I fell asleep rather late.”

”Ah, yes” Namjoon sighed and held up the robe for Jimin, ”We could hear them all they way to our rooms downstairs as well. It is rather unusual to hear them argue during nights. It is mostly sounds of… certain activities that reaches us sometimes during the nights. I assume that something must have happened to upset one of them.”

Jimin gulped and watched as Namjoon tied his ribbons before he met the latter’s gaze, ”Because of me.”

”They argued because of you?” Namjoon asked asked before he walked over to the mirror to gesture for Jimin to sit down on the chair.

Jimin nodded and walked towards Namjoon with his long robe flowing against the shiny floor behind him.

”Beta ordered a guard to let me outside when alpha wasn’t home. Then alpha caught me on the way to the forest. He fired the guard.”

Namjoon hummed and grabbed the hairbrush from the desk as Jimin sat down in front of him.

”My guess is that alpha was pretty disappointed with his beta. And that beta got a tantrum” Namjoon whispered as he gently brushed through the soft, blonde strands.

”Nothing to worry about” Namjoon added with a warm smile, ”It is just how they are. It is sad, indeed, but they were fighting long before you arrived at the house.”

Jimin sighed and closed his eyes, trying to relax to the soft touches in his hair that felt so nice.


”There will be a guest joining you for dinner tonight” Namjoon said and put the brush down to instead fix a couple of strands with his fingers, ”Ivory Leader Jung.”

Jimin opened his eyes and met Namjoon’s gaze in the mirror, suddenly feeling both nervous and unsure.

What if the beta will treat me bad in front of mr Jung?

Will I then get in trouble?

Will I be ordered to speak with him?


”Mr Jung…” Jimin began and worried his bottom lip while keeping his eyes locked with Namjoon’s.

A smile grew on the servant’s lips, causing Jimin to exhale a nervous breath, figuring that whatever Namjoon was going to say, it couldn’t be too bad.

”Mr Jung wouldn’t hurt a fly” Namjoon said and grabbed a chapstick that smelled like strawberries. He moved between the desk and Jimin before he bent his knees and applied the chapstick onto Jimin’s plump, but dry, lips.

”He is quite soft, actually” Namjoon added with a small smile as he put the chapstick away.

Jimin looked at the other and noticed a hint of a red blush on Namjoon’s cheeks, wondering if it had anything to do with the Leader.

”Soft?” Jimin asked with a quiet giggle, ”Do you… do you know him… personally?”

Namjoon blushed an obvious red on both his cheeks and neck, averting his gaze from Jimin but knowing that there now was no escape.

”Yes… I know him” Namjoon began with a sigh leaving his lips, ”I used to work for him.”

”You used to work for him?” Jimin asked with curious eyes and smiling lips, ”When? And why did you stop working for him?”

Namjoon scratched the back of his neck while his shy eyes closed for a second, ”We uhm… we sort of began to have a not so professional relationship, more like a…”

Jimin gasped and put his hands over his mouth while staring the other, ”Y-You had sex?!”

Namjoon gulped and nodded with a smile on his lips and gone days passing before his eyes.

”Yes… but after awhile we came to the mutual decision that I no longer could work for him. It… a Leader cannot have any sort of relationship with his servants. It looks bad and rumors will spread of the Leader being easy and lacking the ability to find a suitable, respectable mate. So I had no choice but to leave the Ivory house. Then I got a job here after a couple of weeks in the City.”

Jimin could smell how sadness started to blend in Namjoon’s scent, the same second as his blush disappeared and his lips stopped smiling.


”Namjoon” Jimin began and got up from his chair so he could put a comforting hand on the taller’s arm.

”Did you… did you love him…?” Jimin asked in a soft whisper, slowly rubbing his hand over Namjoon’s arm.

Namjoon nodded with his head low, his shoulders slumped and his scent now so full of sadness that it almost hurt Jimin’s lungs.

”I’m so sorry” Jimin whispered and shifted a little closer, his hand moving to Namjoon’s back instead.

Namjoon closed his eyes and let his arm wrap around Jimin’s back.

Jimin sighed and closed his eyes as they embraced each other in a tight hug.

A hug they both needed.

A hug that for the moment eased both pain and red storms.


They stayed like that, with their eyes closed, clinging to each other.

Warm and steady.

Friendly and understanding.





Jimin opened his eyes where he was resting his head against the taller’s chest, glancing at the the windows with his head burning with a question.

About love.


”Alpha and the beta” Jimin began in a whisper while his eyelashes moved against the crisp material of Namjoon’s black suit with every blink of his eyes, ”I mean… the beta is claimed, but still… their relationship seems strange to me. It is as though they don’t love each other. There is no love in either touch or words. It’s just… cold.”

Namjoon hummed and let a hand caress Jimin’s back, causing the latter to close his eyes again.

”I know what you mean. And as long as I have been here, they have behaved just like that. Even when I worked in the Ivory house, they were like this. And why that is, I do not know. But I have my guesses.”

”And?” Jimin asked and leaned back in Namjoon’s arms so he could meet the other’s eyes.

”Well” Namjoon began and glanced at the door before he lowered his voice even more, ”I think that maybe claiming the beta was either unplanned and an act of impulse, during sex, maybe. Or in fact, it might have been planned into the smallest of details. If it was connected to business, maybe. For mr Jeon it looks good in the eyes of the other Leaders if he is or has claimed someone. Best would of course be to have mated with someone, so that might only be a question of when. But on the other hand, none of the other Leaders are even in relationships for the moment. So again, you can clearly see how mr Jeon is trying his best to move up a step.”

”You mean… that he wants to become King?” Jimin wondered in a whisper while he looked into Namjoon’s calm and soft eyes.

”They all want to become King” Namjoon replied and nodded his head, ”mr Jeon included.”

Jimin hummed and nodded slowly, thoughtful and just as curious for answers as before.


”They never uses each other’s names” Jimin stated and drummed his fingers against Namjoon’s back, ”Is it not strange?”

”What is not strange in here?” Namjoon chuckled before he shrugged his shoulders, ”I don’t know why they do not use each other’s names, but as far as I know, they never had since the beta got claimed. But I know that they have known each other for long, even lived together for many years. So it is not like they don’t know each other’s names.”

Jimin laughed a little at the absurdity as they untangled from each other’s arms, once again feeling just so confused to what his role in this surreal world was.

If he even had a role.

Maybe this is it.

Maybe this is all I will ever be.

Pushed back and forth between different rooms, like an animal trapped in a cage is given water and food.

But nothing to do.

No love.

No nothing.

Just enough to be kept alive for someone else’s enjoyment.


”We really need to leave.”

”Leave?” Jimin whispered and snapped his eyes up to look at Namjoon with stress suddenly spiking in his scent.

Namjoon furrowed his eyebrows, confused to Jimin’s sudden worry and slight tremble of his hands.

”To— oh, no, Jimin, I meant that you have to attend breakfast” Namjoon explained and watched as Jimin’s eyes shifted back to being somewhat calm again, ”I did not mean for us to actually leave.”

”No” Jimin nodded and gulped before a quiet laughter left his lips, ”That’s… yeah, I misunderstood. Big time.”

Namjoon smiled and fixed a couple of strands on top of Jimin’s head before they walked together to the door.

”By the way” Jimin whispered and tilted his head a little while looking up at Namjoon’s waiting gaze, ”What are their names? Do you know?”

”Mr Jeon’s name is Jungkook” Namjoon replied and put his hand on the door, as not to make them lose themselves in another conversation when time was running out, ”And the beta’s name is Taehyung. I know, because as soon as I have to order something or book tickets or similar, I must of course give their names. But you have to remember to never use their names, it is mr Jeon’s rules.”

Jimin nodded slowly and went over their names in his head while silently whispering.

Jungkook… Taehyung…

Such beautiful names.

How odd it was, to know.

The names fitted them perfectly, but at the same time it felt so strange, like knowing their names made them more real.

And Jimin didn’t know if that was good or bad.


He entered the room behind Namjoon.

The first thing he noticed was how both the alpha and beta immediately fixed their gazes on him. And just like last time, it felt like they were waiting for him while looking towards the arch to the hallway from the second his bedroom door would open.


Jimin waited for Namjoon to pull his chair back before he sat down and glanced up at the other’s intense stares.

Jungkook cleared his throat while he tried to look away from starry eyes and beautiful, blushing cheeks.

”Good morning, omega” Jungkook said and let his eyes travel down to the blonde’s pretty neck before he forced himself to look away.

”Good morning, alpha” Jimin whispered with a small smile before he glanced over at Taehyung who looked extremely tired.

Like he hadn’t got a second of sleep during the night.

His lips were lacking the usual red lipstick and his hair was a little tousled, while his robe hung low on his bare shoulders.

He looked tired, but so much softer than usually.

Tense, and with his scent just as strong and unbreathable as always.

But still, it was odd to see him so… soft.


”The fuck are you staring at, hm?” the beta suddenly wheezed while shooting Jimin a couple of daggers with his tired eyes.

Jimin hurried to look away and busy himself with picking up a slice of bread from a small basket. The bread was a little warm against his touch and it smelled amazing. A much welcomed smell in the mist of the beta’s possessive scent that burned his lungs.


”Beta” Jungkook warned without taking his eyes off his plate with food, ”be nice.”

Taehyung scoffed as he frowned and leaned back in his chair while staring at the shy omega, ”I was sent to sleep in the guest room farthest away from here, as far away from my alpha’s bed as possibly can be in this house. Getting punished while you were the one leaving without alpha’s permission. I don’t understand how you go free from your own stupidness of leaving when you know you are not allowed to!”

Taehyung gritted his teeth as he glanced at the alpha who was less than amused.

”Why isn’t omega punished when it—”

”Because” Jungkook said calmly while grabbing his glass with sweet, orange juice, ”you were the one who persuaded the guard. And omega promised to never to it again.”

Jungkook licked his lips of the drops of juice before he put down his glass again, ”He sounded much more sincere than you ever will.”

Taehyung clicked his tongue while his eyes widened in disbelief. He turned in his seat to face Jungkook with his whole body, ”There is an obvious case of favoritism here that I simply can’t stand. The omega needs to know his place. He can’t just come here and think that he can be one of us. Can’t you just admit that you acted on a whim when you brought him home? Can’t you just— I don’t know— take him back to his last alpha and—”

Jungkook took a deep breath to calm the anger that began to itch his patience. He looked up at the omega who when noticing his intense stare, looked up to meet his gaze.

”The omega is staying” Jungkook said with his eyes on Jimin’s night skies, ”End of discussion. Now eat your breakfast so that we can—”


Beta!” Jungkook growled as he snapped his eyes over to Taehyung who gulped and lowered his head in submission, his scent suddenly spiking with obedience as his shoulder slumped.

Jimin dared to glance at the beta who suddenly looked so small and as far from a threat as he possibly could.

”The omega is staying” Jungkook whispered through clenched jaws, with his shoulder heaving with anger, ”Not one more word of the omega going back to his last alpha and not one more jealous word leaving your lips, do you understand?”

Taehyung swallowed under his alpha’s disappointed stare.


”I understand” the beta whispered and nodded, causing his dangling earring to sway in the wind.

”I do not expect you to be best friends” Jungkook muttered and let a hand run through his dark hair, ”But I except there to be mutual respect between the two of you. I expect you two to follow every single rule and to behave. To be fair and just to each other and to not put guilt over one another.”

”If that cannot be followed” Jungkook added while staring at the submitting beta, ”then there will be punishments. Do you understand?”

The beta nodded and glanced up at the alpha before whispering a ’yes, alpha’.

Jungkook then looked over at the omega again, immediately finding his shy gaze.

Jimin gulped and nodded as well, whispering an equally honest ’yes, alpha’.


”Good” Jungkook sighed before he pointed as his glass, silently telling a servant to refill it with the sweet orange juice.

”Now, there will be a guest for dinner tonight” Jungkook began in a little easier tone, yet full of sincerity and authority, ”The Ivory Leader Jung will join us and I expect for you to look your best as well as behave your best. Is that also understood?”

”Yes, alpha” Taehyung and Jimin said in unison, causing a pleased smile to take place on Jungkook’s lips.

”Perfect” Jungkook smiled before he grabbed a strawberry from a red bowl in the middle of the table.

He then brought a finger under Taehyung’s chin to gently lift his head up, meeting obedient eyes and slightly open mouth.

Jungkook hummed at the sight and let the strawberry brush against the soft lips before he slowly pushed the strawberry past the beta’s lips.

Taehyung kept his eyes locked with the alpha’s while he wrapped his lips around the fruit before biting down just before Jungkook’s fingers. He closed his eyes and chewed before swallowing the sweetness. He then wrapped his lips around the last of the strawberry, on purpose a little greedy around Jungkook’s fingers as well.

Jungkook gulped when he felt the beta’s tongue lick around his fingers before swiftly taking the last of the fruit into his mouth. 

Taehyung swallowed and licked his lips from the red drops of juice before licking at Jungkook’s fingers that had stilled in the air.

Jungkook hummed approvingly as the beta licked his fingertips clean.


”Good beta” Jungkook whispered and let his moist fingers slide against the beta’s neck, over his scent gland and the little mark of his claim.

He studied the mark before he suddenly snapped his eyes up to meet the beta’s slightly nervous gaze.

He cleared his throat and withdrew his hand quickly before letting his eyes glance at the omega who was staring down at his lap with his scent hinting of arousal.

And that little hint was enough for Jungkook to grab his glass and gulp down the cold juice, trying his best to not get too affected.

Jimin took another slice of the delicious bread in the silence that followed the surprisingly warm act between the alpha and beta.

He tried to wrap his head around the scene that had played out before him, feeling extremely confused to the sudden affection the alpha had showed, as well as the beta’s obedience.

Maybe it had been an act of impulse, just like the claiming might have been. Because together with the obvious nervousness in the beta’s eyes, the act itself felt very out of place.

Genuine, but still… weird.

Shouldn’t the beta like being being touched over his mark?

He seemed to crave the alpha’s attention almost desperately every single second, yet when the alpha showed him what could be described as a pure act of affection, he fell nervous and tense. On his guard.

Jimin took the last bite of the bread and drank up his coffee while feeling almost more confused than before, if that was even possible.


”The servant will come and help you make yourself ready an hour before dinner. Until then you will either stay in this room or in your bedroom. You can also visit the library if you like, you can ask a servant to show you the way” Jungkook explained before putting his napkin down on the table, ”I will be working in my office until tonight.”

Jimin watched as the alpha rolled down his white sleeves before getting up from his seat. A servant helped him get dressed in his black jacket before he disappeared through the double doors to his office, only leaving his scent in Jimin’s lungs.

Jimin could taste melting chocolate on his tongue.


”You will take him away from me.”

Jimin gulped as the alpha’s scent got replaced with a sour smell that felt sticky on his tongue, making it almost difficult to open his mouth.

”No” Jimin whispered and shook his head while meeting the other’s brown and calm but judging eyes, ”I will never.”

Taehyung worried his bottom lip. Hard. On the brink of drawing blood.

And Jimin got an urge to tell him to stop, to help his soft lip out from the sharp pain of his front teeth.


”I promise I won’t” Jimin added and tried to sound just as serious and honest as he truly was, wanting and hoping that the beta would believe his words.

A moment of heavy silence filled the whole house as they looked at each with equally sad and confused eyes, the both of them wanting to leave the room, yet, they simply couldn’t.

”He shouldn’t have brought you here” Taehyung whispered after a lifetime of unspoken words, ”For everyone’s sake. Including yours. He shouldn’t have brought you here.”

Jimin had no idea what to reply.

As much as he felt grateful for not having to live in the solitude of the City, he also felt guilty for causing cracks in a relationship that might have been unsteady before his arrival, but that now seemed to crumble in front of his eyes.

And of course it was a result of him being there.

So no, maybe he shouldn’t have come here.


But this is now my home.

And I am going nowhere.


Jimin stayed silent and watched as the beta got up from his chair and walked over to the large bed he shared with his alpha.

”If you'll excuse me” Taehyung whispered before he stripped out of his silk robe, leaving him naked except for a pair of underwear in black lace.

Jimin looked away as the beta climbed up in the bed to settle under the covers to bury his face into a pillow, that most likely belonged to the alpha.


Jimin got up and was received with a bow from a servant who immediately went over to clean the table.

He walked back to his room and went straight over to the large windows.

He sat down on the floor and studied the garden that had woken up under the early spring sun’s rays, trying to understand if the beta had been nice or not. If his words were meant to hurt or not. But he had also been confused, it had been obvious in his eyes.

Maybe he was trying.

Or was that too much of wishful thinking?


He studied the entrance to the forest and smiled as he saw a squirrel hurry down from a tree to explore something on the ground before hurrying up another tree. He followed the cute animal until it disappeared from his sight.

A sigh left Jimin’s lips as he splayed his palm over the old window, longing so much for the outside that it began to physically hurt.

But he couldn’t ask for permission to go out now.

Not now when the alpha was busy in his office and the beta was asleep right outside his doors.

”Tomorrow” Jimin whispered to himself while a couple of silent tears left his eyes, ”maybe tomorrow.”



Jimin woke up from the knocks on his door. Confused and a little disoriented, he realized that he had fallen asleep with his hand on his arms over the low windowsill, his back stiff and his foot tingling from lack of blood.

He got up and stretched his arms above his head while Namjoon entered his room with coffee and cakes on a tray.

”Namjoon” Jimin smiled and waited until the servant had put the tray down before he hugged him tightly, ”I’m so happy that you’re here.”

”Jimin” Namjoon smiled and hugged the omega just as tightly, ”Of course I am here. And I brought a slice of that chocolate cake you seemed to like so much yesterday.” 

Jimin giggled and untangled from Namjoon before he sat down in one of the two armchairs.

”Coffee for omega” Namjoon smiled and poured a cup full, ”And coffee for the servant who never has broken so many rules in his whole life as these days.”

Jimin laughed and handed Namjoon one of the cute, red plates with chocolate cake before he grabbed one for himself.


”So…” Namjoon began and took a sip on the hot coffee, ”how are you today? How was breakfast?”

”Breakfast was… weird” Jimin said and shook his head, ”apparently the beta got punished and had to sleep in a guest room in the other side of the house, away from alpha and his scent. And uhm… I don’t know if that was the reason, or why, but the beta seemed… oddly calm today. Sad. And… down.”

Namjoon hummed and stirred his coffee before he put the cup down on the marble table, ”The beta’s mood has always been going up and down, sometimes changing from this to that over a second. I have however never seen him so angry or mean as he has been with you. That has never happened in my presence before. I think… I know that you are bringing up feelings and emotions in the both of them. The beta is extremely possessive and, well, as I said, you being here so close to the alpha is not exactly something that calms him.”

Jimin hummed and scooped up a big piece of the delicious cake that reminded him of the alpha’s scent, ”He seems to think that I will take alpha from him. And I don’t understand why he is like that. Alpha has even promised to never touch me. So why is he so worried?”

Namjoon shook his head slowly before he put his empty plate away, ”I do not know. But there is more to all of this than meets the eye, be so sure.”

Jimin glanced out at the garden and tucked his blonde hair back behind his ear while thoughts of the coming dinner filled his troubled mind.

”It must be strange to meet mr Jung tonight” Jimin said and looked Namjoon who got a little pink over the nose.

”Yes, but I am getting more and more used to only see him during meetings and dinners. Although I still miss him just as much as in the beginning. And I think I always will.”

Jimin reached his hand over the table and grabbed Namjoon’s in his, letting them intertwine.


”I’m sure he misses you as well” Jimin whispered softly while gently squeezing Namjoon’s hand, ”Maybe there is still hope for you to someday get together. For real. And not in secret like before.”

Namjoon sighed and shook his head with his scent sad and longing for days gone by.

”No, I do not think so. Not while he is one of the Leaders. I don’t think that is possible.”

Jimin nodded and thought for awhile before a small smile grew on his lips, ”We should become Leaders, you and me.”

Namjoon chuckled and watched Jimin get up from his seat to grab a necklace from the desk, a heavy silver chain that glittered under the light of the chandelier.

”Would I look good in a crown?” Jimin giggled and put the necklace in his blonde hair while giving Namjoon a playful smile, ”You will be the true beta and I will be King. Pink Leader Park and…?”

”Kim” Namjoon chuckled while he watched Jimin’s little play.

”Pink Leader Park and Kim” Jimin continued while grabbing another necklace to put it in Namjoon’s dark hair, ”Together we will become richer and more powerful than any of the other leaders. We will have our own castle in the middle of a beautiful forest.”

”How about…” Namjoon began and adjusted the necklace in his hair that was on its way to slide down over his ear, ”we make the Leaders our servants?”

”Yes!” Jimin laughed and clapped his hands while his scent filled with giddiness and playfulness, ”That would be amazing! And we would have to rewrite all the stupid rules!”

Namjoon laughed and nodded while Jimin took his hand and pulled him up from the armchair only to be seated on the edge of the bed instead.

”Instead of crimson walls, we will have glass walls facing the deep forest” Jimin said and pull off one of Namjoon’s white gloves so he could put one of the rings from the desk on the latter’s finger.

”And instead of the fake starry night in the dinner room, we will have a glass ceilings so we can sleep in our bedrooms while looking up at the real night sky” Jimin continued and put another ruby ring on Namjoon who only chuckled and let himself be dressed up.

”And relationships with former Leaders, now servants?” Namjoon asked while studying the fortune he was wearing on his fingers.

Jimin smiled and leaned in to whisper in Namjoon’s ear, his blonde hair tickling the beta’s chin, ”Let’s say that we can be with whoever we want.”

Namjoon blushed from the thought and nodded with agreement while Jimin took off his long robe and flopped down onto the bed, right beside him.

”Instead for boring dinners, we will have sleepovers and movie nights” Jimin said with a dreamy look as he stared up at the ceiling, ”And instead of whispering walls, we will have music.”

Namjoon hummed and began to take off the rings to instead put them on Jimin’s fingers, ”It is a most pleasant and wonderful dream, Jimin. A pity it can never be.”

Jimin sighed and watched the rubies now adoring his short fingers, both loving and hating them.


”Still, it’s the kind of dream I have to cling to” Jimin began before he sat up on his knees so he could hug Namjoon from behind, letting his cheek rest against the latter’s warm back, ”Or else I fear I will turn crazy in here.”

”Are you not already a little crazy?” Namjoon asked with a playful smile as he looked over his shoulder.

”Yaah!” Jimin hit Namjoon’s arm playfully, causing the latter to laugh so much that he fell to the side grabbing Jimin in his fall. Jimin laughed a sweet laughter as he fell down on Namjoon’s arm, causing him to curl up against the other’s side on pure instinct.

Having not felt anyone’s warmth in so long, he couldn't help but to put his head on Namjoon’s chest while pressing himself as close as he possibly could.

Namjoon smiled and put a hand in Jimin’s hair while he kept his eyes on the old clock on the wall. He breathed in the omega’s sweet and relaxed scent, feeling extremely relaxed himself.

Almost as if this was the most natural thing he had ever done in his life, letting the omega cuddle close to him while carding his fingers through his blonde locks.

It felt so… familiar.

Like they had done this a million times before.



”Yes, Jimin?”

”Please, don’t ever leave this house. Not without me.”

Namjoon hummed and turned his head to meet the omega’s waiting gaze and hesitant smile.

”Of course I won’t. Not in a million years. And since I am the best servant mr Jeon has ever had, I’m sure he will let me stay forever.”

”Good” Jimin giggled and bopped Namjoon’s nose, causing the latter to chuckle and smile from ear to ear, ”Then continue doing a good job.”

Namjoon laughed and nodded while replying a ’I promise’.

”Now" Jimin said and turned to look at the clock, ”let’s split the last slice of cake before you have to go.”

”It’s the raspberry slice, right? You can have it” Namjoon said and sat up to adjust his suit and take off the necklace in his hair.

”Are you sure?” Jimin said and came back up in the bed with the plate in his hand.

”Yes, but if you drop it on the bedsheets I will—”

”Of course I won’t drop it on the—”

Namjoon rolled his eyes as Jimin indeed dropped a piece of the whipped cream and pink cake on the satin bedsheets.

”Ops” Jimin blushed and swiped his thumb over the bedsheets, only making it worse.

”I didn’t mean to, I promise, I—”

Namjoon chuckled and shook his head in disbelief, ”You’re incredible.”

Jimin giggled and licked his fingers clean while shrugging his shoulders, ”When we’re Kings, I will make you change my bedsheets in case you will miss your old work a little.”

”Hah! I shouldn’t think so!” Namjoon laughed and grabbed the empty plate from Jimin’s hand before putting it on the tray.

”Hmm… what did we say about dating the servants now again?” Jimin began while drumming his finger against his cheek with a playful smile on his lips.

”I think we said that you would live in the forest while I live alone in the castle. But do not worry, you will have someone come and feed you every once in awhile.”

Jimin laughed a loud, heartwarming laughter while he grabbed his pillow and threw it on Namjoon who managed to catch it and throw it back at Jimin.


Jungkook walked through the corridor with a couple of papers in his hand, glancing at his golden wristwatch.

Then the sound of a soft laughter suddenly caused him to stop in his tracks.

He furrowed his eyebrows and looked right in front of him, to the last door before the corridor made a turn.

The last door.

The omega’s door.


Jungkook walked closer and stopped right outside the door while holding his breath.

”The pillow hit my nose!”

”Well, you deserved it!”

”I did not!”

”Yes you did!”

”I am your future King and I will—”


The conversation suddenly stopped to be replaced by care-free laughter coming from Jimin.

And a certain servant.

Jungkook clenched his jaws and walked away from the door with determined steps and a bothered scent.


”Servant” Jungkook called as he came out from the corridor to where the black staircase began and the open and spacious hallway spread out underneath.

”Yes, alpha” a servant said and turned around to face the alpha with a deep bow.

”What servant served the omega his coffee today?” Jungkook asked while trying to keep his jealousy under control, knowing the answer, but wanting to be sure.

”Servant Namjoon” the servant answered and added another bow as he noticed the alpha’s irritation.

Jungkook gave the servant a quick nod and let him continue with his chores.


As I thought.


Jungkook glanced back at the corridor and waited.

And waited some more.

Until Namjoon came out of the omega’s bedroom while carrying a tray.


Namjoon let the door close behind him before he walked down the corridor with a smile on his lips. But as he turned the corner, he was immediately met with the alpha, so close that he almost bumped into him.

”My apologize, alpha” Namjoon said with a nervous, unsteady voice while he bowed twice.

Jungkook stared at the beta with a judging gaze before he glanced down at the tray.

Two coffee cups.

To plates and two spoons.


Jungkook’s hand curled and wrinkled the papers in his hold.

Namjoon started to sweat from his nerves tensing under the alpha’s stare, knowing that he had been caught and that the what was on the tray only confirmed what the alpha probably already was suspecting.

”Alpha, it is n-not what—”

”I will keep my eyes on you” Jungkook whispered with his voice being a warning that caused Namjoon to gulp and his hands to tremble, a small spoon sliding off the plate.

He watched as Jungkook gave him another warning look before the alpha turned on his heel and walked down the marble staircase, leaving a strong scent of jealousy and anger behind.

Namjoon was too scared to even breathe before the alpha was out of sight.

He then hurried to the main kitchen and put the tray down on the counter where another servant took over the dishes.

He walked to the back of the room and took off one of his gloves before he wiped a tear from his cheek. 

A tear of worry and disappointment at himself for having been so careless in a moment of joy.

Now worrying more for Jimin than anything else.



Chapter Text




Jimin stripped out of his clothes and climbed into the bathtub, loving how the hot water embraced his cold and nervous body.

He relaxed a little and leaned his head back, waiting for Namjoon to wash his hair.

”Does omega want the mint-scented shampoo again?”

Jimin looked behind him and searched Namjoon’s flickering gaze, watching him grab a bottle of shampoo, only to drop it on the floor in the next second.

”Hey…” Jimin whispered softly and reached his wet hand out to grab Namjoon’s, the latter immediately letting out a sigh while squeezing his hand back.

”I’m sorry, I’m just a little—”

”What happened?”

Namjoon gulped and glanced at Jimin before he slowly shook his head and untangled their hands, ”Nothing.”

”Then why are you not calling me by my name?” Jimin wondered in a whisper, suddenly feeling worried by the servant’s change in behavior.

Namjoon gestured for Jimin to turn back around before he opened the shampoo bottle.

Jimin hesitantly did as he was told and leaned his head back so Namjoon could reach.


”Tell me or I will order you to tell me” Jimin said and closed his eyes as Namjoon’s gentle fingers came to work into his hair.

”Are you giving orders now?” Namjoon smiled while he massaged Jimin’s scalp, the room filling with the smell of fresh mint.

”Yes. And I order you to explain the nervousness in your scent and why I’m suddenly not Jimin.”

Namjoon gulped and grabbed the shower head to thoroughly wash through Jimin’s hair, careful to not let the water run over closed eyes.

”Mr Jeon saw me leaving your room before” Namjoon confessed, immediately noticing the tense of Jimin’s shoulders and how his eyes flickered behind his eyelids.

”I think that heard us laughing and talking, because he stood waiting. And then… he noticed the tray and well, he was not amused, so to speak.”

Jimin gulped and waited until Namjoon had finished washing his hair and turned off the water before he reach to the wall and pushed the button for the bathtub to drain the water.

”What did he say?” Jimin asked and grabbed the shower head to wash himself off the foam and bubbles.

Namjoon got up from his stool and grabbed a soft towel to hand it to Jimin, waiting for him to dry his body and hair.

”He said that he will keep his eyes on me” Namjoon began before he followed Jimin out to the bedroom, ”It was a warning I will take much seriously. That we should take seriously.”

”So no more laughing, then” Jimin stated and let the towel fall to the floor before he grabbed the clean clothes handed to him by Namjoon.

”And no more me drinking coffee and having cakes here. We simply cannot risk it.”

Jimin let out a disappointed sigh while he sat down on the chair to let Namjoon brush his damp hair.


”I hate it here” Jimin whispered and grabbed a pair of earrings, pushing them inside the pierced holes in his ears, grimacing at the pain that followed from having gone too long without earrings.

”I know” Namjoon whispered and put the hairbrush down as his lungs filled with the omega’s raw sadness.

”I-I hate it” Jimin sniffled and put a red ring around his finger before he covered his face with his trembling hands.

”Ssh, don’t cry, Jimin” Namjoon whispered and wrapped his arms around Jimin from behind, hugging him tightly while tears flowed down Jimin’s cheeks.

”I’m scared” Jimin sniffled and wiped his tear-drenched cheeks, ”that he will make it impossible for us to meet.”

”No…” Namjoon began and caressed Jimin’s back before he moved to place himself between Jimin and the desk so he could look the blonde into his eyes.

”That will not happen, I promise. We just have to be careful, keep our voices down and make sure to never do anything suspecting in the sight of the alpha or beta.”

Jimin let Namjoon wipe away new tears from his cheeks before he sighed and gave the other a small nod.

”I have to be strong” Jimin whispered and watched as Namjoon opened a little box with eyeshadow.

”Exactly. Strong and smart. And whatever you do, do not fall for the beta’s words. Whatever he tells you, do not fall for it. He has a poisoned tongue that one” Namjoon said and brushed the shimmering eyeshadow over Jimin’s closed eyes.

”I hate putting make up on someone so pretty as you” Namjoon whispered while he moved to paint the other eyelid.

”Thank you” Jimin whispered with tears still in his voice, a shudder of his shoulders told Namjoon that the omega was holding back.

”Let’s cry tomorrow” Namjoon said and grabbed a pink gloss that he applied onto already pink and plump lips, ”We will have to leave within the next five minutes.”

Jimin smacked his lips and looked at himself in the mirror as Namjoon dusted his cheeks pink, hiding dried tears and worried souls.

”Okay” Namjoon nodded and fixed a couple of blonde strands before he moved back to help Jimin get dressed in his crimson robe.

Jimin put his arms in the sleeves and waited for Namjoon to tie the ribbons around his waist before he walked over to look at himself in the mirror.

His make up.

His long, silver earrings and ruby necklace.

His naked legs and the long robe with its red river following his every step.

It wasn’t him.

Yet it was still his eyes.

It wasn’t him.

Yet it was his own heart beating behind the crimson silk.


”Let’s go” Jimin whispered and turned towards the door, ”before I begin to think.”



Jimin walked into the dinner room with nervousness biting and scratching in his chest. He lifted his gaze from the shiny floor and noticed, as always, that the beta and alpha were looking straight back at him.

The alpha was dressed in his usual suit. His wavy hair pushed back a little, revealing more of his gorgeous forehead.

And as Jimin walked closer, he could feel the alpha's intense stare on his body, almost like he could see right through his clothes. Almost as if he was undressing him with his dark eyes that followed each of his moves with exact precision. 

Jimin gulped and forced himself to look away, his eyes falling on Taehyung instead. The beta was wearing a crimson robe with a high collar. His lips were red like wine and from his ears hung matching ruby earrings. And as Jimin sat down in his usual seat, he noticed that the beta’s hands were dressed in red, silk gloves.

A vampire, Jimin thought for himself as he looked down in his lap, a creature from lost times, ready to bite my neck if I am to come close to alpha.


”Late” Jungkook mumbled as he glanced at his wrist watch in the awkward silence that filled the dinner room.

”If we are lucky, he decided to stay home with his flowers instead of coming here” the beta said with a grin while leaning towards Jungkook who as always sat at the head of the table with the beta on his right side.

”How about we go back to our room and have some fun instead?” the beta added while letting his red hand travel up Jungkook’s thigh.

Jungkook sighed and pushed the beta’s hand away while keeping his eyes fixed on the double doors, ”Behave.”

Jimin gulped from the authority in the alpha’s low voice while his scent dripped with melting chocolate.

The beta let out an exaggerated sigh before he looked at Jimin.


”Something you want to say, omega?” the beta asked with a sly grin, ”Do you not like my new robe?”

The beta tilted his head and gave Jimin an almost pitying look, ”Alpha bought it for me. Am I not pretty?”

Jimin glanced at the alpha who immediately met his eyes and Jimin knew he had to reply to the beta, but before he had a chance to think of an answer, Jungkook spoke before him.

”You are both very pretty” Jungkook said with his gaze a little lost in Jimin’s starry eyes. But as the latter blushed and the beta gasped with anger, Jungkook knew he had get a grip and stop letting the omega affect him like that.


”Are you telling me that the omega is just as pretty as—”

”Can you please be quiet for a second?” the alpha asked in an irritated whisper while staring back at him, ”And stop that scent of yours. It’s stinking up the place. We can’t have mr Jung smell disagreement, it will only lead to unnecessary rumors.”

Taehyung frowned with anger on the tip of is tongue, clenching his jaws so hard that Jimin could hear a faint crack.

And right as he thought that the beta was going to throw a fit, his lungs filled with… summer flowers.

He looked over at the doors in the same second as they opened by Namjoon and another servant.

Then an alpha strode in with his head held high and a wide smile on his face. Dressed in a white suit and white cape that flowed in the wind behind him.

”Ivory Leader Jung” one of the servants said loud and clear as the alpha walked closer with his smile only growing.

Jimin saw how Jungkook and the beta got up from their seats, so he hurried to do the same, hoping that no-one had seen his delay.


”Ah, you must be the omega” mr Jung said and walked up to take Jimin’s hand in his, bowing down to kiss Jimin’s knuckles.

Jimin blushed over his nose and glanced at Jungkook, knowing that he had to speak, but not knowing what in the world he should say.


”Very pretty” mr Jung said and let go off Jimin’s hand, waiting for him to speak.

Jimin gulped nervously and looked back at the visitor with flickering eyes and a nervous rhythm to his heart.

”Thank you” Jimin managed to whisper before he bowed at mr Jung who immediately let out a soft laughter.

”No need to bow at me” mr Jung smiled and shook his head, ”I am below your alpha.”

”For the moment being, at least” mr Jung added and looked over at Jungkook with a playful smile.

Jungkook scoffed and gestured for the visitor to take a seat beside the beta, ”For the moment and for the future. Don’t get any funny ideas, mr Jung.”

Jimin watched as mr Jung laughed and sat down, and in the next second the others sat down as well, causing Jimin to follow their manner.


”I am sorry for being late” mr Jung apologized while their glasses were filled with wine and plates with food were placed in front of them, ”But we got stopped by the authorities on our way here. Much irritating.”

Jungkook hummed and grabbed his chopsticks, ”You would think that they have better things to do, considering the situation in the City.”

Mr Jung nodded in agreement and grabbed his wine glass, ”It is a sad reality that I am happy to stay away from.”

Jungkook chuckled and grabbed a piece of the tender meat from his plate, ”That is true for all of us. Maybe most so for the King. I haven’t heard from him since… well, I think it was three months since I last spoke to him.”

”Same here” Mr Jung said thoughtfully while holding Jungkook’s gaze, ”He hides in that house of his, all alone with only his servants around. I have invited him countless of times for meetings in my house, but he has declined them all.”

Jungkook nodded slowly without breaking their eye contact, looking like he had something to say, only to change his mind to be silent instead.

Mr Jung cleared his throat and let his eyes travel over to Jimin who immediately averted his eyes to instead look down at the meat and rice on his plate.


”So, omega, how do you like your stay in the Red house? Is your alpha treating you well?” 

Jimin looked up and saw the visitor’s waiting gaze, but also how Jungkook was giving the beta a warning look, the latter frowning and slumping his shoulders.

”I-I” Jimin began before he again swallowed nervously, wishing maybe more than ever that he could melt through the floor to escape the struggles of having to talk with the stranger who he also was ordered to give a good impression to.

Not the easiest situation he had found himself in, that was for sure.


”You...?” Mr Jung asked and raised his eyebrows a little surprised as he waited for Jimin for continue.

”I-I’m…” Jimin began again, before his throat clogged and all he could do was to feel ashamed and realize that he was going to be punished by the alpha for making a fool of himself.


”The omega is still very new to all of this. Let us instead discuss the reason for your visit” Jungkook said and pointed at his glass to be refilled with wine by a servant.

”Very well” mr Jung said with a nod towards Jimin before he began to taste the food, ”I should like to hear your thoughts on Itaewon. I trust you have come to a decision?”

”Yes, I have” Jungkook replied slowly, as if he was trying to delay his reply ”And my answer is no.”

”No?” Mr Jung asked a little baffled, having assumed that the alpha would say yes to the deal, ”But the deal was in much favor for you. Have you really thought it over enough? Maybe you need more time to—”

”The answer is no” Jungkook repeated a little more firmly while looking right back at mr Jung, ”I don’t want to share my territories. I am still very much interested about investing in Itaewon, but I came to the decision that I want it for myself. I don’t want to share it with you or anyone else for the matter.”

”And how are you going to afford it?” Mr Jung asked with his scent layered with disappointment and broken plans.

Jungkook glanced at Jimin and studied his plump, shimmering lips. The slope of his cute nose and the pretty neck that was so inviting and tempting that he had to take a deep breath of the beta’s jealousy to be able to look away. But first the omega met his gaze with pink cheeks and starry eyes.

And Jungkook had to swallow his conscience.


”I have my… plans” Jungkook replied and looked back at the visitor, ”I will get Itaewon from Blue Leader Kim. And when I have it, I will be much closer to the crown. Closer than I ever have before.”

Mr Jung chuckled and shook his head before gulping down some of the expensive wine, ”Your greed sees no limit, mr Jeon.”

”My greed?” Jungkook asked with an amused smile while the servants served the dessert, ”Is it not a common wish among all us Leaders, that we want the crown? Is that no the purpose and force that drives us towards the goal? Don’t tell me that you are not interested in the crown yourself. I know you, mr Jung, you play fair and nice until you reveal that ace you have been hiding in your sleeve. I don’t doubt for a second that you dream of being the King, amongst your flowers and Ivory painted corridors.”

Mr Jung smiled and shrugged his shoulders after finishing his second glass of wine, shaking his head when a servant came to refill it.

”Of course I want to be King. Just as much as you and Blue Leader Kim. And yes, I indeed play fair. But hidden secrets under my sleeves? No, I shouldn’t think so. If someone in this room is about to play unfair, then we all know it is you, mr Jeon. I still remember how you took Gangnam, right under my nose. That territory was meant for me, and so now I have to make do with what I have with little or no ability to climb up the ladder without sharing with you or mr Kim. I remember and I will never forget.”

Jungkook chuckled unamused and shook his head slowly while staring at mr Jung who looked both defeated and… sad, almost.

”I played fair” Jungkook began and glanced at the omega before he cleared his throat and fixed his gaze on the red wine in his glass, that matched his house almost perfectly, ”I was a little desperate, maybe. Knowing that Gangnam was necessary if I wanted to remain in my current place. And I know that you wanted that territory as well, I know you did. But I was simply there first. And I had no choice but to take it.”

Mr Jung scoffed and got up from his seat, causing the beta to get up as well, followed by Jimin who hurried to get up from his seat, simply guessing that it was the right procedure to stand up when visitors would arrive and leave.

But as the alpha kept sitting down in his chair, Jimin looked confused between him and beta, wondering what was going on.


”Sadly, mr Jeon seems to have… lost himself a little” mr Jung whispered while watching as Jungkook slowly rose from his seat, ”Maybe you need to be reminded of the rules?”

Jungkook huffed out a low laughter while he shook his head, followed by a rather faked smile, ”I am very well aware of the rules. Now, maybe mr Jung needs to get back to attend to his flowers?”

Mr Jung frowned and clenched his jaws before he gritted out a last couple of words, ”You will regret not getting in on the deal with me.”

”No, I will not” Jungkook smiled back before he sat down on his chair again, fixing his eyes on the double doors. Or nothing. It was hard to tell.

”Well, then” Mr Jung said and bowed at the beta and then at Jimin.

”It was nice to meet you, omega” mr Jung smiled and walked around the table to again take Jimin’s hand in his, ”If you ever find yourself tired of these crimson walls, please come and visit me in my home. I live not far away. And maybe you can persuade that stubborn alpha of yours to follow.”

Without knowing what to say or do, he simply settled on giving the visitor a nod and a small smile, hoping it would be enough.

”Take care” the alpha whispered before he squeezed Jimin’s hand gently and turned around to leave.

Jimin watched as the Ivory Leader walked out of the double doors while giving Namjoon a long glance, probably telling him a million words in the short time their eyes met.


”He’s a cock sucking idiot and—”

”Beta” Jungkook warned with a tired sigh as he leaned back in his chair while massing his temples, ”Please… just go back to our room and take the omega with you. I need some time alone to think.”

The beta glanced at Jimin before he walked over to the alpha, leaning down and cupping his cheeks before pressing a hard kiss against his lips.

”Don’t listen to him. He’s just scared that he will lose even more while you gain. He’s jealous and scared, that’s all” the beta whispered before he pressed another hard kiss on Jungkook’s lips.

Jungkook hummed and glanced at Jimin who immediately averted his eyes, waiting for the beta since it seemed like he was going to escort him back.

”I know. It’s just that…” Jungkook began before he sighed and shook his head, ”No. Just go, I have to think. I will see you later.”

Taehyung nodded and let go off Jungkook before he walked past Jimin without even giving the latter a glance.

Jimin started to walk behind him while feeling the alpha’s intense stare on his back.

He got a strong urge to look back, over his shoulder, to meet the alpha’s eyes.

But before he knew it, the double doors closed behind him and set him off from the alpha’s world.

He follows behind the beta through the endless, crimson red corridors, watching as the beta’s red robe floated like the red wine over the floor that sometimes felt bottomless.

Like he any second would step through the floor to fall down towards a red ocean. An endless fall, just like the corridors. An endless fall where it would take years and years for him to reach the water.


”Mr Jung needs to get laid” the beta suddenly spoke, causing Jimin to snap out of his nightmares and look at Taehyung’s back where he moved so gracefully in his new robe with the high collar.

”Maybe that will help him down from that high horse of his” the beta added before he came to a complete stop outside Jimin’s bedroom door where he turned on his heel and looked straight at Jimin who gulped under the beta’s fierce eyes.

”He seemed to like you, omega” Taehyung spoke with a grin on his red lips, ”Maybe you found an interest in him?”

Jimin shook his head and frowned from the beta’s words that seemed to incline something that was far from the truth.

”Tell me, omega, are you maybe not interested in men at all?” Taehyung asked with curiosity behind his long lashes, waiting for the blonde to answer while the grin only got wider on his lips.

Jimin put his hand on his door and was just about to open and ignore the beta’s question, when he suddenly changed his mind and looked back at Taehyung with a faked smile.

”I like men” Jimin replied in a brave whisper, ”Especially male alpha’s. Preferably those who already have claimed someone.”

Taehyung’s mouth fell open while his cheeks turned red like his robe and anger filled Jimin’s lungs to the extent that he hurried to get inside his room before quickly locking the door behind him.

He could hear the beta exclaim a string of curses behind the door, but in the moment, Jimin was too tired to care. So instead of feeling scared and challenged by the beta’s scent, he let out a quiet giggle, rather finding it so absurd that he somehow found amusement in the beta’s anger.



Jimin woke up after only two our three hours of sleep, starving.

He had barely ate a thing during the dinner with mr Jung, and his body was now begging him to eat.

He tossed and turned for awhile, pushing the covers to his feet, bringing it back up to his chin. Turning onto his back, on his side, curling up in a ball.

”Fine” Jimin muttered and got up from his bed to turn the lights on.

If only he had something to do that could help him forget about his hunger. But he hadn’t.

While glancing at his door, he knew that his only choice was to sneak into the alpha and beta’s room and take something from their fridge. A fruit or piece of bread or whatever he could find, it wasn’t really important, just something.

He grabbed his long robe, but put it down again, realizing that it only would make too much noice. So he looked around and grabbed what he could find first, which was his sleeves, silk top and put it on, matching his short shorts.

He turned off the lights, opened the door and breathed in.

No servants.

But he could hear sounds coming from the beta and alpha’s room.

He worried his lip while deciding what to do.

Should I try to go back to sleep?

No, I’ve tried for too long. There’s no going back to sleep now.

Then should I proceed into their room even though they’re awake?


Jimin sighed and closed his door behind him before walking on silent feet over the red floor, too hungry to be scared of a jealous beta and powerful alpha.

But as he came closer to the other’s room, he realized that the voices he had been hearing in fact were something else.

And as his lungs filled with arousal and want, he understood exactly what was going on. 

He gulped nervously but continued walking by pure, selfish curiosity. The slightly muted moans and low groans caused his own breaths to be heavier and his fingers began to itch from how their lewd sounds mixed together with the strong scents.

His heart was beating nervously inside his chest as he stopped right outside the arch to the room where they still weren't visible to each other.

Jimin could tell that the couple weren’t in bed, because the sounds came from the right, somewhere close to the dinner table where they would eat breakfast together.

Jimin closed his eyes as he realized that they were right where he was supposed to go.

Maybe they won’t mind…

They literary chose to have sex right in front of my eyes the other day, so maybe they are fine with me quickly entering the room and then leave just as quickly again?


He decided he peek inside the room, if he was lucky, they had their backs towards him.

Jimin took a small step forward and turned his head to look towards the kitchen area, only to immediately bet met with the alpha’s gaze.

Jimin gasped quietly and wanted to go back to hide in the shadows again, but the alpha’s eyes were holding him in a tight grip, making it impossible to move back.

So he found himself watching as the alpha roughly thrusted into the beta from behind, the latter being bent forward against the kitchen island. The beta was naked but alpha had still his button up shirt on, sleeves rolled up to reveal his forearms and the blue veins that ran along them.

”Well, well” Jungkook smirked as he kept fucking into the beta in a hard and fast pace with one hand over Taehyung’s mouth and his other holding his hip with fingernails digging into the soft flesh.

Jungkook had in fact noticed Jimin coming closer since the second the latter had walked out of his room. And now when his lungs filled with the omega’s sweet scent, his inner alpha beamed with pride for having tempted the blonde to enter his bedroom.

”Look who’s watching” Jungkook whispered close to the beta’s ear, causing the beta to glance at his side, first then realizing that the omega was present.

Taehyung let out a loud but muffled moan behind Jungkook’s warm and sweaty hand, causing Jimin to gulp and close his legs while his cheeks turned red. He received a rather harsh stare from the beta who then whimpered and shut his eyes tightly.


”Beta has been bad” Jungkook explained while looking directly at Jimin with eyes that began to shift close to the icy blue that was rather common for alpha’s reaching their climax.

The sight caused a shiver to travel down Jimin’s spine, making him grab the wall beside him while little pearls began to cover his forehead.

”Tell the omega what you did” Jungkook whispered while looking down at the beta who was clawing over the marble top of the kitchen island, trying to find something to hold onto while the alpha fucked him so good.

”Tell him what you did, beta” Jungkook added with his voice husky and with his wavy hair sticking to his sweaty forehead. He removed his hand from Taehyung’s mouth and placed it on his naked hip instead, now holding him in a firm grip with both hands, making it possible to fuck him even harder. 

”P-Please! Alpha! Let me go! I have to go I have to go I have to— aaah! Please, alpha! I promise to be good and behave! I p-promise to—”

”Tell him!” Jungkook ordered with a growl that caused Jimin to duck his head in submission, even though the order wasn’t aimed at him.

The beta whined aloud while trying and trying and trying to not come without the alpha’s permission. But having been on the edge for so damn long with the alpha’s now swollen cock dragging against his walls, stretching him more and more, it was turning close to impossible to hold it.

”I—I played with my self without permission” the beta managed to utter between heavy breaths and moans that was starting to get to Jimin who had to curl his hands and tense his whole body to not leak a drop of slick, knowing that the couple would be able to smell it if he did.

And he didn’t know if would survive that attention without burning up from embarrassment.


”And what else did you do? Hm? Come one, tell the omega” Jungkook whispered and pushed the beta down against the countertop, causing Taehyung’s cheek to press against the cool marble while Jungkook fucked into him with relentless thrusts. His cock was red and leaking of pre-cum onto the floor, untouched and twitching with every of his own loud moans.

”I—I came without permission w-when alpha was on the phone and aaaaahhh god! Alpha please let me come before I—”

”Mr Kim could hear you” Jungkook growled and put a hand in the beta’s neck to hold him down against the counter top, causing the beta to whimper in submission.

”The fact that I can’t control my own beta can start rumors, and rumors are a serious matter that no alpha wants to be faced with. Imagine the harm that could be done to my reputation. ”

Jimin gulped from the sight of the submitting beta who was sobbing and blabbering about permission to come while Jungkook kept him down with his swollen cock on the edge of knotting him.

Jimin could only imagine how incredibly hard it must be for the beta who was trembling and leaking so much pre-cum on the floor that Jimin could see it pool.


”Color?” Jungkook breathed out while focusing on not actually knotting the beta.

Not this time.

”Beta, talk to me. Tell me your color” Jungkook added and removed his hand from the other’s neck, to instead press it between his shoulder blades.

”Green” Taehyung sniffled with an almost painful grimace, ”B-But I’m going to come any second, I’m so sorry but I can’t— I have to go— I have to come, please alpha I’m so sorry but I— I’m—”

Jimin gasped together with the beta as Jungkook wrapped his arms around the latter and lifted his upper body up to press him against his chest instead.

”Since you’ve been so bad” Jungkook began with a smirk and shiny eyes that looked like two full moons in the rather dimly lit room, ”I am going to let omega decide whether you are worthy of coming our not.”

Jungkook looked over at Jimin while he turned himself and Taehyung towards him, letting him see Taehyung’s naked body completely.

”What do you say, omega? It’s up to you to give the beta permission or not.”

Jimin licked his lips from both nervousness and the incredibly annoying itch that caused his eyes to flutter and a pearl of sweat to travel down his pretty neck.

He felt stupid and embarrassed.

Shy but curious.

Hot and extremely open to his senses.


”Please” the beta begged while Jungkook continued to fuck into his sensitive heat, feeling almost just as close to fainting from the pleasure as he was to coming, ”Just give me the damn permission to come!”

The beta sobbed while his hand came up to fist in the alpha’s dark locks, causing the latter to chuckle and press a hand against the beta’s lower abdomen.

”Omega!” Taehyung cried out and tried to push Jungkook’s hand away, ”For fucks sake, tell alpha—”

”No” Jimin whispered and shook his head while gulping under the alpha’s intense stare that caused him to dig his fingernails into the wall he was holding on to.

”No?” Jungkook smirked, surprised by the blonde’s answer, ”Did you hear that, beta? Omega said no.”

Taehyung sobbed while he opened his hazy eyes to give Jimin a glare that might have been the scariest since his arrival.

But Jimin couldn’t care.

Not now.

A hint of a smile played on Jimin’s lips as his lungs filled with the beta’s desperate need for release.


”Fucking bitch! I will—”

”Hey!” Jungkook scolded and wrapped his arms tighter around the beta whose legs where beginning to give out, ”Don’t play with fire, hm? Be nice or I’ll put the ring around your cock and—”

”No!” Taehyung cried while squirming in the alpha’s arms, ”I promise I’ll be good if you’d just let me come!”

”Color?” Jungkook whispered and let his hand teasingly brush against the beta’s messy cock.

”Green” Taehyung whined while digging his fingernails into Jungkook’s arms, ”But I can’t hold in any longer, I’m— I— alpha I’m so close! I’m going to come without permission! Please don’t be mad at me but I-I I’m—”

Jimin noticed how Jungkook suddenly leaned his head down to press a feather light kiss to the beta’s neck before he looked back at him, his gaze a little softer, lacking that sharp dominance it had been holding up until now.


”Omega. Come here.”

Jimin gulped with goosebumps on his skin and a heart that started to race inside his chest.

He kept his eyes locked with the alpha as he moved towards them, slowly and with surprising ease.

It felt almost as if he was being pulled closer by a force helping him to move, making the distance shorter without Jimin having to use his own strength.

”Kneel” Jungkook ordered in a husky whisper while he slowed down to move in and out of the beta with slow thrusts that nevertheless reached just as deep inside his heat as before.

Jimin did as he was told and fell down onto his knees right in front of the couple. He held the alpha’s lustful gaze while he could taste melting chocolate on his tongue, extremely curious to what would follow.


”Close your eyes and lean your head back a little.”

Jimin gulped and did as he was told again, hearing the beta whine and mumble nonsense from the pleasure of knowing what was about to happen.

They both did now.

And so Jungkook’s lungs filled with the want from both the beta and omega, making it hard to not come right on the spot.

”Okay?” Jungkook whispered while staring into the starry skies that looked right back at him.

Jimin nodded, almost eagerly, before he whispered a ’yes’.

”Beta” Jungkook smirked while he wrapped his hand around the beta’s cock to aim it towards Jimin’s face, ”Let go on the omega.”

Taehyung snapped his eyes open and stared down at the annoying but pretty omega whose limps where so perfectly shaped and whose pink cheeks looked so damn adorable that he on another day would have ordered the omega to go back to his own room.

But not now.

Definitely not now.


Taehyung sobbed as Jungkook stroked his cock once. It was a soft move that didn’t even move his skin.

But it was enough.

He choked on a high pitched moan as he finally let go and came.

On the omega’s face.

On the stupid, perfect, gorgeous face.


Taehyung continued to paint Jimin’s face with his cum for what felt like an eternity. Because as long as Jungkook kept fucking into him, it felt like there was no limit to the fluids that drenched Jimin’s face.

Jungkook came with a string of low groans that caused both the beta and omega to whimper with want and submission, Taehyung because he wanted to be filled and Jimin because he deep inside wanted the same.

”Fuck” Jungkook panted while staring down at the omega’s face, feeling some kind of way he wasn’t going to admit.

Taehyung sobbed and started to squirm in the alpha’s arms again, feeling too full of more than the alpha’s cum to be able to stay much longer.

”I-I can’t” the beta stuttered before he looked behind him to find the alpha’s gaze. ”Please, I have to—”

Jungkook gulped and looked into the beta’s eyes with a burning question while he let his hand travel from the latter’s softening cock to instead splay over his lower abdomen again.

”Now?” Jungkook asked quietly, almost softly.

Taehyung shook his head with an exhausted exhale, giving Jungkook all the answers needed.

”Next time” Jungkook whispered before he gave Taehyung’s abdomen a teasing press of his hand, causing the beta to curse and push his hand away.

”Then” Jungkook began a little louder before pulling out of the beta, causing both lube and cum to trickle out of the spent hole, ”Lick the omega clean before you go to bed.”

The beta is going to lick my face clean?

Oh my god...


Jimin could feel the alpha’s stare on his body, causing a shiver to run down his spine again, feeling oddly disappointed as the alpha hesitantly moved away, without a doubt towards the shower.

Taehyung waited, with his hands gripping the kitchen island, for the alpha to enter the bathroom before he sighed and mumbled something under his breath. He knew that the alpha could see them through the glass walls, so there were no point in trying to disobey.


”Fucking hell” the beta wheezed as the water started flowing in the shower, drenching out his whispers towards the omega.

”Why the hell did you do that to me? I was fucking desperate to come, couldn’t you tell?!” he added while he sat down in front of Jimin who still had his eyes shut tightly where he sat still like a statue, hearing how the beta’s breath came closer. And his scent as well, layered in dislike as always, although not as strong as before.

Jimin kept silent, not wanting to anger the beta as well as not particularly interested in tasting his cum.

Taehyung muttered something under his breath again before he put his hands on Jimin’s shoulders to steady himself before he began to lick the omega’s cheeks. His warm breath fanned over Jimin as his wet tongue lapped up the cum, carefully swiping over closed eyelids, where the blonde hair revealed his forehead and down over his cute nose. 

And right as Jimin opened his eyes, thinking that the beta had finished this task, he could feel the latter’s warm and wet tongue lick over his plump lips.

Slowly and much more meticulously than on the other parts of his face.

Jimin gulped as the beta licked and licked over his relaxed lips, so much that it almost turned greedy.

Jimin let out a shaky breath and as he did, his lips parted slightly. He could feel the beta stop and linger his tongue over his bottom lip before he opened his eyes and met Jimin’s gaze. 

”Bitch” Taehyung whispered softly before he gave Jimin a last look from behind his long eyelashes.

Jimin then watched in silence as the beta hurried up from the floor to run to the bathroom that he knew was behind the door beside the bed.

Jimin gulped as he let his fingers brush over his lips before he got up from the floor with nothing but confused feelings storming inside him.

What just had happened was so strange and surreal that he couldn’t wrap his head around any of the thoughts in his head.

He brought a hand up to tuck his hair back behind his ear, feeling how it was moist from drops of cum.

He brought his hand to his mouth and stuck out his tongue, daring to taste what he had never tasted before.

Sweet and bitter, and not at all as bad as he thought it would taste.

He blushed a deep red on his cheeks before he began to walk back to his room, trying to leave as much thoughts and feeling behind him.

But as he came to the arch and the beginning of the corridor, he suddenly remember why he had left his room in the first place.

So he hurried back and grabbed the whole bowl with fruits from the table, plus two chocolate bars from the counter. He then hurried back to his room and sat down beside his windows, looking out over the night sky and garden while eating with more appetite than he had felt since he first arrived.

Still trying to forget and push away the sight of the full moons in Jungkook’s eyes, and the sudden softness in Taehyung’s voice.




Chapter Text




”And then… he came on my face” Jimin whispered with pink cheeks and an embarrassed smile.

”He what?!” Namjoon whispered back and met Jimin’s shy eyes in the mirror.

”Yeah… I mean… I was hungry, but I hadn’t counted on getting my face covered with the beta’s cum” Jimin giggled behind his hand as he saw Namjoon’s almost shocked expression.

”Does this mean that I soon will have to come and wake you up in the alpha’s bed?” Namjoon chuckled and put the hairbrush down before gesturing Jimin to get up from the chair.

”Oh my god” Jimin whispered and shook his head with his cheeks now burning red, ”I-I—”

”Oh, so you want that?!” Namjoon exclaimed with wide eyes, a little too loud, causing Jimin to giggle and quickly put his hands over Namjoon’s mouth.

”Ssh! Not so loud! And no, of course I don’t want to share their bed! Are you crazy? The beta would eat me alive!”

Namjoon wiggled his eyebrows and gave Jimin a playful look before Jimin burst out in giggles and hit the other’s arm weakly.

”Stop teasing me! And stop making me laugh! What if alpha hears us!”

Namjoon nodded and wrapped his arms around Jimin to hug him close, ”Hug your servant.”

Jimin hummed approvingly as he answered Namjoon’s hug while also snuggling against his neck a little.

”I’m so happy to have you as my friend” Jimin whispered and closed his eyes for a second before they untangled.

”I’m happy to be your friend” Namjoon smiled and ruffled Jimin’s blonde locks but gasped as he realized what he did, hurrying to fix the blonde strands again that he just had brushed and styled.

Jimin giggled and shook his head, ”It’s not important. Come, let’s not make me late for breakfast.”


As soon as Jimin entered the couple’s room, he noticed that something was different than usual.

Both the beta and alpha followed him with their gazes as he sat down and began to put food on his plate. But as soon as he looked up to meet their eyes, the both of them looked away.

It was silent and awkward.

And there was a change in the scents that lingered around them.

A change he couldn’t quite name, but it was a most welcomed smell, and the air was no longer quite as unbreathable as it used to be.

And he realized that it probably had a lot to do with the beta.


Jimin took a first bite of the slice of bread that he liked so much, but realized right away that he actually didn’t have an appetite. Which was a little strange, because he had eaten both chocolate and fruits during the early night.

Maybe I’m just not hungry?


Jimin played around with his food on his plate, feeling less and less tempted to eat.

And suddenly he could feel a rush of dizziness wash over him, causing his head to spin and his ears to ring. He brought a hand up to massage his forehand before he grabbed his glass with a trembling hand, gulping down the cold water in one go.

”You okay there, omega?” Jungkook asked a little worriedly while looking at Jimin who had gone a little pale over his nose.

Jimin nodded and put his empty glass down, ”Yes, alpha.”

”Is that the truth?” Jungkook asked and studied Jimin’s flickering gaze and the slight tremble in his hands that the latter quickly decided to hide under the table.

”I-I’m just a little… dizzy, I think” Jimin replied in a whisper as he glanced to meet the alpha’s intense stare.

”You should get back to bed” Jungkook decided and began to roll down the sleeves of his button up shirt, ”I can have a servant come and check on you in awhile and bring you something to eat once you feel better.”

Jimin nodded slowly and let a servant fill his glass with more cold water.

The thought of spending the whole day trapped inside his room wasn’t exactly tempting.

With nothing other to do than to sit at his window and daydream.

He hated it.


”Maybe” Jimin began with his scent nervous and his heart beating fast inside his chest. He gathered his courage and tried to look into the alpha’s waiting gaze, wanting so much to be able to speak his mind and not let his anxiety decide over him.

”Maybe if I could have a tv in my room” Jimin whispered while clinging to the words he had heard the alpha speak while inviting him to live with them.

That he could have anything he wanted.


Jungkook gulped and glanced at the beta who licked his lips nervously before averting his eyes. Jungkook cleared his throat and shook his head.

”No. I’m sorry, but that is not possible.”

Jimin looked between the others that for some reason were obviously bothered with his question. The beta seemed lost in thoughts while playing with his food and the alpha looked ready to leave the table any second, causing Jimin to hurry.

”Why not?” Jimin asked rather loud and clear, causing the other two to again look at each other before Jungkook shook his head, like he was genuinely sorry.

”Because I say so. Is there anything else you want instead?” Jungkook asked and met the omega’s rather confused eyes.

”A laptop, maybe?” Jimin wondered and tucked his blonde hair back behind his ear in an attempt to hide his nervousness, ”J-Just something to make the days—”

”No. No tv or computer” Jungkook cut in with a sigh, ”Something else?”

Jimin looked at Jungkook like he couldn’t believe what he was saying.

All this money and wealth that seemed to be put in the most abundant of things, yet I can’t have a tv in my room?


”Maybe you want books?” Jungkook tried and glanced at his golden wristwatch, ”Or do you want more jewelries? Clothes? I can ask the staff to show you some fabrics. You can tell them to make whatever design you wish.”

”I…” Jimin began and sighed as the alpha seemed to not get what he was trying to say, ”I just want something to do.”

Jungkook shook his head and got up from his seat, ”I’ll see what I can do, but there won’t be at tv or computer. Just so you know.”

Jimin nodded, thankful that the alpha at least would try to get him something that could make the days go a little faster. He looked between the alpha who was getting into his suit jacket and the beta who still seemed lost in thoughts.

It was strange how his question had made everything so awkward. It hadn’t upset them, but the beta looked very uneasy. Nervous, almost.

”Maybe you can spend some time with the beta when you feel a little better? Maybe you can talk or… paint together?” Jungkook suggested as he glanced at Taehyung.

”Paint?” Jimin asked and followed Jungkook’s gaze to the beta who put his spoon down before looking up to meet Jimin’s eyes.

”Yes, beta loves to paint, do you not? And you’re very good at it. Some of the paintings in the corridors are made by beta.”

The ones that follows you with their gazes?


Jungkook leaned down a grabbed the beta’s chin gently to get his attention.

”Be a good boy and I’ll reward you tonight, hm…?”

The beta hummed as he received a hard kiss by the alpha, ”Can we play with the new toy?”

”If you promise to me nice to omega” Jungkook whispered while he looked into the beta’s soft eyes.

”I promise” Taehyung whispered while a smile grew on his lips.

”Then we should play with whatever toys you like. And maybe I’ll even let you come twice.”

The beta exhaled a shaky breath against Jungkook’s lips before the latter kissed him firmly a last time.

Jimin gulped as the alpha suddenly looked straight back at him.

Like he wanted to say something.

Or do something.

Jimin’s lungs filled with the alpha’s wonderful scent that now was a mix of melting chocolate and… want.

Jimin hurried to close his thighs and look away, feeling like he was about to burn up under Jungkook’s intense stare.


”Omega” Taehyung said the second Jungkook turned around to leave towards his office, ”shall you sleep or visit my studio? I’d prefer if you went back to you room, but—”

Beta” Jungkook warned before he closed his double doors.

”You decide, of course” Taehyung corrected and gave Jimin a smile before he got up from his seat.

”I will come with you” Jimin replied and got up from his chair while he could hear a sigh leave the beta’s lips.

Even though he was a little annoyed with the omega’s decision, he felt strangely fine with the blonde following him to his studio.

Like he would rather be alone, but still, it was fine that the omega came with him.

And he didn’t know what to think of that.


They walked side by side in the endless corridors. Not speaking a word, while the fabric of their long robes flowed over the red floors.

”How do you find your way around here?” Jimin whispered as he tried to remember how many times they had turned.

Left, right, left, left, right and… no it’s impossible to remember.


”You’ll get used to the house once you have been here long enough” Taehyung began a little thoughtfully, ”then you start to move by instinct. It’s like… like the house shows you the way, if you let it. You shouldn’t think too hard about it. Just let the house guide your feet.”

Jimin gulped and turned his head to glance at the beta who kept his eyes fixed in front of him.

”This house” Jimin began in a whisper, as if not to let the walls hear him, ”It’s strange. It’s like it is—”

”Alive?” Taehyung asked with a grin as he stopped to put his hand on the door to the studio, a door that looked identical to every other door.

”Something like that” Jimin nodded slowly with a small smile, not wanting to seem too bothered in front of the beta.

”It’s an old house with a lot of history. But the feeling will pass, that’s all I can say” the beta spoke while opening the door.

Jimin stepped inside the room behind Taehyung and let his eyes travel over all the canvases that either hung or stood against the walls.

The high windows let the morning sun cast a soft, almost yellow light over the room that unlike the rest of the house had white walls and a light wooden floor.

It felt like stepping inside another world.


”I usually sit on the floor when I paint” Taehyung explained while he unbuttoned the three black buttons over his chest to let his long robe wall to the floor, ”You should undress from your robe or you will give the servants a hell with trying to remove the paint from the fabric.”

Jimin watched as the beta sat down on the floor in similar shorts and sleeveless top as he himself was wearing.

Jimin opened his robe and let it fall beside the other before he joined Taehyung on the floor, sitting down close beside him where the latter already had pushed two easels together.

”You can have this” Taehyung said and put a little smaller canvas on the easel in front of Jimin, ”To get you started.”

Jimin nodded and grabbed the brush Taehyung was handing him and watched as the latter put a palette between them.

”Don’t use too much water” Taehyung mumbled before he continued to paint on his own canvas where Jimin could see a landscape take form.

He nodded and decided to just begin with black, having no idea what to paint. And he didn’t want to make a fool of himself when the beta obviously was so talented, so he decided to just make some patterns in different colors.

They began to paint in silence with the only sound being heard coming from the brush strokes against the canvases.

Jimin wiped his brush on a piece of paper before he drenched the brush in too much yellow, causing some to drip down on his naked knee.

Taehyung glanced at Jimin and tried to hold back an amused smile while he grabbed a tissue and helped the omega clean his knee.

”How come I always have to clean you?” Taehyung asked and rubbed the tissue over Jimin’s knee before tossing the yellow paper behind them.

Jimin bit down on his lip and tried to hold in his giggles, but as he glanced at Taehyung and saw him do the same, he couldn’t hold back any longer.

A sweet giggle escaped Jimin’s lips and caused Taehyung to smiled from ear to ear while keeping his eyes fixed on his painting.

”I’m sorry” Jimin said and cleared his throat to stop his giggles, figuring that the beta would order him to stop otherwise.

Taehyung stayed silent and tried to focus on his painting instead of letting this mind and eyes travel to the omega whose youthfulness almost hurt.

So he swallowed his jealousy.


Jimin listened to the beta’s low humming on a song while they continued to paint. And after awhile, Jimin could sense a shift in the air.

It was the scent coming from the beta.


And it was no longer unbreathable.

Another minute went by and then Jimin could feel his lungs fill with roses.


He snapped his head towards the beta who seemed lost in brush strokes and purple paint. He took another deep breath, until his lungs couldn’t fill more, until his head started to spin a little.


Red roses.

That was the beta’s genuine scent.


And Jimin thought that he even could feel the velvety petals against his skin.

That’s how real the scent was.


”Chrysler Imperial rose” Jimin whispered while keeping his eyes on the beta who was brought out of his daydream by Jimin’s voice.

Taehyung gulped and stared into Jimin’s starry eyes before he nodded slowly, feeling conflicted and uneasy from having let his guard down.

From showing a little of his true self when he the last couple of days had worked so hard on keeping up his high walls.

”It’s a lovely scent” Jimin whispered and gave the beta a small smile, ”Alpha must be very fond of it.”

Taehyung bit down on his bottom lip, nervous and thoughtful at the same time. Looking like he really wanted to say something, but force himself to not do so.


Jimin looked back at his painting when he realized that the beta wasn’t going to speak.

Another minute or so went by in silence, before Taehyung went to get another brush. And when he came back to sit down beside Jimin again, it was as if he simply couldn’t keep his thoughts to himself any longer.

”It was wrong of alpha to bring you here. Into this… mess” Taehyung spoke with a quiet, soft voice that still was heavy with seriousness, ”I still think you should leave. Not for me. But for yourself. The life we live, the Leaders, alpha and me, it’s not for everyone.”

Jimin shook his head while he colored a pattern with a pink that reminded him of the sunset he had seen the other evening from his window, ”It’s better here than in the solitude of the City.”

Taehyung sighed and glanced at Jimin before he continued on his brush strokes, having come much further on his painting with Jimin present than if had been alone.

”Will you believe me if I say that I sometimes long back to the City?”

”You miss it?” Jimin asked surprised while he furrowed his eyebrows, ”But you have everything here. Everything you will ever need. Without lifting a finger. You can ask for the world and alpha will give it to you. I think you must be forgetting how rough it is outside of these crimson walls.”

Taehyung shrugged his shoulders and wiped the brush with a tissue before putting it down to clean it better later, ”Yet, there are things that I miss and that I cannot have.”

Jimin turned his head while his hand stilled in the air, a little drop of paint falling down on the floor from his brush, ”Like what?”

”Like what you asked for this morning” Taehyung whispered quietly while glancing at the blonde.

”Tv and computer?” Jimin asked a little confused, having thought that the alpha and beta had chose to live without such things because it didn’t interest them.

But now it seemed like he was wrong.


Taehyung nodded and glanced at the door behind them before he looked at his finished painting again.

”Why can’t—”

”I think I’ve run out of answers” the beta cut off with a whisper, looking almost apologetic.

”But I have a million questions” Jimin sighed and looked back at the complete mess that was his own painting.

”Then… how about you ask me one, and then I get to ask you one” Taehyung suggested and turned his body so he could face the omega, ”You can start.”

Jimin nodded and sorted his mind to come up with the most important question for the moment. Which was difficult as the questions were more or less running wild in his head.


”The money” Jimin settled on asking, ”where does it come from?”

”I can’t say. Next question.”

”Illegal ways?” Jimin asked while ignoring Taehyung’s words.

”I can’t say” Taehyung repeated and shook his head.

”Is the alpha… is he dangerous?” Jimin wondered before he gulped nervously, wondering if that was why the beta didn’t want to answer. To not scare him.

”Very” Taehyung smirked and winked at the omega.

Jimin rolled his eyes with a quiet giggle, ”Okay. Your turn.”

”So…” Taehyung began with a much more serious tone, ”Tell me, are you sleeping with your personal servant?”

Jimin was so shocked by the question that he almost found it laughable, ”What?! No of course I’m not—”

”Then why do you smell like him?” Taehyung asked while keeping his eyes locked with Jimin, ”Be honest. I promise I won’t tell the alpha.”

Jimin clicked his tongue and shook his head while giving the other a look of disbelief, ”Namjoon is my friend. We give each other hugs, that’s it. Or is that also forbidden?”

”If you ask alpha, yes. He would probably explode if he knew you were having such intimate—”

”Hugs” Jimin reminded and looked back at his painting, ”between two friends. How can that even— oops…”

Taehyung sighed as he watched paint drop to the floor from Jimin’s brush.



”You’re incredibly messy” Taehyung stated and grabbed another tissue to wipe away the paint from the floor, ”I think you’re having too much water even though I told you not to.”

”Sorry” Jimin whispered with a blush while he hurried to move the brush against the canvas to not spill anymore paint.

”And you’re holding the brush wrong” Taehyung added with a soft laughter.

”How can someone hold a brush wrong?” Jimin asked and shook his head, ”You’re just jealous over my masterpiece.”

Taehyung laughed as he studied Jimin’s mess of a painting, silently wondering what in the world he had been thinking when painting it.


”Come, let me show you how to hold the brush.”

Jimin sat still as the beta moved to sit behind him with, getting Taehyung's legs on either side of him, his arms coming around his back. And in the next second the beta’s hand was curling around his.


”You need to move the brush gently, don’t press it. You’re not angry at the canvas, are you?”

Jimin giggled and let his hand follow in Taehyung’s hold, the brush going over the painting in smooth and steady strokes.

”Let’s fill this area with more pink” Taehyung said and moved their hands down to dip the brush in more paint before moving back to the painting.

Jimin gulped as Taehyung’s grip on his hand tightened a little.

He let out a shaky breath as he could feel how something warm began to spread inside him, causing him to breathe a little heavier.

And he knew that the beta noticed it, because in the next second he could hear the other breathe just as heavy.

Jimin gulped as their hands stopped moving, the both of them suddenly losing all interest in color and technique.

Jimin lowered his gaze and let his eyes travel from Taehyung naked foot, up his naked leg and smooth, muscular thigh that rested right beside his. He shifted his leg a little, causing it to press against Taehyung’s.

The beta swallowed from how warm and milky Jimin’s thigh was, loving how he could feel him skin to skin.


”God” Taehyung whispered after a moment of silence, ”your scent is so sweet… It’s beyond this world…”

Jimin hummed and closed his eyes as he could feel Taehyung’s warm breath fan against his neck.

”Beta” Jimin whispered faintly and tilted his head, causing the other to brush his nose along his neck.

Jimin gasped and let his free hand grip Taehyung’s thigh, causing the latter to gasp against his neck.

”Omega” Taehyung whispered while his scent filled Jimin’s lungs with rose petals, ”Why are you so damn pretty?

Jimin gulped and dug his fingernails in Taehyung’s thigh as the latter’s lips brushed against his sensitive skin, right below his ear.

”Why are you so mean?” Jimin whispered back while wishing that the beta could press his lips down and just give him something.

”Because I’m scared” Taehyung breathed out before he closed his eyes and buried his face against the omega’s neck, his eyes teary and his scent regretful.

Jimin let go of the brush that fell to the floor and in the next second their hands where intertwined in a tight grip, almost as if they fought about who could hold the other the tightest.

”Alpha has promised to never touch me” Jimin whispered and let his other hand rub over Taehyung’s thigh to sooth him from both the marks of his fingernails and the emotions he could smell in his scent.

”It’s not that” Taehyung whispered and buried his nose even closer to Jimin’s neck.

”Then what is it?”

”He can still leave me for you” Taehyung spoke quietly while holding on to Jimin’s hand even harder while he forced his tears back, ”I’m just terrified of being left alone. Without anyone. Just... alone.”

Jimin gulped as the beta sniffled and tensed, obviously fighting with his feelings.

Jimin managed to untangle their hands with a whispered ’wait’. He then turned around to be met with tear drenched cheeks and a trembling lower lip.


”Hey…” Jimin spoke softly and cupped Taehyung’s cheeks to wipe away his tears with his thumbs, ”You might the worst beta in the whole world. The meanest. The scariest.”

Taehyung gulped and glanced at Jimin from behind his long lashes that were full of little teary diamonds.

”I hated this place because of you” Jimin added with a sigh, ”but now I’m not so sure that you’re the reason for that anymore.”

Taehyung sniffled and held Jimin’s soft stare before he shook his head and made the other withdraw his hands from his warm cheeks.

”I-I don’t— I can’t— for fucks sake, omega, don’t be nice to me when I’ve been nothing but a bitch to you.”

”Then stop being a bitch” Jimin said and watched as Taehyung wiped away some new tears, ”Stop being so mean to me and maybe we can become friends instead. Wouldn’t that be better than to put energy into hating me?”

”I don’t hate you” Taehyung hurried to say while he shook his head and gave Jimin an apologetic look, ”I’m so so sorry for what I’ve called you. For how I treated you. I don’t even have a good excuse. I’m just a horrible beta.”

Jimin nodded and waited for the beta to continue. But even though Taehyung opened his mouth again and again, he simply couldn’t find any words more than repeated whispers of ’I’m sorry’.

”Just promise to be a better beta from now on” Jimin whispered back and grabbed Taehyung’s hand and intertwined it with his again, the both of them finding comfort in the other’s touch and warmth.

”I promise” Taehyung nodded eagerly while he chewed on his lip and glanced at Jimin with his eyes still a little blurry with tears, ”I promise that I promise.”

Jimin nodded with a small smile and squeezed the beta’s hand, ”I don’t believe you.”

”What?!” Taehyung exclaimed before he pouted at Jimin, ”Why not?”

”Because I have to see it to believe it” Jimin explained and gave Taehyung a playful wink.

Taehyung rolled his eyes while Jimin giggled and leaned forward to fix his dark locks that had tussled over his forehead, ”Is it naturally this curly, or does the servants fix it for you.”

”The servants help me curl it” Taehyung replied and closed his eyes from Jimin’s gentle touches, ”Do you like it?”

”Mmh, I do. It suits you” Jimin nodded and let his thumb swipe over a lingering tear before he sat back, ”Don’t cry, beta. I feel your sincerity. Just remember to hold your promise.”

”I will” Taehyung nodded and opened his eyes to be received with a warm smile that he immediately answered.



”Do you want to have coffee in my and alpha’s room tomorrow?”

Jimin smiled and nodded eagerly, finding it exciting to have someone to eat and drink with now that he couldn’t be with Namjoon anymore.

”How about today?” Jimin asked and shrugged his shoulders, pretending like he didn’t wish to follow the beta to his room right away.

”No… not today. I think I’m going to stay here for awhile. I feel like starting on a new painting…”

Jimin hummed, unable to not smell disappointed. And he knew that the beta could smell it.

A pink blush grew on Jimin’s cheeks as the beta squeezed his hand.

”I’ll see you at dinner tonight” Taehyung whispered before he leaned in and brushed his nose against Jimin’s cheek.

Jimin hurried to put his free hand in the back of Taehyung’s head, burying his fingers in dark locks.

”Omega” Taehyung breathed out and let their cheeks slide against each other, very soft and only once.

Not enough to count as scenting each other.

But still enough to be able to breathe in each other’s scents for a little while longer.

”Beta” Jimin smiled and untangled his hand from Taehyung’s hair before they let go off each other.


Jimin got dressed in his robe again and glanced behind him before he opened the door.

The beta was busy bringing out more colors and brushes from an old cupboard.

Jimin smiled as the other suddenly looked back at him, earning himself an honest smile that suited the beta so much more than the fake ones he used to receive.



It was very odd to walk into the dinner room without the air being polluted with the beta’s anger and dislike.

It was strange to not have the beta’s fierce gaze burn his soul with each and every of his steps towards his chair.

Instead the air was filled with red roses, chocolate and his own sweet scent.

A mix that seemed to please the three of them very much.


Jungkook looked between the relaxed omega, and the beta who was staring at the blonde with a hesitant smile on his red lips. 

Jungkook lifted his eyebrows in surprise over the sudden change in both scents and manner.

”So… I guess you had fun in the studio?” Jungkook asked and grabbed his wineglass while looking between the others.

”Yes, alpha” Taehyung replied while an amused smile played on his lips, ”Omega’s painting turned out to be a masterpiece.”

Jimin burst out in cute giggles before he hurried to cover his mouth, figuring it might be disrespectful to laugh like that at the table. 

But the beta followed him in his giggles, causing even the alpha to break out into a smile.


”Do we need to find a place where we can hang your art?” Jungkook asked and looked at the omega who turned out to be extremely beautiful while looking relaxed and happy like that.

”No, alpha” Jimin replied and shook his head, ”I think we should burn it.”

Taehyung chuckled and grabbed his chopsticks to pick up a piece of kimchi, ”Maybe I should give you lessons and learn you the basics. Would you want that?”

”Yes, sure” Jimin nodded and glanced at the alpha who didn’t seem to mind at all, ”I’d love to.”

”We start tomorrow” Taehyung said and pointed with his chopsticks at Jimin, ”right after breakfast.”

”You should invite me to come and look at your paintings when you feel ready” Jungkook said and gestured for the servants to refill his glass.

”We can have an exhibition, just for you” Taehyung beamed and looked at the alpha with excitement in his eyes.

”Of course” Jungkook nodded and let his eyes linger on the beta who he hadn’t seen so happy in… forever.

It seemed like his suggestion for the other’s to spend some time together had done miracles.


”Mmm… this was delicious” Jimin smiled as he licked his spoon of the last of the strawberry ice cream.

”That’s good to hear.”

Jimin smiled and turned his towards the alpha who he noticed already was staring at him with lust swimming in his eyes. Jimin blushed as he realized that the alpha must have watched him lick his spoon.

With shy eyes and pink cheeks, Jimin averted his gaze and licked his lips, fully knowing that the alpha still was looking at him.


Jungkook cleared his throat as his lungs filled with a sour jealousy that he already knew came from the beta.

And Jimin could sense it, too. So he glanced up from his empty bowl and saw Taehyung look at the alpha with soft eyes that begged for attention.

”Alpha” Taehyung whispered and put his hand on Jungkook’s thigh under the table, ”Will you not come and join me in bed now? I want you and we haven’t—”

”You can go and make yourself ready, I’ll be right there with you” Jungkook replied before he took a couple of gulps from his wine while Taehyung got up from his seat with a wide grin on his lips.

”Show the omega back to his room on your way” Jungkook ordered as he began to roll his sleeves up, something that told Taehyung that he would get it rough tonight.

Taehyung nodded eagerly and started walking towards the doors with Jimin following behind.

”I’ll try to keep quiet but I will probably fail doing so” Taehyung said and walked a little slower to let the omega come up beside him.

”It’s fine” Jimin whispered and fixed his gaze in front of them, trying to not feel anything. 

Trying to not care.


”You okay?” Taehyung asked after a moment of awkward silence.

”Yes. Just a little dizzy and tired” Jimin replied with short words right as they stopped outside his door, ”I will see you at breakfast tomorrow. Goodnight, be—”

”Wait” Taehyung said and put his hand on Jimin’s that was holding the door, ”What’s the matter?”

Jimin gave the other a hesitant smile before he shook his head slowly.

I don’t want to be alone.

”It’s nothing.”


Taehyung gulped and kept Jimin’s starry gaze while unsaid words and emotions began to occupy the small space between them.

”What happened in the studio” Taehyung began before he licked his lips nervously, ”It’s—”

”I know” Jimin cut off and averted his eyes, much to the beta’s disappointment, ”You should get to your room before—”

”You know?”


”What is it that you know about what happened?” Taehyung whispered and searched omega’s eyes, ”because I—”

”We shouldn’t… I mean… alpha and you—”

”It’s not—” Taehyung began and tried to not breathe in the loneliness in Jimin’s scent.

It’s not what you think.

Nothing is.


”We didn’t do anything” Taehyung settled on whispering, ”And alpha wouldn’t—”

Jimin shook his head and tried to push down his door handle when the beta gripped his hand to keep him from going.

”Omega, I—”

”Beta, don’t—”

Jimin sighed after they had spoken at the same time, making words trip over each other while the both of them tried their hardest to get a grip of the awkwardness and the confusion that layered their scents.

”Maybe we should talk tomorrow?” Jimin whispered and let a hand run through his blonde hair while the beta nodded eagerly.

”After breakfast” Taehyung decided before he leaned down to brush his lips over Jimin’s cheek, ”we should—”

Taehyung snapped his eyes up and Jimin turned his head to look behind him as they noticed the alpha stand in the middle of the corridor, his eyes wide and his his hands curling into fists.

Taehyung gulped as the alpha continued to walk towards them. He took a step back from Jimin with his scent spiking with want.

”Goodnight, omega” Jungkook said and gave Jimin a lustful look before he walked up to grab the beta’s arm, ”And you’re coming with me.”

”Mmh, I’d love to” Taehyung giggled as he was being pulled towards their room with Jungkook’s aroused scent filling his lungs.


Jimin gulped and hurried to enter his bedroom, shutting the door behind him before he taking off his long robe. He settled under his black satin bedsheets and pulled the covers up over his head.

Feeling exhausted and a little dizzy, but also embarrassed from knowing that the beta’s loud moans soon would fill the whole house.

If only his headphones worked, he could have listen to music to mute the couple’s activities.

Jimin sighed in what still was a quiet moment.

He reached his hand out under the covers and managed to grab his phone from the nightstand to bring into his little hiding place.

No reception whatsoever.


Jimin drummed his thumb against the screen while he suddenly got an idea.

Maybe it’s just my room that’s blocking the reception?

Maybe it can change if I walk to another part of the house?


Jimin didn’t think twice before he got up from the bed and put one his robe again.

He grabbed his phone and stepped out of his room where the beta’s muffled moans reached his ears.

Muffled but still desperate.

Jimin could feel a shiver travel down his spine as lewd pictures from the night before appeared in his head.

And he almost had to force himself to not walk in the direction of the couple’s room.


Instead he hurried down the corridor in the opposite direction.

He kept his gaze on his phone while he walked between crimson walls and uncountable doors that all looked the same.

Jimin didn’t stop to look up from his phone until it felt like he had been walking for hours.

For hours without once coming back to a place he already had been.


”Stupid shit” Jimin muttered and let the screen go black before he looked up.

And what he saw was the same old crimson walls and shiny floor as everywhere else.

He was just about to turn around and find his way back when he noticed that the door on his right was left open.

Just a little bit. Just enough to get his attention.

Jimin bit down on his lower lip and looked around before he filled his lungs with air to see if any servants were near.

There weren’t.

So with curiosity spiking in his scent, he grabbed the door handle and pushed the door open. Slowly and quietly.

The room was bathing in darkness, so he let his hand run over the wall next to the door and there he immediately found the switch.

It turned out to be a small room, compared to how big the other rooms in the house was. There were no windows, only wardrobes, dressers and boxes.

Jimin stepped further inside and let his eyes travel over the things. He let his hand brush against one of the boxes and read what was written with a black marker.



Jimin stared at the text and gulped.


Is that… it that Jungkook’s nickname? 

So he actually has games and a tv somewhere?

Jimin felt a little disappointed with how unfair that was, yet he found it hard believe that the alpha actually was playing video games.

It was probably from his childhood and kept as a memory. 


He then walked over to the other side of the room where more boxes stood, three on top of each other.

Tae/Phone laptop paint


Jimin furrowed his eyebrows and stared at the text.

Tae. That must of course be Taehyung.

But why is his laptop here when he wants to use it?

Or did he lie?


Jimin’s thoughts ran wild in his head as he began to walk back to the door, wanting to leave whatever personal things and memories that lingered in there.

But just as he was about to leave, he saw that the top drawer in a dresser was a little open.

Jimin knew he shouldn’t.

It was impolite and rude.

Still, he just couldn’t help not to take a peek inside.


So he put his phone on top of the dresser and opened the drawer slowly.


Folded clothes and faint smells of both the alpha and beta’s scents.

Jimin put his hands on of the piles of clothes and picked up the fabric. A once t-shirt that now had its short sleeves cut, a rock bands logo printed on the front. Jimin pressed the black fabric against his face and breathed in.



He put it down again and grabbed whatever had been underneath.

It was heavy and a little colder to the touch.

Jimin took it with both hands and held it up.

A black leatherjacket with red lining. Also smelling of alpha.

Jimin put it back and moved his hand over to the pile where he could sense the faint scent of red roses. He picked up the first fabric and held it up.

A yellow knitted sweater. Soft and warm to the touch.

Jimin pressed it against his nose and breathed in the faint scent of the beta.


So strange, Jimin thought and folded the clothes neatly before closing the drawer.

Why is there clothes in a room so far away?

And why do they never use these clothes?

Or do they?

The clothes smelled faintly of them, but it seemed to have been long ago since they wore them. At least several weeks since last time.

Such different clothes to what they were wearing now…

Jimin tried to picture the alpha in the top with the sleeves cut off under the black leather jacket. And the beta in the soft and fluffy sweater.

It would suit them. But it was so far away from their personalities.

So far away from what he ever would have imagined the two of them wearing.

Jimin looked around the room a last time and realized that there probably were much more mystery in the room than he was willing to explore. Feeling even more dizzy than before, he decided that it was time to hurry back to his room.

He closed the door behind him and started walking through the endless corridors with his mind drifting off to soft curls as well as intense stares.



Jimin jumped in surprise to suddenly hearing his voice. He snapped his eyes up from the floor and was met with Namjoon staring back at him with an equally surprised expression.

”Jimin, what are you doing here?” Namjoon whispered and looked around them, ”It’s the middle of the night, you’re not allowed to wander in the corridors at this hour.”

”I know” Jimin whispered back and showed Namjoon his phone, ”I was looking for reception and… got a little carried away. Sort of.”

Namjoon sighed and shook his head before he grabbed Jimin’s hand gently, ”You’re too pure for this place.”

Jimin giggled and squeezed Namjoon’s hand as he let the latter bring him back to his room, feeling much better with the company than walking alone through the crimson walls.


”So what are you doing up?” Jimin whispered as they came to his door.

”I brought the beta some late night food and then I followed your scent, getting a little worried that you were lost.”

”I wasn’t. So much” Jimin said and brought his free hand up to massage his forehead, feeling worse by the minute.

”Hey… are you alright? You look a little pale…”

”It’s… I’m just tired. I think.”

Namjoon hummed and put his wrist over Jimin’s forehead, ”You’re running a slight fever. You really should get to bed. Do you need me to help you?”

”No, you should also get to bed” Jimin replied with a tired smile, ”I’ll see you before breakfast?”

”Yes” Namjoon smiled before he leaned in to whisper in Jimin’s ear, ”You won’t find reception anywhere in the house.”

Jimin gulped and untangled their hands so he could hug Namjoon while keeping his voice as low as possible, ”Why not?”

”Because it’s the rules” Namjoon replied in a whisper as he hugged the blonde close, ”That’s all I can say.”

Jimin sighed into his friend’s warm arms, disappointed with the answer, but knowing fully well that it wasn’t Namjoon’s fault and that there was nothing he could do about it.


”Now go and rest” Namjoon added and brushed his nose over Jimin’s temple, ”I will wake you up tomorrow.”

Jimin hummed tiredly as they untangled and wished each other good night. He disappeared into his bedroom while Namjoon headed back to his room on the first floor.

And while Jungkook lingered in the shadows from where he had watched the both of them.

Jungkook clenched his jaws while fires raged in his eyes. Jealousy and worry drenched his scent and caused him to quickly come to a decision.

Just to be on the safe side.

Because as things were, he simply couldn’t allow Jimin and Namjoon to come closer.

Afraid it would mess up his plans.

The omega coming close to his beta was okay.

Because he knew where he had him.

But Namjoon, he simply couldn’t trust.



Chapter Text




”Jimin, wake up…”


Jimin blinked his eyes open and was met with a worried Namjoon who was leaning over him from where he sat on the edge of the bed.

”Namjoon” Jimin smiled tiredly and sat up slowly while Namjoon followed him with his eyes.

”How are you feeling?” Namjoon whispered and put his wrist over Jimin’s forehead, just like he did a couple of hours ago.

”I don’t know…” Jimin began and closed his eyes while Namjoon’s cool wrist pressed against his hot skin, ”Still a little dizzy… and still tired…”

Namjoon hummed and nodded while he withdrew his hand, ”I think it’s best if you stay in bed. I will go and tell alpha that you don’t feel too well and that you should eat your breakfast in bed.”

”It’s not that bad” Jimin said and smiled a little as he scooted to the edge of the bed where Namjoon grabbed his hand, just in case.

”It’s not like I’m going to faint or—”


Namjoon hurried to catch Jimin whose legs suddenly went out under him. He wrapped his arms around him and carried him back to the bed where he put him down before cupping his cheeks.

”Do I need to call for a doctor?” Namjoon asked with his heart almost beating out of his chest as he searched Jimin’s gaze, trying to get him to look back at him.

”No, please don’t” Jimin mumbled and shook his head slowly while he tried to understand why in the world he was feeling so dizzy and so… odd.

He felt a craving for something that he never had craved before, but he couldn’t understand what it was for.

He just knew that something was wrong and that no, he wouldn’t be able to sit and have breakfast with the others.


Jimin sighed in what was more defeat than tiredness, and leaned his back against the headboard while pulling the covers up to his naked chest.

”I’m going to talk to alpha” Namjoon said and got up from the bed, ”But promise me that you won’t try to walk anywhere before I am back. I will just talk to alpha and then I will bring you something to eat and drink.”

Jimin smiled and nodded obediently while he felt grateful for Namjoon’s help and kind manner.

”I promise.”

”Good” Namjoon nodded and gave the omega a slightly worried smile before he hurried out the door.


Jungkook was rolling up the sleeves of his shirt while Taehyung was getting dressed in his robe beside him, the both of them waiting for the servants to set the table and for Jimin to come and join them.

”I can’t wait to bring the omega with me to the studio again” Taehyung smiled while he grabbed his ruby earrings from his nightstand.

”You seemed to have had a very good time yesterday when painting” Jungkook said and adjusted his black tie.

”We had! Omega is funny and easy to talk to and you know that I miss someone to talk to. And he seemed to enjoy my company as well.”

Jungkook’s small smile turned into a smirk as he headed over to the beta who immediately smiled back at him.


”What now, alpha? Are you already horny again?” Taehyung asked as Jungkook strode up to him with a certain look in his eyes.

”Tell me, beta” Jungkook began with a husky whisper before he grabbed Taehyung’s chin gently, just to keep his attention and their eyes locked, ”What exactly happened yesterday… hm? How come I could smell the omega’s scent on your cheek?”

Taehyung blushed a little while a shrugged his shoulders and tried to look innocent, ”I just apologized for how awful I’ve been to him.”

”That’s good” Jungkook nodded before his grip on Taehyung’s chin turned slightly firmer, ”And what more?”

Taehyung gulped and licked his lips while he stared into his alpha’s intense stare, knowing that he had to be honest.

Not that he ever would lie to alpha, but he was still a little nervous for how he would react.


”I… I didn’t scent him, but—”

”But you wanted to?” Jungkook whispered and let his thumb swipe over Taehyung’s soft bottom lip while they kept their gazes locked.

Taehyung gulped again and nodded slowly, causing Jungkook to curse under his breath before he more or less crashed his lips against the beta’s.

Taehyung gasped surprised but answered the alpha’s hard kissed with parting lips and inviting the other’s tongue into his mouth.

Hot and hard kisses, just like always. 

To keep it easy and simple.

To not make yourself feel too much.

And deep inside they hated that it was like that.

Still, it was what they had agreed on. And to change that agreement was scary.

Too scary.

So they had decided to silently hate it.

It was bittersweet and had been so for a very long time.

Sometimes more bitter than sweet.


Or maybe…

Almost all the times.


”If you want to” Jungkook whispered as they broke away from each other’s lips to catch their breaths, still with their lips almost touching.

”Yes…?” Taehyung whispered back, his hot breath fanning against Jungkook’s parted lips, his eyes flickering a little behind his long lashes.

”You’re mine” Jungkook began and slid his lips over Taehyung’s softly. So soft that it surprised the both of them and caused Jungkook to take a little step back.

”But you’re also not.”

Taehyung nodded and lowered his head to look down at the floor and his bare feet, ”I know.”

”Then you know what I’m trying to say? About you and omega” Jungkook asked in another whisper before he put a finger under Taehyung’s chin to gently tilt his head back up, wanting to see his pretty eyes.

Taehyung looked into the alpha’s eyes that again filled with lust and held back emotions. He shook his head slowly, but deep inside he knew.


”That you have my permission with the omega” Jungkook whispered with his voice low and full of sincerity, ”Because I can smell your want for him. So there is no need to hide.”

Taehyung exhaled a shaky breath before he put his hand in the back of Jungkook’s neck and pressed their lips together again, this time with him entering the alpha’s mouth with his tongue.

”Fuck” Jungkook mumbled and let his hands travel under the robe so he could grab Taehyung’s perfect ass, ”I wish we had time.”

"Me and the omega, does that turn you on, alpha?”

Jungkook only hummed against the beta’s lips while his hands squeezed his ass firmly, giving Taehyung all the answers he needed. 

”Fuck me” Taehyung begged with a whine as his mind crashed from how strongly the alpha suddenly smelled of arousal.

Jungkook pushed Taehyung onto the bed as lewd pictures of the beta and omega filled his head and made his cock rock hard inside his slacks. He loosened his tie a little before he got up on the bed and grabbed the hem of Taehyung’s small shorts to pull them down while the latter begged for his cock.


”Alpha and beta” Namjoon said with a bow as he entered the room where the servants hurried to leave when they noticed what was going to happen on the bed.

”Not now! Go away and I will call for you in a moment” Jungkook wheezed before he made another attempt to pull the beta’s silk shorts down. 

”I am just here to inform you that the omega isn’t feeling too well and that he wishes to eat breakfast in his room” Namjoon explained while keeping his gaze on the floor.

Both Jungkook and Taehyung snapped their heads towards Namjoon with worry spiking in their scents.

”Is omega still not feeling better?” Jungkook asked and let go off Taehyung who immediately sat up and adjusted his robe without taking his eyes off Namjoon.

”I am afraid not” Namjoon said and shook his head, ”He is unable to walk due to being tired and dizzy and—”

”Shall we call a doctor?” Taehyung asked and looked from Namjoon to his alpha with worry in his eyes, ”What if it’s dangerous? What if—”

”Omega asked me specifically to not call a doctor. And I believe we should wait until he has eaten and slept some more. If I may say so” Namjoon cut off and glanced up at the couple.

”Gather some food and drinks to bring him” Jungkook ordered as he got up from the bed with the beta following close behind him, ”I’m going to check on him.”


Jimin was staring out his windows from where he was sitting on the bed, longing for the outside world so much that it hurt.

It hurt in his chest, in his head, even his soul was hurting. Yet, he couldn’t understand why.

Surely I’m not feeling ill just because I want to go out?


Jimin was brought out of his thoughts when his lungs filled with the alpha’s scent, and then the betas. He bit down on his bottom lip nervously while looking at his door, wondering if they were just walking by or—

A knock on his door caused Jimin to bring the covers a little higher up as he realized that the couple most likely were coming to check on him, having heard that he was feeling ill.

So embarrassing!


”Omega, can we come in?” Jungkook asked after knocking twice on the door.

”Yes, you can.”

Jungkook opened the door and stepped inside Jimin’s bedroom, a room he realized that he maybe never had been in before.

His gaze immediately settled on the omega who was sitting on the bed with his back against the headboard and the black satin bedsheets pulled up to his shoulders, even hiding his arms.

”How are you feeling?” Jungkook asked softly as he walked up to the bed, and since Jimin was so covered up he decided that it was fine to sit down on the edge of the bed, right beside him, ”Are you in pain? Because if you are then we need to call a doctor.”

Jimin gulped as the alpha sat down so close. So close that his lungs filled with melting chocolate and caused his head to spin even more. He locked eyes with Jungkook’s intense but surprisingly soft gaze where worry swam in the brown orbs that seemed to shift color whenever the sun would reflect in them. And it made Jimin long even more for the outside, as well as for something else that he shouldn’t be thinking about.

”I’m just dizzy” Jimin whispered and gave the alpha a reassuring smile while his cheeks heated up in a pink blush for having Jungkook’s attention. He then looked to the side and saw Taehyung peeking his head inside the room and so he gave him a small small smile. The beta smiled back and entered the room on bare feet and with his long robe floating over the floor.

”You need to hurry to get well so you can follow me to my studio again” Taehyung smiled and placed himself by the foot of the bed.

”I should” Jimin smiled and brought his hand up from under the covers so he could push a couple of blonde strands away from his forehead. He noticed that the alpha was staring at him, causing him to put his arm down on top of the covers and blush even deeper, down his neck.

Jungkook glanced down on Jimin’s bare arm and studied his small hand, his fingers, the small ruby ring. He stared on Jimin’s hand until the fingers curled, he then looked up and noticed how flustered the omega was.

If only I could touch.

If only I could feel.

If only.


Jungkook continued to look at the omega, even when Namjoon came in to the room and put a tray with breakfast for him on the nightstand.

”Leave” Jungkook ordered and glanced at Namjoon before he looked back at Jimin.

”Yes, alpha” Namjoon bowed and left the room, leaving the alpha and beta alone with his friend.

”I will be working in my office and I can’t be disturbed” Jungkook said and studied Jimin’s plush lips before he looked up to meet his gaze, ”But I will see to it that a servant stays close to your door in case you need anything.”

”Thank you” Jimin smiled and licked his lips nervously from having the couple watch him so intently.

Jungkook gulped as Jimin’s pink tongue swiped over his plump lower lip, causing it to shine with saliva.

Jungkook sighed and averted his gaze, causing a knowing smile to play on Jimin’s lips.

”I think your dizziness is contagious” Jungkook mumbled and let a hand run through his dark wavy hair before he forced himself to get up from the bed.

Jimin giggled softly and caused Jungkook to smile for himself as he made his way towards the door. But right as he was to leave, both he and Jimin looked over at Taehyung who suddenly filled the air with a sour jealousy.

With embarrassed cheeks and flickering gaze, Taehyung lowered his head and swallowed as he realized that the other two could notice his feelings.

”Beta” Jimin whispered and reached his hand out for Taehyung while shaking his head, ”Why are you—”

”I’m sorry” Taehyung cut off and shook his head as well, ”Please don’t care about it.”

Jungkook cleared his throat and opened the door, ”Beta, we should let the omega rest.”

Taehyung nodded and left Jimin who still was reaching his hand out for him and giving him an apologetic gaze.

As soon as the couple had left out the door, Jimin felt not only confused over what had happened but also sad for being alone again. And the fainter the couple’s scents became, the worse he felt. And when he glanced out the window, he felt like he was going to throw up.


”Why are you like that?” Jungkook asked in a whisper as he walked back to their room with Taehyung beside him.

Taehyung gulped and fixed his gaze in front of them while shrugging his shoulders, ”Don’t know…”

Jungkook sighed and grabbed the beta’s arm to stop him in his tracks. Taehyung glanced at the hand around his arm before he looked up to meet the alpha’s confused stare.

”I said that I don’t know” Taehyung whispered and shook his head slowly, ”It’s— I don’t know— my inner wolf? I just—”

”I thought we didn’t…” Jungkook began and eased his grip on the beta’s arm while his gaze softened when he noticed tears gather in the latter’s eyes.

”Yeah? Well, I guess things can change, can’t they?” Taehyung replied with a rather harsh tone before he shrugged his arm to get the alpha’s hand away before he began to walk towards the dinner table.

”Beta” Jungkook almost begged as he walked up to grab Taehyung’s arm again, ”Is there something you want to talk about that I should—”

”Didn’t you need to work?” Taehyung cut off shrugged away once again, leaving Jungkook with a worried look.

The alpha felt nervous. More nervous than he ever would admit to be.

The beta’s words and behavior, the almost regretful look in his eyes.

The sadness in his scent.


”If things has changed, then—” Jungkook began, but was again cut off by the beta who put his coffee cup down on the counter before turning his head to look at him with held back tears.

”Then what? Then I need to work on that? Work on not giving a shit about you?” Taehyung asked with his voice trembling just as much as his bottom lip, ”Don’t ask me to  do what is impossible! It’s been impossible from the start but it’s getting even worse with the omega around, constantly getting reminded of how much I miss— I miss—”

”Beta” Jungkook sighed and walked up to grab Taehyung’s chin to give him a long, hard kiss that did nothing to ease the beta’s sadness.

Jungkook gulped as he pulled back to see the devastated look in the beta’s eyes, telling him of everything he didn’t want to hear.


”If only you would kiss me like you meant it” Taehyung whispered and grabbed Jungkook’s wrist to lower his hand from his chin, ”If only you meant anything of this.”

”If only we could go back” Taehyung added while giving up on holding his tears back, now running down his cheeks like flowing rivers.

”Beta” Jungkook whispered again and brought his hands up to cup Taehyung’s cheeks while leaning in to press a soft kiss on his forehead, ”Let’s not go there… please. Not now… I don’t think I can do that.”

Taehyung sighed as Jungkook wiped his tears with gentle touches that felt so so good but that he again had to remind himself didn’t mean anything.

”Well, then, alpha” Taehyung said clearly with a smile that was so fake that it hurt Jungkook’s soul, ”I will see you later, after you have finished your work in the office. I will tell the servants to not—”

”Beta” Jungkook begged and shook his head, ”Don’t—”

”Don’t what?” Taehyung smiled and titled his head while his tears ran down to his neck, ”Pretend?”

Jungkook sighed and let his arms fall to his sides while Taehyung scoffed and shook his head.

”The rules has changed a lot since the beginning, alpha” Taehyung mumbled while grabbing his coffee cup again, ”But changing the rules regarding you and me seems to be the hardest, am I not right?”

”Beta, I beg you to not—”

”You have changed a dozens of rules along with the other Leaders, but changing the agreement between you and me seems to be out of the question. Such a far away thought, that you won’t even listen to me. Yet you look at the omega like you want to give him the world and everything in it, including yourself.”

Taehyung gulped down his tears and looked up at Jungkook a last time, ”And you have the audacity to wonder why I’m jealous.”


Jungkook stood alone in the spacious room with only the beta’s sad scent burning his lungs.

He had wanted to go after him.

Tell him.

But he didn’t let himself do that.

It was true that rules had been change many times, but that he had allowed nothing to change between them.

It was all true.

But it was for their own good, to not let reality come too close.

That’s why the other Leaders didn’t have relationships even though they had agreed on the fact that having mated should be equal to high status.

But they didn’t dare to.

That’s why mr Jung had to fire Namjoon, because of reality.


”I’m so sorry, Taehyung” Jungkook whispered as he looked out over the garden below, ”I’m so sorry that we can’t be more than nothing.”



It was near evening when Jimin couldn’t take it any longer.

He was feeling so dizzy and sick that he tried to hurry up from his bed, fearing that he would throw up over the bedsheets if he didn’t move.

Getting up to stand on his feet wasn’t as hard as he thought if would be, yet he knew that he wouldn’t be able to reach the bathroom without holding on to something. 

So he walked along the bed, holding the edge or the posters and when he came to his desk he grabbed the backrest of his chair and held on to that.

And right as he was about to enter the bathroom to at least try to run himself a hot bath, he glanced at his windows.

Which he shouldn’t have done, because right as he did, he could feel his inner omega claw in his chest, screaming at him to get closer.

So Jimin gulped and let his eyes fix on the outside world while he walked closer to the windows on unsteady legs.

A heartrending whine left his lips as he splayed his hands over the cool window and pressed his nose against the glass. With sad and longing eyes he looked down at the beautiful garden that looked so peaceful in the soft evening light.

A sudden pain in his chest caused him to whine again and so Jimin realized what was the cause of his illness.

He had been inside for too many days for his inner omega.

Too many days between the crimson walls and endless corridors.

Too many days without new air in his lungs.

Without having a chance to use his senses to full extent.

Without feeling free.


Tears gathered in Jimin’s eyes as a little bird came to sit on the windowsill. A white and pink fluffy little bird.

A baby bird.

Jimin sobbed as the bird picked its beak against the window before skipping back a little. Jimin kneeled down on the floor to come close to the bird and put his hand over the glass again, causing the bird to again pick its beak against the glass.

”I know” Jimin whispered and watched as the cute bird stood still for a moment, as if waiting for him.

Jimin sniffled and wiped his tears before he got up from the floor in the same second as the bird flew away.

Jimin walked with surprisingly steady legs to his door and out from his room. He wiped his teary cheeks while he made his way to the couple’s room, having only one thing on his mind.

To get out.


”Omega” Taehyung smiled where he sat in his bed with a book in his hands, ”Are you coming to join me in my studio? Or— hey… are you still feeling—”

Jimin sniffled and stopped in the middle of the room while his head again began to spin.

”Omega” Taehyung whispered and walked up to cup the blonde’s cheeks, ”What are you doing up, hm…? Should I not walk you back to you room and—”

”I-I need to go out” Jimin managed to utter between with something close to panic in his eyes.

”Go out, now?” Taehyung asked and furrowed his eyebrows while feeling confused to the sudden wish in the middle of the omega’s illness.

”I-I have to get out before—”

Jimin threw his hands over his mouth as he suddenly felt like throwing up again.

Right now.


Taehyung hurried to grab Jimin’s arm and pull him with him to the bathroom that was just behind him. He swung the door open, turned on the lights and let go off Jimin who immediately ran forward to fall on his knees and throw up in the toilet.

Taehyung sat down behind Jimin and let a comforting hand rub over his back while the latter threw up a last time.

A whine and a sniffle left Jimin as he sat back to close the lid, feeling both disgusted and exhausted.

Taehyung helped Jimin flush before he grabbed the omega’s arm and helped him up from the floor. He filled a glass of water and handed it to Jimin who rinsed his mouth and washed his hands while feeling just as bad as before.

”You’re no carrying are you?” Taehyung asked softly and grabbed a towel to wipe Jimin’s lips a little.

”I wish” Jimin replied with a sigh, ”But I can’t.”

Taehyung whispered a ’oh?’ and gave the omega a compassionate look, ”I’m so sorry to hear that.” 

Jimin nodded slowly and let his hand come up to massage his forehead.


”Shit, I didn’t mean to make it worse” Taehyung hurried to say as he put a hand on Jimin’s shoulder, ”I shouldn’t have—”

”It’s fine… really. You couldn’t have known” Jimin whispered and shook his head while he lowered his hands, ”I came to ask alpha for permission to go outside. I have to get out or else I will turn crazy in here.”

”But you're obviously ill” Taehyung began and rubbed his hand over Jimin’s arm before he stepped over to the door, ”Come, I’ll follow you back to your—”

”I need to get out!” Jimin yelled with a voice full of desperation, ”I’m not sick, beta! I’m trapped!”

Taehyung gulped as he could smell and hear just how serious the omega was being, ”But why didn’t you say so?”

Taehyung grabbed Jimin’s hand and let them intertwine as he pulled Jimin with him towards Jungkook’s office, ”You should have told me!”

”I-I tried to!” Jimin sniffled and stopped beside Taehyung as the latter knocked hard on the double doors.

”Silly omega” Taehyung sighed and squeezed Jimin’s hand, causing a small smile to settle on Jimin’s lips.

”I told you I’m busy!”

”It’s the omega!” Taehyung hurried to explain, ”He needs to get out! Now!”


Jimin heard how something shifted and moved behind the doors, and then they swung open to reveal the confused alpha who immediately fixed his gaze on Jimin.

”You need to get out? Now? But—”

”He threw up” Taehyung explained while he caressed Jimin’s hand with his thumb, ”He’s weak because he hasn’t been outside for days.” 

”Have you even been outside since you came here?” Taehyung asked softly while looking at the omega who did his best to hold back his tears.

Jimin gulped and shook his head while the alpha’s gaze turned embarrassed and regretful.

And they both knew why.

”Not since alpha ordered me to go inside” Jimin whispered honestly while looking straight back into Jungkook’s doe eyes.

Jungkook cursed under his breath before he averted his eyes and called for a servant who entered the room within a couple of seconds.


”Tell mr Sang to meet the omega down in the hallway. I need him to guard the omega for a walk on the grounds. Tell him that the omega is to go where he please and that he can stay out as long as he wish.”

The servant bowed and hurried to leave the room while Jungkook looked back at Jimin.

”Dress warm, it is soon night and the temperature will drop” Jungkook said in an almost whisper that felt too soft to be coming from him.

But Jimin was just grateful that he finally was able to leave the red walls for a little while.

”Thank you, alpha” Jimin whispered back and wiped a couple of tears that had run down from his panicked eyes.

”Go, before you feel sick again.”

Jimin nodded and watched as the alpha let his eyes linger on him before closing his double doors.

”Come” Taehyung said and squeezed Jimin’s hand before he began to lead him through the corridor and down the marble staircase to the hallway where the guard already was waiting for him.

”You need your cloak” Taehyung said and helped Jimin get his arms into the warm sleeves before he buttoned it over Jimin’s chest.

Jimin stepped into his black boots and pulled his hood up that was framed with fake fur.

”It’s not fair that you’re so pretty” Taehyung said with a small smile before he leaned in to brush his nose over Jimin’s cheek.

Jimin smiled a little, feeling better with his lungs full of the beta’s rose petals.

”Thank you” Jimin replied with a pink blush as he gave Taehyung’s cheek a peck, ”But you’re even prettier.”

Taehyung giggled and hugged Jimin tightly, ”Come and talk to me when you’re back.”

”I will” Jimin whispered and pulled back from the beta before he turned around and hurried out the door with the guard following behind.


Jimin stopped on the old stone steps and breathed in.

And in.

Until his lungs felt like they were about to explode.

And then he exhaled, slowly, with his eyes closed and his face towards the sun that soon would begin to set.

And the feeling was close to magical.

He could literally feel his color return to his cheeks and how his heart began to beat steadier and stronger.

A wide smile grew on his lips as he went down the last of the steps before he began to walk in the slightly damp grass. It had rained in the early morning, causing little diamonds to linger on the grass and on the flowers that had began to bloom in the early spring.

Jimin moved over the grass and thought that it was a pity that it was a little bit too cold to walk bare feet. 

He lifted his gaze and looked around him where decided to begin with a walk around the house. He let his eyes travel over the forest that he would love to run in and explore a little further next time, when it was a little earlier in the day. He then looked at the perfectly trimmed trees that stood side by side with a perfect distance between each other. 

He walked to the backside of the house and let his gaze travel up one of the identical stone pillars that surrounded the house. He noticed that there was a black box on top of the pillar, and when he turned his head to look at the pillars he already had walked past, he saw that they also had black boxes standing on top of them.

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows while feeling confused to what it could be. But as he saw the guard come closer with his eyes fixed on him, Jimin decided to keep walking and maybe ask alpha about it later.

He finished his walk around the house and decided to sit down on the grass beside a little pond where a couple of fishes in bright, orange color swam around. He sat down with the robe warm under his legs and let his hands bury in the green grass. A content smile grew on his lips and in the next second he leaned back to rest on the soft ground, stretching his legs and arms while looking up at the sun that had started to set.

He lay like that for a long time, until colors painted the sky in a beautiful purple, yellow and orange.

Jimin smiled as his thoughts went to the beta and yesterday when they had painted in the studio.

The beta who suddenly turned out to be such an amazing person.

Stubborn and bratty, but still soft and sweet.

A bit like alpha, who also had turned out to have a soft and sweet side, while also being stoic and authoritative.

From hating his new home, Jimin now found himself liking it.

Well, maybe not the house, but alpha and beta.

He liked them and he could see himself living with them for a long time.

Jimin blushed as his thoughts suddenly decided to take him back to the time he had watched the couple have sex on the bed.

He cleared his throat and got up from the ground while his heart drummed a little fast in his chest. He fixed his hair and his robe and turned around to head back inside, feeling a million times better than before.

He noticed the guard watch him and follow behind him, feeling a little embarrassed that the alpha had been ordered to just stand there. He must have been out for at least two hours.

Jimin smiled as he took off his boots and cloak in the hallway. He hurried up the black stairs and walked with a happy mind and soul through the crimson walls that no longer seemed even close to scary.

He walked past his bedroom while smiling for himself when his lungs suddenly filled with the alpha and beta’s arousal. The two addictive scents mixed together and created something that caused Jimin’s pulse to race and goosebumps to appear on his naked arms. He gulped in the scents greedily while walking on slow, silent steps towards the couple’s room.

He could hear low grunts and muffled moans, telling Jimin that not only were they horny for each other, they had even begun to have sex.

He stopped right under the arch to the room and let his eyes fall on Jungkook who was leaning his back against the wall while Taehyung sat on his knees in front him with the alpha’s cock deep down his throat.

Jimin gulped and grabbed the wall beside him, his little move caused Jungkook to snap his eyes up and stare at him while his doe eyes turned to dark pools of lust.

A smirk grew on the alpha’s lips as he kept his eyes on Jimin in his short shorts and silk top. He bit down on his soft bottom lip and put his hand in the back of Taehyung’s neck and thrusted his hips forward, causing the beta to make a choking sound but nevertheless to relax his lips around the big cock that filled him to the limit, wanting more.

Jungkook hummed when he noticed how eager the beta was around his cock, so he let go off Jimin for a second to look down at Taehyung. He put his hands on either side of Taehyung’s head and held him steady while he fucked his mouth, loving how the latter moaned and swallowed both saliva and pre-cum, causing his lips to clench hard around him.

”Fuck” Jungkook breathed out from the sight and from having both the omega and beta’s aroused scents fill his lungs. 

”My beta is so fucking pretty with his mouth full cock. Shuts you up all nice and quiet” Jungkook whispered with a husky voice, causing Taehyung to hum around the cock as he stared up at the alpha with half-closed, hazy eyes.

”Aww, that good, huh?” Jungkook smirked and wiped away a single tear from Taehyung’s cheek.

Taehyung hummed and closed his eyes while trying to relax his throat for Jungkook who was going deeper and deeper with every thrust.

And while sensing the omega’s presence, it was impossible to not want more.


”Look at me” Jungkook ordered and buried his fingers in the beta’s hair before he tugged, causing the latter to snap his eyes open with a loud whimper.

”I want you to look at me when I fill your mouth with cum.”

Taehyung coughed and gurgled around the cock that began to swell while Jungkook’s thrusts only become harder. 

”Remember when I knotted your mouth?” Jungkook asked with a grin while his thrusts began to lose the steady rhythm, no doubt because the lewd pictures in his head that did nothing to suppress his want. 

Taehyung whined from the memories and gripped the fabric of Jungkook’s slacks in a tight grip, and in the next second he could feel his own cock become fully hard. 

”Remember how much you swallowed that night? Hm?” Jungkook licked his lips and wiped away another tear from below Taehyung’s eye, ”I filled you over and over again until you got so full that my cum poured out of your mouth even though you couldn’t open any wider. 

Taehyung sobbed around the cock as he felt how pre-cum gushed out of Jungkook to pour down his throat, understanding that the alpha would come really soon.

Jungkook fisted Taehyung’s hair a little harder as he looked up to meet Jimin’s lustful stare.


”And right before my knot went down, you fell sleep with my cock in your mouth. It was fucking adorable.”

The beta let out a loud whine between his sobs and brought his hand to his own cock to stroke himself, feeling so close to his orgasm that only a few strokes would make him fall over the edge. 

”Don’t” Jungkook ordered and shook his head while lowering his gaze to look into Taehyung’s eyes. 

Taehyung sniffled and looked pleading at Jungkook but the alpha’s gaze was determined and Taehyung knew that no begging in the world could change the other’s wish. 

”Work” Jungkook whispered and let his arms fall to his sides to instead let the beta do the last of the work, just like they always would do, and Taehyung knew it was because of alpha’s worry that he couldn’t speak his colors when full of his cock. A sweet routine of alpha who otherwise and usually were so dominant.

Taehyung hurried to put his hands on Jungkook’s hips while he began to bob his head and suck hard, hollowing his cheeks while pressing his tongue up under the swollen cock, knowing that it was what the alpha needed. 

What he craved. 

Sometimes, he would want to be sucked slowly and with lots of licks and dripping saliva. Wet and warm and careful. Dragging the orgasm out for as long as possible.

But today was the opposite. He could see it in his eyes and smell it in his scent. 

So Taehyung sucked hard and fast, not stopping to catch his breath or relax his jaws. He took the alpha’s cock all the way in and then back to his tip only, skillfully without the cock slipping out. And in the meantime he pressed his tongue up at the underside of the cock to make the glide tighter with more resistance. 

Jimin gulped as Jungkook began to breathe heavy and let out low groans that caused Taehyung to moan almost desperately around the cock. 

Jimin was hypnotized by the sight and when Jungkook looked up to fix his burning gaze on him, it felt like the alpha was undressing him with his eyes.

Jimin let out a needy whine while he closed his thighs and begged that he wouldn’t leak any slick, already feeling embarrassed as it was. Because here he was again, watching the couple having sex, and this time he wasn’t even invited to do so. However, the look in Jungkook’s eyes told him that he was more than welcome.

Jungkook clenched his jaws as the omega let out a needy whine, causing his hand to fist the beta’s hair again. And as he kept his eyes on the omega who seemed so needy and desperate behind his facade, he couldn’t help not to imagine them all together.

Himself and the beta working together to satisfy and please the omega. On the bed, maybe. Making it comfortable and safe. But also hot and intense.

Jungkook cursed under his breath before he let out a low, almost rumbling groan.

And Jimin realized that Jungkook was coming while looking right back at him.

Taehyung shut his eyes the moment Jungkook fisted his locks, knowing that he was going to be fed.

And so he was. 

Warm cum shot out of Jungkook’s cock and poured down his throat. It was a lot. So much that Taehyung had to relax his throat even more to not choke on the release. It felt almost never ending, so after a moment he opened his eyes and looked up at Jungkook who’s gaze were somewhere else.

On the watching omega, probably.

Taehyung whined on the softening cock and kept swallowing and swallowing, feeling like his tummy soon would bulge from all the warm cum that flowed down his throat. 

Taehyung hummed around the cock and after awhile he could pull back and lick the head of Jungkook’s cock clean, letting the tip of his tongue lap over the slit. The action caused Jungkook to snap is eyes back at him. 

Jungkook let go off the beta’s hair and tucked himself back in his boxers before he zipped his slacks. 

Taehyung immediately wrapped his hand around his own cock and started to stroke himself again, still fully hard. He had even leaked pre-cum in his lace panties that was more or less soaked through. 

”Alpha” Taehyung pouted and looked up at the other while tugging at his cock, ”p-please, help your beta.”

Jungkook let a hand run through Taehyung’s locks softly before he leaned down and grabbed the latter’s chin to lift his head even further, ”Beta did good. Now make yourself come while I go and work.”

”What?!” Tae huffed before he whined aloud, ”are you j-just going to—”

Jungkook captured Taehyung’s lips and kissed him firmly, but at the same time he cupped his cheeks and caressed him surprisingly softly.

”I’m busy” Jungkook whispered against the beta’s parted lips, their breaths fanning against each other while their hearts drummed fast inside their chests, ”My good beta.”

Taehyung received a kiss on his forehead and somehow the soft touches on his cheeks and the last little kiss made up for being left alone to tend to his own release by himself.


”I’ll be in my office” Jungkook said and straightened his back while looking directly at Jimin, ”I will see you later.”

Taehyung’s scent spiked with disappointment, but he nevertheless didn’t stop to jerk himself off. 

Incredibly disappointed, but still horny, he stroke himself harder and faster until he could feel his orgasm wash over him. With the taste of the alpha’s cum on his tongue and with the omega’s arousal in his lungs, he close his eyes and imagined the three of them on the bed.

Himself and alpha taking care of the soft omega.

Giving him everything they could, everything the omega needed.

And not even a second later, he came inside his fist with a string of low moans leaving his lips.

Jimin whined as the smell of the beta’s cum reached his lungs, causing Taehyung to quickly look over his shoulder and at Jimin who gasped before turning around to run out of the room.

Jimin ran as fast as he could and slammed the door behind him before he quickly stripped out of his clothes. He ran into his bathroom and entered the shower where he grabbed his cock with one hand while starting the shower with his other.

Hot water beams flowed down over his already hot body. He whined with every stroke of his hard cock, trying to catch as much pre-cum as he could to make the glide easier in his hand. He shut his eyes tightly and leaned his forehead against the cool tiles while spreading his legs, loving how slick began to gush out of him to drip down his milky thighs.

If only alpha was there to fuck the slick back into him.

If only the beta was there to join them, to hold his hand or maybe take his cock into that good mouth of his.

Or maybe they could…

”Oh my god…”

Jimin slapped his hand over his mouth as he came with the thought of being fucked by the both of them.

At the same time.


Jimin gulped with heaving shoulders, trying to catch his breath from the surprisingly hard orgasm.

But still, he didn’t feel completely satisfied.

There was still a tingling want in his gut and fingertips.

He stroked his softening cock gently but had to give up, he was simply too sensitive.

He sighed and cleaned himself and his mess while blushing from the thoughts that lingered in his head.



Jimin walked out of the bathroom naked and glanced at the old clock on the wall. It was passed the time when they usually would eat dinner.

Has Namjoon forgot to come and get me?

Or are they having dinner without me?


Jimin worried his bottom lip as he wondered if the couple didn’t want him to attend dinner, that they wanted to be alone for once.

He could always ask the servants to come with food to his room, but at the same time he really wanted to spend as much time as possible with the others.

Jimin walked up to his wardrobes and opened one of them.

And then the other.

The clothes where all pretty much the same robes, shorts and sleeveless tops.

A little tired of the same things, he turned his head and looked at the dresser.

He walked over and opened the top drawer and was met with neatly folded lace and silk, everything in crimson red. He picked up something at random and held up in front of him. He red blush settled on his cheeks and over his nose as he realized that it was lace panties he was holding.

They were very pretty, but probably not on him.

He put them down carefully, almost as if they would tear otherwise. 

Then he grabbed what was in the piled next to it and held it up. 

A top with narrow shoulder-straps. In silk with a hem of lace. Also in crimson red, of course. It was beautiful and felt so, so soft against his touch. 

He put it down and brought a last thing up. Jimin blushed all the way down his neck and to his chest as he took in the sight of red stockings with lace at the top where they would end somewhere high up on his thighs. Jimin put them back and closed drawer, feeling how his cheeks still burned from blushing so much. 

Still, his fingers itched with curiosity. 

Maybe… maybe I can pick one thing. 

Just to try it. 

Just for fun. 


Jimin hurried to open the drawer again, before he would let himself change his mind.

He picked up the lace panties and put them on.

They were tight, but somehow they fitted just perfectly around his butt while neatly covering his member.

Jimin walked up to his mirror and studied his reflection while his ears turned red.

Maybe he didn’t look so bad in them.

Maybe he actually looked really pretty in the red lace.

Jimin turned his body to look at his butt and was pleasantly surprised by how sexy he was.

He smiled for himself and decided that he was going to wear them until bedtime. He grabbed his short, silk robe from its hanger and put it on, and right as tied its ribbon around his waist, he could smell the beta’s scent.

A knock.

”Omega, can I come in?”

Jimin smiled from ear to ear as he opened the door and was met with the beta smiling just as brightly.

”Omega, how are you doing? Do you feel better now?”

”Much better” Jimin nodded eagerly before he tucked his blonde hair back behind his ear, ”I uhm… I thought that you and alpha were eating dinner” Jimin said and forced himself to not stare too much at the beta’s red lips.

”What?” Taehyung chuckled and shook his head, ”Having dinner without you? Are you crazy? Of course not! I cancelled dinner tonight because alpha is too busy with work in his study so I thought that you and me could do something else.”

Jimin studied Taehyung’s playful smile while he felt oddly relived with the fact that they actually hadn’t ignored him.

”Like what?” Jimin asked with curiosity in his eyes.

”I am hereby inviting you to a tea party” Taehyung giggled and grabbed Jimin’s hand to let them intertwine, ”Please, will you join me in my room?”

”Tea party?” Jimin giggled and nodded, ”Why not.”

”Yes!” Taehyung smiled and pulled Jimin with him out the door and through the corridor, ”Except that there will be wine instead of tea.”

Jimin laughed and squeezed the beta’s hand, ”Wow, I’ve never been to a tea party with wine instead of tea before.”

”Then this will be your first” Taehyung winked right before they entered the couple’s room where a servant was opening a bottle of wine behind a trolley with a white table cloth covering the trolley all down to the floor. It was located right beside the bed and on top of it were small plates and spoons, two wineglasses and of course, cakes.

”We will eat in bed” Taehyung said cheerily as they walked up to the servant hand in hand.

”Leave” Taehyung said and glanced at the servant who bowed before following his order.

”This is insane” Jimin giggled as his eyes traveled over three big cakes that almost could have gone as wedding cakes.

His lungs filled with the smell of whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate, banana, vanilla, and of course the white wine.


’One for you” Taehyung said and handed Jimin a glass, ”And one for me. Come let’s sit on the bed.”

Jimin climbed up on the bed and sat down right beside the beta before he tasted the wine.

”Mmm… this was delicious” Jimin said and licked his lips while Taehyung drank from his glass.

”I’m happy that you liked it, it’s actually my favorite wine. My favorite wine and my favorite omega” Taehyung smiled and winked at Jimin who giggled before he emptied his glass and put it down on on the trolley.

”Can we begin with the chocolate cake?” Jimin wondered and grabbed a plate while waiting for Taehyung to cut a piece.

”Mmmh… this reminds me alpha” Taehyung said as he leaned down to breathe in close to the pretty chocolate cake, ”Let’s have a big piece each.”

Jimin laughed as Taehyung put such a big piece on his plate that it actually got a little heavy.

”Beta! I can’t eat all of that!”

”Of course you can! Just pretend that it’s alpha” Taehyung giggled and cute a piece for himself that was just as big.

Jimin blushed a little and settled back on the bed, so close to the beta that their thighs brushed against each other.

”You and alpha…” Jimin began in the silence that followed where they let the cake melt on their tongues.

”Ah, more questions” Taehyung smiled and looked at Jimin who looked back at him with curious, shy eyes.

”I was just wondering if… I mean… you and alpha…”

”Don’t be so shy” Taehyung whispered and put his plate down beside Jimin’s before he brought his hand up to tuck the omega’s blonde strands back behind his ears and the ruby earring.

”You and alpha” Jimin continued while blushing a little from the beta’s soft touches in his hair that felt just amazing, ”you don’t love each other…?”

Taehyung hummed and continued to play a little with Jimin’s hair, ”I knew you would ask. Sooner or later. To tell you the truth, we’re friends with benefits.”

”Sort of” Taehyung added with a sigh, ”It’s complicated, to say the least. But we have been like this for three years now, and I guess we will continue like this for another three years and so on. It is what it is.”

Jimin nodded slowly before he lowered his head and looked down at his hands. The answer was what he had suspected. It was nevertheless a little sad, because who could live like that for three years without getting any sort of feelings?

”But he has claimed you…” Jimin whispered and glanced at the beta who gave him a small smile and a nod.

”An act of impulse one night when we had been away from each other a little too long. It happened a couple of months ago. It will soon fade.”

”Do you want it to fade?”

”No, no I hate how I can feel and see the mark get smaller by the day. I still hope that the alpha will claim me again, once the mark is gone. But you never know with him…”

Jimin nodded and watched as the beta withdrew his hand, so Jimin took it in his and let them intertwine, causing the beta to smile even though his scent was sad.

”But you love him” Jimin whispered faintly while squeezing Taehyung’s hand, seeing how the latter closed his eyes and gave him a small nod while his scent spiked with so much sadness that Jimin found it a little hard to breathe.

”Beta” Jimin said softly and brought his arms around Taehyung to bring him in for a tight, comforting hug, ”Does he know?”

”I think he might” Taehyung whispered and nuzzled against Jimin’s neck to breathe in his scent that immediately soothed him and caused the pain in his heart to lessen.

Jimin hummed and tilted his head a little to give Taehyung more room while his hands rubbed over his silk-covered back.

And as a heavy silence settled, Jimin understood that there was nothing he could say to make it better. This was something beyond his reach, something between the beta and alpha that he was unable to help with.




”We still have the strawberry cake left.”

Taehyung pulled back from Jimin’s neck and wiped away a stubborn tear before he gave the omega a grateful smile.

”Let’s eat the cake as it is, with our spoons.”

Jimin giggled as Taehyung grabbed the big cake on its plate and put it in his lap, careful to not get the whipped cream on his robe.

Jimin handed him a spoon and sat down beside him while they giggled and began to spoon up the cake without cutting it.

”This is crazy” Jimin giggled and stuffed his cheeks with the cake, closing his eyes as the taste turned out to be just amazing.

”Here” Taehyung said and moved his spoon up to feed Jimin who immediately wrapped his plump lips around the spoon while looking straight into Taehyung’s eyes.

Taehyung gulped as Jimin stuck his tongue out and licked the cream away from his full lips. 

”You missed some” Taehyung whispered and brought his thumb up to swipe over Jimin’s bottom lip. Jimin exhaled a shaky breath before he stuck his tongue out again, letting the tip lick over Taehyung’s lingering thumb.

Taehyung swallowed and let his thumb press against Jimin’s tongue before the latter simply wrapped his lips around the finger to suck it into his mouth until his lips met Taehyung’s knuckle.

”Fuck” Taehyung breathed out as Jimin’s warm and wet tongue licked at his thumb before Jimin pulled his lips all the way back to the tip of the finger to give it a peck before leaning back with his cheeks burning red.

Taehyung hurried to put the cake back before he grabbed Jimin’s arm and pulled him closer, causing Jimin to giggle and straddle Taehyung’s lap.

”Omega” Taehyung whispered with lust swimming in his now dark eyes, ”What do you think you’re doing, hm…?”

To be honest, Jimin had no idea what he was doing.

He just knew that he wanted to be close with the beta.

Much closer than before.

And much closer than now.


Jimin gulped as he noticed how his own scent filled with want for the beta and with embarrassed eyes, he looked away from Taehyung whose eyes winded when his lungs filled with Jimin’s sweet arousal.

”Omega” Taehyung smiled and cupped Jimin’s cheeks while the latter but both of his hands in his dark hair.

”Beta” Jimin whispered back with a nervous smile as he leaned down and let his lips brush against the beta’s.

Taehyung hummed approvingly and let his hands travel down to Jimin’s butt where he swiftly lifted the robe a little so he could put his hands under, immediately feeling the omega’s warmth, but also lace against his palms.

”Oh…” Taehyung gulped as Jimin exhaled against his lips, ”you’re full of surprises.”

Jimin let out an embarrassing loud moan as Taehyung squeezed his ass.

”Omega” Taehyung whispered with his lungs full of want and need and… desperation, almost.

Desperation for warmth.

To feel.

To be touched.

To be… close.


And when Jimin breathed in the beta’s scent that was filled with the same emotions as his, he smiled against Taehyung’s parted lips.



Taehyung moved his hand up to the small of Jimin’s back and pressed his palm gently over the hot skin. Jimin put one hand in the back of Taehyung’s neck and let the other remain in the soft, dark locks.

The kiss was soft.

Feather light.

Like their silk robes.

Taehyung had kissed Jimin’s bottom lip and Jimin had closed his lips. Little golden sparks blinded them as they slowly opened their eyes. But with in the very next breath, the sparks were gone. A little confused, they stared into each other’s eyes before a warm feeling spread through Jimin that caused him to suddenly smile so bright that Taehyung almost found himself blinded again.

”Come here, omega” Taehyung whispered while huffing out a cute giggle. He brought both of his arms around Jimin and pressed their bodies together while Jimin giggled against the lips that kissed him again.

Sweet and slow, that’s how they kissed. And careful, like maybe they would break if they kissed firmly. 

And Taehyung loved it. Being kissed sincere and soft like that, with Jimin’s plump lips parting and closing against his own, with Jimin's pink tongue licking at his lips every now and then, causing a shiver to run down his spin. And what a good shiver it was.

Jimin hummed into the kisses while he let his fingers play with the hair in the back of Taehyung’s neck where it was a little longer. Soft curls. So pretty.

Jimin tilted his head to the other side while Taehyung did the same, the change caused quiet moans to escape them and their fingertips to itch with want.

Taehyung let one hand press gently between Jimin’s shoulder blades while his other travled down under the omega’s robe to again settle on the perfectly shaped butt that felt both soft and firm in his grip.

Jimin whined a little before he licked a tiny bit harder between Taehyung’s lips, causing his wet tongue to enter the beta’s warm mouth. Taehyung sucked on Jimin’s tongue as he welcomed him inside, loving how each and every new thing caused Jimin to let out the most prettiest of sounds.

White wine and strawberries, that’s how Taehyung tasted. And warm. Taehyung tasted warm. And Jimin loved it so much that he cupped the beta’s cheeks to hold his head steady while licking around inside his mouth. And Taehyung let him, of course he let him.

It felt like they were getting to know each other by doing so. Because in the next moment, Taehyung was instead licking inside Jimin’s mouth.

Jimin tasted like the wine and chocolate. A hint of whipped cream. And just… sweet. Like his scent. Jimin tasted sweet.

Too out of breath and with racing hearts, they pulled back from each other’s lips, but at the same time their hands clung harder to one another, as if silently begging the other to not move.

To stay.


”Omega” Taehyung breathed out and let his lips slide against Jimin’s, realizing that it was impossible to be close and not kiss.

”Beta” Jimin mumbled and closed his eyes as he let his hand press a little at the back of Taehyung’s head, silently begging for another kiss.

Taehyung smiled and chuckled under his breath from the omega’s cute eagerness.

And then he captured Jimin’s lips to kiss him again, immediately earning himself a soft moan.

Lost in each other’s arms and wet kisses, they didn’t realize that Jungkook had left his study before they could hear his heavy breathing.

They pulled back from each other’s lips with a string of saliva connecting them both. They turned their heads a little and looked at the alpha with hazy, innocent eyes and kiss-swollen, wet lips.

The sight was endearing and sensual. How the omega was sitting in the beta’s lap, straddling him with their naked thighs pressed together. The beta’s robe hung low on his shoulders, the touch of red lipstick a little smudged over his lips. The omega’s blonde locks were tousled and his cheeks burning red from blushing so hard. Yet, he was brave enough to meet his gaze. Like he was hiding nothing.

Like he wanted him to watch.


Jungkook licked his lips as his lungs filled with both arousal, sweetness and velvety roses. And what a perfect combination it was.


”Having fun, I see” Jungkook said with his voice dripping with desire and curiosity while he looked between the two on the bed.

Jimin turned his head to look back at Taehyung who immediately met his gaze.

They gulped at the same times while they felt the alpha’s intense stare on them.

Burning hot.

Like Jimin’s skin under Taehyung’s hands.


”Omega” Taehyung whispered and leaned in to slide his lips over Jimin’s, ”He won’t mi—”

Jimin captured Taehyung’s lips and kissed him with a little more want, but it caught the beta by surprise, causing him to fall backwards with the press against his lips, and since his arms where tightly wrapped around Jimin’s back, Jimin followed him in his fall.

Taehyung yelped while Jimin giggled and in the next second Taehyung was laying on the mattress with Jimin over him, kissing him silly while Jungkook watched with equally much arousal as fondness.

He walked closer and sat down on the edge of the bed, his hands forced to stay in his lap. He watched as Jimin licked inside Taehyung’s mouth and how Taehyung buried his hands in blonde locks.

It was like witnessing a dream.

A lewd and sweet wonderful dream.


Jimin noticed how the alpha sat down beside them, but it didn’t make him stop kissing the beta. But the alpha’s stare was so intense that he could feel himself turn hotter and… needier.

And a little embarrassed for maybe being the horniest in the room, he searched with his hands to his left and grabbed the covers to swiftly pull it over himself and the beta, covering them in total darkness.

”What the hell?!” Taehyung laughed as his eyes searched for Jimin’s in the darkness.

”Ssh!” Jimin giggled and leaned down to kiss the beta again.

”Hey” Jungkook chuckled and pulled the covers back again, surprised and amused by the omega’s sudden action.

”No!” Jimin laughed and straightened his back where he was sitting with one leg on each side of Taehyung, ”Give that back!”

”But then I can’t see you” Jungkook replied while huffing out a laughter from how incredibly cute the omega was being.

”That’s the point” Jimin explained and grabbed the covers to pull it up over his back like he was wearing a black cape, ”I can’t concentrate on kissing beta when you look at us like…”

”Like what?” Jungkook asked with a playful smile as Jimin blushed all the way down to his collarbones.

Jimin averted his eyes from Jungkook before he pulled the covers over his head and leaned down to the beta again.

”Like you want to eat us up” Jimin replied from inside his and Taehyung’s little world, causing the latter to laugh while wrapping his arms around Jimin’s back.

Jungkook chuckled and got up from the bed to loosen his tie and roll up his sleeves while the beta and omega were giggling under the covers.

And he couldn’t help but to smile.

Because never had the house been filled with something so care-free and genuine as what he was hearing now.

And it was something with watching and hearing the beta and omega like that.

Something that wasn’t just a deep and hot desire for them both.

But something else as well.

Something that caused his chest to feel warm and his inner alpha to feel different. It was something that made a change inside him, on all levels, deeply and on the surface.

In all ways possible.

And Jungkook didn’t know what it was or how it came to be like that.

He just knew that it felt right.



Because then I was going to be so much harder to let go.


”You need to eat” Taehyung stated as he could sense the omega’s hunger between their playful kisses.

”Mmh…” Jimin hummed and kissed from Taehyung’s lips to his jaw, up his temple and forehead.

”Omega” Taehyung giggled and pushed the covers away, their eyes blinking to get used to the light from the big chandelier in the ceiling.

”But I don’t want to go” Jimin whispered before he sat up with Taehyung following him.

”Then let me feed you the last of the cake” Taehyung smiled and reached his hand out to grab a spoonful of the strawberry cake.

”Are you seriously feeding the omega sweets in the middle of the night?” Jungkook sighed and watched the scene with fondness in his eyes.

Jimin nodded with his cheeks full where he still sat in the beta’s lap.

”I will just finish the cake and then I will leave you two alone” Jimin said and glanced at the alpha with an almost apologetic look in his eyes, ”You must be tired, alpha.”

”I am” Jungkook sighed and threw his tie onto the foot of the bed, ”But you are not to leave for your room tonight.”

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows while he slowly chewed on the cake, giving the alpha a confused look.

”What do you mean?” Jimin asked while Taehyung looked just as confused.

”I saw you outside of your room last night” Jungkook began with a rather monotone yet authoritative voice while he turned around to look at the night sky outside the large windows, ”You were walking in the corridors in the middle of the night. And if I can’t trust that you stay in your room during night time, then—”

”But I was walking with Namjoon” Jimin cut off while he stared at Jungkook’s back, ”I wasn’t walking around alone.”

I found your things and clothes.


”It doesn’t matter” Jungkook said and turned around to look at the omega again, ”It’s already decided.”

”What is?” Jimin and Taehyung asked in unison.

”That omega will share our bed from now on” Jungkook explained while averting his eyes from the omega’s surprised ones.

”What?!” Jimin exclaimed in disbelief, ”B-But I—”

Taehyung gulped and lowered his head.

”It’s already decided” Jungkook repeated as he began to unbutton his shirt, ”The beta will sleep in the middle. And the bed is so big that we won’t come close, I promise.”

Jimin gaped at Jungkook before he turned his head to look at the beta who didn’t meet his gaze.

”Beta doesn’t want me to sleep here” Jimin said while keeping his eyes on Taehyung’s lowered head.

”No? Why not?” Jungkook sighed and let a hand run through his hair, feeling bothered with the fact that Taehyung seemed bothered.

”It’s…” the beta began with a whisper, ”It’s a bit like my nest and— I love having you here but sleeping here is—”

”Alpha, you have to understand that beta might not want me to intrude in his—”

”No” Taehyung cut off and lifted his head to meet Jimin’s gaze with a small smile, ”If you want to, it is fine. I guess you just have to ask for permission to sleep in my place.

Jimin glanced at Jungkook who looked stubborn and stoic. Unchangeable. There was no use in trying to change his mind, that was for sure.


”Beta” Jimin whispered while feeling incredibly conflicted, ”Can I join your bed for tonight?”

Taehyung took a deep breath and nodded, ”Yes, you may. And I’m so sorry, it’s just something my inner beta is a little… fucked up about. I don’t even have real heats, just occasional waves, so I don’t know why I’m so sensitive about this.”

”Ssh” Jimin whispered and cupped Taehyung’s cheeks to give his lips a soft little kiss, ”I understand. I really do. And if it doesn’t work, then I’ll punch alpha’s handsome face and take you with you to my own room.”

Taehyung smiled and nodded before Jimin hugged him tightly.

”I am just trying to be on the safe side” Jungkook said and hung his button up shirt over an armchair before he turned off the lights to only have the room fill with the soft moonlight, ”No need to punch anything.”

Jimin gulped as Jungkook came to stand by the edge of the bed, dressed in only boxers. He forced himself to move away from the beta and his warm arms.

He crawled over to the other side of the bed before he got down on the floor and undressed from his silk robe. He didn’t notice that both the alpha and beta were watching his back as the moonlight shone over his naked body and the red lace around his butt.

Jimin gulped down the feeling of abandonment from in one second having been so close to beta, and a little close to the alpha as well, to now settle under the cold covers on the other side of the ridiculously big bed.

He could hear the others lay down in the bed on the other side.

Side by side where they could feel each other’s warmth and smell each other’s scent from close.

While Jimin was miles away.


It hurt a little.

A little.




Chapter Text




Jimin blinked his eyes as he slowly woke up from a restless slumber that couldn’t count as sleep, rather a rest where he would drift between being awake and having weird dreams that maybe was more imagination than dreams.

He turned around and was met with the alpha and beta’s gazes. Not before then realizing that he wasn’t in his own room.

He gulped nervously and kept quiet while the servants left the room from having set the table with breakfast.

”Omega” Taehyung whispered and reached his hand towards Jimin, but Jimin was still too far away.

Jimin gave the beta a rather sad look before he turned around and got down on the floor where he got dressed in his silk robe, feeling the other’s burning stares on his body.

Jungkook cleared his throat before he got up to get dressed in a new suit over by the many wardrobes that stood together not far from the bed.

Jimin sat down by the table and put food on his plate, hating how awkward it was.

How cold he was.

And tired.

And envious of the couple that could seek each other’s warmth whenever they wanted to.

”How did you sleep?” Jungkook asked as he sat down across from Jimin, watching him.

His tousled blonde hair.

His full lips and soft cheeks.

His narrow shoulders and collarbones.

And his sad eyes that glanced up at him before again looking away.


”Why ask when you can smell how tired I am?” Jimin whispered and applied too much honey on his toast, the sweet substance dripping down his fingers.

Jimin sighed at his own clumsiness and brought the two messy fingers inside his mouth to suck them clean.

He closed his eyes and hummed as the sweetness touched his tongue. He sucked his fingers dry before giving them a last lick. And right as he lowered his hand to grab his toast, his lungs filled with held back want and neediness.

Jimin looked up and noticed his Taehyung was gripping his spoon so hard that his knuckles were white, while Jungkook almost looked to be in pain.

Jimin blushed a cute pink over his nose before he averted his shy eyes.

”You want me. And I want you” Jimin whispered and stared down at the honey on his plate, ”And I’m ordered to sleep in your bed.”

”Yet, you don’t want me near” Jimin added and looked straight into the alpha’s eyes, ”Do you know how much that hurts? To be invited, but to not be allowed anywhere close.”

”Omega” Jungkook whispered and gulped from the sadness in the omega’s eyes, ”I’m—”

”It’s okay” Jimin cut off and gave the alpha a small smile, ”Just don’t expect me to get any sleep with this new rule of yours. Not that you seem to care, anyway.”

Jungkook averted his eyes from the omega and stared down at his black coffee while his scent drowned the room with conflicting feelings and regret.


”This will be our fall” Taehyung whispered after an eternity of silence, ”and I can’t wait.”

”Beta” Jungkook warned and turned his head quickly to give Taehyung a stare, ”Don’t go there. Not with omega present—”

”Omega” Taehyung interrupted and gave Jimin a warm smile, ”I will be in the studio. Please come and paint with me when you’re finished. I will wait for you.”

Jimin nodded slowly and watched as Taehyung left with his long robe flowing behind him.

”I’ll see what can be done with the sleeping arrangement” Jungkook said when it was only and the two of them left in the room, ”I understand what you mean and I understand that you must feel cold being alone. Maybe you and beta canand sleep closer to each other while I stay—”

”No” Jimin whispered and shook his head before he got up from his chair, ”beta will miss your warmth and then feel conflicted about who to turn to. We can’t put him in that situation. I won’t allow him to feel bad just because you have decided to put me in your bed. You should either change your rules that makes no sense, or order me to sleep in my own room again.”

”You are staying in my bed” Jungkook stated and took a last gulp of his coffee before he got up from his seat.

Jimin scoffed and turned around to leave towards the studio.

”Omega, stop” Jungkook ordered while letting a hand run through his dark, wavy hair.

Jimin gulped and stopped in his tracks to the order. He turned his head and saw the alpha come towards him with lust heavy in his scent, his eyes dark and his jaws clenched.

Jimin licked his lips nervously as he kept walking backwards with every step Jungkook took forward, and right as the alpha came up to him, Jimin bumped into the wall with his back.

Trapped, like a bird in a cage, Jimin gasped as his enemy put his hands against the wall on either side of his head.

Jimin whined as Jungkook leaned down to breathe in his scent close to his neck.

They had never been closer than this and Jimin thought that maybe he would faint from having his lungs full of the alpha’s want and… pure desire.

”Alpha” Jimin whined and tilted his head, wanting to show just how submissive he was, wanting the alpha to kiss his skin, lick over his neck.



”Fuck” Jungkook breathed out and leaned in so close that his hair brushed against Jimin’s cheek, so close that his lips hovered right above Jimin’s sensitive skin.

”Omega, I’m so—”

”Touch me” Jimin begged and shut his eyes while arousal spiked in his sweet scent, ”Please, touch me! Alpha, please! Why are you not touching me when I beg you to? I need you, alpa. I need you!”

Jungkook’s mind crashed from the omega’s pleadings and right as he was about to completely devour the omega, the latter’s hands came up to grab his waist.

Jungkook gulped and pressed his body against Jimin’s while letting his forehead rest against the wall.

”Alpha” Jimin whined as Jungkook’s warm breath disappeared from his neck, ”Why—”

”I-I can’t touch you” Jungkook whispered while his eyes began to tear up, ”I’m so sorry.”

”Why can’t you? Because of your stupid rules?” Jimin asked while his scent soured with disappointment. He let his hands stay on Jungkook’s waist, loving how he could feel the other’s warmth through the fabric of the white shirt.

And Jungkook loved how he could feel Jimin’s warm hands outside his shirt. It felt so so right and so good and he wished that he could just scoop the omega up and fucking give him the whole world! Or the whole universe or whatever he wanted, whatever he needed he would give it him and then some more. 

”Alpha, please” Jimin whispered again while his grip tightened on Jungkook's’ waist, Jimin's fingernails close to digging into his skin.

”I’m so sorry, baby” Jungkook whispered back while daring to let a blonde lock twirl around his finger.


Jimin whined from the name and how he could feel Jungkook gently touch his hair.

It felt so good and so right and oh, if only he could touch him!


”But why?!” Jimin sniffled and let his hands rub over Jungkook’s back, soothing the both of them.

”Because I…” Jungkook began before he let himself bury his nose in the blonde locks that smelled like mint and of Jimin’s genuine scent. The smell caused Jungkook’s head to spin a little.

”Because I knew from the moment that I saw you… that if I were to touch you, then I would never be able to let go of you again.”

Jimin was breathing heavy as he took in the alpha’s words, trying to make them make sense in everything surreal and strange.

”But I’m here” Jimin whispered softly while Jungkook continued to smell his hair, loving how he could feel the tip of his nose brush against his scalp.

”I live here now” Jimin added and let his forehead rest against Jungkook’s shoulder, ”You never have to let me go. I don’t want you to let go of me.”

Jungkook exhaled and let his nose travel down to Jimin’s temple and down his cheek. Jimin leaned his head back against the wall and was immediately earned with Jungkook’s warm breath agains this lips.

”Kiss me.”

”I can’t.”

”Kiss me.”

”Omega” Jungkook whispered in a sigh, almost pleadingly, ”Don’t do this to me.”

”You’re the one doing this, not me” Jimin replied softly while he leaned in a tiny bit closer, causing their lips to actually brush against each other. 

Jungkook forced this rules to stay away, quickly building up sky-high walls to keep them outside, while kept himself and Jimin inside.

”Baby” Jungkook whispered against Jimin’s lips, causing Jimin to whimper with need while slick gushed out of him and soaked his lace panties.

”Alpha” Jimin keened and parted his lips as Jungkook slid his lips over his, and then Jungkook let out a low growl before pressing his body even harder against Jimin’s, his lips right about to capture Jimin’s plump ones.

”Alpha, I am terribly sorry to—”

Jungkook snarled as he pulled back from Jimin to give the servant a harsh glare that caused the servant to gulp nervously while taking a step backwards.

”What the fuck is so important that it can’t wait?! Hm?”

Jimin cursed under his breath as the alpha’s authoritative voice only made his need to grew deeper and stronger and as Jungkook’s eyes glowed from smelling the slick that continued to seep out of him.

”I-It’s Blue Leader, mr Kim, on t-the phone. H-He said it w-was urgent and I—”

”Leave!” Jungkook ordered and pointed towards the corridor with his arm. The servant bowed and hurried out of the room.

”Fucking hell” Jungkook mumbled and brought his hand up to massage his forehead while his scent turned disappointed and… sad, almost. Tired.

And Jimin could literally feel how Jungkook didn’t want to.

How he wanted to stay.

With him.

And how he couldn’t.


”Alpha…?” Jimin whispered softly and put his hand on Jungkook’s arm.

”I have to leave” Jungkook whispered back and lowered his hand to give Jimin an apologetic look, ”I’m so sorry, omega.”

”You don’t even want to” Jimin stated and shifted a little closer, wanting so bad for their bodies to touch again.

Jungkook sighed and moved his hands towards Jimin’s cheeks, wanting to caress him, kiss him, hold him, have him, make him moan his name but also make him smile again.

Make him feel safe.


And warm.


But he couldn’t.

So he lowered his hands again, staying true to his ridiculous promise.

”Later, omega” Jungkook whispered and leaned down to settle on giving his blonde hair a kiss.


”I promise.”

”Don’t forget me.”

”I will never.”

”I want you.”

”Please, omega, don’t say that” Jungkook begged, again with regret and doubt washing over him, ”Got to beta, he’s waiting for you. I will see you at dinner.”

”I will miss you” Jimin whispered and let his forehead rest against Jungkook’s warm chest.

Jungkook hummed and let his fingers touch Jimin’s blonde locks, ”I will miss you, too. Now go before I take you and beta with me to another world.”

Jimin pulled back and searched Jungkook’s doe eyes, ”I want that. Beta want that. Can’t you see how tired he is of this?”

Jungkook gulped and shook his head before he pressed another kiss on Jimin’s head, on purpose letting his lips miss and kiss his forehead instead, ”I have to go.”

Jimin whined under his breath as Jungkook untangled from him and walked with determined steps to his study. As if walking any slower would make him turn back to him.

Jimin breathed in the lingering scent of the alpha before he hurried down the corridor to the beta’s studio, asking a servant for the direction on the way.

He opened the door and was met with the sight of Taehyung mixing colors over by a table near the windows.

”Omega!” Taehyung smiled from ear to ear as Jimin entered the room, looking just as beautiful as always, ”If you want to continue on—”

The smell of slick filled his lungs and caused him to drop whatever he had in his hands.


Jimin more or less ran up to Taehyung and jumped up on him, wrapping his legs around his waist while Taehyung grabbed his thighs to hold him in place.

”Beta” Jimin whispered and slide his lips over Taehyung’s, ”Please…”

Taehyung smiled and gave Jimin’s bottom lip a teasing bite, ”Please, what?”

Jimin blushed and leaned in to whisper in Taehyung’s ear, ”Do you ever top…? Because I want you to fuck me, but if you don’t—”

”I’d fucking love to top you” Taehyung breathed out and gripped Jimin’s thighs harder, ”You have no idea how much I want to fuck you. It’s been on my mind since I first saw you.”

”Then do it” Jimin whined as he began to squirm in the beta’s arms, ”Please fuck me before I go crazy.”

Taehyung didn’t waste a second before he hurried over to put Jimin down on his long robe that lay on the floor. He opened Jimin’s own, short, silk robe and took in the sight of the beautiful skin and flat tummy, as well soft hips and stiff nipples. He let his gaze travel down to the red lace panties and the hard cock that curved a little before peeking its tip out under the hem.

”Beta, please, hurry! I’m so horny I’m going to go crazy if you don’t fuck me right—”

Taehyung hurried to pull off his top and his own underwear before he draped himself over Jimin who immediately wrapped his legs around his back. 

A sensual, yet hungry kiss and Jimin’s head began to spin.

Never before had he been horny like this!


He had never even been close to want someone so much he wanted the beta.

And alpha.

Never had anyone turned him on like the two did.

Never had he felt so much slick pour out of him and never had he kissed anyone he liked so much as he liked the beta.

And never had he been kissed my someone who liked him equally much back.


”You smell like alpha” Taehyung stated as he kissed his way down Jimin’s pretty neck, the latter tilting his head to show submission and eagerness.


”Did he kiss you? Touch you?”

Jimin whined as Taehyung began to lick over his sensitive neck.

”N-No… no he didn’t.”

Taehyung sighed and licked his way back to Jimin’s lips, ”He’ll come around. I promise he will.”

Jimin hummed as put his hands in Taehyung’s hair, ”Beta please…”

Taehyung licked inside Jimin’s mouth before he kiss his lips a last time.

He then sat back and grabbed the hem of Jimin’s panties to pull them down his sexy thighs and legs.

”Spread your legs” Taehyung ordered, ”Let me see how wet your are.”

Jimin gulped under the beta’s burning stare, but did as he was told. He brought his legs up so that his knees almost touched his shoulders, causing Taehyung to gasp as he took in the sight of Jimin’s tight and pretty hole that was sobbing with slick that continued to gush out of him.

”Oh my god” Taehyung breathed out and brought his fingers up to touch Jimin’s wet hole. Gently, he let his fingers run over the hole, up and down, until his fingers were soaking. Jimin was already a hot mess with his eyes shut tightly and his body twitching every time Taehyung brushed over his entrance.

Taehyung studied Jimin’s face carefully as he pressed two fingers together and pushed them inside Jimin’s tight hole. Jimin tensed and scratched the floor with his fingernails as Taehyung pushed further inside him.


”So damn tight” Taehyung gulped and pushed instill his knuckles pressed against Jimin’s rim, ”When was the last time you got cock?”

”Forever ago, now please—”

Taehyung smirked and pulled his fingers back before he slammed them back inside Jimin who slapped his hand over his mouth to muffle his loud moans.

”No, let me hear you” Taehyung ordered and stilled his fingers until Jimin instead grabbed his thighs to have something to hold on to.

”Good omega” Taehyung praised as he began to fuck Jimin again, his inside so full of slick that he had to pull out his fingers to empty him.

”Noo!” Jimin whined and reached his hand out to gesture for Taehyung to come back inside again.

”Ssh, take it easy” Taehyung whispered and pressed three fingers together before slowly pushing inside Jimin who whined and dug his fingernails into his milky flesh.

”You can take it” Taehyung whispered and soothed Jimin’s belly while pushing inside, filling the omega with his long and slender fingers that reached deliciously deep.

”Beta” Jimin sniffled as the pleasure began to make his thighs tremble and a desperation for cock to burn in his gut.

Taehyung hummed as he moved his fingers back and forth between Jimin’s velvety inside, loving how the omega was moaning and begging for cock with every drag against his wet walls.

He spread his fingers as much as he could and watched at Jimin began to toss his head side to side while lewd moans left his full lips.


Taehyung gulped and pulled his fingers out slowly before he leaned down to kiss Jimin’s desperate lips.

”Are you clean or do I need a condom?” Taehyung whispered while looking into Jimin’s hazy eyes.

”I’m clean, I promise” Jimin spoke honestly while putting his hands on Taehyung’s warm back.

”Same here” Taehyung nodded and gave Jimin another, slow kiss.

”Then fuck me” Jimin whispered and spread his legs even further, loving and hating how he could feel Taehyung’s hard cock tease his own cock.

Taehyung smirked and reached between them to grab his cock and guide it to Jimin’s wet hole, ”Breathe.”

Jimin breathed in but when Taehyung pushed inside him, he exhaled in a shaky breath. It was simply too good to do anything else.

Taehyung buried himself deep inside Jimin who still was tight, but so wet with slick that Jimin only wanted more.

Taehyung pressed his lips against Jimin’s as he began to thrust slowly and steady, but with Jimin’s needy moans and sharp fingernails against his back, he soon found himself setting a rather rough pace.

”You’re so pretty like this, omega” Taehyung whispered against Jimin’s before he put his hands on Jimin’s shoulder to hold the latter steady while he fucked into him a little faster.

”The prettiest omega I’ve ever seen. So obedient and wet for me. So pliant and relaxed, so loud and needy” Taehyung continued while he filled Jimin with pre-cum that mixed with the slick and caused Jimin to feel even more full.

”Beta” Jimin whined and put his hands on Taehyung’s arms to hold himself even steadier, ”Beta I’m so full and you take me so g-good I’m— I won’t last— it’s been so long and— I’m sorry but—”

”Ssh, don’t worry. Just relax and take what I give you, hm? Just let me fuck you full of my cum and then you can come, okay?”

Jimin gulped and looked up at the beta with hazy, teary eyes that spoke of just how much Jimin was loving it.

”That’s a good omega” Taehyung smiled and leaned down to kiss Jimin again.

Jimin moaned against the other’s lips as he could feel Taehyung deliberately aim for his sweet spot, causing his head to spin and his slick to flow out of him like never before.

”Beta!” Jimin screamed against Taehyung’s lips as his whole body began to tremble.

”Yeah, okay” Taehyung gulped and leaned up on straight arms before he sat back on his knees and grabbed Jimin’s hips to instead fuck the omega’s body onto his cock.

”Beta!” Jimin screamed again as he was being pulled down on the cock in a relentless, rough pace that caused his body to tense and his orgasm to wash over him even though he had done everything in his power to not come yet.

”Come untouched for you beta” Taehyung ordered and pushed Jimin’s searching hand away, ”Make a mess for me.”

Jimin gasped as his cock twitched once before cum spurted out of the slit and drenched both his tummy and chest with hot cum. His body was shaking and his heart was beating like crazy and his fingers dug into Taehyung who let out a string of moans from how hard Jimin was clenching around his cock.

He snapped his hips a couple of more times into Jimin’s sensitive hole before he spilled inside him, buried deep and with Jimin still gripping his cock hard.

He released load after load with cum, so much that Jimin felt heavy and sated in his floating state.


”Omega” Taehyung mumbled as he more or less collapsed onto Jimin, holding himself up on his forearms to not put weight on the blonde.

Taehyung kissed Jimin’s relaxed and tired lips, getting a slow kiss back.

He then nuzzled against Jimin’s neck and breathed in his lovely, sweet scent that soothed him and brought his energy back.

”I’m pulling out. Breathe…”

Jimin breathed in and whined as Taehyung pulled out, causing all the warmth to disappear.

”Ssh” Taehyung whispered and moved his hand to Jimin’s tummy to rub him soothingly, ”Is it a plug you want…? I have a couple, but they’re in our room, of course. I promise to fuck you in our bed next time, and not on this hard floor.”

Jimin nodded and brought a hand up to caress Taehyung’s cheek, ”I would love that. For this to not have been our only time, I mean…”

Taehyung smiled and leaned down to kiss Jimin before he turned them so that they lay on their sides with their legs and arms tangled.

”It was our first together, but not the last. Not in a million years” Taehyung smiled and captured Jimin’s lips that he simply couldn’t be without.

Jimin hummed pleased and put a hand in the back of the beta’s neck, silently telling him to not stop.



Jimin smiled against Taehyung’s lips, causing the latter to smile and let out a soft giggle.

”I like you so much” Taehyung whispered as Jimin nuzzled against his neck.

”Mmh, I like you, too” Jimin smiled and gave the beta’s neck a couple of soft kisses, ”So, so much.”

Taehyung pressed a hand against the small of Jimin’s back and held him close against his body.

”You said that you’re my beta” Jimin whispered faintly, a little nervous for Taehyung’s reply, wondering how much he had meant it.

If he meant it all.

Maybe it was a possessive word falling off his lips in a heated moment and nothing more.


”Yes… I mean…” Taehyung buried his nose in blonde locks to give himself more courage, ”Like… you’re not mine in the way of being a couple or… you know… I—”

”It’s totally fine” Jimin smiled and lifted his head to look up at Taehyung’s soft eyes, ”It was a sex-thing.”

Taehyung gulped and shook his head, ”No, no it was more than so. It was… wishful thinking, maybe. That I was yours, and you were mine. Belonging to each other in a romantic way.”

Jimin watched a blush settle over Taehyung’s nose before he more or less hurled himself over the beta to crash their lips together. Taehyung yelped as Jimin kissed him hard and pushed him onto his back so he could straddled him and give him more wanton kisses.

Taehyung hummed against Jimin’s lips and put his hands on his naked but that was soaked with cum and slick.

”I wish” Jimin whispered as he pulled back a little so he could lick over Taehyung’s lips, almost feeling bad for having kissed him so hard.

”Then we're two” Taehyung whispered back, ”It’s crazy… how utterly mean I was to you a couple of days ago, and now we’re here.”

”I know” Jimin smiled and nodded slowly while cupping Taehyung’s cheeks to caress him with his thumbs, wondering how someone could be so beautiful, ”What if we are meant to be…?”

”Yeah?” Taehyung smiled and closed his eyes to the soft touches before he blinked them open to be met with the sight of smiling lips and eyes, ”Maybe… maybe we need to talk with alpha about this, if you know what I mean.”

”About us” Jimin nodded thoughtfully, ”Yes, we should. But what if he…”

”He can’t stop you and me from being together” Taehyung whispered and leaned into Jimin’s soft palm, ”But uhm… you know… I have feelings for him and…”

”I know” Jimin smiled and leaned down to brush his nose against Taehyung’s cheek, ”I’m not telling you to not love him. Please don’t misunderstand this.”

”I know, I know” Taehyung reassured and let his hands rub over Jimin’s back, ”But do you think that… I mean… you and me, and him…?”

”All I know is that I don’t want to part from either of you” Jimin replied honestly before he nuzzled against Taehyung’s neck, ”Never ever.”

Taehyung sighed in relief and hugged Jimin so tight that the latter started giggling, ”You’re amazing, omega.”


”This is ridiculous” Jimin sighed and looked down at where his robe ended right below his private parts while his thighs was covered in slick and cum and his upper body not even close to being clean even though Taehyung had tried to lick him clean as good as he could.

”And I’m still leaking!” Jimin wheezed under his breath while Taehyung walked up to fix his hair a little.

”I offered myself to clean you there as well, but someone blushed and stuttered so cutely while turning my down that I don’t know if I should be disappointed or just coo at how adorable you are.”

Jimin blushed even more while he hit Taehyung’s arm weakly, ”I’m not… I haven’t done that before! I just need a little courage before—”

”How much do you need? I got plenty if you—”

Taehyung giggled as Jimin blushed and rolled his eyes.

”Okay, okay, I will shut up” Taehyung smiled and gave Jimin’s lips a peck, ”By the way…”

”Don’t forget your panties” Taehyung said and picked up the wet underwear from the floor to hand it to Jimin who grabbed them and hid them inside his fist.

”This is all your fault!” Jimin said and pouted, ”What if I meet servants on the way?”

Taehyung shook his head and walked over to continue with mixing the colors that Jimin had interrupted him with earlier, ”It’s alpha’s fault, right? He was the one turning you on so much. He should definitely take the blame for your cute embarrassment.”

”Yeah, you’re right” Jimin sighed and put his hand on the door, ”I’ll see you at dinner.”

”See you” Taehyung said and turned around to meet Jimin’s smile, ”I like you.”

Jimin smiled and nodded, feeling warmer and happier than ever before, ”I like you.”

Taehyung smiled from ear to ear while the room mixed with their happiness and fondness.

Jimin left the room with something blossoming in his chest.

Close to his heart.

Having no idea what it was.

Just that it felt just right.




Once again, Jungkook didn’t attend dinner. So Jimin and Taehyung ate without him, to their disappointment, since they had thought that it could be a good start for a serious conversation during dinner. But since that didn’t happen, they mostly ate in silence before they left the dinner room, hand in hand.

”I’m so tired” Jimin mumbled before he yawned and leaned against the beta’s side where they walked in the corridor that no longer felt as scary as before.

Maybe due to him getting used to the house.

Or maybe because he no longer wanted to leave, that he now was happy being there.

My mind must have messed things up while longing for the outside world.


”I need a long shower” Taehyung said as they entered the room, ”since someone decided to attack me with the cum- drenched body after we had fucked.”

Jimin blushed embarrassed and averted his eyes from the beta, ”I just wanted to kiss you!”

”Then kiss me” Taehyung giggled before Jimin actually pulled him against him and kissed his lips just as slow and sensual as he had hoped.

Taehyung let his hands settle on Jimin’s hips while Jimin let his own hands travel under Taehyung’s top to settle on his warm waist.

They lost each other a little in their heartwarming kisses and didn’t even stop when they noticed Jungkook come out of his study.

Jungkook looked at the other’s in surprise that soon turned into fondness.

And worry.

He watched them kiss and listened to their little moans and whispers.


Adorable and lovely.

But yet, his conflicting feelings for the two getting so close began to make his chest hurt.

Somewhere close to his heart.


”I like you.”

”I like you, too.”

”I’ll hurry, I promise.”

”Not for me” Jimin whispered and gave the beta a last kiss, ”Take your time. I’ll wait for you.”


Taehyung looked over at Jungkook and gave him a hesitant smile, earning himself one back.


”Alpha” Jimin said and glanced at Jungkook before he undressed from his robe and climbed up the bed in a new pair of red underwear that caused Jungkook’s head to crash and his cock to twitch like he was a teenager with too many raging hormones.

”Omega” Jungkook said back and walked over to dim the light, causing the room to bathe in a soft yellow light. He then undressed and climbed up the bed to lay down with light-years between himself and Jimin.

They faced each other and held each other’s gazes. Speaking a million things without words while the flowing of water created a soft background sound.

It could have been cozy and relaxed. 

Lovely and warm.

But now it was nothing like that.


Jimin sighed and closed his eyes, trying to fool himself that he was going to get some sleep when he very well knew he wasn’t.

”Are you cold?”

Jimin opened his eyes again and gulped as the alpha gave him an apologetic look.

”Yes. You know I am. And you know I won’t be able to fall asleep” Jimin whispered without letting the alpha get away from his gaze.

”I’m so sorry” Jungkook whispered back with a sigh, hating and hating and hating himself.

Jimin’s lungs filled with Jungkook’s doubt and he immediately knew it was a doubt regarding him. And Jungkook himself.

Something about the two of them.

Something or everything.


”You’re thinking about me.”


”What are you thinking about me?” Jimin whispered and put his hand under his pillow.

”That I may have made my life biggest mistake by taking you to this house and…” Jungkook began before he gulped and closed his eyes, too conflicted to meet the omega’s soft gaze, ”and make you a part of this.”

”You regret bringing me here.”

”No” Jungkook replied and opened his eyes to look at Jimin’s soft features, too innocent to be here, ”I will never regret only bringing you here. It’s the part with involving you in this mess that I regret.”

”But I’m not even involved. I just… live here” Jimin replied with a bit of confusion in his voice.

Jungkook swallowed his secrets and forced himself to not speak.

Jimin sighed and turned onto his back, ”You have something planned that I will hate. Don’t you.”

”Yes” Jungkook mumbled and studied Jimin’s profile in the dim light.

”You want me to become a Leader, is that it? Pink Leader mr Park” Jimin said and turned his head to look into Jungkook’s eyes.

”No, you can never be a Leader, even if you would have wanted to. It’s only us four. Not even beta can become a Leader” Jungkook replied and let his fingertips draw patterns on the satin bedsheets.

”I said to Namjoon that we should become Leaders together” Jimin smiled at the memory, ”Fair and just Leaders. In a pink House.”

”Is that so” Jungkook said with a playful smile on his lips, ”And the money?”

”Same place where you get your money from” Jimin said and leaned up on his elbow, ”Where do you get your money from?”

”From little cute omegas like you” Jungkook grinned and leaned up on his elbow like Jimin, ”We keep them in the cellar and—”

”Oh my god!” Jimin giggled and grabbed his pillow to throw it at Jungkook who swiftly caught it right before it would hit his face.

”Hey! My perfect face!” Jungkook chuckled and tossed the pillow back at Jimin, a little too hard, causing it to hit Jimin’s eye.

Jimin hissed and sat up before he brought his hands up to his eye.

”Fuck, how did it go? I’m so sorry!” Jungkook said as he hurried over to Jimin to check on him.

”I’m… fine, I think…” Jimin blinked his eye and rubbed it gently.

”Let me see” Jungkook said and cupped Jimin’s cheeks and tilted his head upwards a little, ”Does it—”

Jimin gulped as their gazes met.

And that’s when Jungkook realized what he was doing.

He removed his hands slowly, like Jimin would break of he moved too quickly.

”No” Jimin whispered and hurried to grab Jungkook hands to put them back on his cheeks.

And Jungkook let him.

He shouldn’t have.

But he did.

”Alpha” Jimin whispered and leaned in to Jungkook’s touch that felt so right.

”Omega” Jungkook whispered back as he caressed Jimin’s warm cheeks, feeling how little, golden sparks flew between Jimin and his palms.

It felt magical.

Like Jimin was.



Jimin smiled and turned his head a little so he could kiss Jungkook’s hand, ”Finally… finally you touch your omega.”

Jungkook gulped before he pushed the covers away and wrapped his arms around Jimin who immediately answer the tight hug.

He held Jimin like that for what felt like forever, their almost completely naked bodies pressing against each other. 

It was relaxed and lovely.

And safe.

And Jimin thought that he never had felt so warm.


They held each other tightly while their hands roamed across their backs and necks.

Their hair and their shoulders and their arms.

And when Jungkook buried his face against his neck to breath in his scent and kiss over his scent gland, Jimin gasped and tilted his head while his body went pliant and heavy in the alpha’s arms.

My omega” Jungkook whispered and licked over Jimin’s scent gland, ”Mine.”

”Yes, I’m yours, alpha” Jimin buried his hand in Jungkook’s soft, wavy hair, ”Yours and beta’s. I’m your omega.”

Jungkook hummed and licked over Jimin’s delicious neck a last time before he pulled back a little and let his lips slide over Jimin’s, completely letting go of horrible decisions and plans.

Letting go.

And then never back again.

This was Jimin.

His omega.

And nothing was going to change that.



”Alpha” Jimin whispered against Jungkook’s lips, ”What’s happening with you…?”

”Change of plans” Jungkook replied with a hesitant smile.

Jimin smiled back, a little brighter, a little braver.

Because his lungs were no longer filled with conflict, regret and worry.

Just the alpha’s genuine scent of melting chocolate.

And want.

There was so much want in the alpha’s scent as well.

Sexual want… but also another type of want.



A sweet whisper and then Jungkook was kissing Jimin’s lips.


Just like Taehyung had.

Softly but but with more… greed, almost.

Jimin would feel how Jungkook’s hand trembled from holding back so much.

They hummed into the sweet kiss that felt like heaven, like finally.

All the sexual tension and all the secret want and all the times Jungkook had wanted nothing more than to feel, was now put into a kiss that meant what they were not quite ready to admit.

”My pretty omega” Jungkook whispered as he pulled back to look into Jimin’s starry eyes while little sparks flew in the air between. But in the next heartbeat they were gone.

And instead, Jimin captured his lips and clung around his neck, pulling him down onto the mattress with him.

Jungkook lay over Jimin while keeping his weight on his forearms, kissing Jimin slowly and soft, finding it more and more difficult to hold back the intense want to do all sorts of sexual acts together with the omega.


”Alpha” Jimin smiled as he could feel the other’s hard cock press against his thigh, ”You’re—”

”Mmh… sorry… just… kiss me.”

Jimin giggled as Jungkook pulled him with him to lay on their sides, facing each other while continuing to kiss the one they liked so much.

Jimin put his leg between Jungkook’s and Jungkook wrapped his arm around Jimin to hold him close.

And it was something so intimate about that.

They way they wanted to be closer and closer, constantly shifting towards each other even though they already were as close as they could get.

Still, they wished they could be closer.

And Jimin blushed as he let his thoughts go that far.


Wet and slow kisses.

Little whispers and soft moans.

That’s what reached Taehyung as soon as he stepped out of the shower.

He smiled for himself and walked up to the bed. He stood still for a moment, watching alpha and omega make out in each other’s arms.

It was hot and endearing and so much more than he could have hoped for, having thought that the alpha would insist on not touching the omega for years to come.

Seems like I’m not the only one who’s weak for omega.


Taehyung climbed up the bed and laid down on his usual spot while keeping his eyes on the other’s.

As soon as Jungkook could sense Taehyung’s presence in the bed, he pulled back, slowly as not to startle Jimin, and turned his head to look at Taehyung who lay on the other side of the bed.

Jimin followed his gaze with his tired eyes and smiled as his lungs filled with red roses.

”Beta” Jungkook whispered, almost apologetically even though he of course didn’t regret a single breathe.

”It’s okay” Taehyung whispered with a smile, ”Don’t stop.”

Jungkook gulped and looked down at Jimin who’s eyes barely managed to stay open.

”Come” Jungkook whispered and gestured for Taehyung to come over to them.

”No” Taehyung whispered, ”It’s perfectly fine if—”

”Beta” Jimin whispered and reached his hand out towards Taehyung, ”Come to us. Please…”

Taehyung swallowed nervously and glanced at Jungkook who gave him a small smile but who at the same time was just as nervous as him.

Taehyung got up on all fours and crawled closer, slowly and with Jungkook’s intense gaze on him.

He laid down close to Jimin and grabbed his had to let them intertwine.

Jimin hummed with a smile and closed his eyes. And although he wanted nothing more than to stay awake with the others, he simply couldn’t.

Exhausted and emotional, he decided that it was fine to let sleep take over for a couple of hours, feeling a little excited for what tomorrow would bring.


Jungkook looked down at Jimin who suddenly was snoring softly with his full lips parted and his blonde hair covering half of his face.

Jungkook smiled at the sight and pushed the hair back before leaning down to press a soft kiss on the omega’s temple, ”Sweet dreams, our omega.”

Taehyung watched as Jungkook sat back and glanced back at him before looking away and Taehyung understood that alpha was trying to decide where to sleep.

A little disappointed, he watched as alpha moved and laid down on Jimin’s other side while wrapping an arm around the omega to hold him securely in his arms.

Taehyung closed his eyes and tried for his scent to not fill with his sadness.

Not when everything was so good.

Not when they should be happy.


”Beta” Jungkook whispered and reached his arm out to grab Taehyung’s, pulling him close to Jimin.

And Taehyung let him.

And when he was so close that he could feel Jimin’s heavy breaths against his neck, he opened his eyes and was met with Jungkook’s soft gaze.

”My beta” Jungkook whispered and moved his hand to caress Taehyung’s cheek.

Taehyung let out a deep sigh and let a tear escape his eye.

Jungkook wipe the tear away before he again caressed his cheek, ”Don’t worry. We’ll figure things out, I promise.”

”Do you?” Taehyung sniffled, ”Do you really promise?”

”Yes, I do.”

”Will you claim me once your mark on me is gone or—”

”Yes” Jungkook replied honestly and let his thumb swipe over another tear, ”Of course I will. I’m not stupid, am I?”

Taehyung gulped and kissed the hand that was so warm and gentle against his skin, ”Yes, you are.”

Jungkook chuckled and let his hand bury in Taehyung’s hair instead, loving how his soft curls felt against his touch.

”Yeah… I’m stupid for you” Jungkook smiled and was earned with a sweet smile, ”Our beta.”

Taehyung hummed to Jungkook’s touches while Jimin’s soft snores began to lull the both of them to sleep.



Chapter Text




Jimin nuzzled closer to the scent that filled his lungs, still barely awake.

”He’s waking up” Taehyung whispered and gave Jungkook a small smile.

Jungkook hummed and buried his nose in the blonde locks while Jimin nuzzled his face against his chest.

”So cute” Taehyung smiled and let his hand gently caress Jimin’s waist and hip, down to his naked thigh and up to his waist again.

”Omega” Jungkook whispered and put his hand in Jimin’s hair to comb it back a little, ”Are you awake… ?”

”Can’t you let him sleep?” Taehyung asked and scooted a little closer, wanting to feel Jimin’s warmth. Be closer. To the both of them.

”But it’s getting a little late, and I have to work and—”

Taehyung sighed and leaned up on his elbow, ”Work? Really? With what?”

”Beta” Jungkook whispered and leaned up on his own elbow, ”Don’t go there…”

”You will rather keep up the stupid appearance than spend time with us?” Taehyung asked and searched the alpha’s gaze that began to flicker, not at all as confident as for a second ago.

”Don’t tell him” Jungkook begged while he caressed Jimin’s shoulder, ”Please don’t—”

”We have to, alpha” Taehyung whispered, just as pleadingly, ”He deserves to know the truth. He will be a part of us now. So we have to tell him. Because in worst case, he will find out in another way. And that will harm us more than anything.”

Jungkook closed his eyes and gulped, his scent spiking with so much worry that Jimin blinked his eyes open. He stretched his legs with a yawn and smiled as his eyes met Jungkook’s.

But as he breathed in, the smile immediately faltered.

And while memories of the night washed over him, he swallowed nervously, wondering if it was his presence that was making the alpha so uneasy.

Jimin untangled from Jungkook’s hold and sat up. He stared right in front of him. At the breakfast on the table, at the arch to the corridor, at the large windows and the bright sunlight.

Jungkook glanced at Taehyung as they sat up as well, grabbing one of Jimin’s hands each.


”You’re doubting” Jimin whispered and turned his head to look at Jungkook who immediately shook his head.

”No, no it’s not like that” Jungkook replied and squeezed Jimin’s small hand, ”It’s not like that at all.”

Jimin breathed out in relief and looked down at their hands while his eyes started to tear up, feeling just so incredibly emotional with all the scents and held back words drowning the air.

”Then why—”

”I’m just nervous” Jungkook hurried to explain before Jimin would get the wrong picture.

”You know…” Jungkook began and leaned in close to Jimin to breathed in his scent that worked so good on soothing him, ”Alpha can also be nervous sometimes…”

Jimin smiled at the honest and the realness. How Jungkook was showing more and more of his true self.

And Jimin loved it.

So without thinking twice, he straddled Jungkook and put one hand in the back of the alpha’s neck before crashing their lips together.

Jungkook gasped in surprise before he hummed and put both if his hands on Jimin’s waist to hold him steady in his lap.

Jimin tilted his head to deepen the kisses while he squeezed Taehyung’s hand, worried that the beta would feel left out. And right as he relaxed his hand again, Taehyung untangled from his and disappeared.

”Beta” Jimin whispered after pulling back from Jungkook, the both of them nervous for why Taehyung was moving on the bed.

”Kiss” Taehyung smiled with lust swimming in his eyes as he moved to sit behind Jimin.

And when Jimin could feel Taehyung’s arms wrap around his middle before wet kisses trailed over his shoulders and neck, he closed his eyes and felt how a soothing warmth blossomed inside him.


”Omega” Jungkook whispered and captured Jimin’s smiling lips.

Jimin answered Jungkook’s kisses with a little more want than before, a little more greed. Because the beta was licking him so good and making his skin so wet and moist and when Jungkook’s hands came to caress his thighs, he let out the pretties of moans.

Jungkook gulped as his head began to spin with the other’s aroused scents, feeling how his cock twitched with interest under Jimin’s weight.

And Jimin could feel it, too. Proud that he was making Jungkook so hot under his skin, so needy against his lips.

”Alpha” Jimin whined and started to grind against Jungkook, loving how his hard cock pressed up against him.

Jungkook cursed under his breath as Jimin tilted his head for the beta.

Taehyung exhaled a shaky breath before he began to lick over Jimin’s neck, letting his wet tongue lap over the scent gland, loving how the sweet scent burned on his tongue.

”Beta” Jimin whispered and brought his hand back to bury his fingers in Taehyung’s soft curls.

”I’m here…” Taehyung reassured between kisses and long licks over sensitive skin, ”I’m not going anywhere.”

Jimin gasped as Taehyung sucked his skin between his lips, starting to work on a hickey that caused Jimin to squirm and moan while Jungkook’s intense stare did nothing to calm the want that flared up inside him.

”Fuck, you two are beautiful” Jungkook whispered in awe while taking in the scene that played out in front of him, the needy omega and the beta that worked so good on taking care of him.

”You should ride him” Taehyung whispered close to Jimin’s ear while his scent dripped with want and velvety roses, ”Show us how good you can ride, hm…? Make your alpha and beta proud.”

Jimin gasped when slick poured out of him as the beta’s words caused his whole body to melt and his heart to beat so much faster.

Show what I can for them.

The three of us together.

Make them proud.


The thought was so hot and so tempting that Jimin found himself giving Jungkook pleading eyes and a cute pout.

”Do you want that, hm?” Jungkook asked and cupped Jimin’s cheeks, ”Do you want to come on my cock, omega?”

Jimin let out a whine as he nodded and grabbed Jungkook’s shoulders, already trying to steady himself.

”Beta” Jungkook smirked while he kept Jimin’s lustful gaze, ”Help omega out of his panties.”

Taehyung smiled and licked over the hickey on Jimin’s neck before he grabbed the hem of the red panties and pulled them down milky thighs and down to pretty feet before he tossed them to the side while Jungkook took the opportunity to pull his own boxers down.

”I’m so wet” Jimin stated, like a warning, with blushing cheeks, not wanting the other’s to get uncomfortable.

”We want you wet” Taehyung whispered close to Jimin’s ear while his hands roamed over his hot body, ”The wetter the better, right, alpha?”

Jungkook hummed before he captured Jimin’s lips in a hot, impatient kiss, ”Can’t you tell how much we like your slick, omega? It’s driving us crazy.”

”I’d love to taste you someday, I bet you taste just as wonderful as you smell.” Taehyung let his hand travel down to Jimin’s butt and let a finger drag between the ass cheeks, causing Jimin to tremble with want.

”Alpha” Taehyung whined, almost as if in pain, and let his forehead fall against Jimin’s back, ”It’s literarily pouring out of him.”

”We’ll go by colors” Jungkook hurried to explain while cupping Jimin’s cheeks to find his gaze, ”Green, yellow and red. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

”Yes” Jimin nodded while trying to not come from the teasing touches around his hole, ”Just please do something, beta, please push your fingers inside or—”

”What did I just tell you?” Jungkook asked and stared into Jimin’s eyes that was so full of desire that Jungkook had to clear his throat and try to relax before going too fast too soon.

”That I should use the colors! I know! I’m not stupid! Just fuck me! I beg you to—”

”Beta” Jungkook smiled and looked back at Taehyung’s curious eyes, ”Finger him for us.”

Taehyung nodded and kissed Jimin’s shoulder before he entered him with two fingers, knowing very well that the omega could take it.

Jimin gasped and dug his fingernails into Jungkook’s shoulders while Taehyung’s fingers sank into him, reaching the knuckles within a second.

”God, he’s so fucking wet” Taehyung mumbled as his fingers drowned in the sticky slick that enveloped him and made the glide so easy.

”Beta” Jimin breathed out as he leaned forward to rest his forehead on Jungkook’s shoulder, ”More.”

Taehyung smiled and looked up to be met with Jungkook’s shiny eyes and strained expression, silently telling how him much he was holding back.

Taehyung pulled out and with Jimin whining with disappointment, he then pushed three fingers inside and started on stretching him a little more.

Jimin clung around Jungkook’s neck while the latter whispered soothing words and praises in his ear, causing his skin to feel even hotter while even more slick gushed out of him to pour down Taehyung’s arm.

”Our pretty omega” Jungkook whispered while he squeezed Jimin’s thighs, ”Our pretty baby is doing so good for us, hm…? Letting the beta work you open for my cock. How does it feel to be stretched like this, hm…? Is it good? Can you feel how deep his fingers are?”

”Y-Yes” Jimin sniffled with pleasure causing his to sweat and tremble and gasp every time Taehyung would press his fingers against his sweet spot. Teasingly but so deliberate.

”He’s not going to be able to take much more” Taehyung whispered while looking at Jungkook, ”He reminds me a little of myself, I know what it means when the walls get relaxes like this.”

”It means that you’re ready for a knot” Taehyung whispered while giving Jimin’s neck kisses, ”Your body is ready for alpha to knot you. If you will let him, that—”

”Of course I want to!” Jimin pouted and leaned back to look into Jungkook’s eyes that shone like two full moons on a black sky.

”A-Are you absolutely sure?” Jungkook wondered and cupped Jimin’s cheeks and in the middle of all the heavy desire and scents, Jimin’s chest felt warm from how adorable Jungkook was being when he wanted to make something sure.

”Yes, of course I’m sure!” Jimin nodded and nodded and smiled, wanting so much for Jungkook to understand just how much he wanted him.

”Are you clean? Or do we need a condom?” Jungkook asked in the next breath, glancing at Taehyung before he looked back at Jimin.

”I’m clean! And you?”

”Yes, I’m clean. But we should only go without if you feel comfortable with—”

”If you don’t knot me I will find a toy that can and then—”

Jungkook growled and wrapped his arms around Jimin while letting his teeth graze over his neck, ”Don’t you fucking dare to even think about it.”

Jimin whimpered as he tilted his head in submission, wanting nothing more than for the alpha to actually bite him.


Until his teeth would pierce his skin and leave a claiming mark.


”Beta, help him.”

Jungkook lifted Jimin up under his arms while Taehyung grabbed Jungkook’s cock and guided it to Jimin’s entrance. He held it in a steady grip while Jungkook lowered Jimin down onto it, the room filling with moans from all of them.

”That’s it” Taehyung praised and caressed Jimin’s back as he was fully seated on alpha’s big cock, ”You take alpha so good, don’t you? How does it feel? Are you full?”

Jimin hummed and buried his face in Jungkook’s neck to breathe in some soothing pheromones that helped him relax a little further.

”So good, so full and so… so perfect” Jimin whispered while he lifted himself up on his knees, ”Y-You’re so big.”

Jungkook’s inner alpha beamed with proudness from the omega’s words, causing his scent to drown in an eagerness he hadn’t felt before.

Eagerness for both the omega and beta.

An eagerness for everything, with them.


Jimin lifted himself up until only the tip of Jungkook’s cock was inside him, he then lowered himself to take his cock slow and deep. Loving how Jungkook warmed his inside, how he already was leaking pre-cum and how his cock twitched together with his low grunts.

”Beta” Jimin whispered while he began to work a little faster on Jungkook’s cock, rising and falling while his breath became heavy, panting, almost.

”I’m here” Taehyung whispered and shifted a little close while Jungkook put his feet flat against the mattress, ready to help Jimin if he would want him to.

”Beta” Jimin whispered again while his hand came to search behind him.

”I’m right here” Taehyung smiled and took Jimin’s hand in his, ”Go on. Enjoy what alpha gives you.”

”But I want to…”

”It’s okay” Taehyung reassured between soft kisses against Jimin’s shoulder blades.

”Alpha” Jimin whined and shook his head, ”It doesn’t feel… I…”

Jimin stopped and gulped as he looked into the alpha’s needy, yet slightly worried gaze.

”What’s the matter, omega?” Jungkook whispered sweetly while caressing his cheeks, ”Is it that you need to see him…? Do you want to him to be more involved…?”

Jimin nodded and bit down on his lip before he whispered a ’I’m sorry’.

”No” Jungkook smiled and kissed Jimin's lips until Jimin relaxed in his arms. Jimin hummed into the kisses and began to ride slowly again, just to keep them warm.

”These lips” Jungkook whispered while he let his tongue lick over Jimin’s bottom lip, ”Should suck on beta’s cock, don’t you think?”

Jimin blushed a deep red and nodded eagerly before he looked behind him and saw that Taehyung was blushing a cute pink over his nose.


”Can I? Please?” Jimin asked cutely, causing both Taehyung and Jungkook’s hearts to beat faster.

Taehyung gulped and nodded quickly, surprised by Jungkook’s suggestion but nevertheless extremely happy.

”I’m going to fuck you on all fours while you suck beta’s cock” Jungkook decided and grabbed Jimin to pull him off his cock and down onto the mattress.

Jimin gasped and let out a string of whines as Jungkook helped him up on all fours before spreading his legs and giving his butt a squeeze that caused more slick to gush out of him.

”Beta, come here” Jungkook ordered while he pushed two fingers inside Jimin who moaned into the pillow while clutching the bedsheets with sharp fingernails.

Jungkook’s fingers felt like Taehyung’s, but more determined in a way. A little greedier.

Jungkook let his fingers collected as much of the sticky, sweet slick he could before he pulled them out, causing heavy drops to drip down onto the satin bedsheets.

”Open up” Jungkook ordered with a husky voice as he brought the slick up to Taehyung’s face. The beta parted his lips and took in Jungkook’s fingers before he closed them to suck the fingers clean of slick.

And the taste was heavenly.

So sweet that it tasted like pure sugar melting on his tongue. And the pheromones went straight to his head.

Jungkook smirked as he beta sucked and licked him sloppily. He smeared some of the rest onto Taehyung’s lips before he gripped his chin and pulled him in for a series of hot kisses, loving how Jimin’s slick mixed with the beta’s own taste.

Jimin looked back and watched in awe as the others made out, thinking that he maybe would pass out if they would continue much longer. And while they made out, Jungkook’s fingers were slowly fucking him, making everything just so much hotter.


”Beta” Jungkook whispered as he licked over Taehyung’s soft lips while the latter’s warm breath fanned against him, ”Our beta…”

Taehyung blushed and ducked his head a little.

”No, beta” Jungkook whispered and lifted Taehyung’s head with a gentle touch, ”You’re so pretty… I…”

Taehyung waited with a racing heart for Jungkook to continue, but a sudden moan caused them to snap their heads towards Jimin who buried his face into the pillow while trying to fuck back on Jungkook’s fingers.

”We should take care of our omega” Taehyung whispered and gave Jungkook a small smile before he began to shift forward on the bed.

”Wait” Jungkook hurried and grabbed Taehyung’s arm to pull him towards his lips again.

Taehyung smiled and answered the surprisingly soft kiss, softer than… ever, almost.

”I’ll knot you next time, okay?” Jungkook whispered and let his cheek brush against Taehyung’s, causing the latter to close his eyes from the quick scenting that he wished could have gone on for far longer than only a second.

”Yeah” Taehyung smiled and relaxed to the softness that was so unlike the alpha.

Everything was so new about him.

And Taehyung loved it.


Jungkook watched as Taehyung moved beside Jimin to place himself in front of him, standing on his knees while guiding his cock to Jimin’s waiting lips.

”Here you go” Taehyung whispered and put one hand in Jimin’s hair, ”suck.”

Jimin held Taehyung’s gaze while he eagerly wrapped his lips around his hard cock, immediately taking it deep in his mouth.

Taehyung threw his head back and exhaled with pleasure burning in his gut. It had been too long since Jungkook had sucked him off, now feeling a little overwhelmed with the intense feeling.

Jungkook’s eyes began to shine from the sight, and as Jimin began to clench on his fingers, he didn’t waste another second before he pulled his fingers out to replace them with his cock.

Jimin shut his eyes tightly and gripped the bedsheets while he moaned on Taehyung’s cock, absolutely loving how Jungkook’s cock filled him so good.

Jungkook put his hands on Jimin’s hips and began to fuck the omega hard while his gaze was fixed on Taehyung who looked so beautiful while getting his blowjob.

”Fuck” Jungkook breathed out as Jimin’s walls clenched around him, ”Don’t come yet, baby.”

Jimin whined around Taehyung’s cock while wondering how in the world he was going to last when he was getting fucked from both directions.

”Is it good?” Taehyung asked while he fisted his hand in Jimin’s blonde locks, ”You should see yourself now.  All full of your beta and alpha’s cock. Leaking slick and saliva like the good omega you are, hm… such a messy omega.”

”Fuck, beta don’t— you’re making him come” Jungkook warned as Jimin let out a muffled scream that caused Taehyung to gasp and Jungkook to groan from how hard Jimin clenched around him.

”Well” Taehyung gulped and looked down to meet Jimin’s hazy eyes where stars swam together with lust, ”so am I. Shit, you’re so fucking good at this. You have to suck alpha’s cock later."

”You’ll love it” Taehyung added and glanced up, immediately meeting Jungkook’s eyes.


Jimin gulped down the pre-cum that mixed with his saliva and did his best to take Taehyung both deep and good while also getting fucked harder and harder by Jungkook whose knot had began to swell and was pushing at his walls in the most delicious of ways.

”Omega” Taehyung whispered, out of breath and with his cock twitching inside Jimin’s warm mouth, ”I’m so close— will you swallow me down like the good boy you are?”

Jimin gurgled around Taehyung’s cock and took him even deeper while looking up at him, wanting him to see just how eager he was for his cum.

”That’s s-so good” Taehyung exhaled and nodded while he kept his eyes locked with Jimin, his fist pulling harder at his blonde locks, "Omega, omega, omega I'm going to come, I'm-"

Taehyung came with a string of soft moans leaving his lips. He loosened his grip on Jimin’s hair and began to caress him while the latter greedily swallowed around him.


”Omega” Taehyung whispered out of breath, ”Pretty little omega, you did so good.”

Jimin let go off Taehyung’s clean, softening cock and looked behind him with begging eyes, ”Alpha, don’t hold back, please, you’re teasing me. Just give me your full knot, please—”

Jungkook had waited for Taehyung to come, wanting to be sure that Jimin could use his voice properly before he would let his knot take.

And now he could.

So Jungkook grabbed ahold of Jimin a little tighter and snapped his hips while letting go.

And Jimin could immediately feel how the cock rapidly swelled inside him and in the next second he was moaning like crazy from the pleasure of being stretched to the limit by Jungkook who repeated praises and soft words that worked perfectly on soothing him.

Jungkook was panting as his knot finally settled inside Jimin, causing the two to lock in place. Jimin was sobbing from the pleasure and as Jungkook began to fill him, he realized that this was the best he had felt in his entire life. Locked with Jungkook, getting his tummy full of hot cum while Taehyung was caressing his cheeks with soft and proud words leaving his pretty lips.

It was amazing.

And when he in the next moment found himself laying down with Jungkook’s knot inside him, still pumping him full, he realized that he had drifted off for a second.

He breathed in and filled his lungs with melting chocolate and velvet petals. And when his vision was better, he smiled as he was met with a smiling Taehyung who was laying right in front of him, soft and genuine eyes.

”He’s back” Taehyung whispered and glanced at Jungkook who hummed and buried his nose in Jimin’s hair.

”Hi, there.”

Jimin turned his head and tried to find Jungkook who then leaned up on his elbow and searched his eyes with a bright, put slightly tired smile.

Jungkook leaned down and captured Jimin’s lips in a couple of slow, soothing kisses.

”How do you feel? Are you okay? Hurt?”

Jimin shook his head and let his hand come up to caress Jungkook’s cheek, ”I’m perfect. Full of your knot and cum. Can it get any better?”

Jungkook chuckled and let his hand gently rub over Jimin’s full tummy, ”You’re taking it so good.”

Jimin hummed and let Jungkook kiss him some more.

”You were amazing” Jimin whispered against the alpha’s lips, ”You really know how to take good care of me.”

”You both do” Jimin added and turned his head back to look at Taehyung who immediately captured his lips, having waited for too long to do so.

They kissed for minutes, so long that Jungkook’s knot was going down inside Jimin.

And Jimin quickly realized that Taehyung was amazing with lazy kisses.

”Beta” Jimin whispered and buried his fingers in Taehyung’s curls, ”I like you so much.”

”I like you, too” Taehyung whispered back before he kissed Jimin again, causing the latter to giggle against his lips.

Taehyung pulled back and laughed softly as they rubbed their noses together.

”God, you’re so damn cute” Jungkook sighed while he listened to the other’s sweet kisses and sounds of happiness.

”Who’s the cutest?” Jimin asked without taking his eyes of Taehyung who he gave a playful wink.

”I said both” Jungkook replied and kissed Jimin’s hair, ”but if you’re going to be bratty then beta is the only cute one.”

Jimin pouted and looked behind him where Jungkook was giving him a smirk.

”You’re cute” Jungkook said and licked over Jimin’s lips once before he grabbed ahold of Taehyung’s arm and pulled him up a little so they could lean over Jimin and share a kiss.

”And you’re just as cute” Jungkook whispered while looking into Taehyung’s eyes, ”our beta that I like so much.”

Taehyung blushed and was just about to lay back down when Jungkook pulled him closer for another kiss.

Taehyung giggled sweetly and gave Jungkook a fond look before he settled beside Jimin again.

”You’re so cute but also so stupid” Jimin whispered and nuzzled against Taehyung’s neck.

”Yeah, I know” Jungkook whispered back and grabbed Taehyung’s hand to let them intertwine, ”But I’m working on it.”

Taehyung hummed and squeezed Jungkook’s hand before an hour of sleep came over them.

Warm and safe.

That’s how they felt.



”I’m starving!” Jimin complained as he ran over to sit by the table where the servants had got rid of the old breakfast to instead serve late lunch.

”Me, too!” Taehyung giggled as he ran over to sit beside Jimin who already was stuffing his cheeks with omelette.

”And me” Jungkook smiled as he walked out of the shower, following the other’s wet footprints to the table.

”Alpha” Jimin sang as he let his lips wrap around a banana.

Jungkook clicked his tongue and shook his head, ”You’re insane.”

Jimin and Taehyung giggled together as they made plans that was far too naughty for Jungkook to listen to without getting hard again.

So he let his thoughts drift off for a moment, only to be brought back to reality as if an ice cold shower had hit him.


”Fuck” Jungkook cursed and covered his face with his hands as his scent spiked with worry and nervousness.

”Oh… no, alpha, what’s the matter?” Taehyung asked softly and reached his hand out over the table to caress Jungkook’s arm, ”Did something happen? Did we say—”

”No, no it’s just that I remembered what was decided yesterday” Jungkook sighed and glanced as Jimin as he lowered his hands.

”What is it?” Taehyung asked with a growing worry as he looked between a confused Jimin and an apologetic looking Jungkook.

”It’s…” Jungkook took a deep breath and let his eyes fix on Taehyung instead, ”Blue Leader Kim is coming over for dinner tonight.”

”And…?” Taehyung  asked with furrowed eyebrows, ”Just change it to another time or preferably never.”

Jungkook gulped and shook his head, looking more and more nervous, ”I can’t just do that and you know it…”

”In all honesty” Taehyung began as he leaned back in his chair, ”You know what I want. And I know what you want deep inside. So maybe now could be a good start to… break some rules.”

Jungkook glanced at Jimin who looked both curious and worried while also trying to look unbothered and pretend like he wasn’t listening in. Which of course was impossible to not do when they were sitting so close to each other.

”What… uhm… is there something serious going on?” Jimin asked and looked between the other’s.

Jungkook cleared his throat and shook his head while giving Taehyung a certain look, ”No. Nothing you need to worry about.”

”Well” Jimin scoffed while grabbing a strawberry from the red bowl beside Taehyung, ”All these secrets and no-one wants to tell omega.”

”It’s not like—”

”we like each other very much, have sex and feel for each other while you at the same time keep me out of things? Yes, I think that’s exactly how it is” Jimin said and took a bite of the strawberry that caused its juice to paint Jimin’s lips in a lovely red color.

”He’s right” Taehyung whispered and searched Jungkook’s eyes, ”We have to let him in. Little by little. Or else he will get a shock once he—”

”Beta” Jungkook mumbled in warning, ”Don’t—”

”You can begin with explaining the black boxes on the pillars outside in the garden. What are they for? Secret calls to faraway planets?” Jimin asked with a slightly amused smile while looking curiously at Taehyung, thinking that whatever secrets they were talking about couldn’t be particularly bad.

”Yes” Jungkook nodded and grabbed a strawberry for himself, wanting to taste what Jimin’s lips would taste like, ”That’s it. Next.”

Jimin giggled and began to think of his next question while watching Jungkook take a bite of the red fruit.

”They’re blocking the reception” Taehyung stated while pouring cream in his coffee, ”To not—”


”To keep us isolated from the outside world” Taehyung continued without caring the least about Jungkook’s warning.

Jimin gaped at Taehyung while he dropped his spoon on the table, ”Y-You’re kidding? Right? Don’t tell me there’s no reception because you on purpose—”

”That’s what I’m saying” Taehyung whispered and gave Jungkook a harsh stare, ”And we’ve had it like this for nearly three fucking years. And if I say that I’m slowly losing my mind and my will to stay here, that’s an understatement.”

”I’m so sick of this” Taehyung added with tears in his eyes, "Sick and tired and I know you are as well. We’re not meant to live like this, you and me. We struggle today just as much as we did the first day and—”

”Beta, please” Jungkook whispered and reached his hand out to grab Taehyung’s, but the latter hid his hands under the table while tears began to fall down his cheeks.

”Tell Jin to not come here tonight, tell him that—”

Jungkook got up from his seat and brought a hand up to massage his forehead while the room drowned in Taehyung’s sadness.

”Beta, now is not the time to—”

”No? Then when is time? When omega learns the truth from someone else? When my inner wolf has faded away because—”

”Don’t say that!” Jungkook ordered with tears stinging in his eyes, his hands trembling and his heart beating frantically inside his chest.

”It’s the truth!” Taehyung sobbed as he got up from his seat, ”You think the omega was feeling bad before he got out? Hm? Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I was out?!”

Jungkook frowned and shook his head, honestly surprised by where the beta was going, ”You’re free to walk outside anytime you want—”

”Free?” Taehyung scoffed with rivers flowing down his cheeks, ”I’m trapped, alpha! I’m trapped by this fucking house! I’ve been inside for so long that I no longer dare to step outside! I’ve been ill like omega was, I was ill for days and days but you didn’t notice! I was ill for so long that it became a habit and I was able to pretend otherwise!”

Jungkook gulped and shook his head, like he didn’t want to believe it was true.

But it was.

He could hear it.

See it.

Smell it.

”Beta” Jungkook whispered and began to make his way around the table, ”I’m so sorry—”

”No you’re not” Taehyung sniffled as Jungkook came closer and close and then his arms were around him and he let himself be hugged and comforted for the first time in so long.

And it felt real.

And that made him even sadder.

”I’m so sorry, beta” Jungkook whispered and closed his eyes as he hugged Taehyung as tightly as he could.

”Our Houses are cursed and we need to move” Taehyung whispered while crying so much that Jungkook’s white shirt became damp on his shoulder where Taehyung was leaning his cheek, ”We and the other Leaders. We need to move and—”

”Ssh… take it easy” Jungkook whispered and rubbed his hand over Taehyung’s back while Jimin stared at them with tears gathering in his eyes as he could feel Taehyung’s pain.

His pain and Jungkook’s pain and his own pain.

But mostly Taehyung’s.

Poor beta.


Jungkook continued to comfort Taehyung until his eyes closed and his breathing became slow and heavy.

”He’s asleep” Jimin whispered from where he still was sitting by the table.

Jungkook nodded and lifted Taehyung up in his arms to carry him to the bed. Slowly and carefully, he put him down on bed and pulled the black covers up to his chest. Taehyung mumbled something in his sleep before he turned onto his side, away from Jungkook.

”I’m so sorry” Jungkook whispered and leaned down to kiss Taehyung’s neck, ”I’ll make it better, soon. I promise I will.”


Jimin got up from his seat and walked over to the wardrobe to put on his long robe, deciding that he was going to leave the others alone for a little while.

”Omega” Jungkook whispered and walked up to Jimin who was just about to leave the room.

”I’m taking a little walk, indoors” Jimin whispered back and began to move, only for Jungkook to gently grab his arm and keep him from doing so.

”Go to beta” Jimin said and gave Jungkook a small smile, lay down next to him and hold him. Be there when he wakes up.”

Jungkook nodded slowly and let his hand travel up from Jimin’s arm to his cheek, caressing him softly. Jimin immediately leaned in to the warm touch.

”We need to talk” Jungkook said with a deep sigh, ”the three of us. Tonight. After mr Kim’s visit.”

”Mr Kim and Jin, are they the same person?” Jimin whispered and looked into Jungkook’s eyes that suddenly looked nervous again.

Jungkook nodded and whispered a faint ’yes’.

Jimin nodded and got up a little on his tippy toes to kiss Jungkook’s lips.

Just once.

But Jungkook wrapped his arms around him and continued to kiss him, sensually and slow.

Just how they loved it.


”Tonight…” Jimin whispered against Jungkook’s lips.

”Tonight” Jungkook nodded and kissed Jimin softly, ”I will tell you what you need to know. For you, and for beta.”

”You make it sound so serious” Jimin whispered back, ”Is there more secrets than the thing with the boxes?”

Jungkook gulped and nodded, ”Yes.”

”Nothing bad, right?”

Jungkook took a deep breath and leaned down to kiss Jimin’s neck, ”I have to take care of beta.”

Jimin watched as Jungkook turned around and headed back to the bed where he laid down beside Taehyung who in his sleep immediately snuggled up against Jungkook.

And it hurt to realize that it maybe was the first time they were cuddling like that.


Jimin walked down corridor after corridor after corridor, lost in thoughts about last night and this morning.

And tonight.

He didn’t really pay attention to his surroundings, not until he suddenly came to a dead-end. He was just about to turn around and try to find his way back when he noticed something with the door that was right in front of him, a door that cut the corridor off from continuing.

It was a padlock.

A big padlock that stood out like something that didn’t belong to the house, to this world.

In metal, it was fastened between the wall and the door. And while the door and handle looked like every other door in the house, old and black, the shiny padlock looked more than out of place.

Jimin grabbed the padlock and pulled it, hard. 

But it was strong and cold under his touch.

Nothing but the key would open it.

Jimin took a deep breath and filled his lungs.

With nothing.

It must have been a long time since someone was inside the room.

He gave it a last glance and figured that this room was holding secrets, as well.

But that those secrets were far more important to keep hidden than clothes and boxes.


Jimin followed the corridors back and sighed in relief as he began to recognize where he was. He stepped into their room and saw Taehyung on a chair, getting his hair and makeup done by a servant while Jungkook was nowhere to be seen.

”Omega” Taehyung smiled and turned his head to look at Jimin, ”Where have you been? Mr Kim will soon be here so you need to get dressed and ready.”

”I’ve been walking around the house” Jimin replied and walked up to kiss Taehyung’s red lips, causing the servant to blush and turn around with a brush in one hand and make up in the other.

”You’re so pretty without this” Jimin whispered and kissed the beta again, loving how he tasted like his scent.

”It’s the stupid rules” Taehyung mumbled against Jimin’s lips, ”I don’t mind, though. My eyes look bigger with the make up.”

”You’re eyes look prettier without” Jimin smiled and studied Taehyung’s eyes and long lashes that yet were to be painted, ”You’re lashes are gorgeous. You look so cute when you flutter your eyes.”

”Like this?” Taehyung asked and cupped his own cheeks while batting his lashes at Jimin who giggled and nodded before he kissed the beta again, ”Yeah, just like that, little brat.”

Taehyung giggled and gave Jimin a spank, earning himself a wink and flying kiss.


Jimin smiled brightly as his eyes landed on the beta and hurried up to his open arms.

”I’ve missed you!”

”Jimin” Namjoon dared to whisper as he realized that the alpha wasn’t present, ”I’ve missed you, too.”

Namjoon glanced at the beta who looked back at him with a hesitant smile.

Namjoon smiled back before he cupped Jimin’s cheeks, ”How are you these days? I miss spending time with you…”

Jimin hummed and leaned into Namjoon’s warm palm, ”I’m good… but so much is happening. I’m… sort of with alpha and beta now.”

”So I understand” Namjoon chuckled and gave Taehyung another glance, seeing nothing but acceptance in the latter’s eyes. So he hugged Jimin again.

”Namjoon” Jimin smiled and closed his eyes as he leaned his head against Namjoon’s chest.

”We need to get you ready” Namjoon stated and pulled back a little before leading Jimin to a chair close to Taehyung.

It was pretty fun to get ready together with Taehyung.

They laughed and played around a little while Namjoon and the other servant tried to do their work that for example meant to paint Taehyung’s lips again and again since Jimin would lean in and smudge it while kissing him so very often.

Jimin didn’t stop until the servant dared to suggest that maybe they could wait with the touching and kissing until after dinner.

Jimin and Taehyung had burst out in laughter that didn’t stop until Jungkook came out of his study to drown the air around them with nervousness.

Jimin gulped as they stood up to follow the alpha and the servant to the dinner room, wondering if he needed to be worried as well.

He brought his hand up to his ear and noticed that the backside of his earring must have fallen out on the way. He pushed the earring back and held it in place for a moment before he let go, hoping it would stay without the backside.


They had barely sat down in the dinner room before a servant came in and bowed as Namjoon and another servant held the double doors open.

”Blue Leader mr Kim.”

Jimin stood up from his chair together with Jungkook and Taehyung, curiously watching as a man in a blue suit came into the room with a mysterious kind of smile on his plump lips. His hair was parted in the middle, like Jungkook’s, but shorter.

And he smelled of the same kind of greed and power as Jungkook did.


”Wow” mr Kim smiled as he walked up to take a look at Jimin, ”so you are the new omega. Wonderful! Just wonderful!”

Jimin gulped as the stranger grabbed his hand to kiss his knuckles, his touch was gentle but Jimin had no idea what to think of him yet.

”Welcome, mr Kim” Jungkook said and gestured for him to sit down beside Taehyung.

”I think I will sit beside the omega” mr Kim said in the same second as he sat down beside Jimin, causing Jungkook to grit his teeth while he sat down, feeling more determined than ever on what he had to do.

Jimin and Taehyung sat down while the alpha’s sour scent of anger burned in their lungs.


”What now?” Mr Kim said a little amused while plates with food were placed in front of them, ”Having a bad day?”

Jungkook scoffed and shook his head slowly while flickering his gaze between Jimin and the other alpha.

”Oh…” mr Kim chuckled as he looked between Jimin and Jungkook, ”so that’s why. Well, you only have yourself to blame. Although I can understand—”

”Tell me” Jungkook interrupted while playing around with his food, ”how is the Blue House nowadays? Does mr Min come to visit you just as often as before? I have heard that he’s—”

Mr Kim cleared his throat and gave Jungkook a glare before he gulped down some of his red wine.

”Mr Min is doing well and so am I. Or was it actually something else you were interested in knowing? Whether or not I will invite the omega to my room now when—”

”The fuck” Jungkook wheezed and gripped his chopstick so hard that his knuckles turned white, ”Do I need to remind you of your place, mr Kim? Do I need to remind you of the fact that I’m richer than you and that you—”

”Nah, barely richer than me” mr Kim said a little amused while pushing his plate to the side, ”Last I checked, you were only a couple of million won ahead of me. Something I will easily make up for once I've talked to mr Jung.”

Jungkook snorted and shook his head while pointing his chopsticks at the other alpha, ”Mr Jung is broke. He’s so far behind that he will never catch up without me or you helping him.”

”Who said I won’t help him?” Mr Kim grinned and grabbed his wineglass, ”Together we're richer than you. Don’t forget that.”

Jungkook frowned and Jimin could literally feel Jungkook’s anger vibrate in the air.

He looked at Taehyung who gave him a reassuring look back.

Almost as if he shouldn’t mind.

But how was he not going to mind when the two alphas were arguing on either side of him?

”Are you seriously making plans with mr Jung?!”

”Alpha” Taehyung whispered and put his hand on Jungkook’s thigh to calm him, ”you’re upsetting the omega.”

Jungkook snapped his eyes to Jimin and saw him looking down at his lap while worrying his bottom lip.

The omega.

Their omega.


”Omega and beta” Jungkook said and looked back at Taehyung, ”It’s time for you to leave the dinner room. I will now have my meeting with mr Kim.”

Jimin got up from his chair at the same time as Taehyung, feeling confused to what was going on. The dinner wasn’t finished and what was that about inviting him to his room? Were they to travel to his place?

Jimin watched as Taehyung walked up to lean down beside Jungkook and give his lips a soft kiss while whispering something so quietly that Jimin couldn’t hear it.

Taehyung gave the other a stare before he grabbed Jimin’s hand and pulled him with him towards the doors.


”Well, that was something else” Taehyung sighed as they began to walk hand in hand through the red corridor, ”I can’t wait for him to leave so we can go back to a somewhat normal night.”

Jimin hummed and was just about to ask something about the Blue Leader when he noticed that he had dropped his earring.

”Wait” Jimin said and stopped Taehyung while he untangled from his hand, ”I dropped my earring somewhere in the corridor. I think I still had it in when we left the room… do you know if I had both of my earrings in when we left?”

”Yes… I think you had” Taehyung said and studied Jimin's ears where one dangling earring was gone, ”You should go back and search the floor all the way to the doors. I’m going back to our room to change robes and then I’ll be in the studio for awhile. Will you come and join me there while alpha is in his meeting?”

”Yes, I’d love to” Jimin nodded and gave Taehyung a smile before he turned around. But just as he was about to head back through the corridor, Taehyung grabbed his arm and spun him around before crashing his lips against his.

Jimin hummed and smiled into the hot kisses that caused his hands to itch with want.

Taehyung let his hands travel under Jimin’s top to feel his naked, warm skin while kissing him.


”Beta” Jimin breathed out once Taehyung pulled back from his lips, ”Wow...”

Taehyung smiled and licked over Jimin’s lips, ”I like you.”

”I like you, too” Jimin said softly while looking into the other’s beautiful eyes, ”more than you know.”

Taehyung gulped and nodded at Jimin’s sincerity before he cupped his soft cheeks, ”I like you like that as well. More than you know.”

”With your whole heart?” Jimin whispered as Taehyung let his cheek rub against Jimin’s neck, scenting him a little.

”Yes, with my whole heart” Taehyung whispered honestly before he trailed kissed back to Jimin’s plump lips, ”You and alpha. With my whole heart.”

”Same here” Jimin nodded let the beta kiss his full bottom lip, ”With my whole heart.”

Taehyung smiled while his cheeks blushed in a matching color to Jimin’s own blush.

”Go and hurry back” Taehyung said and let his nose brush against Jimin’s cheek before he forced himself to turn around and leave towards their room.

Jimin watched with fond eyes as Taehyung’s robe flowed in the wind behind him.

His beta.

Their beta.

Jimin smiled for himself and turned back to keep his eyes on the floor as he walked back to the dinner room. He sighed as he almost bumped into the double doors where Namjoon and the other servant watched him with questions in their eyes.

”Jimin” Namjoon whispered, causing the other servant to raise his eyebrows from how his colleague was addressing the omega, ”what are you doing here? You need to get back and—”

”I’m looking for my earring, have you seen—”

”We should tell the others that you decided for the omega to live with me and that I gave you Itaewon in exchange and—”


”Listen, I’m not leaving here without him. So whatever desire you have for him, you must let them go. He will live with me in my House until we have another deal, then you might get him back again. But until—”


Jimin’s blood froze where he stood outside the doors, clearly hearing the voices that echoed between the walls in the spacious dinner room. He gulped and looked up at Namjoon who looked just as shocked as he was.

”I’ve changed my mind. I’m sorry, but we have to agree on something else.”

”On something else! But we decided on this long ago!”

”I know. But things has changed. I’m not letting him go to you or anyone else. He’s staying here with me and beta.”

”You slept with him, didn’t you? Yeah, I know you have. So, tell me, how are we going to explain to the others that you get Itaewon? Remember that this was your idea, and yes, I very much approved of the idea, but suddenly changing the game like this is not allowed by the rules and—”

”Fuck the rules! I’m so fucking tired of—”

Jimin pushed a door open with angry fires in his eyes and was immediately met with the alpha’s surprised stares.

”Omega, what—” Jungkook began and got up from his seat, wondering what was going on, and at the same time fearing that Jimin had heard them and that his furious state had anything to do with him.

”YOU!” Jimin screamed and pointed with a trembling finger at Jungkook, ”Y-You were going to give me away to him?! You were going to hand me over like a damn gift of some sort?! For a piece of territory?! You were going to—”

Jungkook gulped and shook his head while giving the furious omega an apologetic look, his hands coming up in defense like he was afraid that Jimin would attack.

”I-I wasn’t going to let him—”

”Lier! You came to get me that day while already knowing that you were going to use me in your crazy world! You had decided that I was going to be your way to expand or get more money or whatever the hell you would gain from it!”

Jungkook watched as Jimin bursted out in a loud, heartrending cry that caused his own eyes to tear and his inner wolf to whine in shame and regret.

”I-I have had my doubts for long, but I changed my mind the second I kissed you” Jungkook explained with stress and worry spiking in his scent that began to blend with Jimin’s sadness and panic.

”It’s true” mr Kim said and rose from his seat, looking extremely embarrassed, his ears were red and his eyes flickered nervously between the others while he wished nothing more than to hug Jimin and tell him how it really was.

”It doesn’t matter!” Jimin yelled while tears continued to flow in rapid rivers down his cheeks and chin, ”You knew when you came to get me that I wouldn’t stay with you! You knew that you were going to get rid of me and you knew I would— was that the reason why I wasn’t allowed to sleep in my own room?!”

Jimin took a step back while he stared at Jungkook with disbelief written all over his face.

”You ordered me sleep in your room because you didn’t want me to get attached to Namjoon, is that?! And— oh my god! Y-You made the promise to never touch me because you were afraid YOU would get attached to ME!”

Jungkook swallowed his tears and nodded slowly while he saw the stars in Jimin’s eyes escape with the tears, until his eyes were empty and what was left was only two endless pools of a nothingness.

”Yes” Jungkook whispered as his shoulders slumped and he lowered his head, his gaze on the floor because looking at Jimin was beginning to hurt so much that he found it hard to breathe.

”I knew it the moment I saw you… that touching you, come near you, breathe in your scent from close… it would weaken me and make it hard to let you go.”

Jimin sobbed and brought his hands up to cover his face with trembling hands, his scent so heavy with sadness and grief that both the alphas were struggling to breathe.


”Omega” Jungkook whispered and came up to lower Jimin’s hands from his face, wanting to see him, check on him, embrace him, apologize on his knees, beg and plead for Jimin to not hate him.

”Don’t!” Jimin wheezed as he began to walk backwards, his eyes crimson red and his pulse rushing in his head, ”You were going to send me away! You brought me here with the only purpose to get rid of me again!"

”Omega, if you don’t want to follow with me then you can stay, I promise” mr Kim hurried to say as he understood that Jimin was going to leave the room while partly being angry at him as well, ”I promise that you can stay here and—”

”Stay here?!” Jimin exclaimed and shook his head so fast that his tears flew to the sides, ”No, I’m not staying here! I’m…”

”No...” Jungkook whispered as he could sense what Jimin was about to say.

Jimin saw how Jungkook’s soft, doe eyes looked back him with panic and regret and broken dreams blending together to create the most devastated look he had ever seen.

"Omega, please don't-"

”I hereby use my right to leave” Jimin whispered faintly with a pained expression, hating how the happiness and dreams from the morning suddenly dissolved before his eyes.

Everything he had hoped for.

Been brave for.

Everything he had wished and planned during the little time they had been close.

The warmth and the promising days ahead where they were going to get to know each other better.


The three of them.



Jimin sobbed and brought his hands up to cover his mouth before he quickly turned around and left the room.


Jungkook closed his eyes and let his tears flow freely, unable to hold back.

Unable to breathe after Jimin’s words. It felt as if though a part of him got ripped from his body while his inner wolf was howling in despair, howling for the omega to come back.

To stay.


Jungkook grabbed a glass from the table and threw it at the empty, red wall while screaming his lungs out. He fell down on his knees but was immediately comforted by the other alpha who did his best to reassure him that the omega would return.

Even if he didn’t quite believe it himself.


”Jimin! Wait!”

”I’m leaving” Jimin called back while Namjoon hurried up to him where he was walking towards his room with determined steps. Jimin slowed down as Namjoon grabbed his hand and let the latter embrace him in a comforting hug.

”I heard what happened” Namjoon sniffled and cupped Jimin’s cheeks.

”He brought me here only to send me off again!” Jimin cried and shook his head, ”H-He said he has changed his mind b-but I can’t stay when I don’t know if he will change his mind again and send me off with another Leader- I’m so sorry, but I can’t stay even if I wish I could.”

Namjoon gulped and nodded while his eyes teared with compassion and his own sadness for having to part with such a wonderful friend, ”Then I will leave as well.”

Jimin shook his head and hugged Namjoon tightly, ”Not for me.”

”No. For me. And you. I will leave and I will come and find you in the City.”

”Then, I will wait for you” Jimin whispered and hugged Namjoon a little tighter before he pulled back and gave Namjoon’s hand a gentle squeeze.

”See you soon, Jimin” Namjoon said and smiled through the loss.

”See you soon, Namjoon” Jimin nodded through his tears, even though they both knew that finding each other in the City would be difficult.

Impossible, maybe.


Jimin hurried inside his room and grabbed a pen and a piece of paper from the desk, writing what he didn’t have the courage to do right now, not knowing if he could take the other’s devastated look.

He then grabbed his phone that still was on his nightstand before he took his bags he hadn’t bothered to unpack since he got there.

He then hurried out, down the crimson corridor, down the marble staircase and towards the guard at the door.

”I am leaving, go and ask alpha if you don’t believe me” Jimin sniffled and gave the guard a rather harsh stare, wanting him to know just how sure he was when in he fact was so far from sure he could be.

The guard gave him a nervous look before his eyes traveled up to the shadows on top of the staircase, noticing how the alpha was looking down at them from the corner.

”I need someone to drive me to the City” Jimin added and gripped his bags a little tighter while his heart was beating so frantically that he thought it was going to explode within the next breath.

”As you wish” the guard bowed before he opened the doors and let Jimin outside where he waited a minute for the driver to come up with the black car from the garage.

He got into the backseat and covered his face with his hands, forcing himself to not look back while endless rivers flowed down his cheeks.



Taehyung walked back to their room, curious but also a little worried why Jimin hadn’t showed up in the studio. He entered their room and could immediately sense that something had shook the ground.

He could see a huge gap in the floor and how Jungkook was standing on the other side, it was as if the world has split into two parts and what was between was nothing but a cold, vast emptiness.

He could hear it, too, how the house seemed to be crying, a low whine of agony and longing.

Of loss.


”Alpha” Taehyung began slowly as he carefully walked on silent, bare feet towards Jungkook, ”Where is omega?”

Jungkook gulped and turned around from the window to face the beta.

Taehyung stopped and looked at Jungkook's devastated face, causing a horrible shiver to travel down his spine while his blood froze like the garden in the middle of a harsh winter.

”Omega is gone” Jungkook whispered before he took his eyes of Taehyung to look out the window again.

”Omega can’t be gone” Taehyung stated in a low, trembling voice, ”Tell me where he is.”

”Omega has left” Jungkook mumbled while silent tears escaped his eyes, so silent that Taehyung had no idea they were there, ”He is no longer part of the Red House. No longer part of… us.”

Taehyung shook his head and walked backwards with his heart stopping from the cold in his veins, freezing to ice along with everything else that had been warm and blossoming with Jimin present.

Taehyung ran to Jimin’s room and swung the door up, ”Jimin! Jimin are you here! Jimin!”

Taehyung sobbed while his hands began to shake and no, no, NO! Jimin wasn't there, he wasn’t there and he was gone and he was GONE!

Taehyung was shaking with worry and loss as his gaze fell on a note on the black bed.

He hurried over and threw himself on his knees before grabbing the note to read it with his eyes blurry and his heart breaking.


Dear Taehyung,

I will miss you with all of my heart

I will miss you

The both of you

And I will cry for us

I’m so sorry


Your Jimin



Chapter Text



Taehyung’s scent of withering roses filled the entire house. It stuck to their skin, their lungs, their eyes, to their thoughts and their words. It made the air unbreathable when it mixed with Jungkook’s despair, causing their will to fade and their mood to sink down to the ground under them. 

It had been a month.

Or maybe a year, they weren’t sure since the days had turned to horrible eternities.


Taehyung pushed his plate to the side, his food still untouched and his glass still full of wine. He had been staring at Jimin’s empty seat for so long that he had lost track of time.


”We need to find him.”

Jungkook gulped nervously from the beta’s words where he was standing by the large windows, looking out over the driveway where Jimin had left that night.

That night that had been the start of many sleepless nights and painful longing.


”Not to bring him back… just to see that he’s okay…”

Jungkook shook his head before he glanced behind him, meeting Taehyung’s eyes where tears would flow if he had any left to cry, ”I don’t know where he is.”

”And we don’t know if he wants to be found” Jungkook continue with his voice faint and his heart beating slow so slow, ”I were supposed to just… to have him live with mr— with Jin and I was going to just send him off I-I was— I brought him here to just send him away again and I—”

Taehyung go up from his seat and walked over to embrace his crying alpha who immediately clung to him like his life depended on him, like he was afraid that Taehyung would leave as well if he didn’t hold him as tight as he could.

”Now he’s gone and I h-have no right to look for him or even speak his name! Now he’s gone and he will n-never return and we will never have our omega back! Our sweet omega, I miss you so much! I miss you miss you miss you I miss you so much!”

Taehyung whispered soft, reassuring words while he lead Jungkook back to their room where he managed to persuade Jungkook lay down for a minute.

Just to try and get some rest, just to close his eyes for a minute to give his body a break from the stress that was beginning to tear apart whatever was left.


”Our alpha” Taehyung whispered and caressed Jungkook’s forehead with soft touches until Jungkook’s heavy eyelids dropped.

”I’ll find him” Taehyung whispered before leaning down to softly kiss Jungkook’s relaxed lips, ”I’ll find him to make sure he’s alright.”


Taehyung help the sleeping alpha out of his shiny dress shoes before he pulled the cover up to his chest. He then made his way out the room and down the corridor, down the staircase and in to the large kitchen where the one he was looking for was eating eating dinner with the other servants.

”Everyone leaves except for mr Kim” Taehyung ordered and pointed at the door while the servants got up and bowed before exiting the room.

”Mr Kim” Namjoon said and made a little bow with his head while Taehyung sat down across from him.

”Cut the crap” Taehyung sighed and gave Namjoon a tired look, ”I can’t stand the formalities anymore, it’s making me sick. This whole House is making me sick and tired.”

Namjoon raised his eyebrows in surprise, never thinking he would hear those words leave Taehyung’s lips.

”So I am to call you Taehyung? All the time?”

”Yes, but listen” Taehyung said and waved with his hand, not wanting to wait with his reason for coming to see the other beta, ”I need your help.”

”My help?” Namjoon asked and grabbed his glass of wine, ”Is this about Jimin…?”

”Yes” Taehyung whispered and nodded while his heart began to hurt from hearing Jimin’s name, ”I need you to help me find him.”

”What makes you think that I can?” Namjoon asked and let a hand run through his hair with a sigh leaving his lips.

”Because you want to find him. That’s why I know that you can. And don’t try to fool me on this, Namjoon. I know that you have Hoseok’s help.”

”Hoseok” Namjoon whispered and gave the other a small smile, ”Using first names for everyone, are we now?”

”I’m done with this shit” Taehyung spoke with honesty in his tired eyes, ”I’m so fucking done with this.”

”So am I” Namjoon nodded and drummed his fingers against the table. He glanced at Taehyung who suddenly brought his hand up to wipe away a couple of weak tears under his eyes.

”I’m leaving” Namjoon whispered and reached his hand out towards Taehyung who immediately grabbed it to let them intertwine.

”I know” Taehyung sniffled and met the other’s equally sad eyes, ”I’ve sensed it since he left. That you’re going to leave as well. That’s why I know that you know where he is. Maybe you haven’t found him yet, but I know you will. And I want to know as well. I-I need to see that he’s okay. That he’s healthy, safe and…”

Namjoon’s lungs filled with Taehyung’s broken heart.

And as Taehyung broke down in front of him, he let go off his hands only to round the table and walk up to hug the one that once was one of his best friends.

Before the Houses.

Before the Leaders and before the crimson walls.

Before what all of them had started to regret.



Taehyung was sitting on the floor, staring at Jimin’s painting while Jungkook was in his study, staring at his own writing on the pages before him.

Untold stories and poems.

Page after page with his art.

His work as a Leader.

The countless hours of being on the phone.

Of giving orders.

Following the rules.

To kill time, he had one day picked up the pen. And now it was all he could hold on to.


Taehyung looked at the colors and brush strokes made by Jimin, and those made by the both of them. Colors mixed and colors had cried and dried with colorful teardrops flowing down in the middle of the piece.


Taehyung turned his head and looked back at Namjoon who made his way over on silent feet.

Taehyung gave him a small smile and patted on the place beside him on the floor.

Namjoon sat down, close to Taehyung, and let his eyes fix on the painting, knowing who was the artist without asking.

”We held each other for the first time that day” Taehyung whispered and smiled from the memory, ”It was the day I apologized. And he forgave me. Telling me I had to work on becoming a better beta.”

”He wiped my tears and he held my hand” Taehyung added with a thin, shaky voice before he turned quiet. Finding it hard to speak of the memories that were so dear to him.

Namjoon grabbed Taehyung's hand in his and squeezed it, causing Taehyung to look down at their hands with surprised eyes and parted lips.

”He said it was okay, but he needs more time” Namjoon whispered and withdrew his hand from Taehyung.

Taehyung gulped and nodded as he closed his hand around the piece of paper that burned against his palm.

He couldn’t wait until the time was right.

He just hoped his plan would work.

And that Jimin would understand.

Not forgive, but at least get answers.

Because Jimin deserved that.

That, and a million other things.




Jimin pulled his hood down and closed his umbrella before he made his way up grey, concrete stairs.

He lived on the fifth floor in a rather run-down apartment that would had to do until he could find something better.

It had been a little difficult at first, to get used to the new way of living.

Alone, for the first time in a couple of years.

Alone and without any of the luxuriates that existed at the house he was working on to forget.

Not Jungkook and Taehyung, though.

No, he would never try to forget them.

In fact, that would probably be impossible.

Even though he still was hurting from the betrayal, he found himself thinking of the couple each and every day.

Awake, but also in his sleep. They would visit this dreams. He would hear their voices, see their smiles and smell their scents.

It was sad, how happy they were in his dreams.

What a pity that they couldn’t be for real.


Jimin could smell it the second he put his hand on the door.

There’s a scent there, around his door, a scent he’s never smelled before.

A male alpha.

Not any alpha he has met before. 

The scent reminds him of summer rain.

It’s a warm scent and Jimin knows that the owner isn’t far away.

He unlocks the door and steps inside his tiny hallway where he immediately turns on the light, at the same time as his lungs fills with more and more of the foreign scent.

He listens in but hears nothing. No racing heartbeat, no breathing, no shifting of feet or anything.

But the scent leads him to the dark kitchen where Jimin stops right in the doorway. The kitchen is dark but Jimin’s gaze instantly lands on a pair of cat-like eyes in a corner.

The eyes looks right back at him but Jimin can smell no hostility or anything telling him that this alpha wanted him harm.

So strange.


”Show yourself” Jimin whispered without fear. Brave and curious.

Jimin watched carefully as the figure slowly stepped out from the corner and in to the soft moolight that shone across the kitchen from the only window.

The alpha was dressed in all black.

Black shoes, jeans and sweater.

And his hair was dyed in a mint color.



”And last, but not least, there is the Mint Leader, also known as the King. His name is mr Min and he is the richest of them all. But the chances of you meeting him are… well, mr Min simply does not leave his own house.”


”Min” Jimin whispered and took a step backwards in the same moment as the alpha smiled smugly.

”Hello, omega” the alpha greeted with a rather husky voice, ”I’m sorry for the intrusion. I hope I didn’t scare you.”

”What are you doing here?” Jimin asked, more angry than afraid, ready to punch the alpha’s face if he had to.

”A little bird whispered that you left mr Jeon and his beta” Min began as he jumped up to sit on the counter, ”Why?”

Jimin gulped and slumped his shoulders, feeling odd to hear someone he hadn’t met before speak of the ones he missed so much.


”Ah, so it’s true, then” Min whispered as he took in the sight of the omega whose scent was layered with so much sadness and loss that it almost hurt his own heart.

”Fucking asshole” Min sighed and shook his head, ”He went too far. Way too far. We had decided on not let anyone else in on the game, except for the servants. And then he brought you to his home with that stupid plan of mr Kim and his. All for the sake of keeping up appearance when we all knew the truth anyway.”

”The truth” Jimin whispered and turned on the lights, causing the alpha to blink his eyes from the harsh light in the ceiling.

”What truth? About the black boxes?” Jimin asked and walked closer to the other.

”The black— you mean the ones that block the reception?” The alpha asked with furrowed eyebrows, ”Don’t… don’t tell me that he hasn’t told you?”

”Told me what?” Jimin asked and shook his head while leaning against the wall, ”Are there more—”

”Oh for fuck’s sake” the alpha mumbled and brought his hand up to massage his forehead, ”He’s a fucking idiot that one.”

”Okay, listen” Jimin began and crossed his arms, ”I don’t know you and I don’t know how you got here, but this is my house and I demand some answers! You can’t just sit here in my kitchen and say a without b and—”

”Oh, right!” The alpha said and jumped down on soundless feet before he brought his hand inside his back pocket.

”Here. It’s from the beta to Blue Leader Kim to me to you. He said that you will understand.”

Jimin looked at the key in the alpha’s palm.

He picked it up and studied it, turned it and tried to understand.

”It's from Taehyung? But where does it go?”

”I don’t know” the alpha said and shrug his shoulders, ”to a chest somewhere? Can we split the treasure 50/50? I wouldn’t mind a new—”

”You’re the King and you’re asking me for money? I shouldn’t think so” Jimin scoffed and shook his head before he looked down at the key again.

Shiny and… 

so out of place.

Out of place.

Stopping the endless corridor with its shiny padlock.

The padlock!


”I think I know” Jimin whispered and gulped nervously before he looked up at the alpha, feeling how his heart began to beat with worry inside his chest, ”But I don’t know how to get there.”

”I only got a note with your address and I was supposed to only put the key in your mailbox, not actually get inside your place. Sorry for that, ”the alpha said with a small smile, ”I hope you somehow can find your way regardless.”

Jimin hummed and nodded slowly while he let his hand fold around the cold key.

The alpha cleared his throat and let a hand run through his mint hair, looking almost nervous himself, and Jimin was beginning to get a weird feeling about what would be said next.

”Okay, so listen” the alpha began and turned around to grab a glass and fill it with water, ”There will be a monthly meeting at the Red House on Sunday and… well… you should come.”

”What?!” Jimin exclaimed and shook his head while he watched the alpha gulp down the water, ”Follow you back there— back to that— that horrible House? I-I—”

The alpha cleared his throat so loud that Jimin frowned and gave him a questioning look, ”What’s with the—”

”I think” the alpha said and pointed at the key, ”that you should follow me to the Red House on Sunday, as my… omega.”

”As your omega?!”

”Oh for fuck’s sake, Jimin— I’m trying to help you here!”

Jimin gaped at the alpha who just had spoken his name and at the same time hinted of knowing where the key would go.

”Are you…” Jimin began with a whisper while looking around in the room before he looked into the alpha’s slightly nervous gaze, ”What exactly is happening here?”

The alpha sighed and put his empty glass down before he walked up to put his hands on Jimin’s shoulder, ”Red House. Sunday. I will pick you up at seven. Bring the key. And some courage.”

Jimin huffed out in disbelief while his shook his head, ”This is insane. Did you know that?”

”Ah, yes” Min smiled and nodded, ”I know exactly what you mean. And think that we’ve all been living like this for three years. No excuse for what he did to you, though. Not at all.”

”Do you…” Jimin began and looked into the other’s now much calmer eyes.

”Do you know how they are doing?” Jimin whispered carefully while he gulped down the rest of the questions that he forced himself to not ask.

”It’s pretty bad” the alpha whispered back while one hand patted his shoulder, ”But he deserves it, doesn’t he? And I heard that the beta treated you bad in the beginning. Maybe this is what they deserve…?”

Jimin shrugged his shoulders and bit down on his lip, feeling a little overwhelmed with the answer he got.

Having somehow wished that they had moved on together. Bringing each other happiness.

Hearing that that wasn’t the case hurt.

It hurt, for all three of them.


”Okay” Jimin nodded on looked down at the key in his hand, ”I’ll come with you.”



Jimin looked out the window in his living room and saw the same apartment buildings as the one he lived in, row after row. Endlessly. Until his eyes couldn’t see longer.

Uninviting and colorless.

Rough and full of unreachable dreams.

The City.



The car ride to the Red House was incredibly awkward.

Jimin was sitting in the backseat in his grey hoodie and black jeans, while mr Min was wearing black slacks and a mint-colored button up shirt. Jimin couldn’t help but to wonder if Jungkook was wearing a red shirt when visiting the other Leaders.

Once they came up on the driveway and the big house towered over them like a shadow from a nightmare, Jimin lost every ounce of courage he had gathered during the past three days.

Memories of his first days at the place made him sick and the only thing that made him step out of the car and follow the alpha up the stone steps was the key that burned in his fist.

And he told himself that he was near a truth that even mr Min seemed eager on him to unfold.

Maybe mr Min wasn’t sure where the key lead, but he surely must have his guesses, or else he would never offer a way into the House.

The first thing that Jimin noticed when stepping inside the house was how his lungs immediately filled with sadness.

Not the couple’s genuine scents.

Not roses and melting chocolate.

But sadness. Pure and strong. Burning his lungs.

And Jimin had to force himself to keep walking.

They made their way up the black staircase and past Jimin’s old room and when Jimin glanced at the door, he could hear it.

How the house was begging him to stay.

And Jimin thought that the air was moist from tears.

They turned and walk through the crimson corridor with one of the alpha and beta’s servants leading the way.

Jimin didn’t say a word as he suddenly turned to the left, leaving mr Min to follow the servant alone. 

A relived sigh escaped the alpha’s lips as he continued without Jimin.


”Mint Leader and King, mr Min” the servant let know with a bow as Yoongi made his way into the dinner room where everyone were seated.

Jungkook glanced at Taehyung who immediately looked back at him.

A whiff of a sweet scent had followed Yoongi inside the room.

Taehyung gulped as they sat down again.

Wondering how it was possible for their minds to play with the both of them at the same time.



Jimin hurried through the corridors, praying that no servant would find him.

He continued through the endless corridor and kept walking and walking and walking even though he had no idea if he was on the right path or not.

But right as he was doubting his way, he saw the door further down the corridor.

His heart began to beat in a nervous rhythm as he hurried up to the door and grabbed the padlock.

What if I’m not supposed to be here?

What if I’m supposed to be somewhere else?

Another door, another house?

Or maybe not a padlock at all?

Maybe it went to something completely different?

The only way to find out…


Jimin put the key in the padlock with a trembling hand, and turned it.



Jimin held his breath as he pulled the lock away and put it down on the floor before he opened the door, slowly.

He gulped as he stepped into the room where spotlights aimed their lights onto a table.

And that was all that was in the room.

A dark oak floor and white walls.

And a table.

Jimin looked behind him, out the empty corridor before he made his way over to the table. Incredibly relieved that nothing weird was in the room. But also a little disappointed to the lack of importance. Why so much trouble to show him this.

What is it that you want me to see, Taehyung?


Jimin walked up to the table and stopped right by its side, looking at the content on top with furrowed eyebrows and… disbelief, almost.

Because on the table was a white board game with four large circles in different colors. And in every circle stood a chess piece. A king in the mint colored circle, the queen in the red circle, the rook on the blue and the bishop on the ivory. 

Jimin’s mind became a mess while a cold shiver traveled down his spine.

”The chess pieces” Jimin whispered faintly while grabbing the queen that symbolized Jungkook’s place, ”I-It’s all a game.”

Jimin gulped as his eyes fell on what was laying beside each circle.

It was little piles with money.

Monopoly money.

Beside the mint circle was the largest pile of money, then they fell in order until the ivory circle that had the least money.

Jimin shook his head and took a step backwards, to the door. His head was spinning with the realizing and he felt sick.

So sick that he felt like throwing up right there and then.

He turned around and left the room as it was, the door open and the padlock on the floor. He ran back through the corridors where the walls began to close in on him. Like they desperately wanted him to stay.

But Jimin didn’t care.

All he could think of was to help Taehyung and Jungkook out of the mess they themselves had created three years ago.


”Jimin!” Namjoon smiled as Jimin came walking towards him where he stood outside the doors to the dinner room. He received a nod from the determined omega and that was all he needed to know before he gladly broke the rules and opened the door for Jimin.


Jimin entered the dinner room where four pair of eyes immediately fixed on him. He saw how both Jungkook and Taehyung gaped with wide eyes, looking shocked to see him. Especially Jungkook who immediately got up from his chair, wanting to approach him.

”Omega” Jungkook whispered while his lungs filled with the scent he had missed to much. With tears gathering in his eyes and with a heart that began to beat in chest, he watched as Jimin walked up to the table they were gathered around and put down a chess piece as well as key.

And then Jungkook’s heart stopped again.

”It’s like a board game, but for real” Jimin whispered and looked around the alphas and Jungkook and Taehyung.

Jungkook and Taehyung.

Jimin took a shaky breath and met Jungkook’s teary eyes. Jungkook grabbed the back of his chair before he sat down again, covering his face with his hands.

”You probably started with equally much money and no streets. Like a monopoly game. And then the game began.”

Jimin looked over his shoulder and saw how Namjoon made his way towards them while mr Jung reached his hand out. A wide, yet sad smile grew on Namjoon’s lips as he sat down next his former lover and let their hands intertwine.

Jimin then let his eyes travel over the rest and noticed how each and everyone were looking down at the table, too embarrassed to look back at him.

Embarrassed and ashamed.

Regretful and sad.

Just so… sad.

They all were.

But Jungkook’s sadness was the one that hurt him the most.


”The deals and the meetings, they’re all part of the game! There’s nothing real to anything! Itaewon is just a card with its name written across. And there’s no threat from anyone. The guards are actors and the servants are what? Cooking dinner once a day and cleaning once a week? It’s just a show to keep the appearance up that the game is real and that reality is fake!”

Jimin gulped as the room began to fill the alpha’s anxiety and nervousness. He looked at Jungkook who still was hiding behind his hands, and Taehyung who was watching with a small, worried smile that begged him to continue until his heart was empty of words.

”But there’s only one set of money and streets, that’s how you got greedy. Because you didn’t want the game to end while being on the bottom. So greed became your dice, and while some of you might have wanted for the game to end, Jungkook wouldn’t let it. Because he wanted to win and become king before letting this insane game stop.”

Jungkook sobbed behind his hands and was immediately comforted by Taehyung who let his hand rub over his back, silently and lost for words.

”We were childhood friends” Jungkook began with a calm but tired voice as he lowered his hands to look at Jimin. Red eyes and tear-drenched cheeks.


This is Jungkook.

And how much I miss him.


”I’m Yoongi” Yoongi stated and lifted his hand up to give Jimin a smile while looking nothing but relieved and thankful.

”I’m Hoseok” Hoseok said and lifted his hand that was intertwined with Namjoon’s while Namjoon just gave him a warm smile and nod. Silently telling him he did great, causing Jimin to understand that he was very much involved in the plan of giving him the key.

”I’m Jin” Jin said and gave Jimin a wave with his hand, ”I’m so sorry for this mess. I truly am.”

”Fuck, this is so weird” Yoongi chuckled and shook his head, ”I mean… we haven’t spoken like this to each other in three years. We haven’t… I mean, fuck, I was almost forgetting your names.”

”Yeah” Jin nodded and looked around at his friends, ”It’s… it’s incredibly weird. And to be honest, didn’t we sort of… lose ourselves?”

”Sort of?” Hoseok huffed out while shaking his head, ”I lost both myself and Namjoon.”

”We all lost ourselves” Jungkook whispered and looked at Jimin, ”as well as each other. We’ve all lost more than we could ever gain.”

”You could have told me” Jimin said and slumped his shoulders while he wiped away a couple of tears from his warm cheeks, ”You could have told me and I could have helped you out of this.”

”I couldn’t. I was too afraid and too caught up, too lost in this crazy thing to be able to think clearly.”

Jimin sniffled and wiped away more tears that decided to escape his eyes. He felt empty and hollow and his inner omega was clawing in his chest to get closer to Jungkook and Taehyung.

Jimin had to grip the table to not let himself walk up to the ones he maybe was missing more than ever, because seeing them reminded him of just how much he had lost.

”But you were able to sleep with me and hold me and whisper promises in my ear?” Jimin whispered between his quiet sobs that caused the whole room to hold their breath, knowing that the omega’s scent would hurt.

”Yes, but I changed my mind in the same moment that I kissed you” Jungkook sniffled and looked at him with begging eyes, ”I know I did wrong. I know I’ve been the worst alpha to walk this earth and I know that I don’t deserve you to even listen to my words. I know I don’t deserve to even breathe the same air as you. Just… just please, before you go, please don’t think that I regret what we had. Please don’t think that it was pretend.”

”But please believe that I miss you. And that I, too, will cry for what could have been. The three of us. What could have been” Jungkook added in a whisper before he got up from his chair and averted his eyes from Jimin who was crying even more, causing Namjoon to move away from Hoseok’s side so he could embrace Jimin in a much needed hug.

”I hereby want to put the game to an end. Forever. Who else is with me?” Jungkook asked and flickered his gaze between his friends who all hurried to get up from their seats and raise their hands, the all of them wanting the exact same thing.

For the game to end and for reality to start.

”I hated this game since the very first day” Jin said and let his eyes linger on Yoongi who nodded slowly while looking back at him.

”It’s been a hell” Yoongi said and shook his head in disbelief from what they had done, ”Can you guys believe that we lost three years on this bullshit?”

”The Houses” Taehyung whispered and looked between the other alpha’s, ”You need to move from them. Sell or give them away, whatever, just… move.”

”Does this House…” Jin began and looked at Taehyung who nodded.

”We shouldn’t have bought them” Taehyung said and glanced at Jungkook who was staring at Jimin.

”I honestly thought it was just me” Hoseok said as his nervous gaze fixed on Taehyung, ”I-I mean it’s not like they’re haunted or…”

Hoseok gulped nervously as he waited for someone to say no.


Hoseok covered his face with his hands and took a deep breath before he looked over at Namjoon, ”You’re coming with me. We’re packing.”

Namjoon nodded and gave Hoseok a smile before he cupped Jimin’s cheeks, ”Will you be alright?”

”Yes” Jimin nodded and tried to give his friend a reassuring smile.

”You have my number and I will tell Hoseok to turn off the boxes. So call me whenever, okay?”

Jimin smiled and hugged Namjoon for a last time, ”Thank you.”

”No” Namjoon whispered and gave Jimin’s forehead a peck, ”thank you.”


Jimin watched as Namjoon walked out of the room, hand in hand with Hoseok.

”I should probably leave as well” Jin said as he looked between Jungkook and Jimin, and then Yoongi, ”I’ll uhm… see you guys around.”

Yoongi nodded and let a hand run through his mint hair, looking like he had something to say. So Jin moved slowly from his chair, giving the other time.

”Jimin, do you want a ride back to the City?”

”Yes” Jimin nodded while glancing at Yoongi before he looked back at Jungkook and Taehyung who both were looking right back at him with sorrow swimming in their beautiful eyes, ”I’ll be at the car in a minute.”

Yoongi nodded and said goodbye to Jungkook and Taehyung before he hurried after Jin who smiled where he stopped in the doorway to wait for Yoongi.


”Thank you” Jungkook whispered and lowered his gaze, closing his eyes to keep his tears from falling, feeling like had no right to cry anymore, not when he was the one to blame for all of this, ”Thank you for ending what I couldn’t end myself.”

”Thank you” Taehyung whispered just as softly while glancing at Jimin, ”for helping us even though we didn’t deserve it.”

Jimin gulped and turned his gaze from the others to instead look out the large window where the summer was in full bloom, the garden looking beautiful down below.

”I was hoping that there would be some sort of answer behind the door. Something that could justify your actions for having wanted to leave me over to Jin. Turns out the reason was so… silly. Or so… non-existent. There was so much pretend in your game. So much that wasn’t real. So why didn’t you just make me up as well? Why did it need to be a real omega?”

Jungkook hurried to wipe away some lingering tears with the backside of his hand before he looked over Jimin who looked magical in the light of the setting sun that caused him to shine. Looking so different in his own clothes and his blonde hair put in a little bun.

He looked so real.

Like the only thing real in this surreal dreamscape they had created.

A dreamscape with crimson red walls that he at the beginning felt rather proud of, but that quickly had turned into something close to a nightmare.


”I forget about compassion and I… I was so set on winning that I no longer cared about anything else. Not you not be— Taehyung.”

Taehyung burst out in tears from having heard Jungkook speak his real name. He covered his face with his hands while his shoulders trembled with the intensity of his crying that was absolutely heart-rending.

”I’m so sorry” Jungkook whispered as he got up from his seat to lean down beside Taehyung and comfort him the best he could.

”I-I want to leave, Jungkook, I want to leave today!” Taehyung managed to utter between his heavy sobs, ”I’m not spending another night in this horrible house! I-I want to leave and never come back!”

”Ssh” Jungkook whispered and caressed Taehyung’s back while he tried to soothe him with his pheromones that reached over to Jimin who let himself breathed it in, fill his lungs and frozen heart.

”I’ll tell the servants to pack the most important stuff, okay? We can take the car and I’ll buy something for us in the City, tonight” Jungkook reassured and kissed Taehyung’s dark locks, ”I promise that we’re not spending the night here. I promise. And—”

Jungkook looked up and met Jimin’s gaze and noticed right away that the omega was trying to breathe in more of his soothing scent.

And it caused his heart to hurt.


”Jimin” Jungkook whispered and gave him an apologetic look. And when Jimin heard his name being spoken by Jungkook, he too burst out in new tears.

Because hearing his name made everything feel even more real.

They were all real now.


”Jungkook” Jimin sniffled and met the alpha’s devastated expression before he looked at the beta, ”Taehyung.”

”Jimin” Taehyung whispered and wiped his tears before he gave the blonde a small smile, ”We miss you. We’re so sorry, but we miss you.”

Jimin nodded and wiped his teary cheeks with the sleeve of his hoodie, ”I miss you, too. I’ve missed you since the moment I left. I’ve missed you every second for three months.”

”Jimin” Jungkook gulped while his heart and mind filled with even more bad conscience, ”Can you stay and talk with us…?”

Jimin sniffled and shook his head, ”No… no I don’t think I can. Not now. Not in this house.”

Jungkook nodded and slumped his shoulders, knowing that he had no right to try and persuade him to stay. No right to beg or plead.

”I’m so sorry for betraying you when all you wanted was a home where you felt safe. I’m so sorry for having planned on ruining that for you, and then actually doing so anyway. I’m so sorry for that and for everything else I’ve put you through.”


Jimin looked between Jungkook and Taehyung before a deep sigh left him.

And with that, he exchanged the air in his lungs.

From anger, grudge and resent.

To something close to the opposite.

What was done was done.

He had broken their curse and he had heard what he hoped he would hear.

Gone was the Red House and everything with it.

And now, maybe something else could begin.


”I except your apologizes” Jimin said and nodded at his own words while Jungkook and Taehyung gaped at him like the couldn’t believe it was true.

”I’m going back to the City now” Jimin continued and glanced at the doors before he looked back at the others, ”You know where I live. So when you’re ready, you know where to find me.”

Taehyung nodded and smiled through his tears while Jungkook still couldn’t believe what was happening.

”We would love to” Taehyung replied while tears of a different character flowed down his cheeks. Relief and hope.

And Jimin could sense it in their scents.

The careful hope.

And maybe he shouldn’t feel the same.

Maybe he should stay angry. Maybe he should scream and demand better apologizes.

Better reasons and better words.


But he didn’t need that.

What he needed was for them to start over, from scratch. To begin with being equal, all three of them. To get to know each other without rules and fear. Without secrets and without plans that wasn’t theirs entirely.


Taehyung and Jungkook watched as Jimin left, without any of them saying goodbye.

Because they knew they would see each other soon again.

And what an amazing comfort that was.



Chapter Text


Two weeks later


Jimin had just come home from work when his phone received a text.

He kicked off his sneakers and grabbed the phone from his back pocket while he made his way over to his sofa. He laid down while opening the text, feeling rather exhausted from having worked since the early morning.


From: Namjoon

Hi! Come back from work yet?


To: Namjoon

Yes, I just got home.

Everything okay?


From: Namjoon

I got asked by a certain Jungkook and Taehyung

They asked me if I could ask you

if I can give them your number.

I think.

Something like that.

Can I?

Or do I need to kick their asses instead?


Jimin smiled for himself as he grabbed his blanket and pulled it up to his chin.

They want my number.

Call me or text me.


Jimin couldn’t help the blush over his cheeks.


To: Namjoon

That’s okay, you can give the number to them :)


Jimin turned to face the backrest while he kept his eyes on the screen, impatiently waiting for a text.

And waiting.

Two minutes passed and Jimin began to feel nervous.

Three minutes and Jimin thought that maybe he should call Namjoon in case he hadn’t received his text.

Jimin hovered over Namjoon’s name and was just about to call when his phone beeped from the incoming text.


From: Unknown

Hi Jimin,

it’s Taehyung here and Jungkook is right beside me.

We were wondering if you maybe wanted to meet up someday,

like take a walk or something…?


Jimin smiled from ear to ear as he read the text again.

It was so strange to have a message on the phone from the two.

To know that they right now was sitting and waiting for him to answer. Talking to each other, having each other near.

Jimin gulped as a sudden wave of envy washed over him.

Not because of what they had.

But because he missed them and wished that he could be there. Seeing them. Hearing them. Sensing their scents.

Just… see them.


To: Taehyung

Sure! I would love that!

Where in the City do you live? Is it close to me?


From: Taehyung

It’s twenty minutes with the metro from you to us.

We could come by now if you’re not busy?

Or you can come over to us?

Or we can do something else?


Jimin giggled as he could sense the eagerness to meet, feeling just the same.

But he was also tired from work and he wasn’t going to be much of a fun company when falling asleep on his feet.


To: Taehyung

I’m actually too tired to hang out tonight.

But I’m free tomorrow if you guys want to do something?

Maybe I can come over and see your new place?


From: Taehyung

Yes! Sure! We’re home all day!

I’ll text you the address! :) :)


To: Taehyung

Okay, good :)

Then I’ll see you tomorrow :)


From: Taehyung



Jimin read the other’s text over and over again until his eyelids became heavy and he drifted off to sleep, still holding the phone in his hand.



Jimin rang the doorbell and let a hand run through his blonde hair, trying to keep himself busy while getting more and more nervous.

And when the door opened and revealed both Jungkook and Taehyung, smiling back at him with bright smiles and carefully optimistic eyes, Jimin wondered if maybe he had come to the wrong address. Because Taehyung was dressed in black slacks and a soft, fluffy sweater while Jungkook wore black ripped jeans and white t-shirt.

And so Jimin’s mind crashed for a second.


”Jimin, are you okay?” Taehyung asked before he gave Jungkook a worried glance.

”Y-Yeah, sure, I uh… it’s just… you look so different” Jimin gulped while his cheeks heated up in a blush, ”Did I take the wrong door?”

Jungkook breathed out in relief and shook his head, ”Don’t scare me like that. I thought you were going to leave.”

”No” Jimin smiled and stepped into the hallway to close the door behind him, ”You won’t get rid of me that easily.”

”That’s good” Taehyung giggled and watched as Jimin took off his shoes before looking up at them with slightly nervous eyes.

”So uhm…”


”Hi” Jungkook said and gulped while Jimin met his gaze. And when he noticed that the omega had regained the stars in his eyes, something warm spread in his chest close to his heart.

”Hi” Jimin smiled and averted his gaze as Jungkook’s stare became a little too intense.

”You’re making him uncomfortable” Taehyung giggled and hit Jungkook’s arm weakly, ”Come, let’s show you around.”

Jimin followed behind the others that showed him a spacious living room with a large tv that took up almost the whole wall, and across from that was a long sofa with lots of pillows and blankets. The floor was covered in a white, fluffy rug and Jimin got the urge to walk barefoot over it.

”The kitchen is knew” Taehyung explained as they entered the room, ”It was in pretty bad shape when we bought the place, so we had it renovated.”

”It’s really cool” Jimin smiled and looked around over the black and white countertops and cabinets, the shiny tiles and the large dinner table, ”But you’ve only lived here for two weeks. Did they renovate the whole kitchen that fast?”

”Yeah, we uh, payed some extra, so to speak” Jungkook said and patted the kitchen island, ”But we’re pretty happy with the result.”

”Ah, we have to show you the bedroom, it’s really neat” Taehyung smiled and gestured for Jimin to follow him out the kitchen and back to the living room where a short corridor lead to a white door.

”It’s nothing much, it can’t compare to how we lived in the house, but it’s our design.”

Jimin stepped into the room and the first thing he noticed was the walls that were painted like a forest in the summer. Green, lush trees and a million flowers. Bunnies and birds, little streams and clear blue sky.

”Wow” Jimin said in awe as he walked up to let his hand run over a flying bird, ”Did you paint this?!”

”Yes!” Taehyung smiled proudly, ”Do you liked it?”

”It’s amazing! I love it! Makes you want to run in it. And this, a waterfall! Wow! It looks so real.”

”The waterfall was Jungkook’s idea.”

”Yeah, I had a dream about a forest with a waterfall and a clearing with lost of flowers” Jungkook began and let his eyes travel over the beautiful wall painting before he looked back at Taehyung, ”You did great.”

”Thank you” Taehyung smiled and moved a little closer to the alpha, just about to kiss him when he stopped himself. Jungkook gulped as he noticed how Taehyung changed his mind and instead took a step back. The both of them glanced at Jimin who flickered his gaze between them in the awkward silence that followed.

”It’s a nice place you have” Jimin said after a moment, trying to smile even though it was difficult with so much unsaid words. 

He felt bad, because he noticed how they held back for him.

To not hurt his feelings.

And Jimin didn’t like that at all.

He didn’t want to come there and feel like he’s interrupting something.

But at the same time he wasn’t exactly thrilled with the two of them kissing in front of him without him being involved.

With him just trying to look away like an embarrassed friend.


”You uhm… you bought a new bed” Jimin stated and nodded towards the bed that was much smaller than the one in the house, but yet much bigger than the one he had in his own bedroom.

But then again, he was sleeping alone.

And Taehyung and Jungkook shared bed.

Jimin gulped as he looked at the familiar black satin bedsheets.

They share a bed.

And so much more.


Dreams and goals.

They plan their days together.

Go to sleep and wake up together.

Talk, laugh and live together.

Live together.


”Yeah, we left the old one in the house” Jungkook spoke softly as his lungs suddenly filled Jimin’s sadness and… longing.

Jimin looked at the two pillows that were pushed together and wondered if maybe Jungkook was holding Taehyung in their sleep.

”I’m happy for you” Jimin whispered and nodded at his own words, honestly happy for them.

Just… selfishly sad for himself.

”You seem happy and at peace now” Jimin continued and gave the others a small smile, ”It’s nice to see you close together and… real. If you know what I mean. You deserve the happiness.”

Taehyung opened his mouth and looked at Jungkook who looked back at him with the same kind of pain in his eyes.

”I’m making it weird again” Jimin sighed and tucked his hair back behind his ear before he gave the others an apologetic look, ”I’m sorry for… maybe we should have waited a little longer. Until you’re more comfortable with your knew life and… stuff.”

Jungkook gulped and shook his head while looking into Jimin’s starry eyes, ”But we’ve been missing you. Like crazy. I mean… it’s been ten weeks since you left and we haven’t stopped talking about you or thinking about you and worrying about you.”

”You’ve been on our mind every day, every minute” Taehyung added with tears gathering in his eyes.

Jimin looked between the two before he bit down on his bottom lip and nodded, finding it a little hard to speak with so many emotions and thoughts rushing through him.

They’ve missed me.

They been thinking about me.



”I’ve missed you, too” Jimin whispered before he covered his face with his hands, as tears began to escape his eyes, ”I’ve m-missed you so so much  that I… I…”

Taehyung and Jungkook gave each other a quick nod before they wrapped their arms around Jimin who immediately relaxed to the warmth and their soothing scents that made him feel safe and calm.

”You don’t have to hug me if you don’t want to, I’m just a cry baby and—”

”I’m not letting go, that much I can tell you” Jungkook smiled and hugged the omega even tighter.

”Same here” Taehyung smiled and caused Jimin to giggle softly.

”So you don’t think I should—”

”Stop saying that you should leave when you just got here!” Jungkook sighed and dared to let his nose bury in Jimin’s hair, filling his lungs with the scent he had missed so dearly.

”We had planned on watching a movie and eating some snacks with you” Taehyung said and glanced at Jungkook who was busy breathing in Jimin’s scent, ”Jungkook has been watching tv around the clock since we moved in.”

”I’m catching up, okay?” Jungkook chuckled and forced himself to step back from Jimin before he would get drunk on his scent.

”I’d love to stay and watch a movie” Jimin said and nodded eagerly, ”and snacks sounds good, too.”

”Perfect!” Taehyung smiled and grabbed Jimin’s hand to pull him with him to the living room where they sat down on the cozy sofa while Jungkook went to grab the snacks and soda from the kitchen.

”Oh… these blankets are so soft” Jimin cooed and let a yellow blanket rub against his cheek and neck.

”If you keep doing that, I might take the blanket with me to bed later” Jungkook said and gave Jimin a wink where he stood next to the table.

Jimin gasped and grabbed a pillow to throw it at Jungkook who laughed as he caught it and threw it back at Jimin who got it right in his face.

”Be nice to me!” Jimin laughed and threw the pillow once more, ”Remember what happened last time! You almost made me blind.”

Jungkook chuckled and carried the pillow with him to the sofa where he sat down on Jimin’s other side, ”Did it actually hit your eye that time, or did you just want me to take care of you?”

Jimin scoffed and crossed his arms while turning in his seat to give the alpha a glare, ”It hurt!”

”Okay, okay” Jungkook grinned and held up his hands in defense, ”I believe you.”

Jimin smiled and nodded before he turned to face the tv again, ”That’s better.”

Jungkook grinned as he looked at Taehyung and pointed at Jimin while whispering, ”Jimin’s a little lier.”

Taehyung burst out in giggles while Jimin let out an angry sound and pushed at Jungkook’s chest weakly, causing Jungkook to grab ahold of Jimin and push him down onto the sofa. 

Jimin laughed aloud as his back hit the soft blankets and pillows, surprised by the action but amused by the alpha’s cute playfulness.

”Taehyung?” Jimin laughed and grabbed a pillow behind him to throw it at Jungkook who sadly caught it skillfully.

”Yes?” Taehyung asked and looked at Jimin with a wide smile because the omega was just so incredibly pretty when happy.

”Your alpha is a pup!”

Taehyung giggled and nodded in agreement while Jungkook’s cheeks turned pink.

”I’m not a pup!”

”Yes, you’re a cute pup who loves to play!” Jimin giggled and pushed his foot against Jungkook’s waist, ”And it’s adorable.”

Jungkook snorted and grabbed Jimin’s annoying foot to grab his sock and throw it onto the floor.

”No!” Jimin exclaimed in something close to panic as he shook his head and looked at the alpha with wide eyes, ”No, no, no I’m incredibly ticklish you can’t—”

Jimin laughed and kicked as Jungkook tickled under his foot.

”Alpha! Stop it!” Jimin screamed while squirming in laughter, ”I’m going to pee myself if you don’t stop!”

”Stop it” Taehyung laughed and grabbed Jungkook’s hand, ”I love this sofa! Don’t let him—”

”Fine” Jungkook chuckled and let go off Jimin who was panting with flustered cheeks and embarrassed eyes.

Jungkook gulped averted his eyes as quickly as he could, not wanting to embarrass the omega and knowing that he had to work on those kind of feelings.


”Jungkook” Jimin said, a little out breath as he reached his hand out, ”help me up.”

Jungkook grabbed Jimin’s hand and was just about to pull when Jimin did it first, causing Jungkook to lose his balance and fall down over Jimin.

Jimin laughed under Jungkook’s weight and brought his hands up to rest them on the alpha’s back.

”You little brat!” Jungkook chuckled and leaned up on his forearms so he could look down at the playful omega under him, ”I think you’re the pup!”

”Nope, that’s still you” Jimin giggled and without realizing what he did, he let a hand bury in Jungkook’s soft, wavy hair.

An old habit.

Jungkook gulped and closed his eyes to Jimin’s soft touches.

Jimin stilled his hand the moment he understood what he was doing. He opened his mouth in surprise over his own action and hurried to withdraw his hand.

Disappointment spiked in Jungkook’s scent and caused Taehyung to wonder what was happening.

”I’m sorry” Jimin whispered with a pink blush over his nose, ”I didn’t—”

”Fuck” Jungkook sighed and collapsed onto Jimin again, daring to nuzzle his nose against his neck, ”You’re such a…”

”Wonderful omega” Taehyung smiled and leaned over Jungkook’s back to give Jimin a warm smile before he sat back again, putting a hand on Jungkook’s back to caress him while he let them figure out where they wanted to go.

Jimin smiled as Jungkook gave his neck a kiss before sitting back and reach his hand out to Jimin again, ”No funny business this time.”

Jimin giggled and grabbed the alpha’s hand to let him help him up.

”He’s still a pup” Jimin stated as he climbed over Jungkook to sit in the middle again.

”Oh, yes” Taehyung agreed and started the movie before putting a bowl with snacks in his lap, ”A pup who doesn’t know how big he is.”

”Does he sit in your lap sometimes?” Jimin smiled and fed Taehyung a piece of chocolate.

”Yep” Taehyung nodded and glanced at Jungkook who was blushing with his eyes fixed on the tv.

”But don’t tell him” Taehyung whispered and let Jimin feed him a candy, ”It’s a little sensitive.”

”Ah, I get it” Jimin giggled and glanced at Jungkook who grabbed a pillow while giving Taehyung a warning look.

”If that pillow comes near me, you’re sleeping on the sofa tonight” Taehyung stated without taking his eyes off the tv.

Jimin burst out in more giggles as Jungkook pouted and put the pillow down, ”Oh my god, you’re crazy. The both of you.”


Jimin blinked his eyes open and realized both that he had fallen asleep, and that he had drooled on Taehyung’s sweater.

He swallowed and straightened his back while wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. The room was dark but the tv was still on. He looked out the windows and noticed a half moon peeking out behind a purple cloud.

”Hi there” Jungkook whispered softly and grabbed the empty bowl from his lap to put it on the coffee table, ”You and Tae fell asleep.”

Jimin turned his head and saw that the beta was snoring softly with his palm upwards in his lap, his fingers curled a little.

And Jimin could immediately sense that they had been holding hands in their sleep.

Jimin hummed and turned his head to look back at Jungkook, still not feeling completely awake yet.

”It’s late” Jimin whispered tiredly as he leaned back against the backrest.

”It’s 2 am. I’ve been watching two movies alone” Jungkook whispered back and gave Jimin a warm smile, ”I didn’t have the heart to wake you up.”

”You should have” Jimin sighed and massaged his forehead, ”It’s gonna be an expensive ride home with the taxi.”

”Oh, right, fuck, I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize that—”

”No, it’s fine” Jimin smiled and rubbed his eyes gently before he yawned quietly, ”I should probably leave you guys alone. And you should carry Taehyung to the bed so his neck doesn’t hurt.”

”You uhm… do you maybe want to stay the night?” Jungkook asked carefully while searching Jimin’s eyes in the dark room, ”M-Maybe? Or do you want me to drive you—”

”I can stay” Jimin replied and nodded eagerly.

Too eagerly.

Jimin blushed and cleared his throat, ”I mean, okay. If that’s okay with the both of you and if—”

”It is” Taehyung whispered and smiled tiredly as Jimin turned his head to look at him a little surprised.

”You talk loud when you’re excited, the both you” Taehyung said before he got up and stretched his arms above his head.

”Let’s make a nest” Taehyung added and grabbed the blanket and pillows closest to him before he put them down again, ”Wait. I have a better idea.”


Jimin blushed as Jungkook and Taehyung came with their arms full of the covers and the pillows from their bed. He got up from the sofa and out of the way as the others made something close to a nest on the bed, making it look extremely cozy. 

”Nice!” Jungkook said and gave Taehyung a peck on his cheek, ”Good idea!”

”Now let’s get undressed” Jungkook winked and put his hands on his black leather belt.

”Wait!” Taehyung blushed and grabbed Jungkook’s wrists, ”What are you doing?”

”What does it look like I’m doing? If you think I’m sleeping in these tight jeans under that warm cover, then you're a bit wrong.”

”But Jimin might get uncomfortable if—”

”It’s totally okay” Jimin reassured and began to undress from his own jeans, ”I’d rather sleep on the balcony than in my jeans.”

Taehyung and Jungkook stared at Jimin who crawled up the sofa and settled under the black bedsheets in his hoodie and boxers.

”Don’t just stand there” Jimin whispered shyly before he pulled the covers up over his head, ”I’m not watching.

Taehyung and Jungkook looked at each other with amused smiles before they undressed from their pants.

”This too” Jungkook whispered and pulled at Taehyung’s sweater.

Taehyung rolled his eyes but did as told, knowing that I would get too hot under the covers otherwise.


Jungkook got up on the big sofa and pulled the covers down from Jimin’s face, only to be met with a sleepy face and slight pout, ”Tae, Jimin is already falling asleep.”

”I’m… not…”

Jungkook smiled fondly and settled under the covers beside Jimin while Taehyung laid down on Jimin’s other side.

”Good thing you’re practically asleep or else I would have taken your place” Taehyung whispered and snuggled up to Jimin.

”We can change” Jimin replied in a faint whisper while forcing himself to open his tired eyes and look at Taehyung a little apologetically, feeling a little rude for having claimed the place in the middle.

”I’m joking, silly” Taehyung giggled and closed his eyes as he buried his nose against Jimin’s neck, ”Just sleep now.”


Jungkook laid on his back, staring up at the ceiling while Taehyung’s soft snores filled the silent room.

He turned onto his side and smiled fondly at his beta who so quickly had drifted back to a deep sleep.


Jungkook looked at Jimin and saw him blink his eyes at him before closing them again.


”You don’t have to guard over us” Jimin whispered and moved his hand up to intertwine it with Jungkook’s, causing the younger’s heart to beat a million times faster.

”We’re safe here.”

”I know” Jungkook whispered back and closed his eyes as he scooted a little closer to the omega, ”It’s just that… you’re here now. You’re here and—”

”Ssh, Jungkook” Jimin whispered softly and untangled their hands so he could turn on his side and wrap his arm around the alpha who was crying silent tears.

”Let’s talk when we wake up tomorrow” Jimin said softly and rubbed his hand over Jungkook’s warm back and the fabric of his white t-shirt, ”Until then, I’m right here. Right here with you and Taehyung.”

Jungkook hummed through his tears and allowed himself to relax in Jimin’s arms. And right before he drifted off to a much needed sleep, he could feel how Taehyung grabbed his hand and moved closer to Jimin’s back.

It felt like they were one where they were laying under the covers so close together.

Tangled together in a deep sleep while their lungs filled with each other’s scents.

It felt just amazing.

And so right.

Like the most natural thing in the world.

Like it was meant to be.

The three of them.

Meant to be.



Chapter Text



Jimin woke up to faint voices somewhere behind him. He opened his eyes and was met with the sight of Jungkook sitting crossed legged right in front of him, the tv screen reflecting in his doe eyes.

Jimin smiled as he remembered where he was and what had happened before he fell asleep.

”Shit, did the tv wake you up?” Jungkook whispered and grabbed the controller to turn off the sound completely.

”No, no, it’s fine” Jimin replied with a smile, ”You’re up early watching tv.”

Jungkook hummed as he turned the tv off and climbed down under the covers again.

”You didn’t have to turn it off for my sake” Jimin whispered while Jungkook’s legs brushed agains this own.

”I’d rather look at you than the tv” Jungkook said with a wink that caused Jimin to giggle and blush over his nose.

”I’m trying to sleep here.”

Jimin turned around and was met with a smiling Taehyung who looked so pretty with his hair tousled and standing in every direction, his lips soft and a little pouty from his sleep.

”I’m sorry” Jimin whispered and brought his hand up to let his fingers run through the soft curls, ”You can go back to sleep, I’ll promise to be quiet.”

”M’no… I like when you talk. I like hearing your voice…”

Jimin smiled and shifted a little on the mattress, before he turned onto his back again.

”It’s crazy hot in here, isn’t it?” Jimin wondered and pulled the covers down, only for Taehyung to pull it back up again.

”No, it’s not. It’s probably because you’re dressed for a blizzard” Jungkook said a little amused as he tugged at Jimin’s hoodie.

Jimin hummed and sat up, immediately feeling a little dizzy.

”Okay, you definitely should take the hoodie off” Taehyung said and sat up beside Jimin as he noticed the omega’s discomfort.

Jimin hummed and let Taehyung help him out of his hoodie before he flopped back down on the sofa again.

”Better?” Jungkook asked and let his hand brush away a couple of blonde strands from Jimin’s forehead.

Jimin gulped and shook his head, now feeling rather cold instead.

”I think I’m getting a fever” Jimin mumbled and pulled the covers up to his chin, feeling worse by the second.

”I’m getting you water” Jungkook stated while Taehyung began to caress Jimin’s forehead, combing his hair back with his fingers.

”I’m sorry for ruining your morning” Jimin sighed and glanced at Taehyung with an apologetic look, ”I’ll make sure to leave as soon as I can.”

Taehyung shook his head and gave Jimin a reassuring smile, ”Please, just focus on relaxing for awhile. You might feel better after some sleep.”

Jimin hummed and sat up to eagerly gulp down the water Jungkook handed him.

Jimin wiped his mouth with the back of his hand after giving the glass back to Jungkook who put it on the coffee table.

Jimin let out a deep sigh as he laid down on the pillow again, ”I feel so… weird.”

”Weird how?” Taehyung asked and gave Jungkook a worried glance, receiving a just as worried look back.

”Like I’m on fire” Jimin mumbled while putting a hand on his naked chest, ”But at the same time I’m freezing. And I… I…”

Jimin gasped and sat up to give Jungkook a stressed look while his heart began to beat hard and fast inside his chest, ”Y-You have to drive me home, right now! Y-You have to—”

Jungkook and Taehyung breathed in and filled their lungs with Jimin’s sweet scent.

And the smell of arousal.

And slick.


And in the next second second Jimin was whimpering and rubbing his hand on the outside of his boxers, so incredibly embarrassed that his cheeks and ears turned red.

”Oh my god” Taehyung breathed out as he leaned closer to Jimin to nose along his neck, ”Oh my god… you’re getting into heat.”

Jimin whined and tilted his head for Taehyung who had to force himself to pull back, ”This… I’m… Kookie, he smells so good and—”

”Jimin” Jungkook hurried to cup Jimin’s cheeks to look into his eyes, ”You’re going into heat.”

”Yes, I know” Jimin sniffled and nodded, ”You have to drive me home unless—”


”Unless” Jimin began and gulped nervously under Jungkook waiting gaze, ”you want me to stay…? I mean— oh god, this is so awkward.”

Jungkook looked at Taehyung who gave him a smile and a nod.

”We would love for you to stay” Jungkook whispered and caressed Jimin’s cheeks while he tried to stay calm and clear in his mind, ”We would love to take care of you and give you everything you need.”

”Everything” Jimin whispered and leaned into Jungkook’s warm palm, ”The two of you. That’s what I want. That’s what I need. Not just now, but later as well. I want you close to me. I want to… want to see you more and talk to you more and—”

”Ssh, take it easy” Jungkook whispered and leaned in to kiss away Jimin’s tears.

”I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m getting so emotional and needy and—”

”We would love that as well” Taehyung said softly as he began to kiss along Jimin’s neck, ”Have you close to us. Maybe… maybe like before, but better? Would you liked that, Jimin?”

Jimin sniffled and nodded while bringing a hand back to intertwine with Taehyung’s warm hand, ”Yes. I would love that very much.”

”Fuck, you have no idea how happy that makes us” Jungkook mumbled and gave Jimin’s lips a soft kiss.

Jimin smiled through his tears as he parted his lips and let Jungkook kiss him a little firmer, a little more demanding.

Jimin let out a whine before he literally threw himself onto Jungkook, wrapping his arms around his neck while kissing him feverishly.

Jungkook hummed approvingly into the hot kisses and let his hands caress Jimin’s back, down to his hips and to the hem of his underwear.

Jimin whispered a ’yes’ as Jungkook grabbed his underwear, not waiting a second before he pulled them down and grabbed Jimin’s perfect butt to squeezed it with a needy moan leaving the both of them.

Taehyung hummed where he was licking Jimin’s neck, loving the strong scent on his tongue, ”You’re so wet, Jiminie, so wet for your alpha and beta. You’re dripping onto the covers.”

”Shouldn’t we do something about that? Hm…?” Taehyung added and brought a finger to slide between Jimin’s asscheeks, thick globs of slick gushing out over his hand.

”T-Tae” Jimin whined and looked behind him, ”Please…”

Taehyung smiled and captured Jimin’s plump lips, tasting both Jimin and Jungkook. 

Jimin hummed into the kisses, absolutely loving to taste Taehyung again after so long apart.

”I’ve miss you” Taehyung breathed out against Jimin’s lips, ”We’ve missed you so damn much.”

”I’ve missed you, too” Jimin sniffled and kissed the beta’s lips again, ”I want to stay this time. I want to be with you. I don’t want to be alone.”

Taehyung nodded and glanced at Jungkook who smiled before leaning in to capture his lips.

Jimin smiled from the sight of the others kissing, feeling both proud and incredibly happy.

For the three of them.


Jimin threw his head back and began to grind against Jungkook’s thigh as he got his neck licked from both sides.

”I want you” Jimin whispered between airy moans, ”I want you so much that I hurts. I want— I need— I need you to fuck me before I lose my mind.”

Taehyung hummed and licked over Jimin’s scent gland before he brush his nose over his ear, ”Who do you want first? Just tell us, we don’t mind.”

Jimin gulped as his cheeks heated up in a red blush and he could feel his body turn on fire with the need that began to create pictures inside his head.

”It’s okay” Jungkook reassured as he pulled back so search Jimin’s gaze with his own shiny eyes.

Two full moons staring back at a starry sky while the air filled with the wonderful scent of red roses.

”Don’t be shy” Jungkook whispered with his voice dripping with want, ”We’re equal here. We know how we feel about each other. But right now, you’re in heat, and so you should be extra vocal with your needs. Tae and I are here to take care of you, and nothing you will say or wish for will be received with any form of jealousy or disappointment. We like each other equally much and so we also understand each other, right?”

”We must be honest and say what we need, not just now, but always” Taehyung added and kissed Jimin’s ear, ”and we will always have time to take care of the one that feels like they wanted more. There will always be time for everyone.”

”I know what I want” Jimin whispered before he bit down on his bottom lip so hard that Jungkook had to coax it free from the strong grip of his front teeth.

”And what is that?” Taehyung whispered back while nuzzling against Jimin’s neck to soothe himself from the overwhelming want that almost made it impossible to stay so close without touching too much or tasting too much.

”I want the both of you…”

Jungkook hummed and did as Taehyung, trying to soothe his want with Jimin’s scent, ”Who first? Taehyung, maybe? Can’t you smell that he’s getting wet as well?”

”The both of you” Jimin repeated with a needy whine, ”at the same time.”

Jungkook’s mind crashed while Taehyung’s heart stopped.

”A-At the same—”

”Oh my god…”

”Have you ever done that before?” Jungkook asked while his trembling hands settled on Jimin’s waist.

”No, I haven’t, but I’m sure I can take you if you’d just let us try and—”

”He’s incredibly wet and in heat” Taehyung stated as he let two fingers brush over Jimin’s entrance, ”He can probably take us without a problem.”

”Yes!” Jimin sobbed as Taehyung’s fingers slipped inside him, ”Oh my god! Tae! Please fuck me!”

Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s shoulders as he began to ride Taehyung’s fingers, loving how he swallowed them like nothing.

”That’s it” Taehyung whispered proudly as he let a third finger enter the omega, ”stretch yourself on my fingers.”

”Alpha” Jimin sniffled while Jungkook’s hand wrapped around his cock to stroke him slowly, make him a little more relaxed while Taehyung worked on opening him up, ”harder, please, stroke me harder and—”

Jimin tensed as Taehyung entered him with a fourth finger, causing him to breathe out a string of moans while Jungkook jerked him off with teasingly slow strokes.

”More, please, Tae, I want—”

”Okay, that’s it” Taehyung said and pulled out before he moved around Jimin so he could kiss his needy lips, ”I want to fuck you open on my cock. Do you want that as well?”

Jimin nodded quickly while he moved away from Jungkook to instead straddle Taehyung who welcomed him with open arms and wet kisses. He let Jungkook guide him down on Taehyung’s cock that he swallowed with greed while wanton moans left his lisp.

He didn’t waste a second before he began to ride, loving how he was showered with praises and soft words while their hands roamed over his body. Exploring him. Every centimeter of his wonderful, soft and muscular body.


”Jimin” Taehyung whispered and let his hands grip the omega’s waist tightly, ”You ride me so so good. It’s like you’re meant for this, hm…? Meant to ride us. To have us inside you.”

”T-Tae” Jimin sniffled and grabbed the beta’s shoulders harder while picking up the speed to bounce on the cock with his own cock leaking between them, drooling onto Taehyung.

”Jungkook” Jimin whined and looked behind him where the alpha’s eyes shone with want and anticipation, ”Please, I don’t want to come without you inside me.”

”Are you really ready for—”

”Yes, I’m ready, I promise I’m ready, please alpha, please fuck me. Can’t you smell how wet I am for you. Can’t you sense how much I want the both of you inside me?”

Jungkook gulped and gave Taehyung a nod. Taehyung grabbed Jimin again and let them fall back onto the sofa, luckily without slipping out of the omega who was getting wetter with the minute.

Jungkook placed himself behind Jimin and leaned down over him with one straight arm holding him up. He kissed between Jimin’s shoulder blades, over his shoulder and then down along his spine, all while fucking Jimin with two fingers, loving how they disappeared inside him even though Taehyung’s cock already was filling him so good.

”Greedy omega” Jungkook smiled as Jimin kept begging for more.

”How lucky we are, hm…? To have you here with us, to share your heat with you” Taehyung whispered while caressing Jimin’s back, ”Our Jimin. Our pretty baby.”

”Now!” Jimin begged as he nuzzled against Taehyung’s neck, ”Please fuck me!”

Jungkook chuckled while Taehyung was smiling brightly with how desperate Jimin was.

Jungkook reached over Jimin and kissed Taehyung’s lips, ”Let’s give him everything he needs.”

Taehyung tried to soothe Jimin the best he could with both his scent and soft touches while Jungkook entered him slowly and carefully.

”Are you okay?” Jungkook whispered and let his hand caress Jimin’s thigh that was wet with slick.

”Mmh…” Jimin hummed and let Taehyung intertwine their hands, ”Please, go on. I want you and I can take you. I promise I can.”

Jungkook pressed his hand against the small of Jimin’s back and pushed inside a little more. A little at the time until Jimin let out a deep sigh, finally having both cocks buried deep inside him, feeling some sort of comfort while his body was burning with want.

Slow, shallow thrusts turned deep and rough as Jimin drenched their cocks with slick. The room was mixing with moans and grunts and whispered praises and needs. Their scents blended and became something heavenly, something addicting that filled them with hope and promises.

”Jungkook… Tae….”

”Come” Taehyung whispered and kissed Jimin’s lips while Jungkook continued to fuck into Jimin with the same relentless thrusts.

”I’m so close” Jimin sniffled between his moans, ”It’s… aaahhh-aaaaJungkook! It’s so good! I’m going to come so hard on your cocks and— nnhhaaaaa f-fuck, it’s so good!

”Let’s fill our Jimin with some well deserved cum” Taehyung whispered and gave Jimin another kiss before he grabbed his hips to hold him steady.

Jimin became a mess as Jungkook and Taehyung let go of their restrains, fucking in to him like there was no tomorrow. Causing Jimin to scream into Taehyung’s neck and slick to gush out between the two cocks. And when he began to clench, Jungkook’s cock began to swell, and it created a delicious tightness that caused the three of them to find their release.

Taehyung came first, his cock squeezed between Jimin’s tight walls and Jungkook’s swelling knot. And while he spilled his hot cum inside Jimin, the latter came as well, in long hard spurts between them. His cock had rubbed between them for minutes and he had been so close to coming so many times that only his strong will to continue fucking had held him back. But as Taehyung began to fill him, he simply couldn’t resist the urge to let go.

Jungkook continued to fuck into Jimin’s sensitive hole a couple of more thrusts before he threw his head back and dug his fingernails into Jimin’s soft hips.

He had to come or otherwise he feared his knot would swell too much, not wanting to knot the omega without knowing if he actually could take it.

Next time.

Jimin whined as they pulled out and left him cold and empty.

”Tae…” Jimin mumbled and gave the beta a shy look as they laid down to hold him on top of the covers.

”I know, I know” Taehyung reassured and gave Jimin’s tired lips a kiss before he got up to get something from the bedroom.

Jimin turned around and nuzzled against Jungkook’s chest while the latter held him securely with his strong arm.

”What is he getting?” Jungkook whispered while glancing at their bedroom door.

”This” Taehyung smiled and entered the room with a pink butt plug, ”For Jimin. It’s already thoroughly clean, I promise.”

Jimin blushed and put a hand on Jungkook’s cheek to bring him down onto the pillow again, ”Don’t watch!”

”What? I just fucked you and now I’m not allowed to see—”

”Exactly” Jimin mumbled and captured Jungkook’s lips while he brought a leg up to make it easier for Taehyung to enter with the plug.

Taehyung couldn’t help but to tease Jimin a little with the tip of the butt plug, letting it sink in and then out again, causing Jimin to moan into the kisses with Jungkook.

Taehyung let out a shaky breath as Jimin began to fuck against the plug, his hole squelching with slick and cum that began to pour out of him.

”Tae” Jimin begged as he turned his head to look behind him, ”Quick, fuck me with your fingers.”

Taehyung didn’t waste second before he did as told, throwing the plug to the side so he could push two fingers inside the needy omega while kneeling beside him.

”Yes” Jimin breathed out as he clung to Jungkook with his sharp fingernails scratching his back, ”Faster, Tae, fuck me faster and— nnggaaaa!!

Jimin’s body started shaking before he showered Taehyung with slick that landed all over his arm, his face and his neck.

”Oh my god, Jimin, did you just squirt over—”

”More" Jimin mumbled and draped himself over Jungkook to grind against his cock while kissing his lips.

”First” Jungkook whispered and pulled back from Jimin’s needy lips, ”clean your mess like a good omega.”

Jimin glanced at Taehyung who looked back at him with lustful eyes and his face full of sticky and shiny slick.

Jimin hurried off Jungkook and moved over to straddle Taehyung’s lap. He grabbed the beta’s shoulders and leaned in to lick away his slick with his warm, wet tongue swiping over the sweet substance.

”God, you’re so pretty together” Jungkook whispered as he took in the sight of Jimin licking over Taehyung’s soft lips until Taehyung couldn’t take the tease.

Jimin yelped as the beta threw him down onto the sofa to enter him with his hard cock while putting Jimin’s legs over his shoulders.

Jimin cried out in the immediate pleasure and clutched the bedsheets while the beta fucked into him with hard, almost desperate thrusts.

”That’s it” Jungkook whispered and placed himself behind Taehyung to lick over his neck and shoulder, nibbling a little at his skin, causing the beta to shudder with pleasure.

”Fuck our omega for us, hm… fuck him full of your cum again.”

Jimin came with a gasp while the others stared at him with equally much want, almost finding it hard to believe that he actually was theirs again.

Their omega.

Their Jimin.


Taehyung came with Jimin’s name leaving his lips over and over again. And as soon as he pulled out, Jungkook took over to fuck Jimin full of his own cum.

They continued like that, to satisfy Jimin as well as themselves, carefully taking every chance to rest they got between Jimin’s heat waves.

And when Jimin was full and sated, they plugged him with the but plug and took turns on sucking him off instead.

And when the next morning shone it’s soft light through the window, they had since long carried Jimin to their bed instead. There they had taken good care of him the whole night, until the morning.



Jimin walked back to the bedroom, dressed in Jungkook’s white t-shirt and a pair of boxers he had borrowed from Taehyung. He dried his hair with a towel and stood in the doorway to look at Jungkook and Taehyung who were sleeping in each other’s arms, exhausted from Jimin’s heat that now had calmed down so much that it only was a tingling feeling left.

Jimin looked fondly at the sight and entered the room to hang the damp towel on a chair. He had a strong urge to join them, but at the same time he wanted them to get some time alone. The two of them. Because all attention had been on him for so long, that it felt a little embarrassing to again be in the center.

He tried to walk on silent feet, but didn’t come further than to the doorway before someone on the bed whispered his name.


Jungkook sat up and looked at the blonde with worry spiking in his scent, ”Are you… you’re not leaving, are you?”

Jimin gulped and shook his head before giving the alpha a small smile, ”No… I mean… do you want me to?”

Please don’t tell me to leave.


Jungkook shook his head and reached his hand out towards Jimin, ”Come back to us, please? Please stay a little longer…”

Jimin bit down on his bottom lip and watched as Taehyung snuggled closer to Jungkook in his sleep.

The two of them.

Jimin felt stupid. So fucking stupid that he was allowing himself doubt when the others time after time proved how much they wanted him close.

Still, Jimin couldn’t take the steps towards the bed.

Still he didn’t want to be in the way.

”Fuck” Jungkook cursed under his breath as Jimin turned around and left the room.

Jungkook lifted Taehyung’s arms from his lap before he hurried down from the bed and ran out to the living room where Jimin was reaching for his jeans on the floor.

”Jimin please don’t—”

”I’m sorry” Jimin sniffled and gave Jungkook an apologetic look, ”I-I just… I don’t want to ruin what you already have.”

Jungkook gulped while Jimin’s sudden sadness filled his lungs. So he grabbed the pants from Jimin’s hold and tossed them onto the floor before he cupped Jimin’s cheeks and kissed him with so much sincerity that tears escaped from their eyes.

Jimin answered the kisses with just as much sincerity while he wrapped his arms around Jungkook to hug him tightly, hold him and beg him to never let go.

”Jungkook… Jimin…?” Taehyung whispered as he stumbled into the living room before he stopped to rub his tired eyes, ”What’s…”

Taehyung yawned and looked at the others with a soft smile, ”I thought I smelled sadness. But I guess I was wrong.”

Jimin looked up at Jungkook who gave him a warm smile before picking him up from the floor to carrying him back to the bed. Jimin giggled in Jungkook’s hold and laughed out loud as he was tossed onto the bed.

”Now you stay here, okay?” Jungkook whispered as he draped himself over Jimin, ”Our silly omega.”

Taehyung climbed up the bed and laid down in the same spot as before, ”Wake me up if you need my cock.”

Jimin burst out in giggles and slapped his hand over Taehyung’s mouth, earning himself a soft bite.

”Mmh, bite harder” Jimin giggled and withdrew his hand before he looked up at Jungkook who was staring down at him with a serious look.

Very serious look.

Jimin gulped and turned his head to glance at Taehyung who had the exact same look.

”I take this side” Jungkook whispered and dived down to trail kisses along one side of Jimin’s neck while Taehyung came closer to lick the other side of his neck.

Jimin blushed and put his hands in the others soft hair, ”Guys… what are you doing…?”

”Nothing special…”

”Just deciding on something…”

”On what?” Jimin asked with a shaky breath as he wondered if they maybe were referring to—”

”Where to place our mating bites” Taehyung smiled and leaned up to kiss Jimin’s flustered cheek.

”Precisely” Jungkook smiled as he began to kiss Jimin’s other cheek.

”Oh my god” Jimin whispered as his eyes teared, immediately earning himself soft whispers and reassuring words.


”I’m… I—” Jimin sniffled as he looked between the two that was looking down at him with equally teary eyes.

”You don’t have to say anything” Jungkook reassured as he combed his fingers through Jimin’s blonde locks.

”But I want to. Say something, I mean” Jimin whispered and flickered his gaze a little before he got so nervous that he had to bite down on his lip.

”Whatever it is, say it” Taehyung smiled and coxed Jimin’s lip free from his cute front teeth, ”Don’t be nervous if—”

”I love you.”


Taehyung gaped at Jimin before he turned his head to look at Jungkook who immediately looked back at him with the same expression.

”I-I don’t know if you even feel close to what I feel for the both of you, but I want to be honest a-and say that I love you because I love the both of you so much and I- I just love you so much and I—”

”I love you, too” Jungkook whispered and looked down into Jimin’s starry eyes, ”Fuck, I love you so much and I love you, too” Jungkook added and looked at Taehyung who suddenly became even more overwhelmed.

”I love you and I love Jimin, I love the both of you. And—”

”I love you, too” Taehyung blushed and looked between Jungkook and Jimin, ”I love you, so much, the both of you, s-so much and—”

Taehyung sniffled and sat up to wipe his eyes while Jimin and Jungkook got up to wipe Taehyung’s cheeks for him.

”You love me?” Taehyung asked and looked at Jungkook who nodded and gave him a warm smile.

”I’ve loved you for years, Tae. I loved you between those crimson walls and I love you now. I love you and Jimin with all of my heart.”

”With all of my heart” Jimin whispered and nodded while giving Taehyung a reassuring smile, ”We love you, Tae.”

Taehyung nodded and smiled through his tears, ”And we love you so so much, Jimin. We love you more than you know.”

Jimin gulped and glanced at Jungkook before he took one arm around Taehyung’s neck and the other around Jungkook, pushing them down onto the mattress so he fell and landed on top of them.

He kissed Taehyung’s happy lips before he gave Jungkook equally many kisses.

”I love you.”

”I love you” Taehyung and Jungkook said back in unison, causing the room to fill with soft laughters.


”So, what was that you said about mating?” Jimin asked with a playful smile while looking at the others, ”Like, I have no problem seeing myself mated like… before summer ends?”

”Remember that you have to bite me as well” Taehyung smiled and pointed at his own neck with his finger, ”The both of you.”

”Mmh” Jimin smiled and leaned in to put a playful bite on the beta’s neck, ”It’s going to hurt, though. My canines aren’t as sharp as Jungkook’s.”

”I don’t mind a bit of pain” Taehyung whispered and winked at Jimin who blushed and pinched Taehyung’s waist, causing the beta to laugh and squirm under Jimin.

”It’s gonna be a hell mating with you if you’re gonna play around like this” Jungkook sighed and flopped down onto his back, ”What have I signed up to?”

”We’ll behave, I promise” Jimin said and crawled over Jungkook’s stomach to get to the other side where he nuzzled against the alpha’s neck while Taehyung did the same on the other side.

”I’m going to bite right here” Taehyung whispered and kissed the spot on Jungkook’s neck.

Jimin hummed and licked over the spot he had decided on for his own bite.

”Did I say that I love you?” Jungkook asked and grabbed Jimin and Taehyung’s arm to pulled them up until the both of them shared his chest.

”Mmm… and we love you, too” Jimin whispered and kissed his alpha’s lips.

”Very much” Taehyung nodded and kissed Jungkook.

”Forever” Jimin smiled and kissed Taehyung.

”Forever” Taehyung repeated as they laid down to rest their heads on Jungkook’s chest, letting his heart beats lull them to a comfortable rest.

”Forever” Jungkook whispered and closed his eyes while caressing his boyfriends’ warm backs, ”Forever together.”