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It Was Always Her

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Back at home, Moo-sung stops by to check on his son before going to bed. He opens the door and sees him sitting in his room alone and as usual deep in thought.

“괜찮아?” (Are you okay?)

Taek looks up at his father “아... 네 괜찮아요.” (Ah... Yes I’m okay)

But he knows what Taek is thinking about.

He hesitates for a second but then says to his son.

“I know you and Deok Sun are dating. And she told you not to say anything to the ajummas and ajusshis earlier. I think that’s the right decision for now. When the time is right and when you tell them, you will have my support.”

“Appa how did you know?” asks Taek.

“You and her have been best friends since you were kids and I know you’ve always liked being with her. Its only natural you’d end up with her. But I’m surprised you took so long to make your move.“ says his father with an inquiring smile.

“Are you ok with it?”

“Yes. Sun Woo and you are only related by my marriage. Your omma would be happy and proud of you. I’ll slowly talk to Sun Young and ask her to approve of your relationship with Deok Sun.”

He pauses and then asks “Will you marry her?”

Taek looks gratefully at his father and with his usual doe eyed smile says, “Appa... 나 덕순 사랑해요.” (I love her)

“응 (Yes). I’m happy. For both of you.”