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Together on our lonely paths

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Extra: guidance

"So I said, 'hey, we can build another room, there's a whole wall completely unused'. But they wouldn't just shut up, because, ugh, people. But I started working, and other people came to work with me, and eventually, we were all working on it and now the Outhouse has a huge eating space," Fero stopped gesticulating as his story came to an end, but his feet continued swinging in the water, making small ripples. "I'm glad I got to see it before leaving. Like, the Outhouse belongs to everyone, but also..." he made a vague gesture.

"You created it, it's just as part of you as any of these," Samol pointed to the sea squirrels that were swimming around in the pond. Then he squeezed Fero's hand. "Don't worry, I get you."

"You really do," Fero slammed his shoulder on Samol's side and then stayed there, leaning his head onto Samol's shoulder and burying his nose on Samol's shirt and taking on his scent.

"I could swear you sound happy every time you talk about this Outhouse of yours."

"Don't tell anyone, they'll think I'm going soft," Fero sighed. "If you're ever close, come and see it. I think you'd like it. And the people here would love you."

"I've not been the most pleasant company as of late," Samol sighed.

"That's not true, it was awesome living with you all those years," Fero stood up to his full halfling height. "And people love stories and songs and you're the best at those."

"I'll have to take your word for it," Samol said and raised with his hand toward Fero. "Now, this water feels wonderful and I bet it'll feel even better to swim in it."

"Do you think it will hold?" Fero asked. "Can we really... you know, interact with the environment and all of that?"

"You're sleeping right now, aren't you?" Samol asked and Fero nodded. "So, this is almost like a dream, I don't see why we can't try. Unless you don't want to."

"Of course I want to," Fero immediately reached to take Samol's hand and helped him to his feet. Holding fast onto each other, they walked into the pond.