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Broken Promises

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One time is all it takes. Steve knew this, and yet he had allowed himself to be so careless; so irresponsible. He glares at the test in his hand, hoping that if he stares at it hard enough the result would somehow change. It doesn’t. It’s still reads positive. He’s pregnant.

He curses under his breath and tosses the test in the sink, the sound of it clinking against the smooth porcelain ringing throughout the room. He steps back until he’s colliding with the wall, and he slides down. The corners of his eyes burned with tears and he blinks rapidly to keep them from spilling. His life was about to change and he had no one to blame but himself.

That’s not true. It takes two to make this happen, but it wasn’t like the father was going to stick around. Their encounter had been nothing more than a quick fuck, something Steve was going to regret for the rest of his life. There was no love between them, not even a friendship.

Tony Stark was just his boss. That was it. That was all he ever would be.

Steve knew better than to sleep with his boss; it was taboo, and yet he broke that rule and ended up in Tony’s bed. Resisting the man had been easy at first; they didn’t get along right away, but despite their opinions about each other, there was something between them.

He wasn’t in love with Tony; there was a difference between love and lust. Steve was just shy of crossing over that line, but he knew that once he crossed it, he could never go back. He vowed to forget about that night with Tony, knowing that it didn’t mean a thing.

But now he could never forget. Not when he had a reminder of that night growing inside of him.

It’s a struggle to keep the tears back and they begin to flow from his eyes. He wipes them away angrily, not wanting to allow himself to get worked up over his predicament. He had options and it wasn’t like he had to worry about Tony butting in. He knows he should tell him, and maybe he will. But right now he needs someone else.

He needs his best friend.

When Steve pulls up to the familiar house, relief washes over him when he spotted his friend’s car in the driveway. Bucky normally isn’t home around this time; his job at the VA is unpredictable at times, but Steve is thankful that he was able to catch him.

His stomach churns when he rings the doorbell. He shouldn’t be this nervous to tell his best friend, not when he hasn’t had a issue telling Bucky about his problems in the past. But this time was different. He knew how much Bucky despised Tony.

There’s time to rush back to his car and pretend that he never stepped foot on Bucky’s front steps, but he doesn’t get the chance. Bucky is answering the door, face lighting up like it always does when they see each other. That warm smile quickly falters and Bucky is frowning now.

“Hey. Steve, you okay?” He asks, worry evident in his tone. Steve mentally screams at himself to supply an answer, and when he doesn’t, Bucky grows more concerned. “Steve, hey talk to me. What’s wrong?”

“Do you have a minute?” Steve finally finds his voice. Bucky nods and steps aside to let him in.

There’s a sense of calmness whenever he’s around his best friend. For as long as he could remember, it had always been that way. They grew up together and spent every waking minute with each other. Bucky had always been there for him, whether that be against the bullies that tortured him on his walks home from school or when he had lost his mother. It made sense that Steve would find comfort in his best friend.

Bucky is quick to sense his friend’s distress. Having known Steve his whole life, he knows what to look out for when Steve is having one of those days. He immediately blames Steve’s new job. It had been tough on him; the man he worked for wasn’t the greatest boss in the world. He’s told Steve multiple times to quit, but Steve was stubborn.

Steve is fidgeting on the sofa, and it strikes Bucky as odd. Steve isn’t the type to express his nerves. Only Bucky has had the privilege to witness his occasional anxiety episodes.

“Steve,” Bucky starts, doing his best to keep his tone light, but he’s worried and that seeps into his voice. “Pal, talk to me. You’re freaking me out.”

Steve takes a deep breath to calm himself. His stomach is still churning and he’s not sure if it’s because of the nerves or the baby. He had already emptied his stomach before leaving his apartment and he prayed that he didn’t have to suffer through another round.

“I...screwed up.” His voice is quiet, almost timid; nothing like him at all. Bucky’s quick to notice and his brows draw together in a deep frown.

“At work?”

“Something like that. Tony-”

“Did he fire you?” Bucky is growing angry. He may have told Steve to quit, but he never thought Stark would fire him. “That asshole. I swear-”

“Buck, I didn’t get fired,” Steve quickly interrupts.

“Oh.” Bucky relaxes and leans back in his seat. Steve doesn’t miss how disappointed his friend looks. Maybe being fired would have been better. “Then what happened?”

“Long story short, he uh...invited me up to his penthouse.” Steve’s face burns as he begins, wishing Bucky would catch on so he wouldn’t have to tell him. Fortunately, Bucky understands what Steve is trying to say.

“Oh God, Steve,” Bucky groans. Steve feels like a little kid being scolded. He starts to regret coming over when Bucky continues to go off on him. “I told you not to screw around with him. He's no good!”

“I know. It just-”

“You're an idiot, pal. A really big idiot. He doesn't even care about you and you're over here-”

“Alright!” Steve yells and he gets up from the couch. “I get it. I screwed up. Are you happy now?”

Bucky sighs. “I’m sorry. He’s an asshole, Steve. It only happened once, right?”

Steve is quiet for a moment and he gnaws away at his bottom lip. Bucky opens his mouth to question his friend again, but then Steve finally responds, “Once is all it takes.”

“Fuck. So you’re…” he trails off and Steve slowly nods his head. “Damn. Does he know?”

“No,” Steve sighs and takes his original spot on the couch. “I don’t think I can tell him. He’s not exactly the family type.”

“Just the type you fuck?”

Steve winces. “Yeah. I really messed up.”

“Yeah,” Bucky agrees. “Bet you’re wishing you were fired, huh?”

“Be a hell of a lot better than this.”

Steve can’t keep the tears in his eyes from falling. He sniffs and reaches up to wipe them away, but more continue to spill. He wishes he could go back and prevent that night from ever happening, but it was too late. The damage was already done.

“You okay, pal?” Bucky knows it's a stupid question to be asking, but he doesn't know what else to say.

“No,” Steve replies with a shake of his head. He was far from it.

Bucky gets up from the armchair and takes the empty spot on the couch. Their knees touch and for a moment Bucky thinks Steve is going to move away, but he doesn't. Bucky places his hand on Steve's shoulder, giving it a reassuring squeeze. “It's gonna be okay, Stevie.”

Steve scoffs. “How? I'm having a baby, Buck.”

“I know.”

“This is...” Steve sighs and he wrings his hands together. Bucky reaches down to take those nervous hands in his own. Steve wraps his fingers around the cool metal ones of Bucky’s hand, a small smile forming over his lips. “I know you hate this thing, but I don't.”

Steve gives the metal fingers a soft squeeze, wishing Bucky could feel him. The arm took some getting used to for the both of them, but overtime Steve didn’t mind it. He was just happy to have his best friend back.

The day he learned that his best friend enlisted in the army was terrifying, but it didn’t compare to the phone call he received when he learned Bucky and his unit had been attacked. In that moment Steve feared he would have to go on without his best friend by his side. They promised till the end of the line.

Bucky rolls his eyes and tries to pull his fingers away, but Steve keeps a firm grasp on them. “Stop trying to change the subject, punk. We're not done talking about you.”

“Are you gonna yell at me? Tell me how much of an idiot I am? Wait, you already did that.”

“And I’ll gladly do it again. I wanna kick his ass, though.”

Steve chuckles. “I'd let you but he’s still my boss and the father of-”

“No,” Bucky shakes his head. “Don't even bother wasting anymore time on that asshole. You deserve better, Steve. You both do.”

“I didn’t think I would have to do this. I remember how hard it was for my mother.”

“Yeah, but you’re not alone. I can help with the kid.”

“This is my responsibility. I don't wanna burden you.”

“You won't! Just...come on let me help you out. You're gonna need all the help you can get.”

Steve sighs loudly and glances up to meet Bucky's eyes. “You really wanna do this? Because you don't have to. I can-”

“Don't. I'm gonna help. I want to.” Bucky smiles softly.

Steve eyes him closely, searching for any indication that Bucky is against the idea, but when he finds none his lips curve into a smile. “Okay,” he finally says. “Let’s have a baby.”

Bucky rolls his eyes. “I'm Uncle Bucky. Don't let this kid start calling me Daddy.”

Steve smiles and places a hand over Bucky’s shoulder. “Thanks, Buck.”

“Don't worry about it. Everything's gonna be fine, pal. I promise.”

“Don't make promises you can't keep.”

“I intend on keeping this one.”


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It shouldn’t be this difficult. Steve’s walked through the doors of Stark Tower multiple times, but today it was proving to be a difficult task. Knowing that today is the day he faces Tony and tells him about the baby makes his stomach twist uncomfortably. He’s already thrown up twice and now he was sure a third round was about to begin.

Steve takes a deep breath to calm himself, then he’s entering the building and making his way through the lobby. Familiar faces greet him; same as they always do.

It’s not until he reaches his floor does the churning in his gut worsen. He’s tempted to turn around and leave, but Steve rarely called out and it would draw unwanted attention if he were to take a sick day.

He doesn’t even stop by Natasha’s desk like he always does; the nausea is getting worse and the last thing he wants to do is puke all over his friend. The odd looks he receives as he passes through go ignored; all he can think about is hiding away until he’s ready to face Tony.

Just thinking about having to tell Tony makes the nausea worse. Steve moves quicker, his office door coming into view and he rushes inside, shutting the door behind him and relieving his upset stomach in the trash can near his desk. He’s thankful the blinds are still closed and no one witnessed him spewing his guts.

“Shit,” Steve curses once he’s finished, using the back of his hand to wipe his mouth clean. His stomach is just starting to settle and he prays that another round doesn’t happen for the rest of the day.

A soft knock on the door reaches his ears and for a moment he wonders if it’s Natasha coming in to scold him for not stopping by her desk, but he’s proven wrong when a kid no older than eighteen is entering his office. Peter Parker, Tony’s newest intern, is a nice kid but the last person Steve wanted to see right now.

“Good Morning, Mr. Rogers- whoa what happened to you?” Peter asks, rushing over and Steve waves him away.

“I’m fine, kid. And what did I tell you about calling me that?”

“Right, Sorry. Can I get you anything, Steve? I’m heading on a coffee run before the meeting and-”

“Meeting? Dammit, that’s today?” Steve curses quietly to himself when Peter nods. “I forgot. My mind has been...elsewhere.”

“That’s cool. I mean, it’s not cool in the sense of like awesome but-”

“Kid, stop,” Steve groans and rubs at his head. “Just give me a minute okay?”

“Yeah, of course. Do you still want a coffee?” Peter asks.

Steve is ready to give Peter his usual order, but then he’s reminded that his caffeine intake is going to need to change and he shakes his head. “I’m good.”

Peter frowns. “Are you sure you’re okay? Is this because Tony wants to see you?”

“He what?”

“I don’t know what it’s about but he said he wanted to see you before the meeting and…”

Steve tunes out Peter’s rambling, his attention fully on the fact that Tony wants to see him and that he’s about to be sick again. Steve rushes toward the trash can, filling the room with the sound of his retching.

“Holy shit.” Peter has stopped rambling and when Steve glances up at him, he finds his brown eyes widened in surprise. “Are you nervous about the meeting?”

“Something like that,” Steve mutters. He rubs a hand over his belly, wincing slightly from the discomfort that lingers. Peter is still eyeing him closely, and for a split second Steve contemplates telling Peter the real reason behind his stomach issues.

He doesn’t of course. Bucky is the only person that knows, and he intends on keeping it that way. Well, for now. Tony still needs to find out.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Peter asks again, his tone laced with concern.

Steve gives a nod in response and waves him away. “Yeah, fine. Listen, I better not keep Mr. Stark waiting. I uh-”

“Oh! Yeah yeah of course!” Peter is quick to get the hint and he leaves the room, making sure to close the door behind him on his way out.

With a huff Steve collapses in his chair, scrubbing one hand over his face. It wouldn’t be that difficult to slip out-the only person that would really notice his absence would be Natasha-but leaving wasn’t an option. Tony needed to know the truth.

Deciding that he was already wasting time, Steve mentally gives himself a quick pep talk, then he’s leaving the safety of his office and makes his way to the much larger one just a couple floors above.

It’s not surprising to find Pepper Potts lingering outside the doors Steve doesn’t want to go through; she was always around Tony, mostly to keep him from doing anything that would hurt the company, but Steve knew about their history and he would be lying if he claimed her presence didn’t make him uncomfortable.

She’s too absorbed in her phone to notice him at first, but then she’s peering up and she offers a small smile. “Good Morning, Steve.” The greeting is warm, but Steve is still uneasy being so close to her. She doesn’t notice. “Tony’s waiting for you. Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad,” she quickly adds.

“Are you going to be…” Steve trails off, making an awkward gesture with his hand, face flushed with embarrassment when Pepper chuckles.

“No. There are still some preparations that need to be made before the meeting. I’ll see you in,” Pepper glances down at her watch, then back up at Steve. “In twenty minutes. Don’t let him pressure you into staying longer. He knows better.”

For a second Steve wonders if she knows about the one-night stand he had with their boss a few weeks prior, and he begins to panic internally. He doesn’t get a chance to dwell on that thought because Pepper is opening the door to the office and leading Steve inside.

The room is familiar; Steve has shared the space with Tony before. This is where they had first kissed until it became too heated and they were forced to move to Tony’s penthouse. Steve quickly rids his mind of those memories, not wanting to relive one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

He doesn’t realize that he had spent longer than he meant to down memory lane until he catches the uncomfortable stares being sent his way.

“Steve?” Pepper says, “Are you okay?”

“Huh? Yeah, yeah perfectly fine,” Steve answers quickly, mentally kicking himself for zoning out.

“You sure there, Rogers?” Tony is the next to ask. “You look a little off. Keep your distance if you're sick.”

Steve clenches his jaw, a part of him wanting to fire back with a snarky reply, but he knows better. Getting fired was not something he needed right now. Not when he was currently carrying his boss’s baby.

Just thinking about having to break the news brings on a new wave of nausea, and Steve does everything in his power to bite it back.

“Make it quick,” Pepper addresses Tony, and she heads to the door. “You have fifteen minutes.”

Steve turns to watch her leave, for once wishing she could stick around a little longer. But perhaps it’s for the best that she’s not around for this part.

“You wanted to see me, Stark?” Steve decides to take the lead, wanting their little meeting to end quickly.

“Oh so now it’s Stark?” Tony grins, one brow raising slightly. He sits casually on the edge of his desk. “It was different that night.”

“Is that what this is about?” Steve is already regretting deciding to come up and speak with Tony. No, scratch that. He was regretting sleeping with him.

“Eh, kinda.” Tony gives a small shrug in response. “Don’t get me wrong, Rogers it was great, but if you’re looking for anything else-”

“Trust me, I’m not.”

“Good to know. Just wanted to make sure we were on the same page. So I guess that means you can stop ignoring me now. We kinda have to work together. Unless, you no longer want to be apart of this marvelous company?”

Steve swallows hard, one hand absentmindedly falling to his belly. “No, sir. I enjoy working here.”

“Good.” Tony seems pleased with that response and he stands, coming over to where Steve is standing, completely unaware of how uncomfortable he’s making his employee. “We still got ten minutes. You wanna add anything?”

This was his chance to tell him, the words are right there on the tip of his tongue, but instead, Steve finds himself shaking his head.

“You can go then.” Tony waves him away and turns back toward his desk. It’s then Steve finds his voice.

“I’m pregnant.”

Tony freezes. It feels like time had stopped, like it no longer existed in the room. He turns around, eyes locking with Steve’s. “What?”

“I’m pregnant,” Steve repeats. It should be easier to say now that he blurted it out, but he still finds himself struggling to form words. “That-that night we...Tony, I didn’t think-”

“You’re saying it’s mine?”

“Whose else what it be? We slept together.”

“Yeah, Rogers I got that part! I just spent five minutes telling you to move on from it. Shit.” Tony runs a hand through his hair, another string of obscenities slipping past his lips while he begins pacing the floor.


“No. No, you can’t be...fuck I thought we used protection! Rogers, I swear to God you better not be fucking with me.”

“Is everything a joke to you? I wouldn’t say something like this just to say it,” Steve shoots back. It’s getting difficult to keep his composure. This might be the day he gets fired and he couldn’t give two fucks about it.

“I can’t have a kid. I don’t do kids, Rogers!” Tony snaps.

“Then it’s your lucky day, Stark. You’re not the one having the kid; I am. Just want to make sure we’re on the same page.”

Steve gives Tony one last look, then he’s leaving the room and slamming the door on his way out.

He didn’t need Tony. He could have a baby without him.

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There was no point in attending the meeting. The last thing Steve wanted to do was sit in a stuffy room with the asshole that is his boss. The ten minutes he had alone with him was plenty.

No one asks questions when he storms out of the elevator and heads toward his office. Everyone in the whole damn building knew about his rocky relationship with Stark; they never saw eye to eye and they’ve clashed over issues in the past, so it wasn't concerning to find him pissed off after being called to Stark’s office.

One person in particular has paid more than enough attention and Steve just knows she’s going to follow him into his office. He doesn’t bother slamming the door behind him, knowing she’s right on his heels.

“Stark giving you a hard time?” Natasha questions, stepping into the room and shutting the door. This was their time to talk shit about their boss.

“I can’t stand him, Nat!” Steve cries out angrily and leans against his desk, folding his arms over his chest. “He’s a fucking asshole.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.”

“I’m pregnant.”

It grows silent for a moment then Natasha says, “What?”

“I’m pregnant. That’s something you didn’t know. God, I feel like a fucking idiot for thinking that maybe he would be on board with this. He’s just a-”

“Wait, hold on.” Natasha raises one hand to silence his rambling and he meets her eyes. “It’s Stark’s? Steve, when the hell did this happen?”

“It’s been a few weeks. I stayed late to finish up a project and he called me up to his office. One thing led to another and-”

“Okay, you don’t need to give me details.” Natasha lets out a heavy sigh and crosses the room to stand beside Steve, and she lays one hand over his shoulder. “Hey, it’s okay. People make mistakes all the time.”

“I know. This has just been the worst one I’ve ever made. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I thought I could have this baby, but to be honest I’m scared,” Steve admits. He reminds himself that he still has Bucky by his side, but he’s starting to wonder if that was going to be enough.

Natasha rubs his shoulder soothingly. “It’s okay to be scared, Steve. I hope you know you’re not alone in this. Just because Stark isn’t going to help doesn’t mean that your friends won’t. I’m here for you.”

“Thanks, Nat.”

“Come here.” Natasha pulls him into a hug. “You’re going to be okay, Steve. Whatever you decide to do, I have your back.”

Steve nods and holds her tighter, his eyes burning with unshed tears. He doesn’t know how long they’ve stayed like this, and it’s not until a soft knock on the door breaks through the silence do they finally break apart.

“Come in,” Steve calls out and the door opens. Peter pokes his head and Steve waves him over.

“I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything. But um the meeting is starting and-”

“Thank you. Nat will be right there.”

Natasha whips her head in Steve’s direction. “You’re not going?” she asks, frowning when Steve shakes his head and begins to gather his things. “You can’t leave me in a room with those morons, Rogers. No offense,” she quickly adds, sending Peter a sideways glance.

“None taken,” Peter says, quietly.

“I’m sorry, Nat,” Steve apologizes and he slips on his jacket, straightening it along the front. “But I think I’m going to take a sick day.”

“He was throwing up,” Peter adds, face heating up when the attention falls on him.

“Anyway,” Steve continues. “Stark already made it clear that if I’m sick to stay away from him, so I’m going home.”

“No one can catch what you have, Steve. You know, unless we all decide to sleep with him,” Natasha jokes, smirking when Steve shoots her a dirty look.

At those words, Peter is snapping his head up, brows furrowed in confusion. “Um I’m a little confused…”

“Don’t worry, kid,” Steve assures and he pats Peter on his shoulder. “Just a word of advice, don’t let Stark fuck with you.”

“Or just fuck you.” Natasha adds with a shrug.

“What?” Peter squeaks, eyes growing wide.

Steve chuckles and shakes his head, giving a little wave on his way out.

Bucky is still working when Steve drops by to see him. He lingers in the entryway of the room, listening in on the meeting that is taking place. He’s reminded of the one he’s missing, but he doesn’t care. Being around Tony was the last thing he needed.

It’s ten minutes later when Bucky is finished and the room begins to clear ou. Steve lingers a little longer, waiting until it’s just Bucky that’s left.

“You could’ve come in, punk.” Bucky looks up from the notebook he’s gathering, shooting Steve a smile when his friend rolls his eyes.

“I didn’t want to interrupt.” Steve steps into the room, eyes roaming around the space for a moment before settling them back on Bucky. “How’d it go?”

“Good. I want to say it’s getting easier for some folks, but it’s a process. I noticed you’re not at work.”

“Took a sick day.”

“You? Since when?” Bucky raises a questioning brow. For as long as he’s known his best friend, Steve never let anything hold him back from his work. Even when he was as sick as a dog, he never bothered to take care of himself, always putting others first. It was frustrating.

“I think the morning sickness is starting up,” Steve grimaces, one hand rubbing over his belly.

Bucky’s lips curve into a wry smile. “Did you puke on Stark? Please tell me you did, Stevie.”

“No.” Steve rolls his eyes. He lets out a sigh and takes a seat in one of the chairs that had been occupied a few minutes prior. “I did tell him, though.”

“Okay,” Bucky says slowly, expression deepening into a frown. “What did he say?”

“You were right. He’s not going to do this with me. I never should have told him.”

“Well, I could’ve told you that. Oh, I did.”

Steve huffs. “I guess it’s just you and me. Oh and Nat; she knows now.”

“And that’s all you need, pal. Forget about Stark. I’d just quit if I were you. Go back to doing the things that you love. You gave up your art for him. Don’t give up anymore, Steve.”

“I can’t just quit, Buck. I was close to it today, but realistically I can’t. I have a baby to support.”

“Then just save up and get out of that place.”

“Yeah,” Steve nods and he rises to his feet. “I’m gonna go. I have to set up an appointment to make sure everything’s okay. You’re welcome to join me.”

“Of course I’ll tag along. Just let me know when you have a date set up,” Bucky says.

Steve smiles. “I will. Thanks, Buck.”

“Can I kick his ass now?”

“We’ll see.”

Chapter Text

A baby. He was having a baby.

Tony Stark did not want kids. He thought he had made that very clear when he chose to live his life the way he did. There was no room for kids.

But then Steve Rogers had to come along and ruin his perfect life. Okay, so maybe that was the last word Tony would use to describe his life. It was more of a shitshow than anything, but Steve still managed to ruin that.

It’s terrifying to say the least. He didn’t regret that night he shared with Rogers, at least he didn’t before the bomb got dropped on him. Now he was regretting every second of it. He couldn’t have a baby. No, he wouldn’t. It just wasn’t going to work. He wasn’t cut out for this sort of thing.

There was only one thing left to do.

The knock on the door is what snapped him from his thoughts and Tony quickly rises to his feet, coming around his desk and granting permission for the person behind the door to enter.

In walks the guy that ruined everything. And God did he look like shit. Tony almost feels bad for him. Almost.

Steve’s skin is pale and clammy, a thin sheen of sweat noticeable from where Tony was standing. His once golden hair was dull. Tony has never seen him look so awful.

“You wanted to see me,” Steve says dryly.

“Yeah. Have a seat.” Tony gestures toward the chair near the front of his desk. Steve is hesitant while he approaches, and even more cautious when he sits down. Almost as if he was afraid Tony was going to pull the chair right from under him.

“Relax, Rogers,” Tony says, making himself comfortable on the opposite side of his desk. “I just want to talk. Last week had been-”

Steve shifts in his seat, a small wince flickering across his face. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Tony. “You look like shit,” Tony comments, and Steve sends a glare his way.

“You would too if you were making another human being,” Steve snaps, eyes narrowing.

Tony can’t argue with that and he drops it, deciding to finish what he was saying earlier. “Anyway, speaking of...” he makes a quick gesture to Steve’s belly. “I guess I probably didn’t react appropriately.”

Tony feels good with his response. He’s taking accountability for his actions. Steve doesn’t seem impressed.

“You’re damn right. You came off like a real asshole. Bet that took a lot to admit.”

Tony inhales sharply, doing his best to bite back the snarky remark that sits on the tip of his tongue. “Can we for one goddamn second talk like adults? I’m trying to apologize here.”

“If that’s your version of an apology then I suggest you take up more practice.” Steve rises to his feet, clearly done with the conversation.

“Rogers, sit down. I want to talk about this. About what you can do.”

“Me? I already know what I’m doing. I’m keeping the baby.”

“You’’re what?” Tony asks, standing up. “It almost sounded like you said you were-”

“I’m. Keeping. The. Baby. Now do you understand?” Steve turns to leave, only managing to make it to the door before Tony is rushing after him.

“Wait, now just hold on. You didn’t even ask what I wanted.”

“I didn’t? My apologies. I guess after the other day I figured you wanted no part. You don’t do kids right, Tony?”

“I…” Tony lets out a sigh. There was no point in arguing against his own words. “Okay, so maybe I did say that, but I was freaking out! You just dropped the biggest bomb on me and-”

“How do you think I feel?” Steve interjects, “You think this is something I wanted?”

“No, which is why you should get rid of it and we move on. We’ll act like this never happened. Can we agree on that?”

The way Steve chuckles lets Tony know that he’s against the idea. “All you care about is yourself. This isn’t something I planned for, but unlike you, I’m going to take responsibility for my actions.”

Tony sighs loudly. “Rogers, this isn’t going to work. Trust me, you don’t want me around.”

“It wouldn’t hurt for you to try. But I’m not going to push you into this. You’re not obligated to do this with me. I have enough support.”

“Can I at least think this through?”

“Clearly you already have. Are we done here?” Steve asks, and when he doesn’t get a response, he leaves the room.

Tony doesn’t bother stopping him.

The flood of nerves that washes over him is nearing uncomfortable. Steve does his best to keep himself calm, but he doesn’t do doctors;he has never had a great experience with one. He tells himself that this could be a different visit from the ones he’s used to. If he's being honest, he never pictured himself stepping into one of these types of offices.

He’s thankful he has Bucky beside him, but there’s still an uneasy feeling in the pit of his gut. He lays a hand over his belly, rubbing the spot in hopes of easing his discomfort. It could be the morning sickness-he’s been struggling with that-but deep down he knows it’s just nerves. He was going to find out about the baby.

It only made it more real.

Steve leans forward on the exam bed, groaning softly from the uncomfortable knots that are beginning to twist in his stomach. Bucky stares up at him, brows drawing together in concern.

“Steve, you okay?”

“Yeah.” Steve does his best to sound reassuring, but judging by the look on his friend’s face, he failed. “Maybe not. This is really happening.”

“Yeah, but you kinda already knew this was real. The stick you peed on made sure of that.” Usually, Bucky was great at getting his friend to calm down, but when Steve doesn’t even crack a smile, he knows his friend is deeply bothered.

“Guess I’m a little nervous,” Steve admits, and he straightens his posture. He turns his attention elsewhere, hoping the variety of posters on the wall will be the distraction he needs. The images of babies growing in different stages in the womb only make it worse, and he quickly tears his eyes away.

“Hey, quit it,” Bucky rises to his feet and takes small steps till he’s standing beside Steve. “You’re making me nervous and I’m not even pregnant.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t do this. Tony isn’t going to be around and I can’t raise a kid by myself. God, I don’t even know how my mom did it.”

“First of all, fuck that guy. Second, you’re not raising this kid alone. What part of I’m here for you do you not understand?”

Steve chuckles lightly. “Sorry. I’m still trying to figure this out.”

“Do we need to go to another clinic?”

“No,” Steve answers quickly. “This is the right one. I heard Dr. Strange was-”

“Wait, that's the name of your doctor? Strange? What the hell kind of name is that? Can you even trust this guy?”

A soft knock on the door interrupts their conversation and Bucky immediately grows quiet, and he rushes back to his seat. He gives Steve a playful wink, chuckling when Steve just rolls his eyes.

The door opens with a click, and a tall man in a white coat and navy blue scrubs enters the room. He keeps his gaze cast down, studying the file in his hand. The vibe he gives off isn’t very welcoming, but it’s not his attitude that has Steve shifting uncomfortably on the bed. The facial hair the man is sporting is similar to a certain someone. The last thing Steve wants is a doctor that’s going to remind him of Tony.

Before Steve can even think about leaving, the doctor is speaking, “I apologize for the wait, Mr. Rogers. You’re not the only one having a baby.”

Steve can’t decide if his words are meant to come off rude or if that was just the way the doctor spoke. Whatever the reason, Steve automatically assumes the doctor is in no mood to assist him.

He shoots Bucky a quick glance, getting a shrug from his best friend in response. He turns back to the doctor. “Dr. Strange, if this-” He’s cut off abruptly.

“So you’re here because you received a positive result on a home pregnancy test?” Dr. Strange questions and when Steve nods he continues. “Is this your first pregnancy?”

“Yes. Um, a little unexpected first, yes.”

“Were you on any form of birth control prior?”

Bucky snorts at the question and shakes his head. The activity from his side of the room doesn’t go unnoticed and both Steve and Dr. Strange are turning their attention on him.

“Something funny, Mr.-” Dr. Strange waves his hand in the air, waiting for Bucky to tell him his name.

“Barnes,” Bucky quickly replies. “And no offense, Doc but if he was on any birth control we probably wouldn’t be here.”

“Not all birth control is effective, Mr. Barnes.”

“Maybe if it was then you wouldn’t be so busy and keeping us waiting.”

The way the Doctor’s lips narrow and his brows draw tightly together let Steve know that his best friend had crossed a line.

“I’m sorry, who are you? Are you the father?” Dr. Strange asks, his tone dripping with irritation.

“No. I'm his best friend. Just here for support.”

“Then if you don’t mind keeping your opinions to yourself.”

Bucky frowns and sags in his seat, folding his arms over his chest with huff. Steve shoots his friend a small smile, hoping it’s enough to calm him down.

“Mr. Rogers,” Dr. Strange addresses Steve again. “I’d like to ask you a few questions before we begin.”

Steve nods. “Lay it on me.”

“I just want to go over your medical history,” Dr. Strange says, pulling up a black stool and making himself comfortable. He pulls a pen out from the front pocket of his coat and clicks it, then he’s reopening the file he had been reading earlier. “Any history of heart or lung complications?”

“Both. Um, I was born with an open heart valve but had surgery to repair it. I have asthma-it’s under control.”

Dr. Strange nods and jots something down. He looks up. “What about high blood pressure, diabetes? Anything like that?”

“High blood pressure on my mom’s side. I may have had a grandparent on my dad’s with diabetes.

“What about mental illness?”

“I mean after my dad died-before I was born- my mom suffered with depression. I haven’t, well, at least not as severe,” Steve answers, and he shifts again. He can feel eyes on him and he glances toward the other side of the room, meeting Bucky’s sad gaze.

“And you have that under control? Are you taking any medications?” Dr. Strange is asking, directing Steve’s attention back to him.

“I’m doing a lot better. No medications.”

“Good. Do you smoke?”



“Every now and then. Not strongly.”

“What about the father? Do you know anything about his health history?”

Steve shakes his head. “No.”

Dr. Strange continues to scribble notes. “Okay,” he says after a few moments of silence. “I need to draw some blood to test you for any iron deficiencies, anemia and check your RH factor. Then from there a physical exam followed by an ultrasound.”

Steve nods. He wasn’t expecting the appointment to be short, and he’s glad that he had brought his best friend along. Dr. Strange rises to his feet and excuses himself from the room, and that’s when Bucky decides to speak up.

“He’s kind of an asshole, isn’t he?”

“Buck, stop. He’s just…” Steve sighs. There was no point in lying. His doctor wasn’t the worst he’s ever had, but he wasn’t as friendly as ones he’s seen in the past. “Maybe he just needs some time or he’s having a bad day. He did say it was busy.”

Bucky rolls his eyes and stretches in his chair. “I hope you were planning on being here all morning.”

“I called out. It’s no big deal. Hope you’re okay with it.”

Bucky gives a small shrug in response. “Sam’s fine with it. I didn’t tell him about you and Junior," he adds quickly when he catches Steve's eye.

“Junior huh?”

“We gotta call the kid something. There is no way in hell I’m calling your kid Baby Stark-reminds me of that children’s song, and that dick.”

Steve chuckles. “There’s always Baby Rogers?”

“Nah. I like Junior.”

It doesn’t take long for Dr. Strange to return, and the rest of the exam passes with ease. Steve tries to make small talk to get to know his doctor a little more, and it’s then he’s able to catch a small smile form on the Doctor’s face.

Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all.

The ultrasound should be exciting, and though there is a part of Steve that grows excited at the thought of seeing his baby for the first time, he can’t help but wish Tony was here to see it with him. Tony should be here. It was his baby after all.

Steve is snapped from his thoughts when someone takes his hand and he glances up, meeting Bucky’s comforting blue ones. “Relax, pal,” Bucky whispers to him.

It’s easier said than done, but Steve forces himself to relax anyway. He diverts his attention back to the screen and that’s when he is greeted with the first image of his baby. His eyes grow misty at the sight. There’s a mixture of fear and excitement rushing through him, but he forces only one of those emotions away.

He was having a baby. And he couldn’t be happier.

Chapter Text

The thought of returning to work turns Steve’s mood sour, but then he’s reminded of the envelope tucked away in his bag and his spirits lift. The doctor's visit is still fresh in his mind and Steve can’t help the smile that appears over his face. His baby was healthy and now he had pictures to share. Natasha was going to want to see them first.

He doesn’t find her in the lobby, and it puts a slight damp in his mood. He understands that she’s busy. Having to assist and follow Pepper around probably gets exhausting, but if they were to discuss whose boss was worse, Steve would have the horrible one. Tony was a nightmare.

Just thinking about him makes Steve want to turn on his heel and go home. Bucky had already advised him to not even bother going back to work after the appointment, but he was having a baby and he needed all the money he could get.

Though some days he wondered if this job was even worth it. His dream job was never designing more buildings for Tony to put his name on. The years and money spent in art school was never supposed to be wasted like this. But becoming a cartoonist for comic books was a lot harder to get into than Steve had thought. Working for Tony was only supposed to be temporary-it’s been three years.

Steve steps into the elevator, glad to have the car to himself for once. Usually if he gets on or off, someone is always joining him. Now he was able to enjoy the space to himself.

That moment doesn’t last long and the elevator is stopping, and the large metal doors open. Pepper steps in and Steve quickly moves to give her space. To his luck, Natasha is right behind her and she shoots Steve a warm smile.

“Good morning-I mean afternoon!” Pepper quickly corrects herself and she sighs. “Sorry, Steve it’s been one of those days.”

“I know what you mean,” Steve nods his head in understanding. “Tony again?”

“Isn’t it always? Don’t tell him I said that. I haven’t seen you today. Did you just get here?”

“Yeah. I had a doctor's appointment this morning.”

Pepper’s brows knit together in a small frown. “Are you okay? You didn’t look so well the other day.”

“Fine,” Steve quickly waves her off. “Nothing to worry about.”

“Good.” Pepper sounds relieved. The elevator is stopping again and she steps forward when the doors open. “I’ll see you around, Steve. Feel better.”

Natasha doesn’t follow and when Pepper turns and frowns, she quickly says, “I’ll be right there.”

Pepper smiles and nods, then the doors are closing again and the elevator continues its ascend to Steve’s floor.

“You won’t get in trouble for that, will you?” Steve questions.

“Nah. Believe me I can never get in trouble here. Who else are they going to find to take Pepper’s place?” At those words, Steve is snapping his head in Natasha’s direction with a confused expression breaking across his face. “You didn’t hear?” Natasha continues and when Steve shakes his head, she goes on, “Tony is considering making Pepper CEO.”

“Huh. Why?”

“Beats me. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me. I know he’s your baby daddy but we could use less of him. Well, some of us.”

“Believe me I’m fine with it, too. I don’t see myself being here very long anyway. Buck wants me to quit.”

“Don’t leave me, Rogers. You know I can’t deal with half of these people on my own.”

“Maybe you should be the new CEO,” Steve jokes, chuckling softly when Natasha frowns up at him.

“Very funny. So you’re really not going to tell anyone else about the baby?” Natasha asks.

The doors are opening again and this time they step out. “Not yet,” Steve replies to the question as they make their way toward his office.

“What are you going to do when you-” Natasha makes a curving gesture over her belly and Steve rolls his eyes.

“Buy bigger shirts. Shut the door.”

Natasha closes the door behind them. Steve places his bag on his desk, then he's pulling out the envelope out of the side pocket and opens it. Natasha's eyes go wide when she realizes what he's holding.

“Hand it over, Rogers!” Natasha doesn’t even give Steve a chance to get one word out before she’s snatching the picture from his hand, green eyes sparkling as she takes in the black and white image of her niece or nephew. “Oh my gosh. You’re really pregnant.”

“Yeah? Did you think I was making it up?” Steve raises a questioning brow at her and she shrugs.

“I wish you would have invited me.” Natasha frowns and hands the picture back to Steve.

“I wanted to,” Steve starts and he turns around to place the photo on his desk, making a mental note to find a frame for it. He turns back to Natasha and continues, “Bucky wanted to go but next time you’re more than welcome to tag along.”

Natasha smiles, then it’s faltering and Steve knows the conversation is going to take a turn. “What about-are you really going to keep this from him?”

“I’m not keeping anything from him. He knows.”

“I meant the picture. He might want to see it.”

“Believe me,” Steve says and he plops down in his chair with a huff. “I don’t think he does. He made it loud and clear that he wants nothing to do with this baby.”

“Not to sound harsh, but then why do you? If you hate him that much, why go through with it?” Natasha asks, making herself comfortable on the edge of his desk.

Steve sighs loudly and leans back in his chair. “You know, it’s crossed my mind a few times and...I don’t know. It’s my child...I can’t just…” he sighs again and Natasha shoots him a small smile.

“It’s okay. You’re not supposed to have this all figured out. And maybe he’ll come around. I can always spy on him if you want. You know how good I am at those kinds of things.”

“I’m not totally against the idea.”

Natasha laughs and gets up from the desk. “I better go before she freaks out. Hey, we should go out later. You need to enjoy yourself.”

“Nat, I’m pregnant.”

“So? No one said you have to drink.”

Steve rolls his eyes playfully. “Okay, fine. I guess I do need a distraction.”

“You definitely do. I’ll see you later.” Nastasa reaches the door, then she quickly spins around. "Oh and maybe invite Bucky. Tell him to wear his leather jacket."

She gives Steve a wink, then she is closing the door on her way out.

Steve sighs and reaches for the photo. Just looking at the image of his unborn child brings on a wave of anxiety. He knew parenthood wasn’t going to be easy, but he never pictured it being like this. There’s still that part of him that’s wondering why he’s even bothering having the baby.

It’s still early. He can do exactly what Tony said: move on and act like it never happened. And maybe he would have, but then he got a glance of the life that’s growing inside of him. It didn’t make sense to keep the baby. He was stuck at a job he hated and not even in a relationship with the baby’s father.

Steve sighs again and slips the photo back in the envelope.

He did need a distraction.

The buzzing of his phone has started to get under his skin, but Steve continues to ignore the incoming call. He doesn’t have to check the caller ID to know who’s calling him. Bucky was always checking in on him, even more so now that he was pregnant. He loved his best friend, but the clingness was driving him insane.

Or maybe it was the fact that he was supposed to be out of the office thirty minutes ago, and instead he was still at his desk working on the designs of his newest project. He curses and sets the Starkpad down, needing a break from staring at the screen. He had never been tech savvy, but working for Tony, the man that invented new technology everyday, meant that he had to be.

“Comics are easier than this bullshit,” he mutters to himself and tosses the small stylist on his desk, watching as it rolls off the edge and lands on the floor. He groans and leans back in his chair. The rest of his department had already gone home for the day, and he regrets not joining them.

His phone is buzzing again and this time he snatches it up, making sure to shoot Bucky a quick text before he starts gathering his things. The project can wait until the morning.

A soft knock reaches his ears and Steve glances up, pausing stuffing the tablet in his bag when his eyes connect with familiar brown ones. He hadn’t expected Tony to be lingering around, let alone his department.

“Hey,” Tony greets and steps into the room, not bothering to ask for permission to enter. It’s his building after all. “Do you have a minute?”

“Uh.” Steve stares down at his phone when it buzzes again. He quickly ends the call that is trying to come through. “Yeah.”

“I’ll make it quick since I know you want to leave-” Tony starts and he comes closer until he’s standing beside Steve’s desk. “I want to apologize...again. I was being a-”

“A dick?”

“I would say watch it because I could totally fire you for saying stuff like that, but honestly you have a lot of shit on me. I slept with you so there’s that, and the last thing I need is fucking lawsuit right now. Listen, Rogers-”

“Steve. I’ve worked for you for three years now and you’ve never called me by my first name.”

“Really?” Tony questions and he shoves his hands in the pockets of his slacks. “I could’ve sworn I did the night we….nevermind. Look, I’m sorry. For everything. And you’re right, I was being a dick about this whole thing.”

“It’s fine. I think,” Steve says. “I guess I understand. You were just freaking out a bit.”

“Try a lot. Kids and I don’t exactly mix. I’m not the type of guy to settle down and have a family.”

“Then why are you here?”

Tony lets out a sigh. He leans over and takes a picture frame from off Steve’s desk. “This you?” he points at the little boy in the photo and Steve nods. “Cute kid. Still are.”

Those words make Steve’s face heat up and he’s sure it’s turning a deep red. He quickly clears his throat to compose himself. “Stark, why are you here?” he asks again.

Tony sets the photo down and Steve quickly grabs it, setting it aside so it’s out of reach of Tony’s hands. That was the last photo he had of his mother and himself. He couldn’t risk having it damaged.

“I wanted to talk about this whole baby thing,” Tony finally supplies an answer to the question. “I really don’t have a say in what you decide to do, so I guess what I’m trying to say is...I’m on board. I know I said I’m not really the type to do this kind of thing, but I always said if I were ever to become a father, I would want to be better than the one I had.”

“Wait, so you’re going to do this with me? Tony, I-”

“Just hear me out. I’m doing what you said. I’m taking responsibility for my actions.”

“Oh. Wow. I guess I never expected you to be a part of this. I was kind of hoping you were…”

 It’s Tony’s turn to be in disbelief. “Really?”

“Yeah,” Steve nods. “I didn’t have a father growing up and I remember how hard it was for both my mother and I. I wanted my kids to have both parents.”

Tony sighs. “I guess we both got daddy issues. There’s no guarantee I’ll live up to your expectations, Rogers.”

“It’s okay. Just live up to theirs.”

Steve reaches into his bag and pulls out the envelope. Tony watches curiously as he slides out the images and lays them on the desk. “Holy shit,” Tony says and reaches for the photo. “Is this-”

“Yeah. Just got them today. The baby is doing well.”

“That explains why I didn’t see you this morning.”

Those words shouldn't affect Steve as much as they are. Tony was looking for him? Steve quickly shakes his head and tries to focus. ‘You know, I’m going to be going to a lot of these and maybe...if you’re not busy-”

Tony glances up from the picture and smirks. “Are you asking me on a date, Rogers?”

Steve frowns. “I was asking if you’d want to go with me to the appointments.”

“I kinda liked the date idea more, but yeah. I better start tagging along. It’s my kid. Do you mind if I-” Tony trails off, and he raises the picture.

“Go ahead. I have more.”

Steve’s phone is buzzing again and he curses quietly when Bucky’s name flashes across the screen.

“I better go,” Tony says and turns to leave. He stops at the door and turns around. “Maybe we can talk more about this another time?”

“Yeah.” Steve nods his head, probably more enthusiastically than he intended. “Sounds good.”

Tony sends him a smile, then he disappears out of the room.

Chapter Text

Going to a bar was the last thing Steve had planned for his night. He had wanted to go home, put on a pair of sweats and laze around on his couch with the tv on. Work was tough and he was both physically and mentally drained. It didn’t help that he was also in the process of making a human being.

The bar is rowdy and the strong stench of cigarettes fills Steve’s nose when he enters the establishment. He wrinkles it in disgust, deciding to hold his breath until he finds his friends. His inner voice reminds him of second-hand smoke and what it could do to his baby, and that gives him an even better reason to go home.

Steve’s already late, and he’s not surprised by the look his best friend sends his way when he sits down across from him. Two empty beer bottles are sitting in front of Bucky, and he’s currently nursing his third. Steve is quick to apologize.

“Buck, I’m sorry. Work-”

“Ended for you an hour ago.” Bucky finishes and continues to drink from his bottle. “I called you like ten times.”

“I know, I know. I just had to get something done.”

“And did you?”


Bucky frowns at him. “Steve, you’re the one who texted me to meet you here. I swear, if it wasn’t you I was meeting I would have left.”

“I know and I’m sorry. It’s not just you, right? Nat said-”

“She’s here.” Bucky’s eyes travel to the half full beer bottle on the opposite side of the table and Steve’s gaze follows. “She was here first.”

“Where is she now?” Steve asks, giving the room a quick look over in search of his friend.

“Bathroom I think,” Bucky replies and he takes another swig from his own bottle. “So, work huh? Has that jerk said anything to you?”

“Actually, yeah.” Steve shifts under Bucky’s uncomfortable gaze. “Will you stop staring at me like that? Jesus, Buck he didn’t do anything bad.”

“Yet. I mean, what he’s done so far-”

“Seriously, he was fine. He actually wants to do this with me.”

Bucky raises a questioning brow and places the bottle in his hand back down. He leans forward in his seat, resting his elbows on the table. “He wants to take care of his kid? The one thing he was supposed to do a long fucking time ago?”

Steve frowns when Bucky begins to slow clap. “Buck, come on. I know we should have had this conversation a long time ago, but honestly I hadn’t treated him fairly-”

“Dammit, Steve,” Bucky groans and leans back in his chair. “He’s the one who hasn’t treated you fairly! Who gives a fuck about how you treated him!”

“I think I’m gonna go. I’m tired and if you’re just going to yell at me-”

“No, stop. Don’t.” Bucky reaches out for Steve’s hand to stop him. “I’m sorry. I guess I’m just a little cranky.”

“You’re always cranky,” Steve teases.

“Yeah. Maybe I am.” Bucky smiles.

“I see you wore the leather jacket,” Steve makes a quick gesture to the dark article of clothing Bucky has on.

Bucky quickly glances down, then he’s connecting his eyes with Steve’s again. “Yeah,” he says with furrowed brows. “Why did I need to wear it again?”

“Because it looks good on you,” Natasha’s voice startles both men and they jump in their seats. She giggles and takes her spot next to Steve. “Well it’s about damn time, Rogers. Thought you stood us up.”

“Believe me it crossed my mind,” Steve says, his lips curving into a smirk. When Natasha frowns at him, he can’t help but chuckle. “I’m sorry, Nat! I’m just really tired. This place is-”

“Where we always go,” Bucky reminds him.

“Yeah, but that was know. I think we were better off staying in and ordering a pizza.”

“Those cravings kicking in already,” Natasha jokes, and she playfully jabs Steve in the side with her elbow.

He rolls his eyes and waves her off. “Quit it. No, I’m just...a lot is going on.”

“Which is why you needed to come out. To stop thinking about work and Tony,” Natasha says, and she takes a sip of her beer.

“I do need a distraction, but this…” Steve trails off and gives the room another look over. “I don’t know what it is, but this place has turned me off.”

“Oh no,” Natasha says, her voice taking on a more exaggerated tone, and she grips Bucky by the arm. “It’s starting. He’s turning into a parent.”

Steve rolls his eyes when his friends snicker from the joke. “Very funny. Just for that I’m leaving,” he says and he makes an attempt to stand, only to pause when Bucky is reaching out for him again.

“Come on, Stevie we’re kiddin’. Just sit down and have a drink. Well, water. I feel bad for you.”

“Me, too.” Steve glances longingly at the beer his friends are able to enjoy. Just a few more months and then his life would return to normal. He laughs at himself. His life was never going to be the same.

The rest of the evening passes with ease. Steve still finds himself the butt of his friends’ jokes, but it turns out to be the distraction he needed. Tony and work don’t get brought up, even though he secretly wishes they would. But he knows talking about Tony would defeat the purpose of coming out for a distraction.

They don’t spend much time at the bar. At around ten-thirty Steve is ready to call it a night. He ignores the groans and protests of his friends. It’s not until he promises to make it up to them over the weekend do they finally agree to shut it down.

“You don’t have to walk me to my car, Stevie,” Bucky complains, playfully waving Steve away.

“Just making sure you’re okay. Are you sure you can drive?” Steve asks. He knew Bucky had a pretty good alcohol limit, but he’s still wary of letting his best friend drive home. “Let me take you home, Buck.”

“I’ll take him,” Natasha offers. Her eyes glisten and Steve’s not sure if it’s an effect from the alcohol or the thought of having Bucky in her car.

Steve frowns. “Nat, do I need to take you home too?”

“I’ll be fine,” Natasha assures with a smile. Then she is turning away and heading toward her car. “Goodnight, boys!” She calls out and gives a little wave over her shoulder.

Steve continues to lead Bucky toward his car, ignoring the way his friend protests, and he helps him into the passenger side.

“You’re so fucking stubborn, Stevie,” Bucky says, his words slightly slurred. His head lolls to the side, a small grin breaking across his face. “That’s why I love ya.”

Steve huffs out a laugh and starts the ignition. “I love you too, Buck.”

The drive to Bucky’s house is mostly done in silence, until eventually Steve can’t take the quiet anymore, and he turns the radio on. He adjusts the volume until it’s loud enough for him to hear, but not enough to disturb Bucky. One look in his direction lets Steve know that the alcohol his best friend had consumed throughout the evening had finally caught up to him.

“‘M not sleeping,” Bucky’s voice cuts through the silence. Steve snaps his head toward him again, chuckling softly at the sight of his sleepy friend.

“Your eyes are closed, Buck. It’s okay,” Steve assures. He’s seen Bucky like this before, back when they were still in college and would spend the weekend having a few drinks to blow off the rough week. Steve was more cautious when it came to alcohol, which meant he ended up being the one to care for Bucky. It was fine, though. That’s what friends were for.

Bucky mutters something Steve doesn’t quite catch, then he’s shifting in his seat and his head lolls to the side, slightly glazed eyes fluttering open and focusing on Steve. “I could drive. Don’t need you saving my ass,” he says.

Steve chuckles at those words and when he gets to a red light, he directs his attention on his best friend. “You were always saving mine. Remember all the stupid fights I’d get in? Just think of this as me returning the favor.”

Bucky huffs out a laugh. “You were always being a little shit. Jesus, your kid better not turn out like you.”

“Maybe they’ll be like their Uncle Bucky?” Steve jokes, although, he wouldn’t mind if the child he carried took after his friend. Bucky has always been there for him, whenever life got too much and nothing else made sense, he had Bucky.

“Then you’re fucked,” Bucky grins. He shifts again in his seat, and he turns toward the window. Steve is pretty sure he’s falling back asleep.

Steve pulls into Bucky’s driveway, shifting the car in park and turning the key. “Buck,” Steve says quietly, leaning over in his seat to shake his best friend awake. Bucky groans and swats his hand away. “Bucky, come on. We’re here.”

“Hmm?” Bucky hums and he stretches in his seat. “Damn, I was having a good dream, too.”

“Come on, punk.”

“‘M not a’re a-”

“I know,” Steve smiles and reaches over to unbuckle Bucky’s seatbelt. It’s a struggle to get Bucky out of the car; he protests like a little kid and for a second Steve takes back the idea of his baby taking after his friend. “I got you,” Steve assures when he has Bucky out of the car and leaning against him for support.

“You should stay with me,” Bucky says while Steve leads him up the front steps.

“I will, Buck,” Steve promises.

“No,” Bucky shakes his head. “I can help with the kid and...stuff. You guys can stay here.”

“I’m okay. I have-” Steve stops himself from continuing. He’s not about to say that he has Tony to rely on. Just because they agreed to go to one doctor appointment together, didn’t mean that they would move in together to raise the baby. It was a work in process.

“I’ll take care of you, Stevie.”

Steve smiles. “I know. Come on, Buck, let's get you inside.”

It takes a moment to compose himself. His stomach has already been emptied of its contents at least three times, but the queasiness continues to linger. Steve uses the bathroom stall door to steady himself when a wave of dizziness washes over him. He wants to blame his upset stomach on the morning sickness, but in the back of his mind he knows that’s not the real reason. He’s nervous.

He has no reason to be nervous. Being around Tony was something he should be used to by now, having sacrificed three years of his life to work for him, but there was something different about this. For the first time, they would be working alongside each other as parents.

Just the thought of spending the afternoon in a small doctor’s office with Tony Stark sets him off again, and Steve lurches forward, emptying his stomach into the porcelain bowl beneath him. “Shit,” Steve mutters once the grueling round ends and he pulls away, turning toward his right to grab a wad of tissue from the holder beside him to wipe his mouth.

He takes a moment to gather himself, knowing that once he steps out of the bathroom door, he’ll be meeting up with Tony. His stomach cramps uncomfortable and Steve winces, silently praying for relief from the unforgiving nausea. Today was not the right time.

It’s not surprising to find Tony out in the hall waiting for him when Steve does finally emerge from the bathroom. He’s leaning against the wall, phone in his hand and gaze cast down, fingers typing way quickly. He must feel Steve approaching because his head is snapping up and he tucks his phone away in the pocket of his expensive slacks.

“There you are. You okay?” Tony questions, brows knitting together in concern when he takes in Steve’s appearance. “You look like shit, Rogers. No offense.”

“I’m fine,” Steve assures, though he is far from it. “We better go. I parked on the second level.”

“We can take my car-” Tony starts, only to stop himself. “Yeah, maybe your car is good.”

Steve doesn’t question his words and instead leads him toward the elevators. A few glances from other employees are sent their way, no doubt wondering why the two are seen together. Tony rarely interacts with any of his staff, something he knows needs to be worked on. He ignores the looks he receives, but Steve can tell it’s making him nervous.

“Are we going to sneak out the back?” Steve asks dryly. The shift in his mood comes out of nowhere. He wants to blame the mood swings, but perhaps Tony is to blame. The man seems uncomfortable being around him, embarrassed almost. “We don’t have to do this.”

“Oh my God,” Tony groans in annoyance. “Seriously? I said I was on board and I meant it. Can we please just try this?”

“Fine. Sorry.”

No more words are spoken as they make their way toward the large parking garage. Steve fishes out his keys when they get closer to where he parked. “It’s nothing special,” he explains, gesturing toward the blue Chevy Silverado. “I know you’re used to more...extravagant ways of transportation.”

“No, I like it. Never took you for a truck guy. Where’s the bike?” Tony questions, before opening the door when Steve unlocks it for him.

“Sorry,” Steve apologizes when he realizes he forgot to clear out the front seat. He never anticipated them carpooling to the doctor’s office. He moves quickly to clear away the array of empty water bottles and other random shit he’s thrown around.

Tony watches with an amused grin. “I take it you weren’t expecting to take anyone in your truck huh?”

“I wasn’t expecting you.” Steve clears the last of his stuff and climbs into the driver’s side; Tony follows and gets in.

Steve thought he knew what an awkward car ride felt like, having suffered through a handful of them in his lifetime, but having Tony Stark in his vehicle was like nothing he’s ever experienced. They hardly speak to each other. Tony is on his phone again, which this time, Steve is thankful for. At least Tony couldn’t see how uncomfortable his presence was making him.

“So how’s the kid?” Tony finally breaks the silence, tearing his eyes away from his phone and setting them on Steve. “Good?”

“I don’t know,” Steve answers, then he winces when Tony sends him a puzzled look. “I mean good, but I don’t really know until after today but…”

“Right,” Tony nods and he shifts in the seat. “So…” He takes another shot at starting a conversation, having felt awkward the moment he got into Steve’s car. “You live in New York all your life?”

Steve sighs harshly, his fingers gripping the steering wheel tightly. “Don’t. Just don’t.”


“Try and have small talk. It’s… it’s not necessary.”

“Isn’t it, though? I thought we were gonna get to know each other since we’re having a baby and all.”

Steve huffs out a laugh. “I like how that’s the reason for us to start. Three years I’ve worked here and not once have you ever talked to me.”

“That’s not true-”

“During meetings don’t count,” Steve sends Tony a look, then he’s shifting his gaze back to the road.

Tony huffs and folds his arms over his chest. “Okay, maybe we didn’t exchange enough words, but I don’t think you’re a bad guy.”

“Is that why you invited me up to your penthouse?” That question has been on Steve’s mind for weeks now. Out of all the places they could’ve met for a work discussion, Steve never expected it to be in Tony’s private quarters. The answer to that question was obvious, but there’s a part of Steve that hopes Tony’s response isn’t the one he’s thinking of.

“I like being in my own space when I think. Trust me, the last thing I wanted to do was fuck.”

Steve slams on the brakes hard, sending Tony lurching forward into the dash. “Sorry, red light,” he mutters. His grip on the steering wheel tightens, his knuckles turning white. “Then why did we…”

“I don’t know,” Tony shrugs. He’s on his phone again, completely unaware of the tension that’s filled the vehicle. “Honestly, it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

“Fuck you!” Steve spats, his outburst startling Tony. “Get out.” Steve presses the button on his door to unlock Tony’s.

“Whoa, what the hell? You can’t be serious?”

“Get out of my fucking truck.”

“Rog-Steve, hang on. Look, whatever I said-”

“I can do this myself. I don’t need you to have this baby. God, I don’t even know why I thought-”

“What the hell are you talking about!” It’s Tony’s turn to lose it. “I just said I’m on board!”

“But why! Because you feel bad for accidently fucking me and getting me pregnant! You don’t fuck by accident, Stark! Jesus!”

“First of all this isn’t me pitying you. I’m just trying to do the right thing here. I told you I was gonna do this with you and I meant it. And for fucks sake the light is green!”

Steve snaps his head back in the direction of the road, and he presses on the acceleration to get them moving toward their destination. He takes a deep breath to calm himself, knowing that the stress was not good for the baby.

“I’m sorry,” Steve says. “I didn’t mean to go off like that. You’re just so-”

“I know what I am. You don’t have to say it,” Tony huffs. “And I’m sorry, too. Can we please just move on from that night?”

Truth be told, forgetting about that night they shared was easier said than done. And maybe it was because of the life they created during that time. Or maybe it was because Steve didn’t want to forget.

“We’re here,” Steve announces when they pull up to the doctor’s office, thankful that their conversation was cut short.

It’s even more awkward once they’re inside and Steve is sent to the back. Having done this once before, Steve knows what to do, and he makes himself comfortable on the bed in the middle of the room. Tony, on the other hand, appears lost and confused.

“You can sit down,” Steve makes a gesture toward the chair beside him. Tony’s gaze lands on the plastic chair, nose wrinkling. “It’s a chair.” Steve is already finding himself growing annoyed again.

“I know what it is.” Tony rolls his eyes and he crosses the room to take a seat. “This is just...weird okay? I’ve never been to one of these places before.”

“It’s not that bad. You’re acting worse than Bucky.”


“He’s my-” Steve is cut off by a knock on the door, and he shifts his gaze in its direction when it opens. His doctor steps into the room, this time sending a small smile Steve’s way. At least he was in a better mood this time around.

“Good afternoon,” Stephen greets, then his eyes are landing on Tony. “And you are?”

“I’m dad,” Tony replies, stretching out a hand for the doctor to shake. “I mean the baby’s dad not his...nevermind.”

“I had already made the connection. You didn’t need to explain,” Stephen says dryly and Tony retracts his hand, feeling embarrassed for even attempting to shake the man’s hand.

The look Tony sends Steve’s way when the doctor has his back turned is evident that he already hates being here. Steve sends him a warning look, pleading for him to behave for once.

“How are you feeling?” Stephen asks, capturing Steve’s attention. “Any issues?”

“Still nauseous from time to time,” Steve answers. “But that goes away around this time, right?”

“It could, but every pregnancy is different. Some unfortunately continue to deal with the morning sickness throughout their pregnancy,” Stephen explains, and Steve can’t help the sour expression that breaks across his face. He prays he’s not one of the unlucky ones.

“That must suck,” Tony pipes up from his spot, earning a glare from the doctor and a small groan of embarrassment from Steve. “Sorry, I’ll shut up. You two do your thing.”

“But you’re the father. This concerns you too,” Stephen tells him. “It’s not uncommon for the other parent to experience similar symptoms.”

“I’ll pass.” Tony smiles at the doctor.

Steve pinches the bridge of his nose and lets out a sigh. He's regretting letting Tony tag along.