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I thought you'd be older and taller (I thought you'd be dead)

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Peter Parker remembered, distantly, hearing about the disappearance of Toni Sharp. It had been big news- a twelve year old disappearing from the scene of the car crash that had killed her foster mother, an axe and trash bags found in te back, bloody footprints leading into the woods, cadaver dogs coming up empty- people had wondered, had speculated, and, eventally, got over it.


Then Toni Sharp reappeared, fourteen years old and fully alive. She claimed to have been in space for the last twenty one months (and in the woods near the car crash for the three before that). She was examined by doctors, physcologists, therapists- all saying the same thing. 


She was fine, physically, and seemed to believe the story she told. She’d share more details if asked, although she seemed to leave out certain parts. ‘What have you been doing’ tended to get the response ‘being gay and doing crimes, but in space’.


She claimed to be on Earth only briefly, for an unknown reason. She was put with a foster family, a distant cousin who she barely resembled at all, and enrolled in school. Specifically, Midtown School of Technology. The same school as Peter.


Personally, he thought she was pretty cool. She had a girlfriend, Shantaya, and was friends with the mechanic kids- she didn’t know any of the names for the parts, but she could recognize them and put together a working engine as easy as breathing. She was into witchcraft, and had a pretty neat rock collection, as well as a series of photos with people who looked like they were in cosplay.


At the same time, she was absoloutly terrifying . When she smiled, it was with too many teeth, and she seemed almost feral. When she was angry, she hissed and snarled and snapped her jaws. She never really seemed to breath except when she was talking, and her eyes always had a storm brewing in them, sideways eyelids narrowing if you stared too long, but gone if you looked directly at them.


When she got in a fight with some kid, she tore a chunk of his arm off with her teeth, wiped the blood off her mouth, and kept ighting. When he shoved a switchblade into her side, dark red blood bubbled out for only a second before solidifying.


She could make countless weapons from scratch, could identify an element just by being near it, could ‘find’ rare things on accident. She cat-sat for a woman named Jessica Jones, and Peter swore he once saw Jones get hit by a car and walk away without injury.


So, in summary, he was a little bit upset when she approached him at lunch. To be fair, he had been worked up over finding several criminals, mostly men, beat to shit in the alleys- there had been notes scribbled on them, about their crimes- all violent- in scratchy, hard to read handwriting. There was clearly a new vigilante in town, and he had to focus on that, not whatever riddle she was spitting out now.


“Anyways,” she said, writing something on a scrap of paper, “this is my email. Share the doc with me and I’ll see what I can do.”


Glancing it over, Peter saw something that made his blood run cold. It was the same scratchy, hard to read handwriting as the vigilantie’s notes.


Watching her walk away, he spoke numbly to Ned. “so, whats she helping us wiht again?”


Ned rolled his eyes. “Astronamy, Peter. She says shes really good at it- something about star navigation?”


He nodded numbly, still thinking over the fact that she was, apparently, a crime-fighting feral gal.

“They’ll name a city after us, and later say it’s all our fault,” Toni hummed, sketching out a huge map. Stars dotted it, names written in that same chicken-scratch handwriting, next to coordinates. 


“This one, R 3GR 12P25829+9482385, is my star.” she said, as if it made sense. She pointed to a red star, drawn with surprising detail compared to the others. A single planet, a tiny dot with the label ‘WIP’, was next to it. A language that he didnt understand was written under the star, and he hastily took a photo of it for later referance. 


“Or, thats what we call it. In reality, R 3GR 12P25829+9482385 is me. Its where my counscionsness resides when I'm not inhabiting a body.”


Toni shrugs, a kind of thoughtless ‘i dont really know’ thing, and Peter remembers that shes actually a couple months younger than him and almost a half year younger than ned. It makes it worse, almost, because that means that she’ll only get worse as she gets older.


“But quill doesnt really care for all the complicated stuff- honestly, i dont either.”


Ned blinks curiosly. “Whos Quill?”


Toni grins like a dumbass, and Peter vaguly regrets having to hear her. “Hes the dude who brought me to space, actually. Peter Quill, total dumbass and space pirate. Why do you think i call you Parker? I already know a Peter.” she directed the last part at Peter.


“Wait, Peter Quill like the missing kid from the eighties?” toni shrugs. 


“I dunno. Hes from Missouri, and hes like… forty, maybe? I'm bad at guessing age, though. He likes eighties music.”


Peter really has to learn more about her.