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He's trying

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'...17, 18, 19 acorns,'

They just kept increasing every day, Cale had kept them in his small pouch made of leaves he found as he would hope of finding the mysterious individual leaving the acorns behind for him. The small acorns always seemingly appear out of nowhere, he would call a simple coincidence, however it happened far too often.

Trying to catch the culprit, Cale had become much more conscious and wary of his surroundings compared to his usual nonchalant behaviour. Watching the bushes for even a slight movement, checking behind him every few minutes and even with the sensitivity of his feline nature, he couldn't find anyone.

The squirrel, small even for his own species had laid eyes on a beautiful rouge feline, he's attempted numerous ways to try and court the beauty as he followed behind them for days, however all his early attempts have ended in failure as they've never responded to him.

Things started to change within the few days of his attempt to court the feline, Alberu has felt as if his methods of courtship was working since they began turning their heads back, "sneaking" a glance at him every so often.

‘Clearly they're interested in me.’

He had finally mustered up the courage to ask them to be his future mate, knowing his chances of rejection were slim as he jumped onto the feline's back

Cale felt something tug onto him, and his reflexes automatically shook the small creature off, soon noticing that it happened to be a smaller squrriel as his tail cushioned Alberu's landing.

"...Who are you?"

"Your future mate." the squrriel smirked.

Cale paused and then blinked, "Ew."