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Spirit Animals

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In the entire supernatural world, there is only one rule that every supernatural must follow. ‘Do not under any circumstance reveal yourself to a human.’ Sounds simple enough right? There is also one unspoken rule that ‘one must not fall in love with its prey or whatever he eats’. But that’s pretty much obvious or that’s what Kim Taehyung thinks. I mean he wouldn’t be foolish enough to go falling in love with a bunny or a zebra. That would be totally insane.

He doesn’t know how wrong he is.

“Taehyung get your ass outta bed, we have to go.” Jimin shouts from the living room.

“I am already up Chimmy.” He says.

“That’s what you said the last twenty times. If you aren’t out in the next 30 seconds, I am leaving your ass behind and going out myself.”

“Yeah, yeah!” he says coming out of his room shirtless, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

“Let’s go we are already late its past midnight and we have to be back by 3 at the most, if we want to remain undetected.” Jimin says, always the responsible one.

“Chimmy relax we are going out to hunt. I know it’s a responsibility and all. But you don’t have to be so uptight about it.” Tae says putting on a shirt and following and closing the door behind him and Jimin, a relaxed smile on his face.

“You can’t blame me, I have to be the responsible one, or we would both be in hell lot more trouble by now. The other’s already left.”

“Fuck you.”

“Yoongi hyung does that just fine.”

Taehyung groans. “And I didn’t need to hear that.”

They were nearing the edge of the forest. Taehyung could hear all the beautiful sounds made by the creatures in the night, sounding like a melody to his ears. This was his favourite part of the hunt. Hearing the sound of the forests beating against his heart, letting his instinct and spirit animal rule over his entire body. His flesh and bones were humming and his skin crawling with excitement. This feeling always felt like a rush.

“Hobi hyung is not coming tonight. He has a meeting with some centaurs. Its regarding the latest issue.” Jimin says after a while.

“It’s okay Chimmy, let’s go I can feel my animal call out to me. Meet me here later.” Taehyung says smirking slightly.

“See you” he says, used to his friends’ weird antics, and parts ways.

Taehyung takes a deep breath and connects with his spirit animal. The Wolf. He calls him out. He feels his senses heightening, enhancing, his bone structure changing. He feels his nose and mouth grow into a muzzle, his ears turning up, tail bone extending forming a long fluffy tail. Fur sprouts all over his body and his hands turn into paws and nails, razor sharp claws. He has always loved the transition part. It felt like the part of him, that was trapped, was now free. It was exhilarating. The next thing he knows he is on all fours. He pushes with all his might and breaks into a run.

The supernatural world is a big place with all types and kinds of creatures. Creatures like werewolves, vampires, banshees, kanimas, shapeshifters, mermaids and mermen, warlocks and witches, centaurs, and all others you could think off, were common. Then, there were people like him and Jimin. They were the superior supernaturals. They were the ones who the moon goddess herself had blessed with spirit animals.

They were the responsible for the supernatural life on earth and maintaining its balance with the human world. They were responsible for maintaining the order. They had exceptional powers, from mind reading to controlling some nature elements on a basic level. There was only one problem one of the seven was missing, don’t ask them how they knew that or who was the missing one. It didn’t work that way. They just knew it.

Currently, Earth had 6 Superiors, Park Jimin, his platonic soulmate and best friend for eternity, Kim Namjoon, leader of The Council of Superior, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Kim Seokjin and last was Kim Taehyung himself. The last and the seventh one is still unknown. They have tried to find him or her for quite a long time now, and long time for them is indeed very long considering they are immortal. They knew they would find the last superior when the time was right. The moon goddess has informed them so.

Each had their own spirit animal and spirit name. Taehyung’s spirit animal was The Wolf and his spirit name was V. Spirit names are something which only you know, it’s the name of your spirit animal. It is so important in the supernatural world because if someone knows your spirit name then have immense amount of control, both physical and mental, over you. It also is the power you present to your beloved, it is something to be treasured and sacred to each spirit holder.

Every few days the spirit animals have to be let out in the moonlight to keep them strong and let them hunt. And as a responsible bearer of the spirit he has to comply with these rules and so do the rest of them. Not that he was complaining he was more than happy to comply.

Taehyung runs as fast as his legs allow him. Suddenly he hears the sound of a twig snap. His ears twitch catching onto the tiniest sound, the faintest beat. It was not very far, a mile or so away. He changes his course and follows the sound of the tiny paws hitting the ground and a slightly irregular heartbeat.

It was purely on the basis of gut instinct. V has never done this before, so he didn’t know what to make of it. He lets him do as he pleases and complies with him. He was curious, maybe his wolf did find his prey early today.

He sees a small ball of pure white fur a few feet ahead of him trying to get away. It was a bunny. What the hell is happening? He thinks to himself. A hare was not generally V’s style. What’s with him today, Taehyung thought, confused.

He pushes himself to the maximum and catches up with the bunny and pounces on him. He growls at him his fangs out, glistening in the moonlight. But it was completely different than what he thought, the wolf was not going for the kill. He was trying to … communicate? Taehyung was forced into his own body by V, what in the actual fucking hell is happening?

Slowly the bunny starts whimpering less and less till it’s a little calm, relatively. He stares at Taehyung for a full minute, with his beady red eyes, calculating his next move. The bunny stared right back at him, calculating his next move.

“Oh, dear god, you are the cutest piece of fur ball I have ever seen.” He says reaching his hand forward forcing calming emotions into the bunny. That seems to do the work because he immediately calms down and stops hissing at Taehyung. Taehyung has the power to control emotions of every life on Earth, well if you haven’t figured that out by now.

Then something happens which shocks Taehyung to his core, that is very difficult considering his spirit animal is a wolf. What happens is the bunny turns into a human. A full sized, well defined, hot as hell human. Does this mean what he thinks this means? This looks too good to be true.

He immediately sends a high frequency psychic wave towards Joon hyung. His hyung will know what to do. He puts on a friendly smile on his face.

“Hello, my name is Kim Taehyung. Walk with me. Trust me I am not going to harm you. I am just like you. I know the moon goddess might have told you that.” He says eyeing the boy. He looked gorgeous. He had luscious silver hair which reached his eyes, parted on one side, with big doe eyes the colour of dark chocolate. He didn’t seem older than 15 maybe 16. Not more. He had the body of a Greek god, his muscles well defined, everything thing in the right proportion. Taehyung wouldn’t be surprised if he had 6 packs under the white t shirt he was wearing.

“Thanks for the compliment Taehyung-ssi, and no I am not 15 I am 20. And that was a pretty powerful brain wave back there.” He says with a bunny like smile on his face, following Taehyung back to their house of the council. His voice was so soft just like the fur on his rabbit body.

“You apparently are a psychic and a telepathic. Anything else I should know?” Taehyung asks with a hint of respect in his voice. Being a psychic and telepathic is a big feat. Even Yoongi hyung their best psychic can’t do that. Jungkook’s face turns a shade to pink, smile still etched there.

“Yeah. Watch this.” He says and conjures up a ball of water in his hand. He lets that flow out and bends down on the ground. And points his finger towards the land and moves his hand in a circular motion.

Taehyung puts up a block on his mind before thinking anything else. What the actual fuck. How is this possible? This can’t be true. This cannot be real, he can control not one but two elements, he is psychic and he can control minds. Namjoon hyung must know what to do and what to make of it. We need to get back soon.

 “Why did you do that?” he says hurt swimming in his voice and eyes.

“Do what?” Taehyung tries to act innocent. The key word tries

“The block.” He says without looking at him, “I mean I know we just met but you can trust me.”

“Of course, you can sense it. Sorry it’s out of habit.” He lies through his teeth. He just didn’t want him to freak out, panic and run away.

“I am not going to run away Taehyung-ssi. I do trust you too you know or at least my rabbit instincts do. I know the moon goddess is never wrong.”

Taehyung doesn’t say anything for a while. Suddenly he realises he is missing a crucial detail. “What is your name by the way?” he asks the bunny flashing him his box smile.

“Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook.”

“Cool. Jungkook, um… kook no. Jungkookie, yea that’s better. So Jungkookie you can call me hyung or Taetae. I am not that much older than you anyway. Technically.”

“Thanks, hyung.” He says flashing Taehyung his adorable bunny smile. This should be illegal. He should be illegal. No one is allowed to look this gorgeous. Apparently kookie mind read him because his neck and cheeks are now dusted pink.

“Cute.” Taehyung says which only makes Jungkook blush harder and turn crimson.

“So hyung, where are we going?” Jungkook asks confused.

“Home, everybody’s going to freak out. It’s going to be amazing.”

“Oh, okay.” He says unsure.

“Don’t worry Jungkookie they are going to be happy to see you.”

“If you say so.” He says and worries his bottom lip, still tense.

“We’re here.”

“Woah!” he says, his eyes going comically wide.

They were standing in front of the biggest house Jungkook had ever laid his eyes on. Wait a minute erase that, the biggest mansion he has ever seen. It was an old looking house with a wide patio and stone walls. The roof was painted red and also had a chimney for the fire place. The front had a huge lush green veranda and was surrounded by trees on either side.

The sun was peeking through the mountains. The view was breath taking and awe inspiring. The warm sun shining and soft cool breeze blowing made it a picture-perfect place. 

 “Come on in Jungkookie, everyone will be waiting for us.” Taehyung says pulling the younger by his hand and into the house.

“What the actual fuck Taehyung? What took you so long? I was waiting for you. I was worried sick. Do you know what time is it?” Jimin says, as soon as they open the door, and then proceeds to sit on Yoongi hyung’s lap, muttering profanities under his breath.

“You nearly gave me five heart attacks kid. What the fuck where you thinking?” Yoongi hyung says and wraps his hand around Jimin to calm the younger down.

“Fucking hell Taehyung. Where were you? And who is this? And why the sudden wave.” Joonie hyung asks always the cool-headed, “You know everyone was worried sick.”

“OMG he is so cute. Can I adopt him?” Jin hyung say the first thing and then proceeds to wrap his arms around Joon hyung’s neck and pecking his cheek to calm him down “And also where the fuck were you?”

“Kid, I died. Next time you want to pull shit like this you tell your Hobi hyung first. Who is this cutie with you?” Hoseok hyung says stopping his frantic pacing and finally sitting down.

“Calm down everyone. Let’s all sit down. I’ll explain everything.” Taehyung says, “because whatever I am about to say is going to blow your mind.”

Once everyone was moved to the living room, after giving his suspicious glares, and seated (and Kookie just standing there awkwardly next to Taehyung.) Taehyung clears his throat and begins, “Guys first things first don’t say a word before I finish okay?” after getting an affirmative nod and few alarmed looks, he continues, “This is Jeon Jungkook. He is the last Superior.”

The reactions on their face are absolutely hilarious if nothing else. Jimin and Hobi hyung’s mouth are open in shock their jaw reaching the floor. Yoongi hyung’s looked like someone had shaken him awake. Jin hyung fell down from Joon hyung’s lap and was rubbing his now sore butt, and Joon hyung was just staring at Jungkook expressionless. Kookie on the other hand having read everyone’s mind is trying to hide his smile behind his palm of his hand.

“Now that, that’s out of the way let’s get to the important stuff.” Taehyung says rubbing his palms together. Joon hyung’s eyebrows raise comically.

“You mean to say there is more.” He asks.

“Yes hyung. So, the basic first. His spirit animal is a bunny.” Taehyung explains the entire story to everyone just leaves out the part of kookie’s powers.

“Bunny, for real. Joonie can we please adopt him.” Jin hyung comments to which Kook blushes furiously, lowering his head down. “Cute” Jimin mutters.

“But no spirit animal has done this before. The Wolf behaving like this was is completely unnatural.” Joon hyung says always the intellectual. “What else?”

“There’s lot more you need to know hyung. Kookie if you may?” Taehyung says. Namjoon hyung rubs the bridge of his nose, sighing.

“Yes hyung, and calm down Namjoon-ssi I am not a mass murderer and I am not going to murder anyone. I know you can sense my aura but I am sure you guys could kick my ass any second.” Kookie says. Joon hyung raises his eyebrows to it.

“So apparently you can read minds.” Joon hyung replies.

“Yes, among other things.”

To this Yoongi hyung sits upright. “What do you mean kid?”

“This” kookie says. He does the same thing with the water that he had done in the forest. The then controls the dirt from the flower pot from the corner of the room.

 “Holy fucking shit.” “What the ever-loving fuck?” “Jesus Christ!” where majority of the reactions.

Then kookie lets out a small frequency brain wave and does his telepathic thing and says hello in our minds.

“Psychic and telepathy. Who the fuck even are you Jungkook?” Namjoon hyung says, impressed with whatever Jungkook could do.

“That and also that I am strong, like bend a solid iron bar with bare hands strong.” Jungkook says timidly.

“We need to learn more about all his powers. This needs to be quick.” Yoongi hyung says referring to the discussions we had a few nights back.

Yoongi hyung is a psychic and clairvoyant. That means he can see the future. It’s not that he can do much about it or change it as a matter of fact but he can See and inform them when danger is near. The only thing that had Taehyung confused is how Yoongi hyung did not see Kookie coming.

“That’s because he is not a threat guys and the moon goddess did tell me that she would be sending help or at least that was the meaning of the message.” Yoongi hyung says.

“Wait a minute, what threat? And why would she send help? You guys are already so powerful.” Jungkook asks. Taehyung sighs.

“Let me introduce everyone first Jungkookie,” He begins to which Jimin raises his eyebrows so far up that they disappear in his now fiery red fringe, “First of all this is Namjoon hyung, who is a Koala and has telepathic powers. Apart from that he also has the power to destroy everything he touches, so basically, he is just clumsy. He is also the head of The Council of the Superior. Then that is Jin hyung, he is the eldest with Fox as his spirit animal. His element is fire. And they are together.” They both wave in return. Jin gives a wide smile.

“Then there is Yoongi hyung whose spirit animal is a Cat and he is a clairvoyant and a psychic like you. This is his beloved, Jimin, whose spirit animal is Cheetah and he can control water and read human emotions to an extent, but most importantly, teleport. Cool right?” Taehyung continues when they both mutter a small hi in return.

“And lastly this is Hobi Hyung, who is the de facto leader of the centaurs and he can control the wind of all the four directions. Also, he is fast, like really fast, super-speed fast.” He finishes. “Hey kid.” He says.

“Now that the introductions are all done off to bed everyone, its already 8 in the morning. Taetae can you show Kook-ah to the bedroom next to yours. Please, and also give him the spare toiletries bag and a set of your clothes, I think they should fit. We’ll get everything else done later, in the morning or afternoon, depends how we wake up. Okay goodnight everyone, or good morning whatever you prefer.” Jin hyung says dragging Joon hyung to their room.

Jimin mutters a goodnight and drags Yoongi hyung to their room, Hobi hyung leaves too saying goodnight and don’t let the bedbugs bite.

“Apparently no one is waking up for another 24 hours. The exhaustion of the hunt and whatever happened did take a lot out of everyone.” Taehyung says.

“Thanks, hyung. Your friends are all really nice.” Jungkook says as they make their way up on the third and the last floor of the mansion.

“No problem Kookie, this is how we came together too. We are family.” Taehyung says with a smile forming on his face. They enter his room, and Taehyung goes into his walk-in closet to pick something out for Jungkook. He selects the biggest black t shirt he owns and a grey sweat pant. “I think this should do, now let’s go to the store room, I think I can find you a spare toothbrush and a towel.”

“I think Yoongi hyung hates me.” Jungkook says suddenly. His gaze was cast down and his complete attention was on his feet.

“No, why would you think that?” Taehyung asks incredulously.

“I don’t know.” Jungkook says.

“You do. You just don’t want to admit it.” Taehyung says.


“Wolf instincts. And also, that I can read emotions.” Taehyung says grinning.

“Now that I realise, you didn’t introduce yourself. Jin hyung thought you must have.” He says steering the topic of conversation, “Please do tell more.”

“Okay I’ll just pretend you didn’t change the topic, but sure I’ll play along.” Taehyung says, “As you know my name is Kim Taehyung. My spirit animal is a Wolf, and I can manipulate and read emotions of any life on earth. And I am single if you were wondering. Though I do have a platonic soulmate. Jimin. Do tell me more about you though.”

“I did tell you everything.” He replies.

“Then why do I feel like there is more to the story? It’s okay though, you can tell me whenever you are ready. I understand. We are complete strangers after all.” Taehyung says with a reassuring smile and hands him the towel and a new toothbrush, “Here take this. We will find the remaining supplies tomorrow. Go to bed now, you look tired.”

They don’t say anything as they make their way to the bedroom which will now belong to Jungkook.

“Thanks, hyung. For everything you did today.” Jungkook says and takes a step into the room. Then he does something which neither of them had expected. He leans in and kisses Taehyung on the lips. His lips were soft on the elder’s. It was just a simple peck on the lips to thank him but Taehyung was already seeing stars. Light pink colour dust their cheeks, and then without saying anything else Jungkook closes the door shut behind him.

Taehyung doesn’t know how long he stood there with a dreamy expression on his face. But at some point, he realises he did come back to the room and lay on his bed. He figures he should take a shower before going to sleep but he was too dazed to do anything about it. He knows he is going to reek the next morning, but he couldn’t bring himself to care about it.

Taehyung doesn’t know when or how he fell asleep, but when he wakes up, he feels warm and well rested, it comes as quite a surprise because he is pretty sure he slept like an hour ago, even though the darkness outside says anything but.

He gets up and dressed because he is pretty sure its dinner time which is enough reason for him to drag his lazy ass out of bed, even though no one is going to be up. He would have to check if Jin hyung has kept something he could reheat or snacks it is.

“Jiminne.” He says banging on Yoongi and Jimin’s door. The risk he is taking is huge but drastic times call for drastic measures. What! If Yoongi hyung wakes up, he is dead, and he knows it. He is hungry and no one is up yet. After a few very futile attempts he gives up.

He decides to wake his new dongsaeng up. He knows he shouldn’t because he might be tired from yesterday’s events but he is bored and there’s only so much alone time he needs in his life.

“Jungkookie.” He knocks.

“Yes hyung” he replies immediately. Taehyung was shocked to find the younger awake, “Come in.”

“I am surprised you are even awake. I thought you’d be out like a light.”

“I was. Just woke up. I tried going back to sleep but couldn’t so I gave up few minutes ago. My mind is too chaotic to get anymore shut eye.”

“Oh! I am going on the roof want to join?” Taehyung asks, his appetite forgotten.


This is how they find themselves on the roof at almost 1 a.m.

“It’s been I while since I have stargazed.” The younger speaks up.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it. The constellation belts I mean.”

“The prettiest. It’s almost sad I don’t know shit about them.”

“What?” Taehyung sputters, “Like how? This need to be amended. You need to be taught.”

Taehyung shows him all the constellations in the sky full of stars, pointing and explaining each one of them. He doesn’t know how long they sat there chatting and taking about their love for stars. But at some point, minutes turns in to hours and they see the sun rising from behind the mountains.

“I think we should get a little sleep before everyone wakes up.”

“Yeah I definitely appreciate that.” Jungkook says yawning loudly and cowering his nose instead of his mouth. Suddenly he snaps his mouth shut and blushes crimson.

“You don’t like me complementing you, do you?”

“It’s not that.”

“To be fair I just said you were cute. It’s not a big deal.”

“I am just not used to getting complements that’s all.”

“Whatever you say Jungkookie, whatever you say.” The older says and gets up thrusting his hand forward and in front of Jungkook, which the younger gladly accepts pulling himself up.

Taehyung wakes up to the smell of eggs, bacon, waffles, rice, and a lot of other things. Jin hyung is cooking. He gets up and makes his way to the bathroom. After cleaning up he goes down to meet everyone.

“Morning hyung. Is everyone up?” He says.

“Technically its 3 in the afternoon so good afternoon.” Replies Jin hyung, “And no Yoongi is still sleeping. I think Jungkook is too. Everyone else is in the dining room.”

“I’ll wake Jungkookie. He needs to have breakfast or lunch, whatever. Our timings are really fucked. Something needs to be done. And someone needs to wake hyung up too. We need to talk about the last meeting. Jungkook needs to know.”

“Sure, you do that. And I am putting Jimin on the task. He is the only one Yoongi won’t kill. We’ll talk about the meeting when everyone’s fed. Joon thinks so too.”

Taehyung nods and makes his way back up to their floor and knocks on Jungkook’s door and waits for a response, which, of course, he doesn’t get.

“Jungkook.” Taehyung knocks. “Jungkook wake up, breakfast is ready. Jin hyung cooked and I am sure you don’t want to miss that. Can I come in?”

“Wait a minute hyung I am not wearing anything.” His voice comes. To this the older raises his eyebrows, eyes curving into half-moons, lips forming a smirk.

“Are you naked?”

“No, I am not wearing pants.” After a minute he says, “Yeah you can come in hyung.”

“Morning Jungkookie.”

“Morning hyung.”

“Jin hyung asked me to wake you up, and tell you that breakfast, or whatever you want to call it, is ready and we have an urgent council meeting after that. So, you might want to change. Nothing too formal though. Hell, you could wear sweats. Yoongi hyung always does. Feel free to raid my closet.”

“I’ll be down in five.”

“Cool! We are in the dining room.”

A fifteen minutes later Taehyung is sitting with the others in the dining room when a voice in his head snaps him out of the conversation.

Hyung can you tell me where the dining room is. I’ve been searching for the past 10 minutes. I think I am lost.

Taehyung bursts out laughing. “Stay where you are, I’ll come find you.”

“I’ll be back in 2 minutes guys. Jungkook lost his way.”

Everyone just nods, like they expected it.

“As the leader of The Council of the Superior I’ve called this urgent meeting to formally ask Jeon Jungkook to join The Council as the last superior.” Joon hyung says.

“Thank you hyung.” Jungkook says, “But can I ask a question first?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“What exactly is the council of the superior?” he asks timidly.

That’s when it occurred to Taehyung that the younger probably doesn’t know anything.

“The Council, Jungkook, comprises of the Superior supernaturals who maintain the balance between the human world and the supernatural world. We maintain peace and stop any wars threatening to wipe out the human race. It’s not always that drastic but something along those lines. By admitting yourself to the Council you do as the wish of the Moon Goddess and also, you in the supernatural world become an official Superior.”

“That’s a lot of responsibility.”

“And it sounds suspiciously like a cult.” Taehyung taunts, he is promptly ignored. 

“It is Jungkook-ah but we will always be by your side and we’ll also help you.” Jin hyung says ignoring him, “You can take your time to think about it. You don’t have to make the decision now.”

“Thanks, hyung.”

“If you need to ask anything me and Jimin will always be there for you.” Yoongi hyung says.

“So will the rest of us.” Taehyung says, now serious.

“So, for now back to work everyone. The meeting is adjourned. We will have another meeting tonight to discuss the rest of the events following the last meeting. All decisions will be made then. Yoongi hyung meet me in my study after the meeting we have things to discuss” Joon hyung says in his no-nonsense voice.

Taehyung is lying in his bed, thinking about nothing and everything in general when a knock in his door interrupts the train of his thoughts. “Who is it?” he asks too lazy to get up.

“It’s me hyung.” There is only one person who calls him hyung.

“Wait a minute.” He says, gets up and opens the door.

“Hey Kook-ah. How can I be of service today?”

“Hello hyung. I just wanted to talk.”

“Sure, kookie come in. What is it?”

“Umm, you know Joon hyung asked me to join the council. I don’t think I am ready for the responsibility yet. I mean I just met you guys and you are already helping me so much.” He says playing with a loose strand of his shirt.

“Why do you think so?” he questions.

Jungkook blankly stares at Taehyung for a full minute before saying, “A few years back, back when I was human, my mother was ill, like seriously ill. The doctor said that there was no cure in the human medicine world. I always thought of the way he said the word human. As if he was not, but I didn’t give much thought to it. I was only 15 back then. He said that there was only one cure. This particular rare root. Found only in the jungle.

My father couldn’t leave my mother’s side. He also had to take care of my younger brother. So, I decided that I would get it. And I searched for days. Finally, I found it, the root. I went home only to find that my mother was already dead. My father was waiting for me. He was just glad to see me again. He hugged me tight and told me that it was not my fault he kept repeating that. He died few days after form shock and heartbreak. He said me returning home was the only thing that kept him alive. My brother was taken away to childcare. I was going to be taken too before I ran away to very same forest. That’s when I met him, my spirit.”

Jungkook was crying by now. And so was Taehyung. He could feel and sense all of the younger’s emotions, from love to incapacity to anger and most of all raw sadness from being unable to save his own family. He wipes his tears and wraps his arms around Jungkook.

Jungkook wipes his own tears before saying, “Hyung please don’t cry on my account.” Taehyung says nothing in return just hugs him tighter. He could feel the younger’s sadness slowly reduce till it becomes a white light in the background. He unwraps his arms from around the other.

“I am not going to be cliché and say it wasn’t your fault and all that, because I think somewhere deep down you already know that. You are just frustrated that you couldn’t do anything to help her. That is why this time I want to give you an opportunity, to help people. The only difference this time will be that we will all be there to help you, and I won’t leave your side. Trust me.” Taehyung says with as much sincerity he could muster.

“Thanks, hyung. So much. Really I mean it.” Jungkook says with a bunny smile on his face.

“You don’t have to say it Kook-ah I know you mean it. I can sense it.” Taehyung says.

“You know I like you hyung. A lot. I think you know that too.” He says shyly

“And I like you.” He says. Jungkook’s head snaps up to this, eyes wide. Taehyung wonders if got a whiplash by how fast he moved. After saying that he just leans in and kisses the younger. It wasn’t like the last time and they both know it.

Jungkook tasted sweet and minty. Just like the younger’s favourite ice cream flavour, Taehyung felt pure bliss at that moment. It wasn’t a hurried kiss it was slow and sensual. They kissed till neither of them had even an ounce of breath in them. He was seeing stars behind his eyelids by the time they break apart. It was intense. Taehyung was the one to break the kiss first and the younger chasing his lips, very reluctantly, though he didn’t move away. He rests is head against the younger’s taking deep breaths, the other doing the same, a small smile gracing his face which he was unaware of.

“We have to go now. The Council meeting started 5 minutes ago.” Taehyung says. Jungkook’s reaction was priceless. His facial expressions morphing in something similar to shock.

“Calm down Kook-ah. You are worrying me. The amount of anxiety you are feeling right now is close enough to give you and me a panic attack. It’s okay Joonie hyung won’t say anything to you.” Taehyung says rubbing circles on the youngers back.

“The meeting of the Council of Superior will begin now. The agenda is Yoongi hyung’s latest dream and Jungkook’s decision.” Joon Hyung says once every one is seated, “So Jungkook what’s your decision?”

“I want to join the council hyung.” He says without any hesitation, with a clear voice. His eyes though moved to Taehyung after saying that. Jimin raises his eyebrows also looking at Taehyung. Jimin being able to read emotions like him, could feel the change in dynamics, between the youngest two.

“That’s amazing Kook. Welcome to the Council. Now Yoongi hyung will explain the rest.”

“Welcome to the house and council kid.” Yoongi hyung says, “Now down to business. The last meeting was held because one of my latest dreams. As you all know I saw a covenant of vampires. Not very big. They are planning to attack, the humans. It’s not very far, a week or two. We have to be prepared. A plan.”

“Joonie do you have the plan ready?” Jin hyung asks.

“Of course, he does.” Hobi hyung replies instead.

“Taehyung and Jimin, the usual stay at the back mess them up. Ruin them if you can. Hobi gather few of your trusted centaurs, arm them with garlic infused arrows. Yoongi hyung and I will attack and block their mental powers. Jungkook you my boy will be our wild card. You will make traps, dig holes deep enough to fit one vampire in each. Once they fall in it, then will be Jin hyung’s turn.” He turns look to look at the aforementioned hyung, smirks and says, “Light them up baby.”

“If anyone gets past the centaur’s defences, then Jungkook you will have to wash them away and Jin hyung will roast them and Taehyung and Jimin help them. The wolf and Cheetah will be enough to deal with the few stupid vampires. And last but not the least do not turn into you spirit completely, just lend their power, unless you really have to.”  Hobi hyung says, “We will try our best to not let anyone through.”

The look on Jungkook’s face was price less. 

“Wh..What?” he stuttered.

“Calm down Kook. It’s a rough plan we will go over it once and there will be practice sessions.”

“Oh! Okay.” He says still unsure.

“This plan will be good enough for now guys, we will work out the details as we train.” Jin hyung says, “It’s already past evening, I’ll make dinner in sometime. Do whatever. Now scram.”

“Meeting adjourned.” Joon hyung says and wraps his hand around Jin hyung’s waist muttering something in his ears. Taehyung and Jimin groan. Hearing them groan Hobi hyung makes a mad dash to his room. Jungkook blushes furiously, Yoongi hyung just gets up and drags Jimin with him, muttering something about going to sleep and needing cuddles.

“At least go to your room hyung. I can feel you all the way here.” Taehyung says standing on the other side of the huge room. He obviously gets ignored, Namjoon hyung continues to suck on Jin hyung’s throat. “Guys, leave. I do not want to witness this. And you are not fucking each in the conference room.” He says thrusting his hand forward, wiggling his fingers. After this they just leave, but not before glaring at him and muttering something about blatant disrespect.

“What did you mean?” Jungkook asks.

“Oh, nothing much, I just threatened to take away all their current emotions if they don’t leave.” He replies his boxy smile on full display.

“That’s rude.”

“You didn’t have to witness the time when they had just become beloveds. Trust me, I wanted to bleach myself after that experience. Something had to be done. They were at it like rabbits. Major steps were taken that day.”

When Jungkook didn’t reply Taehyung looks at him to see him blushing furiously. Only then did he realise what he said. He face palms.

“I didn’t mean to say it like that.”

“It’s okay hyung.” He replies, “let’s just go to bed, I am a little tired.”

Taehyung makes his most famous meme faced expression after that. He raises his eyebrows smiling evilly at the younger. His eyes turning into half-moons. They make their way upstairs to their floor.

“I didn’t …” he begins, “You know what, forget it.”

“I won’t mind you know” Taehyung says, “sleeping with you.”

“Hyung!” Jungkook groans, horror struck.

“I didn’t mean sleep as in sex. I meant sleep as in cuddles. I can’t sleep without my pillow or hugging someone or something.” Taehyung admits.

“Oh! Okay let’s go then” Jungkook says.

“What really?”

“Yes, really, come on before I overthink myself out of it.”

“Let’s go.”

“I am on the right.” Taehyung says opening the door to his room, just when Jungkook says, “Dibs on the left side.”

“Welp, that worked out just fine.” Taehyung says lying on the bed pulling the covers over him, while Jungkook just stands their awkwardly, “Well, what are you waiting for? Christmas? Come on we have to wake up early or Jin hyung will burn us alive. Literally.”

“Good night hyung” Jungkook says getting under the covers and hugging the older close.

“Goodnight, love” he replies kissing the crown Jungkook’s head, not noticing the blush on younger’s cheek or the spike in his heartbeat, falling asleep with a sigh and smile on his lips.

After about 10 minutes Taehyung gives up on sleep. Too aware of the younger’s breath on his neck. He moves slightly and get out of the bed.

“Hyung, what happened?”

“Nothing, it’s nothing.”

“I think you forgot I can read minds. It’s alright though if you don’t want to tell me.”

“It’s just, … I am sorry.”

“Don’t apologize hyung. Though I wanted to ask you something. May I?”

“Yes, definitely Kookie.”

“Why do you think Yoongi hyung hates me?”

“He does not hate you Jungkook-ah, he is the grumpy grandpa of the house.” The older says as if that explains everything.

“No what I mean is that, I think he doesn’t trust me. I swear I sensed hostility in him.”

“He is just passionate. He wants to protect us and the humans. He has a lot of responsibility kookie. I know that does not give him the right to be hostile. But give him a few days he will come around. It’s not a guarded secret that he hates meeting people in general. I was actually surprised he welcomed you easily and he does actually care about you.” Saying this Taehyung lets his gaze meet the younger, “What is it that is actually bothering you Jungkookie?”

“It’s nothing. Just a stupid thought.”

“Tell me.”

“It’s just that after I was admitted in the council, I could feel everyone’s barriers drop. Except hyung’s. That means a lot to me and my spirit. And we were just upset he didn’t, so I thought maybe he doesn’t trust me.”

“Oh! Jungkookie you have got it all wrong. He was just trying not to frighten you. He is a clairvoyant. His thoughts work fast and the topic at hand was scary. So, he wanted to ease you into it. I mean I would have freaked out. Give him some time Kookie.”

“Thanks, hyung. I don’t what I’d do.” Without you. 

“It’s okay Kook. Anytime. Now let’s go down for dinner. Jin hyung is a great cook.”

“Let’s. Although Jin hyung is, … pretty terrifying too but also like a cinnamon roll at the same time, I can see why everyone in this house respects and loves him.”

“Excuse you! Did you just use terrifying and Jin hyung in the same line? Because trust me it is not possible. The only exception to that is when you don’t exercise or appreciate his cooking. Other than that, he’d let you get away with anything. From where did you get this weird idea?”

“He has fire powers and he is going to LIGHT UP the vamps. I’d say he is terrifying enough.”

“You have water powers honey.” The older reminds him.

“The plan was pretty scary. Namjoon hyung didn’t make it seem anything less.”

“Let’s just go to dinner. I am sure once you get to know everyone, they are just a bunch of goofballs.”

“Jin hyung, what’s the menu today?” Jimin asks entering the kitchen.

“Sandwiches, and drinks. Please do me as favour and ask everyone to get whatever drink they want from the fridge.” Jin hyung says, turning around to face Jimin, an apron around his waist and a spatula in his hand.

“Hi, hyung can I help?” Jungkook asks coming in the kitchen, Taehyung right behind him.

“Thanks a lot, Jungkook. Start taking the plates of toppings in the dining room.” He says giving a pointed look to Jimin and muttering, at least someone cares under his breath not so subtly.

“I’ll just go get everyone’s drinks.” Jimin says dragging Taehyung with him, “come help me Tae.”

“Joon go sit at the table or wake up Hobi if he is still sleeping.”

“Stop dragging me.” Taehyung says when they were out of the kitchen.


“There is nothing to spill” Taehyung says, as they make their way to the pantry cum store house.

“Stop shitting me.”

“Seriously its nothing we were just talking. Like last night.” Taehyung realises his mistake a little too late. Jimin’s eyes turn wide as saucers, his expression one of disbelief.

“I will castrate you if you don’t spill.”

“Fine.” He then ‘spills’ everything, telling him all the things down to the last detail.

“How romantic.” Jimin replied, eyes going all starry.


“Fine” he sighs

“Let’s just go have dinner.”

The training begins, and naturally the superiors train hard, they always have, always will. At first it was difficult for Jungkook to wake up on time. Sometimes Taehyung himself had to drag him out of the bed and literally throw him out of the house for the morning laps and sparring sessions. Taehyung had unknowingly landed himself the duty of training their new maknae for the battle and in general. It was unspoken and everyone had apparently agreed to it. Not that Taehyung was complaining. 

It was one of those mornings where Jungkook was being extra bratty and testing Taehyung’s patience.

“If you don’t get up in the next 5 seconds, what happens next will be on you.” The older threatens, all with a smug smile on his face. Jungkook just opens one eye to glare at him and goes back to sleep.

“5 more minutes hyung.” He whines.

“You want me call Jin hyung?” Not that it would do anyone any good. But something needs to be done. And Taehyung has to do it.

“Please do, at least he would let me sleep.” He says voice thick with sleep.

Whatever he said unfortunately was true. Jin became a complete softy when it came to Jungkook. And sadly, it was not only him, even Yoongi was affected by his charms. Taehyung however could somehow withstand it, and hence he became the Trainer.

“Okay that’s it.” Taehyung says, now ready to use physical force to pull the half-naked Jungkook out of the bed.

In the next 2 minutes Jungkook was buttoning his shirt in the freezing cold morning outside on the veranda. See sometimes strength does win.

“As a punishment,” Taehyung yells from the balcony of his room, which faces the veranda of course, “you are doing 5 extra laps.” The only response he gets is a loud groan which had him chuckling.

After the laps Jungkook comes in all hot and sweaty beyond anything.

“You are a monster.” He says staring at Taehyung and then moving around and going in the kitchen for a bottle of water.

“Atrocious! I am not.” He says still smiling, “I just had you do 5 extra laps and that too because you got up late.”

“I already do 50 laps of the house. That’s 15 more than anyone here.” Jungkook says flopping down on the couch next to Taehyung.

“Eew! Don’t sit here, go take a bath you pig. You stink.”

“First of all, I’m not going anywhere. It’s your fault for walking me up at 6’oclock in the fucking morning. Who the hell wakes up so early? Everyone is asleep, you know.”

“Go clean-up kookie. We have sparring lessons with everyone in an hour so don’t go to sleep. I’ll make you something to eat.”

“Please don’t, no matter how much you torture me I still like you and this house. Let’s keep it that way.” He says and leans over to give Taehyung a light peck on the lips.

“You are lucky I like you, you brat or I would have castrated you by now.” He says still smiling and giving the younger a peck instead.

“You two are disgustingly cute.” Jimin says walking down the stairs causally as if he wasn’t standing there listening to the conversation the whole time.

“How nice of you to finally join us Jiminie.” Jungkook says.

“It’s hyung to you brat.” Jimin says fuming immediately.

“Don’t start again both of you.” Taehyung groans rubbing his hands over his face.

“Then tell your boyfriend who the hyung is.” He says walking out of the house, to do his laps, before hearing Taehyungs reply.

“Jungkookie. We’ve talked about this.”

“Fine. I’m sorry.” He says.

“I am not the one you should be telling that to.” 

“Fine!” he sighs exasperatedly.

The sparring lessons were a blur like always, everyone talking about the techniques, and methods and practicing their moves, it was very close to an absolute chaos. Like always Jimin and Yoongi hyung trained together, and so did Namjoon hyung and Jin hyung. Now that Taehyung was teaching Jungkook some days Hobi hyung decided to do archery practice instead.

After the practice everyone was going to shower and then one of them would make breakfast depends on who loses rock-paper-scissors. It was childish definitely but it maintained the democracy of the group or so Namjoon hyung said. Jungkook on the other hand had different plans today.

He quickly showered and decided to make breakfast for all of them. He just wanted to say thanks. He knows he doesn’t say that enough but all of them had done a lot for him and he feels like he has to do something in return for them. He knows that they don’t want him to, but that only makes him want to do it more. So, he decides to make pancakes for everyone today.

“Hey! I was just coming down to make breakfast.” Hobi hyung says entering the kitchen, with hair still damp from the shower, “Can I help?”

“Sure hyung, I already cut up the fruits and mixed the batter, grab another pan, we can complete this faster together.”

All the pancakes are done in the next 15 minutes and they were about to keep everything on table when they hear Jin hyung say, “What do you want for breakfast Joonie?”

“Are you on the menu?” he asks, coming down the flight of stairs.


“So…” he says his footsteps slowing.

“I don’t think that’s an option anymore Joonie since our maknae already made pancakes for everyone.” Hobi hyung shouts from the kitchen from beside Jungkook. The youngest tries to muffle his laughter. The keyword being tries.

Jungkook sends a physic message to the other 3 saying. I made pancakes. The hyung line except Yoongi hyung is already here. I suggest you come fast.

The next minute he hears a pair of footsteps rushing down and one following slowly behind them. Jungkook was pretty sure whose was which.

“Jin hyung come help me set the table. Joon, can you please bring the juice and milk from the pantry?” Hobi hyung says, “You can go sit Jungkook, you already made the breakfast.”

“I was not the only one hyung.” He says suddenly shy from all the attention.

Once everyone was seated with their plates, Jungkook takes the plate of pancakes and slides the largest one, he specially made onto Jimin plate.

“I made this for you hyung.” He says as a sort of apology and apparently the older gets it.

“Thanks, Gukkie.” He says forgiving him and giving him a smile in return. If anyone notices anything peculiar, they don’t say anything. Unknowing to the both Taehyung was smiling, his heart full of love and pride for the both of them.

For the next few days all the superiors do, is train. They might be the most powerful beings in the universe but it’s always good to be prepared. It definitely does not ease their minds that vampires are sneaky bastards. One can never be too prepared with them.

Jungkook falls in the schedule pretty quickly, not to mention everybody loves him to pieces. He is the golden maknae of the household. He helps Jin hyung cook, Joon hyung and Yoongi hyung with council work, Hobi hyung with anything and everything. Mostly he adores Jimin, he keeps teasing him for being short and everything but everyone can see how much he adores the older.

Taehyung and Jungkook are still the way they were, but bit more closer, but still the same. Everyone knows how protective Taehyung is of Jungkook. No one questions it, and for that he is thankful to all his hyung’s and Jimin for keeping his distance. He knows how much Jimin wants to drill the information out of him but he is definitely glad that his friend is patient with him.

So, it comes as a shock to everyone that during one of the training sessions V growls at Bunny (Jungkook was half transformed his ears, teeth and tail out. So was Taehyung)

“What the hell is happening?” Joon hyung asks half transformed as well voice full of authority, “He is a team member. You are the one who protects the group. You are an Alpha. What do you think you are doing?”

This snaps Taehyung from his daze and he withdraws the Wolf spirit. Everyone was quiet and holding their breath to see his next move. He turns to look at Jungkook only to see, that he was terrified. He wanted to ask if he was okay. He wanted to wrap his arms around the younger’s shivering body, pull him close and say he was sorry. He takes a step forward to do that, and Jungkook flinches. This breaks Taehyung. A choked sob breaks out of him. It was then that he realised that he was the one Jungkook was terrified of. He turns and sprints out of there.

Taehyung doesn’t know for how long he cried, but at some point, he gives up. He doesn’t know what to do, his Jungkook, the one who he likes, he is terrified of him. It feels like his world is shattering right in front of his eyes, and he is breaking along with it, into millions of pieces. He doesn’t know if he can piece himself back together or if he even wants to.

Jungkook had become a huge part of his life. Waking up next to him, long nights spent just talking about all the things he could think of. Being cheesy together, training till they both are out of breath, and sometimes kissing till their lungs are on fire. And now he hates him. He remembers the younger was so terrified, his small frame shivering, and he would never want to talk to Taehyung again or even see his face.

A knock on the door breaks him out of his daze.

“Taetae, open the door. I know you are in there. Please.” Jimin was crying.

“Don’t cry Chimmy.” Taehyung says opening the door.

“The pain. It’s going to be alright Tae.” He says hugging him with his death grip.

“You don’t have to feel it Chimmy.” Taehyung says sitting on his bed.

“No, I do. I am your best friend Tae. Tell me what happened.”

“That’s the worst part Chimmy I don’t know. And now he is going to hate me forever.”

“No, he is not, in sometime he will be alright. He loves you, Taetae he will come around.”

“How do you know that?”

“To be honest I don’t, but I have seen the way he looks at you when he thinks no one is looking, not to mention I can feel all the adoration he has for you. It’s almost gross. This is why I think he will definitely come around.,” he says giving Taehyung a reassuring hug, “Have you tried talking to your Spirit?”

“No, I shut him out. I didn’t want him to feel this pain.”

“Oh, Tae talk to him, he will help. And you can understand each other. And maybe work things out for the best.”

“Thanks, Chimmy.”

“Don’t thank me. I am your friend. You know I’ll always be there for you.”

Taehyung sits down on his bed and relaxes, calms his mind down and tries to connect with his spirit. He could feel V’s presence in his mind.

“Stop being so weak Taehyung. He is just a dumb bunny.” V snarls the first thing when he appears.

“He is not dumb. And I love him. Why did you growl at him?”

“Because he is pathetic and you are too for falling for a weakling. I will never make him my beloved.”

“He is not pathetic or weak. He is very strong. You don’t even know him, stop calling him that.”

“You have been crying over the weakling. Decades of remaining strong and the first time you cry is because of him. He makes you weak.”

“I was not crying because of him. I was because of you. I have known you since forever. I thought we didn’t have to live alone for the next eternity. You have to understand V, I love him. I will continue to do so. He makes me strong, just like you do. I thought you would understand what loneliness is. For the first time in decades I was happy. Please. And bunny is so cute, how do you not want to protect him?”

“Because he is my prey. I can’t fall for him.” He says incredulously.

“That is bullshit. Tell me the real reason.”

“How do you do that.”

“I have known you forever. In a way you are my friend.”

V doesn’t reply for a few minutes after that. Taehyung doesn’t say anything either. “I do care about him you know.”

“I do. It’s in your nature to. You might be a high and mighty spirit, but I know you are complete softy, when it comes to cute things.”

“I was falling for him. I wanted to protect him, and not just because it’s my duty, but because I wanted to. That scared me. So, I pushed him away.”

“It’s okay, I’ll talk to him, but next time anything happens you talk to me.”

Taehyung breaks up the connection and gets up to go talk to Jungkook. He opens the door to see Jimin mid knock. His expression that of alarm.

“Vampires.” He said. That’s all he needed to say before Taehyung’s alarm bells went off.

“Let’s go.”

“Yoongi hyung had a dream.” A nod.

“The rest?”

“Conference.” Saying that Jimin teleported both of them where the others were waiting for them.

“Good, everyone is here.” Joon hyung begins as soon as he sees Jimin and Taehyung, “Everybody we have been over the plan many times. Just one thing don’t fuck up too much and be safe. Or as safe as you can be in a war zone. And Jungkookie we would understand if you didn’t want to come.”

“No hyung, I want to come. I am fine.” He says with a look of determination etched on his face.

“Only if you are okay. Let’s get the show on the road boys.” Yoongi hyung says with a malicious grin on his face.

To say the war zone was a chaos was an understatement. Taehyung could see a group of about 30 vampires moving towards the direction of the city. The war zone was in the clearance between the woods. He could see the line of Hobi hyung and his centaurs in the front before them were the holes dug by Jungkook. The holes were well hidden, no one could see them unless you were actually searching. His wolf heightened vision was helping him.

Jin hyung and Joon hyung were hidden in the trees on the west side just beyond the clearance, unseen to the naked eye, and Jungkook and Yoongi hyung same on the east. Jimin and Taehyung were on the south up in the highest branches of the trees. They had circled the entire clearance, the vamps could either go back or face them and die. It would be quite late till the time the vampires could see them. Hobi hyung was right in the centre arrows out and positioned.

At the first sign of vampires Joon hyung let out a telepathic wave, NOW! That’s all he said.

Taehyung let’s his powers flow, attacking with every negative emotion he could, he vented out his heartbreak into it. He could feel the emotions of the vampire crumbling, his brain victim to Taehyung’s power, not being able to withstand the sadness as he falls down on the ground clutching his head. Taehyung moves on to his next target barely feeling his exhaustion. He could feel his ears, claws and tail extend.

About 6-7 vampires later he could feel the exhaustion in his bones, he tilts his head to look at how Jungkook was doing. He seemed to be doing pretty good for his first battle. That’s when Taehyung saw a flash of white behind him. He sees red. And the next thing he knows he is on all fours running east. He could hear Jimin calling him, but he is in hurry, he doesn’t reply. By now he is dead tired and is pretty sure he is running on pure adrenaline.

The vampire was about to latch himself on Jungkook throat when he jumps over the younger and pounces on the leech. He caught his throat between his muzzle and throws him off. He turns back to his human form, ears, claws and tail still extended, a ferocious expression on his face.

“You chose the wrong prey, fucktard.” He says and throws him back on the ground. He then proceeds to sit on his stomach and punch him on the face repeatedly.

“That was your first and last fucking mistake.” He says and tears his head right off his throat.

“Taehyung” he hears Jungkook call out, before he blacks out from sheer exhaustion.

Taehyung wakes up in his own bed, to someone brushing his hair softly. Opening his eyes was the one mistake he swears he will regret. He groans voice cracking, “Who thought it was a good fucking idea to keep lights on in a room, where the person was sleeping after he blacked out.”

“Hyung you are up. I was so worried.” Jungkook says, relief washing his features then he starts crying.

“Jungkookie its okay, I am okay. Please don’t cry.”

“But you just passed out, right there. I barely had time to catch you. And, a… and I thought, I thought…” the younger says, sobs shaking his entire body.

“Hey… hey kookie, I am okay now.” Taehyung says and hugs him.

“We had a fight, I didn’t want you to remember me like that.” He says wiping the traitor tears that fell.

“Thank fuck you are awake, or I would have killed you.” Jimin says barging into the room and hugging the living daylights out of Taehyung.

“Chimmy, … I am … losing air… circulation.”

“Don’t do that ever again.” He replies with a mildly stern expression on his face.

“Yeah kid you scared us all. What were you thinking?” Yoongi hyung says.

“I wasn’t. It was my wolf he is a little overprotective.” Taehyung says sheepishly.

“If you ever do that again, I am chopping your dick off.” Jin hyung says rubbing tears from his eyes and hugging Joon hyung.

“Are you okay?” Joon hyung asks.

“Thank god someone in this house is sensible enough to ask me that. No, I am not, my throats all scratchy and I need water. How long have I been out?”

“And you still manage to talk so much.” Jimin bites.

A series of hey’s and brats was heard, Taehyung just flashes them a boxy smile and wordlessly takes the glass of water from Jungkook.

“Not long Tae.” Yoongi hyung says.

“Taehyung take care of yourself. And we will meet you two at dinner” Hobi hyung comes in only to usher every one out of the room. Taehyung was confused.

“He hasn’t left this bedside for two days.” Hobi hyung says giving Taehyung a wink.

“Hyung!” Jungkook groans.

“Aww that’s so cute. Wait, I’ve been out for two days? Yoongi hyung 2 days is long.”

“I’ll leave you two love birds to chat.” He waves his hand and shuts the door behind him.

“Thanks, hyung.” Jungkook says sitting on the bed next to Taehyung.

“For what?” The older asks.

“For saving my life.”

“Oh, that was my spirit wolf. He has a soft spot for you.”

“He does?” Jungkook asks sceptical.

“What happened that day was a misunderstanding kookie. He was falling for you and bunny, and that scared him, so he tried to push you away. And if you are willing, we want another chance.” 

“Hyung.” The younger says wrapping his arms around him. The love and affection he was feeling was making Taehyung dizzy.

“I love you Kookie.” He whispers in the younger’s ears.

“And I love you.” He whispers back.

“Everything has to be perfect Jimin. Perfect.” Taehyung says.

“Yes, and it will be. Don’t worry just go enjoy.”

Taehyung and Jungkook were going to the forest to day to pick out fresh herbs and roots for Jin hyung today. Apparently Jungkook was good at that to. The past weeks with Jungkook have been amazing. Now that the threat was gone the Superiors were open for regular business. They worked somewhat like the court of the human world, for all the supernaturals.

Jin hyung has his medicine shop where he sold both human and supernatural cures. Yoongi hyung wrote and produced songs for a huge label company in the human world which apparently paid him a shit load of money. Jimin, and Hobi hyung trained the dancers and choreographed the dances for the idols of that company. Joon hyung is a lawyer, in both the worlds. Taehyung worked as a teacher. He taught keyboard and saxophone. This was a shock to everyone except Jimin. Jungkook didn’t work yet but he wanted to find a job at the university with Taehyung.

They didn’t work because they wanted money, they had a lot of it. They worked just to do something or get out of the house or because they wanted to put their hobbies and brains to good use. It was like a release. Taehyung was sure he would go crazy if he had to sit in the house for the entire day doing nothing.

“Hyung I am exhausted. Why does Jin hyung need so many things” Jungkook says as they come near the edge of the forest, their mansion in clear view.

“Don’t start whining now Kook-ah we are almost there.”

“Hyung it’s already night. We were there for almost 4 hours.” He says, and suddenly shouts “Jimin hyung!”

“Good job Jimin.” Taehyung mutters under his breath knowing that Jimin did his part will and so did the others.

“Keep those baskets here both of you and Taehyung you can go ahead, everything is set.” Jimin says flashing Taehyung a smile.

“What’s going on?” Jungkook asks.

“Nothing, just follow me.”

“Hyung, where are we going?”

“The backyard.”

As they enter the back yard their mouths drop open. Jimin and Hobi hyung had done an amazing work. There were fairy lights everywhere from the fence to the trees, and right in the middle was a table and chair for two. The table was covered with a gorgeous table cloth and 2 sets of chinaware were arranged on it.

“Can I take a shower first hyung. I am all sweaty and gross. And frankly so are you.”

“Okay let’s go.”

After they shower and come back in a record time Jimin once again directs them to the table and makes them comfortable.

“This is not how I imagined things to …”

“I love it hyung.” Jungkook says happiness radiation from his entire being, which made Taehyung smile.

“Hey kids” comes Jin hyung’s voice, “You must be hungry, so I made your favourite. I hope you like it. And thanks for the herbs by the way.”

“Your welcome hyung. This looks amazing.” Jungkook says.

“Thanks, hyung.” Taehyung says.

“No problem kids enjoy the dinner.” Jin hyung says giving them an ear-splitting grin.

As if on cue soft music starts playing. The song is beautiful. There’s no lyrics or anything but the melody in itself was marvellous.

“Yoongi hyung wrote this didn’t he?” Jungkook asks after a while.

“I always knew he could write love songs too.”

“I am in love with this one.”

“Dance with me?” Taehyung says.

“You are too cheesy hyung.” Jungkook says but take his hand nonetheless.

“You love me anyways”

“That I do.”

After the song ends the just stand there hugging each other and slowly Taehyung gets down on his knee still holding Jungkook’s hand and asks, “Be my Beloved?”. He opens the box with the jewel in it. It was a normal ring with a blue heart shaped diamond on it. The thing which caught Jungkook’s attention was the word Forever engraved on it.

“Hyung” Jungkook says, voice cracking, “Of course, I’ll be your beloved.”

Taehyung feels the sting of the tattoo on his chest right above his heart and so does Jungkook. He stands up and opens the first two buttons of his shirt and moves it aside to see a delicately curved JK written, there only for his beloved to see.

Jungkook does the same, and sees the V tattooed there, which is only meant for Taehyung to see. He leans in to kiss the older. And that’s all they do. They kiss. They kiss like they have all the time in the world, which in their case they do. 

“Morning Sweetie.” Jungkook says kissing Taehyung forehead to wake him up, “You need to wake up hyung. Your class starts in about an hour.”

In a flash Taehyung was out of bed, “Why didn’t you wake me up sooner?”

“I did. Before going for my laps, after coming back, before taking a shower and now after doing that.”

“I hate you.” Taehyung mumbles with toothbrush still in his mouth.

“You love me.”

“…” Taehyung says something again, with his mouth full of foam, which sounded suspiciously like unfortunately. But he can never be sure.

“Go on shower. I make you breakfast and pack your lunch. And before you say anything I am driving today.” He says and moving out of their shared room before giving the older a chance to reply.

Jungkook was on Taehyung high these days. If there was such a thing. He wasn’t the only one, Taehyung loved all the domestic stuff he did too. The best part about all this was the could to sleep and wake up next to Taehyung every day. Not matter how cheesy and greasy that sounded it was true. He loved doing things for Taehyung like making him breakfast in bed after the night he confessed and asked him to be his beloved. It was all like a sweet dream, a dream from which he never wants to wake up.

Taehyung even called him ‘husband material’ which had the younger chocking on air. The older just laughed it off ruffling his hair and walking out of their room.  

He loved the way Taehyung said ‘their room’ or ‘their bed’. It made him soft and gooey all over. Not that he was complaining. After all he was hopelessly and utterly in love with one Kim Taehyung.