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Hwang Eunbi hit the stack of papers on her desk, evening them out with a sigh. She was late and she knew she couldn’t afford that. It wasn’t like she was a bad employee, no, Eunbi actually thought she was working pretty well, but she was new and, well, she was an omega. Of course, things weren’t that bad, the people were actually very nice to her even if she was one of the few omegas among the betas and alphas of the TV station, but still, there was an underlying feeling of over judgement of everything she did. Eunbi hated it, but at this point, she needed the job.

Eunbi got off her chair and grabbed her purse. Checking the location in her email, she headed to the lift and pressed the fourth button. They had done a decorated room with a big movie poster that was about to come out. It was a one-on-one interview with the main actress and, for some reason, they thought it was a good idea to put the newbie who had never done interviews before doing it.

It’ll be short, Hwang Eunbi, she took a deep breath, watching the numbers go down. Who cares if she’s an alpha, you’ll just have to stick to the questions they gave you. 

Eunbi had done her homework about Kim Sojung.

She was one of the hottest actresses at the moment, so it was easy to find the basic information about her. Sojung was 26 years old, born in Seoul, and what was probably a very interesting aspect: she was an alpha. Society had evolved from stagnated rank dynamics, so it wasn’t uncommon to see alphas working in the entertainment field, but the statistics were that female alphas usually turned into doctors, taking advantage of their natural protective instinct and elevating it to the medical field.

It was interesting and when reading past interviews with Sojung, Eunbi noticed how much she had been asked that questions, sometimes even enduring very rude ones, inquiring, for example, if she didn’t feel like she was betraying her own instincts. Eunbi rolled her eyes just remembering it.

But Sojung’s answers to these types of questions were all very collected and even with a hint of a tired smile. Eunbi obviously wouldn’t ask any of the sort, but it was clear that even she did, Sojung wouldn’t be angry or become overbearing.

See, Eunbi didn’t have a big problem with alphas. She had met her fair share that were egotistical bastards, but one of her best friends was an alpha and he was amazingly nice. And Eunbi definitely wouldn’t be one to relay in prejudicial ideas before meeting people, of course not.

But still. She was a little nervous.

Eunbi was proud to be a hard-working and efficient person , regardless of the fact that she was an omega. She didn’t like people assuming things about her based on her rank and she tried her best to not do it to others. However, the truth was that alphas put her off a little, and, after reading on Kim Sojung, this highly educated, talented and, why not say, gorgeous alpha, she felt her body cower a little.

The lift opened its doors and Eunbi came across a couple of colleagues that showed her where Kim Sojung was. Eunbi stood by the door, patiently waiting for an Youtuber to finish their interview with the actress.

She took a deep breath, trying to calm down, and to her absolute dismay, her nostrils caught on the faint and lingering different scent coming from inside the room.

Eunbi wasn’t a beta, she didn’t have oversensitive sense of smell and usually she could tune them all off, after all, her office was filled with people from all different ranks, daily exhaling their scents in the room. But, fuck , did that smell good.

“Ms. Hwang, you can enter,” a beta opened the door for her and smiled. Eunbi nodded and, mouth getting drier by the second, she entered the room.

The scent wasn’t overwhelming, but it was stronger. Eunbi schooled her expression into a professional smile as her eyes met the alpha’s. She took a seat before her and thought of all the insults she could, trying to calm herself in the few seconds they took to get the cameras ready again.

“Good night.”

Kim Sojung was even more gorgeous upfront. She had her long brown hair tied up in a low ponytail that fell over her shoulders, a pastel red cardigan over a white t-shirt and dark jeans. Sojung wasn’t wearing a lot of make-up, but she looked ready to go down to a royal ball and Eunbi really needed to stop thinking about those shit.

“Good night, Ms--”

“Oh, just Sojung is fine,” the alpha smile with easy and something shifted in the room, something subtle that weirdly had Eunbi relaxing her shoulders.

“I’m Hwang Eunbi, from GFR TV station,” she introduced herself and got her notepad. “Labyrinth, your new movie is sure being look forward to. How are you feeling about it?”

The interview went on with ease. Eunbi made the questions that she had to and even a couple more, actually starting to get into the movie’s theme and how well Sojung explained the process and the premise. Eunbi usually liked comedy movies, something light to finish the day, but this time… this time she wanted to try that out.

Before she had noticed, the time was over and Sojung had to leave. Eunbi tried her best to suppress the disappointment she feeling, and wondered for a second if she had taken her scent inhibitors that day.

By the way Sojung smiled, she wasn’t so sure.

The staff slowly left the room and Eunbi stood up from the chair mimicking Sojung’s movements. Eunbi looked at the alpha who was still, probably sensing that Eunbi was trying to say something, but she just couldn’t find the words. How was the best way to end that? Most people would just go for a “thank you for the interview”, right? That’s what would be best for her, wouldn’t it? Then, why in the cold hell wasn’t her mouth moving!

“Was this your first interview?”

Sojung’s voice was leveled and soft, asking without any pretenses and Eunbi found herself nodding.

“That obvious, huh,” she chuckled, a little self-deprecating sound, and licked her lips. “Uh, but I’m genuinely interested in the movie. I mean, it’s definitely not my type--not that I didn’t think it was going to be great! But, um…”

Sojung laughed, “it’s okay. I’m already glad to know that you found something interesting in it.”

“Ah, yeah,” Eunbi’s fingers were nervously playing with her notepad. “You talk very well. It’s very eloquent, or whatever that word means, I think it’s perfect to describe you--I mean, it. The way you talk. Yeah.”

Eunbi wanted to dig a hole, jump into it and have someone to cover it up. What the fuck is wrong with me. Let’s get out. I need out. Before she thinks I’m a complete weirdo. And, oh, why is her hand stretched? Is she--oh, she’s handing something to me.

Focusing back in reality, Eunbi heard Sojung say, “this is an invitation for the preview. It will be on a Thursday evening, so it’s completely fine if you can’t come. It says that it starts at 6 p.m. but you can come at 8. It’s just boring socializing before that.”

Eunbi looked at the piece of decorated paper in Sojung’s hand and looked up to the alpha. Sojung had a faint smile on her face, but Eunbi’s nose caught on something that made her lips quirk up.

“Thank you,” Eunbi gently got it and her smile grew further as she could feel the underlying nervousness in Sojung’s scent. “I’ll go.”

The alpha had a grin on her face too.

“That’s great. So… I’ll see you there?”

“You’ll see me there.”